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Full text of "English-Latin Dictionary; Or, Dictionary of the Latin Tongue"

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_^ 1901 




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A, on ind^nitg particU, tign^^ng 

one, aa liber, a book 
To abandon, derelinqao, desero 
Abandoned (wicked), perditns, 

iagitioBUB [tutio 

Abandonment, derelictio, deati- 
An abandoning, derelictio 
To abase, bunulio, dcqido 
An abasement, dqectio 
To abash, pudefacio, confundo 
To abate, remitto, decresco 
An abatement, detractio 
An abbacy, coenobiarchia 
An abbess, abbatissa 
An abbey, coenobiom 
An abbot, ccenobiarcha 
To abbreviate, contraho 
An abbreviation, abbreviatio 
To abdicate, abdico, resigno 
An abdication, abdicatio 
To abet, adjovo, instigo * 
An abetting, instigatio 
An abettor, instigator 
To abhor, detestor, abominor 
To be abhorred, detestandus 
Abhorrence, detestatio, execratio 
An abhorring, detestatio 
To abide (continue), moror, dnro 
To abide by, defendo 
An abiding, commoratio 
An abiding by, taitio 
An abiding in, perseverantia 
Abject, abjectus, vilis 
Al^ctly, abject^, bumilitir 
Abjectness, abjectio 
Abuities (of mind), peritia 
Ability (power), facoltas 
Ability (strength), robur 
Abjuration, abdicatio 
To abjure, abjnro, renundo 
An abjuring, cjuratio 
Able, capaz, potens, valens 
To be able, possum, queo, valeo 
To be very able, pravaleo 
Ableness (skill), peritia 
Ablution, ablutio 
Abode, habitatio, domicilinm, 

To abolish, abrogo, rescindo 
To abolish (destroy), perdo,deleo 
An abolishing, abolitio 
Abominable, execrabilis, odiosus 
Abominably, turpitfer, odios6 
To lUramioate, deteator, fugio 
Abomination, detestatio, odium 
Abortion, abortio, abortus 
Abortive, abortivus, firustratus 
Abortively, infehcitir 
Above, prep, (not below), super, 

supra; (beyond, or more than), 

ante, prster, ultra; (upward), 

Abov^ mdv. pliis, ampUiis, magla 

Above, adj. eomp. superior, m^jor, 

Above that, insupir 
From above, desup^, supemft 
Over and above, extra, insnper 
Above-board, aperti 
Above-mentioned, supradictus 
To be above, emineo, antecedo 
To abound, abundo, rednndo 
Abounding, abundans, afflnens 
An abounding, affluentia 
About, prep, ad, apud, circa, dr- 
cum, drdter, de, feri, fermi, 
in, instar, quasi, sub, super, 

To be about, or employed, ooeupor 
To go about (attempt), aggremor 
To abridse, privo, contraho 
Abridged of, privattts 
An abridging, contractio 
An abridging of, privatio 
An abridgment, compendium 
Abroach (tapped), terebratus 
Abroad (nrom home), forts ; (out 
of doors), forte; (in foreign 
parts), peregri; (in sight), va 
propatulo; (here and there), 
lati, passim, undiqui 
To abn^ate, rescindo 
An abrogating, abolitio 
Abrupt, abruptus, prsruptus 
Abruptly, abruptj^ raptlm 
Abruptness, abruptio 
An abscess, abscessus 
Abscision, absdssio 
To ab«cond, abscondo, lateo 
Absconded, absconditus 
An absconding, occultatio 
Absence, absentia, desiderium 
Absent, absens 
To be absent, absum, desum 
To absolve, absolvo, libero 
An absolving, absolutio 
Absolutely, absolute, prorsds 
Absoluteness, dominatio 
Absolution, absolutio 
Absolutory, absolutorius 
To absorb, absorbeo 
Absorbed, absorptus [nere 

To abstain, abstmeo, sese conti- 
An abstaining, abstinentia 
Abstemious, temperatus, sobrius 
Abstemiously, temperate, sobrii 
Abstemiousness, temperantia 
Abstergent, or abstersive, abster- 

Abstinence, abstinentia 
To abstract, contraho, sejungo 
An abstract, compendium 
Abstracted, abstractus, contrac- 
Abstractedly, separatlm [tus 

Abstruse, occultus, abditus 
Very abstruse, perrecouditus 

Abstrusely, occult^, abdit^ 
Abstruseness, obscuriras 
Absurd, absurdus, ineptua 
Somewhat absurd, subabsiur4aa 
Very absurd, perabsurdus 
An absurdity, res inepta 
Absur^y, absurd^ inept^ 
Abundance, copia, abundantia 
Abundant, eopiosus, uber, plenos 
Abundantly, copiosft. abuadi 
To abuse, abutor ; (deceive), de* 

cipio; (pollute), polluo, vitio, 

stupro ; (to one's face), scurror t 

(virith the tongue), convicior; 

(in action), malefado 
An abuse (wronp; use), abususj 

(injury), iojuna, fraus; (with 

the tongue), convicium, contuo 

Abused (in words), conviciis Uf 

cessitus; (in facts), riolattts. 

An abuser, eonvieUtor 
An abasing, convioium> iiunria» 

Abusive, scurrilis, dioax, petnlana 
Abusive language, oonvicium 
Abusivdy, scurrilit&r, oontume« 
To abut, a4}aceo [liosd 

Abutting, conterminus. connnis 
An abyss, abyssus, profundum 
An academic, academicus 
Academical, academicus 
An acMidemy, academia 
To accede, accede 
To accelerate, aocelero, festino 
An accent, accentus 
To accent (a word), aocentumap. 

pingere; (to pronounce), pro* 

nunciare accurate 
To accept, accipio 
Acceptable, carus, gratns 
Acceptably, aptft, grati 
Acceptance, acceptio 
Acceptation, sensus, significatio 
Accepted, acceptus 
An accepter, acceptor 
An access, aocessio, acoessus, 

To have access, admittor 
Accessible, affabilis, comis 
Accession, accessio, accessus 
An accessory, particeps 
The accidence, grammatices in- 

An acddent, casus fortuitus ^ 
Accidental, fortuitus, adventitiua 
Accidentally, casu. fortuitd 
An acclamation, acclamatio 
Acclivity, accli vitas 
To accommodate, accommodo, 

apto, instruo [datio 

An accommodatioQ, acoonuno< 

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To accompany {go with), comi- 

tor, deduco, perduco; (keep 

company with), consocior 
Accompanied, comitattu, perdnc- 
An accomplice, particeps [tns 
To accomplish, convummQ, im- 

pleo, exequor, perago 
AccompliBhed, completna^ 
An accomplishing, peractio 
An accomplishment, dos animi 
To acconipt (account), computo 
An accord, conseasoa, concordia 
To accord, assentio, convenio, 

Of his own accord, ultrft, spontft 
Accordant, consentient, assen- 

tiena [situs 

Accorded, reconciliatns, compo- 
According as, protit, perindft ut, 

ntcunque; According to, ad, 

de, ex, secundum, pro 
Accordingly, ideo, paritir, sic 
To accost, aggredior, adeo, com- 
Accosted, compellatua [pello 

An accosting, compellatio 
To account, numero, compute 
An account (reckoning), ratio; 

(esteem), reputatio, pretium 
An accounting, computatio 
Of little account, vihs 
Accountable, obnoxius 
A caster of accounts, calenlator 
An accountant, arithmeticn pe- 

To account (esteem), K8tiiDO,ha> 

beo, pendo. facio 
To account for, rationem reddere 
To turn to an account, prosam 
Of great account, cams, gratua 
Of no account, vilis 
Of some account, aliquo pretio 
An account (cause), causa, ratio 
Accounted, cstimatns, habitus 
To accoutre, apparo, instrao 
Accoutred, armu instructos 
Accoutrements, arma, omm 
An accoutring, apparatio 
Accretion, accretio 
To accrue, accresco, orior 
To accumulate, accuiaulo 
An accumulating, eoacervatio 
Accuracy, accuratio 
Accurate, accuratus, exactna 
Accurately, accurate, exacts 
To accurse, devoTco, execror 
Accursed, devotus, exeoratua 
Accusable, accusandaa 
Accusatory, accusatorina 
To accuse, accuso, criroinor 
To accuse, or blame, reprehendo 
To accuse falsely, calumnior 
To be accused, in jus vocari 
Accused, accusatus, postulatna 
Accused falsely, falso delatua 
An accuser, accusator, delator 
A folse accuser, calumniator 
An accuaation, accnsatio 
A secret accusation, ddatio 
A false accusation, calumnia 
Accusing falsely, calumniosua 
By false accusing, calumniosft 
To accustom, assuefacio 
To accustom one's self, aasueaco 
To be accustomed, soleo, aoUtus 

sum [tui 

Accustomed to do a thing, assue- 
Accustomed to be done, solitus 
Not accustomed, insoUtus, in- 

Accustomarily, usitatft, frequenter 
AccuBtomary, usitatus, assuetui 
An accustoming, assuefaetio 
Aeerbity (seventy), duritia, rigor 
An ache, dolor [dolor 

Head-ache, oepbalalgii^ capitis 

Belly-ache, tormina ventris 

To ache, doleo 

An achebone, os coxendicis 

To achieve, perago, patro 

To be achieved, geror, conficior 

Achieved, confecius. actus, gestus 

An achiever, confector, victor 

An achieving, confectio 

Achievements, res gestas 

Acid, acidus 

Acidity, aoriroonia 

To acknowledge, agnosco, receg- 

nosco, conhteor, fateor, pro- 

fiteor [nitus 

Acknowledged, ag^itos, recog- 
An acknowledgment, recognitio 
Aconite, aconitum 
An acorn, glans 
Full of acorns, glandulosus 
Bearing acorns, glandifer 
To acquaint, indico, admoneo, 

certiorem aliquem facere 
Acquaintance (the thing), notitia, 

consuetudo; (the person), fa> 

miliaria, notus 
Acquainted, familiaris, cognitus 
Acquainted before, pnecognitus 
To be made ac()uainted, certior 
An acquainting, indicium [fieri 
To acquiesce, acquiesco, pareo 
An acquiescence, asseasus 
Acquiesced in, comprobatua 

q- 1- r. I Hu- u>r i L btr, rn | , ti •.•^0 
AciLii'in'il, itcfj^ui^4[o>, siltciEoi 
An Ai?i:|i]irJD^, uilfpcio 
Aci.| '.LI !$!( iuB, nc^FBtLO, iucnffll 
To iLi-^^tiif, Bfllvij, IJbtitj 
Aci^'iH I at, alisaluttu 
An lU'ciuittKoCE, ficcvptHEia 
Aci|U3i [fd, LibfrtLiui, hlinalutu 
An si'Liiiiitlni^, lith?^l]*j 
An JuTL-, JuKcrLun 
Acre by arre, Jugenllm 
Acrid, or acrimonious, aeer, acidus 
Acrimony, acrimonia 
Across, obliqui 
To act (do), ago, facio 
To act, or imitate, gesticulor 
To act plays, ludos agere 
An act, or deed, factum, gestum 
An act, or decree, decretom; (fii 

the commons), plebiscitum-; 

(in a play), actus; (exploit), 

facinus; (wicked), flagttium, 

Acts registered, acta, orum 
An acting, or mimicking, gestieu< 

An action, actum; (fight), pugna; 

iin speaking), actio, gestus; 
in law), actio forensis, uirmula 
To enter an action, in jus vocare 
Actionable, judioio obnoxius 
Actions (in commerce), sortea 
Active, agilis, promptua, strennua 
Actively (in grammar), active 
Activity, i^iut^s 

An actor (in a play), histrio, 
mimus ; (a doer), actor, anetor 
An actress, mima 
Actual, ipso facto 
Actually, reverk, re ipa4 
To actuate, incito, animo 
Acute, or sharp, aeutus; (in judg- 
ment), sagax, subtilia; (in ie> 
ply), salsua 
Acutely, acut^ subtilitftr, aalsA 
Acuteness, subtilitas, sagacitas 
An adage, adagium, proverbinm 
Adamant, magnes; (a diamond). 

Adamantine, adamantinua 
To adapt, aeeommodo, apto 
An aduptii^ aecommodatio 

Adapting, accommodans, aptans 
To add (put to), addo, appono. 
adjicio ; (join to), adjungo, sub- 
jicio; (over and over), super- 
addo; (fuel to fire), incendo; 
(together), coaddo; (in speak- 
ing), superdico 
Added to others, conscriptns 
An adding, accessio, a^jectio 
An addition, appendix 
Addition, or ornament, oma> 

Addition (in arithmetic), additio 
An adder, coluber, vipera 
Like an adder, viperinus 
An addice, or adze, harpago, 


To addict one's self to something, 

se applicare ad aliquid; (to 

some art), artem aliqiiara colere 

Addicted, addictus, devotus, de- * 

ditus [taneua 

Addle, vacuus, inanis, subven- 
Addle-headed, fatnus, stultns 
To address (direct unto), inscribe; 

(speak to), alloquor 
An address (direction), forma di- 
rectionis; (petition), libellus 
supplex; (subtle speaking), 
calliditas, comitas, dexteritaa; 
(a speaking to), compellatio 
Addressing, inscribens, suppli- 

cans, alloquens 
Addressed unto, inscriptna 
Adequate, adequatus 
An aidept, peritus, nsu promptua 
To adhere, adhcreo, adiueresco 
Adherent, adhterens 
An adherent, particeps, aociua 
An adhesion, adhaesio 
Adjacent, adjacens, contigutu 
An adjective, adjectivum 
Adjectively, adjectivft 
Adieu, vale 

To bid adieu, valedico, renuncio 
To adjoin, adjaceo ; (add to), ad- 
jungo, addo, adjicio 
Adjoining, adjacens, oonterminus 
To adjourn, differo 
A^umed, dilatus 
An adjournment, dilatio 
To adjudge, adjudico, addico 
Adjudged, at^udicatUB, addictus 
An adjudication, adjodicatio 
An adjunct, adjunctum 
Ac^unetion, adjunctio 
To adjure, adjuro 
To adjust, apto, aeeommodo, com- 
pono, omo [tus 

Adjusted, accommodatus, excqua- 
An adjusting, accommodatio 
Admeasurement, mensura 
To administer (serve), procnro, 
dispense; (an oath, «c.), ad- 
ministro; (physic), medicinam 
adhibere [ratus 

Administered, administratns, cu- 
Au administration, adminis'trario 
An administrator, administrator 
Administratorship, munus pro- 

An administratrix, administratrix 
An admiral, dassis praefectus 
High-admiral,summu8 classiarias 
Vice-admiral, aummi classiarii 

The admiralship, navia praetoria 
The admiralty-court, curia mari- 
tima [fectns 

Bear-admiral, extremse classi prs- 
Admirabl^ insignis, mirandos, 

Admirably, inaignitir, egregift 
Admiration, Admiring, admiratio 
To admire, admiror, miror 

Digitized by 





Admired, earas, amatiu 

An admirer, amator 

Admiuion, admissio 

To admit, admitto, aiciseo 

Admittable, Admissible, admit- 

Admitted, admissut, aicitaa; 

(into coUen), in collegium co- 

optatns; (luto orders), sacria 

Admittance, aecessas, admissio 
To ^roix, admisceo, immisceo 
To wmonish, admoneo, honor 
Admonished, monitus, admonitus 
An admonisher, monitor, admo- 

Ao admonition, admonitio 
Ado (stir), tumulta8,tarba; (with 

much ado), difficultir, Kgri; 

(without much ado), fJacili 
Adolescence, adolescentia 
Adonic, adonicus 
To adopt, adopto, coopto, ascisoo 
An adopter, acioptator 
An adopting, Aaopti<m, adoptio 
Adoptive, adoptivus 
Adorable, adorandns 
Adoration, adoratio, enltas 
To adore, adoro, veneror, cole 
An ad(»er, cvltor 
To adorn, omo, excolo 
Anvdoming, omamentom 
An adomer, qui omat 
Adroit, solers, callidus 
Adsdtitious, adseitus, aeqnisitus 
To advance (forward), procedo, 

inogredior; (lift up), attoUo, 

exaito ; (monej), peenniam de- 

Advanced (jutting out), promi- 

Advanced in we, Ktate provectns 
Advance-guard, stationes piiores 
Advancement, promotio 
Advancing, promovens, provehens 
Advantage, lucrum, emolumen- 

tum, commodnm, fructus 
To have an advantage of, prxsto, 

superior esse 
To advantage, conduce, prosum 
To make advantage of, lueror 
With advantage (interest), foene- 
Advantiq^ed, adjutus [rat5 

Advantageous, Incrativus, utilis, 

commodus [modi 

Advantageously, ntilitir, com- 
Advantagcousness, ntilitas 
Advent, adventus 
Adventitious, adventitius 
to adventure (attempt), andeo; 

(hazard), penclitor 
An adventure, casus, fors 
An adventurer, periclitator 
Adventurous, audax, fortis 
An adverb, adverbium 
Adverbial, adverbialis 
An adversary (he), advertarius, 

inimicas; (she), adversatrix, 

inimica. antagonista 
Adverse, adversns, diversns, in- 

Adversity, infelidtas, res adverse 
To advert, adverte, considero 
Advertency, cura, consideratio 
To advertise, oommonefacio, edo- 

Advertised, edoctos, certior faetus 
An advertiaement, monitum 
An advertiaer, monitor 
An advertising, admonitio, itmun- 

Advice, connlinm 
Advice (intelligence), nnncium 
Advisable, commodus, utilis 
To advise, wuadeo^hortor; (with). 

eonsulo ; (of) . certiorem fhcere ; 
(beforehand), pmmoneo; (to 
the contrary), dissuadeo 
To be well-advised, sapio 
Well-advised, sapiens, circum- 
spect us 
Ill-advised, incautus, temerarius 
Advisedly, cogitati, cauti 
Advisedness, cantela. prudentia 
An adviser, consnltor 
Advising, nundans, suadens, mo- 
nens [berans 

Advising, or deliberating, deli- 
Adulation, adulatio, assentatio 
Adulatory, adulatorius 
Adult, aduitus, maturns 
To adulterate, adultero, eommis- 
Adnlterated, adulterinns [ceo 
An adulterator, interpolator 
An adulterating, commiitio 
An adulterer, adulter, mcechus 
An adulteresf, moecha, adultera 
Adulterous, Multerinus, stupro- 

Adukery, adulteriam, stuprom 
To commit adultery, adultero 
Taken in adultery, stupro com- 

To adumbrate (shadow), adumbro 
An advocate, advocatus, causi- 

An advowee, patronus ecdesia 
An advowson, advocatio 
Aerial, or airy, afirius, ntherens 
Astival, Kstivtts 
^therial, nthereus 
From afar, k longinquo 
Affable, affabilis, comis 
Affableness, Affability, nrbanitas, 

AffabW, comitto, urbani 
An affair, res, negotium 
To affect (accustom), affeeto; 
(love), diligo; (make a show 
of), ostento, jacto ; (with Joy, 
ftc), i^udio afficere 
Affectation, Affectedness, affec- 
tatio [tus 

Affected, affectatus, delectus, mo- 
Aflfected person, homo putidus; 
(thing), nimlsaccurattts; (with 
diseases), morbo laborans 
Maliciously affeeted, malignus 
Affectedly, putid6, exquisite, odi- 

Affection (love), amor, gratia, 
benevolentia ; (passion of the 
mind), impetus, affectus,motus, 
desiderium, animi affeetio, cu- 

Wpiditas; (disorder), affeetio - 
ithoot affection, affectibua ca- 

Evil aflfeetion, cacozelia 
Affecting the soul, pathetiena 
Affectionate, amans, benevolus 
Affectionatdy, amantir, benevolo 
To affiance, spondeo, despondeo 
Affiance (betrothing), sponsalia; 

(trust), fiducia, coniSdentia 
To have affiance in, alicui con- 

Affianced, desponsiu, desponsattu 
An affiancing, desponsatio * 
An affidavit, testincatio cum jure 

Affinity, affinitas, samilitudo 
To affirm, afflrmo, assero, assevero 
An affirmation, affirmatio 
Affirmative, affirmans, afferens 
Affirmatively, affirmative^ afflr- 
Afflrmed, afHrmatus [mati 

To affix, i" 

To afflict^ 


ngo, annecto 
Bt, affligo, premo, pungo, 
icio; (to afflict one's seu). 

Afflicting, Afflictive aceibus, 

Affliction, afflictio, cruciatua 
An affluence, copia. abundantia 
Affluent, afflnens, abundans 
To afford, pnebeo ; (yield), reddo, 

fero; (in selling), vendo 
Afforded, prcbitus, suppeditatna 
Aflording, fereus, prxbens, ven- 
To affright, terreo [dens 

An affright, rimor, eonstematio 
Affrighted, territus, metu per- 
cussns [reor 

To be aflrif^ted, constemor, ter- 
To affront, irrito, provoco 
An affront, injuria, contumelia 
Affronted, contumeliis lacessitua 
Affronting, contumeliosus 
Affusion, affusio 
Afloat, fluitans, fluctuana 
Afoot, pedestris 
Afore, pre, ante 
Aforegoing, prccedena 
Aforenanu, antft 
To be aforehand, praevenio 
Aforesaid, pradictus, snpradictna 
Aforetime, quondam, ollm 
Afraid, timidus, pavidus, trepidus 
Not afraid, impavidus, intrepidus 
To be afraid, paveo, tiraeo, vereor, 
metuo, formido; (much), ex- 
horreo, pertimeo, expavesoo ; 
(beforehand), prcformido, prn- 
timeo; (alittle), subtimeo, sub- 
terreo & 

To make afraid, terrefaeio^ pe^ 

terreo, horriftco 
Made afraid, territus, exanimatoa 
Afresh, iterdm, denu6 
Aft, k puppi, or puppe 
After, k, ab, ex, post; {for after 
that), qulim, posteaquam, ub}. 
cum, ut, posthiee; (referring to 
proximity of degree, order, or 
succession), juxt^ proximo, se- 
cundum, sub; (/or afterwards), 
exind^ posteli. post, posteritis, 
postmoad; (/or according to), 
ad, d^ in; (behind), pon^ k 
A little after, paul6 post 
The day after, postridi* 
The after-birth, fecundina 
An atter-clap, ictus iteratna 
Afternoon, post meridiem 
An afternoon's luncheon, merenda 
A^n, iterbm, rurstts, denuii^ de 
integro, deindi ; {for here- 
after), p6st, posted, posthte 
Again (wter verbs), w often ea- 
preued &y re prefixed; at, to 
come again, re-deo, re-peto 
A^ain and again, itertim atque 

Back i^ain, retr^k 
Over again, de novo, denu6 
Against {denoting defence, or 
preservation), k, ab, adversns, 
adversum; (referring to time), 
ante, dum, in; {for contrary), 
adversns, contra, pneter; (to 
the prejudice of), adrersns, 
advenum ; {rign{ttli*g over 
ag^st), contra, k regione 
Against, adversus, a, um 
To be against, adversor, oppngno 
To be against an enemy, contra 

hostem incedere 
To go i^ainst, or be nanseoua, 

ingratnm esse 
Agast, constematnc, attonitns 
.^e of a person, &c., etas 
An age (100 years), iKenlum, 

Old age senectoa, senecta 

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One under age, impnbis 
Great age, longaevitas, aenectos 
Of the aame i^e, aequKTua 
Of the first age, primcTua 
In this age, hoc scculo, hodii 
Aged, grandia, nute provectua 
An aged man, senex 
An aged woman, anna 
Of AiU age, aduUua, matama 
Agency, or action, actio 
Agency (acting for another), cu- 

ratio, procuratio 
An agent, curator 
To agglutinate, agglntino 
To aggrandixe, promoveo, angeo 
To aggravate, eia^gero, accu- 

mnlo ; (proToke), incendo, pro- 


An aggravation, exaggeratio 
To aggregate, aggrego 
The aggregate, aggregatam 
Aggression, i^greasio 
An aggresaor, aggressor 
To aggrieve, dolore a£9cere 
Agnieved. moestus,dolore affectni 
Ague, agilis, veg^tua 
Agility, agilitaa, dexteritaa 
To agitate, agito, concito 
Agitation, agiutio, commotio 
Ago (before thia time), abhlne, 
anti; (long a||^), jampridim, 

teDdadtun; (a while ago), 
ad itii pridira; (how long 
ago), quamdtulam? (ao long 
ago), tamdiii 
Agony, crudatos, ^^nia 
To agree (assent), assentior, aa- 
sentio; (reconcile), reconcilio, 
compono; (in one mind), cou- 
venio, concordo; (hang toge- 
ther), cohsreo; (make a bar- 
gain), paciscor ; (with one), in 
pace vivere; (answer to), re- 
apondeo, quadro; (bcpleaaing 
to), placeo 
Agreeable, grains, acceptos, ap- 
tns; (very agreeable), per- 
A^eeableness, gratiflcatio 
Agreeably, grat^ jucundi, apti 
Agreed, pactoa, reconciliatas 
Agreeing, consentiena, concors 
Mot agreeing; discrepans, dia- 

An agreement, or agreeing, con- 
aensoa; (bargain), conditio; 
(covenant), pactum, foedus, 
atipulatio ; (reconciUng), re- 
condliatio ; (proportion), sym- 
metria; (in tone), concentus; 
(according to agreement), ex 
Agricultnre, a^coltura 
Agprimony, agnmonia 
Agronnd, humi jacena 
To run aground, in terram navem 

appellere, or imping^ere 
An ague, febris intermittens; 
(quotidian), qnotidiana; (ter- 
tian), tertiana ; ((luartan), 
quartana; (consumptive), per- 
Aguish, febriculosos [petua 

^! ahl 

Aid, auxiliuro, aubsidium 
To aid, acUuto, succurro, juvo 
An aide-de-camp, ducis adjutor 
An aider, adjutor, auxiliator 
Aiding, a^juvaus, opem ferens 
To ail, doleo 

An ailment, morbus, malum 
To aim (at a marie), ad metam 
dirigere; (design), deaigno, 
An aim (inaik),albnm{ (design), 


All alone, solus, solitariua 
All along, perpeta6, usqui 
All along, (prostrate), prostratoa* 

All one, perindi, idem 
All the while, per totum tempua 
All together at once, omnes simtd 
Altogether (wholly), omnind, 

By all means, quoauomod6 
On all sides, unoiqu^ quaqui^ 

Aimed at, designatus, petitus 
Air, aCr, aura, ccelom. Kther 
In the open air, sub dio 
To air (abroad), aCri ezponere; 

(by the fire), ad ignem exsic- 

An air-hole, spiramentum 
An air-pump, machina ad aCrem 

To take the air, deambnlo 
To take, or get air, evulgor 
Aired (abroad), soli expositus; 

(at the fire), ad igtiem expo- 

aitus ; (on the fire), calefactus 
Airiness (of place), amoenitaa; 

(of peraon), lepor, festivitas 
An airing, deambulatio 
To take an airing, deambnlo 
An ury place, locus apneas 
An airy jjerson, lepidus, levia 
Airy, afirius, aroGenua 
Airy (thin), tenuis 
Alabaster, alabaatrum 
Alack I hei mihi I 
Alacrity, alacritaa, iKtitia 
Alamode, more novo et eleganti 
An alarm, or alarum (in war), 

classicum ; (sudden firight), 

trepidatio. pavor; (of a clock), 

To sound an alarm, bellicum, 

classicum canere 
To alarm, bellicum canere; 

(fHght), perterrefacio 
Alarmed, territus, trepidus 
Alarming, perturbans, terrens 
Alas! heal hei mihi miaero I ahl 
Alate, nupir 
An alb, alba 
Albeit, tametsi, etai, etiamai, 

quamvis, ({uanquam 
Alcaic, alcaicus 
An alchemist, alchymista 
Alchemy, alchymia, chymia 
An alcove, locus fomicatus 
An alder, alnus 
Made of alder, alnens 
An aldennan. senator nrbanus 
Like an alderman, aenatorii 
Ale, cerevisia ; (strong), prima ; 

(small), tenuis; (stale), ve- 

tula; (new), mustum 
An alehouse, cerevisiariam ; (be- 
longing to an alehouse), popi- 

An alehouae-keeper, caupo 
An alembic, alembicus 
Alert, alacris, vegetua 
Algebra, algebra 
An algebraist, algebrc peritua 
An alien, alienus, alien^ena 
Alienable, quod alienari potest 
To alienate (take from), alieno; 

(sell away), abalieno 
Alienated, alienatus, proscriptua 
An alienation, alienatio 
To alight (aa a bird), subsido; 

(from a horse), desilio 
Alighted (slid dovm), delapsus 
An alighting, descensus ab equo 
Alike, aJkj. par, similis, xquus; 

adv. Kqui, paritftr 
Aliment, natrimentum, pabulum 
Alimentary, aliroentariua 
Alimonv, aliment um 
Alive, vivus, superstea 
To be alive, vivo 
All, omnia, cunctas; (the whole), 

totus, integer, universus; (every 

one in particular), ainguli; 

quisque, unusquisque; (in ge- 
neral), universi; (only), onus, 

All in all (familiar), perfiuniliaria 
All about, andiqu6, pasdm 

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AH over (throughoat), passim 

All this while, usqui adhdc 

All the better, tantd meliba 

All t4> one, eodim 

All to uo purpose, nihil agia 

To all intents, omnin6, penittts 

All oar own, noster 

For all that, neque eo aecilkB; 
(for good and all), omnin6; 
(this IS all), tantum eat; (at 
all), prorsds, omnin6, unqukm ; 
(most of all), prKsertlm, pne- 
cipu6 ; (not at all), ne omnin6 

Allknowing, omnisciena 

AUseeing, omnituena 

Allwise, omnisapiens 

To allay (lessen), mitigo, lenio; 
(abate), resedo ; (mingle), di- 
Itto, tempero 

To be allayed, deferveaco, dilnor, 

Allayed (lessened), lenitns ; (nun« 
gled), dilutus, temperatus 

An allayer, delinitor, temperator 

An allaying, leuimen 

An allegation, allegatio; (fialae 
allegation), calumnia 

To allege, allego, cito, cauaor 

Alleged, allegatus, citatua 

Allegiance, fides, fldelitaa 

Allegorical, allegoricua 

An allegory, allegoria 

AUelujah, alleluja 

To alleviate, allevo, levo 

An alleviating, alleviation, levatio 

An alley (walking-place), ambu- 
lacrum ; (narrow street), aiigi« 
portum, and angiportus 

Alliance (by blood), consangntni- 
tas; (by marriage), aflinitaa; 
(of statea), fcedua 

Allied, propinquua, coiynnctosy 

Alligation (tying), alligatio 

An alligator, crocodilis 

To allot, aasigno, delcgo 

An allotment, sortitio 

To allow (approve), approbo,con* 
firmo; (give),exhibeo, pnebeo; 
(grant), concedo, do ; (to allow 
expenses), sumptua auppedi- 
tare; (permit), permittcpatior 

To allow m accounts, decido, de- 

Allowable, kudabilia, Justus 

An allowance (approbation), ap- 
probatio; (^ft), donum; (per- 
mission), licentia, permissio; 
(deduction), deductio ; (por- 
tion of meat, &c), portio 

Allowed (approved), ratus ; (per- 
mitted), permissus ; (deduct- 
ed), deductus; (given) prvbi- 

An allowing (approving), appro- 
batio; (permitting) permiasio; 
(giving), donatio; (deducting), 

AlloT, or allay, miatont 

To aiinde, alludo 

An alluding. Allusion, allnsio 

To alli^, aliicio, aeduco, lacto 




Alined, alkctei. 

Belougiiig 1 

Ab almsgiTer, erga i 
To aak arau, stipein rogaie 
To give ahns, sttpem porrife 

Aloft, ■ublimii, altw, rapernn*; 
m4j- ■uyri. nintai, sabiimi ; 
adv. (from aloft), detiipte 
Alone, «(;. sohu, loUtanus, ani- 

cna, nnoB ; md9. loUun 
AU akme, pcraohu 
To lesre alone, detero 
Left alone, dewrtns, deaoUtos 
Tto let alone, omitto, mitto 
Akmg; per, acctu, accondum ; ar 
Ay an a62afw« roje : mt, I tifent 
along the highway, piiblic4 
ibam Till; (along with). nsA 
cam ; (all along, miv.) ubiqni 
{mdt.), proatratus ; (extended), 
AlooC de longinqno, longft 
Aloud, clari, clarA Toce 
The alphabet, alphabetnm 
Alphabetical, alpbabeticua 
Alphnbetically. alphabet ici 
Alieady, jam, dodom, pridim 
Alao, itim, etitoi, quoqu^, nee- 
n6n, paritir, itidim; (more- 
over), quinetUm, pneteieA, an- 
Xkm, inaupir, adluec 
An altar, altare. ara 
To alter, muto, vario, verto, oom> 

mnto, immuto, permnto 
Alterable, variabihs, mutabilia 
Alteration, mutatio 
Altercation, altercatio. jurgiom 
Alternate, Alternative, altemua 
Alternately, altemi, vicibua 
Although, licit, qoantumlibit, 
quanquiim, quamvls, qoamli- 
bit, etiamsi. tametsi, et^i 
Altitude, altitudo, sublimitaa 
Altogether, prorata, omnin6 
An uveary, idvearium 
Alum, alumen 
Alwaya, aempir, perpetu6, Jugitir, 

nnnqukm non, in ctemum 
Am it frequently only the tign »/ 

a verb passive or neuter 
Am (signifying to exist), sum 
Amain, strenni, valdi 
To amass, accnmulo, congero 
Amassed, accumulatus, congestus 
An amassing, accumulatio 
To amaxe (astonish), obstupe- 

fiscio; (daunt), perterrefado 
Aroasement, aniroi stupor 
' g, mirabilia, miirandus 

To amerce, mnkto, punio 
Amerced, mnlctatus 
An amercement, mulcta, pcena 
An amerdng, mulctatio 
A fniahi^, ^ntw^**!*, puldicr, ve- 

AmiableDeaa, venustaa, decor 
Amiably, venusti, decort, pulchri 
Amicable, benevolus, amicua 
Amicably, benevcdi, aroici 
Amidst, mter, in medio 
Amiss, uij. pravua, vitiosus ; atfo. 

pravi, mali, perperim. vitiosi 
To do amiss, offendo, pecoo 
Amity, amidtia 
Ammunition, tmket. apparatus 

An amnesty, lex oblivionis 
Among, or Amongst, apud, inter, 

in; (from among), i, ex 
Amorous, amatorius, mollis, las- 

Amorous potions, phUtra, onun 
Amorously, amatorii, blandi 
An amount, summa, totum 
To amount, cresco, exurgo 
Amours, amores, um 
Amphibious, amphibiu^ anceps 
Amphitheatre, amphitheatrum 
Ample, ampins, copiosus, largus 
Amplified, exaggeratus 
An amplifier; amplificator 
To amplify, ampliflco, exaggero 
An amplifying, amplificatio 
Amplitude, amplitudo 
Amply, ampli. abundi, copiosi 
To amputate, amputo 
Amputation, amputatio 
An amulet, amaletum 
To amuse, oblecto, detineo 
Amused, detentus, occupatna 
An amusement, detentio, oblec* 

An anabaptist, anabaptista 
Anacreontic aoacreonticua 
An anagram, anagramma 
Analogous, Anal^cal, analogus 
Analogy, analogia, comparatio 
Analysis, analysis 
Analytic, Analytical, analyticiu 

Anarchy, anarchia 

To* _ 

Aa a^|liBg-rod, arvado 

Anguish, aBgor. soUdtudo 

To animadvert (correct), castigo; 

Ai: ■■ 

An animal, animal, s 

To animate (encourage), cohortor, 

exdto; (give life), animo 
An animating, cohoirutio 
An anker (measure), doUolnm 
Animosity (heat),ardor; (grudge), 

simultas, odium 
Anise-aced. anisnm 
An annalist, ■mfij inn eonditor 
Annals, annales, ium, fasti, orum 
Annates, primitiae, arum 
To annex, annecto^ apprnto^ ad> 

jungo, adiido 
Annexed, additus. adjectus 
To ■""ihi J B^*, ad nib'iufn tedi* 

Annihilated, fdndittis extiuetua 
An annihilating, extinctio 
Anniversary, anniversarius, an> 

An anniversary, festum annunm 
Annoution, annotatio, nota 
An annotator, annotator 
To announce, annuncio 
To annoy, incommode, Icdo 
An annoying, noxa, offensio 
Annoyed, Uesus, ofFensus 
Annoyance, noxa, damnum, of> 

Annual, annuus, solemnly 
Annually, quotannis 
An annuity, reditus annuus 
To annul, abrogo, resdndo 
Annular, annularis 
Annulled, abrogatus, retdssus 
An annulling, abroKatio, abulitio 
To annunciate, aoDuncio 
The annunciation, anntinciatio 
To anoint, ungo,inungo; (about). 

circumungo, circumlino ; (all 

over),perBno; (often), unctitoj 

(upon), superinungo 
An anoioter, uncior 
An anointing, unctio, inunotio 
Anomalous (irregular), enormia 
Anon, confestim, illic6, mox. sta> 

tlm; (ever and anon), idea- 

Anonymous, anonymus 

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Aaother, alios; (one aooiher), 
alter idteriat, se invicim ; (one 
after another) , altemi* Ticibua ; 
(another man'a), alienas ; 
(way), aUoratim 
To answer, respondeo; (eorre- 
qmnd), congnio, convenio; 
(excose), excuso; (for), spbn* 
deo,rationenireddere; (again), 
xesponso; (impadentiy), oblo- 
quor, proterri respondere; (as 
an echo), resono; (at law), re- 
stipulor; (objections), dissolro 
An answer, er answering, reqpon< 

sio, responsnm 
Answerable, eongmens, constmns 
To be answerable, nnesto 
Answerable to, or tor, obligatvs 
AnsweraMf, congruentir, propria 
An answerer, responsor 
An ant, formica 
An ant-hill, cavema fonnicosa 
An antagonist, adversarina 
An antarctic, anstralis 
Antecedent, antecedens 
An antechamber, antithalamos 
To antedate, tempos anteqaom 
adscribere [natus 

Antedated, prochroniamo sig* 
An anthem, antiphona 
8t. Anthony's Are, erjsipdas 
Antichrist, antichristos 
Antichristian, antiehristianos 
To anticipate, anticipo, prKvenio 
Anticipated, prcoccopatus 
An anticipating, anticipatio 
Antici|>atin|^. i>rKOCcapans 
An antic, histrio, mimos 
An antidote, antidotos 
Antimonarchical, monawhigi ad- 

Antimony, stibium 
Antipathy, odiom, Ihstidinm 
Antipodes, antipodes, um 
An antiquary, antiqoarios 
To antiquate, abrogo^ aboleo 
Antiquated, antiqnatas.abrogatns 
Antique, antiqnus, exoletus 
Antiquity, antiqnita% vetnataa ■ 
Antler^ coma 
An anvil, incus 
Anxiety, anxietas, solidtodo 
Anxious, anxius, soHcitus 
Anxiously, anxi^ solidti 
Any, unus, quilibet, quisqnam. 
quivis, ecquis, ecquisquam ; 
(any thing), quicquam, quid- 
mam, qnippiMm, quodris ; (any 
xnrtber), alterids, amplitu; 
(any how), qnoquomodo; (any 
longer), diutids; (any more), 
amplius ; (any where), usquim, 
alicubl, nbivls, uhilibit, as- 
pitai ; (at any time), nnquluaa, 
qnandocunque ; (any whither), 
qnoquim. nsquim, quopi*m; 
(any while), ahqoanditi 
Any man, or one, quispiam. quiris 
Aorist (a Greek tense), indefl- 

Apace, celeritir, proper^ cit6 
Apart, seorstun, separatlm 
To stand apart, disto, distito 
An apartment, domtks pars 
Apathy, apathia 
An ape, simia 
To ape, imitor 
Aperture, apertora 
An aphorism, aphorismoa 
An apiary, apiariom 
Apiece, singulus, sii^tdi 
Apish (mimicking), mimieos 
A|nsh tricks, ineptin 
Apocryphal, apocryphns 
To apologise, excnso^ defendo 

An apology, delensio, purgatio 
An apolo|(ne, apologas, faoula 
Apoplectic apoplecticos 
An apoplexy, apoplexia 
Apostacy, defectio, apostatia 
An apostate, apostata 
To apostatise, deficio, desero 
An aposteme, abscessus, uptM- 

An apostle, apostolus 
Apostleship, apostoli monos 
Apostolic, apostolical, apostoUcns 
An apothecary, pharmacopola 
An apothecary's she 

An . 

To appal, constemo, percdlo 
Apparel, Testis, Tcstimentum 
Apparel (utensils), ^paratos 
Apparelled, amictus, Testitus 
Apparent, eridens, oonspicuos 
An apparent erim^ cnmen ia^ 

To be apparent, pareo^ consto 
Apparently, mauflBsti^ aperti 
An apparition, apeetrom 
An apparitor, lictor [toco 

To appeal, appello, defero, pro- 
An appeal. Appealing, appdlatio 
Appealed, appellatos. dclatos 
An appealcTf Appellant, ^pel- 

To appear, apporeo poreo; (above 

water), exto; (above others). 

(against), accuso . 

(for), fsveo, tutor; (seem), vi- 

deor; (become visible), illoceo^ 


To begin to appear, patesoo 

To make to appear, demonstro^ 

It appears, constat, patet 
Au appearance, or appearing (oot- 
wurd show), species; (con- 
course of people), coneorsus, 
ftvqnentia; (luceiihood). simi- 
litudo; (above water), emer- 
sio; (vision), viaiob ^ectrom; 
(figure), persona 
A first appearance, exortns 
A day of appearanee, " 
Appearing, apparens 
To appease, corapesco, con . 
eomprimo, sedo^ plaoo; (by 
sacrifice), expio 
An appeaaer. piacator 
An appeasing, placatio 
Au appellant, appdlator 
An appellation, appdlatio 
Appellative, apjpeilativoa 
Appendent, appendens 
To append, appendo^ adluereo 
An appendix, appendix 
To appertain, pertineo, respido^ 

It ^ppertaineth. interest, refdrt 
Appertaining, pertinens, spectans 
An appetite, appetitus, cupiditas 
An insatiable appetite, in^luviea 
To have an appetite, esuno 
To applaud, applaudo, laodo 
An applauder, laudator 

An applause, or applauding^ plan- 
sus, applaosos, laus 

Deserving applause, plansibilis 

An apple, pomum. malum; (sum- 
mer), malum precox; (winter), 
malum serotinum; (oisk),gaUa; 
(pine), nnx pinea 

The apple of the eye, ocoli po* 

An apple-loft, . 

An apple-sdler, pomarioa 

An apple-tree, mains 

Bearinff applM^ pomiliBr, malifer 

Full of apples, pomosus 

An applier. accommodator 

An applying. Applicatimi, nppli- 

Application (diligence), dUigen- 

tia, cura, stadium, attentio 
To ^pply (put unto), applico, apto^ 
accoinmodo, appono ; (addict 
one's self to),seadaliquid^pli- 
care; (his mind unto), animum 
applicare; (lay out money), 
pecuniamimpendere; (addresa^ 
or entreat), aliquem adire, or 

To appoint, statno, eonatitno; 
(name), nomino ; (order, or de- 
sign), designo, a«*igno; (by 
law), lege pmcribere; (set), 
prsstituo, prcscribo; (in an- 
other's place), snbstituo 

An appointer, constitutor 

An appointing, assignation desig- 
^io, prcscriptio 

An i^ppointmeiit, compactnm ; 
(assignation), diei et loci con- 
stitutio; (order), mandatnm; 
(without iq>pointment)»iiuaasm 

To appo.tion, divido, distribvo 

Apposite, ^tus, idoneas 

Apposition, appositio 

To appraise pretium imponerc^ 
Kstimo , 

An appraiser, estimator; (sworn), 
jurcyurando constitutna 

An appraisement, or mppr^Miag, 

To apprehoid (understand), de- 

prenendOk intelligo; (fear), ti- 

meo ; (suspect), sospioor; 

(seise). prehendo,capio; (take 

nnawares), intereipio 
An apprehension (ci^iacity), in< 

genium. fscultas, inteUigentia; 

(fear), timor, metus; (saspi> 

don), suepieio; (seizing), e^- 

turn, prehensio 
Apprehensive, sagas, aeutns, per> 

An apprentice, tyro^ disc^nhu; 

(girl), disdpula 
An apprenticeship, tyrodnium 
To apprise, oertiorem aliquem 

To approach, appn^inqno^ ao> 

cedo, adeo, immineo 
An approad^ accessns, aditns 
Approached to. propi admotns 
An approaching, appropinquatio 
Approaching, appn^iuquanst im« 

Approbation. approbsUio 
To appropriate, asdsco, ai 
Appropriated (fit, or prt^er), 

aptus, idoneus, proprins 
An appropriation, vindicatio 
To ^prove, approbo^ emapmbo, 

applaudo, addico 
An approver, approbator 
An approving, approbatio 
An appurtenance, appendix 
An apricot, malum persicum 
April (mouth), Apnlii 
An apron, prtecinctorium 
i^>t (fit), aptus, idoneus; (in> 

dined), pronns, propensos; 

(active), agilis, dexter 
i^>tness, babilitas. prq^ensio^ ift. 

genium, docilitas 
Aptly, apti, idonei 
An aptote, aptoton 
Aquatic AquatUc aquatSis 
An aqueduct, aquKductus 
Aqueous, aquosiu 
Aqoilm^ aquilinoa 

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Aratnan. Anibicna 
An Arabian. Arabs 
In Arabic Arabici 
Arable, aittbilia 
Arbitrarily, pro Kbita. 
Arbitrariness, dominatio 
Arbitrary, imperi 

An arbitrary prmoe, prineeps sai 

arbitrii, or juris 
To arbitrate, qaastionem dacidere 
An arbitration, ar arbitrement, 
. litis arbitrinm, ai>bitrattts 
An arbitrator, or arbiter, arbiter 
An arboar, pergola 
Arch, vafer, astntns 
Arcbness, astutia 
An arch, areas, fornix 
To arch, arenas fomico 
An archied roof, laqoet 
AjTched, arcuatns. kqi 
Archwise, arcuatlm 
An archangel, archangelaa 
An archbishop, archieinscopas 
Archbishoprie, archiepiscopatos 
An archdeacon, archidiaeonus 
Archdeaconry, aichidiwconatne 
Archdncal, arehidneaUs 
An arebdoke, archidnx 
An ardidoehess, archidneissa 
An ar^dnkedom, archiducatos 
An archetype, archetypam 
An ardier, Sagittarius 
Ardieiy, ars sagittandi 
An arch-heretic, hxresiar^a 
Archiepiscopal. ardriepiacopatis 
An architect, architectos 
Architecture, arehitectara 
(K architeetare. architectomcus 
• An architrave, epistyluun 
Archives, ardiiva, oram« tabu- 

An archpriert, archipresb^tcr 
Arctic, arctieus, or boreahs 
Ardency, ardor, fnror, astua 
Ardent, ardens, candens, acer 
Ardently, fervidi, vehemaiMr 
Ardour, aestus 
AidnoBS, apduQs, difflcilis 
An area, area, superficies 
Argent, argmteas, Candidas 
"Vb argue (dispute), arguments, 

disputo; (riMm, ar prove), 

An argner, disputator 
An arguing, diseeptatio 
An alignment, argumeatom, ratks 

Argum«itation, argumentatio 
Augmentative, aigumentahs 
And, aridus 
Aright, recti 

To arise (getap),Burgo; (again), 

resargo; (proceed nom), nas- 

cor, procedo ; (as the sun), ex- 

orior. orior; (as waves), undo; 

(together), ctmsurgo [patua 

Anstocracy, optimatum priaei- 

Arithmetic, arithmetica 

Arithmetical, arithmeticus 

Arithmetician, arithmetica pe- 

An ark, navis, navipum, area 
An arm. brachium, lacertus ; (of 
the sea), sinus, Aretum ; (of a 
tree), ramus; (of a vine), pal- 
A little arm, brachiohun 
An armpit, ala, axilla 
To take in the arms, amplector 
To arm (or take up arms), anno ; 
(put on arms), arma, induere, 
or sumere; (furnish with aims), 
anna suppeditare 


An armament, bellicas apparatua 

Armed, armatus, armis mdutus ; 

(all over), peraumatus; (with 

a buckler), seutatns. dypeat 
(with dans), pilatus; (with a 
sword), ense or gladio instrac- 
tns; (witha coat of mail), kiri- 
An arming, annatura 
Armorial, ad 
Armour, arma, orum 
An armourer, fisber 
An armoury. 
Arma, anna, orum 
To be in arms, in armis ess* 
To lay down arms, arma poane 
Fire-arms, soloppos, scloppetum 
By force of arms, vi et armis 
To bear arms, arma ferre 
An army \in a state of training), 
exercitus; (in line of march), 
agmen: (in battle arn^), acies 
To marshal an army, aciem in- 
strvere. To musta an army, 
exercitum lust rare. To raise 
an army, miiites conseribere 
Aromatic, aromaticus 
Around, circumquaqui, «ndiqu6 
To arraign, in jua vocare, postulo 
Arraigning, in jus vocans 
Arraignment, accusstio, actio 
Arrangemeot, digestio, series 
Arrant, merua 
Array, vestia, vestimentum 
To array, vestio 
To set an army in array, aciem 

In battle-array, acie instructi 
Arrearage, Arrears, rellq«u, onun ; 
(one in arrears), qui aliquid in- 
solutom reliqnit 
To arrest, prehendo, rapio 
An arrest. Arresting, prehensio 
Arrested, prehensua, in jus tractiu 
An arrival, accessus, appulsns 
To arrive (at a place), accedo, ad- 
venio; (as a ship), appdlor, 
Anogance, arrogaotia, fastns 
Arrogant, arrogans, fastosus 
Arrogantly, arrogantir, superbi 
To arrogate, arrogo, aasumo 
Anogated, sibi assumptus 
An arrow, arundo, sagitta ; 
(broad and barbed), tragu^; 
(head), mucro. cuapis 
Of arrows, Sagittarius 
An arsenal, armarium 
Arsenic, arsenicom 
An art, ars; (cunning), 
fidum; (black), magioe 
An anery, arteria 
An artichoke, dnara 
Anful, subtilis, callidus; 


by art), artificialis 

irtfur • ••• - • 

Artfully, Bubtilitir, elegantir 
An article, aniculus, caput, con- 
ditio, oonventa, orum 
Articles of marriage, pactio nup- 

Article by article, articulatlm 
To article with, cum aliquo pa- 
cisci; (branch into articles), 
articulatlm dividere; (break), 
pacta convellere ; (against one) , 
accuse; (to keep), stare con- 
ventis; (to surrender upon ar- 
ticles), sub conditionibuadedere 
Articled, coovenlua; paotus 
Articular, articularis 
Articulate, distinctus [tincti 
Articulately, articulatlm, dis- 
An artifice, artifidum, ars, fraus 
An artificer, artifex 
Artificial, fsctitius, condnnos 

Artificially, artifidosi 

Artillery, torments bellica; (a 

train of), series, m apparatus 

tormentorum bellicorum 
The artillery-yard, palaestra mili- 
An artist, opifex. artifex [taris 
Artless, ad». insula^; adj. inaulaus 
As, dum, nt, cum. As, tigw^jfinf 

accor^ngly. or propertionably 

as, ut, utl, sicbt, pro, pro&t, itii 

ut, pro eo ac, pro eo atque, 

period^ ut, perindfe atque, pro- 

md^ proindi ac, utcunque, fc. 
As (which, or which thing), quod, 

id quod; (used for if), u 
As for, or as to, de, quatenus, 

quantum, quod ad, ad (.UcM 
As being, ut, utpoti, quippi, soi* 
As far as, qua, ouanKXm, quoad, 

usqu6, usqui ad, usqui eo 
As if, as though, quasi, perindft 

qui^i, perindfe ac si, tanqukm, 

ut si [qutai 

As it were, ut, ecu. quasi, tan> 
As long as, qaarodiii, tamdifa, tan- 

tisp^ dum, quoiui, usquft dum, 

As big as, as bad as, instar, toitt 

a genitive ease 
As big again, duplo muor 
As many as, tot, totidem, qtiot- 

qoot, quodcunqne 
As much, tantiim, tantundem 
Aa much as ever, ut cum maximi, 

qnantus maximd [quotiis 

As oiten as, quotieacunqu^ totiia 
Aa aoon as, ubi, cum, cdm pri- 

miua, ut, simid ac, simtil ut, 

simm atque 
As soon as ever, ubi primtim, ut 

primtim, cum primdm, simid ac 

prirotun, staiim ut 
As well as, ut tarn, quAm, Kqui ae 
As yet, adhttc Not as yet, neo- 

As rich as he is, ouamlibM dives. 
Sudi as it is, qualis qualis 
To ascend, asceodo, scando 
Ascendant, auctoritas ; (of a na< 

tirity), horoscopes 
An ascending, Aacennon, ascen- 

sio, ascenaua 
An ascent, locus altus 
To ascertain, stabilio, confirmo 
Ascertained, certua, confirmatus 
An aacertaining, confirmatio 
Aacetic, asceticua 
To ascribe, imputo, arroge, tribuo 
An ash. fraxinus 
Ash-coloured, cinereus ^ 
Ashen, fraxineus, fraxinus * 
Ash-Wednesday, dies cinerum 
Ashamed, verecundus, pudore 

To be ashamed, erubesco. To 

make ashamed, pudore aliquem 

Shameful, pudendus, turpis 
Ashes, cinis [gere 

To bum to ashes, in cineres redi- 
Pale as ashes, cinereus 
Ashore, in tellure, super terram. 

To come ashore, 6 navi descen- 

dere. To put ashore, in terram 

A»ide, seoratm, obliqui 
To call aaide, sevoco 
To lay, or aet aside, sepono 
To set aside an order, or decree, 

rescindo, antiquo 
Asinine, asinarius 
To ask (a qiiestion), interrogo, 

rogo; (again), reposco; (ad- 
vice), consulo, followed Ay an 

aeat^tvoe qf the peraon consult- 

Digitized by VjOOQL 




ed; (reqaire),reqairo; (boldly), 
IKMtulo:(eanietily),oro; (with 
■uoccm), exoro; (the price, as 
abufer), Ucitor; (as a seller), 
indico; ffrequentlf),reqairito: 
(homblv), sapplico ; (indtu- 
triooslT), perquiro; (mourn- 
ftilly), imploro; (secretly), snp- 
peto; (as a lorer), proco 

An asker, postolator, percontatw 

Askew, traosTersi 

An askin|r, postalaHo^ petitio; 
(of advice), consulutio ; of a 
question), ro^io; (humbly), 
suppUcatio; (inquiring), inqui- 
sitio : (entreating ) , obsecrat io, 
petitio, suppUcatio i (demand- 
rag), postulatio 

Adant, obliqui 

Asleep, somno oppressus, sopitus 

To sleep, dormio, obdonnuco; 
(fall asleep), donnito; (lull 
•sleep), soporok ■omnum inda- 

To be asleep, torpco, dormio 

A lolling asleep, somni inductio 

81eq>y, semisopitus, semisomnis 

Aslope, obli|)ui 

An asp, aspis 

Asparagus, asparagus 

An aspect, aspectus, prospectus, 


Asperity, asperitas 
To asperse, lofamo, defuno 
Aspersed, infamatus, defamatns 
An aspersion, aspersio, in&mia 
An aspirate, spintus asper 
An Aspiring; ambitus, cupiditas 
To Aspire (breathe), aspiro; 
(striTc). annitor; (unto ho- 
nour), honores ambire ; (at, to^ 
or after), magna affectare 
Asquint, obliqui, transversa 
An ass, asinus, asina 
A wild ass, onager 
Belonging to an ass. 
An ass-dnver, asinarL.. 
An ass, or fbol, stultus 
To assail, incesso, oppugno 

To assassinate, ex insidiis into- 

An assassination, oedea ex in- 

To assault, aggredior, adorior, in- 

Tado, oppugno 
An assaulting. Assault, impetus 
To take by assault, expugno 
Won by assault, Ti captua, ex- 

Assaulted, oppngnatus 
An assaulter, aggressor 
An assay, or Assaying, tentamen 
To assay, prubo, tento; (again), 

retento ; (beforehand), pra- 

tento; prinly, sobtento 
An assayer, tentator, inspector 
An assemblage, coacerratio 
To assemble, coutoco, congrego^ 

eogo, convenio, eonflo 
Assembled, collectus, eonjunctus 
An assembling, congregatio, con- 

Tocatio, couventus, conciliam 
An assembly, coetns, synodus 
To assent, comprobo, assentior 
An assent, assensus 
To assert (affirm), affirmo, as- 

sero ; (vindicate), defendo, 

An assertion, assertio. aflirmatio 
An asserting, afflrmatio 
An assertor, assertor, vindex 
To assess, tributum in^ponere 
Assessed, census 
An assesoment, cenaus, tributum 

(of taxes) 
(in an assembly) 
Assets, bona restantia 
An asseveration, asseveratio 
Assiduity, assiduitas, sedulitas 
Assiduous, assiduus, sedulus 
To Assign (time), prxstituo; 
(place), indico; (any thing), 
assigno; (a pension), statuo; 
(a lease), assigno ; (a reason), 
reddo, do [tus 

An assien, or assignee, assigna- 
Assignable, quod assignari potest 
Assigned, assignatus, addictus 
An assigpiment, assiji^natio^ de- 

nunciario, distrihuUo 
To assimilate, assimilo 
Assimilation, assimilatio 

oomitia judicum provincialia 
To hold assises, jus pro tribunali 

To assise weights and measures, 
ponderum et mensurarum jura 
An assiser, ndilis, signafor 
To assist (aid), adjuvo, optitnlor, 
subvenio, opem alicui ferre; 
(stand by), assisto 
Auistance, auxilium. opia 
An assistant, adjutor, 

Assisted, adjutus 
Assisting, adjuvans 
An associate, socius, femiliaris 
To associate, famlliaritatem con- 
trahere, se coi^uuger^ con- 
Associated, foedere coi^unctus 
An association, consociatio 
As soon, cum, ubi, postquam 
To assume, assumo, arrogo 
An assuming person, nimls arro- 

An assumption, assnmptio 
Assurance (warrant), cautio ; 
(certainty), cerUnotitia; (con- 
fidence), audacia; (security), 
securitas ; (pledge), pignus, 
fides; (cmT great assurance). 

To assure (affirm), 

mo; (protect), protego, tueor, 

defendo ; (a thing), firmo ; (by 

promise), poUiceor 
Assured, certus, confirmatus 
To be assured, exploratum ha- 
bere, cert6 scire 
Assuredly, cert6, fidenttr, cert^ 
To assuage, mitigo, lenio, placo; 

(to be assuaged), subudo^ de- 

Assuaged, miti^tua, lenitoa 
An assuager, mitigator 
Assuaging, mitig«torius 
An assuaging, mitigatio, lenimen 
An asthma, asthma 
Asthmatic, asthmaticus 
To astonish, stupefkcio, terreo 
To be astonished, miror, obstu- 

Astonished, attonitus, percussus 
An astonishing. Astonishment, 

constematio, stupor, pavor 
To go astraddle; varico 
To ride; or sit astraddle, divari- 

catis cruribns sedere, m* cqui- 

Astray, errans, errabundus 
To go astray, vagor, erro ; to lead 

astray, a vili recti abducere 
A going astray, erratio, error 
Astringency, astrictio 
Astringent, Astringing, compri- 

An astrologer, astrologus 

Astrological, astrologicus 

Astrology, astrologia 

An astronomer, astronomos 

Astronomy, astronomia 

Asunder, separatlm. seorstun 

To cut asunder, disseco 

To pull asunder, separo, disafrivo 

At, I, ah, ad, ante, apnd, de^ cum, 

ex, in, inter, sub, super, pro 
To achieve, eonficio 
A notable achievement, fisdnna 

f»nrclarum, egregium, or il- 
Atheism, atheismus 
An atheist, atheus 
Atheistical, atheistieoa 
To be athirst, sitio 
Athletic, athleticus 
Athwart, transversa, obliqui 
The atmosphere, v^torum sphan 
An atom, atomus, corpuscmum 
To atone, propitio, expio 
Not to be atoned for, inexpiabilis 
An atonement, expiatio^ piamen- 

turn, compensatio 
Atrocious, atrox 
Atrociously, atrodtir 
Atrocity, atrocitas 
To attach (detain), detineo; 

(take prisoner), prehendo, com- 

prehendo, pignoror 
To be attached to, adhaereo 
Attached, prehensus, addictua 
An attaching. Attachment, alli- 
lo. retentio, prehensio, ad- 


An attack, aggressio, impetus, 

oppugnatio, tentatio 
To attack (quarrel), provoco ; 

(an enemy), aggredior, irruere 

in hostem ; (a town) oppugno 
An attacker, provocator 
To attain unto, potior, attingo 
Attainably assequendua, obti- 

nendus [tua 

Attained unto, impetratns, poti- 
An attainment, or Attaining, im- 

petmtio ; of good attainments, 

eruditus, eximius 
To attaint, accuso, evinco, inficio 
To attemper, misceo, commisceo 
To attempt, conor, andeo 
An attempt, ausum, couatua 
Attempted, inceptus, molitus 
An attempter. inceptor, molitor 
To attend, prsstolor, comitor^ 

euro, servio ; (unto), ausculto 
Attendance, or attendin|(; obse- 

qnium, expectatio. minuterium 
Attendance on business, dili- 

gentia, cura 
An attendance (retinue or train)^ 

oomitatus, pompa 
An attendant, assecla, cornea 
Attendant on, praestolans 
Attended, curatus, deductua 
Attended by, or with, oonoomi- 

Attention, attentio, intentio 
Attentive, attentus, intentua 
Very attentive, perattentua 
Attentively, attenti 
Attentiveness, attentio 
To attenuate, attenuo 
To attest, tester, testificor 
An attesution, testificatio 
Attested, eonsignatus, confirma- 
Attire, omatus 

Attitude, corporis pontio, ar sitna 
An attorney (at law), procurator 

rerum forensium ; (of the 

king), procurator regiarum 

cansagBM, cocitoar^ia 




Tto attract (draw to), attrabo ; 

(aUnreKiUido; (the ejes), ra- 

pio, allido 
AttiactioD, «r Attnctinz. atttae- 

tio; (bf fair words), blaodttiae, 

amm; (allahD|c), illecebra 
Attractive, attrabeni. blandus 
An attribute, attribatum 
To attribute, attribao, assuino 
Attriboted, attribntat, Tindicatos 
An attributing, attributio 
Attrition, attntio, attritus 
To attune, modulationem dare 
To avail, valeo, prosum. cnnfero 
Available, valens, etBcax, utilia 
Availment, emol amentum 
It availeth, conducit, refert, juvat 
Avant ! abi ! api^ ! 
Avarice, avaritia, sordea 
Avaricious, avama; (niggardly), 

parens, sordidus 
Avaricionslf , avarft, pare^ sordidft 
Avariciousness, avaritia 
An auction, anctio 
To sell by auction, aactionor 
An auctioneer, auctionarius 
Audacious, andaz, iroprobus 
Aadacionsly, audactir, improbi 
Andadonsnesi^ andada, impro- 

Audible, aodiendns, sonorus 
Audience (act of bearing), audi- 

entia; (auditory), coetus, con- 

To audit, examino 
An andi^ rationum examinatio 
An anditor, auditor; (of ac> 

oompts), calculator ; (of the 

exchequer), fisci procurator 
An auditory, eoncio 
To avenge, uldscor, vindioo 
Not avenged, inultus 
An avenger, ultor, ultrix 
An avenging, ultio, vindicta 
An avenue, aditus, introitus 
To aver, assero 
An avera^ cqua distribntio 
An averring, Averment, confirm 

Averse, aversus, alienus, abhor- 

Aversion, aversatio,f)utidium: to 

have an aversion to» alieno ani- 

Deserving aversion, aversabilis 
To avert, averto,abduco, deprecor 
To augment, augeo, amplio 
An augmentation, accessio 
An augmenter. amplificator 
An auger, terebra 
An augur, augur 
Auguration, Augury, angurium 
Of an augur, auguralis 
August, augustus, magnificus 
August (the month), augustus 
An aviary, aviarium 
Avidity, ariditas 
Aulic, aulicns 
An aunt, amita, matertera 
Avocation, avocatio 
To avoid (shun), devito, fugio, 

rito; (quit),dis<Bedo; (ablow), 

Easily avoided, evitabilis 
Not to be avoided, inevitabilis 
An avoiding, eritatio, deritatio 
Avdrdupois-weight, libra sexde- 

To avouch, assevero, constant^r 
affirmare; (for another), spon- 

Avonchabk, qnodaffirmari potest 

An avoucher, sponsor 

An avouching, sponsio 

To avow, assero, proflteor 

Avowedly, aperti, ex profeaso 
An avower, aArmator 
Avowry, pni^io, jostificatio 
Auricle, auricula 
Auricular, auricularia 
Auspiee, anspicinm 
Auspicioas, fsnstus, anspieatns. 

Auspiciously, ftnsti, anspicat6 

Auspicionsness, felicitas 

Austere, austerns, sevens, dums 

Austerely, auster^ sever^ duritte 

Austereness, Austerity, austeri- 
tas, severitas. asperitas 

Authentic Authentical, certs 
fidei [um 

Authentic papers, auetoritates. 

To make authentic, &eere ratum 

Authenticitv, certa rei oognitio 

Made authentic, auctoritate 
comprobatus, ratificatus 

An author (writer), auctor, scrip- 
tor; (inventor), conditor, mo- 
litor; (of a report), auctor; (of 
a law), legislator [tus 

Authoritative, auctoritate firina> 

Authoritatively, auctoritate 

Authority, auctoritas, jus ; 
(leave), licentia; (chief), pri- 
matus; (quotation), auctontas 

Of great authority, prspollens ; 
(of small authority ) , partim pol- 
lens ; (in authority), auctori- 
tate valens; (with authority), 
cum privilegio 

To excel in authority, prspoUeo 

To put in authority, auctoritatem 

To speak with authority, cum po- 
testate loqui 

To authorise, auctoritate munire 
aliquem [tio 

Autography, propria manuscrip- 

Autumn, autumnus 

Of autumn, autumnalis 

Avulsion, avulsio 

Auxiliary, anxiliaris 

To await, expeeto, maneo 

Awake, vigilans, vigil 

To awake, exdto, susdto, exper- 
giscor: to be, or keep awake, 
rigilo: to lie awake, insomnis 

Awaked, experrectus, commotus 

Half awake, 8emis<»nnis 

To award, adjudico, addico 

An award, litis adjudicatio 

Awarded, a^udicattu 

Aware, sciens, praesdus : not 
awar^ ignarus, nesduSi/vOoioed 
6y a gen. qf the thing not 

To be aware, caveo, pravideo 

Away! (fy!)Tah! 

To away (go away), abeo ; 
(take away), aufero, toUo 

To be away, absum 

Awe, reverentia, metus 

To stand in awe, timeo, metuo 

To keep in awe, coerceo, deterreo 

Awed, deterrituB 

Awful, verendus, horrendus 

Awfully, venerandi, terribilitir 

Awfulness, veneratio, horror 

Awkward, inhabilis, ineptus, per- 

Awkwardly, inept^ minds aptft 

Awkwardness, ineptia 

An awl, subula 

An awning, velorum pnetentura 

Awoke, expergefactus 

Awry, obUquus, incUnatus 

Awry, obliqud 

To ro awry, oberro: to look awry, 
obliquft tueri: to tread awry, 
distortis calceis incedere : to 
turn, or set awry, torqueo^ dis- 

An axe, securis ; (broad axe), do- 
labra ; (poll axe. or battle axe), 
bipennis ; (chip axe), dolsp 
bella ; (pick axe), bipennis 

An axle-tree, axis 

Ay, im6, maxim^ san^ inim5 
Ay me I hei mihi ! eheu ! 
An asimuth, drculus vertieosiu 
Axnre, cxmileus, cyaneus 

An asure stone, lapis IJ 
An ^ry, nidus acdpiti 

To baa like a sheep, halo 

To babble, garrio, deblatero 

A babbler, garrulus 

A babbling, garrulitas 

A babe, or baby, infans 

Babish, puerilis 

A baboon, cvnocephalus 

A baby (doll), pupus, pupa 

Babylonish, Babylunius 

Bacchanals, Bacchanalia, nm 

Bacchus, Bacchus 

A bachdor, coelebs, baocalaureua 

To back, adjuvo, faveo, succurro 

A back, tergvm. dorsum 

To backbite, rituperare dam 

A backbiter, obtrectator 

A backbiting, obtrectatio 

The backbone, spina dorsi 

Of the backbone, spinalis 

The back parte, posteriora, um 

A back room, camera interior 

A back shop, offlcina postica 

Back-stairs, scalae posticK 

A backside (yard), chors postica 

The backside, podex 

Back, or backside, aversus 

On the backside, poni 

A back-sword, macluera 

A backslider, desertor 

A backsliding, desertio, defectio 

Backed, adjutus, levatus 

Backwards, retrd 

Backward, or averse to, alienus ; 

(negligent, slow), remissus 
To be backward, cunctor 
To go backward and forward, 

Backwardness, remissio, tarditas 
Bacon, lardum 
A flitch of bacon, snccidia 
Bad, malus, pravus 
Bad (sick), seger, sgrotus 
Bad hours, mult& nocte, ser6 
To be very bad, or sick, Kgroto 
A badge, tessera, insigne 
A badger, taxus, melis 
Badly, mali, prav6, mgrh, improbi 
Badness, pravitae; (of roads), 

viarum asperitas ; (of weather), 

coeli intemperies 
To bafae, failo. decipio 
Baffled, deceptus, delusus 
A baffling, deceptio, dolus 
Baffling, fallens, decipiens 
A baffler, deceptor, delusor 
A bag, saccus, crumena, pera 
A little bag, loetilus 
A cloak-bag, mantica 
A bi^-bearer. saccarius 
Bag and baggage, impedimenta ■ 
A baggage, muuer improba 
Baggage, scruta, orum 

Digitized by 





▲ bag-net, reticalum tnbtUias 

▲ b^nio, balneum, fornix 

▲ bagpipe, tibia utrieularia 

▲ bagpiper, utricttlarioa 
A bi^-puddin^, mascula 
Bail, Tadimoniam 

Bail, or aorety (in criminal mat- 

tera), vas ; (for debt), prea 
To Kive bail, ▼adem.dare 
To bail one, vadem aistere 
Bailable, yadimonio interponi 

Biuled, Ta^raonio Uberatu* 

▲ bailiff (maipttrate), prctor; 
(seijeant), lictor, apparitor; 
(ateward), dispenaator; (of a 
bondred), Tillicoa ; (water), 

Bailiwiek, joriadictio 

▲ bait, eaca, ineitamentnm 

To bait (lay a bait), ineaco. illicio 
To bait (at an inn), diveraor 
To bait a book, eac4 bamnm ob* 

To bait (tease), laeeaao 
To bait a boll, tanrom eaniboa 

A baiting-place, diTcraoriam 
To bake, pinao, torreo^ coquo 
Baked, piatua, coctua, coctilia 
Eaay to be baked, coctibilia 
A bakebouae, piatrinum 
A baker, piator 

A balance, libra, atatera, tratina 
A balance (even weight), cqui- 

pondium, trutina 
To balance, pondua Kqoare 
To balance accounta, xationea 

A balancer, libripena 
A balcony, podium, pi 
Bald, calvas, glaber 
A bald diaeourse, aermo inaipidoa 
To be bald, calveo, calvesco 
Balderdaah, farn^^ 
Baldneaa, cidritiea 
A bale, iarcina. faacia 
A little bale, fiaaciculoa 
Baleful, triatia, moeatna, noxioa 
A balk of wood, traba, tignom 
A balk of land, porca, lira 
To balk, fruatror, decipio 
A ball to play with, pila 
Ball-playing, pililudium 
A baU-plaver, pilariua 
A foot-ball, pila pedalia 
The ball of the hand, palma 
The ball of the tjt, oculi pupflla 
The ball of the foot, planu pedia 
A ball, or bullet, glohnlua 
The ball o( a pillar, acotia 
A waah-ball. amegma 
A printei'a ball, tudea [rex 

A ball (in dancing), cdebreacho- 
A ballad, canticum 
Ballaat, aabnrra 
To balUat, aabunro 
Ballaated, aaburratoa 
A ballot-box, ciaU [tere 

To ballot, aaffragiain ciatam mit- 
Balaam, opobalaamum 
A baluater, clathrua 
Balmy, Balaaraie, balaaminna 
A ban, edictom, execratio 
To ban, execror, deroveo 
A band (tie), vinculum 
A band, or ward, tribua 
A hat-band, apira 
A band of aoldiera, caterra, grex 
A band under one captain, mani- 

By banda, turmatlm 
A bandage, ligatura, fiwda 
A band-box, oiatellulA 
Banditti, latronea 

To bandy, in partea trahere^ eon> 

spiro, pello 
Bandy, or crooked, valgna 
Bane, ruina, mora 
Baneful, noxiua, peatifecua 
To bang, verbero, pulao 
A bang, ictua 

To banish, in exilium mittere 
To be banished, exulob pellor 
Banished, exulans, ablesatua 
A banished peraon, ext^ extorria 
A banishing, relegatio [tio 

A banishment, exilium, proacrip> 
A banister, dathma 
A bank (hillock), tumnlua; (of a 

river), ripa; (shelf in the aea), 
(of oara), re- 

_ asubsellium; (pfmoney), 
pecuniK acervus, coflybua 

A bank bill, ayngrapha publics 

A Danker, nummnlariua 

A bankrupt, conturbator 

To be a banJumpt, foro cedere 

Bankruptcy, rationnm contor- 

A banner, vexillnm, aignom 

Banna of matrimony, futurarom 
nuptiarum aolennis denunciatio 

A banquet, convivinm. epula 

To banquet, or feaat, convivor 

A banqueter, conviva, epulo 

A banqueting, epulatio 

A banqoeting-house, epularinm 

Of a banquet, convivialia 

A banter, jocatio, lusua scurrilia 

To banter, derideo, irrideo 

By way of banter, jocoaA 

To turn to banter, in ridiculnm 
convert ere 

Abanterer, homojocolaria 

A bantling, puerulua, puerula 

Baptiam, baptiama 

Baptismal, baptismalia 

The day of baptism, diea luatricaa 

To baptise, baptiso 

A baptistry, fona baptiami aaoer 

Baptised, b^tixatua 

A baptising, baptisatio 

A bar. vectia ; (for a fence), re- 
pagula curie ; (of a door), obex, 
pessulua; (of a haven |, repa- 
gulum; (hindrance), impedi- 
mentum, mora; (of a public- 
house), abacua 

To bar (keep from), exdndo: (a 
door), peaaulnm foribna obaere 

Barred, peaaulofirmatua; (from), 

A barb, spicnlum 

Barbarian, barbarua 

Barbarity, barbariea, inhamaai- 
taa, tmctilentia 

Barbarous, barbarus, truoulentua 

Barbaroualy, immanitir, inbu- 

To barb, tondeo 

Barbed, barbatua, phaleratua 

A barber, tonaor, tonstrix 

Belonging to a barber, tonaoriua 

A barbican, promnrale 

A bard, bardus, vatea 

Bare, adj. (naked), nndna; (of 
grass, or hair), glaber; (of 
clothes), pannoaua; (of money), 
inopa; (lean),macer; (threaa- 

bare), tritus; (barefaced), im- 
barefooted), discal- 
od). CI 
aperto; ado. (only), aoltun. 

pudens ; 

i; (bare 
; (barel 

'headed), capite 

To make bare, nudot denndo 
A place bare of graaa, ftc, gk- 

Barely (acarcely), vis 

Bareneaa (nakedneas), nnditas; 

(ofbair),calvitiea; (of money), 

A bargain (agreement), paetui^ 

To bargain, paciacfv, stipnlor 
To stand to a bargain, pactia 

A bargain-maker, paetw 
Bargained, pactus, cbntraetua 
A bargaining, pactio 
A barge, linter, navigium 
A bargeman, navicnlator 
Bark of atree, cortex; inner bark. 

To bark a tree, decortioo 
A bark (ship), navigioliun 
To bark (aa a dog), latro; (u m. 

fox), i^nio ; (at), allatio ; 

(against), oblatro 
A barker, latrator 
A barking, latratua 
Barley, hordeum; (floor), polenta; 

(water), ptiaanarinm ; (broth), 

juaeulum hordeaceum 
Belonging to barley, )i 
Bami (yeaat), cere 
A bam, horreum 
A barn-floor, area honrei 
A barn-owl, alucua 
A barometer, instrumentum ad 

g^vitatem incombentia aSria 

A baron, baro 
Baronage, baronatua 
A baronet, baronettua 
A barony, baronia, aatnpia 
A barrack, casa militaria 
A barrel, dolium, cadoa; {oi a 

pin), tormenti fistula; (of a 

jack, or clock), fuaus [dere 
To barrel, doliia, or cadia recon- 
Barren, sterilis, effcetus 
To grow barren, sterileaoo 
Barrenneaa, aterilitaa 
A barricade, munimentnm 
To barricade, viae adittu ocdadere 
Barricaded, munitua, prseseptua 
Barriera, limitea, finea 
A barrister, causidicua 
A barrow (sepulchre), tomoltu; 

(to carry dung), vehieultim 
Baj>ter, merx 

To barter, merces commutare 
Bartered, oommutatua, permn- 

Utua [Utio 

A bartering, roercitum eommu« 
A base (in architecture), baaia, 

fundamentum ; (in muaic), ao> 

nua gravia 
Base (inferior), inferior; (aer* 

vile), aervilis; (mean, low), 

humilia, obsctirus, ignobilis ; 

(child), nothua; (metal), adul- 

terinua ; (knavish), ftiUax ; 

(shameful), infamia ; (vile), 

vilis, turpis; (cowardly), ig> 

navus, timidns 
A base wretch, nebnlo 
A base action, res turpia 
A base trick, verautia, stropba 
O base I O facinus indignum I 
Basely, abject^, timidi, improb^ 

feed*, tiurpitte 
Baseness (of birth), ignobili- 

taa; (cowardliness), timiditaa; 

(knaviahness), fallacia; (vile- 

nesa). vilitas, turpitudo 
A bashaw, prxses provincial 

homo faatosua 
Bashful, modestua, verecundita 
Bashfully, roodeati, vereeundft 
Bashfulneas, modestia, pndor 
A baais (foundation), baaia 
To baak in the aun, aprioor 

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A basket, eorins, eopbinM, p«- 

A basket maker, eopKinaiiiu 

A basin, pelns, crater 

A bastarcU BothuR, spnrins 

Bastardised, adultennua 

To baste (meat), earnem hnmec- 
tare; (beat), Terbero; (a gar- 
ment with thread), flk) mo 

A basting (beating), fastigatio 
To bastinade, foste c«dere 
A bastinado, fiutoaiiom 
A baation. ^ger 
A bat (bird), Teapertilio; (stick 
to play with), cUva, fastis, 
bacnliu [eocti 

A batch of bread, panes simld 
To bate, or abate, dinu»«o 
Bate (strife), lia 

Bating some few, pancis czeeptia 
Bating that, nisi qodd 
A bath, balneum; (bot). thermae, 

anxm ; (cold), eella frigidaria 
To bathe, balneo uti; (soak), 

Biaeero; (wa8h),laTO 
Bathed, balneo lotos, maceratus 
A batoon, bacolns, fastis 
A battalion, agmen, phalanx 
To batten, pingnesco, sagino 
To batter, obtando, concntio, Ter- 
bero, dimo, ererto 
A battering, concossio 
A battering-ram, aries 
A battery (breach), mina; (be- 
sieging), oppagnatio; (to raise), 
tormenta disponere 
A battle, pugna, pneliom, aeies 
To give batue, acie congredi 
To gain a battle, Tinoo, supero 
To lose a battle, Tincor 
In battle array, acie instructA 
A sea-battle, prsUiun navale 
To battle with one^ contendo 
Belonging to a battle, pneliaris 
A battle-axe, bipennis 
A battledore, p«lmala lasoria 
Battlements, pinme murorum 
Baubles, trice, arum [lena 

A baud (male), leno; (female), 
Baodry (in speeish), sparcities 
Bandy, impudicns, spurcus 
A baudT-hoos^ lapanar 
To baulk, frustror 
To bawl, Tociferor, exdamo 
A bawler, vociferator 
A bawling, vociferatio, con^cium 
Bawling, Tociferans, clamitans 
Belonging to bawling, clamosus 
A bay (of water), sinus; (road 
for ahips), statio; (dam), mo- 
les; (tree), Uuirus 
Bearing haj*, laurifer 
Crowned with bays, laureatus 
Bay-eoloored, badini, fulvus 
A bayonet, sica 
Bayea (cloth), pannos Tillosus 
Be, is eamptitum, tet bt^fore ver&s, 
M to bedaub, aign^ua all over, 
and Urendered t« Xo^ta Ay con ; 
M, conspergo 
To be is ^rendered variouafy in 
Latin, according to the wordfoU 
lowing it; a*, to be (exist), 
sum. fio, existo; (against), ad- 
▼ersor, aspemor, abhorrere ab ; 
(present), adsum, intersum; 
(ooing), ago: (away), absum; 
(by), adsum; (for one), stare 
cum aliquo, faveo; (mad), in- 
tanio; (quiet), quiesco; (sick), 
segroto; (of no authority), pa- 
rhm valere : (in danger), peri- 
clitor; (mistaken), erro,£ulor; 
(without), careo, egeo 

A beach (shore), littus; (tree) 

A beacon, specula 
Of a beacon, speenlatorina 
A bead, pilula, sphcrula 
A pair ot beads, rosarium [tor 
A beadsman, eleemosynarins, ota- 
A beadle, anteambulo, lietor 
A beadle, eatulus venaticus 
A beak, rostrum ; (of a sbip), 
rostra, orum ; (the beak head), 
extvemitas prone 
Beaked, rostratus 
A beaker, canthams, erathus 
A beal (pimple), pustula 
To beal (gather matter), snppnro 
A beam, tiabs; (principal), la- 
cunar ; (weaver's), jugum tex- 
toriuro; (of a carriage), temo; 
(of a balance), seapus, atatera; 
(of thesun), jubar 
Like a beam, trabalis 
Compassed with beams, radiatus 
Beamy, radiana 

A bean, faba [•eoluM 

A French, or kidney bean, pha- 

Belrtnjrmar tn n bpan, fabnlin 

A iM-hfi md, pi Initio, viiKiilas; 

irf.AK}. iahulf i [i,lrfifll, '•■■4fula 

t^jjAiiA^ ( ]j4jrrijl|i;r J' , puU Tuba- 

cm i ([Tteit)i lamf liMlCu i ((Jbaff), 

fit1^aK''»t (pl^O'^i^^^ti^i^ 

To ln?ar (cirry }, porin, (wto^ ba- 

>ulc>; (kuififr), fi-'no, |>iL<ior; 

Ikwit), BiifiPri}^ (^jHEii^ I'lrctb, 

lie aui iD&l i ) , |>HrJ r» ; ( &.'« ii '.>!s), 

IVuccuiu edtre ; (one cumpKny), 

coraitor ; (a grudge), simultates 

exercere ; (in mind), reminiscor, 


A bearer, gestator, portitor; (of 

a corpse), vespiUo 
A bearing down, oppressio 
A bearing nut, prominentia 
Bearing date, datns 
Past bearing, effoetus 
A bear, ursxis, ursa 
The bear (constellation), aretos 
Of, or like a bear, ursinns 
A beard, barba; (of a goat), spi- 
rillum; (ofacat),genobarbum; 
(of com), spica, arista 
To beard, barbesco 
Bearded, barbatus, spicatiu 
Beardless, imberbis 
A beam, or child, infians 
A beast, bestia; (a wild), fera; 
(of burden), jumentnm; (for 
sacrifice), victima 
To become a beast, bmtesco 
Bestial (belonging to beasts), 
belluinus; (lewd), turpis, ob- 
Beastl iness (bratishness ) , Cent as ; 
(lewdness), impudicitia; (nas- 
tiness), imroonditia, bestialitas 
Beastly, immundus, lascivus 
A beat, or Walk, ambulatio 
Beat of dram, sonus tympani 
The beat of a pulse, arteriie pulsus 
To beat, verbero, easdo ; (bruise), 
tero ; (conquer), rinco ; (a- 
gainst), allido, impingo; (an 
alarm), bellicom canere ; (back ), 
repello; (the breast), plang^; 
(a drum), pulsare tympanum 
To be beaten, vapulo, esdor ; (to 

the ground), eoUabefio, eri 
A beater (rammer), fistuca 
A beating, verbcratio, pulsatio, 
pulsus; (back), repwcussio; 
(on the breast ) , plangor ; ( with 
a cudgel), fustuarium; (down), 
demolitio; (against *^ 

collisio, oontusio 

To beatify, beo, beatifico 

Beatified, beatis ascripins 

Beatific, Beatifical, beatificna 

Beatification, beatificatio 

Beatitude, beatitudo 

A beaver (beast), castor; (oil), 
castoreum ; (hat), pileus caa- 
toreus; (meal), merenda 

Of a beaver, castoreus 

Beautiful, formosus, puleher, ve- 

Beauty, pnlchritudo, forma, nitor, 
elegantia, venustas ; (of a 
place), amcenitas 

To beautify, decoro, illustro 

Beautified, decoratus, omatua 

A beautifyin|;, decoramen, omatua 

To be beautiful, niteo, niteaco 

Beautifully, decorft, nitidi 

To becalm, paco, sedo 

Because, quia, qu&d. qoooiara, 
proptereA qu6d ; (of), ob, prop- 
ter, gratii. ergb 

A beck (rivulet), rivnlus, rivus; 
(nod), uutus 

To beckon, nuto, innuo 

A beckoning, nntatio 

To become (be fit, fitting, or be- 
coming), deeeo; (grow, or be- 
made), evado, fio 

Becoming (decent), decens; (con-- 
venient), conveniens; (grace-- 
ful), decorus 

Become, factus 

A bed, lectus, toras, cubile; (of 
state), puWinar ; (in a garden)^, 
areola; (of a river), alveus, ca- 
nalis; (of sand), stratum; (of 
leeks), cepetum 

A bed's head, cubitale; (feet),, 
lecti pedes ; (tester), lecti um- 
bella; ^ (stead), sponda, lecti* 
fiilcruro ; (post), lecti columns;, 
(maker), lecti strator; (tick)„ 
culcita; (curtains), lecti vela 
ductilia; (chamber), cubicn- 
lum; (clothes), stri^la 

Abed, i. e. in bed, lecto afiixns 

To make a bed, Lectum stemere 

Bed-time, bora somni 

To be brought to bed, parturio. 

To keep one's bed, lecto afllgi 

To bed with, concumbo 

A bride-bed, lectus genialia 

Of a bedchamber, cubicularia 

A lying in bed, decubitus 

Bedrid, clinicua 

A bedfellow, consors lecti 

To bedaub, conspurco 

Bedded, in lectum receptoa 

Bedding, lecti stragula 

To bedew, irroro 

To be bedewed, roresco 

A bedewing, roratio. aspersio 

Bedlam, hospitium insanorum 

A bedlaioute, insanus, maniaous 

Bedlam-like, furibundus 

To bedtmg, stercoro 

To bedust, pulvere oonspexgere 

A bee, apis ; (gad-bee), asilus ; 
(humble-bee), bombilius ; 
(drone-bee), fucns ; (swarm 
of bees), apam examen 

A bee-roaster, apiarius 

Of, or belonging to bees, apianus 

A beech-tree, fagus 

Beechen. fagineus, fageus 

Beef, caro bubula, or bovilla; 
(powdered), bubula salita ; 
(bung), bubula infumata 

Abeef, WM 

Beer, cererisia ; (strong), cere- 
visia generoaa; (small), cere- 
visia tenuis ; (dead), vappa ; 
(new), mustum 

B 8 

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▲ beetle (fly). MarabKUs; (fish), 

cantharas piseU 
Beetle-browed, superciliotu* ; 

(headed), fatuoa, plumbeas 
To befal, contingo, evenio. accido 
Befitting, conveniens, idoneus 
To befool, alicai Uludere 
Before, ant^ apud. coram, in, ob, 
palion, pre, prster, pro, sub, 
Before that, antt. antequftm, d- 

tiiu, priusquAm, potiba 
Before, prior 

A little before, paal6 anti 
Long before, jamdadiun 
Before all things, imprimis 
Before all men. paUm. in propa- 

Before now, antehlte 
Before then, anteli 
Beforetime, oUm, dndiun 
To befoul, coinaiiino {\t!fo 

To befriend, alicui farer^ sub- 
Befriended, foutus 
To beg,* mendico ; (entreat ) , oro ; 
(humbly), suppUco; (earnest- 
ly), obsecro 
To beget (as a father), gigno, ge- 

nero; (procure), produco 
A begetting, generatio, procreatio 
Begged, mendicatua ; (entreat- 
ed), oratus, rogatus 
A b^gar, meodicus, mendicula 
To beggar, ad inopiam redigere 
Begguid, ad inopiam redactus 
Beggarly, inops, pauper 
Beggarly (mean), vih^ abjectus 
Beggary, paupertas, mendlcitas 
A beggmg, mendicatio 
To begin, incipio; (take rise), 
orior, nascor; (again), repeto; 
(design), instituo ; (a journey), 
injpredi iter; (a battle), praelium 
inure; (an oflace), magistra- 
tuminire; (a thing), rem ten- 
tare, or aggredi; (war), helium 
■nsdpere; (the world), qucs- 
turn occipere 
A bqcinper, inoeptor, auctor 
A young bef^inner, tiro 
Bcginntni^. incipiens, exorsus 
A beginning, imtium, principium, 
exordium ; (rise or source), 
origo, primordium 
A good or bad bef^ning, bonum. 

or malum auspicium 
To begird, cingo, obsideo, oh- 

To begrime, denigro 
To beguile, fraudo, fallo 
Beguiled, deceptus, fraudatns 
A bqruiling, dolus, fallacia 
In behalf, vice, loco, caosi 
To behave, gero. se prcbere 
Ill-behaved, mali moratus 
Well-behaved, benfe moratua 
Behaviour, morum gestus 
Good behaviour, urbanitas 
111 behaviour, inurbanitas 
To behead, deeoUo, obtrunoo 
Beheaded, decollatns 
A beheading, decollatio 
A behest (promise), , 
sum; (commands), jussa 
Behind (not before), pont, p6«t, 
iitergo; (remaining), porr6, re- 
To be behind (left), relinquor 
Behold ! ecce I en I 
To behold, auspido, inspido; 
(afar ott), speculor ; (look 
about), periustro 
Beholden, obligatns, devinctus 
To be beholden to, obligor, ob- 

A bdiolder, spectator, oontem- 

A beholding, spectatio 
Behoof, commodum, gratia 
It behoveth, oportet, expedit, 

convenit, decet 
A being (essence), essentia, na- 
tura, existentia, ens; (habita- 
tion), habitatio, domus; (here^ 
there, or by), prssentia 
Bdstings, colostrum 
To belabour, caedo, verbero 
A belch, ructua 
To belch, ructo, erueto 
Belched, ructatus 
A belching, ructatio 
Given to belching, 
A beldame, vetula, bellona 
To beleaguer, or besiege, obaideo 
A beleaguerer, obsesaor 
A belfrey. campanarum loeua 
Belgic, Belgicus 
To belie, calnmnior, ementior 
Belief, fides 

Past belief, incredibilis; (easy of 
belief), credulua; hard of be- 
lief), incredulus ; (wrong be- 
lief), erroneus 
Easiness of belief, credulitas 
Hardness of belief, incredulitas 
The bdief (creed), sfmbolum 

To believe (assent to), credo; 
(trust to), confido; (think), 
existimo, opinor 
To make one believe, persuadeo 
A believer, fidelis, credens [mulo 
To make believe (pretend), u- 
Beiike, verisimilis 
A bell, campana 
A little bell, tintinnabulum 
A bell-founder, campanarius 
A bellman, prsco noctumus 
A bellwether, dux gregis 
To bellow, mugio, emngio 
A bellowing, mugitus 
Bellows (a pair of), follia 
Belluine, belluinus 
A belly, venter, alvns 
A little belly, ventriculus 
Belly-ache, tormina ventris ; 
(troubled with it), alvi dolore 
Great-bellied, ventricosna 
Big-bellied (as a woman with 

child), gravida, prcgnans 
A belly-god, belluo 
A belly-friend, paraaitus 
A bellyf ull, satietas 
Full-bellied, satur 
To belong to, pertineo, attineo 
Belonging, pertinens. attinens 
Belovei, dilectus, cams, gratus 
Dearly beloved, caritsimus 
Below, infemus, inferos, inferior 
Below, infrit. subtir, deorabm 
Below, sub, subter, iatn 
From bdow, infem* 
A belt, cingulum, balteos 
A belying, calumnia 
To bemire, se inqninare 
Bemired, inquinatus 
To bemoan, deploro, lugeo 
To be bemoaned, fleoilia, do- 

Bemoaned, deploratns 
A bemoaning, planctus. luctns 
Bemoaning, deplorans. lumens 
A bench, scamnum, sedile; (of 
justice), tribunal; (of justice*). 

The King's bench, banciu regins 
A bencher, assessor 
Benches (in a ship), transtia, 
orum ; juga, orum 

To bend, flecto, curve, intendok 
incline; (the mind to), ani- 
mum adjungere; (back), re- 
dino, refiecto; (of a bow), ar- 
cum tendere; (round), in or- 
bemflectere; (tbebrowa),£ron- 
tem corragare ; (the fist), pus- 
num complicare; (a course), 
cursum tendere ; (forwards), 
indtno ; (from), reelino^ de- 
cUno; (inwards), incorro; (to- 
wards), acdino, vergo; (hia 
study), annitor 
To bend, vergo; (under, or 

shrink), succumbo * 
To begin to bend, incn 
Easy to bend, fiexilia 
Bending (down), inclx 
(downwards), dedivia ; (np^ 
wards), acclivis; (forwards), 
▼ergens: (as the heavens), c(m- 
cavus; (like a bow), arcuatlm; 
(inwards), acclivis; (to), aocli- 
nans; (leaning), innitena 
A bending (bowing), ilexio, in- 
cUnatio; (about ),circumllezio; 
(archwise), sinuatio; (down), 
declivitas [cuU 

Bendings and tuminga, diverti- 
Beneath, infra, sub 
Benediction, benedictio 
A benefaction, iargitio 
A benefactor, patronns 
A benefice, beneficium 
Beneficed, praefectua gregi 
Beneficence, beneficentia 
Beneficent, benignus, Kberalia 
Beneficial, commodus, utiUs 
A benefit, beneficium, gratia 
To benefit (to do ^(ood), prosam^ 

proficio. progredior 
A Denevolence, Iargitio 
Benevolence, benevolentia 
Benevolent, benevolens, bene> 

Benighted, nocte preventna 
Benign, benignus, clemena 
Benignity, benignitas, dementia 
Benignly, benignt, dementir 
Bent (bowed), flexus, tensnsj 

I ready), promptus. pronus ; 
against), adversus alicui ; 
backwards), recurvns; (bloodi- 
ly), flagrans odio, suiguinen 
ntiens ; (many ways), ainuo- 
aus ; (resolutely), obstinatus ; 
(unto, or on), addictua, dedl- 
tns ; (easily), fiexilia 
Bent of mind, indinatio 
To benumb, stnpefado 
To be benumbed, obatupeo; 

(with cold), dgeo, firigeo 
Benumbed, torpidus 
A benumbing, stupor, torpor 
To bequeath, testamento tdiB> 

Beoueathed, legatiu 
A thing bequeathed, legatnm 
A person to whom a thing ia be> 

queathed, legatarius 
A bequeatber, legator 
A bequeathing, legatio 
To bereave, orbo, spolio 
Bereaved, Bereft, orbatna 
A berlin, currus Beriiniends 
A berry, bacca; (bayberry), bacca 
aurea; (bilberi7),vaccminmni. 
grum; (blackberry), morum; 
(cranberry), vacciuium palua- 
tre ; (elderberry ) , samhua bac- 
ca ; (ivyberry), corymbus ; 
(goosebeiry), grossularic ad- 
nus; (raspberry), idci rubi 
bacca; (strawberry), fragum; 
(wild strawberry), arbutus ; 

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thaiK4ictrr). BH 
Bcaraiy bcmoc haedirr 

ad, extra, jmstm, prKto; paof c. 

lODsht, imlonta*, o 

Td oe^pattcr. lato 

(deCune), ealwaoior 
Be » p a>t ered (vitb dirt). lata eim- 

■pena*; (byabad toagae), ». 

fuBoak m Mu e nmt 
Tto bcspawi. eonspao 
To beqieak, cooipdliv aUieiiN Js- 


Tto bMpeekle («r beapot). naealo 
To bespmikle, aq»ergo» enupergo 
Best, opttaras, pnectaadMunus 
Best of all, optimi, mazimi 
Bestial, bdlainas, tnrpis 
To bestir, dili|cent«r ageie, moreo 
To bestow (glTe). lanior, dono; 

(lay oat), expendo, eroco; 

(place), loeob eoUoeo; (time 

in), toBpos terere; (Uy ap), 

repoDo. reoondo 
▲ bestower, largitor, dator 
To bestride, ineqnito, insideo 
To bet, pignos deponere 
A bet, pignus, depositmn 
To betake, conferre, arredpere se 
To bethink, eogito, repato 
To betide, erenio, accido 
Woe betide yoB ! Tctibil 
Betimes, eit6, tempoii; (in the 

morning), molto mane 
To betoken, indico, p<Mrtendo 
To betray, prodo, trado, profero 
Betrayed, proditos, traditus 
A betrayer, proditor. traditor 
A betraying, proditio, traditio 
To betroth, despcmdeo 
A betrothing, sponsalia 
Betted, oppigneratos [sponsor 
A better, qui pignus deponit, 
A betting, sponsio, pigneratio 
Better, melior, potior, prcstantior, 

satior, superior, canor 
Better, ade..melitis, satiiM, po- 

tiba, prvstsntifts. rectitu 
To better, ampliflco. augeo 
To be better, pnesto 

To get the better, supero. 
To grow better, meiiores 


-„ - . (in 

hodth). eonvalesco 
It is better, prcsut 
Never the better, nihilo melior 
Betters, superiores, um [medio 
Between, or Betwixt, inter, in 

Tsbewffay(£Klose).piada; (de. 

tie). Coedo^ coataMiaa 
■ewrayca. laqaiaatas^ MBaatas; 

(withble od). owra poOatas 
A bcwrafcr. praditoe [sapra 

Bcyoad. cztfa. ahra. pnetar.traaiW 
Beyoad sea. tramaMiiaas 
The bead of a ring, pala 
A bias, pnepnaiftatiut lartiiiario. 

A biasriM, iwf Baati o 

A bib. ia&atia pectoral* 

A bibber. iMbax. potator 

A bibbing. potaAto, ebrietas 

The bible. bibUa. saacta Htcnr 

To bieker. disce^o, Ktigo^ alteroor 

A biekerer, altereator 

A bidceriac. altereatio 

To bid, jubco. impero^ mando; 

(iuYite), invito, voco, ngo; 

(adieu), valedico; (battle, er 

defiance), provoeo; (banns), 

matrimoniam pnunnlgare ; 

(good morrow), salnto; (mo> 

aey fSor wares). Hdtor 
Bidden (commanded), jussus ; 

(invited), invitatos, vocatus 
Not bidden, iiuussns, invocatus 
A bidder, jusaor, vocator; (of 

monc^), lidtator 
A bidding. jassum,invitatio; (ti 

a price), lidtatio ; (of banns), 

dennnciatio matriinonii 
Biennial, biennis 
A bier, feretrum. sandapila 
Big. magnus. grandis ; (in bulk), 

erassns; (in authority), potens; 

(with child), gravida, pneg* 

nans; (with pride, &e.), in* 

flatus, tumidns 
To pow big, tumeo, targeo; 

(with child), adolescere in par- 

A bigamist, qui dnaa uxores duxit 
Bigamy, bigamia 
Bigger, nuuor, grandior 
To make bigger, extendo 
To grow bigger (in bulk), 

(in stature), adolesco 
Bigness, amplitudo 
A bigot, superstitiosus homo 
Bigotted, Buperstitione afllatu 
Bigotry, superstitio 
A bile, tuber, ulcus 
Bile (eholer), bills, cholera 
Full (rf biles, ulcerosus 
Bilious, biliosus 
To bilk, fraudo 
Bilked, fraudatus ■' 

A bilker, fraudator 
A bilking, fraudatio 

: («r 

(«r dn«TC«). naaiiam ax«d 

■ i i um ; (of tec), ribariaraas 
t a hiil s; (catalvne). eai^agas; 

tanas; (of tediag). tabdlai«> 

patbuaeat ). lex rogaada : 

BiUs of moctaUty. - •^-*- 

To bill (as doves). rostiaai nistto 

iaaercre; (arlop). ftJco 
A billet d(Mu. epiatola aaMdoria 
A bOkt. fkMkttiv^ badUuia 
Soldiei's biUcts. tcaaem militaiw 
Having a bill, rostratas 
Billiards, basas tudiealaiM 
A baUiag, basiatio, saaviua 
A billow, flaetus ingeas autfia 
Abia. pananua, d«ta 
To biad. ligo, obU|ro; (about), 
circumligo; (back), icstringo; 
(before), prwligo; (books). U> 
bros compingcre; (a bargain), 
pactum coaArmare; (flut).coa> 
•tringo; (aganneat),pr«t«xoi 

ihimsdf to appear), vador; 
hinudf to pay).jadioatttm tol> 
veret (the legs). prvpedio; (by 
oath), jurtjurando obatriagere ; 
(over to sessions), vador; (»n 
apprentice), tironem artiAd 
triadere ad artem discendam; 
(vrith osiers), vieo; (by pro> 
mne), stipulor : (with rushes), 
adrpo; (to).alUgo: (together), 
coigungo; (andemeath), sub* 
Ugo; (upon), supcralUgo; (up 
a wound), vulnus ohligare ; (up 
in bundles), faftcicuUs oonstrin* 
gere; (hand and foot), quadru* 
pedem coostriucere [oator 

A bookbinder. Ubrorum coooin* 

A binding, ligatura. ligatio 

Binding (costive) . alvum astrln> 

A biographer, vitarum soriptor 

Biography, biographia 

Bipartite, bipartitus 

A oirch-tree, betula 

A bird, avis, volucris 

A bird-cage, osvea 

A bird-oaU, tlstula 

To ffo a birding, aucupor 

Birdlime, viscus 

Birth, ortus, partus, dies natalls 

Birth-hour, bora natalts 



A birth (parentage), gem 
Bdonging to one> birth, nataiit 
BiHhright. Jus miOori debitom 
Birth-place, natale solum 
New birth. rcKeneratio 
The afterbirth, sccunda 
The birth, partlo, ortus 
To give birth, exordium dart 
Biscuit, panis nautious 
To bisect, disseoo 
A bishop, eplsoopus 
Of a bisbop, episcopalls 
A bishopric, eplscopattu 
Bissextile. blssextilU 
A bit, flrustum, bucca 
A little bit, fhistulum 

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The bit of a bridle, lupatom 
A bitch, cania fflemina, canieula 
A bitch fat, Tulpes fiaemina 
A bite, niona* [rator 

A bite (cheat), homo fall ax. vete* 
To bite, mordeo; (agrain), re- 
iDordeo; (off)f demordeo; (the 
Up!), labia oorrodere; (the 
sails), nngnet anodere; (to 
the quick), adraordeo; (round), 
antTOdo : (often), monito ; 
(cheat), decipio; (as pepper, 
&c.). oro 
A biting, moraoa 
A biting, er Mtinginf . mordaeitaa 
Biting, mordax, asper 
Bitingly. roordacitir. mordic<ls 
Bitten, demonus, morsus 
Frost-bitten, gelatus 
Bitter (in taste), amams; (se. 
vere), acerbus, aculeatos, in- 

Bittecely. amar^ aeerbft 
A bittern, ardea 
Bitterness, amaritndo^ asperitas 
Bitumen, bitumen 
Bituminous, bituminosus 
To blab, garrio, deblatero 
A blab, garrulus, loquax, fntilis 
Blabbed, deblateratus 
Black (in colour), ater, niger, 
(as soot), fuliginens; (as pitch 
or a coal), nigerrimus; (wiek- 
ed), scelestus, improbus 
To be black, nigreo, nigreseo 
To black, dcnigro, obfusco 
Clothed in black, putlatus, atratus 
Black and bine, liridus 
Made black and blue, sngiUatos 
To be black and blue, liveo 
A black, JSthiops 
A blackbird, merola 
Blacked, atratus, denigratus 
To die black, nigro colore iafleere 
To blacken, denigro, infamo 
A blackguard, pannosus, balatro 
Blacking, atramentnm 
Blackish, fnscus, nigellus 
To be blackish, nigreo 
Blackness, nigrities, nigritude 
A bladder. Tesica 
A blade (of grass, ftc.)> caolis ; 
(of an oar), remi tonsa; (of a 
■word), ensis lamina; (of the 
shoulder), smqpula; (of a knife), 
eultri lamina [homo 

A blade, juvenis alacer, oeUus 
A bUin, ulcus 
Full of blains, nleerosus 
Blame, culpa, crimen 
To blame, culpo,incuso; (chide), 

increpo, reprehendo 
Blameaole, vituperabilis 
Blamed, cnlpatus, incusatus 
To be blamed, culpor, incusor 
Blameless, innoxiui, integer 
A blaming, incusatio 
To blanch, eandefacio, decortico 
Blanched, dealbatus. decorticatus 
Blandishment, blanditis 
Blank, albus, candidus; (pale), 
paiUdus; (confounded), con- 
A blank, tessera pnra; (bad bu- 
siness), res eassai (in a lot- 
tery). SOTS eassa [nin6 
Point-bUok, plan^ penittts, om- 
To look blank, confondor 
A blanket, stragulum, torale 
To blare (as a candle), liquando 
scintillaxe; (likeaoow),mugio 
To blaspheme, blasphemo, exeeror 
A blasphemer, homo blasphemos 
Blasphemous, in Denm oontume- 

itus; (sound). 

Blasphemoasly. blaspheme, impii 

Blasphemy, bUisphemia 

A blast, ar blasting, sideratio; 

(of com, &c.), mbigo 

wind), Tcnti flal 

To blast (com, &c.)>nro; (with 

lightning), fulgure percuti; (a 

design), firustror; (repnutton), 

infamo, famam violare 
Blasted, sideratus, frustratna 
A blase, tlamma 
To blase (as Are), flagro; (a- 

broad), divulgo, perru^ 
To blaxon (display), enarro; 

(arms), insignia depinffcre 
To bleach, de^bo, candMtdo 
Bleached, dealbatos 
Bleak, frigidus, algidus, paUidiu 
To grow bleak, frigeseo 
Bleakly, pallid* 
Bleakness, rigor, pdlor 
Blear-eyed, lippus, lippiens 
To be blear-eyed, Uppio 
To bleat (as a sheep), balo; (as 

a goat), caprisso 
k bleating, balatua 

To bleed, sanguine flumv 

To bleed (let blood), Tcnam in- 

A bleeder, qui Tenam ineidit 
A bleeding, sanguinis flnxus 
A bleeding htut, cor vulneratum 
To stop breeding, sanguinem sis- 

A blemish, macula, labes; (of 
credit), dedecus, infiimia, pro- 
To blemish, macnlo, inquino; 
(one's reputation), famam 1b- 
Blemished, lasns, aspersus 
Full of blemishes, maculosus 
To blend, admisoeo, commisceo 
A blending, mixtio, mixtura 
To bless, benedico; (consecrate), 
consecro; (wish good saocesa), 
aspiro, secnndo 
To bless QoA, Deum laodare 
The blessed, coelites 
Blessedness, felicitas, beatitudo 
A blessing, benedictio; (good 
wish), IrasU pieeatio ; (bene- 
fit), benefidnm, munus 
A bU^^ht, mbigo, uredo 
To blight, uredine percutcte 
Blind, oKcus, ooulis captus; 
(dark), tenebrioosus; (uncer- 
tain), obseurus [sus 
Purblind, myops, lusens, luseio- 
A blind (fslse pretence), pnetex- 
tnm, species; (for windows), 
▼elum fenestris pnetextum 
To blind (deceive), fisllo; (make 
blind), esco^ excKco [lippio 
To be Dlind, caUgo; (purblind). 
Stark -blind, luminibus orbatus 
To be half blind, caecutio 
To blindfold, ocolos obvolvere 
Blinded, CBcatns, excKcatus 
Blindly, CKCi; (rashly), temeri 
Bliudness, cscitas, ealigo 
To blink, eonntveo 
Blink-eyed« strabo, p«tnhi% Ins- 

Bliss, beatitndou fdieitaa 
A blister, pustula 
Blister flies, canth 
To blister, vasicatorium ^>pU- 
care; (risein bliaters), in vei' 
A blister-plaister, Tcaieatorinm 
Blittered, Tesicatorio laceratos 
Fall of blisters, posts ~ 

Blithe, Ictus, k 

To bloat, tuineo, tufgea 

Bloated, tamidus, iiJatua 

A block, truncus, stipes^ (for a 

hat), forma pilearis 
A blockade, nrbis curenmclusio 
To block up. aditus praeeludere 
Blocks, orbiculi ToluDiles 
A blockhead, hebes, stipea 
A blockhouse^ an, 

Blocked, or blocked up, o 
A blocking up, obsessio 
Blockish, fiatuus, stnpidua, in- 

Blood, sanguis; (gore), cmor; 

(corrupted), sanies 
Belonging to blood, m 
To blood, sangs ' 
Blood-letting, veme aeetio 
To daub witn blood, sangaine in- 

Of noble blood, illustri CraiiUi 
The blood royai. stiips regia 
Blood of the grape, vini aueoos 
Blood-warm, teptdns 
Blood-thirsty, sangninia ntieiw 
A bloody-flux, hsmorrhoia 
Bloodjr, sanguineus, eruentua 
Bloodied, aanguine oblitus 
Bloodily, cruenti, saeritte 
Full of corrupt blood, saakMoa 
Next in blood, consanguiaems 
Blood (kindred), prosapia 
Bloody-minded, sanguiaarius, era- 

A bloom, or blossom, flos 
To bloom, or blossom, floreo 
Bloomed, or blossomed, floridna 
A blooming, germinatio 
A blot, nuMiIa, litnra; (iarepa- 

tat ion), labes, dedeeua 
To blot, maculo; (out), 4elea^ 

expungo, oblitero, toUo 
To take out a blot, w»^^^lw'n toU 
A blotch, pustula [lei« 

Blotted, maculatus; (out), da- 

letus, erasus, expunetas 
A blottin^^-paper, ehartnla bibula 
A blow, ictus, eolaphaa, plaga; 

(with a club), fiutaarium ; (on 

the cheek), aliqta; (side), ietiu 

To blow, flo, sulilo; (bfcathe), 

spiro, asniro; (against), reflo; 
it), dissipo; (up), sniBo; 

(into),inflo; (the 
gerenasum; (oat), eflSfo; (and 

Juff). anhelo; (tether), con- 
o; (a bladder), inflo; (up, or 
ruin),fundit<ueTertere: (velie- 
mently), perflo; (a trumpet), 
buccinum inflare; (a flie), ig. 
nem suflkre; (as a flower), 

A blower of a horn, comicen 

A blower, ignis susdtabuhim 

A blowing, aufflatio; (on), sflla- 
tns; (of the nose), nans emuno- 

Blown, flatus; (down), eversas; 
(away), disripatus; (upon, ar 
despised), ooatemptua; (puff- 
ed), inflatus, turgidus 

Blubber, adeps eetaoea 

To blubber, lachrymas effuaden 

One blubber-lipped, labco 

A bludgeon, baoulum cartam 

Blue, nibtt. owruleam 

Blae, mdj. eseruleas 

To blue, eaerulao infleere 

Blued, raeruleo infectaa 

Blueness, livor 

Bluff, rusticus 

A blunder, errw 

To blunder, halladaor 

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▲ blunderboM, ■elopos giandior ; 

(blaoderer), atapidos, bardiu 
A blondering, hallueiiMtio 
Bliiiit,obtuma«,hebn ; (in speech), 

Mper, rudis 
To blant, hebeto, obtoodo, lenio 
To be blunt (m a tool), hebeo; 
(in behaviour), rattieia eMe 
Blunted, bebetatus 
Blnntljr, obtua^ asper^ libert 
Bluntnesa (dollneM), hebetudo; 
(elownishneas), rusticitas mo- 
mm ; (of speech), libertas lo- 
A Diar, macula, labea 
To blur, maculo, Indo 
To blush, erubeico. rubeo 
A blush, vr blusbinK, rubor 
Tb blaster, fremo, strq^ 
A blosterer. thraao 
Blustering, turpidus, procellosns 
A blusterer, er blustering, fre* 

A boar, aper, setiger 
A wild boar, aper sjrlYesflris 
A young boar, verges 
Boarish. aprugnus, eruddis 
A board (|>lank), aasis, tabula; 
(of commissioners), concilium, 
mr oonventus delegatorum 
To board (or lay a floor), con- 

Boarded with boards, tabulatns 
Orerboard, h nave 
To board a ship, in navem insilire 
A sideboard, abacus 
AboTcboard, Candida, aperti 
Board, 9T boarding, convietus 
A boarder, convictor, hospes 
A boarding'honse, contubemium 
A boarding-school, connctio lite- 

To boast, glorior, jaeto 
Boasted, jacutna. ostentatus 
A boasting, jactatio 
A boaster, jactator 
Boastingly. jactantir. g^oriosA 
A boat, cymba, navioula; (long 

boat), scapha; (paaaage-boat), 

Gnto; (naher-boat), navigio- 
ga piacatorinm; (packet- 
boat), navia actuaria 

To sail in a boat, naTieulor 

A boatman, remex 

A boatswain, proreta 

Tobob (moclcMudiiloor; (strike), 
ferio, percutio, eado; Oog)* 

A bob (joke), dicterium; (of an 
ear-ring), inauris 

Bob (short), curtus 

A bobbing, calamus textilis 

To bode, prssagio, portendo 

BodilT, corporeus, in personk 

A bodkin, subula 

A body, corpus; (4ead). cadaver; 
(of a tree), truncos ; (of foot- 
soldiers), peditatua ; (of horse), 
equitatos ; (company ) , societas ; 
(of divinity, er law), corpus 

Every body, unusqnisque, aingnli 

Nobody, nemo 

Somebody, aliquia, quidam 

Big-bodied, eorpulentua, immanis 

Bodiless, incorporeus 

Abog, pahw 

A bog-house, Ibriea. latrina 

To boggle, luesito* dubito 

Boggling, hcsitans, dubitans 

Bogiry, paludosos, palustris 


TO boil, bullio, ebnllio; (meat), 


A boikr (kettle), lebes 

Boisterous, violentus, tnrbidus 

Boisterously, violentir, turiiid* 

Bold, audn. impavidus; (free), 
liber ; (rash), temerarius ; 
(aaucy), uaolena, impudena; 
(at out), intrepidua 

To be bold, audeo 

A bold face, perfricta ftrontia 

Boldly. Kudactte, impavidt; (fkee- 
ly). libcrt: (raahly), temert; 
(aauciljr), impudentte; (atout- 
Iv). fortitte 

Boldneaa, audaeia, temeritaa, 
impudentia, procaeitas; (in 
speech), libertas loqttendi 

BoUed, hdiena ealmum 

A bolater (of a bed), eervieal. 
pulvinar; (to fill up a part), 

To bolster up, snffhleio 

Bolstered up, suflultus, sustentns 

A bolt (of a door), pesaulua, obex ; 
(dart), jaeulum, pilum; (fet- 
ter), manicx, arum; (thunder- 
bolt), fulmen 

To bolt, oppessnlo; (out upon), 
Bubit6 e^edi ; (er shut in), in- 
eludo ; (out), exdudo ; {or 
bump out), extubero 

Bolted, oppessulatns; (as meal), 
cribratus ; (radily), temeri 

A bolter (sieve), incemieolnm 

Bolting-houae, pistriniun 

A bolus, bolus 

A bomb, bomba 

To bombard, bombis oppngnaie 

Bombast, ampuUc, arum 

A bond (for debt), syugrapha; 
(tie), vinculum; (for appear- 
ance), vadimonium; (of arbi- 
tration), comproraissimi 

To give bond, satisdo 

Bonda|^ servitus, servitium 

To be m bondage, servio 

A bondman, vema, mancipium 

A bondwoman, serva 

Bonds (fetters), compedes, um 

A bone, os ; (oif contention), litis 
occasio; (of the back), spina 

Belonging to bones, ossens 

Bone by bone, oasicnlatlm 

To bone, exosso 

Boney (full of bones), osseus 

A bonnet, redimioulum 

Bonnjr, bdlus, lepidus 

A booby, bardus, antiomos 

A book, liber, codex 

To book down, in cedicem referre 

A book of aeoonnts, codex ratio- 

A day-book, diarium 
A news-book, novelUe literB 
A notebook, libellns portandus 
A school-book, liber seholasticus 
A shop-book, mercium eommen- 

Books of record, tabuke pnblioB 
Statute-books, capitularia 
A book-worm, blatta 

Bookish, helluo libronun, sttidiis 

A bookbinder, bibliopegns 
A book-keeper, qui mercium ra- 

tiones curat 
A bookseller, bibliopola 
A bookseller's Shop, tabema li- 

A boom (of a sUp), malos ; (bar 

to a harbour), repagulnm 
A boon (flavour), donum 
Boon (agreeable), tacetus, bellus 
A boor (down), rostieos 

Boorish, rasticns, agrestia 

Boosy, temulentus 

Boot (advanti^), emolumentom 

A boot, ocrea 

To boot, ocreas induere 

Booted, ocreattti 

Bootless, ineassbm, frastrit 

A booth, tabemaculum [bis 

A booty, prsda, spolitun, manu- 

To get booty, prxdor, prvdam 

To play booty, coUudo 

The border, margo, ora; (of a 
garment), fimbria; (brim), ere- 
pido; (of a country), flnia^ ter- 
minus, confinia 

To border upon, adjaceo 

Bordered with, fimbriatus 

A borderer, accola [funs 

Bordering upon, vidnus, conti- 

I bore, or did bear, tuli 

To bore, terebro. penetrOk per- 
fodio, pert undo 

The bore, or hole made, foramen 

Bored, perforatus, perterebratus 

A borer, perforator 

Borinf^. terebrans, perforans 

A bonng. terebratio 

Tobebom,naacor,orlor; (again), 
renascor; (of)i enaseor; (be- 
fore its time), abortivus nasd 

Bom. natus, ortus, satns ; (after 
a father's death), posthnmus ; 
(again), renatus; (of good pa- 
rents), loco honesto natus; 
(of mean parentage), humili 
loco natus; (together), con- 
genitus [primogenitus 

The first-bom, natu maximus. 

Base-bom, natus adulterinus 

Still-bora, natus mortuus 

Bora of such a stock, orinndns 

Borae down, oppressus, depressus 

To be home down, opprimor; 
(up), fulcior; (to be borne), 
portor [rendus 

To be borae with (tolerable), fe- 

Not to be borne, intolerabilis 

A borough, munidpium 

To borrow, mutuor, mutuo sa- 
mere; (upon use), foeneror 

Borrowed, mutuatus, conduotos 

A borrower, mntuator 

A borrowing, mutuatio 

The bosom, greinium, sintu; (of 
a shirt), fissura 

A bosom-friend, intimus amicus, 

A boss, bulls ; (of a book), um- 
bilicus ; (of a buckler), umbo ; 
(in the body), gibbus 

To boas, proraineo, exto 

Bossed. jAbbosua, gibbus 

Botanic, Dotanicus 

Bouny. herbarum sdentia 

A botanist, herbarum peritus 

A botch, ulcus, bubo, carbuncn- 
lus, aphtha 

A botch (patch), pannns 

To botch, resarcio : (bungle), in- 
eptt, w infabrft mcere 

Botched, resartus, sartns 

A botcher, sartor imperitos 

Both, uAj. ambo, uterqne 

Both. eoiv'. cum. tum, et— et, quii 
— qu*, vel— vel 

Both-handed, ambidexter 

Both sides, utrinquA 

Both ways, bifarilun 

The bots (in horses), ascarides 

A bottle, ttter, ampulla ; (of hay), 
fasciculus ; (maker), ampui- 

Smelling-bottle, olfectorium 
To bottle^ in ampullaa ' 

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Bottled, in arapuUi* coiuerTatiu 
Bottle-noaed. natutoa 
The bottom, fnodu* ; (of • ship), 
carina; (dregs), fiex, sedimen* 
tnm; (depth of a thing). pro« 
fundum; (of a moantain), ra- 
dix; (of the belly), hypogas* 
A bottom (ship), nam; (ralley), 
Tallit; (of thread. &c.). glomus; 
(to wind thread on), gyrgilloi 
To bottom, fundo munire 
At the bottom, in imo 
To the very bottom, funditha 
Bottomless, fondo carens, im- 

Bottomless pit, Yorago. abyssos 
Without bottom, immensus 
A bouffh, ramus 
Full of boughs, ramosus 
To be bought, emor 
A bounce (noise), crepitus; 

(boasting), jactatio 
To bounce, crepo.strepo; (often), 

crepito ; (up), resilio, prosilio 
Bouncinff, pinguis, taleus, pugil 
To bouno, nnio, liraito ; (or border 
upon),adjaceo; (back, or again), 
A bound, meta. terminus 
To be bound, obligor, teneor 
Bound, ligatus, ooligatus; (be- 
holden), devinctus, astrictus; 
(by covenant), pactione obli- 
gatns; (by duty), necessitodine 
astrictoa; (restrained), Tinctus; 
(with an oath), jurejurando oh- 
■trictus; (as an apprentice), 
artifici traditus; (as a book), 
compactua; (to),alligatus; (to- 
gether), colligatus; (under), 
Bounded, circumseriptus. confinis 
Bounding upon, conterminis, con- 

tiguus, confinis 
A bounding, limiutio, confinium 
Boundless, immensus, inftnitus 
Bounden, debitus, obvinctus 
Bountifully, benigni, liberalitte 
Bountifulness, benignitas, libera- 

litaa, munificentia 
Bounty, benignitas, largitas 
A bourn, torrena 
To bouse, poto [potatio 

A bout, Ticis; tdrinking), com- 
A bow, arcus; (case), corytos; 
(man), Sagittarius ; (string), 
arctkanerru^ or chorda; (sprit), 
maloa anterior 
Like a bow, arcuatns 
Bowlegged. valgus, varus 
To bow, flecto, inclino; (back- 
wards), reclino; (down), in- 
curro; (round), circumllecto; 
(bend), acdino 
Bowed, curvatus, flezus 
To bowd, eviscero, ezentero 
The bowels, intestina; (of com- 
passion), miseratio 
A Dower, or arbour, pergnla 
A bowl (for drink), scyphus ; (to 
wash in), labrum; (to play 
with), globus, sphcra 
To bowl, globum mittere 
Bowled, missus, jactatua 
Bowling, splueromachia 
A bowling-green, splueristerinm 
A box, cista, area, pyxis 
A Christmas-box, atrena 
A coach-box, curriis sedile 
A dice-box, orca, fritiUns 
A snuff-box, pyxidicula nulveris 
A tobacco-box, pyxidicula tabad 
The poor'a box, area pauperca- 


Boxes in • shop, locelli, nidi 

A box on the ear, alapa 

To box (fight), pugms certare; 

(on the ear), aiapam, or cola- 

nhum alicui infligere 
A boxer, pugil 
A box- tree, boxua 
Of box, buxeus 
A boy, puer; (soldier's), calo, 

lixa; (servant), famulus 
A schoolboy, ludi discipulus 
A little boy, nuerulus 
Boyish, pueruis 
Boyishly, puerilitto 
Boyishness, puerilitas 
To brabble, altercor, purgo 
A brabble, rixa, lis 
A brabbler, altercator 
A brace (couple), par; (in build- 
ing), fibula; (ship's rope), ru- 

dens ; (in printin{^), uncus ; 

(hook), uncus; (to join things 

together), copula 
To brace, alligo, ligo 
A bracer, alligator 
A bracing, alligatio 
A bracelet, annilla 
Brachygnq;>hy, stenogn^phia 
A bracket, mutulus 
Brackish, salsus 
Brackishness, salsitudo 
To brag (boast), jacto, glorior 
A bragger, iactator 
A braid of hair, cincinnua 
To braid, complico, implioo 
Braided, plexus, cirratus 
The brain, cerebrum ; (hinder 

part), cerebellnm 
To brain, excerebro 
Brainless, inconsnltns, atultos 
Hair- brained, temerariua 
Brake (fern), filix 
A brake (for flax), lini firangi- 

bulum; (thicket), dumetum; 

(horse-bit), epistomium 
Braky (thorny), dumosua 
A bramble, rnbua, sentis 
Bran, furfur 
A branch (of a tree), ramus; (of 

a discourse), caput ; (of a pedi- 
gree), stemma 
To branch (as a tree), germino ; 

(as a discourse), distingno 
Branched, ramosus, distinctus 
Branching, germinans, frondens 
Branchy, fVondosus 
A brand, stigma, nota ; {of flre), 

torris, fax 
To brand, noto [tatns 

Branded, stigmate inustus, no- 
Branded with a crime, infiunis 
A brand-iron, cauterium 
Brand-new, omnin6 novus 
To brandish, vibro, corusco 
Brandy, vini spiritus 
To brangle. Uxor, litigo 
Branny, fhrfuraceus 
Brass, bs 

Made of brass, snena, aheneus 
Covered with brass, seratus 
Brass- work, crificium 
A brat, infans 
A bravado, insultatio 
Brave (fine), nitidus; (excellent), 

prcstans ; (skiliiil), peritns ; 

(valiant), fortis ; (learned), 

eruditns ; (to behold), pne- 

clarus, puleher 
To brave, lacesso 
Bravdj, concinni, scit^ eximiA, 

periti, fortitto, animosi 
BraveiT, decor, excellentia, for- 

titndo, magnanimitaa 
A braving, insultatio 
A bravo^ sicarius, thrMO 

A brawl, rixa, jnrf^nm 
To brawl, juivo, rixor 
A brawler, rabuia. rixator 
A brawling, jurgium, rixa 
Brawling, contentioaus, jorgana 
Brawn, callura aprugnum 
Brawny, callosus 
Brawniness, callontaa 
To bray (pound), tero, tundo; 
(as an ass), rudo; (as an ele- 
phant), barrio ; (crv out ) , fremo 
A braying, tritura, oarritus, ra- 

gitus, mugitus 
To brase, ere indncere 
Braced over, sre inductna 
Brasen (made of brass), creii^ 
aheneus ; (impudent), impn- 
dens, effrons 
A brasier, faber srariua 
A breach, ruina ; (between two), 
simultas; (of friendship), alie- 
natio; (of promise), violatio 
fldei ; (made by water), inun- 
datio; (of a treaty of peace), 
Bread, panis; (leavened), pania 

Bread-corn, frumentum 
Breadth, latitude, amplitodo 
To break, frango, infringe, rumpo; 
(with age), defloresoo ; (asun- 
der), diffriugo; (bruise), con- 
tero; (a covenant), violare liae- 
dus; (down), demoUor 
A break, intervallum, intersti- 

tium; (of day), diluculum 
To breakfast, jento 
A breakfast, jentaculum 
A breaker, ruptor; (down), de- 
molitor; (through), perfoaaor; 
(of the laws, &c.), violator; (oi 
horses), equorum domitor 
A breaking, infractio, fracture; 
(down), demolitio; (asunder), 
dimptio; (in), irruptio ; (out), 
emptio; (off), abroptio, inters 
missio; (of a horse), eqni do- 
miture; (small), tritora; (vio- 
lation), violatio 
The breast, pectus; (of a woman), 

ttber; (bone), sternum 
Abreast, cqui f route [laria 

Of the breast, pectoralia, mamU. 
A breast- work, lorica li^pidea 
A breast-plate, lorica, thorax 
Having a Dreast-plate,thoncatna 
Breath, spiritus, halitu^ flatiu; 

(of air), aure 
To breathy spiro^ respire, an- 
hdo; (after), cupio, deaidero; 
(between), interspiro; (into), 
inspire; (one's last), expiro; 

ion, or upon), aspiro, inspire; 
out, or exhale), exhale ; 

(through), perspire 
A breathing, respiratio; (en), 

afiatua ; (hole), spiraiealam ; 

(sweat), sudor parvus 
Breathing, apirans 
Breathleis, Kgri anhelana 
Bred (bom), generatus ; (brought 

up), educatus ; (in), inigenitus; 

(with), congenitus; (well), be- 

nimeratns; (ill),malimoretaa 
The breech. pKodex, dunes 
Breeches, braces 
Wearing breeches, braecatua 
BreechM, bracds indutus 
To breed, gigno, pario; (canae), 

preduco; (be bredl, gignor} 

(or bring up), ale, educe 
A breed, genus ; (teeth), dentio 
A breeder (father), generator; 

(mother), genitrix; (of cattle), 


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iDcratio; (of teeth), 
. "(good mannen), vr- 

J (edneation), edneatio 

Breclureo, frmtrea, mn 
A brevet, tr oneC fesenptBm 
▲ Inenary (book), brenarimn 
A breriate, compendium 
Brerity, breritas 
To brew (miDgle). miBoeo^ cos* 
ftindo; (beer, Ac), eoqoei^er 
eoneoqnere potnm 
Brewed, eoctni, miztna 
A brewer, cereriaue coctor 
A brewhoose, xytbepaariom 
A brewing, eoctio 
A briar, aentia, mboa 
"Where briars grow, rabetvm 
A briber mnnui, rq^onda 
To bribe, cwnunpere monere 
Bribed, eOTmptna, •ubomatna 
A briber, corraptor moneriboa 
Bribery, ambitua, eormptio, repe- 

A bribinK, inboraatio 
Brick coloured, flnHnos 
Belonging to brick, lateritiaa 
A bneklayer, latenun atmctor 
A brick-maker, lateram confector 
A brick-widl. moras eoctilis 
To lay with bricks, lateribva 8ter> 

A brid^ sponsa, nnpta 
A bridechamber, thalamoa 
A bridegroom, sponsos 
A bridemaid, pronoba 
A bridal aonj^. ^ithalaminm 
Bridewell, pistnnom 
A bridge, pona 

A bridge-master, pontis enrator 
A bridle, frsnom, habena 
To bridle, frsno, friemim impo- 
sere ; (one's passion), irs mo- 
A brief (writ), schedola jnridica ; 
(lettera natent), diploma; ^fbr 
asking cnarity), liters petito- 
ris; (for a counMllor), litis 
samma; (sentence), 
tiola; (account), 
(diaeoorse), oondsa oratio 
Biie^ breris, condsns; (rife), 

Briefly, breritte, condsi 
Brieftiess, breritaa 
A brier, Tepres; (sweet), eynos* 

Briery, spinosus 
A bri^ul^ torroa, manipulns 
A brigadier, tamue duetor 
A brigantine (ship), phaselus 
Bright, spleudens, lucidus, ntti- 
dus; (of bright character), in- 
imgtt ritK; (of bright parts), 
sagacissimns ; (very bright), 
pcnocidus, pellucidos 
To be bright, dareo, niteo, inda- 

resco, loceo, lacesco 
To brighten, lacesco; (make 

bright), polio, limo 
Brightly, dar^ nitid* 
Brintneas, falgor, splendor ; (of 
^aracter), momm integritas; 
(oA understanding), ingenii sa> 
gaeitas; (of the sun), lumen 
The brim, labrum, margo 
Earing a brim, marginatus 
Brimfu, ad summum impletus 
To brim (as a sow), subo 
A brimmer, calix potu coronatas 
Brimstone, aulphur 
Done with brimstone, sulphura- 

Brindled (streaked), variegatna 

wMuOt addneo: 
k perdneo; (by 

Brinc^ aalsago^ alez 

A brine-pit, aalina 

Bait as brine, salsissh 

Brinish, salsaa 

To bring; tnc 
(about), eflk . . ... 

nwee), trabo; (to an end), per- 
ido, ad exitum perducere; 
(an action), dicam unpingere; 
(away), anfero; (back), re- 
daeo; (to bed), obstetricor; 
(ftwth), pario; (down, ar les- 
sen), diminuo ; (down, or weak- 
en), attenno; (down, or demo- 
lish), demoUor; (forth before 
time), aborto; (forth plente- 
oasly),effando; (forth flowers), 
ioroco ; (abroad), profero ; 
(forth, or produce), produco; 
(from), d^ero; (from far), 
areho; (in), infero; (in gnilty), 
eondemno; (one's hand in), 
operi assuescere; (into an of- 
fl>ce),promoTeread; (into debt), 
ca aiienum eontnJiiere; (into 
queation), examino: (into sub- 
jection), redigo, subigo ; (into 
foshion), in morcm mdueere; 

(low), dcyido 

A Dringer, portitor ; (back), re- 
dactor; (up), educator, edu- 
catriz; (ol tidings), nundus; 
(down), dqector 

A bringing, advectio ; (back), re- 
ductio ; (forth), proUaio ; (forth 
of yoong), fcetus ; (over), tra- 
dnetio; (in), inductio, intro- 
ductio ; (to pass), effectio ; 
(down), diminutio; (together), 
collatio; (under), subjectio ; 

tap), educatio 

A bnnk, extremitaa, margo 

Brisk, %f^, riridoB, Ixtos 

To be brisk, rigeo 

Briskly, alacritte, acritir. agilitte 

Briskness, alacritas, rigor 

The briaket, pectus animalis ccsi 

A bristle, seta 

To bristle up, horraa setas erigere 

Haring bristles, setiger, hirsutns 

Bristly, setosos, hirsntas 

Britain, Britannia 

British. Britannicna 

A Briton, Britannns, Brito 

Brittle, fragilis, eaducus, ritreiu 

Brittleness, fragilitas 

A broach (spit), rem, obolns 

Abroach (as beer), terebratos 

To broach (a caak), vas tere- 

Broad, latos, largus, ampins 
To make broad, dilato 
Brogue, mala pronundatio 
A broil, rixa, turba 
Full of broils, turbulentns 
To raise broUs, tnmultuor, tuibas 

To broil, camem torrere; (be 
broiled), torresco, torreor 

Broiled, tostus 

Brokage, rersura 

A broker (uent), transactor, 
manro; (ot clothes, Ac), in- 
terpolator; (exchange), proxe- 
neta argentarius ; (pawn), pig- 
nerator; (in old goods), scru- 

Bronze, frons i»erfiricta 

A bronx^ numisma Kreum 

A broach (necklace), monOe. 

A Drood. proles; (of chickens), 

To brood, or set brooding, incnbo 
A brooding; inenbatio 

A brook. riToloa 

To brook (bear), too, tdlero 

Broom, apartum, geniata 

A broom, scope, arum 

Broth, jus, joacnlum, mvia 

A brothel, lupanar, ganea 

A brother, firater 

A half-brother, germanns 

A brother-in-law, frater mariti 

A foster-brother, eollectaaena 

Brotherhood, sodalitinm 

Brotherly, mdj. ftatemns; Oido. 

fratemi ; (love), mntua amidtia 
The brow, frons ; (of a wall). co> 

rona muri; (eye-brow), super- 

Brown, foscus. puUus 
To make brown, fusco 
To be in a brown study, meditor 
To browse, depasco^ carpo 
To bruise, contero, qnasao ; (in a 

mortar), pinso; (small), com- 

minuo, confirin|fo 
A bruise, contusio 
Bruised, contusus, eontritos ; 

(black and blae), sngil, sugi- 

Istus, liriduk 
A braising, contasio, pinsatio 
A bruit (report), rumor 
A brunt (assault), impetna 
A brush, scopula, verriculum; 

ior running against), occursos ; 
debate), anriessio; (for paint* 

ers). peniciUus 
To brush, verro, parso 
Like a brush, verricmatus 
To brash away, festinft fogera 
Brushed, scopulA porgatus 
To bristle, crepito, se erigere 
A brute, animal bratum 
Brutish, forinns. foedus, impodl- 

eus, fatuus, stupidus, brutus 
Brutisbly, ferocitir, foedi. fatni 
Brutality, forocitas, sKvitia, im* 

nudicitia, stultitia 
A nubble, bulla, fraus 
To babble (cheat), dolis follere; 

(in seething), ferveo; (as wa- 
ter), ebullio, scateo 
A bubbling, ebullitio 
A buck, cervus, dama 
A bucket, situla, sipho 
Buck's horn, comu cervinum 
A buckle, fibula, spinther: (of 

hair), cincinnus; (of a saoe), 

fibula calceaHa 
To buckle, fiboli eoUigare 
A buckler, dypeus, scutum 
Buckram, paonus cilidnoa 
Buckskin, pelUs cervina 
Bucolics, bucolica 
A bud, germen, gemma; (of a 

rose), odyx; (of a vine), ocolns, 

To bud. germino; (again), repnl- 

lulasco; (out), e^ermino; (to> 

aether), congermmo 
A Dudding, germinatus 
To budge, pedem ciere 
A budget, saccus, bulga 
Buif (leather), pelUs bubula 
A buffet, coiaphu^ alapa; (for 

china. ftc.)> abacus 
To buffet, colaphum dare 
Buffeted, colaphis casus 
A boffeiing. colaphis verberatio 
A bnfialo, bubulus 
A bulHe-head, stolidus, bardas 
A buffoon, sannio, scurra 
Buffoonery, scurrilitas 
A bug, dmex. bruchus 
A bugbear, larva, terriculum 
Buggy, dmidbus abundaus 
Abitgle.segmentaritrea; (horn), 

comu venatorium 

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To build, cdiflco, f»odo ; (abomt ), 
circtunttrno ; (^^)i revdi- 
fico; (before), pr»«truo; (in), 
inKdiflco; (onaer), rabstruo; 
(by» 0r near unto), astruo ; 
(up), penedifico; (upon), in- 
Kdmco ; (or rdy upon), nitor 
A builder, cdiltcator, eondiior 
A master-builder, architectna 
A buildinjr. vditicium, struct ura 
Art of building, arebitectura 
A bolb, bulbui 
Bulbous, bulboBus 
To bulge (as a sbip). vacillo 
To be bulged, scopulis iUidi 
A bulk (projection before a sbop), 
appendix ; (bigness), ampU- 
tuao, moles; (of a body), sta- 
tura corporis; (of a sbip), na- 
To bulk out, propendeo ; (to break 

bulk), narem exoneraro 
Bulkiness, magnitudo 
Bulky, corpulenros, craasni, in- 
IS, gravis, solidos, onerosus 
", Uurus; (blunder), strib' 

Bull-baiting, certamen inter 

canes et taurum 
BuU-baiters, bubetii 
A bull-dog, canis lanienot 
A bull-fluch, mbicilla 
A bullet, glans plumbea 
Bullion, aurum, &e. in masai 
A bullock, JuTcncua 
To bully, insnlto 
A bnlly, thraso 
A bulrusb, juneua, acirpna 
A bulwark, agger, prssidiom 
A bumbailUf, uctor 
A bumkin, rusticus 
A bump (swelling), tuber; 

(thump), plaga 
To bnmp out, turgeo, promineo 
A bumper, caliz repletus 
A bun (cake), collyra 
A bunch (sweUing), seirras, gib- 

but ; (bundle), fiMciculus ; (of 

Abull, I . . 

ligo; (Pope's), bulla 

To bunch out, promineo, exto 
A bundle, fiascis, fiuciculus, sar- 

dnula; (of rods), fasces 
To bundle up, consarcino 
A bung, obturamentum ; (hole), 

To Dung up, obturo 
To bungle, imperitft eonilcera 
A bunj^Ier. iroperitus, rudis 
Bunglitt^y. infabri, crass* 
A buoy, index anchors jacta 
To buoy up, attollo, sustineo 
A burden, onus; (of a song), 

To burden, onero, sarcino 
Burdensome, gram, oneroaua 
A bur, lappa 
A bureau, scrininm 
A burr (of a deer's horn), tuber- 

culum ; (of the ear), lobus 

A burgess (magistrate), burgen* 

sis; (senator), senator, pater 

conscriptus; (freeman), civis, 

Burj^lary, parietnm perfossio 
Bonable, sepelibilis 
A burial, funus, exequia, sepul* 

Bdonging to burials, funebris 
To bur;^, sepelio, humo, condo 
A burying, humatio, sepultura 
A buryhig-place, sepulcretum, 

Bniiesk. or bnrleaqne^ joenlaria, 


To burlesque, jocularity illodere 
A bum, Tulnos ex ustione fhe- 

To burn, uro, cremo, ineendo, 

ardeo, oandeo, flagro ; (sear), 

cauterio urere 
To bum to ashes, in euterea redi- 

To bum with anger, iri ardere 
To be homed, uror ; (down), de- 

Burned, or burnt, ustus, exustns ; 

(to ashes), in cineres redactus ; 

(in roasting), retorridus; (in 

the hand), stigmate inustus ; 

(before, or at the end), prsus* 

tus; (half), semiustus 
Burning, exurens, ardens, ilagrans 
A burning, combustio, oefla- 

gratio ; (in sores), uredo ; 

(iron), cauterium; (coal), pru- 

na; (shame) res pessima 
To burnish, expolio, defrico 
A burnisher, politor 
A burnishing, expolitio 
A burat-offering, holocaustum 
A burrow, ounicnlus 
To burrow, in caTum anbir^ cu- 

niculos agere 
The burse, exeambium 
A burser, eollegii dispensator 
To burst, raropo, disrampo; (in 

pieces), dissiUo; (out), pro- 

silio ; (with laughing), risn 

emori ; (into Iau|rhter) , in risum 

prorumpere; (mto tears), in 

uchr^rmaseffUndi: (witheoTy), 

inndiA commovert 
A bursting, raptio; (out), emp- 

A burthen (burden), onus 
To burthen, onero, gravo 
To bury, tumulo, sepelio [ilea 
A bush, rabus; (of hair), Mesft- 
Bushy, dumosus ; (hair),ccsarie8 

comata; (place), dumetum 
A bushel, modius, medimnus 
Busied, occupatus. districtns 
Busily, BoUciti, studios* 
Business (bustle), tumultus; 

(employment), negotium res ; 

(to mind), rei operam dare; 

(to come uto), in foro iora«; 

(to manage), res gerere 
Full of business, occupatiasimns 
A buskin, cothurnus, pero 
A buss, basium, suavium 
To buss, osculor, basic 
A buss (ship), navigiokon 
A bussing, basiatio 
A bust, statua trunea 
Bustard, otis. idis 
A bustle, turba, tnmultns 
To bustle about, diligentir rem 

administrare [cer 

Bustling (diligent), diligens. ala- 
Busy. occupatus; (meddling). cu- 

riosus, impertinens, molectus 
To busy, oocupo, solicito 
To be DUST, satago 
A busybody. urdeHo 
But (an adrersatiTe), ast, at, at- 

qui, autem, cKterbra, nisi, sed, 

sin, verft, Tcrum ; (but for), ni, 

absque ; (before, or before 

that), ctim ; (except), extra, 

nisi, prater, prcterquiim, mo- 

dd, Boldm. tanthm 
K. butcher, lanius 
To butcher, macto, lanio 
A butcher's shop, macellum 
Butcherly («4;.>. cradelis ; {adv.), 

crudelitir, truculent* 
Butchery, cades, atrages 
A butler, promiu 

A butt (vesad), 
liuid; (mark), meta; (btmk), 

Tobutt, arieto, coran peten 

Butted, or bounded, fimtna 

Butter, butyrum 

Buttered, butyro ilUtna 

A butterflv. papilio 

Buttermilk, lac serosma 

A buttery, cella promptuari« 

A buttock, dunis, natos 

A button, fibula 

To button, fibulo 

A buttress, fhlcram 

To buttress, suffulsio 

Buxom, alacer, hiUria, letus 

To be buxom, hilaritate p«rftmdi 

To buy, emo, mercor; (again), 
redimo; (a bargBin),ben* eme- 
re ; (dear), pluris emere ; 
(often), emptito; (meat), ob- 
aonor; (upon trust), fide data 
emere; (up), en 

A buyer, emptor 

A buying, emptio 

To buzz (as a bee),bombilo; (ia 
the ear), insnsurro; (abroad), 
rumorem spargere 

A bussing, bombus, mumanr 

A bncsatd. buteo 

By, i, ah. ad. apnd, cum, de, e^ 
ex. juxta. ob. per. prsB. prater, 
pro, prope, propter, aecuBdm^ 

By itsdf, separatlm, aeorstun ; 
(by heart), memorit*r ; (by 
stealth), furtim; (by-and-by), 
coniestlm, continue ; (by-the> 
bye), obit*r. in transitu; (by 
course). ▼icisrim; (by chance), 
casu. fort*, ut ftt ; (byd^:rees), 
paulatlm ; (by myself), per mc^ 
ego solus ; (by day), interdit; 
(by night), noctu; (by what 

Elace. or way?) quk? (hard 
y), in proximo; (by much), 
mnlto; (oy how mnch). quaa- 
t6 ; (by so much), tant6 

A cabal, eonefliabnlam 
To cabd, occult* agere 
The cabala, cabala, traditio 
Cabalistical. cabalisticus 
A. cabbage, brassica, caulia 
Cabbaged (headed), e^Uatva; 

(stolen), snppilatus 
A cabin (in a ship), stega ; (littla 

place to dwell in), tngurinm 
A cabinet, cistula, scrininm 
A cabinet council, oonoilMUB ae> 

A cable, rodens 
A sheet-cable, rudens aacra 
To cack. caoo 

To cackle, glocio, deblatero 
A cackling, glocitatio 
A cacodemon. malua genias 
Cadaverous, cadaverosus 
Cadence, clausura petiodi noma- 

A cadet, frater minor 
Acag. testa 
A cage, cavea. aviarinra; (for 

criminals), career dathratns 
Caged, ioclusus 
To cajole, ineseo, iUicto, lacto 
A cajoling, blandimehtum 
A cajnler, syeophauta 
A caitiff, nefanus, d^tirna 
A cak^placentiL libum 

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Calamine-atoDe, lapis oalaminam 
Calamity, calamitas, infortuni- 

turn, res advene 
Calamitous, calamitosos 
A calaah, carpentum, pilentvm 
To ealcine, ezuro 
CaldnatioB, exastio 
Tb calculate, rationem patare; 

(a nativity), fatura pnedicere 

Calculated (computed), oompu- 

tatus ; (adapted), accommo- 


A calculation, computatio 

A calculator, calculator, eompu- 

tator, ratiocinator 
A caldron, lebes, ahenum 
A ddendar, calendarium, fiuti 
A calender (of cloth), politer 
Calendered, policus, lieTigatus 
Calends, calendae, arum 
A calf, Titnlns ; (sea-calf), phoca; 

(of the leg), sura 

Of a calf, ▼itulinus 

Calico, tela Indica 

To calk, stup4 rimas fkreire 

A calk^, rimaram stipator 

To call, voco, compello ; (aloud), 

ezcUuno ; (aside), seroco ; 

(back), rcTOCo; (back one's 

word), retracto, denego ; (by 

iiame),aomino; (for), arcesso; 

(for help), implore; (out, or 

forth), evoco; (for a thing), 

posco; (in), introToco; (at a 

place), compello; (in money), 

pecuniamensrere; (often ), voci- 

to;(oatofbed).snscito; (over), 

recito ; (to mind), recorder; 

(to arms), dassicom canere; 

(to an account), ad rationera 

teddendamvocare; (together), 

OOBTOOO ; (unto), ioclamo ; 

(upon), intoco; (upon for wit- 

aesa), iqspello; (to witness), 

testoT I 

A call, tocatio; (at a call), ad 

A calling, Tocatio; (profession), 
artificinm; (to remembrance), 
recognitio; (together), oonvo- 
catio ; (by name), compellatio ; 
(back), rerocatio; (for), aeci- 
tus; (out), CTOcatio; (from), 
aTocatio; (upon), iuTocatio 
Callosity, callus, c dl o s it as 
Callous, callosus 
Calm, sedatus, tranquillns^ pla- 

A calm (sea), maris tranquillitas ; 

(weather), serenitaa 
To calm, paco, plaeo, moloeo 
To becalm, mitesco, placor 
Calmy, lenitir, tranqoillft 
Calmness, tranquillitas, serenitas 
To calumniate, calumnior, infamo 
Cslomnious, contumeliosas 
Calumnionsly, contumeliosd 
Calumny, calumnia 
Cambric, sindon 
A camel, camelus 
Of a camel, camelinna 
Camlet, pannns camelinna 
Camomile, charosmelum 
A camp, castra, orum 
A standing-camp, stativa 
To pitch a camp, castra ponere 
Belonging to a camp, castrensis 
Followers of a camp, calonea 
A campaign (flat country), pla- 
nities ; (taking the field), ezpe> 
ditio militaris ; (coat), sagum 
Camphire, eamphora 
Camphorated, camphoxi mixtna 
I can, possum, qneo 
I oaaoot, neqneo 

A canal, canalis 
Of the Canaries, Canarius 
Canary- wine, rinum Canariorum 
To cancel (a writin|c), deleo. ex- 
punge; (make void), abrogo 
A cancelling, deletio, diolitio 
A cancer, cancer, gangnena 
Candid, candidus, ingfenuus 
A candidate, candidatus 
To stand a candidate, mnnus 

Candidly, candidi, ingenuA 
Candied, saccharo conditus 
A candle, candela, lucema 
A wax-candle, oereus 
A watch-candle, lucubra 
Candlelight, lucema 
To study D^ candle-light, lueabro 
A candlestick, candelabrum 
Candlemas-day, puriflcatio tir- 

ginis Marin 
Candour, candor 
To candy, saccharo eondire 
A cane, canna Indica, calamus; 

(angar-cane), canna saccharata 
To cane, fusts eaedere 
Like a cane, amndinens 
Caned, foste cksus 
Made of cane, eanneiu 
A caning, fustuarinm 
Canine, caninus, insatiabilis 
A canister, canistrum 
A canker, ulcus; (in the mouth), 

aphtha;; (in the nose), polypus 
Canker (rust), rubigo, lerrugo; 

(a worm), omca 
A cann. cantharus 
A cannibal, anthropophagns 
A cannon, tormentum beUicum 
To cannonade tormentis vorbe- 

A cannoneer, bombardariua 
A canon (rule), regula; (law), 

canon ; (in a catlwdral), cano- 

Canonical, canonieus 
To canonise, in dims referre 
Canonised, in diTos ascriptua 
A canonising, canoniiatio 
A canopy, canopeum 
To cant (cast away), abjicio; 

(talk gibberish), uti fictitio 

sermone; (whine), verba tra- 

here; (wheedle), dictlsdueere; 

(chirp), cantiUo 
A cant, auctio, sermo flctitius 
A canting fellow, homo snbdolus 
A cantinv, fictio, coitjectus 
A canticM, Canto, canticum 
To canton, distribuo, divido 
A cautoo, tribns, pagus 
Canvas, cannabum 
To canton (for preferment), am- 

bio ; (sift for business), inquire, 

A cap, pileuB, calyptra 
Capped, pnepilatus 
To cap a person, caput nndare; 

(in verses), altemis versibus 

Weariuff a cap. pileatna 
Cap-ii-pi^ it capite ad calcem 

Capable, capax, idoneus, potens 
Capacious, capax, amplus 
Capaciousness, capacitas, men- 
sura; (of a place), ampUtudo 
Capacity (ability), fiscultas, in- 

A caparison, lorica 
To caparison, loricA munire 
A cape (at sea), promontorium; 

(of a garment), collare 
Acaper, saltus; (fruit), capparia 

r, saltus; (fi 
tr, tripudio^ 

Capillary, capillaria 
Capital, capitalis, pnedpnus 
A capital (in architecture), ca* 
pitulum; (letter), litera mj^jus- 
A capitation, capitum exaetio 
The capitol, capitolium 
To capitulate,-ae deditione ageie 
Capitulated, paeto oonstitutiu 
Capitulating, paciscens 
A capitulation, pactio de dedi- 
A capon, capo, capns 
A capouch, cucollus 
A caprice (fhotastieal humoor), 
repentious animi motos; (ob- 
stinate humour), pertinacia 
Capricious, inconstans, pertinax 
Capriciously, leritir, morosft 
Capriciousness, inconatantia 
A captain, dux ; (in-chief), ram* 
mus dux ; (of the guarda), pras- 
toriipraefectua; (of a company), 
ordinum dnctor; (of horae), 
hipparchua; (of 10 men), de- 
cnno; (of 60), pentaoontar- 
chua; (of 100), centurio; (of 
1000), chiliarchus, tribnnns; 
(of a ship), dux nauticus; (of 
a caatle), ards pnefectua 
A captainship, centuriatus 
Captious, amitus, morosns,£illas 
A captious fellow, cavillator 
Captiously, captiosi, argute 
Captiousness, cavillatio, captio 
To captivate (enslave), in servf- 
tutem redigere ; (theaffection«» 
&c.)> muloeo, teneo, capto 
A captive, captivus. mancipium 
Oapurity, cautivitas, servitus 
To carry, or lead away into cap- 
tivity, in captivitatem abducere 
A captor, qui capturam fadt 
Capture, captnra, comprehenaio 
A carat, unciae triens 
A caravan, mercatoram caterva 
peregri euntinm ; (carriage), 
vehicolnm oblongum 
A caravansera, diversoriom 
Caraway (seed), carua 
A carbine, sclopeta velitaria 
A carbineer, veles [torrere 

To carbonade, camem in prunA 
A carbuncle, carbunculus 
A carcass, cadaver 
A card, charta loaoria; (written), 
charta epiatolica; (sea-card), 
tabula nautica; (for wool), 
ferreus pecten ; (court), (^usrta 
picta; (plain), charta simplex 
To play at cards, chartis pictis 
ludere [carpere 

To card wool, carmino, lanam 
Carded, carminatus, pexna 
A carding, carminatio 
A cardinal, cardinal is, pater pur- 

puratua ; adj. prccipuus 
Care (diligence), diligentia ; 
(heed), cautio; (regard), cura; 
(trouble), onus, anxietas, so- 
licitudo ; (tuition), totela 
To care, or take care o^ euro; 
(for),provideo; (for diligently), 
iuvigilo, aolicitua eaae 
To have a care, caveo 
To careen, purge 
A career, anfractus, gynia 
A career, cursua indtatns 
Careful, diligens, sedulus, eautus, 

solidtus, circumspectus 
To be careful, satago, angor a> 

boro, attendo 
Carefully, anxi^ cautft, sedu16 
Carefulness, diligentia, considera- 
tion Boiidtudo, catitio 

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Careleas (not thiaking), impro- 
▼idus; (atease),Becurus; (ne- 
glectful), negligent, incontide- 

To be careless, negligo 

Carelessly, negligent^, secure 

Carelessness, incuria, negligentia 

To caress, indulgeo, amantir ac- 
dpere, adblandior 

Caresses, blanditic, blandimenta 

Caressed, comitir acceptus 

A cari^o, navis onus 

A canng for, prorisio 

Carious, cariosus 

A carle (churl), silicemium 

Carnage, intemecio, c«edes 

CamaU camalis, pravus 

Carnally, camalitir, pravft 

To ei^oy carnally, coeo 

Carnality, Toluptatum appetitus 

A carnation, caryophyllon 

Carnival, baccbanalia 

Carnivorous, camivorus 

A carol, carmen, hymnos 

To carouse, pergrscor 

A carousing, potatio intemperans 

A carp, carpio, caprinus 

To carp, carpo, vellico 

Carped at, vellicatus 

A carper, criticus, carptor 

A carping, Tellicatio 

A carpenter, fiaber lignarius 

Belonging to a carpenter, fabrilis 

Carpentry, ars fabrilis 

A carpet, tapes, gausape 

Aearr, carrus 

Carriage (behaviour), gestus; 
(ko(m), urbanitas; (of a bur- 
then), bajulatio ; (cartage), 
Tectura; (money), vectiva; (on 
horseback), hippagium ; (for 
artillery), lignea compaees 

A carriage, currus, vehicuTum 

A carrier, portitor, btgulus; (of 
letters), tabellarius; (of tales), 

Csnioiij cuTtt rrntri I L' I n II, 

A carrat, puEitiii«A, dnucu? 

Cn/n>t'pU<ul, ruiilua 

^a CNTTi geroj pOrtu^ ferO: (OP 
btba^i!^^ OB gtir^rr; jjLhnnt):^ 
fiinmmfieK ;, {alJ bf>farc nneii^ 
tIucd, Hiipenii (aWBF)^ BLuferO', 

prin.)j palinntu fes-rp ; ^JjrtfiiPe), 

fTKfifro; (tKiyfljidJr prTrGrfcroj 
intu aluvur^l, in KfnriluEtm 
mbducer«| iia m {!imiie^e) , veho^ 

(eonduicO. duco^ [forLht^ tf- 
fero} (dDirn]!. dl^V«h4? ^ IfrOID 
p\tEB Ta ptHCc), trms*p<jf(o; 
1 in } , im portP ; I nuw^) t nu nnifl ; 

ion A Vi&r}, bell mn pTDduetrr* ; 
on abtLilding}, i^Ltnl Lirn^nf ee^i- 
idQoi: (to a plai;i!|, ad^etio; 

{Wood), lig'iiar 
A carrTin^, ij^fliaEio, pnrtatio; 

{aw*jr/^ Mjj^rtatiii - (fMeri, tin- 

jectia; (^0 » plse*-']^ Ad^^rtiD i 

fl>y a c*ri, 4*4 ► vtcii-n 
A out, carina, plalittrilm, Cmlfl- 

({Child's], plQ4t«ilun>j (euvsr- 

Cni), CBJ3iiiu«, tt>imui 
T(i can« kn * etiicuW pcirtarn 
A enrtei', turiiia 
A eariil4{^, canilsj^ 
A oartouehi ciipBdla 
To cuttc, iculpu, ifjfArtnn, eeco 

A nrrln^, i^iiLptura, CJiLnturs 
A CtUTIDe: ' k^uil^ culfCT all liCioris 

A cascade, prsceps xquae lapsus 

A case (in law), causa ; (matter), 
res; (ofconscience),scrupulu8; 
(cover), theca; (for a bow), 
eor^tos; (for a comb), pecti- 
narium ; (for needles), acu- 
arium ; (for pins), acicularium ; 
(of instruments), capsuta ; (of 
a noun), casus; (state), con- 
ditio, status [qutai 

In no case, haudquaqu&m, uequa- 

A casement, fenestra 

Cash, pecunia numerata, census 

To cashier, exauctoro 

A cask, testa, cadus, dolium; 
(headpiece), i^ea 

A casket, scrinmm, cistula 

A cassock, sagnim 

To cast, jacto, jacio ; (about), cir- 
cumjacio ; (abroad), spargo ; 
(again), rejicio; (back), rejicio; 
(away), abjicio ; (alon^), pro- 
sterao; (against), objicio; (be- 
tween), intetjicio; (a bowl), 
mitto; (a skin), ezuo; (con- 
demn), condemno; (in one's 
dish), ezprobo; (devise), con- 
jicio; (down), dejicio; (down 
from), deturbo ; (headlong), 
prwcipito; (under foot), pes- 
sundo; (forth), emitto; (in), 
injicio ; (in one's mind), recolo, 
meditor; (in a suit), vinco; 
(metals), liquo, conflo; (o£F a 
garment), exuo; (off, or re- 
nounce), repudio; (off, as a 
printer), lineas computare ; 
(over, or beyond), tr^jicio ; 

iover, or upon), superinjicio ; 
out), cyicio; (out, or expose), 
expono ; (a smell), redoleo ; 
(to and fro), Bgito ; (up), com- 
puto ; (up, as the sea), ezpuo ; 
(up, or vomit), evomo 

A cast, jactus ; (of the eye), ocn- 
lorum distortio 

A casting, jcustatus, jactus; (a- 
bont), respersio ; (at), petitio; 
(off, or away ) , abjectio ; (down ) , 
d^ectio; (between), inteijec- 
tus; (in), injectio ; (upon),su- 
peijectio; (out), ejectio; (be- 
yond, or over), trajectus; (un- 
der), subjectio ; (in one's teeth ), 
exprobratio; (in the mind), 
c(M[itatio; fof a dart, &c.), ja- 
culatio; (of a skin, &c.)> exu- 
vium; (of metals), fusura; (cal- 
culation), calculatio; (vomit- 
ing), rejectio 

Castmets, crepitacula 

A castle, castellum, arx 

A castor, jaculator; (a counter), 
calculus [mutilo 

To castrate, castro; (a book). 

Casual, contin^ens, fortuitus 

Casually, fortuitb, casu 

A casualty, casus 

A casuist, casuista 

A cat, felts 

A catalogue, catalogus 

A cataract, cataracta 

A catarrh, catarrhus 

A catastrophe, eventus, exitus 

Acatch (song), cantilena; (prize), 
captio, praeda; (hawk's lure), 
palpum ; (of a door), obex 

To catch (lay hold), arripio, ca- 
pio; (overtake), assequor ; (at 
unawares), prehendo; (snatch), 
rapio; (at), appeto ; (bold of), 
apprehendo; (with a bait), in- 
esco; (in a net), illaqueo [sus 

Catching (infectious), contain- 

A catchmg hold of, apprehensio 

To catechise, caterhiao 

A catechism, catechismna 

A catechumen, catechumenos 

Categorical, categoricus 

To cater, obsono 

A caterer, obsonator 

A catering, obsouatna 

A caterpillar, volvox 

A cathedral, ecclesia eathedralis 

Catholic, catholicus, universalis 

Cattle (small), pecos ; (great), 

pecus; (labouring), jumenta, 

Belonging to cattle, pecnariiu 
A cavalcade, pompa equestrU 
Cavalrv, equitatus 
A cauale, sorbitio 
A cave, spelunca, antrum 
A caveat, cautio 
Caught, apprehensus 
A cavil, cavillatio, captio 
To cavil, altercor, litigo 
A caviller, litigator 
Cavilling, rixosus, litigiosna 
Cavillingly, captiosi, pertinacitte 
Cavity, concavitas, cavum 
The caul, omentum ; (for a w«>- 

man's cap), reticulum 
A cauldron, lebes 
A caulker, stipator 
A cause, causa; (occasion), oeea- 

sio ; (action in law), dica 
To cause, facio, concito, gignia, 

incito, infero 
For what cause? quamobrfcm? 

quaproptir ? 
For this, or that caos^ idcirco^ 

Causeless, sine causA 
A causer, effector, auctor 
Caustic, causticus 
To cauterize, cauterio inurere 
A cautery, cauterium 
Caution, cautio, prudentia, cir- 
I cumspectio, mooitio 
To caution, moneo, admoneo 
Cautious, cautus, prudens, pn>vi> 

Cautiously, cauti, prudentir 
To cease, cesso, intermitto, qui. 

esco, desisto, deaino 
Ceaseless, jterpetuus, continnua 
A ceasing, cessatio, intermissio 
Without ceasing, continents 
A cedar-tree, cedrus 
Made of cedar, cedrinus 
To ceil, laqueo, laqueari omare 
A ceiling, laquear, lacunar 
To celebrate, celebro. laudo 
Celebrated (famous), Celebris, il. 

lustris; (solemnized), celebrai> 

tus, solennis 
Celerity, celeritas 
Celestial, ccelestis 
Celibacy, ccelibatus 
A cell, cella; (friar's), mandra 
A cellar, cellarium, cella 
Cement, ciementum 
To cement, coujungo, consolido^ 

Cemented, eoagmentatus 
A cenotaph, cenotaphium 
A censer, thuribulum, acerra 
A censor, censor 
Ceuaorious, maledicus, mordax 
Censoriousness, maledictio 
A censure, censors, reprehensio 
To censure, reprehendo, animad« 

verto, carpo. noto 
Censured, reprehensus, notataa 
A censurer, animadversor 
A censuring, reprehensio 
A centaur, centaurus 
Belonging to a centre, centralis 
To center {or centre), tenninor 

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; (be vexed). 

. (wuk tke 
Iwad). terov frico 
A rhaftng, c«lc&etiiv iadigBatio^ 

estis attritoa 
Chafini^ ii* exaTdeMeu, fiiena 
A cliafag-di»h, ignitalwlw 

To duJEer, nereor, licUor 
ChaniB, molestia, d<rfor 
To enafrin, uKdestii afBoere 
A chain, catena, catorala 
To dudn, cateno, coneateno 
A chair, aella, cathedra; (easf), 
aeUa sopina ; (of state), thro- 
noa: (to cairj one), lectica; 
(wiUi elbows), aoliam 
A chamnan, lectiearias; (of a 

dub, ftc), pnesea 
A chaise cmraslevkff 
A chalice, calix 

Chalk, creta. calx; (pit),cr etanu u 
To chalk, cretA notare 
Of chalk, eretaceos 
Chalked, cretatas, oretA notatas 
Chalky, cretoaua, cretaceus 
A chaUenge, prorocatio 
To challen|^, proToco ; (a jury- 
man), r^icio; (accuse), accnso 
Challenged, prorocatas [catio 
A challenging, Tindicatio, proro- 
Chaljbeate, chalybe mixtu 

A duunber, eubicolom, camera, 

cabile, tricliniam, thalamos 
An antechamber, antitbalamos 
A chamberlain, cubieularios 
A chamber-maid, ancilla cnbieu- 

A chamber-pot, matnla 
To dbamp, mando, mordeo 
A champion, pogil ; (of a party), 

Champion -like, pugilicft 
A clumce, casus, erentna, sors; 
(at dice), alea, sors; (good), 
fortxminm; (bad), infortunium 
Chance, adj. fortuitus 
To chance, contingo, acddo 
By chance, fortft, tortuit6, caiu 
A chancel, cancelli, cella 
A chanceUor, cancdlariui; (of a 

bishop), officialis 
Chancery, cancellaria 
Achaoge (alteration),Tid8Bitudo; 
(Tariety),Tarieta8; (of money), 
commutatio ; (or exchange), 
excambinm ; (of the moon), 

A rhiplsia. f ■dliaas 
A chapaaa. empcor, hfitaror 
A dwpier [at a book). cap«t; 
(ia a cathedral), eapin' 

A fancier (note), character; 
(description), descriptio ; (let- 
ter), btera, typaa; (rqiota- 
tioa). existimatio^ funm. 
A good character, bona <ama 
A bad character, mala £sma 
To dunactcriie^ ad Ttnua deicti- 

Charcoal, eaibo lignarias 
A chare- woman, m er een aria 
A ^arge (aoctisation), accasado ; 
(assanlt), imperas ; (harden), 
ODOs; (command), mandatnm 
To ^arge (accvae), accuao; (as- 
sault), adorior; (burden), one- 
lo; (eommaBd),impen>; (with, 
0r entnut), comimttere fidd; 
(fix a price), pretium impo- 
nere; (a gun), adopettun in- 

Chargeable (eoatly), sumptno- 
sus; (burdensome), grans, one- 

Charged, juasns, u 
cusatns, oneratna 

A charger, patina; (of a gun), 

A charging, exprobatio,pr«ceptio 

A chanot, rheda. carpoitum 

A charioteer, anriga 

Charitable, benignus. candidua 

Chari&bly, liberalittr, benign* 

Charity (alms), deemosyna; 
(love), caritas; (children), li- 
beralitate educati liberi 

A charm, incantamentum. ear- 
men, illecebra 

To charm, incanto^ ddecto, per- 
mnlceo, delinio 

A charmer, fiucinator delinitor 

Charming, fasdnans, permulcens, 
eximius, suavis, jucundissimns 

Charmingly, jucuudissirai, blsn- 
dissim^ amoenissimi 

A chart, charta, lineatio 

A charter, charta. diploma 

A chase, silva, saltus 

To chase (pursue), venor, sector ; 
(an enemy), pello ; (plate, ftc), 
signis decorare ; (forward), 
propello, propulso 

A chasm, hiattu, chasma 

Chaste, castus, pudicus, conti- 
nens [nentftr 

Chastely, cast*, pndicfe, conti- 

To chasten, castigo, punio 

A chastising, castigatio 

Chastity, castitas, contineuda 

Chat, loqnadus 

To chat, garrio 

.),latTUBe«li; (of eon. 
:), stimahu; (topRveat 
es), cantio 
Che^crwiae.tesseaaKva; (woik), 

ooas tesseUatam 
A chewing. obiaigatM 
Thedieek, geBa.baeca; (teeth), 
dentesmaxillaras; (boDel.Bsax- 
Cheer, (coantcBaDee). Taltna, tk- 
dca; (eoaTage),aBtmas; (pro- 
riskm), dapes; (good), coena 
opipara ; (cheen). lae^ da- 

To cheer, exhilaro,' laetifico ; (ep 

courage), animo»hortar; (com- 

Cheeifol. Uetua. hilaris 
Cheerfully, alacritir, \mth 
Cheerfulness, alacritas, hilaritaa 
Cheering, leniens, refocillans 
Cheery, paul6 hilarior 
Cheese, casens; (fresh), caseua 

recens ; (cake), jplacenU ; 

(monger), casd venditor 
Toehensh (nourish), alo; (keep 

warm), calefado 
A cherisher, fautor, nutritw 
Cherishing, fovens. alent 
A cherry, cerasum; (stone), ad- 

nus ; (tree), cerasus 
Chess, Indus latruneulorum 
To play at chess, latrunculis la- 

Chess-men, latnneuli 
Achest,dsta, area; (of drawers), 

ctstuLB tractiles; (fordothes), 

▼estiarium ^ (for predoos 

things), scnninm 
The chest, pectus 
A chesnut, castanea 
A cheralier, eones 
To chew, manauco. mando ; (the 

cud), rumino 
A chewing, manducatio, rami- 

Chicane, chicanery, carillatio 
A chicken, pullus ndlinaceoa 
To chide, omurgo, increpo 
A ehider, objurgator 
Chiding, increpans, objurgatoriua 
A chiding, jurgium, objurgatio 
Chie^ primus, prtecipuus, sum- 

mns, sapreraus; (men), opti- 

mates, principes, primates 
Chiefly, nrKciput, suramA 
A chieftain, imperator, coryphsua 
A chilblain, pernio 
A child, infans, paer, paella t 

(in the womb), embryo; (baa- 

tard), nothus; (nurse), alum- 

nus [nana 

Great with ehUd, frarida, praig- 

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To bear a child, partnrio 

Childbirth, partus, nixus 

Child-bearing, partus, nixua 

Of a child, pnerilis, ludicer 

Childhoo<C pueritia, statula 

Childish, puerilia, infantilis 

Childishness, puerilitas 

Childless, orbus 

Children, liberi. proles, loboles 

Chill, algidus, algpsus 

To chill, algeo, frigeo 

ChUlT. frigidft 

Chilliness, algor 

A chime, campanarum modulatio 

To chime, modulate polsare 

A chimera, chimera, ligmentnm 

Chimerical, futius 

A chimney, caminns, focus; 

(sweeper), eaminomm munda- 

tor; (piece), frons camini 
A chin, mentum 
The chine, Tertebrs, spina; (of 

beef), tergfura boTis ; (of pork), 

ter^m porcinum 
A chmk, nma; (money), pecnnia 
To chink, rimas agere, tinnio 
A chip, segmen, assula 
To- cbtji, distringo ; (with an 

axe), aicio, dedolo 
A chipping, in fmstnla disiectio 
Chippings, resegmina 
Chips for a fire, fomes 
To chirp (as a bird), minnrio, pi> 

£iio ; (as a cricket), strideo 
irurgery, medicina chiruri^ica 
A chirorgeon (surgeon), chirur- 

A chisel, scalper, celtia 
Chit-chat, garritus 
A chitterling, billa, omasum 
Chivalry (knit;hthood), equita- 

tus; (prowe'-s), virtus 
A choice, eleciio, delectiu; (di< 

verrity), vftpiftas 
Choice, adj. lectu». exquisitus 
To make choice of, agere delectum 
A choir, chorus 
To choke, suffoco, pnefooo, stran* 

gulo: (stop), obs'ruo 
Choked, suffocata*. atraagulataa 
Choler, cholera, L>hs 
Choleric, biliosus» morosvs 
The cholic, dolor cholicus 
To choose, elig^o, deligo, selieo, 

constituo, ascisco, coopto, stu). 

stitno, eximo, malo, adopto 
A choosing, electio 
A chop, urisura, firusttim; (of 

mutton), offula camis ovinas 
To chop, concido ; (change), pcr- 

moto; (off), trunco. pnecido ; 

(about as wind), mntor 
Chopped, concisus. truncus 
Chopped oflf, truncatus, absctesus 
A chopping and changing, per. 

With chopping, CKslm 
Choral, ad ehorum pertinma 
A chord, chorda, funis 
A chorister, chorista 
Chorography, chorographia 
The chorus, chorus 
To chouse, decipio, firando 
Chrism, chrisma 
Chbist, Chbistvs 
To chriaten, baptin 
Christendom, orbis cbristianTU 
Christian, christianus 
Christianity, Christianismos 
Christmas, Chbiiti natale fes. 

Chronic, diutumas, perpetutu 
To chronicle, in annales referre 
A chronicle, annales, chronica 
A chionologiit^ chnmologua 

Chronology, temporum historia 
A chub (clown), rusticus, villicos 
Chubbea, crassus et curtus 
A chuck, ictus levis 
To chuck, levitdr percntere; 

(cast).jacio; (like a partridge), 

A chuckle-head, capito 
A chum, contabemalis . 
A chump, truncus ' 

A church, templum, ecclesia 
Church-lands, glebae. arum 
A church-warden, cdituus 
A church-yard, coemeteriam 
Of the church, ecdesiasticua 
A churl, rusticus, sordidus 
Churlish, illibemlis, truculentus 
Churlishness, rusticitas, aspe* 

A ch im, cimea 
To chum, lac agitare 
A churning, lactis agitatio 
To chuse, eligo, seligo 
The chyle, chylus 
Chymical, chymicus 
A chymist, alchymista 
Chymistry, chymia, alchymia 
Cider, succus h pomis expresans 
A cincture, ciugulun, sona 
Cinder, cinis 

Cinnamon, cinnamomtun [tus 
The cinque-ports, quinqne por- 
A cion, surculus, stolo 
A cipher, cinhra; (nought), nihil ; 

(engravea), literse inter se in- 

volutK; (secret writing), notae 

To cipher, arithmeticam discere 
Ciphering, arithmetica 
A circle, circulus, orbis; (about 

the moon), halo; (about the 

eye), iris 
Half a circle, seraidrculus 
A circuit, drcaitus, ambitiu 
Circular, circularis, orbicus 
To circulate, circulor, terminor 
Cinmlation, circulatio 
Circulatorr, circulatorins 
Circumambient, circumambiena 
To circumcise, circumcido 
Circumcision, circumcisio 
A circumference, circulus 
A circumllex, circumflexus 
Circumlocution, circumlocutio 
To circumscribe, circnmscribo_ 
A circumscribing, or circumscrip- 
tion, eircumscriptio - [tus 
Circumspect, consideratus, can- 
To be circumspect, caveo^ pro- 

Circumspection, consideratio 
Circumspectly, caut^ proridi 
A circnmatano^ circumstantia, 

Circumstantid, circumstantialis ; 

(particular), aingularis 
Circumstances, res, conditio 
To circumvent, ciroumvenio 
A circumventing, deceptio 
A circus, or cirque, circus 
A cistern, dsterna 
A ciudel, arx. acropolis 
A citation, dtatio, prolatio 
To cite, cito, accerso 
A citiien, civis, municeps 
A citron, midum Assyrium 
A citT (buildiii^), urbs,oppidum; 

(inhabitants), civitas 
Ofadty, urbanus 
Civil, civilis, comia, nrbanns 
Civility, comitas, urbanitas 
To civilize, mansuefacio 
Civilly, oomitte, urbanitte 
A clack, crepitacuium ; (long 
tongue), lingulaca. garrulitaa 

To clack, crepito, ganria 

A clackin|r, crepitatio 

Clad, vestitus. amictua 

A claim, vindicatio 

To claim, vindico, aaaero, arroga^ 

A claimant, vindicator 
A claiming, vindicatio 
To clamber, scando 
Clammy, viscidus, viacoaua 
Clamminess, viscositas 
Clamuur, clamor 
To clamour, clamo, exclamo 
Clamorous, clamosua, importuBoa 
A clan, tribus, cUentela [tus 

CUadestine, dandestinua, secr»- 
Clandestinely, dJun, t'lanonU***^, 

To clane, clan|^ 
To dank, tinmre 
A clap (blow), ictna; (noiae), 

crepitus ; (of thunder), fragtw ; 

(with the hands), plausus 
To clap (strike), percutio; (at 

a play), plaudo ; (on the back)* 

demulceo: (make a noise), 

strepo; (hands), plaudo; (up 

in prison), in cuatodiam txm< 

dere; (wings), alas quatcre 
Clap-boards, materia cadorum 
A clapper, plausor; (ofabdlj or 

door), malleus; (of a null), 

A clapping, plausus 
To clarity, porgq, despnmo, da- 

A darion, litnus 
To dash (disagree), discrepo ; 

(make a noiscT, dango ; (beat 

r'nst), collido * 

hing, discrepatio, clangor 

Clashing, collidens, dissidens 

A clasp, fibula, davicula 

To clasp, infibnlo, amplector; 
(hands), manus coignngere 

A class, classis, series 

Classical, dassicus 

To clatter, strepo, garriOk alter- 
cor, litigo 

A clattering; atrepitni, gamtua, 

A clause, clausula, sententia 

A claw, unguis, ungnla 

To claw (scratch), acalpo; (flat' 
ter), demulceo 

Clawed, nuKuibus laoeratna 

A clawing, Taceratio 

Claws of a fish, cheUr, arum 

Clay, lutum, argUla 

To day, luto oblinere 

Clayey, lutosus, ar^illaceus 

Clean, mundus, nitidus, puma 

Very clean, permundua 

To dean, or cleanse, mundo^ ex- 
purgo. diluo. elimo 

To be clean, eniteo, niteo 

Cleanlinee^ munditiea, nitor 

Cleanly, mund^ puri 

To cleanse, mnndo. See to Cleaa 

A cleansing, purificatio 

Clear (bright), locidus, perlnd* 
due; (tair), serenus; (mani- 
fest), conspicuus; (calm), im* 
perturbatus; (pure), limpidua; 
(in sound), clams, sonoms; 
(without infection), integer; 
(without mixture), menu; (out 
of debt), solutus lere aueno; 
(in the head), aagax; (in- 
nocent), innoxius 

Clear (quite), prors(u, oraninft 

To dear (acquit), iU>solvo; (a 
dottbt^, expiano ; (a crime), 
purgo ; (from), libero ; (an 
account), rationes exaequare 

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To be clear, dareo, niteo 

To elear ao, elaresoo 

Cleaily, clart, penpicai, pUmi. 

purd, omnin6, prorsti* 
Cleanie«% nitor, Mreoitas, jper- 

spocoitM, cUritas, aiooentas, 

innooentia, int^htai 
ToeleaTe.flndo,dehiBCo; \ 

; (of). 


A cleaTer, danacolam 

A leaving (to), 

Clearing to, adhaerens 

A deft, rima, fiasora 

Thmt nay be cleft, ftMilis 

Cleft in two, bifida* 

Clemency, dementia, lenita* 

Clement, demens, mitia 

To deaeh, retnndo 

The dercy, clenu 

Of the clergy, sacerdotaBa 

A clergrmanj derioos 

Clerical, denedis 

A dcrk (dercyman), deriemi ; 
(of a parish), taeriata; (to 
write), acriba ; (of the peace), 
dericua pads; (of the mar- 
ket), BdiUa Ubripens; (of the 
rolls), acriniariua; (to a gen- 
tleman), scriba 

derer, dexter, agifis, adera 

Cleveriy, dextri, agilit«r 

The dew, (of a sail), pea vdi; 
(of thread), glomus 

To dick, crepito, reaono 

A clicking, tmaitas 

A ckent, cliens, clientela 

Acliir, rapes, petia; (in 
daria ; (of wood), fruatom 

CUmaeterieal, dunaetericna 

A climate, or clime, -regio, trae- 
tua. plaga. dima • 

A dimax, gradatio 

To dimb, acando, ascendo, con- 

To diach (aa the £st), contraho; 

(a nail), repaogo, inflecto 
A clinching, oontraietio, retuaio 
To ding, adJaereo, cohiereo 
To dink, ctepo, tinuio 
A clinking, erepitoa, tianitxia 
To dip, tondeo, obscindo, cireom- 

tondeo, praeddo, diminno; (in 

apeech), mal« prommdare, 

Osci and Volsci loqui 
Clipped, or dipt, tonsoa 
A dipping, tonsio, pnedaio 
Clippings, praeaegmina 
A cloak, palliam, sagom 
A doak-bag, nantica 
A cloak (for a fadt). pnetextvs 
To cloak, vdo, dissimulo 
A dock (machine), horolegium; 

(hour), hora; (insect), acara- 

Adod,g1eba, snnmui 
To clod, ooagulor 
Cloddy, gtebosiu 
A dog (hindrance), hnpedimen- 

tom ; (for horses), obex ; 

(wooden), cdones ; (le*tber), 

sealponeK ex corie confeota 
To dog, impedio, obstmo, onero, 

I A doiater, monaatniom, porticna 
Close (shut), occlustts; (aeoret), 
j areanua; (dark), teiid>roaiu; 

(fast), ftrmoa; (narrow), an- 
j goatoa; (near to), eontiniaa; 
' (reserved). Udtomna; (thick), 

densoa; (eovetoaa), avaru^ 
Close by, Ticinoa, propinqnns, 

iaxta. prone, propter, seeandam 
Clow together, oonfertos, coati* 

now, conliBvtlm. coi^nncti 

To dose, claudo, condudo ; (con- 
ceal), edo, taceo; (keep in), 
coerceo ; (hed^ in), sepio ; 
(together), oonjungo; (with a 
proposal), paciscor 

A close, or iudo»ure, septnra 

Closely, tecti, dens6, confenlm, 
dancalhm, simnlati 

Closeness, angostia 

A closet, coaolaTe. cella 

A dot, gleba, grumos 

Cloth, pannas ; (of state), eono- 
peuro; (for a horse), stragu- 
lam; (hair), cilidam; (linen), 

To clothe, vestio, amido 

Clothes, Testis, Testimentum 

Clothing, vestitos 

Clotted, concretus, coagulatns 

A cloud, nubea 

To cloud over, nube tegere 

To grow dood^, nubilo 

Cloudy, nubilus, aubaubilua ; 
(weather), c«Iam nubilum 

Clouded, nndulatus, nube tectus 

A clove, caryophyllnm 

Cloven, fissus; (tooted), bifldua 

Clover, trifblium pratense 

A clout, panniculus 

To dout, sarcio. assuo 

A down, rosticus, odonns 

Clownish, agrestis, inurbanus 

Clownishly, rustiei, tnnrban* 

Clownishness, rusticitas 

To cloy, satio, exsaturo 

Cloved, satiatus, saturatus 

A club, clava, fastis ; (at cards), 
trifolium ; (meeting), compo- 
tatio^ sodetas; (towards a 
reckoning), collecta, symbola 

To dub, symbolam oonfierre 

Club-footed, loripes 

To duck, glodto 

A clue. See Clno 

Clumaily, crass^ mali 

Clumsiness, rustidtaa 

Clumsy, inhabilis, rusticns 

A duster (of grapea, &c.)« **£«- 
rous; (heap), acervns 

The dutches, unnes, manns 

To clutter, tumultuor, concnrro 

A clutter, tumultus, turba 

A clyster, clyster 

A coach, rheda, curma 

A hackney-coadi, curroa meri- 

A coachman, anriga [rinm 

A coach-hoose. stabnlnm rheda- 

A coadjutor, coUega 

To coagulate, coagalo 

A cod, carbo, pruna; (pit), car- 
bonaria fodina ; (merchant), 

Of cods, earbooariaa 

To codesce, coalesoo 

Codition, coalitio, conjunctio 

Coarse, crassus, agrestis 

Coarsely, crassi 

Coarseness, crassitude 

A coast, ora, limes, littus 

To coast along, orara legere 

A coat, tunica, veatis; (of mdl). 
lorica; (of arms), insigne gen- 
tilitium; (of armour), pduda- 
mentum ; (of a horse), setK 
equina; (of a child), veatis 

Coated, tunieatua 

To coax, adblandior, demnkeo 

To cobble, aarcio 

A cobbler, sutor, cerdo; (cob- 
bler's shop), antrina 

A cobweb, aranea 

Full of cobwebs, araneoana 

Cochimd, cochinilla 


A cock, gallus; (of a did), gno- 
mon ; (of hay), foeni meta; 
(of a cistern), epistomium, 
papilla; (of a gun), aeipen- 
tina; (boat), acapha; (of aa 
arrow), crena sagittn 

Cock's crowing, gdlidnium 

Of a cock, galhnaceus 

To cock (a hat).attdlo: (hay), 
foenam, in cumulos struere ; (a 
gun), serpentinum adduccre; 
(a bow), arcum intenden 

A cockatrice, basiliscua 

A cockade, vitta rose formA 

Cocked (as a gun), addnctns; 
(as bay), in cumulos stmctaa 

To cocker, nimls indulgere 

Cockered, mdlitir, enutritus 

A cockering, indulgent ia 

A cocket. schedula vectigalia 

A cockle, cochlea 

To cockle, oorrugor 

A cockney, vir urbaans 

A cud (huak), ailiqua; 

A code, codex 

A codicil, codicillna 

To coddle, eoquo, elixo 

Coddled, eocttts, elixus 

A codlin. pomum prwcox 

CoetBcient, coCfBciena 

Coequal. eoCqualia 

Coercion, cofircitio 

Coercive, coeroena 

Coeasentid, coessentialia 

Coetaneoos, cyuadem 

Coetemal, eoRtemua 

Coeval. coKvus, (jusdem «vi 

Coexistent, coCxistais 

Coffee, kapha 

A coffee-house. knphipoUvm 

A coffer, area, capsa 

A cofferer, dispenaator; (to the 
kins), quBstor srarius 

A coffin, loculus, sandapila 

To cog a die, deam componere 

The cog of a wheel, dens rota 

A cog-wheel, roM denticalata 

Cogency, ris, efflcacia 

Cogent, cogens, efllcax 

Cogently, efflcaciter, importune 

Cogitation, cogitatio 

Cognisance, cognitio, notitia 

To have cognizance, cognosco 

To take cognisance, examine 

To cohabit, simtil habitare 

A cohabiMtion, convictna 

A coheir, cohnres 

To cohere, coluereo 

A coherence, cohaerentia 

Coherent, cohxrens, oongvnens 

A cohort, cohors 

A coif, capitde. mltdla [rata 

To coil a rope, rudentem ^orae- 

Coin, moneta, peconia, nummins, 

To coin, cudere nnmmum; 
(feign), ilngo 

Coinage, moneta perousaio 

Coined, casus, llctaa, aignatoa 

A coiner, nummi cuaor 

Coina, numismata; (of build- 
ings), ancones 

To coincide, congmo, oomrenio 

Coincident, conveniens 

A coinddence, concursua 

A coit, discua 

Cold, nAai. frigua, al^; «^'. 
firigidus, gelidus, dgtdua 

A cold, gravedo 

To have a cold, gravedine labo- 

To be cddj frigeo, frigesco, rigao 
rigeaco, harreow deferveo 

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ConflmuHoii, oonflnnati* 
To oonflscate. cenlltco 
Conftieated, confiscatut 

▲ confiscation, confiseatio 
A conflagration, inccBdinm 

▲ conflict, conflictat, contention 
oontroreraia, cartamen, impa- 
tiu. pagna 

Confluent, confluena 

A ccmflux, or oonfluenee, eonenr* 

ana, frequentia 
To confortn. confonno, aecom« 

modo, morigeror. obsequor 
Conformable, eonfonnis, eoBgni* 

Conformably, congraentte 
A conformist, qui confonnat 
Conformity, eonformitaa 
To confound, confnndo, ipessvado, 

perdo, permisceo, ennoOf pa« 

dorem incutere 
A confounder, turbator 
A confounding, confusie 
To confiront, eortoi confem 
Confronted, eoriun adductua 
To confuse, conftindo, pertnrbe 
Confusedly, confus^ mistlm 
•Conf^ision, conf^io, pudor, labas, 

.A confutation, refutatio 
To confute, conftito, refello 
'To congeal, congelo, rigeo 
.A congealing, concretio 
'To conglutinate, conglutino 
'To congratulate, gratulor 
'Congratulation, eungratulatio 
To congregate, congrego 
A congregation, congr^^o, een* 

A eongresa, congreasus, ooitio 
Congruity, congruentia 
Congruous, congmena 
Conic, Conical, conicus 
Coi|}eotural, cotOeeturaUi 
A conjecture, coi|}eetntm 
To conjecture, coigido, aagarofr 
Coiyointly, Conjunctly, coi^nne- 

Conjugal, coi^jugalis 
To coi^ugpate, declino, infleeto 
A conjugating, inflectio 
A coigogation, conjugatio 
A conjunction, conjunctio 
Conjuncture (state cftJbin), re- 
nun statue 
A conjuration, eonjnratioi (en- 
chanting), Cssdnatio 
To conjure, conjoro, eonspiro^ 

A conjurer, magna venefleiu 
A conjuring, fkscinatio 
To connect, conneeto, alligo 
A connexion, eonnexio, nexua 
Connivance, dissimulatio 
To connive, conniveo, diadmvlo 
Connubial, connubialis, conju- 

To conquer, vineo, aubigo^ de- 

bello, sopero, domo 
A conqueror, victor, debellator 
A conquest, victoria, trium]^«s 
Consanguinity, cognatio 
The consdence, oonsdentia, re- 


Consdentious, cquna, integer 
Consdentionsly, religioai; Jxuth 
Conscientiouaneaa, squi revi 

Consdous, consdus 
Consciousness, consdentia 
To consecrate, conseero, aaero* 

A consecrating, eonsecratio 
Consent, consensus, asaenaoa 
Against my eonien^ ma invito 

^mhoat my 


With one consent, uno ore 
To consent, consentio, 

indulgeo, annuo 
Consentaneous, congruaas 
A consenting to, assensio 
Consequence, consequentia, eon- 

secutio, momentum, utilitas 
By, or of consequence^ ide6, 

Consequently, deinctpa, 

Conservation, conservatio 
A conservator, conservator 
A conservatory, repositorium 
To conserve (keep), ctutodio. etm- 

aerve ; (with sugar), condio 
To consider, considero. prame- 

ditor, revolvo ; (requite), remu- 

neror; (regard), cstimo 
Conaiderable, clarus, ezimiui» il- 

Instris, speetatus, amplus 
Considerably, maximi, mult6 
Considerate, prudens, consultoa 
Considerately, consult^, pen^m 
Consideration, consideratio, pra- 

dentia; (requital), compensa^ 

tio; (regard), respectus, ratio; 

(measure), modus ; (on account 

of), causa 
Without conaideration,ineoninIt« 
Considering, eogiuns 
Considering that, qnaadft, ntpoti 
To consign, eonsigno, assigno 
A consigning, consignatio 
To consist, eonsisto, oonvenio, 

oongruo, cohmeo 
Consistence, stabilitas, apisataa, 

Consistent, ocmsonua, congmena 
Consistently, ccmgruentte 
Consisting, oonstans, positns 
A consistory, coiMiHum 
Consolable, eonsolabilis 
Conaolation, solamen, solatiun 
Consolatt^, considatoritM 
To console, coastrior, solor 
To consolidate, ccmsolido, etm- 

gltttino, solidesco, solidor 
A conaolidating, consolidatio 
Conaenaiiee, eongruentia 

To be eonaonant, oonsto, eongrue 

A consonant, consonans 

A consort (wife), conjux, uxor; 

(oompraion), sodus, consors; 

(in music), concentua 
To conaort with, assodo 
Conspicuous, perqpioaus, illaa- 

trie, manifestus 
Conspicuoiuly, manifostft 
A conspiracy, oons^ratio, eon- 

A conspirator, oonspuratns, e<m- 

To conspire, otmspirtv eooaat t io^ 

A constable, irenarcha 
Constancy, conetantia, flrroitaa, 

fldeHtas, tolerantia, perscve- 

Constant (even), squabilis, cer- 

tns; (steadfast), constana, sta- 

bilis; (faithful), fidns ; fldeUs; 

(in Buffering), patiena; (last- 
ing), perpetuus 
Constantly (alwaya), aempir, 

A oonstellatiom, sidaa 
Consternation, constenuitio 
To constipate, oonstipo, oontraho 
A oonstipation, atipatio^ aup- 

To eonstitnte. eonctitiio, atatoo 
Constituting, constituena 
A constitution, eonstitntio 
To constrain, compeUo, cogo 
Constraint, vis, neceasita^ ia- 

pulsus, colirdtio 
By constraint, invito vi, noteaa 

Without omstraint, nmt vi, nltr6 
To construct, eonstmo 
Construction, constructio : (coa- 

struing), expositio ; (mcuung), 

To construe, expono, expHeo 
Consubstantial, eonaabstaataalia 

A consul, eonanl 
A consulship, consnlaitaa 
Consular, consularis 
A consulution, consoltatio 
To consult, oooaulo 

consulto, provideo 
Consulting, eonsnleas, p«qpea« 

To consume, oonettmo^ 

abeo, extabesco 
To eoasume (devour), imtuto} 

(diminish), imminuo ; (mdt), 

excoquo; (sp<nl),qpolio,vaato; 

(time), tero 
A consumer, eonsnmptor, pio» 

fligator, disaipator. exeaw 
A consuming, £ssipatio 
To consummate, constunmo^ per- 

fldo [fectna 

Consummate, consiuaBBatna, per- 
A consummating, conaummatio 
A consumption, ^"^f^impiifl^ 

Ccmsumptive, tabidua, phtfaiaieaa 
A contact, oontactaa 
A cont^on. eontagion tahea 
Contagious, pestiferus, tabifleaa 
Contagioosneas, vis tabifica 
To ooataia, contineo, couqir^ 

hendo, reprimo, eoCroeo 
Containing, contiaens, eapieaa 
To conuminate, inquino, poliao 
To contemn, oontenmo, apemo 
A oonteniner, centempter, aprttor 
A contemning, contemptio 
To contemplate, ooate^^or 
A contemplation, contemplatio 
Contemplative, eontemplativua 
A contemplator, conten^lator 
Contmaporary, Kqualia 
Contempt, oontemptna, deqpee- 

tus. odium, ignomioia [tia 

Contemptible, eontemaendai^ vi- 
Contemptiblmesa, vilitas 
Contemptibly, contemptla 
Contemptuous, fastidiosna 
Contemptuously, Usstidios* 
To contend, conteado^ certo ad- 

Contending, conteadcna 
A contending, oontentio 
A contender, certator 
To content, placeo, mulceo 
The content, capadtas, ambitaa 
Contentedness, cquanimitas 
Contentedly, gquanimittr, lenitto 
A contention, contention lis 
Contentions, litigioaus, movoaaa 
Contentiousness, morositaa 
Contentment, oblectatio 
Contenta of a book, caput, a^gn- 
mentiun; (of a veaae^ Ac), r«a 

To conteat, eontendon Utigo 
A contest, lis, disceptatio 
Conteauble, dnhitahilia 

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A MBtcating; ooBt«BtJD 
nie context, contezua 
A oootextnre, contextnm 
Contignity, propiDqaitM 
Contijnious. coDti|raa«,aij«actiu 
ContiKQoatly, strietlm, prts»t 
Continence, oontiaentu^ p«di- 

Continent, eastns, pndieu* 
The continent, continens 
Continentlj, CMti. podioi 
A contingracy, cmd« 
Continent, cua accident 
A contingent, pan fcederata 
Contingents, contingentin 
Contingently, etait, fortnit6 
CoBtinual. peiennit, perpetuns 
ContintiaUy, perpetnA^ e(Hiti> 

Continnnoee, perpecuitaa, peren> 
nitas ; (in • place), ccnounoim- 
tio ; (penererance), peneve- 
rantia; (of time), progreaana 
A eontinoatien, oontinoatio 
To continue (endure), dnio, eonti« 
nno} (ttay),nianeo; (asacoiu 
torn), inreteraaco; (go on), 
pergo ; (prolong), prodnco^ 
A continuing, pemansie 
Continuing, dnrana^ diutanraa 
Continnitjr, continuitas 
A contortion, oontortio, diatortio 
Contmband, prohibitna, interdie- 

A oontraet, paetnm, eompaetom 
To ofoitnict, eontnho, padacor, 

A ooBtimction, eontiactio 
A contraetor, paotor, atipolator 
To contradict, oontiadicot adver* 

Contradicting, eontradieena 
A contradiction, contradictio 
Contradictory, contrarioa 
Contrariety, repugnantia 
CoBtrariwiaa, contrarii 
Contrary, contrariui^ aramia. 


To M contrary, adTcrsor, rapagno 

On the contnu7, coutrii 

A o^traat, op]poaitio 

To eoatraat, diverao aitn ponere 

A eontrareation, violatio 

Contribatary, stipcndiariaa 

To contribute contribno^ eaakato 

A eontribator, collator 

A emtribntion, coUatio 

Contrite, contritus, trittia 

Contrition, redpisccntia 

A contriTanec, inTeatio, aia 

To oontriTC, ingo; (deaign), ati^ 

tno, machinor 
Contrd. reprdienMO 
To control (diaproTe), redargue^ 

contradioo ; (ezanuac), cza* 

mino, obiervo 
A controller, intpcctor, 
Controrenial, ad eont 

A oontroveray, eontroveraia, lia 
To controreit, diaeepto 
Contnmacioaa, oontumaz, perti> 

OoatamaeieBaly, eoatnmadtte 
Contumacy, contoroada 
Contumeuoua, contomelioaaa 
Contumely, contoaelia 

ToconTene, dto, ooBTOcOb etuh 

A coBTcnianee, commoditaa, op> 

portanitaa, convenientia 
ConTcnient, commodua, idonena, 
ruena, opportunua 

Very couTenient, peridonena 
A convent (meeting), eonvaataa ; 

(monastery), mcmasteriam 
A conTcnticle, conTcnticulom 
A oouTcntion, ootBTentua, eon* 

Tcntio, cactus [tinena 

Cowrentaal, ad monasterium per- 
To couTcrga^ ▼ergo^ deflecto 
Convergent, vergeua, deflecteaa 
CouTeraant, Toraatua, exerdtus ; 

(witb), aliquo fiuniliaritteutena 
Conversation, or converse, eon- 


To converse, versor, utor, odlo- 

qnor, congredior 
A conversion, ecaveraio, matakio^ 

A convert, ad iidem eoaveraaa 
To convert, eonverto, redaeo 
C<mvertible, matabilia 
Convex, convexoa, gibbua 
Convexity, oonvezitaa 
To convey, deduco, aaporto^ ab- 

duoo» «ipio^ conveliOb trana- 

mitto, importo, exporto, aba* 

A eonveyaace, expotatio ; (deed), 

abalienationis instnunentum ; 

(of water), aqua deductio 

portitor, b^ialua 

; (carrier). 

A conveying (awav), anbductio; 

(an estate), abalienatioi (in), 

inductio ; (over), tr«jectio; 

(out), exportatio 
A eonriet, oonrietus, evictua 
To convic^ convince^ evinoo 
A convietioo, convictio 
To convince, convince, coargao 
A convincing, convictio 
Convincingly, manifeat> 
Conrivial, convivalia 
A convocation, convocatio 
To convoke^ convooo 
A convoy (guide), dadaetor; 

(guard), prcaidhua 
To convoy, deduco 
Convulsed, oonvulsua 
A convulnon, oonvuldo 

A cony (rabbit), cnnieulua 

Tocoo, gemto 

A eodng, gemitua 

A cook, coquua; (mdd), aadl- 

la cnlinaria; (room), culina; 

(sbop), popina 
To cook, coquo 
Cookerv, ara eo^uinaria 
A cooking, eoctio 
Cool, fripdulua, firigidna 
To cooL refrigero, frigeseo 
To cool one's courage, 

CooUv, frigid^ 
A cooling, refrigoratio 
Cooling medidnea, refrigecaiUMria 
Coolness, frigus, cautda 
A coomb, mensnra qnataor mo- 

A coop, con, cavea 
To coop in, or Jtf, obaideo, dr- 

A cooper, doliariua 
To cooperate, coopetor 
A cooperating, cooperatio 
A cooperator, oooperator 
Coordinate, xquaua 
A cop. eriata, apex 
A copartner, partieepa 
CopartBcrahip» aodetaa 

A cope kma, paUiaa, finaiz 
To cope, odluctor, eommitto 
A coping eoUuctatio, coo gr asi i e 
Tbe coping (of a bonae), iasti* 

ginm; (of a wall), pnyeetura 
C^ioua, copioaus, abundani» uber 
Copiously, copies^ aiisdm 
Copjousnesa, abundantia 
Copped, cacuminatus, criaCatua 
Copper, cuprum, orichalomi 
A copper, caldarium, abeana 
Of copper, vrariua, creua 
Copperaa, vitriohuB 
A coppice, aylva eaedua 
To copulate, copulo, necto 
A copulation, coigunctio, coitaa 
Copulative, copnlativua 
A copy, exemplar; (transcr^), 

To copj after, imitor, transcribo 
Aeopyiag (afte>),imitatio; (out) 

A coquet, virgo petnUna 
CoquetiT, pe^ilantia 
Coral (tbe plant) , coraUum 
A oord, ftiuia, restia ; (of wood)* 

atruea; (maker), re^tio 
Cordage, funea 

To cort up, fttoibua sacdagart 
A Cordelier, Frandacanua 
Cordial, eordatus, sincerua 
Cordially, ex aninMV sineert 
Cordials, rardiaca 
A cordwaioer, caleearius, autor 
Core (of fruit), dcua, voWa; (of 

a boil), sinus ulceris 
A cork-tree, suber, cortea 
A cork, opmnlum Mibeream 
To cork, suber imarittert 
Of cork, subereus 
A eormovant (bird), eervua aqua- 

ticua{ (glutton), bdluo 
Com, ftir, frumentum. aegea, an< 

nona, aau ; (idd), arvum ; 

(ear of), spica ariata 
Of com, farreua, triticena 
To reiqi com, frumentor 
To com, sde condire 
A com (of sdt, ftc.) gramon, 

mica; (on the toes, «c.) cal- 
A cornelian, sarda lairis 
A comer, angulua; (lurking^ 

place), latibulum, latebra, re- 

eessus ; (<^ a houa^ Ac.), ^tr- 

aura; (of tbe eye), bin^aua ; 

(of a atreet, Ac), compitum; 

(in waUa), anconea 
In a comer, seereto^ clanculbm 
A comet (bom), bucdna; (of 

borse), vexillifer 
He that bloweth a oomet^ comi« 

A comiee, eorona, projectura 
A cordlary, oorolUuium 
The coronation, inauguratio 
A coroner, csdia qussitor 
A coronet, sertum. corolla 
A corporal (officer), decurio 
Corporal, oorporalis, corporeua 
Corporally, corporalitte, oorporft 
Corporate, corporatns 
A corporation (town), munici> 

pinm; (company), sodalitium 
A corpse, cadaver 
Corpulency, corpulentia, obedtaa 
Corpulent, obesus, crassus 
Corpuscles, corpuscula 
To correct, eastigo, repreheado; 

(amend), dimo, e m a c uio , ra* 

Correct, aecnratna 
A corrector, corrector, caatigator; 

(of manners), censor 
A ooireeting, or oorrectioB, oo • 
., , CJ* 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 




, leetio { (panUhmeBt), snppli- 

ConrecUy, txxnwXh, 

CorreetneM, accaratio 

To correspond (suit), ooii|rrao; 
(by letter), literu transmittere 

Correspondence (agreement), 
oonjpruentia ; (commerce, or fa* 
miliarity), commereiani, oon- 

Correspondent, congraeus, con- 

A correspondent (friend), inti- 
mos; (in trade), absentia n^o* 
tiorum procurator 

A corridor, lorica, oortina 

A co-riTal, competitor 

To corroborate, confirmo, firmo, 
roboro, ratum facere 

To corrode, corrodo 

A corroding, corrosio, anzietaa 

CorrosiTC, rodens, ezedens 

To corrupt, comimpo, vitio, per- 
do, pollao, stupro, iiificio, de- 
pravo, putresco, tabesco 

Corrupt, malus, prams, vitiostts, 
morbidus, vitiatus, contagiosus, 
pestilens, mendosns 

A corruptor, vitiator, violator 
' Corrupuble, corruptibilis 

Corruption (of manners), depra- 
Tatio, corruptio: (bribery), re- 
petundae; (m the body), em- 
pyema; (infection), ctHTuptela; 
(rottenness), putredo 

Corruptly, sordid^ purulent^ 

A corsair, pirata 

A corse (corpse), cadaver 

A corset, pemonium 

A corslet, lorica 

Coruscant, comseans, rndlans 

A cosmographer, orbis descriptor 

Cosmograpnical, cosmogpraplucus 

Cosmography, cosmographia 

Cost, impensa, sumptns 

To cost, consto, sto 

CostiTc, constipatus, astringens 

CostiTcness, alri astrictio 

Costliness, earitas 

Costly, cams, sumptuoao^ splen- 
didns, magnificus 

Costly, laut« 

Cot, w cottage, caaa ; (for aheep), 

Contemporary, squKvui, cqualii 

Cotton, gossipium 

Of cotton, gossipinna 
To cotton (aneel 
A couch, grabatu 

), consentio 


To coach, comprehendo ; 
down), procumbo, cubo 

Couchant, Cubans, jacens 

A coaching, cubatio 

A corenant, pactum, ftsdus 

To covenant, paciscor, depa c iscor 

Covenanted, pactas, depactua 

A covenanting, pactio 

A cover, tegmeu, operculum ; 
(pretence), pneteitua 

To cover, tego, velo, celo, obduco ; 
(a bed), stemo, compono; (a 
mare), ineo; (a table), instruo 

A covering, tegmen, velamen ; (of 
a bed), stragulum ; (of a house), 
tectum, imbricium ; (the ao- 
tion), obdoctio; (clothing), a- 
inictus,vestitus; (hiding), pne- 

A coverlet, stragula, tegea 

Covert, tectus 

A covert, latibulum, latebra 

Covertly (closely), tecti, 8ecret6, 

To covet, cupio, ooncnpiiOQ, litio, 
«ppeto, aveo 

Coveting, cupieni, appetens 

A covetmg, cupiditas, libido 

Covetous, cupidos, avarus, avidns 

Covetousness, avaritia, ami fkmes 

A covey, grex, pnllities 

A cough, tussis 

To cough, tussio 

A coulter, culter 

A council, concilium, senatus; 
(ecclesiastical), synodus 

Of a council, comitialis 

Counsel, consilium, monitum 

To counsel, consulo, moneo 

A counsellor, consiliarins; (at 
law), juris consultus; (privy), 
it eonuliis regis arcania 

A count, comes 

To count (number), nnmero, 
eomputo,pemumero; (esteem), 
ezistimo, deputo, duoo 

A countenance, vultus, aspectus; 
(credit), exiatimatio; (encou- 
ragement, favour), auxiHum, 
suppetiK, favor 

A atately countenance, grande 

Out of countenance, confbsus 

To countenance. &veo, adjuvo 

A counter, calculus ; (for a shop), 
abacus, loculus; (prison), car- 

Counter, uij, eontrarius; oJv. h 
contrario, oontrit, alimshm 

To counterbalance, excqno 

Counterfeit, q>urins, flctitius 

A counterfeit, simulatio; (per- 
son), simulator, imitator 

To counterfeit, imitor, simnlo, 
dissimulo, obtego, adnltero, 
fingo, adumbro, reprssento 

A counterfeiting, simulation imi- 

Counterfeiting, simnlans 

A countermand, mandatum con- 

To countermine, contrari6 agere 

A counterpane, stragulum su- 

A counterpart, antigraphura 

A counterpoise equilibrium 

To oount^poise, hbro, propendeo 

A counterscarp, lorica 

To countervail, oompenso 

A countess, comitisaa 

Countini;, numerans 

A countmg, nnmeratio 

A country, terra, regio ; (native), 
patria, natale solum 

The country, ms 

Proper to our country, vemaenlus 

Of your country, vestraa 

Of the country, Kgrestis 

A countryman, ruricola; [fur of 
the same country), indigene 

A countrv lif<^ viu mstiea 

Country-like, rusticatlm 

A county, comitatus, ager 

A couple, bini, par, duo 

To couple, copiUo, eonjungo, 
jnngo; (unite), unio, coco 

A coupling, copulatio 

Courage, magnanimitaa, virtus 

Courage! mactel age! 

Courageous, fortis, strenuui 

Couratfeously, fortitir, strennft 

A courier, nuncins, cursor 

A course (turn), vicissitudo ; 

!way, er means), via, ratio; 
running), cursus; (custom), 
mos; (order), series; (of wa- 
ter), ductus 
To course (hunt), sector 
A courser, veredus, sonipes 
Courses (of the moon), invee- 
(of women). 

A court (yard), area, atrium; 

(of law), caria ; (of a prince), 

r^a, palatium; (of equity), 

cancellaria; (roll), arduvum ; 

(days), dies fasti 
To court, solidto, ambio 
A courtier, aulicus 
Courteous, urbanoa, civilis, ean- 

didus, beneficus, affuhiHs 
Courteously, oomitir, allhbilitte 
A courtesan, meretriz, scortnm 
Courtesy, urbanitas, lenitaa, co> 

mitas, benignitaa 
A courtesy, beDeficium,joffleiua 
Courtliness, civilitaa 
Courtly, indulgens 
Courtship, ambitus, aoUdtatio 
A cousin, affinis, consanguineus 
A cow, vacca, bos, juvenea 
Of a cow, bovilltu, vaccinua 
A coward, timidus, ^navua 
Tooow, timorem iigicere alieui 
Cowed, timore affectua 
Cowardice, timiditaa 
Cowardly, ignavi, timidA 
To cower, se ineurvare 
A cowl, cucuUns ; (a tub), dolinm 
Coy, protervus, fiistidiosua 
To be coy. modestiae studera 
Coyly, fastidios^ cautft 
Coyness, fastus, festidium 
To coxen, decipio, fallo 
Coxenage, firaoa, dolus 
A coxmer, fraudator 
A oosening, f^udatio, deeeptio 
A crab (fruit), arbutum; \tA- 

low), morosuB ; (fish), cancer; 

(stick), fustis arbuteus 
Crabbed, acerbus, torvna, moro> 

aus; (obscure), obacuros^ dif- 

Crabbedly, austeri, moroa^ 
Crabbedness, austeritas, torvitaa 
A crack (flaw), rima, fissura; 

(noise), crepitus; (boaater), 

To crack, ooUido, mmpob findo^ 

crepo, crepito; (flaw), fatia- 

co; (ona^s credit), oonturbo; 

(boast), glorior; (burst), dia- 

Crack brained, insanua, cerritna 
Cracked, pertusus, comminutns 
A cracker (boaster), jactator, glo- 

riosus; (of gunpowder), siclop- 

pus, pyrobolnm ; (of nuts), nu- 

A cracking, crepitation crepitna, 

A cracknel, collyra 
A crackling, crepitus 
A cradle, cunabula, cunae; (of 

iron), craticula 
Craft (cunning), astutia; (trade), 

ars; (trick), dolus 
A handicraft, ars mechaniea 
A craftsman, artifex 
Craftily, callid^ astute 
Craftiness calliditas, astutia 
Crafty (sly), vafer ; (cunning) 

callidus; (deceitAil), subdolua 
A crag, petra, rubea 
The crag (neck), cervix 
Craggy, petrosus, inoqualia 
To cram, farcio ; (together), eon* 

stipo ; (poultry), sagino 
Crammed, saginatua, mrtua 
A cramming, saginatio^ ikrtura 
The cramp, spasmus, torpor 
To cramp (squeese), oontorqueon 

conveUo ; (re*traui|, ooerceo 
Cramp, uii. durinscums 
A cramp-iron, subseus ferrea 
To cranch, dentibus firangere 
A crane (bird), gms; (to raise 

Digitized by 





op Koodt), racnla, gmt ; (pipe 
to mm liquors), lipho 
Ciank (bridK),i«taf; (of awaU), 

. A ennnj, iason, rima 
C»pc^ panna* eamelinna tonou 
A crash, fragor, stridor 
To crash, fruigo, strideo 
Craasitiide, crasdtado 
A cravat, collare 
To crave, rogo, postolcH elllagito^ 

rogito, imploro 
A craving, aviditas. rogatna 
Craving, avidas, rabidus 
Cravinglj, avidt, capidt 
The craw, avis ventncolos 
To crawl, serpo, rfpo ; (with lice), 

vermino, vermiculor 
Crawlinjg. repens, reptilis 
A erawlmg, reetatio 
A craj-fish, cancer 
Craxed (broken, or weak), firac- 

tua,confectas; (mad), insanus; 

(sickly), infirmas, imbecillis 
Craiineas, imbedlUtas, debilitas 
To croJc, strideo, crepo 
Creaking, stridnlos 
A creaking, crepitus, stridor 
Cream, laetis flos; (of a jest), 

A crease, plica 
To crease, plico 
To create, creo, condo 
Creative, ereant 
A creating, or Creation, creatio 
A creator, creator, procreator 
A creature, creatura; (living), 

anirrnil ; (of a great man), diens 
Credence (belief), fides 
To cive credence, credo^ fldem 

Credentials, snctoritates 
Credible, credibilis 
Credibility, probabilitaa 
Credibly credibility 
Credit (authority), auctoritas ; 

(reputation), £Bma: (belief), fi- 

iem; (in traffic), fides 
Of credit, honoriflcus 
To credit, confido, credo, decoro 
To grow in credit, innotesco 
Creditable, honorificns 
Creditableness. honor, decns 
A creditor, creditor 
Credoloos, credolus 
Credahty, crednlitas 
The creei, symbolum fldei 
A creek, sinus, crepido 
To creep, serpo, repo; (into fk- 

voar), insinuo ; (fawn), adulor ; 

(unawares), snbrepo 
Creeping, repens. reptilis 
A creeper, focarius 
A creeping, reptatio, snbreptio 
Crept (in fidsely), snrreptitius 
Cresses, nsstnrtium 
A crest, crista, apex ; (of an hel< 

met), galear pinna; (uf a horse), 

juba; (of a coat of arms), i4>^ 

Crested, erisUtns 
A crevice, fissora, rima 
A crew, grex 
A crib, prcsepe 
A crick, tetanus, spasmus 
Acricket (insect), griUus; (stool), 

sella homiUor ; (play), Indus 

bacuKet piUe 
A crime, crimen, delictum, fla- 

gitium, fiscinus 
Cnminal, criminalis; (person), 

noxitts, sons, reus; (action), 

fadnos, indignum, flagitium 
Crimson, eoccum 
Of crimson, cocdnens 

To cringe, servilitir indinaza 

Crinpnng. venerabundus 

A cnnring, veneratio serviUs 

A crinkleymga, unns 

To crinklR, cormgo, plico 

Full ot crinkles, ilexuosus 

A cripple, daudns, silicemiom 

To cnpple, debilito 

Crisis, crisis 

Crisp (brittle), fVagilis; (curied), 
cnspatus, tortus 

To crisp, crispo, torqueo 

A crisping-iron, calamistmm 

A critic, critictts, censor 

Critical, criticos, censorina; (dan- 
^rotts), pericolosus 

Critically, accurate 

Criticism, critice, notatio 

To criticise, carpo, noto 

To croak (as a raven), crodto; 
(as a toad), coaxo 

Croaking, crodtans, 

A croakmg, erodtatio 

A crock (earthen pot ) , olla fietilis ; 
(soot), fuUgo 

A crocodile, crocodilos 

Crocodile tears, fictK lacryma 

A croe, vectis ferreus 

A crony, congerro, amiculns 

A crook, harpago, hamus; (shep- 
herd's), pedum 

To crook. incurvo,infiecto,flecto; 
crooked), enrvesco^ 

Crookedness, cnrvitas, curvamen 

A crop (of com), messis; (bold- 
ness), audacia ; (of a bird), in- 

To crop, carpo, decerpo 

Cropsick, crapnlA gnvis 

A crosier, pedam epiacopale 

A cross, crux; (disappointment), 
infortunium ; (monument in 
the way), stela 

Cross (contrary), adversus, per- 
versus; (athwart), transversus; 
(peevish), morosns ; (unto- 
ward), perricax 

To cross (disappoint), frustror; 
(vex), exagito ; (over), tr^ido, 
transeo; (out), oblitero, deleo 

A cross-bow, balista 

A crossing, repugiiantia, fhutra- 
tio, tr^ectio, obliteratio 

Crossly, perversa, morosi 

Crossness, perricacia 

A crotchet (in music), semimini- 
ma ; (in printing), hamulus 
quadratns ; (idle), ineptix ; 
(trick), techna 

To crouch, succumbo, adulor 

A crouching, demissio, adulatio 

A crow, comix, corvus; (iron), 
vectis ferreus 

To crow (as a cock), cano, canto ; 
(boast), glorior 

Cock •crowing, gallidnium 

A crowd (fiddle), fidicula 

A crowd, freqnentia. turba 

To crowd, premo, arcto, stipo 

A crowder, fidicen 

A crowding, stipatio 

A crown, corona, diadema; (of 
the head), vertex; (of money), 
coronatus, scutum; (kingdom), 

To crown, corono, coronA omare 

A craciblc, vas fusoriura 

A crudfix, Christi crudfixi imago 

To cracify, crucifi^ 

A cracifixion, crnds supplidum 

Crude, crudus, indigestus 

Crudity, cruditas 

Cruel, crudelis, dirus» atrox, san- 

To be cmd. scvio, fSerodo 

Cruelly, cruddittr, ferocitir 

Cradty, cradelitas. scritia 

A cruet, ampulla, lecvthus 

A cruise (cup), pocillum 

Tb cruise, circumnarigo 

A cruiser, navis circumnavigans 


The cram, medulla panis 

To cram. Mo, comroinuo 

To crumble, frio, cootero 

Crummy, micis abundans 

A crumple, raga, plica 

To crample. corrugo 

Crumpled, ragosus, tortilia 

A crapper, posiilena 

The crapper, clunis 

Crural, cruralis 

A cruse, simpnlum, phiala. See 

A crash, eontnsio 
To crash, eontundo, comminno. 

opprimo, everto 
A crushing, contusio, oppressio 
A crust, crasta, crustum 
To crust, crusto. incrasto 
Crusty (crabbed), tetricus, mo- 

A cratch, sdpio, fulcrum 
Crutches, grallc 

To crv, clamo, vociferor, exclamo, 
ejulo, vagio, clamito ; (up), 
laudo; (down), diflamo; (for 
help), imploro; (against), ob- 
jurgo ; (lament), ploro ; la- 
mentor ; (weep), lacrymor, 
A cry. damor. cgulatua 
Cryed, damatus, publicatni 
A cryer, prcoo, clamator 
Cryin^^, lamentans, fiens 
A crying, ploratus, fietus ; (of 
infants), vagitus; (of hounds), 
caoum (stratus 
Crystal, crystallus 
Crystalline, crystallinus 
A cub, catulus, proles 
To cub, catulos parere 
A cube, cnbus 
Cubical, cubicus 
A cubit, cubitus, ulna 
A cuckold, curraca 
A cuckoo, cuculus 
A cucumber, cucumis 
The cud, rama, ramen 
To chew the cud, rumino 
A cudgel, fustis, baculus 
To cudgel, fuste ccdere 
Cudgelled, fustigatus 
A cue, occasio, ingenium 
A cuff; ictus, plaga; (on the ear), 
colaphus; (ontheface), alapa; 
(sleeve), manica 
To cuf^ pugnis CKdere 
A cuirass, lorica 
A cuirassier, eques cataphractus 
Culinary, culinarius 
To cuU (choose), eligo, ddigo 
A cullender, cnlum 
A cullv, delneus, fatnus 
Culpable, culpandns, culp& dig- 

A culprit, culpa pnest6 est, reus 
To cultivate, colo. foveo 
A cultivation, or culture, cultus, 

A culver, oolumba 
To cumber, onero, prnpedio 
Cumbersome, impediens, onero- 

CumbersomenesB. molestia 
A cumbrance, inipedimentum 
To cumulate, accuroulo 
Cunning, peritia. versutia 
Cunning On a good sense), doc- 




toM, peritQi. expert; (enfty)* 

ututua, Yafer, venutot 
Aeanning man, augur; (tnek), 

dolus, techna 
Cunningly, yfrh, doctft. perit* 
A cup, pocalum. tcyphui, crater; 

(of a flower), calyx 
A cup-bearer, pincema 
A cupboard, abacus, eella 
To cup, cneurbitulaa Unponera 
In hia cupi, inter pocnla 
Cupid. Cupido, Amor 
Cupidity, cupiditas, aTiditaa 
A cupola, turricula rotunda 
A cnpning-glass. cucurbitula 
Curable, tanabilit, medicabiUs 
A curate, sacerdoa Ticariua 
A curacy, Ticarii munu* 
To curb, fheno, reprimo, dmno^ 

cohibeo, coCrceo 
A curb, coCrcitio; (of a w^), 

margo; (for aboneKlupatum, 

frsnum munitnm 
Curd, coagulum, lac preasnm 
To curdle, concresoo, congelor 
Curdling, eoactio, coagulatio 
A eure (remedy), remedium. me* 

dela; (of a wound), Mmatio; 

(charge of loule), cura anima- 

nun ; (benefice), beneflcium 

ecclesiaaticnm [dife 

To cure, lano; (fish), lale con> 
A caring, sale conditum 
Curioaity, curioaitas, ttudioaa in* 

dagatio ; (rarity), ret rara 
CurioQt, curioius, accuratua, ele- 
gant, nitidus. anxiut 
Cnrioualy, cttrio»fe, nitidt^ a^ 

tio*^ ad amutrim 
A curl of hair, cirrut 
To curl, eritpo, torqueo 
A curHng-iroD, calamiitrum 
A CUV, canit vallaticut 
Currantt, utc Corinthlaea 
Currency, cursua, tenor 
Current, genuinua, probut ; 

(price), pretium commune ; 

(year), aonnt verteni ; (coin), 

probut nummut 
A current, profluoii, ourtut 
CurrentiT, Tulg6 
Curried (at a none), ttrigiH de- 

fHcatnt; (i 

tut, politui 
To cuiry (a hone), defHco; (lea- 
ther), macero ; (favour), blan- 

A curry-comb, ttrigiUa 
To curte, maledico, deroreo^ eze- 

cror, anathematizo 
A curte, imprecatio ; (of the 

church), anathema 
Curtet, dire 
Cutting, maledicena, maledicu% 

Acuning, maledietio 
Cunorily. obitir, perfkmetorii 
Cortory, levia, precept 
Cunt, dims 

To curtt^, poplitem flectere 
To curtail, decurto, minuo 
A curtailing, decurtatio 
A curtain, velum ductile; (be- 

fDre a ttage), cortina theatri; 

(In fortincatioo), ftdea, or 

front aggeris 
A curvature, curvatura 
A curve, iinea curvata 
A eurvet, taltus, exultatio 
A cushion, pulvinar; (for i^ns), 

A cutp, cutpii, roucro 
A cuttard, artolagauut 
Cuttody, custodia, career; (ward), 



Custom (use), contuetudo, mot, 
usut; (faahion), prKtcriptum, 
inttitntum; (habit), habitut 

Cuttomable, usitatus, aolitus; 
(tribute), vectigal; (trade), ne- 
gotium, emptorum firequentia 

Customary, consuetus, utitatut 

Ctutoroimly, tuiuti, atsidni 

A custom-himse, telonium ; (offi- 
cer), publicanus, portitor 

A customer, emptor 

To cut, seco, scindo, incido; (as 
the teeth), eruropo ; (manicle), 
mutilo; (asunder), rescindo ; 
(off), amputo ; (the hair), ton- 
dao; (the nails), reseco; (hew), 
diffindo; (away),exseco; (with 
an axe), aseio; (capen), tri- 

nlio; (down), ccdo; (com), 
ges raetere; (geld), emas- 

cnlo; (grave), oielo, seulpo ; 

(in), incido; (off), absdndo; 

(off an heir), exhcredo; (off a 

speech), sermmiem dirimere; 

(off a head), detrunco ; (out), 

extcindo, exseco, di s seco ; (the 

throat), jugulo; (in two), dis- 

Acu^ sdsaura; (blow), ktns ; 

(slice), offula; (gash), plaga, 

A cut-throat, sicarina 
Cut, sectus, tdssus 
Cnticular, Cutaneous, eutienlaris 
A cutlass, sica, acinaoes 
A cutler, faber cultrariua 
Cutlets, segmina 
A cutter, sector, sculptor 
A cutting, oonsectio 
Cutting (in taste), asper, 

(in wwds), mordax, ace 
Cuttings, tegmenta 
TLc cycle, eydns 
A cylinder, cylindms 
Cylindrical, cylindricus 
A cymbal, qrmbalum 
Cynical, eyniciu 
A cypress-tree, cupressoa 
01 cypress, cupreaseiu 
A cxar, imperator 
A cnriaa, impeiatiix 

A dab (blow), ictus: (of dirt), 
labecnla; (of &t), nustolnm 

A dab (one skilful), peritus 

To dabble, orebrd immergere ma- 
ntuaqiue; (one's clothes), vet- 
tes lutare; (meddle wiUiout 
skill), impoiti tractare 

A dabbling, freqoena ablutio 

A dace, spua 

A dactyl, dactylis 

Dad. daddy, tata, p^a 

A daffodil, narciasns 

A dagger, pugio, sica 

To daggle, coliutulo 

Daggled, lutotus 

Duly, mdj. quotidianus 

Daily, mdv. quotidi^ indiia 

Dainty, delicatus; (brave), ele- 
gans; (costly), opiparus; (ex- 
cellent), eximius; (squeamish), 

Daintily, delicate lauti 

Daiotiness (of feeding), tepes; 
(loathing), eopedia 

A dairy, laetarium 

A daisy, bellis 

A dale, Tallis 


Dalliance, lusut, lascivia 

A dallier, nugator 

To dally (be wanton), 
palpo; (tnfle). nugor; (phsy 
the fool), ineptio, lasdvio ; (de- 
lay), cnncto; (with one), ladi* 
ficor, ludo 

Dallying, blandus, lasciviens 

A Dallying, nogc, petulantia 

Adam (mother), mater; (bank), 
a^ger, moles ; (of plaoks), 
pile; (of a mill), stafpsum, 

To dam, oppilo, ortistmo 

Damage, damnum, ineommo- 
diun, iqjuria, Boxa, detiimai- 
turn, jactura 

To damage, Uedo^ damavai in« 

Damj«eable, damnosns, noshu; 

(liable to receive damage), ca* 

ducus, flux us, obnoxius 
Damask, sericum Damaaeenuaa 
To Damask, calfacio 
A dame, domina, hera 
To damn, damno, explodo 
Damnable, dims, execrabiUs 
Damnation, damnatio 
Damnably (very greatly), Hagw 

To damnify, damnum inferre 
A damp (vapour), exhalatlo tetra 
To damp (moisten), humido, hu« 
mesco ; (discourage), »Miin"«i 

Damp, bumidus, mucidua 

A dampness, humor 

A damsel, puella, virgo 

A dance, chorea, saltatio 

To dance, salto, tripndio 

A dancer, saltator, salutriz 

A dandng, saltatio, tripudiatie ; 

(room), orchestra 
To dandle, manibus gettan 
Dandriff, furfures 
Danger, discrimen, perieulum 
To M in danger, periditor 
Dangerous, periculosus, pend- 

Out of danger, i 
Dangerousnr, periculoaft 
To dangle, depeodeo, oonitor 
Dangling, pendulus 
Dank, Dankish, humidtu 

Dapper, agilis, a 
To dare ( 

(venture), audeo; (ebal* 
lenge), lacesso, provooo 

Daring, audax. intrepidns 

A daring, provocatio 

Daringly, audacttr, impavldi 

Dark, tenebrosus ; (blind), ec- 
cus ; (intricate), obscuru% 

Darkness, tenebr*. obscnritas; 

(of weather), caligo 
?o Darken, obscuro, caligo, 
nubilo; (one's meaning), i 



Darkish, subobscorus, c . 

Darkly, ob$curt, absconditA 

A darling, ddicis 

Darling, gratus, amatns 

To dam, reaarcio, rettdo 

A daming. sutura 

Darnel, loliura 

A dart, jaculnm, telum 

To dart, jaculor; [or come end* 
denlv upon), Bubit6 irruere 

A darting, jaculatio 

A dash (stroke with the pen), 
ductus; (mixture), mixtnra 

To dash (i^^nst),allido. incutiok 
iUido, impingo ; (sprinkle), 
aspergo; (mix), dilno, oommis- 
ceo; (pvarthtow), evetto; (sr 


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strike oot), ezeatkv oblitero, 

Duhed MTsinft. allisat, OHaat 
A dastarC putillanimut, timidos 
Dastardly, timii^.t. igtxKfh 
A date (of writinfr). tempiM scri- 

bendi ; (acconot of time), mn ; 

(fhiit), dactylus; (tree),palma 
To date, diem sabteribere, oo 
Out of date, exoletus 
Dathre, datiTua 
Todanb (nDear),obllDo; (defile), 

inqaino; (bribe), largitiooeeor- 

nunpere; (disfa{ae),diMimalo; 

(flatter), adulor; (eorer with), 

A danbiBf , wnctio, edotatio 
A daughter, nata, Ulia; (in law), 

nnroa ; (rod-daafbter), (Ilia 

fawtrica; (itep-daaKhter), pri- 

1 daau 

To daant, terreo, u i t e n eo 
Daontlesa, impaTuhu, intrepidas 
A daw, moDedola 
To dawn, illace«co, dilneeaco 
The dawn, dilncvlom 
A day, dies ; (light), lax. 
To-day, hodift, hodiemo die 
Of this day, hodiemat 
Bverr day (daily), qnotidiaBiia 
Day by day, in singulos diet 
The day before that, pridii 
The day after that, poatridiA 
In the day-time, lad 
Of a day, diamot, dialia 
The day breaketh, lucesdt 
Before day, aatelacanos 
Sunday, dies Dominical ; (Mon- 
day), dies Lanae: (Tuesday), 
diesMartis; (WeuieBdav),dies 
Mercurii ; (Thursday), dies Jo- 
tIs; (Friday), dies Yeneris; 

i Saturday), dies Satami 
tolv-dav, feri«, featum 

It is day. lacet 

The space of two days, bidaum ; 
(three days), triduum ; (four 
days), quatridaam 

To dassle, praestringo 

Dassled, prRstrictas, attonitut 

Dassling, falgidus, eoruscans 

A dnscon, diaconas 

A deaeonry, diaconatas 

I>ead,niortans,de(anetas; (dnif), 
senis, inert ; (numbed), tor- 
pldus; (aenselets), exanimis; 
(flat), marcidus ; (drink), rap- 
pa ; (almost), semianimia ; 
(drunk), rino sepaltua 

To be dead, diem obire 

Deadly, lethalitte 

Deadly, lethalis, ftmeatua 

Deadness, stupor, torpor 

Deaf^ sordua 

To deaf, or deafen, aordum red- 
dere, obtundo 

To be deaf; turdeo, dbsudeaco 

Deaflsh, aurdaater 

Deaftaeas, aurditaa 

A deal-tree, abiea 

A deal (in number, or qnaathy), 
ri^ numerua; (at carda), dia- 

To deal, ago, diatribuo; (falaely). 
prKvaricor; (in business), mer- 
cor, negotior, paeiseor.stipolor 

By a great deal, multb 

A dealer, mercator; (at cards), 
distributor; (fialsely), prerari- 

Deaiinf (trade), occapatio; (do- 
ing), factum; (at cards), dis- 
tribaiio; (treatment), tnetatio 

A dean, decanus 

A deanery, decanatua 

Dear (belored), chants, dilectua ; 

(costly), carua, pretioaua 
Dearly, car^, quamplurimd 
Dearness, caritaa 
A dearth, caritaa, fames 
Death, mora, ioteritaa, lethom; 

(slaughter), nex, occiaio, dadea 
A death-watch, termea 
Deathless, iramorta)ia, ctemua 
To debar, priro, arceo 
A debarring, privatio, excluaio 
To debase, demitto, anbmitto, de- 

pravo, adultero 
A debasing, depressio 
A debate (in law), actio, lis; 

(firiendly), eolloquram; (strife), 

disceptatio. altercatio, contentio 
To debate (discourse), arguo, die- 

sero, dispnto, discepto ; (ad- 

▼ise), delibero; (tjoarrel), con- 

tendo, altercor, littgo 
A debating, disputatio, deliberatio 
To debaoch, ritio, stapro, cor* 

rampo; (in drink), deuaechor 
A debauch, ingurgitatio rini 
A debaucher, corraptor 
Debauchery, nequitia 
A debauchee, homo libidinosua 
A debenture, teasera nummaria 
To debilitate, dehilito. enervo 
Debilitation, debilitatio 
Debility, debilitaa 
Debonair, corois. Ictus, benignus 
A debt, debitum, »s alienum 
In debt, ere alieno premi, oba- 

A debtor, debitor 
A decade, decas 
The decalogue, decalognt 
A decampment, castrorum mof 
To decant, elutrio, transAmdo 
A decanter, la^na vitrea 
To decay, declino, deficio; (grow 

obsolete), obsoleo ; (with age), 

seneeco; (in colour), deflores- 

co : (as flowers), maroesco ; 

(utterly), pereo 
A decay, labefactio, raina 
Decaying, labens, caducua 
A decease, deceasus, mora 
A deceit, fraus, dolus 
Deceitful, snbdolus, dolosns 
Deceitfully, dolosi, ambiguft 
Deceitfiilness, falUicia 
To deceive, fallo, decipio, ftaudo, 

ludo, deludo, inetco, firaatror 
A deceirer, frandator 
Deceiring, fallens, fallax 
December, December 
Decemriral, deeemriralia 
The decemTirate, decemriratna 
Decency, decor, decorum 
Decennial, decennalia 
Decent, decena, deeorua 
Decently, decentir, deoort 
Deception, deceptio 
Deceptive, fallax, dolosus 
To decid^ decido, decemo^ di- 

Decided, dedaua, finitua, jodica- 

A deciding, or Decision, deeisio 
Dedmal. denarius 
To decimate, decimo 
To decipher, explico. 
Decisive, decretoriua, determip 

The deck, tranatra, fori 
To deck, orno, exomo 
A decking, omatus, cnltat 
To declaim, declamo 
A dedaimer, dedamator 
A declamation, dedamatio 
Declamatory, declamatoriua 
A declaration, deelaiatio} (teiti- 

pero ; (purpose), statno 
L decree Oudgroent), sententia; 
(of state), decretum. edictum; 

monr), testimonium ; (at law), 
libdlus; (of war), denundatio 
To declare, denuucio, nuncio, 
nuncupo. dirulgo, narro ; (one's 
mind), eloquor 
A declension, dedinatio 
A decline, defectio, tabes 
Declining, decresccns, refluus 
To dedine (avoid), vito; (bend 
backwards), vergo ; (a word 
grammatically), decline, inflec- 
to; (decay), labasco, deflcio 
A declining, devitatio, dedinatio^ 

Declivity, dedivitas 
A decoction, apozema 
To decorate, decoro, exomo 
A decoration, omamentum 
A decorum, decorum, gratia 
A decoy, nieeebra, illex 
To deco^, illido, pdlicio 
A decoying, illrcebratio 
To decrease, decresco, minuo 
Decreasing, decrescena 
A decrease, diminutio 
To decree (ordain), deoemo, im- 


, atate), _ 

{of wiae men), pladtum ; (act), 
conaultum; (award). arbitriam; 
(purpose), propositum 
Decrepit, decrepUus, incumu 
Decretal, decretoriua 
Decretals, decretalia 
To decry, defamo, infhmo 
Decried, abrogatus, sngillatiu 
Decuple, decupulua 
To deaicate, dedico, dieo 
A dedication, dedicatio 
To deduce, deduco, coUigo 
Dedncible, quod colligi potest 
To deduct, subtraho, detraho 
Deduction, deductio, iUatio 
A deed (action), factum, actum; 
(^ood), benefactum; (ill), fla- 
gitium ; (instrument), instru- 
mentum ; (in war), res gesta 
Indeed, sanft, manifest^ 
To deem, judico, existiroo 
Deep, altas, profundus; (close), 
reconditus; ( cunning ),verautus 
The deep, protundum 
To deepen, defodio, excavo 
Deep, or Deeply, profunda altd 
Deepneaa, profunditaa, altitndo 
A deer, cervua, fera 
To deface, deformo, expongo 
A defacer, deletor, corruptor 
A ddacinff. deformatio 
A dddcation.detalcatio, deductio 
A defamation, defamatio 
Defamatory, famosus •* 

To defame, calumnior, infiuno 
A defamer, calumniator 
A defaming, calumnia 
A default, culpa, defectua 
To defeat, frustror, eludo, rincQ, 

prostemo, resciodo 
A defeat, clades, strages 
A defeating, frustratio 
Adefect (want), def actus; (fault), 
mendum; (blemish), labes, vi- 
tium; (in judgment), improden- 

A defection, defectio 

Defective, imperfectus, vitiosus 

To be defective, deficio, desum 

Defectiveness, defectus 

A defence (guard), prtesidinm, 
tutamen; (protection), patro> 
dnium, tntela; (in pleading), 

In the defence of, pro, a, ab 

Defenceless, inermis, imparatus 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 




To defend, defendo, tneor, pne- 

mnnio, patrocinor 
A defendant (in law). lent 
A defender, rindex, defensor, ad« 

▼ocatui, patronut 
DefenuTe, ad tegendom 
To defer, differo, procraatiiio 
Deference, coltaa. honor 
A deferring, dUatio, mora 
Defiance, provocatio 
A deficiency, defectaa 
Deficient, imperfectaa, hiolcoa 
To defile, eontamino, inquino, 

▼itio, atupro, inceito, profeno, 

consporco, oblino ; (march 

troops), oopias traducere 
A defile, ▼!• anfuita, »r diffldlia 
A defiler, oorruptor, temeratw 
A defiling. poUatio 
To define, definio, describe 
A definition, definitio 
Definitire, definitus, decretorios 
Definitively, deflniti 
To defiower, ttapro, vitio 
A deflowering, stupratio, ricdatio 
A defluxion, defluxio 
To deform, deformo, vitio^ torpo 
Deformity, detormitas 
To defraud, defraudo. frando 
A defrauder, defraudator 
A defiraudiug, fraudatio 
To definrjr, erogo, prcbeo 
A defraying, erogatio 
Defunct (dead), mortuna 
To defy, provoco 
A defying, provocatio 
To degenerate, degenero 
Degenerated, degener 
A degenerating, Dq^neracy, de- 

Degradation, Degrading, dqectio 
To degrade, Aqjido^ depono» ex- 

auctoro, abdioo 
A degree, gradus, ordo, statna 
By degrees, gradathn, sendm, 

Dehortatory, dissoadens 
To be dqected. doleo, moereo 
Dc^tedly, moestt, tristi 
D^ection, Dcgectedness, mcsror 
Deification, consecratio 
To deify, deum facere, in diTos 

Deified, divas factos 

A deifying, apotheosia 

To deign, dignor 

A deigning, dignatio 

A deity, numen, deitas 

A delay. Delaying, mora, tarditas, 

cunctatio, retaHatio, dilatio 
To delay, diftero, procrastino,mo- 

ror, produco 
A delayer, cunctator 
Delaying, morans, cunetabundoa 
Delectable, delectabilis, amoenus 
Delectation, oblectatio 
To delegate, delego 
A delegate, delentus 
Deleterious, letalis, pemiciosoi 
A deletion, deletio, expunctio 
Delf (earthen), terreus; (mine), 

To ddiberate, delibero 
Deliberate, eautus, circumspee- 

tus, consideratus, prodens, de- 

Deliberately, caati, prudentir 
Deliberation, deliberatio 
Deliberative, deliberativus 
Delicacy, venustas, cupedia, ele> 

gantia, mollities 
Delicate, pulcher, elegans, venas- 

tus, concinnua, eximius, ex- 
' itus, acutttSidelicatus, mol> 



Delicately, delicati, exquisite 
Delicateness (delicacy), mollitia 
Delieates, cupedic, da^pes, deliciai, 

Delicious, delicatns, snavis 
Delieiously, delicati. opiparft 
Deliciousness, suavitas 
Delight, voluptas, snavitaa, d«- 

lectatio, oblectatio 
To delight, delecto, oblecto 
To be delighted, oblector 
Delightful, gratus, jucundns 
Delightfulness, delectatio 
DelightfoUy. jucund^ snavitte 
To delineate, delineo 
A delineating, delineatio, adum- 

Delinquency, delictum, culpa 
A delinquent, delinquens, noxios 
Delirious, delirus, mente captus 
To deliver (to), trado; (out of), 
libero ; (fit>m), eripio ; (a 
speech), pronunoio; (by tra- 
dition), trado; (into one's 
hand), in potestatem dedere, 
or tradere; (as a midwife), ob- 
stetricor; (to memory), trans- 
mitto ; (up), resigno ; (betray), 
A deliverance, liberatio, redemp- 

tio, puerperium 
To be delivered (of a child), pario 
A deliverer, liberator, vindex 
A delivery, or delivering, liberatio, 
vindicis ; (of goods), traditio ; 
(utterance), pronuneiatio ; (of 
a woman), partus 
A deU, fossa 
To delude, ddndo, irrideo, de- 

rideo, illudo, inesoo 
A deluder, illusor 
A deludin|:. Delusion, ddndo, ir- 

risio, imsus, derisus 
Deluding, Delusive, Delusory, 

fallax. fraudulentuB, irrisus 
Delusions, prcstigis, technae 
To delve, fSodio, pastino 
A deluge, innndatio, dilnrinm 
A demi^gogue, antesignanus 
A demain. Demesne, possessic 

patrimonium, reditus 
A demand (claim), rogatum, poa- 

tulatum; (question), petitio 
To demand (require), requiro, 
postulo, interrogo : (claim), 
poseo, vindico ; (a debt), ex- 
igere debitum 
A demander, postulator 
Demanding, postulans 
A demandmg, interrogatio 
To demean, gero 
A demeanour, habitus, mores 
Demerit, meritum 
A demi-Kod. semideus 
Demise ^death), mors, obitus 
To demise (let), loco, elooo ; 

(give), dono. lego 
Democracy, democratia 
Democratical, democratient 
To demolish, demolior, diruo 
Demolished, dirutus, eversus 
A demolisher, eversor, snbversor 
A demolishing. Demolition, de- 

A demon, daemon 
Demoniacal, dcmoniacus 
Demonstrable, demonstrabilis 
Demonstrably, manifest^ clari 
To demonstrate, demonstro, probo 
Demonstration, demonstratio 
Demonstrative, demonstrativus 
Demonstrativdy, evidentissimft 
A demonstrator, demonstrator 
Demure, verecuudus, tacitumiu 
Demurely, inodeatt, pndic* 

Demureness, verecundia 

A demur. Demurrer, exception 

To demur, demoror, cunctor 
A demurring, judicii dilatio 
A den, antrum, latibulum, specai^ 

latebra, cavema, spelunca 
A denial, repulsa, recusatio 
A denixen, civi«,ciritate donatiu 
Tb denominate, denomino 
A denominator, denominator 
A denominating,er DenominatioB, 

To denote, denoto, designo 
To denounce, denuncio, edieo 
A denouncing, dedaratio, indictio 
Dense ( thick ) , densus, cavemoatta 
Density, densitas 
A dent (notch), crena 
To dent,crenas incidere 
Dental, dentatua 
Dented, serratus 
A denunciation, denundatio 
A dentifrice, dentifridum 
To deny, nq^o, denego, abnego^ 

abjuro, recuso, detrecto^ iejiao, 

To depart, discedo, abscedo, re- 

cedo, abeo, exeo, emig^ro, ae- 

cedo, digredior; (die), morior, 

A departini;, or Departure, dis- 

cessus, abitus, demigrmtio^ pco> 

A department, munus 
To depend upon, pendeo, niter 
Dmendent, dependent nixns 
A dependent, diens 
A dependence (prop), fnlcniHJ> 

(trust), fiducia ' 

To depict, depingo 
Deplorable, deplorandua, flebilis 
To deplore, deploro, lamentor 
Drolorinjs, deplorani 
A deploring, ploratua 
A deponent, testis juratua ; (verb), 

verbum deponens 
To depopulate, depopnlor, vaato 
Depopulation, Depopulating, vaa* 

A depopulator, vastator 
To deport, gero 
Deportment, gestus, morea 
To depose, exauctiMo ; (upon 

oath), jur^urando affinmare 
To deposit (lay down), depono; 

igive in trust), oommitto 
leposit, deposition 
A deposition, testimonium 
Depravation, depravatio 
To deprave, depravo, conrumpo 
Deprarity, pravitas 
To deprecate, deprecor 
A deprecating, deprecatio 
To depreciate, despicio, diminuo 
Depreciated, despectus, vilis 
Depredation, spoliatio, rapina 

To depress, deprimo, repnmo 
A depression, depressio, oppretsio 
To deprive, privo, spolio, orbo. 

eripio; (of authority), abrogo; 

(disinherit), exhieredo : (of 

me), exanimo, aiiim4 spoliare 
A depriving, privatio, orbatio 
Depriving, pnvans 
Depth, profunditas, altitndo 
Depurate (deansed), deporatui, 

Depuration, depuratio 
A aeputation, iegatio 
To depute, assigno, delc^ 
A deputy, legatus, ricarius ; (of a 

waxd), tribunus populi; (lord* 

deputy), prorex, proconsul 
DeieUction,d " 

I, dereUctie, deaertio 

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To deride, derideo, imdeo 
A derider, deriaor, ' 

DetidiB^, dieteria eon jidens 
A dcridug, derisioo, irrino 
Demhre, •cniriliu, ladific»bUis 
Derivation, deriTatio, deductio; 

(of woidJi), etTmologia 
Dc ri T ati te, derivatot, dednetiu 
To derive, derivo^ dcdaco ; (firom) 

To dero^te, derogo, detralw 
Derogating; Derogatoiy, derogant 
Derogation, dera«atio, detractio 
To deacant. allado, eommentor 
TodeMendfdeseendo: (fkomone), 

dedneere genoa u>; (to the 

bottom), lobaido 
Deacendanta, poateri 
Deacended (apning), wtva, ori- 

Deaeending^ deaeendena, dediria 

A deaeending, deaeentoa 

A deacent (offiprin^), progeniea, 

vroeapia ; (invaaion), invaaio^ 

deacMiaio; (of a hill, Ac), de- 

chritaa, deaoenaua 
To deacnbe, deacribo^ ddineo^ 

depingo, czprimo 
A dMcnber, deaeriptw 
A deacribing, deacriptkm, de- 

Deacned, exploratoa, repertna 
To deuTf, apeculor, exploro 
A deacrying, conapectua 
A deaert, deaerta, eremua 
To nuke deaert, vaato, popolor 
To desert, deaero, derelmqoo 
Deaert (merit), meritnm 
A deaerter, tranafoga, deacrtor 
Deaertion, deaertio 
To deaerre, mereo^ mereor, pro* 

meieor, commereor 
Dcaerredly, merit6, digni 
A design (pnrpoae), conailiam; 

(ftrst draught of), deaifpatio, 

diagnunma; (model), ichno- 

grashia; (plot), inceptam 
To design, deaigno, machinor, 

conatitao, aaaigno 
Derignedly, eonaultft, cogitat6 

A designing, ««^>Bunuv 
Designing (craft), veraatia 
Deairable, aeaiderabilia, optandas 
Deaire (wiah), derideriam; (re- 

qneat), rogatua, obsecratio 
To desire (wiah), deaidero, cnpio, 
<mto; (request), oro, peto, anp- 
plieo, ezpeto^ unploro, flagito. 

Bf dothre, optat6, precari6 
Deairinjr, ezpetens, cupiena 
A desinng, cibaecratio, eupiditaa 
Deairoua, aridoa, capidua 
With desire, aridi, capidi 
To desist, desitto, deaino 
A desk, ^aens, platens 
Desfdate, desertos, afflietos 
To make desolate, depopalor 
Made desolate, deraaUtua 
DeacAttdy, moeat^ lojpbrft 
Desolation, depopulatio, ruina 
Desolateness, moeror, Kgritudo 
To despair, despero, deapondeo 
Deqpab, desperatio 
Dssiwired o( desperatos 
A despairing, deaperatio 
A desperado, vesanaa, perditna 
Desperate. temerariu8,pericaloaaa 
Desperately, perdit^ pericnloai 
DeaperatCDMa, audaina, deape- 
Deapieable, aapemandaa, vilis 


To deapiae, eontemno, apemo 
To be deapiaed, contemnor 
Deapiaed, contemptna,^] 
A deapiaer, eontemptof 
A deapiaing, despioentia 
Demte, inridia, despectns 
In diespite, ingratiis, se inrito 
Despiteful, malignua, invidua 
Denitefolly, eontumdioa^ ma- 
lign« [dia 

Deapiteftilness, aaaUgnitas, inn- 
To oespoil (apml), s|Kdio 
To despond, animom demittere 
Deqmndeney, desperatio 
Desponding, despondens 
A despot, Mminus, prKses 
Deapotie, arbitrarius, soamna 
De^oticidly, imperiosft 
The dessert, bellaria 
To deatine, deatino^ designo 
Destinarion. deatinatio 
Deatiny, fittum, aors 
The deatiniea, parcc 
Deatitttte, inopa, egena, derelic- 

tus, orbatna, orbua, egenoa 
Deatitntion. deatitntio 
To deatroy, eonaomo, aboleo, de- 
leot extingnok cmflcio, diruo^ 
ererto, deatmo, perdo, cormm- 
P0> aubverto, vaato, popnlor, 
depopnlor, deprsdor, duapido 
A deatroyer, vaatator, dcletor 
Deatroyini^ exitiaUs, ezitioaua 
A destroying, perditio, pemicie% 

exddium, demolitio 
Deatruction. atragea, ezitium, in- 
teritna, mina, labea, intemceuH 
populatio, cladea, caedea 
Deatructive, ezitioaua, exitialia 
DeatructiTely, pemidoad 
Deaultorr, deanltoriua 
To detach, mitto, aeligo 
A detachment, manna aegregata 
A detail, ennmeratio 
To detail, redto, enumero 
To detain, motor, detinoo, reti- 

A detaining, retentio 
To detect, detq^ patefiido 
A detecting, pateucio) indidnm 
Detention, retentio 
To deter, deterreo 
Detergent, detergens 
Determinate* determinatns, oer- 

Determinatdy, pnedsi, deiloitd 
A determination, determinatio 

To determine, statno, constituo, 
decemo,deddo; (end), deflnio, 
dirimo, concludo, compono, 
expedio; (be ended), cesao; 
(judge), dgndico ; (before- 
hand), prsfinio; (bachdor), 
gradum oaccalanreatika o^pea- 
acre [tirua 

Determining, conatitnena, defini- 

Deterdve, detergena 

To deteat, deteator, abominor, 
faatidio^ odi Hia 

Deteauble, deteatabilia, exeenibi- 

A deteatation, deteatatio 

Deteating, deteatana, abominana 

To dethrone, de aoUo deturbar^ 
dejicere, or depdlere 

To detract from, detraho 

Detracting, Detractive, malediens 

Detractingly, maledici 

Detriment, damnum 

Detrimental, damnosoi 

Devastation, vastatio 

To devdope, pate&do 

To devest, anolio, ezno 

To deviate, devio, erro 

A deviating, Deviation, eiror 

A device, dolna, ftbala, eommen* 

turn, inventio 
The devil, diabdna, immm 
Devilish, diabolicns 
Devious, derios, arias 
To devise^ ezcogito, madiinor, 

fingo, fbrmob pmneditor ; 

(imagine), haridor ; (be- 

oneath), lego, do, rdinqno 
A devise^ Iq^atarina 
A deviaer, inventor, teatator 
A devising (inventing), maehi- 

Devoid, vaenna, iaania 
Devoir, mnnua, ofBdum 
To devolve, dcvdvo; (a trust). 

To devote, devoveo, addioo 
A devotee, nimla devotus 
A devoting, devotio, addictio 

Devotion, pietaa, cdtua 
Devotional, ad cultum nertinena 
To devour, deyoro^ prodigo ; (op- 

preaa), t^primo 
A devourer (of meat), helluo^ gn- 

losua; (of hia fwrtune), pro- 

Devouriiw, devoiana, edaz, vo> 

rax; (Mah), camivorua 
A devouring, vorsdtaa, edadtaa 
Devourini^ly, aridd, guloaiha 
Devout, piua, religiosua, aanctna 
DevonUy, pii; religiose, aancti 
Devoutneaa, pietaa, aanctitaa 
Deuteronomy, deuteronominm 
The dew, roa 
To dew, irroro. roreaoo 
Mildew, mbigo, melligo 
Dewy, roaddua, rorulentna 
Dew-falling, roratio 
Dexterity, dexteritaa, agilitaa 
Dexterous, expeditua, agilia, ao> 

Dexteroualy, expedite agilitto 
Diabolical, diabolicna 
A diadem, diadema, corona 
Diagonal, dii^nalia 
A diagram, diagramma 
A diaC horologium ; (of the ann), 

adothericum, soliunnm 
A didect, didectoB 
A didogue, didogus 
Diameter, diametros 
Diametrical, diametricns 
Diametrically, directe ; (oppo- 
site), ex dumetro oppositus 
A diamond, adamas; (at cards), 

rhombus; (cut), angulatus 
Of a diamond, adamantinos 
Diaper, sindon variegata 
Diaper-work, striatura 
Diaphoretic, diaphoreticus 
The diaphragm, diaphragma 
A diarrhea, diarrhoea 
A diary, diiuiuni, ephemeria 
A dibber, or dibble, paatinum 
Dice, den, teaaerc ; (box), fri- 

tillua; (player), aleator 
To dictate, dicto, praacribo 
Dictatea, dictate, pnecepta 
A dictator, dictator 
Dictatorid, dictatoriua 
Dictatorship, dictatura 
Diction, dictio ^ 
A dictionary, dietionarium, voca- 

bularium, theaaurus linguarum, 

To die, morior, obeo, intereo, oc- 

cido, conddo, occumbo, immo- 

rior, ezpiro; (away in a fit), 

animolmqui; (aaliquora),vap- 

To die (colour), tingo. 
Like to die, moribundua 
A die (dice), alea 

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A 4iet (Ibod). dbat. eibvia 

(coune of food), viotiu. re^. 

men, dicta; (of the etnpire), 

impeni eonvento* 
To diet, distem pnNcribere; 

(feed), cibo aliquem eaktinere; 

(board), pacto pretio in oon- 

▼ietam admittere 
To difliBr, diifero, dtierepo, diato 

disaideo, diiaeotio 
A diflRnenoe (nnlikeneaa), diffe- 
rentia, ditcrepantia ; (di«- 

tance), diatantia, discrimen; 

(controreray), lia, diiaensio 
Diiferent, Differing, diTcnai,dii- 

crepana. dispar, diMimilia 
To be different from, diaaooo 
Differently, disaimilitte, varift 
Difficult, difflcilis. arduna; (per- 

aon), morotua, fiwtidiotua 
Difficultly, difficilitir, mgth 
Difficulty, difficultaa, rea aogaa- 

tm, ardnum ; (of apeeeh), lin- 

gnje balbtttiea, or titnbantia 
Diffidence, diffidentia 
Diffident, diffidens, incredulua 
Diffidently, dilfidentir 
To diffuse, diffando, dispergo 
Diftutive, laifrna, exundant 
Diffdnvely, diffuai 
DiftumveneM, diflteaio, disperana 
To dif , fbdio^ confodio, effodio 
To difeat, digero, dispono; 

(meat), concoquo, digero 
A digest ing^digeatio 
Digestive, digestorina 
Digged, fossns, pastinatna 
A digger, fbasor 
A dig^nr, fbssio, effossio 
A digit, digitus, pollex 
Dignitied, omatus, nobilitatna 
To dignify, omo, nobilito 
A digputarr, dignitariua 
Dignity, dignitas, honor 
To digress, digredior, exenrro 
A digresaion, diffresaio 
A dike, scrobs, fossa 
To dilacerate, dilacero, dilanio 
To dilapidate, dilapido, vasto 
Dilapidations, damnum 
To dilate, dilato, extendo, ampli- 

Dilatorily, cunctantto*, tardft 
Dilatoriness, cunctatio, mora 
Dilatory, cnnctans, dilatortns 
A dilemma, dilemma. See Difi- 

Diligence, diligentia, solertla, 

cura, assiduius, studiiun, ob- 

sequiom, celeritas 
Diligent, diligens, indnattiua, lap 

boriosns, obsequiosua 
To be dUigent, satago, evigOo 
Diligently, diligentftr, sedui6 
To chlnci^te, dilucido. illuitro 
Dilncidation. explicatio 
To dilute diloo, tempero 
Dim, obacurus, caligmosua 
To dim, obscnro. prxstringo 
To grow dim, obscuror 
Dimsighted, caligans. luacns 
A dimension, dimensio, mensnra 
To diminish, diminuo. minuo 
A diminishing, or Diminution, 

diminutio, exteooatio 
DuninutiTe, parrus, diminutna 
A diminutive, diminutivum 
DiminntiTdr, diminotiTt 
Dimisaory, dimissorioa 
Dimly, obscur^ obtusi 
Dimnesa, caligo. hebetodo 
A dimple, gelasinus 
A din. clamor, sonitna 
To make a din. strepo 

To dine, prandeo 

A dining-room, eomaeulam 

To ding, allido, obtnndo 

A dingle (vale), eonvalUa 

A dinner, arandinm 

A dint, impressio, via 

To dint, eontundo 

A diocesan, episcopna 

A diocese, dioceais 

To dip, tingo, mergo 

Dipt, dipped, iromersna; (m an 

eatate), oppignoratus 
A diphthong, dipthongns 
A dipping, aubmersio, intinetua 
Dire, dirns. borridns, atrai 
Direct, directna, rectna 
To direct, dirigo, moderar, or- 

dino, inacribo, appellor tendo^ 

strno, prftdpio, }obeo, i 
Direction, directio, inacr^tio^ gu- 

bematio. Jussum 
Directly, directi. cxpi e a a> 
A director, rector 
A directory, directoriam 
Direfbl (dire), dims, SKVUa 
A dirge, nenia, carmen AuMbre 
A dirk, muoro 
Dirt, lutnm ceeiinm 
Dirtily, lutnat. foedt, tvrpitto, 

aordidi, iniqui. indigni 
Dirtiness, sordes, iniqnitaa 
Dirty, coenoaus, foedus, sordidua 
To dirty, consporco, inquino 
To disable, debilito. mutilo 
To disaccord, discordo 
Disadvantage, inoommodnm 
DiaadTantageous, incommodoa 
Disadvantageoosneaa, ineommo- 

Disadvantageonaly. incommodi 
To disaffect, improbo, alieno 
Disaffection, oflensio, aversatio 
To disagree, dissideo, discordo, 

dissentio. non congmere 
Disagreeable, dissentanens, in- 

natua, inoonTenlens, ii^acnn- 

Disagreeableness, incongraitaa 
Disagreeably, in}neandt, illeindi 
DisagreeiDg. disoora, diversaa 
A disagreeing, or disaf^reement, 

diversitas, discrepantia: (falling 

out), dissensio, disoordia 
To disidlow, improbo, culpo 
A disallowing, improbatio 
To disannul, abrogo, rescindo 
A disannulling, abolition nbro> 

To disappear, eranesoo 
Disappearing, eranescena 
To disappoint, fraatror, £aUo 
Disiq>pointment, f rust ratio 
Disapprobation, improbatio 
To disapprove, improbo 
To disarm, exanno, spoUo 
To disarray, exuo. prolligo 
A diaaster, infortunium, caaoa 
Disastrous, infauatos, iofelix 
Disastrooaly, infansti, infelicitte 
To diaavow, diffiteor, nego, re- 

jido, improbo 
A disavowmg, negatio 
To disband, exanctoro, dimitto 
A disbanding, diraiasio 
Disbelief diffidentia 
To disbelieve, diffido, non credere 
Disbelieving, incredulua, diffiaus 
To disbordoi, exonero, lero 
To disburse, impendo, erogo 
A disbursing, erogado [poiM 
A disbursement, expenaa, im- 
To discard, dimitto, r^cio 
Discarded, exauctoratus, r^eetns 
To discern, diaccmo^ diatinguo^ 

di gn oaao^ eonayicor, vidao 


Diaeemible, dignoseendsa 
Diacemment, diindieatio^ J«di> 

Discerning, perspieu, ancnx 
A discharge, absolutio, libcfMio 

iof humours), detraetio 
uty). ftinctio 
To discbarge ( money) ^ 
pecaniam referre; (one^'eoo- 
science), exonero, libero ; (a 
gun), displodo ; (a debt), aolvo; 
(from a fault), absolvo ; (ez« 
empt), eximo; (relenae), di- 
mitto; (out of office), exanc- 
toro ; (one's duty), funjgor, mm. 
ato, exequor; (an obbgatton), 
renraneror; (a ship), exonero: 
(the stomach), eromo; (itadC 
as a river), delloo 
A discharging (Arom n ftmlt), 
absolutio; (from service, ftc), 
dimissio; (paying), aolntio; (of 
a gun), displosio 
A disciple, discipnlna 
Diseiphne, disciplina, tnatitntin 
To discipline, doceo, inatitnoj (po> 

nish). punio, castigo 
To diseiaim, renuncio, abdteo 
To disclose, revelo^ detego 
To be disclosed, patetio, paHeaae 
To discomfit, fundo, profligo 
A discomfiture, strages, dadea 
To discommend, vitupeto, en^ 
To discommode, incommodo 
Disc • 

To discompose, turbo, i 
oonfundo; (the mind), 
do, inqoieto, ang^ 
Discomposure, pertorbatio, eon- 

fusio; (of mind), anxietaa 
To disconcert, coucilia fimngere 
Disconcerted, fraetns, pertnrbn* 

Disconsolate, affliotna, tiiMi% 

Diacontent (sorrow), 

(disgust), offensio 
To discontent, offendo, i 
Discontentedly, aegr^ m . 
Discontentment, anxietaa 
A disoontiu nation, or diseontinOp 

ance, intemussio, deauetodo 
To discontinue, intermitto 
Discord, discordia, disaonantin 
Discordant, discors, dissonns 
To discover (reveal), detego; (ac- 
complices), edo ; (one's naked^ 
ness), pudorem profanare s 
(enpy), conspicor; (find out), 
deprehendo, exploro ; (or betray 
counsds), concilia enui 
Discoverable, indagabiiia 
A discoverer, explorater, 

A discovery (iuTention), 
tigatio, inventio; (revealing), 
indidum, patefactio 
To discount, detraho^ remitto 
Disoount, subduetio, detraetio 
To discountenance, inhibeo 
To discourage, deterreo, frauo 
A discouragement, animi abjeo- 
tio; (hindrance), impediafen- 
To discourse, diasero^ eonbbalor 
A discourse, sermo, oratio, nar* 
ratio, confab ulatio ; (idle), nn- 
gc; (dry), loqoela jejuna 
Discredit, dedecus. ignominia 
To discredit (disgrace), infamo; 

inot to bdieve), partun em- 
Discreet, prudena, oonsaltaa 
Discreetly, pradentte, oonsnlt6 

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limn, eireniBBpcctio 
DwexetMnaxj (nnlimited), iBtcr> 

Discretioii, ibitriua , iwM. 

aUo iKwrecfacn 
DucretiTe, ducretmM 
To diacriiniiwte, distxBfvo 
Todiacv *" * 


Diadain, Awridiaiii. coBtenptas 
To disdaiii. dedignor, fastidio 
A diadaiDer, eootcmptor 
DiadnnAil. ra|>ereiHoraa, datv* 
Biadamfolly, eonteniptlm, te- 

A disdaining, ded^mtio 
A disease, iDOfbna 
Diseased, mget, » yro tn « 
To disembark, h navi descendere 
To disembogne, deflaere in mare 
Dtsencnmbraoce, liberatio 
To disengage, extrioo, Hbero 
To dicentande, expedto, Hbero 
Disesteem (disdain), futidiora 
Diatsteemed. contemptiia,spretas 
To dis&Toar, defbrmo 
To disfigure, deformo, matflo 
A disfigorini^, deformatio 
To dianattehUe, proaeribo, privo 
To divorce, eromo, qicio 
A disgorging, eromitn*. ejecHo 
Disgrace (sniune), dedeeas; (dis- 
lavonr), offensa ; (misfortune), 
infortunium, ealamitas 
To disgrace, dedecoro, detarpo 
DiwrM«fnl, dedecorus, turnu 
A disgracing, calnnroia, tradnctio 
D i s g r ac e fti My, tnrpittr 
To disguise, celo, dissimulo 
A di^uise, larva, persona; (pre- 
tence), soecies, pretextus 
Disguised, larratus, ebrius 
A disguising, dissimulatio 
L disgust, tastidiom, 

A disgust. 

To diMUSt, displiceo, offendo 
To be di^gnsted. indignor 
A dish, patina, discus, lanx; 
(clout), penieulna; (of meat), 
fercnlum, dapea 
To dish (meat), patinas in> 
atmere; (oat a tattle) measas 
Disbedtip, patinis instruetns 
Dish-water, colluTies 
A dishabille. Testis cnbieulaHs 
To dishearten, animam firangere 
A disheartening, animi abjectio 
Disherison, exhaeredatio 
To disherit, ezhcredo 
Disherelled, passus 
Dishonest, prama, turpis, lasciTus 
Dishoneatljj inhonest^ impart 
Dishonesty, fallacia, obscosnitas 
Diahonour, dedecus, inftimia 
To dishonour, dehonesto, traduco 
Dishonourably inhonestus, tur- 
pis [piter 
Dishonourably, inbonest^ tur- 
Disinclination, aTersatio, odium 
Disinclined, abhorrens 
Dtsingennity, iUiberalitas [nut 
Disingenuous, illiberalis, inurba- 
To disinherit, ezhsredo 
A disinheriting, exhsredatio 
To iwentangte, extrico, expUco 
Diaintereated, incorruptus, in- 
teger [tefri 
Diaintereatedly, ineorrupti, in- 
To diti}<an. di«ango, segrego 
A dijunction, dif>)unctio 
Di^ointed. disseetus, deartnatu*, 

To fisMnt (e«t np. aa a fowl), 

(pat oat of j<Hnt), luxo 
Di^nnctive, ^^onctiTaa 
A mtk, corpus appar en a 
A diskindncsa, noxa, injuria 
To dislike; arcraor, abhorreo 
A didikc laatidium 
Didiked. Cwtiditaa, i^^ectaa 
A disliking, arersatio 
A dislocating, tuxatio 
To dislodge; hoqtitio aBqnem 
" ; (a camp), ' 
(a deer), cen 

Disloyal. perfidu% inftdus 
DisloyaUy, perfidios^ impafioi 
Disloyalnr, perfidia. proditio 
Dismal, dirus, honiaus, atm 
Dismally, diri, horrid^ 
To dismantle, diruo, spolio 
To disomy, territo, pe rt err eft ido 
A dismay, perturbatio 
To dismember, deartuo. laeero 
To dismiss, dimitto, exauctoro 
A dismission, dimissio 
To dismount (unhorse), equo aK- 
qoem excutere; (alight), ex 
eqaodeailire; (a cannon), tor- 
mentnm rtMis eximere [aio 
A diamoonting. dqectio, dCMsien- 
Diaobedienoe, contumada 


To diaobey. repugno, neg^igo 
A diaobeying, reeusatiOk neglee- 

To diaoblq^ hedo, offendo 
Disobliging. incrvUis, acerbut 
Disorder (confusion), confosio, 
perturbatio; (distemper), mor- 
bus, cgrotatio ; (of mind), ani- 
mi perturbatio 
To disorder, confundo, contnrbo^ 

perturbo, turbo 
Disorderly, inordinate incondite 
Disorderly, «<(;. confusns, in£a- 

mis.dissoIatus. immoderatus 
Disorders (tumults), turbae 
To disown, nego, abnq^ abdieo, 

A disowning, abdicatio, neg^tio 
To disparage (defsme), obstrecto 
A disparagement, dedecus 
A disparager, obtrectator 
A disparity, disparitas 
Dispassionate, vquus, plaridus 
Dispatch, expeditio, properatio; 
(packet of letters), literaram 
To dispatch (accomplish), per- 
ficio, perago; (hasten), acce- 
lero, maturo; (send), mitto, 
ablego ; (kill), oecido, inter- 
ficio; (out of the way), aman- 
do ; (di^harge), absolro 
A dispatcher, perfector 
A dispatching, transactio 
To dispel, dispello 
A dispensation (distribution), ad- 
ministratio, dispensatio ; (in- 
dulgence), exetoptio, immoni- 
taa, licentia 
A dispensatory, pharmacopoeia 
To dispense (distribute, or lay 
out), dispenso, erogo, diatrf- 
buo: (with), ludulgeo; (with 
the lawa), leges relaxara 
A dispenser, dispensator 
A dispensing, dispensatio 
A dispensing power, laxandi po- 

To dispeopli; depopulor, vaato 
To disperse, diapergc^ apargo 

A dispenioa. dispersio 
To dupirit. animum frangere 
A dispiriting, animi debilitatio 
To displace (a thing), dimoreo; 
■abmoveo; (a person), ezano* 
A displacing, amotio 
To displav (spread), expaado; 
(declare), expono ; (make a 
show of), jacto. ostento; 
(earre), disaeco. deartuo 
A displaying, exphcatio 
To displease, displicra, offendo 
To be displeased, indignor 
Diqtleasing, intrratus, injacundu* 
Displeasure (£staste), offensa; 

(grudge), ira, simultas 
To despoil, despolio. spoUo 
Disport, lusns, jocos 
Disposal, dispositio, ordo, potea- 

tas, arbitrium 
To be at one's own disposal, essa 

sui potens 
To dispose (set hi order), dis- 
pono, ordino, compono; (be- 
atow), presto; (lay out), ex- 
peudo, tnsumo; (to some use),, 
destino, assieno, utor; (by 
will), lego; (by gift), largior; 
(sell). Tendo ; (place out), 
doco; (settle), constituo; (to 
another), alieno,transfiero; (in* 
cUne), prcparo, paro 
A disposer, ordinator, dispensator 
A disposition (setting in order), 
dispositio. ordinatio; (Indina* 
tion), indoles, animus, inge- 
ninm; (rule, or order), coo- 
stitutum, decretum; (habit of 
body), babitado; (of mind), 
affectus, affectio animi 
To dispossess, detrudo, i^jicio, de« 

jicio. exuo 
A dispossessing, ijectio 
Disposure, potestas, arbitrium 
Dispraise, ntuperatio 
To dispraise, Titupero, obtreeto 
Disprolit, incoromodum 
A disproof, refutatio, confutatio 
Disproportion, imeqaalitas 
Disproportiouable, impar, dispar 
Disproportionabljr, inaequalitfcr 
Disproportioned, incqualitir par- 

To disprove, refhto, conAito 
A disproving, refutatio 
Disputable, dispatabilis 
A disputant, disputator, dialeo- 

A disputation, or Dispute (de- 
bate), disputatio, contentio ; 
(quarrelling), jurgium, contro- 
To dispute, disputo, ratiocinor, 
contendo, litigo, assero, yin- 
dico; (fondly), nugor 
A disputiuff, disputatio 
Disqualified, inhabilis, impar 
To disqualify, inhabilem reddere 
Disouiet, cura, solicitudo 
To disquiet, inqaieto, vexo 
A disquisition, disquisitio 
Disregard, despectus. contemptua 
To disregard, negligo, spemo 
To disrelish, improbo, nauseo 
Disreputable, inhonestus 
Disrepute, mala £sm« 
Disrespectful, fastidiosiu 
Diarespectftilly, fostidiosA 
To disrobe, vestem exuere 
Dissatisfaction, offensa, molestia 
Dissatisfactory, molestus, gravis 
Dissatisfied, offensus, dubiua 
To dissect, disseco, incido 
A dissection, diaaectio 

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To ditBcmble, dissimolo, nmulo, 

te^, celo, obtendo 
A dinembler, timuUtor, flctor 
DisMinbliug, dolotos, fictat 
A duaemhliDg, tiinulatio 
To ^■eminatc, dispergo. sparco 
A dusenaion, dissensio, discordia 
To dissent, dissentio, dissideo 
Dissentaneous, minimi coutc- 

niens [tista 

A dissenter, dissentiens, separa- 
A dissertation, discertatio 
Disservice, damnum, noza 
Dissenriceable, inutilis 
To dissever, separo, s^ungo 
Dissimilar, dissimilis 
Dissimilitude, dissimilitudo 
Dissimulation, simulatio, dolus 
Dissipable, dissipabilis 
To dusipate, diasipo, disperdo 
A dissipation, dissipatio 
Dissoluble, dissolnbilis 
To dissolve, dissolvo, resolvo ; 

(society) , dissipo; (melt), li- 

quefacio; (be dissolved), li- 

Quesco, liqueflo 
A dissolving, dissolutio 
Dissolute, disBolutus, prodigos, 

remissus, negli|:ens 
Dissolutely, prodigd, remiss^ 
Dissoluteness, luxuries, luxuria 
A dissolution, dissolutio 
Dissolution (death), obitns 
Dissonance, discrepantia 
Dissonant, dissonans, dissonus 
To dissuade, dissnadeo^ dehortor 
A dissuader, dissuasor [sio 

A dissuading. Dissuasion, dissua- 
Dissuasive, dissuadens 
A distaff, coluB. pensum 
To distain, imbuo, inquino 
A distance, intervallum, distan- 

tia; (discord), dissidium 
At a distance, proctd, longo inter* 

To distance, vinco, snpero 
Distant, distans, dissitus 
Far distant, longinquus 
To be distant, absum 
To distaste, offendo, displiceo 
A distaste, oiFensa 
To take distaste, offendor 
Distasteful, ingratus, molestus 
A distemper, morbus, aegrotatio 
Distemp^ed, infirmus, morbidus, 

insanus, demens, languens 
To distend, distendo [sio 

A distending. Distension, disten- 
A distich, distichon 
To distil, stillo, elicio 
Adistilling, distillatio; (of rheum), 

defluxio, deflnxus 
Distilled, stillatus, ezpressus 
A distiller, diatillator 
Distinct (different), distinctns, 

discretus, diversus ; (clear), 

distinctns. darns, articulatus 
Distinctly, distinct^ clari 
A distinction, distinctio 
Distinctive, distinguens 
Distinctness, pronunciatio dis* 

To distinguish, discemo, intelli- 

fo, dignosco, eniteo 
Distinguishing, distinguens, dig* 

To distort, distorqueo, tonjjueo 
A distorting. Distortion, dutortio 
To distract, turbo, fnrio 
Distraction, confusio, dementia 
To distrain, distringo 
Distress, afflictio, angustia 
To distress (distrain), arresto te- 

nere; (perplex), ango, premo 
To be distressed, premor, laboio 

Distressediy, misc»r^ calaraitosft 

Distressedness, miseria. calamitas 

To distribute, distribuo, dispertio 

A distributing, Distribution, dis- 
tribntio, partitio, dispensatio 

Distributing, Distributive, dis- 

Distributively, divis^ partiti 

A district, districtus, jurisdictio 

Distnut, diffldentia 

To distrust, diffido. snspicor 

Distrustful, sttspicax, suspiciosns 

Distrustfully, diffldentir, suspi- 

Distrustfulness, diffldentia 

To disturb, turbo, perturbo, im- 
pedio, moror, inquieto, excru* 
cio, interpello 

A disturbance, tumultus, turba 

A disturber, interpellator 

A disturbing, inquietatio 

A disunion, separatio 

To disunite, disjnngo, dissocio; 
(to be disunited), diqungor 

A disuniting, disjunctio 

Diausage, Disuse, desuetodo 

To disuse, desnesco 

A ditch, fossa, scrobs, lacuna, 
vallum, incUe 

To ditch, fossam ducere 

A ditcher, fbssor 

A ditching, fossura 

Dithyrambic, dithyrambicus 

A ditty, cantilena, canticum 

To divaricate, divarico 

To dive (in water), demergo, 
urino; (into business), scrutor, 
investig^, exploro 

A diver, urinator 

Divers, diversus, varius, multi- 
plex; (colours), multicolor, va- 
riegatus; (shapes), multifor- 
mis ; (kinds), multigenus, mul- 
timodus; (ways), multifarlAm; 
(humours), morosus 

Diverse, diversus, absimilis 

Diversified, variatns 

To diversify, vario 

A diversifying, variatio 

A diversion (turning aside), di- 
gressio,dig^essns; (recreation), 
animi relsjiatio, or oblectatio 

Diversity, diversitas, varietas 

Diversdy, diverse, vari* 

To divert (turn aside), diverto, 
averto; (entertain), oblecto 

A diverting:, digressio 

Diverting, jucundus, fncetna 

To ^vide, divido, partior, cemo, 
discedo, sepego 

A dividend (m the stocks), pecu- 
nia, or snmma dividenda; (in 
arithmetic), numenu dividen* 

A divider, divisor 

A dividinjf, divisio, partitio 

A divination, divinatio, pnedictio ; 
(the act), auguratio 

Divine, divinus, codestia 

A divine, theologns 

Divinely, diving divinitiis, pit 

A diviner, vatidnator 

To divine, divino, vaticinor; 
(enchant), incanto^ £ascino ; 
(guess), conjicio 

A divin|^, nrinatio 

Diving, immer^ns in aqoam 

A divining, divinatio 

Divinity, theologia 

Of divinity, theologicua 

The divimty, Deitas, Numen 

Divisible dfivisibilis, dividuus 

Divisibility, divisibilius 

Division, diviuo^ partitio, dis- 
tribtttio; (of parties), faction 

aeditio ; (strife), discordia. di»- 

sensio; (in music), modulation 

A divisor, divisor 
A divorce, divortium, repadiom 
To divorce, repudio, dinutto 
A divorcer, repudiator 
A divordng, repudiatio 
Diurnal, diumus 
A diurnal, diarium, ephemeria 
To divulge, vulgo, perrulgo 
A divulger, vulgator 
A divulging, divulgatio 
Divulsion, direptto 
Distiness, vertigo 
Dizsy, vertiginosus, cerebrosna 
To do, ago, facio, efficio ; (amiss), 

erro, pecco ; (accomplish), ex- 

Docile, Docible, dodlis, eatpax. 
Docility, docilitas 
A dock (for ships), navale, nan- 

pactum; (herb), labathum, bar* 

dana, rumex, hippolapatbam, 

To dock, or cut off, amputo 
A doctor, doctor 
A doctorship, doctoris gradus 
Doctrinal, aid doctrinam perti* 

Doctrine, doctrina, eruditio 
A document, documentom 
To dodge, tergiversor 
A dodger, praevaricator 
A dodging, cunctatio 
A dodkin, temndus 
A doe, dama femina 
A doer, actor, effector 
A dog, canis, catulus 
Dog-cheap, vili pretio ; (dog<> 

davs), dies caniculares; (km> 

nel), canile 
The dog-star, sirins 
Of a dog, caninus 
To dog one, k tergo seqni 
A doge, dux 

Dogged, doggish, caninui^ moro- 
sus, cynicus, protervus 
Dogged (followed), it tergo ob* 

A dogger, navicula 
Doggrel, ludicrus, inconditoa 
A dogma, dogma, placitnm 
Dog^matical, dogmaticos, iidens 
Dogmatically, fidentir 
A doing (of^ something), actio; 

(deed), factum 
Doing, agens, moliena 
A dole, donatio, largitio 
Dolefiil, lug^ibris, tristis 
Dolefully, lugubritte 
Dolefulness, luctus, tristitia 
A doll, pupa 
A dollar, thalems 
Dolorous, luctuosna, tristia 
A dolphin, delphinus 
A dolL stipes, hebes 
Doltish, stupidus, insulsus 
Doltishness, stupor, stupiditaa 
A dome, basilica, faatiginm 
Domestic, domeaticus, familiaris 
Domination, dominium 
To domineer, dominor, insnlto 
Domineering, insolens, arrogant 
A domineering, insolentia 
Dominical, dominicus 
Dominion, dominium, ditto 
To have dominion, dominor 
A donation, donum, donativom 
A donor, dator, donator 
A doom, judicium, fatum 
To doom, adjudico, condemno 
Doomsday, dies novissimus 
A door, ostium, janna, fores { 

(back), posticnm; (fioldiag). 

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Tahrae ; (caae), hypothTnun ; 
(posts), antes; (keeper), ostia- 
nas, janitor 

From door to door, ostiatlm 

Doric, Doricus 

Dormant (sleeping), dormiens; 
(hidden), edatus, latens; (un- 
improved), serratus ; (unae- 
tive), eonsopituB 

To lie dormant, lateo* edor 

A dormitory, dormitorium 

A drnmonse, glis 

A dose, potio, docia 

A dot, ponctioncala 

To dot, punctionculis notare 

Dotage, deliratio, delirium 


A dotard, deliroi, seneeio 

To dote, delirok desippio; (upon, 
0r lore), depereo, deamo 

Doted upon, aeamatus 

Doting, delirans, delims, vecors 

Dotingly, anilitir, insane 

Dotiah, ddirabondns 

Double, duplex, geminna 

A doable, or fold, pUca 

The doable, dupluro 

To doable, duplico^ gemino; 
(erae), prBterrehor ; (one's 
fist), comprimere digitos 

A double-dealer, relerator 

Double-chinned, duplicatomento 
pneditns : (hearted), fallaz ; 
(tongned), mendax, bilinguis, 

A doublet, sabueula 

A doubling, dnplicatio, gemina- 

Donblv, dnplidtte 
A doubt, dubinm, sempulus 
To doabt, dubito, hiesito, fluc- 

tuo, hKreo; (suspect), suapi- 
. eor; (keep in suspense), sus- 

Without doubt, proetl duMo 
Doubtful, dubius, anceps, incor- 

DoubtfUly, ambiguft. dubii 
Doubtfulness, ambiguitas, dubi- 

A doubting, dobitatio, luesitatio 
Doubtless, oert^ certissiroi 
A dove, columbus, columba ; 

(ring), palumbes; (stock), pa- 

hunbns ; (turtle), turtur ; 

(house), eolumbariom 
Idke a dove, colnmbaris, colum* 

Dove-tail, compages, cardo 
Dough, farina subacta 
Doughty, fortis, validus 
Dovager, vidua nobilis 
Dovrerleas, indotata 
Down, lanugo; (of flowers, ftc), 

pappus ; (of feathers), Una 
Of down, lanuginosus 
A doim (green hill), grumus; 

(plain), planities 
The dovrns, ttunuli arenarii 
Down,«A>. deorstun 
Down, a4j. tristis, sevems, no- 

buloaaa, moestuiL dedivis, ver- 
pronua, ^ad inopiam re- 

gew, pi 

Bight down, perpendiculaiis 
Down to, usqui ad 
Downright, simplex 
Downward, deorstm 
Up and down, ultr6 dtrbqne 
A down&ll, casus, lapsus, ruina 
Downhill, dedivia, prcceps 
To bear down, prostemo, obruo 
To bring doirn (humble), coer> 

DofWBJ, BoQii, tCMT 

A dowry, doe, dotalitium 

Given in dowry, dotalis 

Having a dowry, dotata 

Having no dowry, indotata 

A dowse, alana 

A doxology, aoxdogia 

A doxy, meretrix 

To dose, sopio^ soporor 

A doxen, duodedm, duodeni 

A drab, scortum. scn^ta ; (doth), 

pannus erassior 
Draf^ siliquc, segisterium 
Adrag,harpago; (net), tragula 
To dni^ traho, r^pto 
Dragging, trahens, raptans 
To oirRffKle; collutulo 
Draggled, collutulatus 
A dn^glc-tail, mnUer sordida 
A dragon, draeo 
A dragoon, eques sdopetarina 
A drain, fossa, elidum 
To drain, desieoo 
To be drained, exdeeor 
A draining, exsiccatio 
A drake, anas mas 
A dram (in weight), drachma ; 

(of spirits), haustus 
L drama, d ' ' ' 

A drama, drama, fabula 
Dramatic, dramaticus 
A dramatist, febularum seriptor 
A draper, pannariusj (woollen), 
1 :— . (linen), Unteo 




tperr, puini 
aintlng), volo 


texttura ; (in 

A (iraught (first copy), exemplar; 
(of a wiU), formula ; (puU), 
nisus, tractus ; (of drink), hau- 
stus; (ofanet),jactos; (privy), 
forica, latrina 

Draughts, Indus latruncnlorum 

Draught, jugalis 

Quick-draught, facilis, dtus 

To draw, traho, duco; (allure), 
allido, pellido; (a bill), cho- 
rographum mittere ; (a circle), 
circufum ducere; (beer, &c.), 
promo; (ar sweep along), ver- 
ro; (asunder), detraho; (away), 
abstraho, tubduco, averto ; 
(back).retraho; (back), tergi- 
versor; (back, or refuse), de- 
trecto; (blood), detraho; (a 
bow), flecto, tendo ; (breath), 
respiro; (loU), sortior; (in 
writing), describo; (as a pain- 
ter), adumbro, delineo, pmgo, 
depingo; (doam forces), duco; 
(the eyes upon), converto 

Drawers, subligacula 

Drawing alone, trahens 

Drawing (with a pencil), adnm- 
brans, delineans, deseribens 

A drawing (away), secessio ; 
(back), retractatio. See to 

A drawing, lineatio 

To drawl, lenti proferre 

Easily drawn, ductilis, ductitins 

A dray, traha, tragula 

A drajman, trahae auriga 

Drea^ pavor, ibrmido 

To dread, metno, expavesoo 

Dreaded. Dread, formidatua 

Dreadfbl, horrendus, tremendua 

DreadAilly. horrific* 

Dreadfnlness, horror 

Dreadless, intrepidus 

A dreading, timiditas, pavor 

A dream, somnium ; (idle foney), 
nugK, ddiramentum 

To dream, somnio, deliro 

A dreamer, somniat<» 

Dreaming, somnians, somniotus; 
slow), tardus, tardigradn% tar- 



Dreamingly, oadtantir, somni- 

Dreary, moestus, horridus 

Drm, fiBx, recrementum; (of 
oU), amurca ; (of vinegar), 
oxygion; (of wine), floces; (of 
sugar), purgamenta; (of the 
people), sordes, sentina, tex; 
(of a distemper), reliquis 

Cleared from dregs, deCccatua 

Drecgy, fnculentus 

To cuein (drain), diquo 

A drench, suivatum 

To drench, potionem medicam 
dare; (dip in), immergo, re- 
pleo """"^ 

Dress, omatns, vestitns, enltus 

To dress (adorn), omo, oomo ; 
(put on), indno; (a horse), de- 
pecto; (herop),carmino; (lea- 
ther), macero: (doth), polio; 
(a dead body), pollincio ; 
(meat), coquo; (a tree), am> 
puto; (aviue),colo; (a wound), 
eroplastrum adhibere 

A dresser, omator, vestitor; (of 
meat),coquus; (board), mensa 

Dressing, omans, exomans 

Dressing (by a surgeon), curatio 

A dressing, omatio, omatua ; (of 
meat), coctio 

To dribble (drip), stillo; (drivel), 
sdivam emittere 

A dribbler (driveller), ineptua 

A dribblet, summula 

Dribbling (small), parvus 

A drift, propositum; (purpose), 
Scopus ; (of snow), proceUa, 
vis; (of sand), cumulus 

Adrift, solutus 

A drill, terebra 

To drill, terebro, perform ordino 

Driness, siccitas. ariditas 

Drink, potus, haustus 

To drink, bibo, poto; (excessive- 
ly), pergnr cor ; (in), imbibo; 
(up), absorbeo, exhaurio; (to), 
propino ; (together), compono 

A drinker, potator, potor; (ex- 
cessive), bibax. temulentus, vi- 
nosus ; (of water), aquK potor 

Drinking, potans, bibens 

A drinking, poutio; (match), 

To drip, stillo, distiUo 

Dripping, stillans, roraas 

A dnppui^, stillatio 

The anppm|f, liquamen 

To drive, agito, pello, drenmago, 
dispello; (at), molior, conur; 
(away), abigo, arceo; (away 
time), tero; (from pasture), 
dispesco; (a carriage), aurigor; 
(off, or delay), differo; (on), 
impello, urgeo, expello ; {» 
trade), exerceo ; (to extremity), 
redigo; (force), compello, co- 
go; (toward), adigo; (under), 

Drivel, saliva, sputum 

To drivel, salivam emittere 

A driveller, ineptus, insulsut 

A driver, auriga, agitator 

A driving, agitatio; (of pUes), 
flstucatio; (away), propulsa- 
tio; (out), expulsio 

To diixsle, roro, irroro 

A droll, mirous 

Droll, lepidns, jocosus 

Drollery, iocus. fiscetia 

A dromecury, dromas 

A drone (bee), fticns ; (person), 
piger, SM^nis 

To droop, langueo, conaeBeaco 

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Dnxqiuig, Ungaidas, tabeseeiii» 
•enescena, tristis, imbecilu 

A drooping, luiguor 

Droopingly, languid^ 

A drop, gutu, stills 

A little drop. gattuU 

By drops, gnttatlm 

To drop, stillo; (let fall), di- 
mitto ; (let slip), omitto, prc- 
tereo; (down), c«do, labor; 
(off, or die), decedo, morior; 
(with sweat), diffluo; (out, as 
water), emano; (as gum), la- 
crnno ; (with wet ) , madeo 

A dropping, sliUicidiam 

Dropping (down), decidaos ; 
(wet), malidiu} (in), iastil- 

Dropsical, hTdropicus 

The dropsy, nydrops 

Dross, scoria, fees, spurcitiea 

Drossy, scoriii, or feece abondans 

A droTe, armentnm, agmen 

A drover, pecoris agitator 

By droves, catervatlm 

Drought, siocitas, sitis 

Droughty, siccus, aridns 

To drown, demergo. inundo, im- 

merge; (a sound), obscuro 
Drowsy, somnolentus 
To be drowsy, torpeo, langpieo 
Drowsiness, torpor, stupor 
To drub, cxdo, verbero 
A drubbing, fustuarium 
A drudge, uza, maneipium 
To drudge, famulw, defotigo ; 

(for oysters), piscari ostrea 
Drudgery, servitus, famulitium 
Adri^f, medicamen; (worth no- 

thing). Tile, nullius pretii 
To grow a drug, vilesco 
A druggist, seplasiariua 
Druids, dmidc 
A drum, tympanum 
To drum, pulsare tympanum 
A drummer, tympanista 
Drunk, ebriua^ vinolentua 
To be drunk, inebrior 
To make drunk, inebrio 
A drunkard, ebriosus, temulentni 
Drunkenness, ebrietas, crapula 
Dry, aridus, SICCUS ; (thirst|[), si- 

ticulosus; (empty, flat), insul. 

BUS, jcgunusj (reserved), tad- 

A drv fellow, fiscetua 
To uy, desiooo, arefiido, euieco, 

A drying, siceatio, insolatio 
Dryly, nccft 

Diyness, siccitaa, ariditas 
Dual, dualis 
To dub, creo 

Dubious, dubins, ambiguna 
Dubiously, dubii, inoerti 
Ducal, ducalis 
A ducat, ducatns 
The dttce, dyas 
A duchess, ducissa 
A duchy, ducatus 
A duck, anas 
To duck, submergo 
A ducking, submersio 
A duct, ductus 
Ductile, ductUis. sequax 
Ductility, ductilitas 
A dudgeon (half dagger), pugio 
To take in dudseon, gravor 
Due, debitus, idoneua 
A due, debitum, jus 
To be due, debeor 
A duel, pugna singularia 
A dug, ttber. mamma 
A duke, dux, satrapes 
A dukedom, ducatus 

Dulcet, duleis, auavia 

To dulcify, eduleo 

A dulcimer, sambuea 

Dull, hebes, insulsns, stvptdua, 

To dull, hebeto, obtnndo 
To grow duU, hebesco, torpeo 
DuUed, obtnsus, contnsoi 
Dully, tard^ insulsft 
Dnlness, segnities, inertia, tar- 
ditas, torpor, obacnratiok stu- 
por, stnpiditas 
Duly, ritt, accurate 
Dumb, mutus, tacitumus 
To be dumb, obmutesco 
Dumbness, muti status 
To be in the dumps, stnpeo 
In the dumps, meestns, attonitu* 
Dtm-coloured, fiucus 
To dun, peeuniam ezigere 
A dun, m Dunner, exactor 
A dunce, stipes, hebes 
Dung, sterctts, merda 
To dung (as a horse), alvnm ex- 

onerare; (land), stereoro 
Of dung, stereorarias, stereoreua 
Full of dung, stereorosns 
A donghUl. sterquiliniam 
A dungeon, tulliannm, barathrum 
Dunned, efflagitatui^ postulatas 
A dunning, solicitation postulatio 
Dunny. surdus, surdaster 
A dupe, insulsus. stoUdus 
To dupe, fallo, illudo 
A duplioftte. exemplar alterum 
Duplicity, duplicitas 
Durable, perennis, firmns 
Durableness, perennitas, firmitas 
Durably, perenni, firmitir, firmi 
Durance (of time), duratio; (im- 
prisonment), eustodia, inear- 
Duration, duratio, continvMio 
Duress, custodia, attietio 
During, rmp. per, inter, aeeuu- 

dum ; idn. dum 
Dusk, Duskish, tenebrosM, ob- 

The dusk, creposculum 
Duskishness, tenebrc, caligo 
Dust, pulvis; (mill-dust), moli- 
tura; (saw-dust), scobs; (flle- 
dust), limatora, ramentum ; 
(sweepings), quisquiliK 
Full of aust, puvenuentna 
To make a dnat, pulverem exd- 

To throw dutt, ccmmergo 
To dust, abstergeo, detergeo 
A duster, peniculnm 
Dusty, pnlvereus 
To grow dusty, pulveio 
A reducing into dust, pulv«nitio 
Dutch, Bdgicus 
A duchess, ducissa 
A dachy, ducatus 
Dutiful, obseqnens, obediens 
To be dutiful, obsequor 
Dutifully, obedientir 
Dutifulneaii obedioitis, ptetaa 
Duty, officinm, munus; (tax). 

censss, vectigal 
Duamvirate, dunmviratus 
A dwarf; nanus, pumilio 
Dwarfish, pumilns, exiguns 
To dwell, habito^ commoror,colo, 
incolo, inhsbito, scoido; (in 
the country), rustioor; (insist 
A dweller, ineol^ habitator, ac- 

eola, vicinnt 
A dwelling, domna, donueilivm 
To dwindu^ conianunr, iauimsaor, 

A dwindling «waf , eonawnptio 

A dye, color; (or dyeing), tinetnxa 

A dye. See Dice 

To dye (colour), tingo, inficio; 

(red colour), minio; (violet), 

A dyer, tinctor, infeetor 
Of a deep dye, atrox 
Dying, moriens; (near death), 

A dying away; animi deliquiom 
A dyeing colours, tinetura 
Dynasty, djrnastia. imperiam 
A dysentery, dysentena 

Each, quisqne, tlnguK; (of ns), 

ntorque nostrum 
Eager (sharp). aeer, addtn; (ear- 
nest), vehemens; (fierce), fe- 
rox; (ravenous), fiuEDdicoa; (in 
desire), cupidut 
To be eager, aceo^ aeeaeo; (afl^ 

a thing) , exardesco, ardeo 
Eagerly, avidi. eupid^ aerltfer 
Eageriy bent upon, ardens 
E^erness (in taste), acor, aeer* 
bitas; (in temper), aviditas^ 
cupiditas; (in fight), pwgaaeitas 
An eagle, aquila 
Like an eagle, aquilinns 
An ear, suns ; (of a pot), ania 
Of the ear, auriculans 
To give esr, attendo, ausculto 
Giving ear. attentus, anseidtaoa 
An ear-pick, auriscalpinm 
An ear-ring, inauris; (wifp), foil* 
Having ears (as a cup), anaatoa 
To ear, spicas emtttere 
Eared (as com), spicatns 
An esri, comes 
An earidom, eomitatus 
Early, adj. maturus ; (in the 
morning), matntinai^ priiii4 
luce, multo mane 
Too early, praematurua 
Early, adv. maturC, tempoil 
To earn, lucror, mereor 
Earned, labore quKsitns 
An earning, stipendiun^ mereea 
Earnest (diligent), diligen% as- 
sidaus ; (vehement), ardens, so- 
Ueitns; (importsnt), magani^ 
Earnest-money, arrha. arrhabo 
In earnest, seri6, reveA, boa4 Ada 
To be earnest, urgeo, insto 
Earnestly, diligenttr, instantte 
So earnestly, tantoperi 
Earnestness, assiduitas, ardor 
The earth, terra, tellut 
To earth (as a fox), terram ■»• 

hire; (plants), terrc maadare 
Earthen, fictilis, figlinns, toreas 
Esrthly, terrenus, teneatris 
Bom of the earth, terrigena 
An earthquake, terrs motns 
An earthing (of herbs), palveratio 
Earthy, terrenus, terrestris 
Bare (rest ) , otium, quies. reaves ; 
(pleasure), voluptas, ^andiam; 
(without pain), dolons vaeui* 
tas : (without trouble), fiKiUtas 
At ease, otius^ fMillimi 
To ease (give ease), levo, relevo, 

knio. sublevo ; (a ship), laxo 
With ease. fiM»U. prompts 
A little ease, custodia arcta 

An easement, or Basing, h 
Essily, facili. expedite kaitte 

prompt^ moUitte 

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a&bilius; (<tf belief). crei»> 

HtM; (of ezptCMioa). cderitaa 

The cast, orieiu, ortas; (wiad). 

BdMciiuc to Easter, p tffc a ti s 
Sasy.ttaiis, expe^tos. proiiptas; 
(of belief), eredohu; (to bt 
bornel, udcraBdos, tataima, 
Toeat,edo, eomeao. Biaiidobvcs* 
cor, Biaadlnco: (u cattle), 4e- 
poseo; (nibble), arrodo; (as 
•qua Cartis), eonrodo, exedo; 
(or wear away), teto, attero; 
(greedUlT), deroro; (immoder- 
atelT), uifvrgito: (as a sore), 
exulcero; (one's words), n- 
Batable, escakntiis, ednKs 
Eatables, dbaria. esca, eibas 
A great cater, belloo, edax 
Ad eating, comestura 
Bating, par*, edens, arrodens; 

mdj. edax, corronTos 
An eating -boose, popina, essqwaa 
Eaves, eolliqaise, ninTundia 

' (Mtener), co- 

An eaves-dioppcr \ 

To ebb (as tbe sea), recedo^ n- 

flno ; (decrease), decresco 
The ebb, reeessns, ivflazus 
Bbhing and flowing, tcciproeaas 
Ebony, ebenom 
BbulUtion, e ffe rresec n tla 
Eccentric, excentricas 
Ecclesiastic, Ecclesiastical, ce- 

Ecdesiasties, eedesiastid 

An echo, echo, sonas repereas> 


To echo, resono, reperentio 
Echoing, resonans, repercntiens 
An eclipse, eelipsis, deliqoium 
To eclipse, obombro. obscuro 
To be in an eclipse, defido 
E^ptic, edipticQS 
An eclogue, ecloga 
An ecstasy, ectasia 
EcsUtic, maximtts 
An eddy, Tortex; (wind), 

re t rocedens k vento 
The edge (of any thing), 
ora; (of a knife), acies, acu- 
men; (of a fillet), tenia; (of a 
garment ),ftmbtia; (of a place), 
To set an edge, acao, exacno 
To edge (in), intmdo, insinno; 
(the teeth), dentes hebetare; 
(with lace), nnetexo; (with 
gold), auro ainbire 
S«u;ed.acatas,acuminatiu; (hae- 

Mred), fimbriatns 
Edgeless, obtusas 
An edging, fimbria, limbos 
Edible, edolis, esculentus 
An edict, edictam, decretom 
Edification, inttmctio 
An edifice, cdiftciun 
To edify, instrao 
Edifying, instniens,ad doeendom 

An edile, cdilis 
An edition, editio 
An editor, editor 
Tb educate, educo, institno 
An educating, Education, edu- 

To eek, ar ^e oat, prodooo^ sogeo 
Eeked, productus, anctns 
An tekmg, prodactiok 

To efiiee. oblitenK ddeo 
An eiisehig, obtitetario^ 
An efect. efcetnm. sum: 
Effects, opes. fiMuItatea 
To effect, eUcio, e x eaaor 
or no-' i-^ 

To no cflect, neqaioqaia* taeaa- 

Elcctive, eCectivna 
Effectirdy, rercrii, f tHfaritJif 
Effrctnal, ellcax 
EflectaaUy, prorsta, omaiso 
Effeminacy, mt^ties moHebtis 

Effeminately, asuliebiitte, moUi> 

Effervesce (to) , enrvesM 
Bflcacions. effieax. vakaa 
BfBracionslT, eflleaeitir 
Efficacy, efflcaeia, vis 
Efficient, efllciens 
An effigies, sr effigy, eflgiea 
An effort, eonatns, impetus 
Effrontery, impndentia, audi 
Effulgence, fulgor, splendor 
Eflulgent, fulirms. splsndcns 
An eibsion. effttsio 
An egg, omm; (new), ovum lo- 

eens; (addle), orum urinwn 
To ^g on, instigo, orgeo 
An egg«r on, instigator, im^ulsor 
Egregious, egreg i ns. insignia 
Egregiously, egiegi^ valdi 
An egress, micssus, exitus 
Mgjpiian, .Sg^tiacus, Agyptius 
To qaculate, Qaculor 
An qaculation, cjacnlatio 
To fject, qfcio 
An ^ectment, ^ectio 
Eight, octo, octoni 
Belonging to eight, oetonarims 
Eight times, oc^ita 
Eightfold, octnplex 
Eight times as much, oetophu 
Eight years old, octennis 
Eighteen, octodecim 
Eighteenth, decimus octanw 
Eighteen times, octodedis 
Tbe eirhth, octavos 
Eighthly, octavtun 
Eight hundred, octingenti 
The eight-himdicdth, oettngen* 

Eight hundred times, oetingen- 

Eight thousand, octita mUle ; 

(times), octits milUes 
Eighty, oetoginta 
Eighty times, octogita 
Bv eighties, octogeni 
The eightieth, octogesim«s 
An eilethole, ansula 
Jtutioe in eir^ justitiarhu itine- 

Either, adj. uter, alteruter, ater> 

vis, uterlibet 
Either {an9¥>«rinp to or), aat, vd 
On either part, ntrinque 
Eke (also), eti&m, itidem 
To eke out, produco. See Etk 
Elabomte, elaboratus, aecuratus 
Elaboratelv, elaborate, acenzat* 
To elapse, labor, pnetereo 
Elastic, resiliens 
Elasticity, visresiUendi 
Elate, datus, inflatus 
To elate, superbum redden^ inflo 
To be elated, superbio, inflor 
The elbow, cubitus, ulna 
Elbow*room, spatinm laxum 
Elder in age, senior; (dders), 

mi^iores, proavi, veterea 
An dder, presbyt«r 

An fMer tre e , s 

Bldersbip. mi^)or Mas; (m tk* 

diurch). presbytcrium 
Elderty, state provvctior 

Todect,digo. dettco 

Blectioa. dcctio, ddectw; (Aay 

An dcetor, deetor 

Bleetoral. dectoraMs 

An electorate, deetoratns 

BlectTidtx^ deetridtaa 

An deetuar^, aleptoarinm 

Eleemosynary. dMMsynariM 

Elegance, or Elegan^^«lnstas{ 
(m dress), omatns, mnllities 

Elegant (in speech), elegana, do> 
quens; (in dress), eomptu^ 

Very elegant, pardegana 

Elegantly, degantte, eompft^ 

Elegiac, degiaens 

An elegy, degia, degus 

An deiaent. dementum; (de> 
ments, or grounds of an art), 
dementa, prindpia 

The four dementi^ qnatnor g«ni> 
talia corpora 

Elemental, demcntarina 

Elenchtical, denchtieos 

An dephant, dephas ; (ita traak), 

Elepbantine, dephantinna 

To elevate, levo^ exhilaro; (tha 
voice), vocem attdlere 

An devatin|r, or Ekvatini, de> 
vatio,datio; (of the host), sub- 
latio, exhibitio; (of the pole), 
poli dtitndo; (to honours), pro> 

Eleven, undedm, nnd^^eal 

Of eleven, undenarins 

Eleven times, undedta 

The eleventh, undedmus 

An elf, larva, pumilio 

To didt, dido 

Eligible, di^biU^ digMdna 

Elision, elisio 

Elixir, elixir 

An dk, dee 

An dl, ulna 

An ellipsis, eUi|>ds 

Eliipiicd. eUipticus, maac«a 

An dm-tree, ulmus 

Elocution, docutio 

To elope, discedo, abscedo 

An elopement. It marito diseessns 

Eloquence, eloquentia, fiicnndia 

Eloquent, doquens, disertus, te> 

Eloquently, dMantto, disertt ; 
(not eloquently), inornate in> 

Else (beside), prKtere*; (with, 
or antwering to whether), sive^ 
an, uirdm ; (roore),adhtic, am- 
plits, porr6, prKtereii; (other), 
alius: (otherwise), alitor, dio* 
qui, alioquin, ccteroquln ; (with, 
or anowtring to either), aut, 
vel; (or else), aut, vd. aliAs, 
aut secus 

Elsewhere, dibl; (somewhere 
else), dicubl; (of • somebody 
else), diundt; (nowhere dse), 
nusquiun dio 

To elucidate, expHco, duddo 

An elucidation, explicatio 

To elude, dudo, e^o, efftaglo 

An duding, elusio^ evitatio 

Elves, larvae, lemures 

An elusion, frans, dohia 

Elusive, fraudulentus, follax 

Elysian, dydus, Uetns 

To emacerate^ maecvo, «xtcimo 

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To emaciate, emacio, maeero 

Kmanation, emanatio 

To emancij^te, emandpo, libero 

Emancipation, emandpatio 

To emasculate (geld), caitro j 

(weaken), enerro, debilito 
To embalm, poUincio, condio 
An embalming, poUinctura 
An embargo, arrestum mercato- 

To embark, narem conaeendere; 
(an army), imponere ezerdtum ; 
(in an aAur), rem agendam 
■uacipere; (in tbe same de- 
sign), particeps ease 
An embarkation, in navem o(m- 

Embarking, narem conscendent 

To embarraas, impedio [tum 

An embarrassment, impedimen> 

To embase, depraTO 

An embassy, lectio 

To embattle, aoem instmeie 

To embeUish, polio^ omo 

An embdlishment, omatoa 

Embers, fsvilla, dnis 

Of embers, cinereus 

Ember-weeks, qaatnor tempora 

j^ouii; (dajs), feris esuhales 
To embeixie, mterrerto, surripio 
Emblematic, emblematicas 
To emboss, sculpo, eaelo 
To embowel, exeutero 
To embrace, amplector 
An embrace^ amplexni» com- 

An embrocation, fomentum 
To embroider, aca piugere 
An embroiderer, aeapictor 
An embroidering, intextos 
Embroidery, opus Phrygium 
To embroil, misceo 
To embme, tinso. imbuo 
An embryo, embryo 
An emendation, correctio 
An emerald, smaragdna 
To emerge, emergo 
An emergency, casas, res nata 
Emergent (sadden), subitas, re- 

pentinus ; (wdghty), magni 

Tbe emerdds, hcmorrbds 
Emetic, emeticus, Tomitorios 
Emigration, migratio 
Eminence (dignity), eminentia, 

dignitas ; (height), altitndo^ 

locos editus 
Eminent, eximius, eonspicuas, 

excellens, egre^ius 
Eminently, ezimii, insignitto 
An emissary, emissarios 
Emission, or Emitting, emissio 
To emit, emitto 
An emmet, formica 
Emollient, emolliens 
Emolument, lucrum, commodum 
Emotion, agitatio, commotio 
To empannel. designo 
An empeaehment, accusatio, cri- 

An emperor, imperator 

An emphasis, energia, emphasis 

Emphatical. emphaticus 

Emphatically, emphatic^ 

An empire, imperinm, somma- 

An empiric, empirieus 
An emplaster, emplastnun 
To employ (bestow, or use), ad- 
hibeo, confero, impendo, im- 
pertio; (or set about an affair), 
oommittere n^jpotium alieui; 
(occupy), occupo; (in itody), 
Uteris versari 

An employ, ars, qucstos 
An employment, negotiam 
An empress, imperatrix 
Emptily, levitir, van* 
Emptiness, Tacuum, inanitas 
Empty (void), iuanis, vacuus; 

(vain, unprofitable), vanus, in- 

ntilis, merus 
To empty, vacuOk eracuo, exhaa- 

no, exinanio; (into another 

vessd), transfdndo, deci^ulo 
To be empty, vaco 
To grow empty, inanesco 
An emptving, eracuatio 
EmpyitaX empyrsus 
To emulate (enTy),inTideo,aema- 

lor; (imitate), imitor 
An emulation, cmulatio 
Emulgent, emulgens 
Emulous, Kmulus 
An emulsion, lac medicinale 
To enable, vires suppediiare 
Enabled, potens, factus 
To enact, sando, decemo, fero 
Enacting, sandens, decemens 
An enacting, sanctio 
Enamel, encaustum 
To enamel, encausto pingere 
To enamour, amore accendere 
Enimoured, amore captus; (des- 
perately), perditt amans 
To encamp, castra ponere 
An encampment, castrametatio 
To enchant, ejLcanto. 8eelndkati< 
To encircle, cmgo 
To endose, includo 
An endoBure, septum 
An encomiast, laudator 
An encomium, laos 
To encompass, dngo 
To encounter, oongredior, eon- 

An encounter (meeting), con- 

gresBus; (fight), certamen, di- 

micatio, pugna 
To encourage, animo» instigo, 

hortor : Mirefer), promoveo ; 

(praise), plando 
EncouragM^ animatus, accensus 
An encourager, hortator 
An encouragement, hortatns 
To encroach, usurpo, invado 
To encumber, impedio 
An end (extremity, or bound), 

finis, terminus, meu ; (dm, or 

dengn), consilium, causa ; 

(event, or issue), exitus, even- 

tus : (an ill end), exitium ; 

(end of a play), catastrophe 
In the end, demtun. deniquft 
At the end of, extrem6 
To what end 7 quorsiim 
To no end, frustrli 
To the end that, e6 ut 
For this end, hujus rd cans4 
Up on end, erectns 
To end, finic^ termino, eondudo, 

To make an end, perfldo 
To endamage, noceo 
To endanger, periclitor 
Endangering, periclitans 
To endear, obhgo, devindo 
Endearment, caritas 
An endeavour, conatus 
To endeavour, conor, enitor, mo- 

lior, expeto, oontendo, aspire 
Endeavouring, conans, nixus 
With great endeavour, enixft 
EndeC flnitus, perfectus 
An ending (of a thing), exitus, 

eventus; (of a dispute), oon- 

troversis diremptio 
Endless, inflnitus, perpetual 
Endive^ intybom 

To endorse, inscribo 
To endow, doto, instruo 
An endowment, dotatio, doe 
To endue, imbuo, dono 
To endure (bear, or snffier), fero^ 
patior, tolero ; (continue), duro^ 
perduro, permaneo 
Enduring, tolerans ; (for ever), 

sempitemns, perennu 
An enemy, inimicus, hostis 
Of an enemy, hostilis 
Like an enemy, hostilitftr 
Energetical, energeticus 
Energy, vis, eflScacia 
To enervate, enervo, ddiilito 
To enfeeble, debilito, inflrmo 
To enfeoi!^ fidd alicujus cred 
To enforce, oogo, confirmo 
To enfranchise, manumii 
(make f^ee), dviute aliqi 
To engage (one), obligo^ 

vincio; (pass one's w 

spondeo, vador; (in battleK 
oonfligo, concurro ; (one's ho- 
nour), fidem interponere 
To be engaged, occupor, devin- 

An engagement (fight), pugiu, 
prKlium ; (surety), vaduno- 
nium, sponsio; (promise), pro- 
Engaging, jncundus, gratns 
To engender, genero, gigno 
An engine, machina; (device), 

artifidum, stropha 
An engineer, macninator 
English, Animus, Ang^icanua 
Englishmen, Angli 
To English, Anglic^ reddere 
To speak English, Aaglici loqni 
Engrailed, crenatus 
To engrave, caelo, sculpo 
An engraver, CKlator, sculptcv 
An engraving, seulptura 
To ennos% coCmo^ flagdlo; (a 

writing), latitu exscribere 
An engrosser, flayellator 
To enhance, pretium angere 
An enhancer, mercis corrogatar 
An enhancing, auctus 
An enigma, enigma 
Enigmatical, cnigmaticua 
To ei^dn, in^ungo, jubeo 
To eigoy, fruor, potior, possideo ; 

(one's self), se oblectare 
Enjoyed, percentus 
Having eiyoyed, potitns 
An en^yer, possessor 
An cigoying, or Enjoyment, poa- 

sessio, fructfts perceptio 
Eojoyments, voluptates 
To enlarge (extend, or increase), 
extendo^ dilato, distendo ; 
(upon a subject), copiosft lo- 
qui; (set free), vinctum sol- 
vere, or ex custodiA dimittere 
An enlarging, or Enlargement, 
amplificado^ ex cnstodiA emis- 
To enlighteii, illumino, illastio 
An enlightening, illustratio 
To enliven, animo 
An enlivening, animatio 
Enmity, simultas, inimidtia 
To ennoble, nobilito, iliostro 
Enormity, atrodtas 

Enormous, enormis, atioz 

Enormously, enormitto, nefortt 

Enough, abundi, sat, satis 

To enquire^ inquire 

To enrage, stimulo, irrito 

To enrich, locnpleto, dito 

To enroll, inscnbo 

An cnaanipl^ eiMmplain, tjrpua 

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An enugn (cokmn), TeziUom; 

(bearer), ugnifer 
To enaUve, in ■erritntem ledigere 
SnalATed, mancipata* 
To enaoe^ aequor, succedo 
£Bmun^, Mqaena 
To entail, luereditatem tradere 
To entangle; implico, irretio 
To enter (ko into), intro. ingre- 
dior; (as a tword, into the 
bodj), in corona descendere; 
(by Tiolence), irmmpo, in- 
trade; (by stealth), irrepo; (an 
action), dicam seribere; (into 
the merits), investigo, peracru- 
tor; (into a treaty), consilia 
inire; (into eonference), collo- 
quinm inire ; (into strict friend- 
anip), hoapitia JQDgere cam ali- 
quo; (opon an office), magia- 
tratom oedpere; (upoo an es- 
tate), hKreaitatem capeasere ; 
(npon a design), oonauium ca- 
pcM; (into holy orders), sacris 
An enterprise, ooeptom, incep* 

tnm, Acinus 
To enterprise, aggredior, eonor 
Enterprised, anaceptos, geatos 
An enterpriser, ineeptor 
An enterprising, snsceptio 
To entertain (oeliere, or admit), 
oredok admitto; (divert), ob- 
leeto ; (lodge), hospitio ali- 
onemaecipere; (with stories), 
abnlas narrare; (treat), acci- 
pio, ezcipio ; (keep), aJo, sus< 
tento; (one kindly), benign^ ao- 
cipere; (hope), spemeoncipere 
An entertainer, nospes 
Entertaining, jucondos, gratns 
An entertainment, oonviTinm, 
epnlae, hospitium ; (amose- 
ment), detentio, occupatio 
To enthral, mancipo 
Enthralment, semtns 
To enthrone, in solio coUocaie 
Enthroned, in soUo collocatas 
Snthosiasm, enthasiasmos 
An enthusiast, enthusiaata 
Snthnsiastic, enthuaiaaticas 
To entice, allicio, pellido 
An enticement, illecebra 
Enticing, alliciens, blandns 
Entire, integer, totus 
Entirely, omnin6, waieh 
To entitle, appellor auctoro 
An entity, res, ens 
To entomb, tumnlo 
Entrails, exta, viscera 
An entrance, ingresaos, aditos 
To give entrance, fores qierire 
To deny entrance, )anaA prohi- 

here, sinibns arcere 
Entrance-money, minerval 
To entnqp, irretio, ineaco^ ilia- 

To entreat, rogo» oro 
Entreaty, ro^tio, obsecratio, pre- 
catio, precis 

An entering into, ingresaus 

An entry (into a houae, or place), 

aditoi, introitua, veatibolom; 

(in law), ingresaos 
To entwine, convolve 
To envenom, veneno i 
Envenomed, venenatus 
Envion^ invidns, lividua 
Envionuy, invidioa^ invidi 
To environ, circnmdo, cingo 
The environs, vicinitas 
To enumerate; enomero, recen- 

seo, stipo 
An enumeration, recensio 


An envoy, Duncius. legatoa 

Envy, iuvidia, livor 

To envy, invideo 

To be envied, invidii premi 

The enact, epactae 

An ephemens, ephemeria 

Ephemeral, dinmus 

An ■rpk'd, K^^ai 

Epic, .-i-y^s- 

An 4'[iii'ijr('. hclluo. iruLiada 

EpJciir.MJi, iiiig]ii'ki«;>, fiita 

Epi'l'HJMtL, «^ii4«ioJciM^ conta- 

An f piRntUr epinammi 
An tpiJcpTy, qpiTinitin 
Eptle^iLicv CQmltiaiia 

An tpiJfwuE. epila^na 
The cpLp^&or, cpiptisukt 
EpUcfypicfF rpi^r^pJiiu* 
Epta(<opai, ^piwociAlii 
An cpiiodc^ Bpiinaium 
An rpi^ilv, EpL>Ei:»ta, Il^icik 

Epi^mlur,-. r:>'^>.-i*irlM 

An ■ ■>■' \'\oi [tiale 

An . «'.!'ULEn nup> 

An epiiaet, epithetoD 

An epitome epitome compen- 
To epitomise, in compendium re- 
digere; (epitomised), in com- 
pendium redaetns 
An ■■■■ ' ■ ...'l.iL. T;ra 
Eq ■ ■ •.'..[», par 

To f'i,v,ri'. i'«ju«!i. ri:i.^qao 
Eq^kAt wi^iitcti.t, ir^j u i I ibrium 
E<)u4tlfl, porvi, ruo^Mftes 
Eqi.iPillit;r, fquiiOAA, paritas 
To pnnnliwf, ifiiLw. txaequo 
Au cqu^liain^F vtiuiitio 
Equnif^, nr^untirH'T, net^uft 
Ec '. ■ -' :■ ' '- outaa 


The equator, aequator 
An equerry, stabuli prBfectna 
Equestrian, equeatris 
Equiangular, cquiangularis 
Equidiatant, ex anquo diatans 
Equilateral, squia lateribus in- 

atructua, vquilateralis. 
Equilibriona, vquilibria 
Equilibrium, squilibrium 
Equinoctial, cquinoctiaUs 
Equinox, Kquinoctium 
To equip (with stores), neoessa- 
riasuppeditare; (a fleet), das- 
Equipage, instrumentum, oma- 
tus, pompa, comitatus, appa- 
ratus, enltus 
An equipoise, equilibrium 
Equipped, omatua, inatructus 
An equipment, apparatua 
Equitable, Kquua, juatns 
Equitably, ut cquum est 
Equity, squilas, cquum 
Equivalence, par virtus 
Equivalent, Kquivalena, par 
Tb be equivalent, cquivaleo* ez- 


Equivocal, Kquivocus, ambitus 
Equivocally, Kquivoci, ambiguft 
To equivocate, callidi mentiri 
An equivocation, ambiguitas 
To eradicate, eradlco, extirpo 
An eradication, extirpatio 
To erase, erado, deleo 
An eraaement, litura 
Ere, antequ&m, priusquion; (ere 

long), mod6, brevl ; (ere now), 

ante hoc tempus 
To erect (raise up), erigo; (build), 

edifice, condo, struo 
An erecting, erectio, sdiflcatio 
An eramite, eremita 
An ermine, mustda alba 

Ermine-akin, muatela alb« pel- 

To err, erro, oberro; dedpior, 

An errand, mandatnm, nundum 

To carry an errand, mandau per- 

An errand-boy, nnndna 

Errata, errata, menda 

Erratic, erraticua 

An erring, erratio 

Erroneoua, erroneua, fUsut 

Erroneottdy, falsi, fala6 

Error (fault), erratum, ddictum ; 
(in opinion), error, halluci- 
natio ; (in an error), deoeptna 

Erudition, eruditie 

Eruption, eruptie 

An eacape, tuga, effuf^um 

To eacape, evade, eiftigio, anftigio, 
elaber; (by flight), evole; (pri- 
vily), aubterfiigio ; (by atrtt|^« 
gling), elucter; (danger), vi« 
tare periculum ; (the memory), 
ex meraoriA excidera 

An eacar, cicatrix 

An eacheat, escsta 

To eacheat, ad fiscum reddere 

To eschew, vito, devito, eftugio 

Eschewed, devitatua, evitatus 

An eschewing, evitatie 

To escort, deduce, oomitor 

Esculent, eaculentua 

An eacutcheon, inaigne gentili* 

Eapedal, prcdpuua, apedalis 

Especially, prccipu^ spedalitte, 

Most espedally, maximi 

Espied, expluratus, visus 

Espousals, sponsalia 

To espouae, deapondee, desponso; 
(a cauae), patrocinor 

To eapy. apeculor, explore ; (by 
chance), aapicio, video; (an 
opportunity), tempua captare. 
Bee to Spy. 

An eaquire, armitrer, acutiger 

An eaaay, molimen, apecimen, 
experimentum, periditatie, ce- 

To eaaay, tento. experior 

An eaaence (being), natura, es- 
aentia ; (in chymiatry), ex- 
tractio chemica 

Easential, eaaentialia 

Easentiall^, eaaentialitir, naturA 

To eatabhah, atabilio^ confirmo, 
conatitue, aancie 

An eatabliahmeut, atabilimentum 

An eatate (meana), rea, rea fami- 
liana, cenaua, bona, opes, di- 
vitiie ; (of life), atatua, conditio* 
Ktaa, ratio 

Eateem, catimatio 

To esteem, aestiroe, habeo, duce* 
pendo; (judge), exiatimo, re- 
pute, statue, opinor; (better), 
antehabeo ; (greatly), magni- 
fado ; (little), vili peodere, 
parviducere; (less), postpono; 
(as nothing), nihili faeere ; 
(worthy), dignor 

To be esteemed, Kstimor; (not to 

be esteemed), sordee 
To estimate, vstimo, pendo 
An estimate, calculatio, pretium 
Great estimation, dignitaa 
An estimator, calculator, Bati- 
Eatival, asativus [mater 

To eatrange, aliene, abaliene 
An eatreat, exemplum, extracta 
To etch, aqui forti corrodere 
Eternal, Ktemua, aempitemoa 
Eternally, i ' 

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Eternity, KternitM 
To all eternity, iu Ktemom 
To eternize, ctemo, propago 
Ethereal, ethereal 
Ethic, ethieue 
Ethie*. ethica, more* 
Etymolofical, etymoloricaa 
An etymotofitt, etymologai 
An etymology, etymon 
To eracuate (empty), vacuo, era- 
eno, exhaurio ; (a town), ab 

An evacuation, evacnatio 

Evacoative, pargane 

To evade, evado, vito, illudo 

Evangelical, evangelicua 

An evangeliat, evangelista 

To evaporate, exhalo, exudo 

An evaporation, exhalatio 

An evasion, teehna, vafirameatiiin, 

Evasive, vafer, ftJlaz 
Evasively, vafri, teth 
The enoharist, eacharistia 
Eochariatical, eacharisticoa 
An eve, vigilix, pridii diri 
Even, adv. (also), etikm. qnoqai, 
omnin6, vel; (namely), nenpi, 
nimirtun, scilicH; (even as), 
qnemadmodhm, sicht, squi 
atqai, perindt ac si ; a4f- 
(equal, ac.), Kquabilii, aquna, 
To make even, adaquo; (smooth), 

Sliot comolano; (diemtriish), 
ruo, demolitMr 
Even from, jam k, usque k; (even 

now), mod6, jam nunc ; (even 

then), jam turn; (even there), 

Even weight, Kquilibrium 
On even terms, aequali couditione 
The even, Evening, or Even-tide, 

vrtprm vesper 
Of tbe evening, vespertinus 
At even, Teaperi 
Eveuly, lequalitte, eenstantte 
SveanesB, cqualitas, Isvor; (in 

An event, eventua, exitua 
At all events, otcnnqoi cedderit 
Bventaal fortuitna 
Eventually, fortt, fortuni 
Ever (aWafs), aemptr. Ktemtun; 
(any), tt-quis, eequianam, nun- 
quia; (nt any time), eeqaandb, 
ttonan do. unquiun, nuncubl ; 
(aftrr; mdi ; (ever and anon), 
■ubiDJi, (ever before), uaqui 
antehar, (for ever), in Bter> 
Bverlft 1 1 i T) ic, aempitemua, ctemiu 
BverlA« ' A If ly, Kternhm 
An eve ^ I. . everaio. demolitio 
£>er}. <(iiiibet, quisqne, singuU, 
qui>i«; body), unuaquiaque; 
(de-y), Hidito, quotidii; (oc- 
catioL), ex omni occaaione ; 
(whit . oiunind, prorshs; (side), 
undiAfu^ ; (way), quoqoover- 
stun ; (}4>ar), auotannis 
Evidrnct: proot), teatimonium ; 
(witti^h^,, testis; (deamesa), 
nidentift. perapicuitas 
To evjienre. probo, teator 
Ev.drnt, evidena. manifeatua 
To be evid^-nt, conato, appareo 
To make evident, illuatro, pate- 

Evidently, manifSeaO, apert« 
Evil, malua, pravua. improbus 
An evil, malum, damnum 
An evil-doer, aceleratua, aeelettiu 
Evil-minded, malignua 
To evince, evinook probo 

Evincibly. elar^ perspieni 

An evincing, evict io 

To eviscerate, eviacero, exentero 

Evitable, evitabilia, viubllis 

An eulogy, laus, encomium 

An eunuch, eunuchns 

To evolve, evolvo, explico 

Evolution, evolutio 

Euphony, euphonia 

Evulsion, evnlsio 

An ewe, ovis fcunina; (lamb), 

To ewe, agnum parere 
An ewer, aqoaUa 
Exact (accurate), aecnratna, per- 

fectus; (punctual), temporis, 

ftcnobservantissimus; (aevere, 

or atrict), rig^dua, aeverua 
Tb exact (demand), exigo, flagito; 

(upon), opprimo( (in pnoe), 

nimla cart venders 
An exactor, exactor, opprc aa or 
Exaction, exaetio, oppreasio 
Exactly, exacts ad unguem 
Exactneas (accuracy), accuratio; 

(neatneaa), eoncinnitas 
To exaggerate, exaggero, aggravo 
An exaggerating, exaggeratio 
To exalt (lift up), exaTto^ eveho ; 

(praiae), extollo, eelebro 
An exalution, exaltatio, elatio 
Examination, inquintio, examen, 

interrogatio ; (of aeeoonta), ra- 

tionum comparatio 
To examine (ask queationa), ia- 

terrogo; (weigh, or eonaider), 

expendo; (preekdy), acrouir, 

An examiner, inquisitor 
An examining, examinatio 
An example, exemplum, apeci- 

men ; (aa for example), exempli 

gratia [animo 

To exanimate (diaoonrage), ex- 
An exarch, exarcha 
To exaapeimte, exaapero, laeeaao 
To exceed, exoedo, tranaeendo, 

Bunero, vinco, prvato, abundo, 

affluo,prKpolleo; (thebounda), 

tranaire fines 
Exceeding (anrpaaslBg), mm- 

atans, excellena ; (exceenve), 

nimiua, immodieua; s4v. vald^ 

An exceeding, cxceasua 
Exceedingly, valdi, exinui, egre- 

gift [aupero 

To excel, excdlo, emineo, praato^ 
Excellence, excellentia, pneatan- 

Exeellent, excdlena, eximiua 
Excellently, egregii, optimft 
An excelling, anteceaaio 
Exeentrieity, excentricitas 
Except (unleaa), nui, ni; (aav- 

ing), prBter, niai, extra; (ex- 
cept that), nisi, qu6d, niai ai 
To except, exdpio, exirao, ex> 

dudo, aecemo, oppugno, re- 

pudio, demo 
An exception, exceptio 
Exceptionable, exceptionibtu ob> 

Exceaa, exeeaana, intempmntia 
Exeeaaive, nimiua, immodieua 
Exceasively, immederai 


Exeeaaiveneas, ■uporflnitas 
To exchange, permuto, eommnto 
An exchange, muutio, commu- 

tatio; (tomeetio),exeambiam, 

An exchanger, nummulariua 
An exchangpiag, commutatio 
The excheqpMr, mariuBi, flaeni 

Exdaabte, tributnm aolrereAdMC 
Exdae, tributnm, oeaaua 
Bxdaion, exdaio 
To excite, racito^ atimulo 
Au exciter, instigator, irritat 
An exdting. provocaiio, incttatSo 
Exdting, incitans, stimukuia 
To exclaim. exclMno; (against), 
declamitare in 

An exdamation, exdamatio 
To exclude, exdndo. excipi* 
An excluding, exdusio 
Exclusive, exclus<mas; (of that), 

pneter, extra 
Exclusively, exdurivft 
To excommunicate^ eicovmA- 



Tb excoriate, excorio, d^;lnho 
Excreation, excreatio 
An excrement, exerenMatua 
Excrements, alvi purgationes 
Exeremeutitious. excremaatitiKa 
An excrescence, tuber 
Excretion, exeretio 
To exeruciate, excrudo, torqaeo 
Excruciating, exerndans 
To exculpate purgti, evikpk libe- 

An excursion (In a luhfeet, «r 

discourse), di^pessio; (iato a 

place), excursion incnnicH in- 

petaa, incaraua 
Exenrahre, errana, devius 
Excuaable, excuaabilia 
An excaae, excuaatio, eanaa 
To excuae (one'a adf), ae «xe«^ 

•are ; (admit an excuae), exen- 

aationem accipere; (« 

a fault), factum elevara 
Excuaeleaa, inexcuaabilia 
To make excuae, fingere c . 
Execrable, execrabilia, dinu 
Execrably, nefarift^ odioaft 
To execrate, execror, devoveo 
An execration, exeeratio, dine 
To execute (perform), cxeqnor; 

(a law), legem exereere ; (a 

malefactor), capita pleetere; (a 

will), teatamentum e«nre; 

(ordera), tranaigo ; (eonditioBS 

of peace), pacti oondttiones 

An executer, actor 
An executing, er exeeutioa, exe- 

eutio; (of a malefactor), sap- 

plicii capitaUa inflietio 
A place of^execution, fterea 
An executioner, eamifes 
An executive power, adtninia- 

An executor, teatancnti etintor 
Executory, ad execmtioneiii pei>- 

An executrix, testamenti et ir atrfat 
Exegetical, exegetieaa 
Bxemplarily, inaignitto 
Exemplary, exemplum pnebena; 

(life), viu imitatione digna; 

(puniahment), anpplidum in* 

An exemplification, exemplar 
To exemplify (copy), tranaeribo; 

(illustrate), explico 
An exemplifying, deaeripClOt ex- 

To exempt (f^), eximo. libero 
Exempt, exemptua, immunia 
An exemption, exemption faium. 

Exequiea, exequia, fbnua 
An exerdac^ exerdtium; (mitt. 

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•■ ol .. 


(task). peaMun 
To exercise, ocreeo; (■ithwir/ 

over). doMumi tfeu ; (sa 

oAce), fengov; (•• a aoliier). 

anna cxereere; (ia baiifi), 

operi iacawbcre 
lb be exercised ia. oeeapor, vcnor 
Ez0ciae% certaanna. Mi 
To exert, exenv exUbeo; (om^s 



MtiBg,9r Sxhibinoa, ex 
UMdo ; (aUowaace), aiqpca- 

To exhUarate^ exhilaRH Icdieo 

Sxliflsniting, laetana, Ictabilis 

To exhort, aihoitOT. saadeo 

Aa exbortation, hoetatiok Boai 

Exhortative, raaaorins 

An exborter, hortator 

An exhorting, bortatio 

An exigence, i 

An exigent (i 
(expedieBt). rating 
(wnt), exigeada 

Mm exile, exu, extorris 

Kxile (banishment), exiUaai 

Tto exile, rdego, amando; (to be 
exiled), in exiliam d^elli 

Sxfied, relegatas 

Bxinanition. exina n itio 

To exist, existo, sam 

Existence, existentia 

Existent, Existing, a 

An exit, exitas. eventos [rior 

To make one's exit, discedo^ mo- 

Exodns, exodas 

To ex<merat^ exonero, levo 

An exonerating, oneris ' 

Exorable, exorabilis 

Exorbitance^ nimietas 

Exorbitant, nimios 

Bxorbitantlf. nimift 

To exorcise, exorciao^ adjnro 

An exorcisinf^ a^jorstio 

An exorcism, exorcismos 

An exorcist, ef orcista 

An exordiom, exordium, pndogna 

Exotic, exoticos, extemos 

To expand, expando, explieo 

The expanse, expansom, Kther 

An expansion, expansio 

To expatiate^ expatiw, loqoor 

To expeet, expecto, spere 

Expecting, expectans 

ExpecUtion, expectation apes 

To expectorate, expeetoro 

Bxpeoient, commodns, ntilis 

An expedient, ratio, modos 

To be expedient, expedit, prodest 

Expediently, commode apti 

To expedite, expedio, accelero 

Expe^tion, festinatio, i>roperatio; 

(of soldiers), expeditio 
Ejqieditioos, impiger, strennos 
Expeditiously, expedite, celeritir 
To expel, expelio, pello, arceo 
An expelling, expulsio 
Expense, impensa. aumptns 
To expend, expendo^ insumo 
Expensive, cams, prodigos 
Expensively, prodigi, effusA 
Expensiveness. prtmisio 
Experience, experientia. nsoa 
To experience, experior 
Of no experience, inexpertna 
Experienced, expertos, experiena 

Explicative, rtplsaaai 

Ei^lictt. cmlicaasL cb 


To explode, ftpjodo. rqieio 

Aa explodiag. ttploaio. exaetiD 

Aa cx^oit, aetam. ftcinas 

Noble expioits, res gestc 

To explore, cxploRK exqaiio 

Aa exploring, ladagatio 

Aa exploaioB, ex^oino, ftMor 

To export; expoeto, uaas t A o 

ExportatioB. exportaiio 

To expose, exponas obgicio; (to 

danger), penditor; (to Inagh- 

ter), deridendam pi ' 


, (to view), ex- 
. (aooover), detego, aado 
An expositioB. intcrpretatio 
A short expo^ion, acholinni 
Aa expositor, iaterptes, expositor 
To expostulate, expoMalo^ con- 
An expostulation, expostnlatw 
To expound, expono, explieo 
An expounder, explicator, inter- 

An expounding, exporitio 

To express, exprimo, narro ; (one's 

mind), enuncio; (deUneate). 

delineo; (joy), gaadium tes- 

tari; (m numbm), numeros 

Express, apertus, eertns, daraa 
An express, nnncius velox 
Exprnsly, distinct^ planft 
An expression (sentence), sen- 

tentia; (word), dictio, dictum 
Expressive, significans, denotans 
Expressively, signiftcantte 
Expressiveness, signifieatio viva 
To exprobrate (upbraid), exprobo 
An expulsion, expulsio, exactio 
An expunetion, expunctio 
To expunge, expungo, deleo 
Exquisite, exquisitus, elaboratus, 

summus, acerrimus 
Exquisitely, exquisite accurati 
Exsiccative, aresoens 
Extant, extans 
To be extant, exto, supersum 
An extasy, extasis 
Extemporary, extemporalis 
Extempore, baud praemeditatus 
To extend, extendo, dilato, pro- 

An extension, extensio, prolatio 
Extensive, latt patens 
Extensively, late, difhisi 
Extensiveness, diffusio 
Extent, spatiom, ampiitudo; (of 

capacity), eaptus; (of country). 

fines, tractus; (law term), ex- 

To extenuate (lesaen), exteuuo, 

emacio, diminuo; (excuse), ex- 

cuso, depreoor 

a enirpatiog, e xtir yatio 

Ts extol, laodob I 

Aa extoller, laadator 
Aa extoUiag. laudatio 
Extorsive^ iiqastas. iniqfaaa 
To extort, extowqiueo^ du^ia 
Extovtion. expilatio, direptio 
An extortioner, 
lator. exactOT 
To extract, extraho. c. — 

primo. educo, excopo 
Aa extract (draught ). exemplar, 
excerptnm; (descent), gt^aa. 
atirps : (epitome), eamytsk- 
dium ; (chymical), expussi o 
An extraction, proaa^ia. geaa% 

Extngudidal. extr«}ndict|]ia 
Extraneous, extnneua, extenras 
Extraordinarily, rarb. valdi [tut 
Extraordinary. inaoUtas, iauaita- 
Extraparochial. extra paroechiam 
positus [prodigeatia 

Extravagance. laxuria. proAiaiOh 
Extravagant, prodigus, ^sus; 
(impertinent), ineptns, insul- 
sns; (excessive), immodicna; 
(disorderly), perditoa ; (opi* 
nion), vaga opinio 
Extravagantly, absurd^ proAul^ 

immoderate, perditt 
Extreme, extremus, sommua 
Extremely, summi, valdi 
Extremity (utmost part), extra* 
mum ; (distress), misena ; (nt> 
most extremity), ricor summoa 
To extricate, extrico, libera 
Extrinsically, extrinsecds 
Extrusion, extrusio, exptilsio 
An extuberance. tumor 
Exuberance, copia. redandaatia 
Exuberant, exuberans, Ndttadana 
To exulcerste, exulcero 
To exult, exulto 
An exulting, or Exaltation, enl* 

An ey^ oculas; (loop), aniulai 
(of 'a needle), foramen) (of a 
flower, or plant), gemma, g«^ 
men; (in a doublet), oceUusi 
(witness), testis oculatua 
Of the eye, ocularis 
One-eyed, monoculua 
Eye-lids, palpebrK 
Hair of the eye-lids, eilium 
Web in the eye, leucoma 
Before one's eyes, in oculia 
The eye-sight, acies oculi 
Eye-service, perfunctoriua 
An eye-sore, odiosus 
To eye, intueor, aspido; (wan< 

tonly), oculis venari 
Eyed, or Full of eyes» oculatua, 
fistulosus; (looked upon), in- 
tents spectatus 
Bleer-eyed, lippus 
Grey-eyed, caeeius 
An eyre, judicum Itinerantium 
curis ; (a justice in eyre), jus- 
titiaritu in itinera 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 




A fabler fkboU 
Fabled, fictas. confietot 
To fabricate, ifabrico, stmo 
FabrieatioD, fabricatio 
A fabric, vdificium, atnictara 
Fabttlority, faboloaitai 
Fabuloua, fiabuloaut, fictui 
Fabnloualf. fabuloai, fictft 
A (mee, facie^ vultua, oa; (con- 
fldence), fiducia; (of affaira), 
■tatua: (appearance), apeciea 
Face to nee, coram, facie tenna 
To face (look at), intueor, aapicio; 
(boldly), oa induere, firontem 
ezpUcare; (danger), periculom 
adu« ; (about), boati frontem 
advertere; (a garment), omo; 
(one down), dictia protelare 
In tbe £kce of tbe aon, palitm 
Bare-&eed, oria retecti 
Doobk-faoed, bifrona, aimulator 
Facetioua, faeetoa, lepidua 
Facetioudy, faceti, lepid6 
Facetiouaneaa, lepor 
Facile, facilia, alEabilia 
To facilitate, expedio 
Facility, facilitaa ; (in apeaking), 

aenno promptua 
'^th facility, facili. ezpediti 
A £acing (about), in boatem con- 
▼ertio ; (of danger) . periciitatio 
Facinga, ornamenta reatia 
Tbe facion in boraea, petimen 
A fiMt, flietum, geatom, f^inaa 
In fkct, revera 
A Caetion, factio, oonqpiratio 
Faetioua, factioaua, aeditiosua 
Factiouaneaa, partium atudium 
Factitiooa, factitiua 
A factor, negotiator, inatitor 
Factorage, mercatarae procoratio 
Afiactory, procuratoram babitatio 
A fkcolty, facttltaa, profeaaio; 

(leave), licentia 
To £ide (witber), defloreaco ; (de- 
cay), debilitor. deficio 
Faded, eranidua, fiaccidna 
To fadge, conTcnio, qoadro 
Fadmg, langnidna, caducna 
A fading, languor, marcor 
To fiag, ccdo, laboro 
Tbe fkg-end, eztremitaa poite- 

A fagot, &acia; (amonj^t lol- 

diera), milea suppoaititiua 
To Adl (act), deficio* relinqno, 
auccnmbo, excido ; (in pro- 
miaea), promiaaia non atare; 
(of duty), delinquo; (of expec- 
tation), fUlere expectationem ; 
(break m a tradeaman), con- 
Witbont Uait eertb, plant 
Failing, lapaua 

A faiung (ceaainpp), remiaaio; 

(deficiency), defectna; (diaap- 

pointment), fruatratio; (fault), 

colpa, delictum 

A failure, calpa 

Fain (deairoua), copidna, aridua; 

(obliged), coaotua 
I would fain, cupio, |^atio 
Faint (weak), langiudua, debilia; 
(alack), remiaaua ; (weary), 
laaaua; (fearful), timidua; (ob- 
■cure), obaeurua 
A faint, dolua, diaaimulatio 
To mdce a £unt, aimulo; (to 
grow fidut), deficio; (to make 
nint), labefkcto^ debilito; (to 

make foint-bearted), exanimo; 

(to faint away), animo linqui 
Faint bearted, meticnloaua 
Faint-beartedneaa, timiditaa 
Fainting, langnena, faaaua 
A faintin(^-away, deliquiumanimi 
Faintly, timidt, remiaai 
Faintneaa, languor 
Fair (beautiful), pulcber; (dear), 

clarua, aplendidua; (boneat), 

inatua, aequua; (fair-apoken), 

blandiloquuB : (worda), blan- 

ditix; (weatber), coelnm an- 

To be, or look &ir, niteo 
To grow fair, aereno 
To be fair in dealing, honeati 

A fair, nundina ; (of a flair), nun- 

dinalia, nnndinariua 
To keep a fiur, nundinor 
A fiairing, atrena, donum 
Fairly, venuat^ prob^ ^pti, cqui, 

juat^ integri 
Faimeaa (in complexion), pulebri- 

tudo; (in dealmg), aquitaa 
A Cairy, lamia, nympba 
Faitb, fidea 

Of tbe rigbt &ith, ortbodoxua 
Of a wrong faith, beterodoxna 
On my faith, meherde 
Faithful, fidelia, fidua 
FaithhiUy, fideUtte, fid« 
Faitbfulnesa, fidelitaa, intetptaa 
Faithleaa (not beliering), incre- 

dulua; (not to be truated), 

A falchion, enaia falcatua 
A falcon, accipiter, fialco 
A falconer, aucepa 
A flail, caaua, bqraua 
The faU (of Adam), deUctum 

Adami; (of the leaf), autum- 

To flail, cado; (aa hair), defluo; 
'in price), erileeco; (abate), 

lecreaco ; (aa wind), aileo ; 
(aaleep),obdormiaco; (inloTc), 
amo; (into a paaaion), exar- 
deaco; (away), deficio ; (back), 
recido* relabor; (down), con- 
cido, procido, procumbo; (down 
aaa ahip), delabor; (down to- 
gether), corrno ; (down under), 
auccnmbo ; (from a borae), 

a no dcjici; (in one'a wajrj, 
riim occnrrere; (into), ii- 
labor, incido; (into poverty), 
ad inopiam redigi : (into a 
anare),inin8idiaacadere; (off), 
deddo, deficio, declino; (on), 
i^^gredior; (out, or happen), 
contingo; (out of), excido; 
(out with), inimicitiaa auaci- 
pere; (aick), morbo corripi 
Beadv to fall, caducna 
A fall of rain, ria imbrium 
Falling, labena, collabena ; (down), 

prolapaua, ruinoana 
A falling (away), defiectio; (out 
with), diaaidium; (of water), 
Fallacioua, fidlax 
Fallacioualy, doloai 
Fallaciouaneaa, dolua 
A fallacy, flallacia, aopbiama 
Fallible, incertna, fiallena 
A fallow field, novale 
Laid Callow, incnitua 
Fallow (in colour), fnWut 
Falae, falaua, fiallax, pravua, per- 
fidua, ritioaua, apunua; (heart- 
ed), bilinguia. cordia infidi 
Falaehood, mendacium, dolua 
Falaelj, flaUd^ anbdoU 

Falaeneta, perfidia 

To flalaify, auppono* ^_, 

adultero, depravo, commiseeo ; 

(one'a word), fidem flaUere; 

(warea), adultero 
To falter, hstito, deficio 
Faltering, bKaitana. titnbana 
Fame (report), fiama, rumor; (re- 
putation), exiatimatio 
Familiar, intimua. uaitatna, fladlas 
Familiarity, familiaritaa 
Familiarly, familiaritir 
A family (houaehold), flamiUa; 

(atock), proaapia, genua 
Of the family, oomeaticoa, gea- 

A fiamine, fomea, inedia 
To Camiah. fame enecare, flame 

perire; (a town), fiamem oppi- 

dania inferre 
Famiahing, &me moribundna 
Famoua, uluatria, inaignia^ mini% 

To make fiunona, cdebro 
To be fiunona, emineo, eniteo 
Famoudy, inaignitir, pTKdart^ 

A fan. flabdlom ; (for ooni), ytu- 

tUabrum, vannua 
To flan, ventilo 

Fanatic fianaticna [dea 

Fanaticiam, vanae reUgionIa qpe- 
Fanciful, inconatana, leria 
FandfuUy, inconatantte, levitir 
Fancifulneaa, leritaa 
A fancy, figmentum, arbitriam, 

opinio, imaginatio 
To fancy, alicui rei atudere; (ima- 
gine), imaginor, eflSngo 
A fane, triton, fanum 
Fanga (dawa), ungaea; (teeth), 

dentea inciaorea 
Fanned, Tcntilatua 
A fanning, ventilatio 
Fantaatical. inconatana, leria 
Fantaatieally, affecuti, putidi 
Fantaaticalneaa, affectatio, leritaa 
Far, aij. longinqaua, remotua; 

a<iv. longi. procbl; (and near), 

longi latique 
By far, multb, longft 
Far within, penitda, intimft 
Far be it firom me, long^ abdt 
Aa for aa, quanttuiv 
So tut, eouaque 
80 far as, quatenua 
Thus far, hacteniu 
How far? quouaquif 
A farce, mimua, exodinm ; (hodge 

podge), farrago 
K. fardel, aareina, foada 

Fare (rictuals), rictua ; (chance), 
■ora; (for carriage), vectnra, 
p<Htorium, naulum; (the per- 
son), qui vehitur 

To fare, rictito; (well), lantft 
rictitare ; (as others), oom- 
mnnem casum sustinere 

Farewell, rale, fac Taleaa 

To bid farewell. Tdedico 

Farrinaceoua, farraceus 

A farm, prvdium, fUndnt 

To farm, pratdinm condncere; 
(let a farm), praedium locare; 
(cultivate land), agrum colere 

A farmer, agricola, villicus; (of 
revenues), publicanus 

A farrier, hippocomus 

To farrow, porcelloa eniti 

Farther, at(f. ulterior ; «<Iv. Ion* 
gi&s altentu, tho eomp. o/far 

Farthermore, praeterea, porro 

Farthermoat, or fartheat, a4j. ex- 
tremua,ultimtta; Mir. longia- 

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A fiffthinf, qnadmu; (to « flus 

tking), ad aaaem 
To fkaeioate (bewitch), fiwciiio 
Fasdnatioii, ikacioatio 
A fiuwine, ▼irgaltorum fascis 
A foahioii (fonn), figura, forma; 

(maoner), moa, modoi, ratio, 

eoncoetudo, oaas, ritos 
ftehion of work, artifida opera 
lo fuhiop, obtinens in osu; (ont 

of fiuhion) , exoletos 
Of Cuhion, bono genere natoa 
For faBhion-sake, perfunctorift 
Of the aanoe ftahion, timilU 
A fiuhion of dothea, habitua 
To fiuhion, formo, fiogo 
Faahionable, ooncinnua 
Paihionably, sciti, decentto 
Fashioned, fonnatna 
Fait (bound), aatrictiu; (firm), 

stabilis; (in pace), celer 
Fast, adv. celentftr. tut6 
A &st (firom meat), jqnninm 
To fiut, jcgono 
To lay fiaat, inclodo 
To make fiut, tJAgo, dando 
Fast asleep, somno aopitos 
To fiuten, astringo; (about), oir> 

cumpango; (to the ground), 

depango; (together), alligo; 

(onder), anbnecto; (unto), an- 

necto ; (upon, or seise), arripio ; 

(eyea upon), intenti intueri; 

(a door), obdo 
A liutening, astrictio 
Faater, oeleriiU 
Fastidious, fiastidioeos 
Faatidkmsness, fastidiom 
Fastins, jcgunans 
To be nsting, jcguno 
Faating days, jcjunia 
A fisatneaa, monimentnm, tKer, 

Fat, or Fatness, pinguedo, adeps ; 

(of a hog), lardam 
Fat. pingnis, opimns, obesus ; 

(plump), nitidos; (meat), adi* 

f«tum; (wine),Tinnmspis8um 
To ftt, sagino, pinguefisdo; 

rm fat), pin|rnesco 
or Vat, dobnm 
Fatal, Iktalis, feralia 
Fatality, fiatalis Tia 
FatalW, fatalitte 
Fate, fatum, sors 
The&tes, pares 
Ill-fisted, infisastua 
A fisther, pater, genitor; (in 

law), soeer 
To fisther (adopt), adopto ; 

(own), Tendico; (upon), im- 

Fatherless, patre orbus, pupillns 
Fatherly, adv. patemi; adj. pa- 

temus, patrius 
A fathom, ulna 
To fiuhom, ezploro; (compass), 

Fatidieal, fiatidicns 
To fiatigne, fiati^^o. delasso 
Fatigue, fiatigatio, labor 
Fatiguing, fiat^^ans, de&tigans 
Fatness, pinguedo 
To fiattoi, sagino, incrasso 
A fattening, saginatio 
Fatty, pinrois, erassus 
A faucet, fistula, tabus 
A fisnlchion, harpe 
A fisnlt (crime), culpa, delictum ; 

(defiect), Titium ; (miatake), 

error ; (great), scdus ; (in 

writing), roenda, erratum 
Full of faults, mendosus, vitiosus 
Without fisult, insonsf integer 
To faultier •n (speech), balbatio ; 

(stagger), Tadllo ; (stumble), 

Faultless, innoeuua, inaons 
Faultily, Titiosi. mendosi 
Faulty, culpandus, mendosus 
FsToor, favor, gratia ; (of counte- 
nance), oris habitus; [oi the 

people), popularia aura 
A uvour, benefidum ; (for a wed« 

ding), lemniscus nuptialia 
To fitvour, fitveOk aipiro; (re> 

semble), assiniilo, refero 
FsTOurable, benignus. propitius, 

opportunus, secundus 
Favoured, cams; (well), spedo- 

sns,Tenustns; (ill), deformis 
A fiavonrer, fiuitor, fiortrix 
Favouring, favens; (resembling), 

ore referens 
A fiSTOurite, gratiosos, primus 
To fawn upon, adulor, assentior 
A fiiwuCr upon, adulator 
Fawning, adulatorius. blandus 
A fawning upon, adulatio 
Fawninglj, assentatorii, blandi 
Fealty, Idditas, feudum 
Fear, metus. timor; (reverence), 

reverentia; (great), horror, pa- 

To fiear, timeo, metuo ; (greatly), 

horresco; (reverence), revereor 
Fearful, timidus. terribiUs 
Fearfully, timidi, horridi 
Fearfiilness, metus, terror 
Fearing, veritus, verens 
Fearless, impavidus, intrepidns 
Feanble, efBdendua 
Afeast,convivium.epulam [vator 
The founder of a feast, convi> 
To feast, epulor 
Feasts, ferue ; (of Bacchus), bae- 

A feaster, epulo 
Feasting, epuluis, comeuana 
A feasting, epulatio 
A feat, facinus. gestum 
A feather, plnma, penna 
To feather, plumesco; (one's 

nest), opes acciunulare 
Of feathers, plumens 
Full of feathers, plnmosus 
Made of feathers, plnmatilis 
Bearing feathers, plumiger 
Feathered, plnmatus, pennatus 
Featherless, implumis 
A feature, lineamentom 
WeU featured, venustus; (ill). 

February, Februarius 
Fecnlency, fcculentia 
Feculent, fieculentus 
Fecundity, fcecanditas 
Fed, pastus, satur 
A fee (reward), pnemium ; (sim- 

{)le), feudum simplex; (tail), 
eudum conditionale 
To fee, pnemio comunpere 
Feeble, debills, infirmus 
To make feeble, debilito 
To grow feeble, languesco 
Feebleness, debilitas, infirmitas 
Feebly, infirmi, languid^ 
To feed, pasco, pascor; (grow 
fist), pinguesco ; (upon), de- 
paseor; (vrith milk), lacto; 
(together), comedo 
A feeder of cattle, armentariua 
Finding (much), edax; (gree- 
dily), vorax 
A feeding, nutritio ; (eating), 
esus ; (high), edadtas ; (of 
cattle), depastio, saginatio 
Fedng, honorarium solvens 
To fed (handle), tango; (per- 
cdve),aentioi (gently), paino 

A feeling (handling), tactio; 

(pitying), miseratio 
The feeling, tactfis sensus 
To have feeling, persentisco 
Without feeling, insensibilis 
FeUow-feeling, sympathia 
FeeUngly (compassio n a t dy),com- 


Feet, pedes 

To feign (invent), fin^; 

tend), assimulo ; (he), ui«u- 

Fdgnedly, ficti, nmulati 
A feigner, fictor, simulator 
A feint, species simtdata 
Felidty, felicitas, beatitudo 
Fell, atrox. dims, trux 
A feU (skin), peUis 
To fell, sterao, oedo 
A felling of wood, lignatio 
A fellow (companion), sodns; 

(equal), par; (good), oompo- 

tor: (in office), collega; (in 

bed), censors thori 
To fellow, adaqno 
Fellowship, sodalitium, sodalitas 
In fellowship, consodatas, con< 

A felly, canthiu 
A felon, fur, latro 
Felony, furtum, fdonia 
Felomous, sceleratus, nefiuins 
Feloniously, scderati 
Felt, tactus, perceptua 
Felt, lauK coacta 
A felt-maker, lanaram enactor 
Female, femineus, mnliebria 
A female, femina 
Feminine, femininus 
A fen, palus, locus palnstris 
A fence (indosure), septum, lo« 

rica; (protection), tutamen 
To fence, vaUo^ prssepio, de- 

fendb, idum avertere; (with 

foils), obtusis ^adiis dunioare 
A fencer, lanista 
A fencing, munitio 
The art of fendng. ars gladiatoria 
To fend, defendo, altercor 
Fennel, fioenicnlum 
Fenny, paludosus.palustris 
To notf, dono, feoifo 
A feoffe, feoflkrios, fid^ussor 
A feoffer, fieoffator 
A feoffment, feoffiunentum 
A ferment, fermentnm 
To ferment, fermento, forveo 
Fermentation, fermentatio 
Fera, filix 
Ferodty, ferodtas 
A ferret, viverra 
To ferret, conquiro, exagito 
A ferrule, annulus 
A ferry, traiectus 
A ferry-boat, ponto ; (for hones), 

A ferryman, portitor 
To ferry over, trajido 
Fertile, fiertilis, fcecundus 
To make fertile, fcecundo 
Fertility, fertilitaa, ubertas 
Fervency, fervor, udor 
Fervent, fervid, fervidus, ardena 
To be fervent, ferveo, ardeo 
Fervently, fervidi, copidft 
A ferula, ferula 
To ferale, femlA percutere 
Fervor, fervor, ardor 
To fester, exuloero, putreo [tus 
Festnwd, suppuratus, exnlcera- 
A festeriM, suppnratio 
Festival, Festive, festivus, festua 
A festival, festum, solennia 
Festivity, festivitas, hilaritaa 
A fetch, dolus, fikUacia 

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To fetch, aftfo, addveo; (to 
life),adTituiiicvoeare; (blood), 
■an^uisflm eUcerc; (breath), 
•pintom dnotre; (back), re- 
wieo; (away), abdaeo; (a com- 
pass), eireumeo; (from above), 
dereho; (down, or lessen), im- 
minuo ; (from far), aTcho ; 
(forth), edaco ; (a leap), salio; 
(out), depromo ; (over), ad- 
▼eho; (over to a party), per- 
traho ; (or go for one), acoerso ; 
(a ngh), sospirium trahere, 
sospiro ; (ap, or overtake), as- 

A fetcher of water, aqnator 
Fetching, adveheas, addocena 
A fetching, comportatio 
Fetid, foetidus, putris 
Fetlocks, cirri 
Fetters, oompedes 
To fetter, compedio 
A fead, simultas, odiam, lie 
A fever, febris 
To have a ferer, febricito 
Feverish, febriculosos 
Few, poneit rari 
Very few, perpaud 
Fewer, panciores 
Fewness, paacitas 
A ilb (lie), mendadan 
A fibbier, mendaz 
A fibre, fibra 
Fibrous, fibroaos 
Fickle, inoonsians, leris 
Fickly, ineoDStantto, levitte 
Fickleneaa, iMoonstantia 
Fiction, fictio, fifrmeatam 
Fictitious, fietitios 
Fictitiously, flctft 
A fiddle, fides, fidicuU 
To fiddle, fidrai pulsare; (trifle), 
nugor; (up and down), cur- 

A fiddle-string, chorda, nemu; 

(stick), plectrum 
Fid^. fideUtas, siaceritas 

A fief, prsdiam^ 

A field, campus, ager; (of battle), 

pnelii campus; (of a scutcheon), 

area, or solum scnti 
Of the field, campestris 
A field-oflkser, prKfectus milita- 

ris; (manhal), casti 

fectus; (piece), 

A fiend, malus genius 
Fierce, feroz, aoer, vel 

vus, ingens, atrez, ferus 
To be fierce, ferociOk SBvio 
Fiercely, ferocitir 
Fierceness, ferocitas, feritas 
Rery, igneus, rutilans ; (pasaon- 

ate), ezardescens, ardens 
Fifteen, quindecim, quindeni 
Fifteenth, decimus (|uintus 
A fifteenth, quindecuna 
Fifteen times, quiadeeite 
A fifth, quiatus 
Fifthly. qnint6 
Fiftieth, quinquagesimaa 
Fifty, quinquaginta 
Fifty tunes, quinqnagite 
Fifty years old, quinquagenariot 
A fig, or fig tree, ficus 
A fight, pugna. oertamea 
To fight, pogao, dimieo; (ia 

battto),pnelKir: (agaiaat), op. 

pugno ; (hand to hand), comi- 

ntw pugnaret (a duel), dodlo 

eertare; (with swords), digla* 

A fighter, pugnator 

Fighting, pugnaas 
A fighting, c " 

ighting, conflictns 

Figurative, fignratus 

Figuratively, metaphoricft 

A figure, figura. forma; (shape), 
imago, effigies; (delineation), 
diagraJnma; (i^pearance), spe- 
cies ; (in speech), tropus, 

To figure, delineo, depingo 

A figuring, conformatio 

Filaments, fibre 

A fiUberd, nux avellaaa; (tree), 

To filch, surripio, sufl^uor 

A filcher, f^ 

Filching, ftirtivus, ftuaz 

A filching, surreptio 

A file, lima, planula 

To file, limo, abrado 

To file (off)> copiaa maaipulathn 
abducere; (u]^ vrritings), fiio 
snspendere acnpta 

Filial. filialU 

A filing, limatara 

Filinn, scobs, noaenta 

To fill, impleo^ rcpleo ; (up), «x- 

The fill (fUneas), satietas 

A fillet, vitta, eriaale; (of veal). 
coxB vitulinc pars crassior ; (of 
a pillar), abacus 

A filling, expletio 

Filling, implens, repleaa 

A fillip, talitmm 

To filfip, talitro fevisa 

A filly, eqnula 

A film, membrane, eotis 

Filmv. membmnaeeus 

To filter, or Filtrate, pereolo 

A filtering, or Filtration, parifi- 
catio fiscta percolando 

Filth, sordes, colluries 

Filthy, sordidus, fioedns ; (in 
speech), obsooeaas; (aetion), 
turpe facta 

To be filthy, sqoalao 

Filthily, sordid*, spure* 

Filthiness, squalor, fcsditas 

A fin, pinna 

Final, eztrerans, ultima^ fiaalis 

Finally, deniqn^ demiua 

The finances, fisd reditns 

To find, invenio, reperiot (per- 
ceive), seatio; (fenlt), laeuso; 
(maintaia), suitento; (out). 

A finder, inventor 

A finding, inventks iavestigatio 

Fine, elegana, ezimius, venustai^ 

mundus, ornatus, poUtua 
Very fioe, prsdarus 
To make fine, orno, poUio 
To fine, mulcto, mnlctam impo- 

acre; (purify), defieeOk puigo 
A fine, mulcta 

To nay a fine, mnlctam solvere 
In fine (finally), deaiqa* 
Fineable. muktc obnozius 
Finely, sciii, bcUA 
Fiaeaesa, clegaatia, teaaitas 
A fiaer (refiner), purgator 
Kaery, ornatus, omamentum 
A finger, digitus; (fore), index; 
(middle), verpus; (ring), digi- 
tus annularis; (little), digitus 
aurioularii; (of a glove), digi* 
Of a finger, digitalis 
To finger, traeto. inunoo 
Light-fingered, furax 
At fingers' ends, ad ungoem 
Finicd, mollis, nitidulM 
A fining, mnlctatio 
To finish, fiaiQ, perflcia 

A finisher, perfeetor 

A finishing, peraetio, eapletio 

Finishing, ultimus 

Knite. finitus, deiaitaa 

Finny, pinitatas 

A fir-tree, abies 

Made of fir, abiegnas 

Fire, i|pis; (heat), ardor, fiseaa 

A fire, incendium 

To fire (set on fire), aeecndo, ia- 
cendo; (be on fire), defi^ro^ 
ardeo; (be ia a pasaioa), ex- 

Afire (to strike), _ 

(to make), ignem 
On fire, ineensus, infiammataa 
A setting on fire, iaoeadiam 
A firebrand, torris 
Fire-arms, anna ignivoma 
A fire-lock, sdopetum 
A fire-bsJl, glans ardena 
For the fire, focariua 
Fiery, igneus, ignitaa 
Firing (fuel), fomea 
A firkin, amphora 
Firm, firmus, stabilis, ratas^ em^ 

firmatus, eonstaaa 
To make firm, firmo 
The finaameat, Bther, essbua 
Of the firmament, Ktherena 
Firmly, firroitte. firm* 
Firmness, firmitas, ooastaatia 
The first, primus; (aad fbremoat), 

prinoeps; (but one), it 

At first, prim6, prineipto 
First of all, imprimia 
First-born, primoj^enitna 
First-firuits, prinutia 
A fish, piscis 

To fish, niscor; (a pond), piad* 
aam exhaurire; (oat), exqoivs 

Fish-provision, opsoniuaa 

To treat vrith fish, o 


A fishery, pisearia 

A fishing, piscatio, n i a eatai a 

A fishing-rod, amndo piaeatoria 

A flshmoager, piscarias 

Shell-fishes, pisces teataaei 

Fishy, piscosus 

To fisk, cursito, agito 

A fissure, fissura, riaia 

A fist, pugnns 

A fistuts, fistula 

fit, aeooasmodatos, coagnMaa, 
idoneus; (becoming), deeeaa; 
(capable), aptns; (coavnsient), 
tempestivns ; (ready), | 

It is fit, cquum est 

To fit, or Be fit, a 

(make fit), adapto, aecmamodo; 
(match), socio; (retaliate). par 
pari leferre ; (up a house), d»> 

A fit, paroxysmus, aeeesana: 
(whua), impetus animi; (or 
drunkenness), crapula; (otdek- 
ness), Bgrotatio 

nUy. apt*, terapestiv* 

Fitness, habilitas, oceaaio 

Fitting, oongraens 

A fitting, adisputio 

Five, qumque, quini 

The five, pentaa 

Of five, ouinariiu 

Five (tunes), quiaqaita ; (aa 
niach), quiataptas ; (yaaca), 
quinquennium ; (yeara old), 

fivefblo, qaiaeu]dex 

Five huBved, quia|reati 

Of five haadredC qumgeaarina 

Digitized by 





Frre hondredth. qmofoiteiimat 
Five hundred tfmea, qoiagentito 
To fix (fJMten), flrmo, figo; (a 

in), diem ooBstitacrc 
Flabby, flaecidoi, lentui 
A flag, TexiUum, iasigne; {ai a 

•hipK aplastrs; (ra»h), joo- 

eos [eetco 

To iag, flaccesco, laagneo, mar* 
A flageolet, fiatnla minor 
Fli^guig, languena, lentoa 
Flwitioaa, seelestna, fefarina 
AiMgon, lagesa 
Flagrant, apparena, intignia 
A flail, flageUum 
A flake, frwinen ; (of Are), tcra> 

tilla; (of ice), froatum; (of 

snow), floccnt 
To flake, in lamellas abire 
A flam, prctextoa, nug« 
To flam, delndo, ludifieor 
A flambcaa, fax, ftinale 
Aflame, flamma 
To flame, flammo, flagro 
To be in a flame, ineendor 
To aet on a flame, incenda 
Flaming, flacrana, splendidna 
Flaminglf , flagimntir, iplendidft 
The flank, ilia ; {oi an army), eo- 

Flanked, k latere ptotectna 
Flannel, lanula 
A flai^ para pcndola ; (of the ear), 

aorislobna; (alap), alapa; (of 

the throat), epiglottis; (a fly- 

To flqp (strike), alapam impin- 
cere; (iMyag down), * 
(let down), demitto 

pam imnin> 
, dependao; 

To flare. 


[oando Bcintillare ; (in 

one's eyes), oculos prKstriagerc 

Aflaah(oflight),fiilgor; (oflTre), 

eOTusestio; (sudden irapnUe), 

impetus ; (boasting fellow), 

thraso, jactator; (of wit), in- 

genii nstas [assilio 

To flash,falgnro,emico:(aswater). 

Flashy, moWs, fatnus, lem, erani- 

das, sobitanens 
Aflaak,lagena; (bottle), ampulla 
Timrae coopearta ; (for powder), 

A flasket, oophinus 

Flat (smooth), planus; (and 

plain), manifestu^ apertus ; 

(dull) , firigiduB ; (drink ) , vappa ; 

(in taste), insipidus; (along), 

pronos; (note), sonus gravis 
To flat, exKquo, atemo 
The flat part, planum; (or level), 

A flat (ahelf). syrtb; (flats in the 

seaa), brcvia, vadnm 
Flat, or FlatlT (in sound), gravi- 

tit; (plainly in ^Miech), pw^ 

spicui; (absolutely), prKcisi 
Flatness, planitiea, Kqaor ; (of a 

discouisc), j^anitas sermonis; 

(in taate), insulsitas 
To flatten, complano ; (grow flat). 

To flatter, adulor. parasitor 
Flattered, pennnlsus, delinitus 
A flatterer, adulator, paraaitus 
Flattering, blandiens 
A flattering, or Flattery, adulatio 
FlatteringU^, adulatorii, blandi 
Of flattery, adnlatorius 
Flatulency, Tentris inflatio 
Flatulent, inflans, flatuosua 
To flaunt, concinnt vestiri 
Flavour, rustua, odor 
A flaw (chink), rimtUa; (d^ect), 
vitinm. defeetaa 

Flavry, vitiosus 

To flaw, dehiseo 

Flax, linum 

Made of fine flax, earbaaeus 

A flax-dresser, Unarius 

Oftlax, linens 

Flaxen, flavua 

To flav, pellem detrahere 

Flayed, pelle exutus 

A flaying, pellis dctractio 

A flea, pxilex 

Full of fleas, pulieosus 

Flea-bites, pulicum vestigia 

Flea-bitten, maculia variis dis- 

A fleam, scalpellum equinum 
Fled, profogus, elapsus 
Fledged, nennatus, pinnatua 
To be fleoged, pumesco 
To flee, ftigio. See Ffy 
A fleece, vellus 
To fleece (shear), tondeo; (strip), 

emungere aliquem 
Fleeced, tonsua, detonsua, emune* 

Fleecy, laneut 
To fleer, derideo, inideo 
A fleerer, derisor 
A fleet, dassis 
The fleet-prison, fleta 
Fleet (swift), velox. eekr 
Fleeting, fngioc, fluxus 
Flesh, caro 

Living on flesh, camiTorua 
Fleshmess, corpulentia 
Fleshliness. camalitas 
Fleshly, libidinosus, pravus 
Fleshy, corpulentus, eamosus 
A fletcher, sagittarum fabor 
A flew, tragum 
Flexibility, flexibilitas 
Flexible, flexibilis, flexUis ; (easy 

to be intreated), exorabiUs 
Flexibleness, placabilitaa 
Flexure, curvatura 
To flicker, alas motitan 
A flier, libramentum 
A flight (escape), effugium, fnga; 

(of birds), volatus, grex avium ; 

(of the brain), impetus animi 
To put to flight, fugo, in fugam 

dare, or vertere 
To take flight, auftigio, fi^^am 

Flimsv, flaccidus, lentus 
To flinch (give out), desisto; 

(desert), desero; (quit), ter^- 

versor; (start), absilio; (give 

S round), retrocedo 
inchingr, tergiversatio 
To fling, mitto,jacio; (awav), ab- 

jicio; (out), i^icio; (dowa), 

d«gicio; (in), injido; (up a 

place), depouo 
A fling, jactus, dec^tio 
A flinger, jaculator 
A flint, silex 
Of flint, sUiceus 
Flinty, siUoetu, saxis aspev 
Flippant, loquax 
To flit, volito, migro 
A flitch of bacon, suecidia 
A float of timber, schedia 
To float, flnctuo; (a meadow), 

rivum in pratum deducere 
Floating, fluctuans 
A flock, jpex, coetus, turba; (of 

wool), floccus 
To flock together, convenio, coCo 
Of a flock, gr^^is 
In flocks, gregatlm, oonfertlm 
A flock-bed, culdta lanea 
A flocking toother, congregatio 
A flood, diluvium, inundatio 
The flood (tide), fiuxua maris 

A land flood, torrens 

A flood-gate, emissariam 

To flood, inundo, exundo 

The flook, pars anchoFB adnnoa 

A floor (of a house), tahulatum; 
(paved), pavimentum ; (of a 
bam), area 

To floor, eonstemo, asso 

A flooring, contabulatio 

A fiorentiue, torta 

Florid, floridus, nitidus 

Floridnesa, coodnnitas 

A florist, florilenTM 

A flounce, fimbria 

A flounder, passer nigar 

Flour of meal, farina 

To flour, farini conspcrgcre 

To flourish, florco, rigeo; (wea- 
pons), arma vibrare; (brag), 

A flourish, inania, jaetatio, ptm- 
lusio, mmamentum 

Flourishing, vegetus 

A flout, scomma, dicterinm 

To flout, irrideo, derideo 

Flouting, dicax 

A flouting, eavillatio, derisio 

To flow, fluo, labor; (about), dr> 
cumfluo; (abound), affluo; (a> 
broad), difiluo ; (back), refluo; 
(before a place), prafluo; (be- 
tween), interfluo; (by), prae- 
terfluo; (continually), fluitot 
(down), defluo; (in), influo; 
(out), effluo; (over), exundo; 
(as tnesea),«stuo; (together), 
confluo; (under), subfluo; (un- 
to), accedo, affluo 

To flower, floreo, germino; (aa 
beer), scintillo, spume 

A flower, flos 

A flower de lis, iris 

Flower of age, adolesetntia 

A flower of a family, gloria 

Made of flowers, fioreos 

The flowers, menses 

Flowery, floridus 

Flowing, fiuidus, fluens; (about), 
drcnmfluiu ; (over ) , redundans ; 
(and ebbing), reciprociu; (in 
speech), volubilis 

A ilowing, fluxus 

Flowingiy, volubilitto 

To fluctuate, fluctuo, dubito 

A fluctuation, fluctnatio 

Fluent, fluidus. eloquens 

Fluency, volubilitas lingua 

Fluid, fluidus, liquidus 

Fluidity, fluor 

A fluke, dens anehora 

Flung, jactus, abjectua, deeeptna 

Flush (abundance), copia, ris ; 
(abounding), abundans j (of 
money), nummatus 

Flushed with success, elatus 

A flushing, sanguineus fluxus 

Flustered (in drink), semiebrius 

A flute, fistula, tibia 

Fluted, laqueatus 

Flutingrs, caualiculi 

To flutter (fiy). volito; (be doubt- 
ful), dubito; (to and fro), cur- 
sito ; (in speech), balbutio 

A fluttering, voliutio, hcsitatio 

A flux (looseness), proluvium; 
(of humours), humorum fluxus ; 
(of blood), hamorrhagia 

Afly,musca; (Spanish), cantharia 

Fly-blows, muscarum ova 

Fly-blown, oorruptus, infectns 

To fly (as a bird), volo; (about), 
circumvolo; (ajrainst), involo; 
(a8newB),pubhcor; (at),i>eto, 
impeto ; (in pieces), dissilio ; 
(away), avolo, aufugto; (back). 

Digitized by 





raftiKio; (before), pnerdlo; (be- 
yondf), pnBterroio; (dowD),de* 
▼olo; (far), profugio; (firom 
plaee to plaice), transfui^io ; 
(into a paMion), iracundii ar* 
dere; (out, or iquaiider), pro- 
4igo; (for refuge), aiylum pe> 
tere ; (vr run awav), fugio 

To let iy (shoot), ditplodo 

A flying, Tolatus; (away), tSa- 

Flying, ezpeditui, vagus, avenns 

A fou, pullus equinus; (of an 
ass), asellns 

To foal, ftetnm edere 

To foam, spumo, frendo 

Foam, spnma 

A foaming, spnmatns 

Foamy, snumeus, spn 

To fob, eiodo, fraudo 

A fob, locultts minor 

Fob, commentitins, fletitins 


Fodder, pabulum, foenum ; (of 
lead), Tehes; (of straw), pabu- 
lum straminenm 

Of fodder, pabularis 

To fodder, foeno pascere 

A fodderin^i^, pabulatio 

A foe, inimicns, inimica 

A fo|^ nebula 

Fogginess, aCris crassitndo 

Fog^, nebulosna 

ble, imbecilitaa 

A fbil (for fencing), mdis ; (for a 
diamond), substratum ; (re- 
pulse), repulsa 

To foil (beat), stemo. repello 

To ftnst in, obtrudere furtlm, 

Foisted in, subditns 

A fold, plica, sinus 

To folii, plico, oomplico; (in), 
implieo; (about, or up), com- 
plico; (sbieep), stabnlo 

Fold fOT sheep, oTile, crates 

Folded (plaited), plicatus; (up), 
iuTolutus; (as cattle), stabu- 

A folding, plicatura; (of sheep), 

Foliace, folia 

In foUo, in folio 

Folk (people), Tulgns, plebs 

To follow, sequor (after), asse- 

?uor, iusector; (close), insto; 
•uceeed), snccedo; (a trade), 

exereeo; (in course), altemo; 

(diligently), assector ; (close at 

the heek), m terga haerere 
Followed, comitatus, deductns 
May be followed, imitandus 
A follower, comes, disdpulus 
Following, sequens 
A following (attending upon), de- 

ductio; (consequence), conse- 

Folly, stultitia, ineptia 
Fome, spuma 
To fSraie, spumo, f^emo ; (at the 

mouth), npumas ore agere 
To foment, foreo, alo 
A fomenution, fomentum 
A fomenter, concitator 
A fomenting, fomentatio 
Foming, spumans 
A foming, spumatio 
Fond, ineptus, fotilia, nurai, cu- 

pidus; (oTerkind), indulguis 
To be fond of, indulgeo 
To fondle, foveo, indulgeo 

A fondling, delieatus pner 
Fondly, bundi, eupidi, ineptft 
Fondness, indulgentia, ineptia 
A font, baptistenum 


Food, cibus, victus, pabulum 

Fit for food, esculentus 

A fool, stultus; (jester), morio; 
(in a plaT), sannio 

To fool, ladificor, irrideo 

To play the fool, ineptio 

To be fooled, derideor, deludor 

To fool away (money), pecuniam 
incauti erogare; (time), tem- 
pos terere inutUitir 

Fooled, derisus, iUnsua 

Foolery, deridiculnm. nogn 

Foolluuridineas, temeritas 

Foolhardy, temerarius, audax 

Foolish, ineptus, fatuus, insulsus 

To make foolish, infatno 

Foolish tricks, ineptia 

Foolishly, stulti, insulsi 

Foolishness, stultitia 

A foot, pes ; (of a uble) , ftilcrum ; 
(of a hill), radix ; (of a pillar), 

Belonging to a foot, pedaUs 

On foot, pedester, pedes 

To foot (awav), cito pedo ambu- 
lare; (stockings), condnno 

A fiiotman (soldier), pedes ; (ser- 
Tant), assecla 

The foot (soldier*), peditatns 

A footstep, vestigium 

A footstool, scabellum 

Of half a foot, semipedalis 

Of two foot, bipedalis 

On the same foot, aqnali gradu 

Two-footed, bipes 

Three-footeid, tripea 

Four-footed, qnadripes 

Many-footed, multipes 

Braaen-fboted, Bripet 

Broad-footed, planipes 

A sure footing, stabilitas 

A fop (bean), bellus homo; (im- 
pertfanent), nugator 

To play the fop, nugor 

FoppeiT, nugB, trica 

Foppish, nugaz, nimis nitidns 

Foppishly, inept^ stolid^ 

Foppishness, ineptia 

For, eoi^. nam, enim, etenim, 
qnippe; prep, it, ad, de, ex, in, 
ob, per, pra, pro^ propUr, se- 

For (for the sake of), cauai, ergo^ 
gratiA, per, pro, propter 

Forage, pabulum 

To forage, pabolor 

A forager, pabulator 

A foraging, pabulatio 

To forbear (let alone), abstineo; 
(leave off), desisto; (spare), 
parco; (suffer), patior 

Forbearance, indulgentia 

To forbid, veto, pronibeo; (strict- 
ly), interdico 

Forbidden, interdictus, prohi- 

Forebom, omissus, lenitto trao- 

Force (endeRTonr),eoiiatns; (im- 
portance), momentum; (ne- 
cessity), necessitas ; (violence), 
via, impetus; (strength), robur 

To force, c<^^, compdlo^ adigo, 
impello ; (back), repello ; 
(down), detrudo, demergo; 
(in), deligo; (out), depello; (a 
woman), atupro; (a trench), 
aggerem exscmdere; (or take 
bv force), vi capere 

To be of force, valeo 

Of great force, valens, potens 

Of small force, levis 

Of more force, valentior 

By main force, vi et armis 

By open forc^ aperto marte 

Forces, copia 

Forcible (clear, or strong), dnnu, 
potens, effieax; (violent), tio- 

Forcibly, vehement^ [lent 

A forcing, oompulsio, via 

A ford, imdum 

To ford, vado transire 

Fordable, (^uod transiri poteat 

Fore, anterior 

To forearm, pramunio 

To forebode, prnagio^ ominor 

A foreboder, nariolus 

A foreboding, prasagium 

Forecast, providentia 

To forecast, provideo 

A forecasting, provisua 

The forecastle, prora 

To foredoom, pradestino 

The fore-door, antic* 

Forefathers, proavi 

Fore-feet, pedes anterioret; (An- 
ger), indiex; (head), frona 

To forego (quit), abdico; (not 

- meddle with), abstineo ; (a 
claim), de jure suo recedere 

Fon^ing, pracedens 

Having two foreheads, bifron* 

Foreign, exterus, alienus 

A forei^per, advena 

To forejudge, pn^udioo 

To foreknow, prascio 

A foreknowing, pranotio 

Foreknowledge, praescientia 

Foreknown, pracognitua 

A foreland, promontorinm 

A foreman, prases, pr«;}nrator 

The foremast, malus anterior 

Foremost, primus, pradpnus 

First and foremost, impnmla 

The forenoon, tempos antemeri- 
dian um 

To fore-ordain, pradestino 

Fore-part of the head, sinciput 

To f(n«run, praeurro, pravoto 

A forerunner, pracursor 

To foresee, pravideo. proapido 

A foreseeing^ pravisio 

Ftnesight, prospicientia 

The foreskin, praputium 

To forespeak, pradico, foscino 

A forest, saltus, nemos, sylva 

Forest-like, sylvestria 

To forestal, antidpio, pramereor 

Forestalled, interMptns 

A fcMTCstaller, anuona flagcllator; 
(of a market), praemptw 

A forestalling, interceptio 

A forester, viridarius 

A foretaste, antidpatio 

To foretel, prsedico 

A foretdler, vates, fatidieua 

A foretelling, praedictio 

A forethougnt, prameditatio 

A foretoken, prasagium, omen 

A foretop, antia 

To forewarn, pramoneo 

A forewarning, pramonitua 

A forfeit, muicta, pcena 

Toforfdt,mulctAdainnari; (one's 
credit), ezistimationem per- 
dere; (one's favour), gratiliex- 
ddere; (a recognisance), vadi- 
monium deserere ; (one's word). 

Forfeited, confiscatua, perditua 
A forfeiture, oonfiscatio, damnun 
To forge (as smiths do), cndo, 
fkbricor; (devise) ,fingo: (coun- 
terfeit), emaitior, subjido; 
(mdt), coofio, liquefaciu 
A forge, fomus fabrilia 
Forged, fhbricatus. fictns. adal> 

teratus, eonfiasus, ementinis 

Aforger, fobricator; (of wrinnf«), 

falMrius} (of tales), delatw 

Digitized by 





A forgeiy, figrmentam, fraas 

A forging (of lies), calumnui; (of 

tales), fictio 
To forget, obliTiscor; (neglect), 

negi»o, pratereo 
Forgetnil, QbliTiovut 
Forgetfnlness, obliTio 
A frngetting, prKtermiuio 
To fDigtre, condono, ignoseo, n- 

Fordven, condonataa, remiHot; 

(not to be forgiven), inexpi- 

FofgiTeness, condonatio, Tenia 
A forgiTing, remissio 
Forgotten, obliTioni traditot 
To be forgotten, obmor, exolesco 
A fork, fdrca; (for dung), bideni; 

(forllesb), creagra 
Forlorn, derelictoa, ioln% per- 

A form (llgnre), flgnra; (man- 
ner), moana; (bencb). icam- 

num; (in printing), unum la- 
ta* schedae ; (of words), certa 

verba ; ( class ) , elassis 
A set form, formula^ exemplar 
To form, fonno, reformo 
Formal, formalis, affectatus 
Formalitiea (robes), magistrates 

Formality, aolemnis formula 
Formally, formalitir, ex formolA 
A formation, formatio 
Former, prior, superior, priscns 
Formerly, priiu, antehac 
Formidable, fonnidabilis 
A forming, formatio, creatio 
Formles^ informis, rudis 
Foniication, fomicatio 
A fornicator, scortator 
To forsake, desero, abdico, de- 

fido, rennncio 
A forsaking, derelietio, desertio; 

(of tbe fsitb), i^poatatia 
Forsooth, sani, scilicit 
To forswear, p^ero, peijnro 
A forswearer, p^erator 
A forswearing, peiiorium 
Forsworn, peijurns 
A fort, prsesidium, castellam 
Forth, forlw. extr* 
Forth-coming, prastb, in promptn 
Forth of, extra; (forthwith), con- 

festlm, contina6, protinhs, mox 
A fortification, munimentum ; 

(beftn« a wall), antemnrale 
To fortify, firmo, circomTallOb 

manio, prvmunio 
Fortitude, fortitude, virtua 
A fortnight, dies quatuordecim 
A fcntress, an, presidium 
Fortuitous, furtuitus, casu acd- 

Fortunate, fortunatns, faustus 
Fortunately, faustft, auspicatb 
Fortune, fortnna, sors; (estate), 

fscultates, opes 
lU-fortane, infortunium 
A fortune-teller, fatidicus, astro- 

Forty, quadra^ta; (of forty), 

onadragenanus i (times), qua- 

Forward (bold), audax ; (in- 

dined), procliTis, propensus; 

(made a progress), provectus, 

progresaus; (soon npe), prae- 

cox ; (ready), promptus, ala- 

Forward, prorstun 
To forwaitt. promoTeo, urgeo 
Time forwajrd, deincips, posthite 
Forwarding^ promoTens, condu- 



Forwardness, promptitndo, pro> 
gresstts, progressio 

A fosse, fossa; (way), via fossa 

Fossile, fossilis 

To foster, notrio, alo 

A foster-father, nutritius; (mo- 
ther), nutrix ; (child), alumnus 

Fought, pugnatns ; (against), op- 
pugnatus, impugnatus 

Foul, foedus, aquaUdus, impurus, 
lutulentus; (unfair), dolosus, 
turpis; (ill-faToured), defor- 
mis ; (Tidous). obscoeuus ; 
(stormy), tmbidua ; (weather), 

To foul, fioedo, inquino 

To be foul, sordeo, squaleo 

Foulness, turpitudo, saualor; (of 
a crime), atrocitas ; (in appear- 
ance), deformitas 

Pound, inventus, repertns; (oat), 
inventos, iuTestigatus 

To found, fundo, construo 

A foundation, fundamentum 

From the foundation, funditds 

To founder (as a horse), titubo; 
(as a ship), dissolvor 

A founder, fundator, conditor 

Foundered, claudus, mancus, dis- 

A founding (of a house), tan- 
datio; (of metal), fusio 

A foundling, infans expositus 

Of a fountain, fontanua 

A fountain, fons 

Four, quatnor; (at cards, Ac.), 

Suatemio ; (cornered), ona- 
rangnlus; (square), quadra- 
tus ; (day's space), quatri- 
doum ; (ycwi's space), quatrien- 
ninm; (times), quattr; (tiroes 
aa much), quadmpld; (fold), 
qaadmplez ; (ways, or parts), 

SuadrifariJum ; (footed), qua- 
rupes ; (hundred) quadrin* 
SeUti; (hundred times), qua- 
ringentiis ; (hundredth), qua- 
dringentesimus ; (teen), qua- 
tuordecim; (teen times), qua- 

The fourth, quartus 

Fourthly, quart6 

A fowl, Tolucris, avia 

To fowl, aucupor 

A fowler, auceps 

A fowling, ancupatio; (piece), 
torment urn ancupatoriom 

A fox, Tulpes 

Belonging to a fox, vnlpinus 

An old fox (kusTc). veterator 

To play the fox, Tulpinor 

A fraction, fractio, infractio 

Fractious, litigiosus, rixosus 

A Aracture, fractura 

To fracture, frango, confringo 

Fragile, fragilis, caducus 

Fragility, fragilitas 

A fragment, nagmentum, rustum 

Fragments, reliquia 

Fragrance, fragrantia 

Fragrant, fragrans, suaTColens 

Fragrantly, suaTi 

Frau, fragilis. fiuxus, caducus 

A frail, fiscella. fisciua 

Frailty, fragilitas, imbecillitas 

To frame (fashion), forrao ; (con- 
trive), molior; (build), fabri- 
cor, condo ; (join together), 
compingo,contabulo; (astory), 
fingo, comminiscor 

The frame (of a building), com- 
pages stdificii; (of the world), 
compages mundi ; (of a table), 
fulcrum: (of a picture), ta- 
bella; (for work), modulus 

A f^amer, fkbricator, fkber 

A framing, formatio 

To firanchise, manumitto 

Franciscan, Frandscanus 

Frank, liberalis, ingenuus, liber 

To frank letters, gratis signare 

Frankincense, thus 

Of frankincense, thureua 

Frankly, iuKenu^ liber 

Frankness, liberalitas, sinceritaa 

Frantic, mente captus, insanus 

To be frantic, insanio, furo 

Franticness, dementia 

Frstmial, frateraua 

A fn irrhiEjr^ frfttcmiEpi, Kcietas 

A fraiHinidPK rnrrkcidm 

Frttai, rf*u*» d«lu* 

Ft iniid a \enPt, frqudnlmitla 

FiJutitulEsl, dulaiui, 

FiJLLidtuktirly, f^sudulthtfer^vafiri 

FiAu^bt, i;nenii]A, pleTins 

A Irsf, rtKO, jii4 r|{ i Ci m, Lb 

To t'rar (ai diiEh), " 

A frcftlt^ »ubiimfc sctiiictm i 

pctukjinTLt^ di^lirHsciiEii- 
FM'ftVi^h. pi-Mitnns 
Fii :.•<■■ ..'■•- -^, 

A freckle, lentigo, u 
Free, immunis, liber; (citisen), 
dvis natus; (in ^ving), libe- 
ralis; (from business), otio- 
sns ; (in conversation), since- 
ms.candidus; (common), com- 
munis; (gift), munus gratui- 
To free, emandpo, libero 
To make free, civitate donare 
Freeborn, ingenuus, liberalis 
^ freehold, possessio libera 
A freeholder, fundi liberi pos- 

A freeman, liber, dvis 
Freed, liberatus, laxatas 
Freedom, immiinitas, facilitas ; 

(from), vacuitas 
A freeing, liberatio, manumissio 
Freely, liberi, liberalittr, apertik 

spontft, gratis 
Freeness, benignius 
Freestone, saxum vivum 
Free-will, liberum arbitrium 
To freexe. gelo, congelo 
To flreight, navem onerare 
To pav freight, naulum solvere 
Freight, naulum, onus 
French, Gallicus, Gallicanus 
In French, Gallic^ 
A Frenchman, Gallus 
A frensy, dementia, insania 
Frequency, frequentia 
Frequent, frequens, creber 
To frequent, frequento. celebro 
A frequenting, frequentatio 
Prequentlj, frequenter, scpi, 

A fresco, aura refrigerans 
Fresh (cool), frigidulus; (new), 

recens novus; (lusty), vigens; 

(unsalted), insulsus ; (not 

tired), integer, recens; (and 

fasting), jcjunus 
To be f^sh and lively, vigeo 
A fresh colour, color floridus; 

(roan), tyro, noviiius 
Afresh, or again, de integro 
Freshness, novitas, color vegetus 
To fret (vex), crucio. crucior ; 

(or eat away), corrodo: (as 

wine), acesco ;*> (rub), frico ; 

(grieve), doleo 
To put in a fret, irrito 
A fret, ira 
Fret-work, striatun 


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FretAiIoees, moroutu 

Fretted, cruciatus, attritai 

A fretting, angor animi; (rab- 

bhig), attritua 
A friar, frater religioraa, mona- 

Friction, frictio 
Friday, diet Veneria 
Good Friday, FaratceTe marna 
Fried, frixua : (meat), earo friza 
A friend, amicus arnica 
Friendleaa, inopa, deaertna 
Friendlineaa, benevolentia 
Friendly, bencTolua, hamannt 
Friendly, amicft. benevoli 
Friends (kindred), propinqoi 
Friendship, amicitia 
A frigate, liburna, celox 
Afiriffht, terror, formido 
To ftigbten, terreo, perterreo 
Frightful, terribilia, horridos 
Frightfully, horridft 
Frightfulnesa, terror, horror 
A frightening, conatematio 
Frigid, frigidus, gelidoa 
Frigidity, frigiditaa, frigos 
Frig;idly. frt^di 
A mnge, lacinia, fimbria 
To fringe, ftmbriam conaaere 
Frinji^ fimbriatua 
To fnak, tripudio, laaeino^ eznlto 
Friaky, Istna. hilaria 
To frisle, crispo, torqaeo 
Frialed. calamiatratoa, dmtus 
A frisling-iron, calamiatmm 
A frith, aeatoarium, f return 
A fritter, artolaganoa 
Frivoloua, vanaa, inania, leria 
Friroloualy, nugatorii 
Frieze, pannua Tilioaos 
To frizzle, crispo 
To and firo, ultr6 citrdque 
A ftoek, sagum, paila 
A frog, rana 

To be fh>lic, hilareaeo, exnlto 
Afirolic (whim), repentinos ani- 
mi impetua 
Frolicaome, jocoana, hilaria 
From, h, ah, de, i, ex, per ; 
(i^ore), desupto; (abroad), 
peregrt ; (beneath), infemi ; 
(houae to house), domestica- 
ttm; (door to door), oatiatim; 
(hence), hinc ; (atreet to 
atreet),Ticatlra; (thenceforth), 
exindi ; (time to time), con- 
tina6; (whence), undft ; (with> 
oat), ab extrk 
The front, frona 
A front, audacia; (of an army), 

prima aciea 
A frontier, conflninm, Kmes 
A ftontispiece, froutiapiciam 
A frontlet, frontale 
A fVoat, geln, pruina 
Froaty, pruinoaua 
Froth, spuma 
To froth, ^^umo, bnllio 
Frothy, spumeua, apumoana; (tri> 

fiin^), ineptos, futilia, no^ 
Frothing, apamana 
A frothing, spumatua 
Frouzy, oDdua, putidua 
Froward, proterrua, moroana 
Frowardly, protervi, moroai 
Frowardneaa, protervitaa 
A frown, ruga; (of fortune), ca- 

aua adreraua 
To firown, frontem contrahere; 

(upon), iniqiitla ocolia intueri 
Frowning, torrua, nubilua 
A frownmg, ftontia cormgatio; 

(countenance), frona eaperata 
FrowninKly, diro Tultu 

Froctifieroua, frnctifer, fhigifrr 
To fructify, foecundo 
Frugal, fmgi abatinena 
Frugality, frugalitaa 
Fruplly, frugalitir. parc^ 
Fruit, ftiictas; (pront), lucrum; 

(of the womb), foetua 
BMring fhiit, fructifer 
A fruiterer, pomariua 
Frait>time, autumnua 
Fruitful, fertilis, ferax, foeeundua 
To be fruitful, abundo 
To make fruitful, foecundo 
Fruitfully, fertilitftr 
Fmitfulnesa, fertilitaa 
Fruition, fruitio, posaeaaio 
Fruitlesa (barren), sterilis ; (dis- 
appointed), frustratua; (nnpro- 
fltable), inutilia 
Firat-fruits, primitix 
To fhiatrate, fmstror, fallo 
Fruatrating, fallena 
To trj, frigo, aestno, audo 
Frred. frictus, frixua 
A DTing, frixura 
A Arying-pan. aarta|^ 
To fuddle, inebrio, mebrior 
Fuddled, potu obrutna 
A fhddling-bout, compotatio 
Fuel, fomea 

A fugitive, fagitivua, profugoa 
To fulfil, impleo, perago 
FulflUed, expletua, impletua 
A ftilfilling, peractio. perfectio 

Folgency, splendor, nitor 
Fulgent, fblgidua, splendid 
FulC plenua, expletus, refertus: 

(quite), omnin6, prorshs, ad 
plenum ; (speed), citatns ; 
(very),Tald6,vehementte; (per- 
fbct), perfectus, integer; (plen- 
tiful), affluena, exundans; (of 
worda), loquax 
To be full, abundo, aatior 
Half-full, aemiplenoa 
Full age, aduliua, pnber 
To full doth, pannos densare 
Fulled, h. fttllone densatua 
A fuller, fuUo 
Fuller, aij. plenior 
Of a faller, rulloniua 
Fuller's earth, terra Cretoaa 
Fully, pleni 
To fulminate, Ailmino 
Fulmination, fulminatio 
Fulminating, fhlminena 
Fulneaa, plenitndo, aatietaa 
Fulaome, nauaeosus, ingratua 

To fumble, insciti aggredi 

A fhmbler, qui ineptt tractat 

A flimbling, inepta administratio 

Pumblingly, inept ft, infabrft 

A fume, vapor, exhalatio 

To fume, exhalo, iraacor 

In a fhme, iratua 

Fumed, exhalatua 

To fumigate, fumigo, aufBo 

A fumigation, auffltua 

Fun, Indus, joctu 

A function, functio, miuius 

A fiind, ingena via, cumulus 

The ftodament, anua, cuius 

Fundamental, f^ndamentalia 

Fundamentals, fundamenta 

A funeral, funua, exequic 

A funeral pile, rogua; (song), 

Of a funeral, funebria, ftinereus 
Funeral ritea, inferiae, juau 
Fungoua, apongioaua 
A funk, vapor auffocana 
A funnel, infnndibnlum ; (of a 

chimney), narea camini 
To Airbifh, polio, recndo 

A fhrbisher, politor 

A furbishing, interpolatio 

The furies, Furia 

Furious, furiosua, rabidaa 

To be furioua, furio, inaanio 

Furiously, furiosi, fhrentir 

Furiousness, rabies 

To furl, complico, eontraho 

A furling, complicatio 

A furlong, stadium 

A fiirlough, commeatna 

A furnace, fomax ; (for brewing), 

caldarium ; (for a potter), figiv 

To furnish, anppedito, inatmo 
A furnisher, instructor 
A famishing, suppeditatio 
Furniture, apparatus, anpeUex 
Fur, pellia, villua 
To fur, pellibua conauere 
A furrier, pello 
A furrow, aukus; (of a pulley), 

To furrow, anlco 
Further, adv. ultrii, ulteritu* Ion- 

gids ; aeii. ulterior 
To further, proveho, promoveo ' 
A furtherance, ac^umentum 
A furtherer, a^jutor 
Furthermore, porrd, insupte 
Furtheat^ extremua, ultimna 
At the fiirthest, ad summum 
Furr, furor, rabies 
Full of fUry, furiosua, rabioiu 
Like a fury, furialia 
Furze, genista apinoaa 
A fuaee, acloppetum 
Fusion, fnsura 
Puss, tumultua, atrepitna 
Fuatian, goasipinm, xylinum 
Of Aistian, gossipinus, xvlinos 
Fustian (bombast), turgida verba. 

sermo inflatus, ampulla 
Fustiness, putor 
Fusty, putidus, mncidua 
To be, or smell ftiaty, puteo 
Futility, futilitaa 
Future, friturua 
For the future, in futumm 
Futurity, tempna futurum 
Fyl phyl vah 1 

To gabble, garrio 

A gabbler, garrulus 

A gobbling, garrulitas 

A gabion, corbia terrli oppletna 

To g^le, domtu frutigium ante> 

Ag^d,massa; (bee), oestrum 

A gadder, vagna, erro 

Gadding, errabundus 

A gnddin^, vagatio 

A gag, epistomium 

To gag, OS obstruere 

A gsge (pledge), pignus 

To gage (pawn), oppignero 
(casks), vasa metiri 

To gaggle, glodto 

Gaiety, splendor, nitor 

Gaily, nitidfe, splendid^ 

Gain, lucrum, quatstus 

To gain, lucrifado, lueror: (ap 
probation), movere approlMtio 
nem ; (credit), fidem impetrare 
(increase), augeo ; (ground, a 
grow in use), invaleo; (one*! 
end), voto potiri 

Gainful, Incrosns, qucatuosoi 

Gainaaid, negatua 

To gainaay, contradico 

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GadosayiBg, repoiriuui 
Garish, lantoB, ipleodidut 
A gait, incessua, pastas 
A gale, flatus, flamen, aom 
The gall, fel 
Like nil, fdleas 
A gall (Dut), galla 
To nil, uro, attero, flfestringo 
GsUant, nitidos, lautus 
A gsllant, homo scitas ; (to a wo- 
man), mcechns, adulter 
Gallantly, nitidi. egregii 
Gallantness, niter, msgnifieentia ; 

(of spirit), magnanimitas 
Gallantry, magnilicentia 
A gallery, ambulacnun. porticos 
An open gallery, procestrimn 
A galley, navis actuaria, or lon|^ 
A galliard (dance), salutiofsstiTa 
A galUpot, nartbedam 

A gallon, congius 
Gdloon.l» ^ ' 

i-lace, lacinia 

To gallop, cursa concitato fori 

A gallop, carsos effusos 

A galloper, oqoes rapidos 

A galloway, tnannos 

A gallows, patibolam, Auca 

A gamlxd. saltos, Indus 

A game, losns, Indos 


To game, lusibns stndere, hido 

Game, o^;. pognax, audax 

Gsmesome, procaz, ladibondns 

Gamecomeness, petulantia 

A gamester, la«ibas addictas; 
(gambler), aleator dolostts 

Gaming, alea, lasio 

For gaining, aleatorins 

A gammon of bacon, pema 

The gamut, scala musica 

A gander, anser mas 

A gang, grex, sodalitium 

A gangrene, gangnena 

A gantlet, manica militaris 

A gap, apertura, fissura 

A stopgap, impedimentnm 

To|^pe (with the mouth), osdto, 
hu>; (after, or coret), appeto, 
inhio; (chink, as the ground), 
dehisco; (for breath), respiro, 
anhdo{ (at one), aspecto, in- 

G^ng, hians, impndens 

A gaping (opening), hiatus; 
(yawning), oseitatio 

A icub, kabitos, gestos 

Gaibs^ viscera; (refiue), (jnis- 
qnilue, sordes 

Tb garble, perg«>, exeemo ; (cull 
out), excerpo 

A garbler. purgator 

A garbling, pnrgatio 

Gtuitoil, tumultus 

A garden, bonus; (of flowers), 
floretom; (nursery), semtna- 
rium; (ofplea8ure),viridarium; 
(for pot-herbs), olitorium; (for 
salad), acetarium; (of roses). 

Of a garden, hortensis 

A ganlener, hortolanus, olitor 

A gargle, gargArismus 

To gargle, gargarizo 

A gargling, gargarisatio 

A garland, sertum, corona; (of 

osTs), lanrea 
Garhek, allium 
A garment. Testis; (an under 

garment), tunica; (an upper 

garment), pallium 
Ofgarments, Testiariua 
A gamer, horreum 
To garnish, omo, adomo 
A gamishbig* omamentum, ex- 



A garret, eontignatio superior 

To garrison, presidio munire 

A garrison, pnesidium 

To be in garrison, prcsidiam 

Of a garrison, prsetidiarius 

Garrisoned, praetidio firmatiu 

Garrulity, garrulitas 

A garter, gennale, persieelis 

To garter, subligo 

Garter (the officer), |;arterins 

A gasconnade, jactatio 

A gash, Tulnu\ ccsura 

To gash, vulnero, scindo 

A gasp, hilatus 

To gasp, respiro, anhdo 

A gate, janua, ostium ; (in goins), 
incessns, passns 

A gate-way, semita, eallia 

A gate-keeper, janitor 

To gather, colligo,decerpo; (from 
argumenu), coucludo; (as a 
crowd), eircumfundor; (guess), 
coDJector ; (ss a hen her chick- 
ens), foveo; (again), ree<^igo; 
(com), frumentor; (curd), co- 
agnlo; (flowers), flores carpere; 
(grapes), rindemio; (out), ex- 
cerpo; (strength), reriresco; 
(on heaps), congero, accumulo ; 
(persons together), congrego; 
(up), colligo; (wealth), opes 
conqnirere; (alms), stipem C(d- 

Gathers, plicc 

A gatherer, collector; (of fruit), 
strictor; (of grapes), rindemi- 
ator; ((^toU), publicanus; (of 
olives, ftc), legttlus 

A gathering, coUectio ; (toge- 
ther), congregatio; (offiruits), 
carptnra; (of grapes), rinde- 
miatio; (round), conglobatio; 
(of matter in a sore), suppa- 

Gaudily, lanti, splendidi 

Gaudiness, lautitia 

Gaudy, lautus, splendidns 

A gai^fer, dolioram mensor 

Gauging, dolioram mensura 

A gauntlet, manica ferrea 

Gauze, nebula linea 

Gay, comptus, lautus 

To be gay, niteo, splendeo; (in 
temper), exhilaro 

To make ny, exomo 

Ga^ (brisk), hilaris, alacer 

Gaiety, lautitia, hilaritas 

To Gase, aridi spectare 

A gazer, spectator 

A gazette, stats litene rerum no- 
Tanim nuncic 

Gehenna, gehenna 

To geld, castro, emasculo 

Gelt, castratus, eriratns 

A gelding, castratio 

A gelding (nag), cantheriom 

A gelly, jus gelatum 

A gem, gemma 

A gender, genua 

To gender, genero, procreo 

A genealogy, geneaingia 

Geoealogical, genealogicua 

A genealogist, genealogus 

General, generalis, universus ; 
(frequent), frequens, communis 

A general (otanannT).imperator; 
(of an order), generalis 

The generality, plerique omnes 

GeneralW (universally), genera- 
tlm; (commonly), genmlitir, 
pleramque; (in general), in 

To generate, genero, procreo 

A generation, generatio; (line- 

age), genus, proaapia; (age), 
seculum, setas 
Generative, genialia 
Generic, secundum genus 
Generosity, generoMtaa, KbcraU* 
tas [libetalis 

Generous, generosus, n 
Generously, liberalitir 
Genesis, Genesis 
Genial, renialis, hilaris 
The gemtals, genitalia, p 
A geniting, pomum pr«cox 
Genitive, genitivus 
A genius genius, indoles, ing»> 

mum. captus 
Oenteet honcstus, generosus 
Genteelly, venusti, pulchri 
Genteelness, venustas, liberalitas 
A Gentile, ethnicus, geniilis 
Gentilism, sujMrrstitio ethnic* 
Gentility, nobilitas, venustas 
Gentle (mild), mitis. lenis ; (cour- 
teous), comis»aflSsbilis; (tame), 
To grow gentle, mitesco 
To make gestl^ d«no 
€kntle aiM simple, nobiles et If- 

A gentleman, generoans ; (of the 
royal bedchamber), regis eabi- 
cuilarias [nestus 

like a gentleman, ingenuus, ho- 
Gentleness, dementia, lenitas 
A gentlewoman, generosa 
Gently, pacati. lenitte; (slowly), 

lent^ placidi 
Gentrv, nobilitaa [flexio 

Genuflection (kneding), genu- 
Genuine, genuinus, purus 
A geograpther, geographns 
Geographical, geographicua 
Geography, geographia 
Geometrical, geometricus 
A geometrician, geometra 
Geometry, geometria 
Georgics, georgica 
Germane, germanoi^ genuinus 
To germinate, germino, puUolo 
A germinarion, germinatio 
Gamins, gerroina 
A gerund, gerundium 
Gesticulauon, gesticulatio 
A flresture, gestus, status 
Fml of gestures, gestnosus 
Toget,acquiro,adipiscor; (gone), 
abeo, secedo ; (acquainted), 
Csmiliaritatem inire; (above), 
supero, vinco; (abroad, or be 
tfd), amano; (before), anti- 

dpo; (beget), gifrno, procreo, 
genero; (with child), gravido; 

(gain), lucror, pneiereo; (by 
lM>our).demereo; (cold),frigas 
contrahere; (by heart), me- 

moriie mandare ; (to land), 
areni potiri ; (on a horse), 
equum ascendere; (on a gar- 
ment), vestem induere ; (or 
gather together), colligo; (or 
come together), convenio; (by 
force), extorqueo; (the victory), 
rictoriam consequi ; (up, or 
rise), surgo; (up upon), con- 
soendo; (or lift up), devo 
A getting, acquisitio 
Gewgaws, nugae, tries 
Ghastliness, horror, pallor 
Ghastly, horriflcus; pallidus 
A ghost, spirittts, anima 

The Holy Ghost, Spiritus Sanctas, 
umbrs, apectra 


A giant, gigas 
Giant-like, gii^anteus 
Gibberish, stnbligo 

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A gibbet, patibolam 

To aribbet, inRpendo 

OibDoas, f ibbua, gibboaot 

A gibe, MDDi, acomma 

To gibe, iUudo. sobsanno 

Oiblett, aDteria truncali 

Oiddineta, Tertigo 

Giddily, negligentir 

Giddy (foolisb),iDeptaa; (fickle). 

inconataoB ; (beaded), veiti- 

gine correptua, inconatana 
A gift, donum, munus 
A gig, turbo 
Gigantic, giganteaa 
To ^nle, effuaft ridere 
A giggi>DRi riaua effuana 
To ^ild, inaoro, deauxo 
A gilder, inaurator 
A gilding, auratura 
A gilL hemina 
A gilliflower, caryophjrlltun 
Gilla of fiabea, brancU* 
Gilt, a4j. inauratoa 
Gil^ ««6«f. pecunia 
A gtmlet, terebra 
A gin. laqaena, pedica 
Ginger, xinsiber; (bread), panis 

sinxibere conditus 
Gingerly, levi pede. canti 
To gingle, tinnio, crepito; (in 

worda), aemionem afiectare 
A gingle (of worda), verba in> 

ania; (gingting), tinnitus 
A gipay, molier fatidica 
To^ird. dngo; (about), ciremn- 

cingo; (under), succingo; (un< 

to), acdnco 
A girder, traba, tignnm 
A girding, cinctna, cinctura 
A girdle, cinsrulum, cing^nla; 

(marriage-girdle), ceatus 
A girl, puella, virgo 
Girliah. pnellaris 
Girliably, puellaritte 
Girt, cinctua, prKcinctns 
A girth, cinctorinm 
To ipirtb. cingulo subatringere 
To giTC. do, dono, largior; {or 

hand a thing), cedo ; (adrice), 

consulo; (ahna), atipem ero- 

A giver, dator, largitor 
Givea (fettera), compedes 
A giving, donatio, largitio; (in- 
to), conceaaio; (over), discea- 

aio; (up), ceaaio, deditio 
The gizzard, avium ingluvies 
Glad, betua, hilaria 
To be glad, gaudeo. l«tor [fico 
To make glad, or Gladden, lieti- 
A gladiator, gladiator 
Gladly, hetOubens 
Oladnesa, Uetitia, gandium 
A glade, inateratitium ailvaticnm 
A glance, contnitua, intuitus 
To glance, raptlm obtueri ; (npon, 

orhint), innuo; {or alidc Dy), 

A gland, glandnla; (of the 

throat), tonailbe 
Full of glanda, glanduloana 
To glare, oculoa peratringere 
Glaring crimea, atrocia iuigitia 
Giaas. vitrnm ; (for drinking), 

caliz vitreus; (or draught of 

liquor) haatoa; (over a glass). 

inter pocula 
Of glass, vitreus 
A looking-glass, speculum 
A glass-house, vitreorum ofBeina 
A glass-maker, vitri conflator 
GUas-making, vitri conflatio 
Glass ware, vitrea 
A perspective-glass, tubus opticus 
Glassy, or like glass, vitzeua 
[58J *^ 

To glase (or polish), polio; (win- 
dows), vitro instruere ; (eanh> 
en ware), incrusto 

A glasier, vitrarius 

A gleam, jubar. lumen 

Gleaming, coruseana 

To glean (com), legere spicas; 
(grapes), racemor 

A gleaning, spicilegiom, racema- 
tio; (gleanings), retiquiK 

A glebe, gleba; (land), praedium 

Glee, hilaritas, hetitia 

A ^leet, sanies, tabum. ichor 

Glib, lubricns, Isvis 

Glibly, lubricfe. volubilitftr 

Glibness, volubilitaa 

To glide, labor, prolabor 

A gliding, lapsus 

To glimmer, subluceo 

Glimmering, subluatria, cre p e r us 

A glimmering, lux dubia 

A glimpse, coruscatio, aapectus 

To glister, or Glitter, eorusco. 

Glittering, nitens. coruseana 

A flittering, coruscatio. fulgor 

Ghtteringly, splendidi, nitidi 

A globe, globus, sphcra 

Globe-like, in formi spluenB 

Globular, aphsricus 

A globule, globulus 

Gloomily, obscur^ torvi 

Gloominess, obscuritas, caligo 

Gloomy, obscurua, nubilus 

Glorification, glorificatio 

To ir1--'T lirHo rffkbro 

A 1- . . 1 -J [ iu 

GLm.v.u.. ^n.i,.'Hu4, tJluilrls 

Q\'tnuun]f, iii|jl]r(«, eiimii 

Gli>rT, niliiriii, dpciiA 

To itlor^t gitiriftr. tapcrbi^ 

A jfUiryiiiff, Flmrunio 

Gloria Mi f, tccitnaaa, aii[vrhua 

To g^laaa (EKpuundJi, njmtnentor ; 
(}ji;ili»b!i, iR'i^iguij polio, nitorem 
rci ln4urfr« 

A f^loBi ( cipu j]f ion ]i , commenta- 
ricfcq, in^c^rEirrtau^ ; (luatre),'^r, tiiior 

A gloasary. riossarium 

A glossing. laevigatio 

Glossy, mtidua, expolitus 

A glove, chirotheca, manica 

A glover, chirothecariua 

To glout, Irontem contrahere 

To glow, candeo, caleo 

Glowing, candens, ardena 

To glose, blandior, adulor 

Glue, gluten 

To glue, glntino, agglntino 

A glne-honae, glutinarium 

Gluiness. viscositas 

A gluing t4wether. conglntinatio 

Gluey, gluunosus 

A glut, aatias. satietaa 

To glut, satio. saturo 

Glutinous, gitttinoaus 

A glutton, gulosus, helluo [viens 

Gluttonous, gulosus. gnUt ser- 

Gluttonously, gulosi, avidi 

Gluttony, gula, ingluvies 

A glyater. clyster 

To gnash, dentibna frendere 

A gnaahing. dentium stridor 

A gnat, eulex 

To gnaw, rodo. corrodo, mordeo, 
arrodo, circumrodo. derodo. 
perrodo; (be vexed), atoma- 

A gnawing, roaio ; (pain), ver- 
minatio; (of the ^u), tor- 
mina ; (of the conscience), ati- 

Digitized by 

To go, vado, incedo, gradior, jnro- 
ficisoor ; (about), cireamea^ 
perambulo; (about business), 
aggredior, conor; (after), ae- 

?uor ; (against), adveraor ; 
with), oomitor; (aside), dis- 
cedo; (as»ay), vagor; (away). 
discedo, abeo; (away with), 
aufero; (awry),obliquo; (back), 
recedo; (before), pnecedo; (be- 
tween), intervemo; (b^ond), 
transeo; (beyond, or excel), 
ancello, presto ; (beyond, or 
overreach), circumvenio; (bv). 
pnetereo; (down), deacendo; 
(down, as the sun) oecido; 
(for. or fetch), peto ; (forth). 
exco; (forward), pergo; (fDr- 
ward. or profit), proficio; 
(from), discedo; (a journey), 
proficiscor; (near), accedo. ap- 
propinquo; (off, as a gun), dis- 
plodor ; (often unto), fre. 
quento; (on), pergo; (oiver). 
transeo; (over a river), tr»> 
jicio ; (out, as fire), extingnor ; 
(out of the way), locum dare, h 
viA excedere; (quickly), fes- 
tino; (to), adeo; (togierther), 
comitor; (by the ears), pug- 
naminire: (through). pervado, 
penetro; (under), subeo ; (up), 
ascendo; (up and down), cnr- 
sito ; (without, or want), careo 

Goto, age 

A goad, stimulus, pertica 

To goad, stimulo, exstimulo 

A goal, meta, terminua 

A goar of a garment, assomen- 

A coat (he), caper, hireaa, bee- 
dns; (she), capra 

Of a ^t, caprinus, hircinos 

Goatidi, hircosus, libidinoaus, 

The gob, OS 

A gobbet, offis, frustum 

To gobble up. diglutio, devoio 

A gobbler, vorax 

A goblet, crater, patera 

Goblins, larvc, lemurea 

God. deus 

A goddess, dea, diva 

God be with you, vale 

God forbid, absit, prohibest 
Deua ; (God grant). faxit Deaa 

The Godhead, deitaa, divinitas 

Of God, divinus 

Household-gods, larea, penates 

A godfather, pater lustricua; 
(mother), mater lustrica; (son), 
filiua lustricua ; (daughter), 
filia lustrica 

Godlineaa, aanctitas, pietaa ! 

Godly, or godlily, adj. pius, rdi- 
giosnsj adv. pit, religiose 

Agog, avidi concupiacena 

Gofg\t, volubilis ; (eyed), atrahe 

Going, incedens, inclinana 

A going (down), declinatio, de- 
scensus; (walking), inceasu% 
gressus; (about), ambitus, am- 
Sages; (away), discessio; (out 
of the way).aberratio; (back). 
reditna ; (before), prcgreaaio ; 
(aside), digressio; (down of 
the sun), occaans ; (forth), 
exitus; (forward), progressio; 
(from), digressio; (out of a 
place), egresaus; (out, aa a 
fire, ftc.), extinctio ; (to), adi- 
toa. acceasus; (from place to 
place), commigratio 

Gold, aurum ; (mine), aorifo* 
dina; (ore), 






(leftf)*Bvniinfoluceoin; (dnst), 
baloz; (coin), aoram li^a- 
tum, misunot aureiu; (wire), 
annun ductile 

Of gold, anreut 

A goldbeater, aim foliacei duo- 
tor; (finer), aori pargandi arti- 
fex; (finder), fohcarum re- 

A coldamith, aori faber 

Gdden, aoreus 

A gondola, naricala Veneta 

Gone, elaptut; (about), peragra- 
toa; (back), regresaus ; (be- 
fore), prKpreHoa; (ont),egre«- 
lut; (fbrtb), prufectua; (with 
ehild), pnegnans, grarida; (in 
drink), temulentua; (in years), 
Btatt prorectaa 

Good, bonus ; (at), peritus ; 
(deal), magnus; (many), bent 
multi; (for 8oniethin|), utilis; 
(for nothing), inutilu ; (ho- 
nest), probns, intc^^ 

Good (profit, advantage), laerum, 
eommodum ; (to do), bene- 
fiicio; (to make), compenso 

To do good (as physic), prosum 

Good dieer, epol« 

A good (fellow), combibo, con- 
gem>; (name), fama 

In good (health), valeo; (earn- 
est), profect6, boni fide 

Goods, bona, res, facultates, for- 
tnnK, opes ; (own), neculium ; 
(immoTeable), res •olida ; (by 
inheritance), bona hereditaria 

Goodly, egregins, eximius 

Goodliness, species, decor 

Good-likinc, comprobatio 

Goodness, Donitas, probitaa 

Good-will, benevolentia 

A goose, anser 

Ota goose, anserinns 

A gooseberry, grossuhe aeinus; 
(bush), grossttlaria 

A gore, sinus, plica 

Gore (blood), tabum. 

To gore, comu ferire, 

A gorge, jogulnm, ingluvies 

To gorge, exvaturo, voro 

Gorgeous, nitidus, splendidus 

To be gorgeous, resplendeo 

Gorgeously, m^rnifici, lauti ; 
(dad), splendid^ vestitns 

Gorgeonsness, splendor 

A gorget, mamillare, colli anna- 
tnra ; (of mail ) , lorica 

To gormandise, voro, helluor 

A gormandisar, helluo 

A gormandising, ingluries, gula 

A goslin, ansercnlus 

The gospel, erangeliom 

Of the gospel, erangelicus 

A gossip (in drinking), compo- 
trix; (in walking), ambutatrix ; 
(in tattling), mulier loquaz 

A fossip, sosceptor, or susceptrix 

To gossip, temptu conterere 

To gorem, gubemo, moderor ; (a 
funily), admiiiistrare rem fa- 
^ miliarem ; (guide), duco ; (one's 
•elf), se gerere; (the state), 
regno prcesse ; (a proriuce), 
prorinciam procurare ; (a ship), 
naTemgubemare; (as a king), 

Governable, tractabilis 

Governance, gnbematio, adminis- 
tratio. See GoverHment 

A govemante, gnbematrix 

A goremesa, gnbematrix 

Governing, gnbcmans, imperans 

A governing, gubematio 

A government, fcg^um, impe- 
rinm, provincia, respubUca ; 
(arbitrary), domihiatio; (of a 
fiunily), ceconomia, rei famiU- 
aris administratio ; (of the 
tongue), moderatio; (of a state), 
politia; (in p^rammar), regi- 
men, consecutu) 

A ^vemor, gubemator ; (in 
chieO, prineeps, prases; (of a 
country), prvtectus, procurator 

Governors, manstratus 

A gourd, cuenroita. pepo 

The gout, podagra, jurthritia 

Gouty, arthriticus 

A go«rn, toga, stola 

Grace, gratia; (in speech, ftc.)> 
decor, venustas, dignitas; (at 
meals), benedictio; (favour). 
fitvor, bcneficium; (pardon), 

A grace (privilege), privileginm; 
(in speucing), lepor, eloquentia 

Ill-grace, invenustas 

To grace, exomo, omo 

Graceful, venustas. elegans, deco- 
rua. eoncinnos, decens 

Gracefully, decori, venusti 

Gracefulness, venustas 

Graceless, pcvditus, dissoluttu 

The graces, gratis 

Gracious, gratiosus, benignns ; 
(most), serenissimus 

Graciously, humanittr, benigni 

Gradoasnesa, benignitas , co m itaa, 

A gradation, gradatto 

Gradual, per gradua, conatans 

Gradually, gradatlm, pedentlm 

A (rradoate, enniunt'Dft 

To ^rjiff. or irrart, iuKni^ iuoeiilo; 
l^jfmfinjK iiiTtrtem 

A jfralL, iiimiltm 

A IffftfifTh ii3aUor 

A |tTS.f II ilk|[. IDEMTulAtlD 

Gram fcom). fnimfntum; (of 
B^alt, iltoj, Liii^a 

A icnkj] (in %«i|tbtK ftisido 

Grain (to dyeinthfT fnccm 

The [[rain {of wtHntJi sLmjuqd ; (of 
Icatlifr), cOrii Tuj[K 

Omiiia {af :pAra4.i*«}, gnrnt para- 
di^j; ^'if fii^'I-ilM. feiemmffl me- 
^ii ■, ■ s. II I. ".MTf), bratii is-x- 
c^'i \'\«^.:i:v . uri akbiwauu), 
excusatio, condonatio 

In grain, cocdnens 

Against the grain, inriti 

Grainy, granatus, granosus 

A grammar, grammatica 

Of grammar, grammaticus, gram- 

A grammarian, grammaticns 

Grammatical, grammaticus 

Grammatically, grammatici 

A granary, horreum 

Grand, grandis, ingens 

A grandson, nepos; (daughter), 
neptis; (father), avus; (mo- 
ther), avia; (inquest), inqui- 
sitio mi^r 

A grandee, optimus 

Grandeur, dignitas, amplitudo 

A grange, prcdium, rilla 

A grant, permissio; (thing grant- 
ed), concessum 

To grant, concedo, sino; (ac- 
knowledge), fateor 

A granter, donator 

A granting, concesaio 

A grape, ova, ataphyle 

A grape-gatherer, vindemiator 

A grape-gathering, vindemiatio 

A grape-stone, acmus 

Bearing grapes, nvifer 

Graphical, graphicus, accnratua 
Graphically, graphic^, accurate 
A grapple, harpago 
To gr^ple, corripio; (a ship), 

unco apprehendere ; (with),ob* 

luctor, confligo 
To grase, pasco, depaseo; (as a 

bullet), strictlm attingere 
A grasier, pecuariua 
A grasp, pugUlum 
To grasp, pugno constringere ; 

(at), capto. aucnpor 
Grasping, aridua, avanu 
Graas, gramen, herba 
Bearing grass, herbifer 
Of graas, gramineua 
Graaay, graminosus, herbosua 
A grasshopper, locusts 
A grass-plot, viridarium 
A grate (for fire), craticula; (to 

look through), clathrus 
To grate, rado; (the ears), per- 

stringo; (the teeth), dentious' 

fVendere ; (vex), dictis mordere 
Grateful, gratns, acceptus, ju- 

cundns, auavis 
To be grateful, grattun se prsbere 
Gratefully, gratt. jucundt 
Gratefulness, jucunditas, grati- 

tudo, susritas 
A grater, radula 
To gratify (oblige), obsequw; 

(indulge), induTgeo; (requite), 

mnnero, compenso 
A gratification, gratificatio 
Oratin|r, mordax 
A grating, rasura 
Gratis, gratia, ^tnit6 [tua 

Gratitude, gratitudo, animiu gra- 
Gratuitous, gratnitus 
A gratiiity, prKmium, munus. 

Giatulatory, gratolabundos 

Grave (aenous), gnris, sevems, 

constans, modestus ; (aad), 

triatia, moeatua; (in speech), 

graviloquus; (ancient), senior 

A grave, sepnlchrum, tumtUiu ; 

(digger), tumuloruro fossor 
Of a grave, aepulchralia 
To grave, inaculpo, aculpo 
Gravd, sabulum ; (in the reins), 

To gravel, sabulo instemere ; 

(perplex), scrupulum iniicere 
To nave the gravel, calculo labo- 

Gravelling, difflcilis 
Gravdv, graritir, serib 
Gravdiy, sabuloans 
Graven, sculptus, sculptilia 
A graver, sculptor 
A graver (tool), cclum 
To graritate, pondero 
Graritation, ponderatio 
Gravity (in person), severitas, 
gravitas; (iu weight), pondus, 
Gravy, succus, cremor 
Full of gravy, aucci plenus 
Gray (with age), canus; (in co- 
lour), dnerens ; (eyed), ccsius 
To grow gray, canesco 
A grayhound, cania Gallicus 
To grate, paaco. peratriogo 
Grease, adepa; (dripping), liquft. 

men; (for wheels), axungia 
To grease, inungo, ungo 
Greased, linitus [dui 

Greasv, pinguia; (naat^), squall- 
Greasily, sordidii, squalid^ 
Greasiness, pinguedo, illuries 
A greasing, inunctio 
Great, vastus, grandis, magnus; 
(exceeding), ingenS|immensus ; 
Digitized by CjOOQ^ 




(remarkable), iniifiiii; (Tio< 
bnt), vehement; (grieroas), 
gnn*, dunu; (with one), fk- 
miliaria, intimaa ; (maiif), 
plorea ; (men), optimatea ; 
(with child), g^vida; (very), 

Greater, major 

Greatest, maximui ; (diiefimt), 
aupremus, sammos 

Greatly, Taldt, maximi 

Greatness, mafnitudo; (of ho* 
noar), dignitaa; (with), fkmi- 
liaritas; (immenaity), vaatitaa^ 

Greaves, ocres 

▲ Oreeian, GrKcaa, Oraiua 

▲ Oredsm, GrKciamos 

Greedy, aridus. Torax; (of ho- 
nour), ambitiosos; (hangl7), 

A greedy-gnt, hdlno, eomedo 

To be greedy, ttfidi concupiaeefe 

Greedily, avidft, cupidi 

To eat greedily, voro 

Greediness, avaritia; (in eating), 
▼oracitas, aviditaa 

To speak Greek, Grsci loqm 

Green (in colour), viridia ; (as 
grass), graminens; (fresh), re- 
eens. musteus; (not ripe), im- 

A green (plat), viretnm; (for 

bowls), sphcristerinm 
To be pten, Tireo, viresoo 
Greenish, subTiridia 
Greenness, viriditaa, 'nxat 
To greet, salato 
A greeting, salutatio 
To send greeting, salutem alicni 

dicere, or impertire 
A ^diron, craticala 
Gnef, dolor, moeror, loUdtado, 
. tristitia, molestia 
Full of grieC tristis, meestna 
A grievance, offensio, injoria 
To grieve (trouble), vexo, cmdo, 

molesto; (be grieved), doleo^ 

Griering, dolens, meerena 
Grievous, infest us, gravis, dnms, 

immanis, atrox 
Grievously, aegri, molests 
Grievousness, atrocitaa 
A griffin, gryps, gryphus 
A grig, anguilla; (merry grig), 

congerro testivus 
Grim, torvus, aeerbns, tmx 
To look grim, torvum intoeri 
A iprimace, oris depravatio 
With grimace, flcti, simulate 
To grime, denigro 
Grimly, torvi, torvitte 
Grimness, torvitas 
A grin, oris distortio; (forced 

laugh), risus sardonicus 
To grm, subrideo 
To grind (com), frnmentum mo- 

lere; (to powder), in pnlverem 

redueere ; (on a stone), exacuo ; 

(in a mortar), contundo; (the 

teeth), dentibusfrendoe; (with 

the teeth), mando 
A grinder, molitor, tritor 
The grinders, dentes molarea 
A grinding, molitura ; (on a 

stone), ezacutio 
A grindstone, cos versatilis 
A gripe (handful), manipnlns; 

(m tne belly), tormina 
To gripe (uke hold), constringo ; 

(as pain doth), pervello ; (as 

a ship), in ventos nimibm dis- 

currere; (as a miser), pertinaz 


Grisly, asper, ineultus; (hidaons), 
horribilia, horrendus 

Grisly, adt. asperi, honidA 

Grist, farina molenda 

A gristle, cartilage 

Gristly, cartilageua 

Grit, arena, scoba 

Gritty, arenosus 

A groan, gemitus 

To groan, gmno, ingemo 

Groats, farina craasior 

A groat, drachma 

A grocer, aromatopola ; (-'a ahop), 

Grocery, aromata 

The groin, inguen 

A groom, ^aso; (of a chamber), 
eubicidaritts; (of the stable), 
stabulariua; (of the stole), 
primarius k regio eubicnlo ; 
(porter), janitor regios, er pri- 

A groove (in wood), atria 

To groove, strio 

To grope, palpor, expalpo, prm- 

A groper, palpator 

A groping, palpatio; (fbr), prs- 

Gross (thick), eraaaus, oor]^ 
lentus; (fat), obesns, pinguis; 
( very great ) , ingens. immenana ; 
(manifest), manifeatua 

In the gross, in toto 

Grossly, crassi, incondnni 

Grossness, crassitndo, atrodtaa 

Grotesque, miseellanens, promia- 

A grotto, erypta. antrum 

A grove, nemus. Incus 

I'o grovel, hnmi serpere [nna 

Grovelling, humi prostratns, pro- 

The ground, terra, humus, solum, 
teUus ; (of a thing), cauaa, fun- 

Aground, in vado hcrena 

On the ground, humi 

To ground (teach), instmo, do- 
ceo; (upon, or trust to), inoi- 
tor, fundo; (esublish),8ancio; 
(a ship), subduco 

Ground-work, fondamentnm 

Under-groand, subterraneus 

Ground (of grind), molitua, eon- 
tritns ; (on a stone), exacntus 

Ground-ivy, hedera terrestris 

The ground of a door, eontignatio 

Of the nonnd. terreatria 

Grounuess, sine caus4 

The groundsil, inferum limen 

A group, durba, corona 

To group, constipo. 

Grout, agriomelum 

To ^w, creaco ; (springs up), ex- 
orior; (again), regermino; (be- 
come), evado, fio; (among), 
innascor; (bigger), adaugesco; 
(cheap), laxo, vilesoo; (dear), 
carior fieri; (fat), pingnesco; 
(heavy), ingravesco; (in grace), 
virtute adolescere; (lean), ma- 
resco; (old), senesco; (ont of 
fashion), desuesco; (out of 
use), exolesco j (poor), ad pan- 
pertatem redigi ; (proud), super- 
oio; (rich), diteaoo; (strong), 
convalesco; (tame), manauea- 
co; (together), concresco; (up 
in stature), adolesco; (weary), 

To growl, ringor, irascor 

To be grown ( increased), angeor; 
(become), fio 

Full-grown, adultna 

Growth, incrementoiQ, ftuetva 


A grouse, tetrao 

A grub, lumbricns 

To grub up, eradico, effbdio 

Grubbed up, avermncaton 

A grudse, simultas, odinm 

To grudge, murmuro, invidao 

Bearing a grudge, invidos 

A gracing, livor, invidin 

Grudgingly, avari, gravatim, atgti 

Gruei, pulmentum 

Gruff, tetricus, torvua 

Gruffly, torvi, tmculentto 

To grumble, murmuro, mai 

A grumbler, murmurator 

A grumbling, murmuratio 

To grunt, grunnio, perfiremo 

A grunting, grunnitus 

A guarantee, fide josaor, spoBaor 

To guarantee, in se recipeae 

A guard, custodia ; (ol aoldiers), 

satellirium, pneaidium 
Life- guards, regii aateUitea 
Advanced guards, excubitores 
Guards, satellites 
The guard of a sword, capolna 
To be upon the guard, exeubo 
To gnara (against), caveo; (pro- 
tect ), defendo, munio ; (aeenre), 

A guardian, tutor 
A guarding, stipatio^ deCeaiio; 

(against), cautio 
A g^ardianshin, tutela 
A gudgeon, gooio 
A guerdon, merces, pmaainm 
A guess, coiuectura, augnrvaa 
To guess, conjicio, conjecto 
By guess, ex conjecturl^ oon- 

Guessed, coiOecturA notaa 
A gneaaer, conjector 
A guest, hospes ; (at a fteat), 

oonviva; (chamber), eonueu- 

Guidance, duetna, enratio admi- 

A goide, dox, ductor 
To guide, duco, adduoo, dirigo 
A gnider, ductor, moderator 
A guiding, auspicium 
A guild, sodalitiuni, sociataa 
GiuldhalL curia munieipalia 
Guile, fallacia, dolus 
Guileful, fraudulentus^ vafer 
Guilt, culpa 

Guiltless, tnnocens, inaona 
Guilty, nocens, sons, noxioa, coB> 

A guinea-pig, porcellna Indieaa; 

(heo), gaUiua ludica 
A guise, mos, modus 
A g^uC, cithara 
A gulf, gurges; (bay), aiava: 

(abvsa). abyssus 
A guU (bird), larus 

cheated), stultus 
To gull, fallo, fraudo 
The gullet, rula. gurgulio 
A guliing, ilTusio, fraudAtin 
A Kulley-hole, cloaca 
Gulosity, luxuria 
A gulp, haustus avidiu 
To gulp, avidi haurire 
Gum, gummi 
To gum, gummi aublinere 
Gummy, gnmmosna 
The gum of the eyes, gramia 
The gums, gingiva 
A gun, scloppus; (great), to^ 

mentum murale 
A gunner, tormentarina 
Gunshot, teli jactus 
A gunsmith, sclopporum fober 
Gunnery, ara tormenu bcUka 

dirigoidi , 




Gnnpowder, palvis nitrmtoa 

To gush oat, effluo, profloo 

A gushing out, eniptio 

A gusset, interserta particnia 

A gust (tMte), gustus, gos'stDS; 
(of wind), flstus sabitsneus 

A gut, intestinum; (great gut), 

Guts, intestina, exta; (small), 

To gut (a fowl), exentero, em- 
eero; (fisli),pargo; (a house), 
pnedam h tecto egerere 

A gutter, canalis, lacuDS; (be- 
tween two houses), cotnpla- 
vium ; (into which eares drop), 
colliquiae; (in pillars), suia; 
(tile), imbrex 

To giKter, lacuno, strio 

Tb guttle, helluor 

A guttler, helluo 

A guttling, helluatio 

Guttuial. gutturalis 

To gunle, poto, pergrccor 

A gusxler, poutor 

Gokxlin^, potans, pergrxcans 

A guxxling, potatio 

GTmnastic, gymnasricns 

Gjnrea (fetters), compede* 

A haberdasher (of hats), pflio; 

(of small wares), dardanarius 
Habiliment, apparatus, restitas 
A habit (custom), mos, consue- 

tudo; (of apparel), Testitus; 

(of Doay), temperamentum. 

Habitable, habitabilis ; (not),in< 

A habiution, domus 

Habited (dothed), vestitus 

Habitual, usu contractus 

To habituate, assuefacio 

Habituated, assuefactus, consue- 

Tb hade, eonddo, c«do 

Hacked, condsus, ccsns 

A hacking, caesio 

.A hackney (borse), conductitius 
equus; (coach), currus mer- 
cenarius ; (writer), scriba con> 

To hackney, loco, doco 

A haddock, asinus marinus 

A haft, manubrium, capulus 

To haft, manubrio instruere 

A hi^ furia, venesica ; (night- 
mare), incubus 

Haggard, macer, ferns 

A haggis, tomacolum 

To hm;Ie, licitor 

A baggier, lidtator verbosus 

A haggling, lidtatio verbosa 

Hail, m4j' sanus, salaber 

Hail, nJttt. grando 

Hdl. verb, salve, are 

To hail, coropello, saluto 

The hair, crmit, capillns, caesa- 
ries, coma, capilhtium ; (of a 
beast), villus ; (of the fore- 
* • ■ ; (of the eyeUds), 

Ofbaur, ca 

_f hair, capillaceus 

Having long hair, comattu; 

(busby hair), caesariatos ; 

(cQilea hair), cirratus ; (much 

hair), criniger 
To a hair's breadth, ad araassim 
Hsircloth, cilicium 
Haired, crioitus ; (red), rafus ; 

(shag), TiUosos; (rough), hia- 
fddus ; (thin), raripilus 

Hairy, pilosus, hirsutus 

Hairiness, hirsuta 

Hairless, depilis, calvus 

A halberd, bipennis militaiis 

The halcyon, halcyon 

Halcyon, serenus, tranquillos 

To hale, traho ; (in), substringo 

A bailing, tractos 

Half, dimidium, medietaa. (la 
composition it is rendered by 
sesu; as* sesM-rirMS, haU-alive, 
sesu-Aora, half an hour.) 

Half a dozen, sex 

A halfi>eony, obolua 

By haii^ dimidio 

A hall, atrium, aula; (town), ft>- 
ram monicipale 

Hallelnjah, haalelajah 

The halliards, antennarum pedes 

To halloo (dog;s), cames iudtare; 
(shout), vooferor, inclamo 

An hallooing, vociferatio 

To hallow (consecrate), sacro, 

A hallowing, consecratio 

A halo (meteor), c "^ * 

A balser, helsium 

A halt, gradus suppressus 

To halt, sisto ; (be lame), dau- 
dico; (be doubtful), lluctuo^ 

A halter (for a house), capistrum ; 
(for the neck), laqueus } (crip- 
ple), daudus 

A halter, restis, laqueus 

To halter, capistro , 

Halting, daudicans, daudus sis- 

Halting, daudicatio 

To halve, bipartior 

By halves, imperfecta 

A bsm, armus pord 

The ham. poples 

A hamlet, villa, vicus 

To hamstring, suppemo 

A hammer, malleus, tudes 

To hammer, oudo; (in speedi), 
balbutio, haesito; (out), mgrh 
proferre; (into the head), saepi 
mculcando docere 

A hammering, malleatio ; (doubt- 
ing), dubitatio 

A hammock, lectus pensilis 

A hamper, corbi^ fiscina ; (of 
osiers), cista vitilis 

To hamper, impedio, illaqueo 

A hamperiug, impeditio 

A hanaper, fiscus 

The hanaper-oflSce, hani^perium 

Ahand, manus; (right), dextra; 
(left), sinistra; (writing), scrip- 
tura; (of pork), humerus por- 
cinus ; (of a cUal, &c.)« index, 
gnomon; (clinched), pugnus; 
(open), palma 

One-handed, uniinanos 

Hundred-handed, centimanus 

On the right band, ad dextram ; 
(on the left hand), ad sinis- 
tram ; (on the other hand), 
alter& parte 

Out of hand, coofestim, illicd 

Hand to hand, cominhs, con- 

Hand over head, inconsultb 

Hand-in-hand, junctis manibns 

At hand, propfe, praestb 

A hand at cairds, sors 

Of the hand, manualis 

A handbreadth, palmus 

A handful, manipulus 

A handkerchief, sudarium 

A hanflmnidj ■"'^Tt ^ 

Underhand, occult^ dam ; (deal- 
ing), dolus, fraus 
To hamd (a thing), per manos 
tradere; (do«rn to posterity), 
transmittere memoriae 
With cap in hand, submissi 
To give the upper hand, loco 

To have a hand in, particeps esse 
Even hands, cquo marte 
Upper hand, locus superior 
A handicraftsman, opifex 
Handiwork, opus m a o u f actum 
Handily, solertir. callidd, periti 
Handiness, solertia, peritia 
To handle, tracto; (a sul^ect),. 
dissererede; (briefly), sttmgo; 
(gently), demulceo ; (often), 
pertracto; (one roughly), acer- 
oihs tractare 
A handle (of a tool), manubrium ; 
(of a target), umbo; (of a cup), 
ansula; (occasion), occasio 
Having a handle, ansatus 
A handling, tractatio; (ruddy), 

tractatio indigna 
Handsome (beautiful), venustus, 
pulcher, formosus; (fine^ or 
genteel), liberalis, honestus, 
mgenuus ; (fittings), aequus, 
Justus; (worthy of not ice), prae- 
dams, illustris, laudaibUis ; 
(artful), lepidus 
To make handsome, decoro, polio 
Handsomely, venustt, concinnft 
Handsomeness, elegantia, venus- 
Handy, solers, peritus [to 

Hsndicraft, mechanica 
Hang it I apagft ! 
To han^ (up), snependo ; [or be 
bannng), pendeo; (down be- 
fore), praependeo; (back), ter- 
giversor; (by a line, &c.), ap- 
pendo; (a place with paper), 
locfim anlcu omare; (loose), 
defluo; (one's ears), auriculas 
demittere; (together), cohae- 
reo; (over),emineo,promineo; 
(upon one), parasitor 
A hanger-on, parasitus 
A hanger, sica, harpe. ansa 
Hanging, pendens, pendulus ; 

idown), demissus ; (loosely), 
luidiu, laxus; (over), impen- 
dens, prominens ; (together). 

A hanging, snspensio; (together), 

Hangings, aulaea 
A hangman, camifex, tortor 
A hank (of thread), glomus 
To hanker after, anxii appetere 
A lumkering. appetentia, den- 

The Hanse-towns, civitates sodas 
A hansel, primus reiusus, streiia 
To hansd, or handsd, primiu uti 
Hap. casus, sors 
By nap, fortft, fortuitb 
Hap-hazard, prorstis incerttim 
To hap, or happen, contingo, ae- 

cido, evenio, procedo 
Happened lately, recens, nape- 

Happening, contingens, accidens 
A happening, exitus, eventus 
Haply, fortd, fortassd 
Happily, felicittr. beatft 
Happiness, felicitas. beatitudo 
Happy, felix, beatus, faustua 
To make happy, felicito, beo 
A hapae (catch), sera 
An harangue, oratio, condo 
To harangue, verba facers con- 

Digitized by 





To harmss, Texo, fatigro; (a ooan> 

try), ▼uto, depopulor 
A harauing, fatifratio, Tezatio 
A harbinger, prodromut 
A harbour (for ships), portns; 

(refage), receptacolum 
To harbour (entertain), hospitor; 
(take JVf lodgingrs), diversor; 
(an opinion), sentire de 
A harboorer, hospes, receptator 
A barbonring, receptio 
Hard (not soft), dams; (diffl- 
colt), ardnoa ; (stingy), parsns, 
tenax; (to get), rams; (heart- 
ed), cmdelis, terreus : (by), n- 
dnus, proximas; (to learn), in- 
docilis; (to be understood), 
obscnrus ; (to be pleased), mo- 
Tosas, protervus; (of belief), 
increduius; (skinned), durico- 
riiu; (times), umpora calami- 
To make hard, induro, obdnro 
To be hard, obduresco; (as 
brawn), calleo [gnstiis 

To be hard put to it, premi an- 
To stand hard (haggle), licitor 
To be too bard for, sopero 
Hardily, fortitir, strenui 
Hardiness (boldness), audacia, 
fortitudo : (of constitution), 
corpus beni constitutum 
Hardish. paul6 durior 
Hardly, difflculttr, Kgri, vix; 
(sharply), rigidt, auster^ se- 
▼eri; (stoutly), strenuft 
Hardness, durities; (cruelty), sae- 
Titia; (difficulty), difficultas; 
(stiffness), rigor; (of skin), 
callus ; (of beart), duritia ; 
(sparingness), parsimonia ; 
(stinginess), tenacitas ; (ot 
body, or mind), corporia, or 
animi robnr 
Hardships, difflcultates 
Hardy (valiant), intrepidus; (that 

can endure), laboris patiens 
To be hardy, audeo, iortis esse 
A hare, lepus 
Of a hare, leporinus 
To hare (terrily). perterreflacio 
Hare-brained, temerariua 
Hark I heusl heo! 
A harlequin, sannio, mimus 
A harlot, meretrix. scortum 
Of a harlot, meretricius 
Harm, diwnpum, m^»ln"<, clades, 

To harm, noceo. Isedo; (be harm- 
ed), damno affici 
Harmless, innoxius, insons; (to 
bear harmless), indemnem prs- 
Harmlessly, innocentir, innocui 
Harmonious, modulatus. musicus 
Harmoniously, modulate; (with 

one consent), uni mente 
To harmonise, modulor, consentio 
Harmony, harmonia, symphonia 
Harness, habena, armatura; (for 
drawing), helcium ; (trap- 
pings). phalerK ; (for the 
breast), thorax; (for the 
thighs), cmralia; (complete), 
To harness, instmo, indtio, pha- 

leras indoere 
A harness-maker, armomm £aber 
A harnessing, loricatio 
A harp, eithara, lyra 
To harp, eandem incudem tnndere 
Of a harp, citharoedicus 
A harper, citharista, citharistria, 

Harping-irons, harpagonea 

A harpsichord, sambneha 

A harpy, harpia 

A harrow, occa 

To harrow, occo 

A harrower. oceator 

A harrowing, occatio 

Harsh (severe), asper, morosus; 
(in taste), acer; (in sound), 
discors, ingratns. stridulus 

Harshly, tetrt, asper^ malt 

Harshness, serentaa, asperitas; 
(in taste), acerbitas 

A harslet, exta porcina 

A hart, cenrus 

Of a hart, cervinua 

Hart's-hom, comu cerrinum 

Harvest, messis; (time). 

Harvest, m^j. autumnalis 

Oi harvest, messorius 

Hay-harvest, fcenisecium 

A harvest-man, messor 

A hazel-tree, corylus; (grove), 

A bash of meat, minutal 
To hash, minutim concidere 
A hasp, crena ferrea 
To hasp, obsero, oppessnlo 
A haspmg. oppessulatio 
A hassock, scirpiculnm 
Haste, festinatio. celeritas 
In haste, festinantir, festinft 
To hasten, festino, propero ; (one's 

Ce), eradum accelerare 
tenmg. festinatio 
Hastily, properi, festini, festi- 
nantir ; ( passionately ) , iracundi 
Over-hastily, pneproperi, pra- 

Hastiness, prsecipitatio, vdocitas; 

(testiness). iracundia 
Hasty, concitatuB, prsceps; (hot), 

fervens ; (sudden), subitus ; 

(testy), iracundus, morosus 
To be hasty, ardeo, ferocio 
A hat, galerus, pileus; (band), 

spira; (maker), pileo 
To hatch (chickens), pullos ex- 

dudere; (mischief, hes), dolos 

A natch (of chickens), pullitiea 
The hatches, tabulatum 
Under the hatches, in egestate; 

(in the power of), sub potestate 
A hatchet, seeuris, ascia 
A hatchet -face, vultus infbrmis 
A hatching of chickens, foetura 
Hate, invidia, odium 
Full of hate, invidus, malignus 
To hate, odisse. detest or; (each 

other), mutuis odiis flagrare; 

(with disdain), fastidio 
To be hated, odio haberi 
Hateful, odiosns. invidiosus 
A hater, osor; (of women), mi- 

sogynos ; (of men), misan- 

thropos; (of marriage), miso- 

Hating, perosns, exosoa 
A hating, aversatio 
Hatred, odium, simultaa 
To have, habeo, teneo. potior; (a 

thing cried), praeconi aliquid 

subjicere; (away), abduco 
A haven (harbour), portus 
Haughtily, superbi, elati 
Haughtiness, faatus. arrogantia 
Haujj(hty. superbus. fastnosus 
Having, habens. nudens 
A haunch (hanch). coxa 
A haunt, consnetudo, recesras 
To haunt, freqoento, infesto 
Haunted by spirita, ombris in- 

A haunter, frequentator; (of 

ganeo; (of tavoms), 
; (of men's tables), pa- 


popino ; 

A haunting, frequentatio 
Havock. clades. etragea 
To make havock, vasto, apoUo 
A hautboy, tibia soni acutioris 
A haw, morum sentis 
A haw-thorn, spina alba 
To hawk (spit), screo, exsereo; 

(cry things), res venales clami- 

tare ; (go a hawking), aucupor 
A hawk, accipiter [ditus 

Hawk-nosed, naso aquilino pre- 
A hawker (pedlar), mercator cir- 

A hawking (of thinp^), venditio 

circtunforanea; (spitting), scre> 

A hawser, helcium 
Hay, fcenum 
Hade of hay, fceneoa 
A haymaker, foenifex 
Hav-harvest, fcenisecium 
A na^-cock, foeni meta; (loft), 

ioenile ; (stack), fioeni meta 

Hazurd. periculuro 
A hazard (at billiards), ftudola; 

(at tennis), cavema 
To hazard, periclitor. experior 
Hazardous, anceps, pericuhwoa 
A haze, nebula 
Hazel, corylus 
Hazy, nebuloaus 
He, lile, ipse, iste, is, hie 
A head, caput ; (heads, or chiefs), 

I>rocere8, primates; (of a eol- 
ege), prsaes; (of hair), coma; 
(of an arrow), spiculnm ; 
( point ) , cuspis ; (of luid), pro- 
Of one's own head, spontft 
To make head, resisto 
Head, adj. primarins; (stroi^), 

tenax, temerarius, contumax 
Forepart of the head, sinciput; 

(hinder part), occiput 
Having two heads, biceps; (three 
beads), triceps; (a hundred 
beads), centiceps 
A head-piece (ability), sagacita% 
sapientia, judicium ; (stall of • 
bridle), frontale; (of a lute, «r 
viol), citharae jugnm ; (helmet), 
cassis ; (of a spring), fontii 
To head (a cask), dolio Aindam 
immittere ; (a spear), ferrum 
bastae praefigere; (an army), 
exercitum ducere 
Hand over head, inconsulti 
Brought to a head, suppuratna 
Headed, eapitatus ; (as an army], 

A headborough, decurio 
Headiness. contumacia [max 
Headv. potens. inebrians, contu- 
Headless, sine capite 
Headlong, pronus, pneoepi 
Headship, principatus 
Headstrong, indomitus, ferox 
To heal, medior. sano ; (a wound), 
vulnns conelutinare; (divi- 
sions), concilio ; (be healed), 
sanor. convalesce 
That may be healed, medicabilic ; 
(not to be healed), immedica* 
Healing, salutaris, paciflcas 
A healing, sanatio 
Health, salus, vaietudo 
To be in health, valeo, vigeo 
Healthful, saluber. salutaris 
Heahhftilneuk Mdubhtas, sanitaa 
Digitized by V^OOQ Ic 




Heahhy, Mniia» Tslidus 

A heap, straes, actnxkt, cnmnhis, 

To bei4» (up), ctunulo, accamalo, 

eongero; (upon), topeiiogero 
A heaping, camolatio 
Bj heaps, eamalaUm, acerratlm 
To hear, audio, ezaadio, eub- 
aodio; (be infonned), certior 
ieri, rescisco ; (a eaoae), caa- 
■am eog*o«cere 
A hearer, auditor 
A hearing, aaditns, anditio 
Hard of bearing, sardaater 
Within bearing, prKstd eiae 
To hearken, aaacolto, aabansculto 
Hearsay, DBona, rnmor 
The beart, cor; (middle), me- 
dium ; (of a tree), medulla 
Full of heart, animoaua 
To bave a heart, audeo 
Oat of beart, exanimia ; (aa 

ground), tterilis, infoecundns 
In beart, animoaua ; (as land), 

fertilis, opimua 
To be in beart, vigeo, valeo ; (out 
of beart), animum deap<mdere 
Heart of Mik, robnr 
Next to one's beart, earissimiu 
By heart, memorit&r 
To lay it to heart, mgti ferre 
^ek at beart, graTiter cgrotans 
A sweetbeart, arnica, amicus, 

Heartbreaking, acerbissimus 
Heartburning, cardialgia ; 

(grudge), simultas 
Hardhearted, immisericors, dums 
Hardheartedness, inhumanitas 
Li^thearted, hilaris, betus 
The heart-strings, preecordia 
To hearten, animo, incito 
A heartening, animatio 
A hearth, focus, foeulns 
Bdonging to a hearth, focarins 
Heartily, sinceri, fortitir, aridt, 
•z ammo, acri appetitn, effusi, 
▼ald^ toto pectore 
Heartiness, sinoeritas 
Heartless, despondens, excors 
Hearty (sincere), sincerus, in- 
teger ; (not sick), sanns. validus 
Heat, calor, ferror, calliditas ; 

(paaaion), ira 
A heat in races, cnrsus 
To beat (make hot), calefacio; 
(be in a beat), candeo, Kstuo ; 
(an oven), funinm igne cale- 
With great beat, ardentte 
An iron-beater, ferrum ad lintea 

Elienda aptum 
lati • - • 


lating, calefactio 
Heath, eiica ; (t 

ager compascuus 
A heathen, paganus, infidelis 
Heathenism, gentilismus 
Heathenish, ethuicus 
To heave, lero, allero; (swell), 

tomeo; (up), attoUo, elevo 
Heaven, ccelum, olympus 
Heavenly, ooelestis ; (beings), coe- 

litcs; (minded), rebus coeles- 

tibus intentus ; (mindedness). 

rerum ccelestium cura ; ( things ) , 

eoelestia, divina 
Heavily, gravitir, ngrt ; (slowly), 

lenti, torpidi 
Heaviness (weight), gravitas ; 

(drowsiness), sopor, torpor ; 

(dnlness), atupiditas; (sorrow- 

fulness), tristitia, moeror 
Heavy (sad), tristis, Urdus, mces- 

tus; (drowsy), torpidus; (dull), 

■egpis,iners; (in weight), pon- 

derosus, gravis; (recjniring 
much lalx>ur), labonosus ; 
(dirty), lutosus 

To make heavy, or sad, contristo; 
(in weight), ingravo 

A Hebraism, Hebraismus 

Hebrew, Hebraicus, Hebnens 

In Hebrew, Hebraic^ 

A hecatomb, hecatombe 

Hectic, hecticus 

A hector, sicarius, gladiator 

To hector, insulto, minor 

A hedge, sepes, septum 

To hedge, sepio; (before), prc- 
sepio; (about), circumsepio 

A hedge-hor, ecldnns 

A hedge-pnest, sacerdor tressis ; 
(marriage), nuptis dandestins 

A hedging, septio 

Heed, cura, cauteU 

To take heed, caveo, attendo 

Heedless, oseitans, incautus 

Heedlessly, negligentir, incanti 

Heedlessness, negligentia 

The heel, calx 

To heel, inclino, snpplanto 

To be at the heels, msto 

A heifer, Juvenea, bucula 

Height, altitude : (of a distem- 
per), crisis i (top), culmen ; 
(taUness), proceritas 

Height, summus, mazimns 

To heighten, erigo; (encourage), 
excito. animo 

A heightening, exaggeratio 

Heinous, detesUbiUs, atrox 

To make heinous, exs^gero 

Heinously, Kgri, Cscmoros^ in- 
fenst, inti 

Heiuoosness, immauitas 

An heir, or heiress, lueresi (at 
law), hseres lege; (apparent], 
hKrespnesompttts; (jowt),eo- 

Heirship, hcreditaa 

Hell, tartarus, infemum 

A hellhound, improbus, perditiu 

Hellish, infemalis, infemus 

A helm, gubemaculum, davus 

A helmet, cassis, galea 

With a helmet, g^eatus 

Help, auxilinm, subsidium, admi- 
niculum, suppetia; (remedy), 

To help, opitulor, juvo, subsidio 
alicujus venire, promoveo, sup- 
pedifo, libero, extrico^ (up), 
sublevo, sustineo ; (avoid), evi- 
to, vito, eflFugio 

By God's help, Deo juvante 

A helper, auuliator, adjutor 

Helpful, auxiliaris 

Helping, ac^uvans, opem ferens 

Helpless, inops, opis desertus 

Helter-skelter, conltis^ temeri 

Hem ! hem I 

A hem, fimbrii limbus 

To hem, fimbria oniare; (in), 
obsidio, circumsideo 

A hemisphere, hemispluerium 

Hemlock, dcuta 

A hemming, prKtextura, screatus 

Hemp, cannabis, linum 

Hempen (of hemp), cannabinus, 

A hen, gallina 

Of a hen, gallinaceas 

A henroost, pertica gallinaria 

Henhearted, timidus, ignavus 

Hence, or ttma hence, ex hoc ; 
(begone I ) apage te I (from 
hence), adhlnc ; (forth), de- 
hlnc, deincips, porr6, posthlio 

Hepatic, hepaticus 

A heptarchy, heptarchia 

Her, (gus, illius, ipsius ; (her* 

•tit), ilia ipsa, seipsam 
By herself, sola 
Her own, sua 
A herald, fecialis 
Hersldry, jus feciale [olos 

An herb, herba; (for the pot). 
Herbage (pasture), pascuum ; 

(tithe of herbs), decimn pro 

herbis; (tithe of grasing), jus 

de pascuis 
An herbal, botanologia 
An herbalist, botanicus 
Full of herbs, herbosus 
An herb-market, forum oUtorium 
Herb-seller, olitor, olitrix 
A herd, armentom 
To herd together, convenio 
A herdsman, armentarius 
Here,hlc: (behold!) ecce! en I 

i hither), hue ; (and there), hie 
lie. passim, sparslm; (after), 
postbAc; (about), in his par- 
tibus ; (at), bine, indi, ex hoc ; 
(by), ex hac, per hoc, hao re^ 
hinc; (in), in hac re; (of)> 
hujus, de hac re: (tofore), an- 
tea, anteh&c, ollm ; (upon), 
hinc; (unto), ad hoc, adhhc ; 
(with), hoc 

Herediuble (hereditary), hcre- 

Heresy, haeresis 

An heretic, haereticus 

Heretical, hsreticus 

Heretically, haereticA 

An heriuge, hcreditas 

An hermaphrodite, hermaphro- 

Hermetical, chemicus 

Hermetically, hermetic^ 

An hermit, eremita 

An hermitage, eremite cella 

A hero, heros 

Heroical. Heroicnt 

Heroically, fortitir 

A heroine, herois 

Heroism, fortitude 

A heron, ardea 

A herring, halec; (pickled), ba- 
lec conditanea; (red), halec 
salita et fhmo durata 

Hers, qus, illius, ipsius 

A herse, feretrum 

To hesitate, haesito, dubito 

Hesitation, hcsitatio, mora 

Heterodox, heterodoxus 

Heterogeneous, heterogenetfs 

To hew, ccdo, disseco; (asun- 
der), discindo ; (down), suc- 
ddo ; (in pieces), consido ; 

I with an axe), dedolo. dolo 
lewing of wood, lignatio 
A hexagon, hexagonus 
Heyday ! ohe I 

Hiccough, or hiccup, singultus 
To hiccup, singultio 
Hid, hidden, abditus, arcanos 
A hide, pellis, corium ; (of land), 

hida terrae - 
To hide, abscondo, occulto; (a- 

gain), recondo; (before), pr«- 

tego; (cover), operio ; (from), 

relo; (in the ground), defodio; 

(together), cooperio, lateo, de- 

Uteo, latitO|ilehtesco 
A hider, occunator 
Hideous, perkorridns, horridiu 
Hideously, torvft. tetr^ horrid^ 
Hideousness, horror 
A hiding, occultatio ; (place), 

latebra, latibulum 
Hierarchical, hierarchictis 
An hierarchy, hierarchia 
Hieroglyphipal, hieroglypbicns 

Digitized by VjOOQP 




HierogfTphiea, hierofl jphiea 

A higgler, dardaoarins 

High, altna, ezceUna, snpreinns, 
■ablimis, pnealtos ; (in tta- 
tnre), procenu; (priced), pre- 

On high, in niblime, conhm; 

(above as), sa|>eniut, sapenu 
Highborn, illnstri genere natna 
Highmettled, fortis, acer, ferox 
Highminded, animo elttna, ra> 

perbiu. fastidioaus 
The high-prieat, pontifiBX maxi> 

Hie highway, Tia legia 
A hichwaTman, viatoria inddiator 
To De hi^ier (excel), ai^per- 

Higheat, aommna, rapremna 

Highly, alti, excela« 

Highneaa, celaitado^ altitudo 

Hilarity, hilaritaa 

A hill, mona, collia 

A hillock, colUcaloa 

HillT, montanua, montoraa 

A hilt, capalom 

Of him, lUioa, ^na, hi^na, de 

illo : (aelf), sui, per ae 
He himself ille ipae 
A hind, cerra, hinnuloa, nutiena 
Hinder, poaterior; (feet), pedea 

poateriorea; (part of the head), 

oocipat; (part of the neck), 
■ eemx 
To hinder, impedio, obato. inhi- 

beo, prohibeo; (intermpt), in- 

terpello, interturbo 
A hindrance, (impediment), im- 

pedimentom, mora; (loaa, vt 

prejudice), damnom, incommo- 

To be hindered, impedior 
A hinderer, interpellator, locri 

A hindering, retardatio 
Hindmoat, poatremoa 
A hinge, cardo 
A hint, mdidam, monitio 
To hint, innuo, auggero 
A hinting, monitio 
Hip! hena! heol 
The hip, coxendix, coxa 
The hip-gout, aciatica 
Hippian (hypochondriac), atr& 

bile percitoa 
Hipahot, delombatna 
Hire, mercea, atii 
To hire, cobdueo 
To let to hire, eloco 
The hire ot locarinm 
A da/a hire, diariom 
Bdoncing to hire, atipendiarhu 


A hirer, conductor [tio 

A hiring, conductio; (out), loiea- 

Hia, ^na, illiua, ipaiua, h^jua; 
(own), auua, proprina 

A hiaa, vt biasing; aibilum 

To hiaa, aibilo; (like a goose), 
giiurrio; (off the atage), ex- 

An hiatorian, hiatorieoa 

Historical, historicus 

Historically, hiatorici 

A historr, hiatoria 

To hit (strike), ferio, pcrcntio ; 
(happen, or succeed), contingo^ 
acciOD, suecedo ; (on a thing), 
in rem incidere ; (agunat), col- 
Udo, allido; (or Mat down), 

Ahit, ictus,perenaaio; (chance), 
aora, eaaua 

Hit, ictus, percuaaua 

A hittings^ainat, oolUaio 

Hit or miaa, Jacta eat alea 

To hitch, fune arripere; (more 

farther), paulhm movere 
An hithe. portns, ainua 
Hither, hue, horahm ; (and thi* 

ther), hue iUtc. ultro eiti6que 
Hither, or nearer, dterior 
Hithermost, citimus 
Hitherto, adhhc. haetenha, uaqni, 

adh4c, hueusqui 
Hitherward. horabm 
A hive, alveare 
A place for hivea, ^arium 
Hoar-frost, pruina 
To hoard, coacerro. See Hord 
Hoarineaa, canities 
Hoarse, raucus, fiueiu 
To be hoarse, rauceo; (to grow 

hoarse), irraucesco 
Hoarsely, ranci, rauchm 
Hoarseneaa, rancitas ; (of ^eech), 

Hoary, eanua, albeaeena; (aa 

frost), pminosua ; (mouldy), 

To be hoary, caneo, incaneaco. 

Hoary hairs, eani 
To hobble, daudieo; (do eare- 

leasly), negligentte, or leritte 

agere [a«per 

Hobbling, inconcinnus ; (rough), 
Hobblingly, mal^ inconeinni 
A hobby, mannua 
A hobby-horse, arundo longa 
A hobgoblin, larva, spectrum 
A hock of bacon, perna porcina 
Old hock, Tinnm Ilheiiense Te- 

A hocus- poena, pvKatigiator 
A hod. trnlla 
Hoddy. Ictus, sanna 
A hodlge>podge, nttaceUanea, ftx- 

A hoe, raatmm, paatinum 
To hoe, pastino 
A hog, sua, porcna ; Oittle), par- 

cus; (sty-fed), porcus altilia 
Like a hog, porrinna, auillna 
A hoggrd. oris bidena 
A hogberd, subnlcua 
Hog's hauslet, exta pordna 
A hogsty, suile, hara 
A hothead, dolium, eadua 
Hoggish (clownish), rusticvs ; 

(surly), moroans; (niggardly), 

aordidua [roai 

Hoggishly, matiei, sordid^ mo- 
Hoggishness, rustidtaa^ moro- 

To hoist, lero, eri^ 
Ahold (caTe),latibulnm; (thing 

to hold by), adminicuhun ; (of 

a ship), penetrate; (of wild 

beaats), ferarum eubile ; 

(strong), presidium 
To hold, retineo, teneo, obtiseo; 

(on, or continue a debate), du- 
(alBrm), aaaero, rindico 

(think), puto; (a candle), &- 
cem dicui pnelucere; (con- 
tain), capio, contineo; (laat), 
duro, reato; (back), detineo, 
retineo; (doae together), com- 
primo; (one's breath), spiritum 
comprimere; (in), cohibeo; (in 
the rdns], habenaa premere; 
(off^ or refrain), abatineo; (out, 
or peraerere), persevere ; (one's 
peace), taceo, sileo; (out), per- 
duro; (up), attollo 
In hold, in custodiA 
A holdfaat, uncua fenreoa 
Holding, tenens ; (one's purpose), 
conauii, or pn^oaiti tenax 


A holding 


Holding fast, tenax. pertinax 
A holdmg (in), coohtbitio; (iqp). 

eoatentatio; (one'a peace), ai- 

lentium. tacitumitaa 
A hole, foramen; (to Imk in), 

latebra ; (or cave in the eartk), 

spdunca; (in a prison), tnUift- 

nnm; (chink), nma 
To make a hole througk, t 

fodio, peuetro, terebro 
A breathmg-hole. spiramcBtmn 
Full of boles, foraminoaua 
Holily, sanct^ pit 
Holiness, sanctitas, pieCaa 
Hollow, eavus, cavemosaa 
A hollow, ooncavum 
To hollow, excaTo,caTo; (wImm^), 

▼ociferor, inclamo 
To be hollow like a spnngc; istaalo 
The hollow of the feet, sobtal 
HoDow (aa a pipe), tubnlaUM; 

(voice), vox fusca; (hearted), 

fallax; (eyed), pstua; (aa a 

reed), listulosus 
A hollowing, excavatio 
Hollowness, cavitaa ; (aader 

ground), cavema; (of the ejrea), 

Holy, sac . 
Holy things, s 
Holy writ, scripture aaera [nn 
Holy of holies, sanctum aaacK 
To make holy, consecro. eacro 
A holy-day, dies festua, fierix 
Holy Ghost, Spiritns Sanctua 
Holy Thursday, diea aaoen ' 

Hom^Ce. clientele, obsequi 

Home, domus ; (at home), doai 

indomo; (from home), domo 
Home (in argument), darns, eer> 

tns ; (blow), validua, fortis; 

(domeatic). domesticua; (os- 

act), violentus; (accnsatioa), 

acria; (spun), craaaua, agrestiB 
Home (freely), o/in. Uberi; aa> 

Short of home, in vit dellcera 
Homeliness, rustidtaa 
Homd^, rudis, impolitna, rvatt* 

cus, incondnnus, defbrmia^ ym- 

Homeward, ddmnm versna 
A homidde (that doth murder), 

homidda ; (the act), hoaii- 

A homily, homilia, eondo 
Homogeneous, homogeneua 
Homouigous, congener 
A hone, cos 

Honest, honeatus, probna, inte- 
ger, castus, pudicna, verecnadM 
An honest fellow, homo frogi 
Honestly, honesti^ probi, caatft 
Honesty, honest um, rectum, pr»> 

bitaa, integritaa, pudidtia 
Honey, mel 

Making honey, meOifieoa 
Of honey, melleus 
A honey-comb, favua 
Honey-moon, Yeneria festa 
Honour, honor, honoa;^ (rep«te> 

tion), fiuna, existimatio; (ehaa* 

tity). podidtia 
To honour, bonoro, eolo 
Tour honour, dominatio vestvA 
Full of honour, honofatusu vea^ 

Bringing honour, honoroicQa 
Of honour, illustris, nobilia 
Hononrary, hononuiua [ma 

Honourable, honorabilia, pneda> 
Bight honourable, illostrissimna. 




A uvp, or oops 

A hop, or jami 

To nop. salt! 

luq» Deer), 

Honoarableneu, nobilitat [mi 

Honoarably, magnified amplisti- 

An honoarinir, coltui. reverentU 

A hood (Teil), ▼elum; (for the 

head), euculliu, capitium ; (for 

a priest, or woman), redimica* 

lam; (to ride in), palliom fe- 

minanum ; (for a graduate, &c.), 


To hoodwink, c^ut obvolTere 

A hool^ nngnis ; (of a hone), oa- 

Hoofed, ungnlas babens 

A hool^ hama«, nncus; (iheep- 

hook), pedum; (flesh-hook), 

luscina: (of a clasp), ansola ; 

(for a boat), hama; (to wed 

with), roncina; (to cat with), 

falz; (fior a gannent), ftbtda; 

(neat iron hooks), harpago; 

(hooka of a door), cardines 
To hook (grapple), inunco; (to« 

gether), confioulo»necto; (in), 

allicio, capio 
Hookedneas, adancitas 
A hoop, Timen, circolas 
Tohoop,Tieo; (hollow), Todferor, 

The hooping-coof^ tussis ferina 
To hoot, exclamo, inclamo 
A hop, or hops, lopulua 
' * I, or jump, saitos 

— saltito, subsalto; (to 
\_ cererisiam lapdia 

Hope, apes, fldacia; (a hope), 

doranm montis, specola 
To hope, spero, expecto 
Past hope, desperatas, insperatos 
lh« ftwlom hope, antecarsores 
Hopeftil, de qao beni sperator 
Ht^eless, ezapes, desperatas 
Hoping, sperans 
A hopper, aaltator; (of a mill), 

iaf andihol am 
A hord. acervus 
To hord. accumulo, coUigo 
A horder op, accamalator 
Horehonnd, marabium 
The horison, horizon 
Hori«mtal, horiaontalia 
A horn, coma 

A bagle-hom, coma renatoriam 
Horn-work (fortification), muni- 

mentnm angu l a r e 
Hard as horn, comeolas 
Hating one horn, unicornis ; (two 

horns), bicomis 
A horner, cornaum opifez 
A hornet, crabro 
Homf , comeua 
A horoscope, horoscopus 
Horrible (terrible), horribilis, 

horridus; (heinous), dirus, in- 

fkndus; (excessive), immode- 

Horrid, tremendus, dims 
Horrific, horrificus 
Horror, horror, terror 
Full of hcnror, horrore perfbsus 
A horse, eqnus; (little horse), 

equalas ; (ambling 

horse), eqnus tolutarius ; (sor- 
ry), cabaUus ; (cart-horse), m- 
mentum ; (coach-horses), bi- 

; (cart-horse), m- 

. . oach-horses), bi- 

jugca ; (to irf clothes on), can- 
therius ; (hacknejr), equns con- 
ductitius; (hobb^-borse),aruu- 
dolonga; (hnntmg), equus ve- 
Horse (caTaby), equitatus 
Toi horse, in equum mittere 
Of a horse, equinus 
Ahorae-coorser, equomm mango 

Horse-oooning, equoram pcrmn- 

Horse-guards, satellites eqoeatrct 
A horsekeeper, agaso 
A horseleech, hinido 
A horse-load, sagma 
A horseman, equea 
Light-horsemen, velitea 
Of a horseman, equester 
A horse-race, hippodromos 
Horsemanship, ars e^uestris 
Horse-radish, raphanos agraatis 
Horse-shoe, equi calceus 
Hortative, hortativaa 
A hose, tibiale, raliga 
Wearing hose, caligatus 
Of hose, cali|^rius 
A hosier, caligarins 
Hospiuble, hospitalis, benevolua 
Hospitably, hospitalitir 
A hospitid, xenodochium, noso- 

conium; (for old people), ge- 

rontocomium ; (for orphans), 

Hospitality, hospitalitas 
A Irast (army),exercitus.copi«; 

(innkeeper), hospes, caupo ; 

(wafer in the mass), hostia 
A hostage, obses, vas 
A hostel, or hotd. diversorium 
A hostess, hospita, hospes 
Hostile, hostilis, hosticus, infintus 
Hostility, hostiUtas 
An hostler, stabolarius 
An hostr^, stabulum 
Hot, cahduB, ardens; (upon the 

tongue), aeris. mordicans ; 

(hMded), temerarius 
To be hot, caleo, Kstuo ; (scald- 
ing), inferveo; (within), incaleo 
To grow hot, calesco, ezcandesco 
To make hot, calefacio 
Hotl^. ferridi, calidt ; (furioualy), 

acritir, vehementir 
Hotness, salor 
A hotch-potch, forrago 
A hovel, casa. tugnrium 
To hover (as a hawk), drcum- 

volo ; (float), fluctoo, fluito ; 

(over), immineo; (soar), pen- 

Hovering, imminens, propinqnus 
A hound, canis venaticus ; (bfiood- 

hoand), canis sagax. investi- 
(greyhound), /eanis 

nuius ; 

To hound a dog, eanem auimare 

An hour, bora; (in a bad hour). 

baud auspicatd; (in a good 

hour), auspicatd, opportune 

Half an hour, semihora ; (an hour 

and half), sesqnihora 
An houf-gUas, clepsydra 
Hourly, horis singubs, in boras 
A boose, domus, Kdes ; (country), 
villa, soburba^um ; (of lords), 
domus parium ; (of commons), 
domus communium ; (of cor- 
rection), ergastolum; (ofoiflce), 
Of the same house, familiaris 
A bouse, or family, familia, genua, 

Of a house, domesticua 
House by bouse, domesticatim 
To house (cattle), ad stabulum 
deducere; (one's self), tectum 
subire ; (com), firumentum hor- 
reis condere 
To keep a good house, elegantftr 
vivere ; (an open house), expo- 
sitA uti hospiulitate 
House-breaking, iatrocinium ' 
House-rent, pensum pro domo 
Housing, stragttlom 

A household, familia 

Of the household, familiaris 

Household (bread), psnis seeun- 
darius; (affairs), res faroiliares ; 
(fare), victusquotidisDus; (go- 
vernment), imperium oecono* 
micum; (stuff), aupellex 

A householder, paterfamiliaa 

A housekeeper, foemina cui dom4s 
oara committitur [tratio 

Hf^usekeeping, familiv ad minis- 

Houseleek, sedum 

House-room, locus in domo 

A housewife, materfamilias 

How, qu4m ; (far), quatenbs, 
qaant6i (great), quantus quiim 
magnus ; (greatly), qu&mvaldi ; 
(long), quAm diti, qaiun prid&m, 
quoM. quousqai ; (many),quot, 
quoteni, quim multi; (often), 
quoties [nibilomintu 

Howbeit, at, tamen, attamen. 

However (at least), saltim,cert&; 
{or howsoever), ut ut, utcun- 
qui, quomodd, quomodocunqui 

How great soever, quantoscun- 
que; (Uttle), quantuluscunqae ; 
(many), quotcunque, quotquot ; 
(often), quotiescunque; (long), 
quamvis diti ; (much), quan- 
tumcunqae, quantumvis 

To howl (cry), ululo 

A howl (or bowling), ululatus, 

A hubbub, turba. tumultua 

The buckle-bone, talus 

Hack-backed, gibbosus 

A huckster, propola; (-'s trade), 

A huddle, confhsio 

To huddle, confbdm a^^ere; (to- 
gether), confundo, nusceo 

In a huddle, confuai 

A hue (colour), color 

Hue and cry, sontis insecutio 

A buff, or buffer, tbraso 

To buff (look big, or boast), glo- 
rior; (insult), insulto; (make 
a noise), verbis intonare ; 
(threaten), rainitor 

To be in a buff, Kgri ferre 

A buffing fellow, miles gloriosns 

A buffing (boasting), jactatio ; 
(threatening), minatio ; (cla- 
mouring), vociferatio 

Huffish, arrogans, ferox, insolens 

Huffisbly, arrogautfer, superbi 

Hufiisbness, arrogantia,insolentia 

A hog, amplexus 

To hug, amplector; (himself), 
sibi placere, or plaudere 

Huge, vastus, immanis, in^ens 

Hugeness, vastitas, immanitas 

A bugging, amplexus 

A hulk, navis oneraria 

A hull (of beans, &c.). siliqua; 
(of a ship), corpus navis sine 

To bull (as a ship), vadllo ; 
(beans, &c.), decortico 

A hum, admurmuratio, fallacia, 

To hum and haw, bcsito 

To hum (as bees), bomhUo; (a 
tune), vocem modulari ; (de- 
ceive), fallo 

Human, bumanus [nus 

Humane, comis, affnbilis, benig- 

Humanely, bumanitfer 

Humanity, humanitas, comitas 

To humanize, emoUio 

Humble, humilis, supplex 

To bumble, or make humble, re- 
primo ; (one's self) . se bumihare 

Humblenepa, bamilitas 
Digitized by L.OOgl(?« 




A bombling (of others), eoCr- 
citio; (of one** mU), saomiuio 
HombW, hamilitir, submiMi 
A homarum, fatuoi, ineptns 
Humid, homidos, nTidui 
Humidity, humiditu, humor 
Humiliation, humiliatio, snbmis- 

Humility, humilitas 
A hummer (deceiver), deeeptor 
A humming, deceptio ; (ofb^f*), 

apum bombus 
Humour, humor; (Cuiey), arbi- 
trium; (pleasant), fkcetia; (in 
the body), corporei tempera- 
menti affectus; (inclination), 
indoles, mores; (good), fes- 
Good-humoured, fkcetus, iepidus 
Ill-humoured, aosterus, morosus 
To humour, morigeror 
A humourist, incoostans, leris 
Humourous {or humonrsome), 
perricaz, morosus; (pleasant), 
Iepidus, facetus 
Humourously, lepidi, fseeti 
To hunch, tundo. trudo 
Hunchbacked, gibbns, gibbosus 
A hundred, centum, centenus 
Of a hundred, centenarius 
By hundreds, oenturiatlm 
A hundred (of soldiers), cen* 
turia; (part of a shire), hun- 
A hundred times, centiis 
The hundredth, centesiraus 
Two hundred, ducenti, dueeni 
Hunger, fames, esuries ; (ex- 

treme], inedia 
To hunger, esurio 
Hungered, Hungry, esuriens, ra- 

Hungrily, rabid^ jejuni 
To hunt. Tenor, venatom ire ; 
(after), aucupor, investigo ; 
(after riches), opes consectari ; 
(out), ezploro, perquiro; (up 
and down), exagito 
A hunter, Tenator 
A hunting, Tcnatio, Tenatua ; (or 

seeking out), iodagatio 
For hunting, Tcnatorius, vena- 

A hunting-match, venatio prseftza 
A hurdle, crates 
A hurl, jactus 
To hurt, jacio, projicio 
Hurled, emissus, jactus, eoqjeetas 
A hurler, jaculator 
A hurling, jaculatio 
A hnrl]f-hurly, turaultus 
A hurricane, turbo 
A hurry (haste), festinatio; (con- 
fusion), tumuitns 
To hurry, festino, urgeo 
Hurried, festinatus, acceleratus 
A hurrying, festinatio 
A hurt (damage), damnum, in- 
juria ; (wound), vulnus, plaga 
To hurt, Isedo, noceo, corrumpo 
Hurtful, nocens, nocivus, dam- 

nosus, perniciosus, ezitiosna 
A hurting, nocumentum 
Hurtless, innocuus, ilUesus 
A husband, vir, maritus 
A husband's brother, lerir ; (sis- 
ter), kIos 
To husband, cauti dispensare; 

{or till ground), agrum colore 
A husbandman, agricola 
Husbandry, agricultura; (good), 

frugalitas, oeconomia 
To practise husbandry, rostieor 
Hush! desinel taoe 1 
To be hush, taceo 

To hush (calm), placo; (keep se- 
cret), rem celare 

A husk (hull), siliqua 

Husk of com, acus, glnma 

Husky, aoeroaus ; (in Toice), 

A hussy, mnlier nequam 

Hustings, hustinga 

A hut, casa, tugurinm 

A hutch, mactrm 

To hoss, obstrepo 

Huzia, Uetus clamor, aeclamatio 

To hussa, ▼ocifenw 

A hvacinth, hvacinthns 

An hydrograpber, hydrofrraphoa 

Hydrography, hydrographi* 

Hydropical, hydropicus 

To bye, festino. propero 

Hyemail, hyemalis 

A hyena, hyxna 

Hymen, Hymen 

A hirmn, hymnus, ode 

An hyperbole, hyperbole 

Hyperbolical, hyperbolicns 

Hjrperbolically, byperbolic6 

Hyphen (a), hyphen 

Hypochondriac, hypochondriacos 

Hypocrisy, hypocrysis 

A bynocnte, hypocrita 

To play the hypocrite, simulo 

Hypocritical, nmulatus, falsns 

Uypocriticallj, simulate 

Hypothesis, positio, hypothesis 

Hypothetical, hrpotheticus 

Hypothetically, hypothetic^ 

Hyssop, hyssopus 

Hyaterical, hysterica* 

A hytbf sinus, portua 

I, ego ; (myself), egomet, ipse 

Iambic, lambicaa 

Ice, glacies, gelu 

An icicle, stiUicidiuoi, stiria 

Icy, glacialis 

An idea, idea, conceptio 

Identity, identitas 

The ides, idus 

An idiom, idioou 

An idiot, idiota, atultua 

An idiotism, idiotismus; (fod- 
ishness), stultitia, fiatuitas 

Idle, otinsus, negli^^ens, ignarus, 
nugatorius, futilis ; (fellow), 
cessator ; (trick), ineptia ; 
(story), fabula ; (discourse),' 
sermo absonus, or alienus 

Very idle, desidiosus 

To be idle, cesso, torpesco 

Idleness, ignaria, inertia 

Idly, ignavi, otiosi, inepti 

An idol, idolum, im^^ 

An idolater, idolatra 

Idolatrous, idolis inserriens 

Idolatry, idololatria 

Tu idolise, hominem derenerari 

Idyl, idvUium 

If, si ; (not), si miniu, si non, ni, 
nisi; (as if), quasi, Unquiim. 
perindi ac si; (but if), sin, 
qu6dsi; (but if not), sin ali- 
tor, sin minhs, sin sectu ; 
(whether) num, an, utrtm, si 

Ignoble, ignobilis, obRcurus 

Ignobly, obscurt, abjecti 

Ignominious, infamis 

Ignominiously, cum ' 

Ignominy, dedecus. 

An ignoramua, ignavus, fatuns 

Ignorance^ inadentia, impeiitia 

Ignorant, ignams, insdus, mdis 
To be ignorant, ignoro, nesdo 
Ignorantly, inscientir, incite 
lU. infortunium, malum; «t4i. pr^ 

▼us, nequam, malus ; mdv. per* 

perkm, mali 
To be ill, Kgroto, malt ae habere 
Ill-cooditionel, moroaus ; (dia* 

posed), praTUS ; (Csvonred) . de- 

formis; (bred), asper, agrestis 
Ill-will, invidia, Utot 
Illegal, illicitae 
Illegally, contra fui 
Ill^ality, injustitia 
Illegitimacy, ortfta infsmia 
Illegitimate, spuriua, adulterinaa 
lUiberal, iUiberaUa 
Illiberality, illiberalitas 
lUiberaUy, iUiberaUtir 
Illicit, illicitus 
Illiterate, indoctus, mdia 
Illness, morbus, Kgrotatio 
Ill-natured, perrersus 
To illude, illudo, eludo 
To illuminate, iUumino 
An illuminating, illaminatio 
An illusion, phantasma, error 
Illusory, Illusive, fallax 
To illustrate, illustro, expBeo 
An illustrating, illustratio [rus 
Illustrious, illustris, ezimius, ci*- 
To be illustrious, dareo 
Illustriously, eximi^ clari 
Illustriousness, elaritudo 
Imaginable, quod fingi potest 
An image, imago, statua 
Image-worship, cultua timnla- 

Imaginary, imapfinarius, fictua 
Iinafonation, unaginatio, eogi- 

tiitio, machinatio, opinio 
Full of imagination, cogitabnn- 

To imagine (think), existiroo, 

suppono; (invent), imi^nw 
Not to be imagined, inoompre- 

To imbank, munio, sepio 
To imbattle, adem instmere 
Imbattled (as an army), inatrue- 

tus; (as a wall), pinnatoa 
Imbecility, debilitaa 
To imbellish, polio, deooro. See 

To imbessle (waste), pecnlor, di- 

lapido; (purioin), surripio 
An imbezzler, peculator 
An imbexzlement, dissipatio 
To imbibe (suck in), imbibo 
To imbitter (exasperate), ex> 

To imbolden, animo, indto 
To imboss, caeio 
Imbossed-work, toreuma 
An imbosser, cselator 
An imbossing, cselatura 
Art of imbossing, toreutice 
To imbroil. conftindo, turbo 

sUte), res novas moliri; (sow 

discord), dissidium condtare 
To imbrue, irobuo, contamino 
To imbue, imbno 
To imburse, nummos reponere 
To imitate, imitor; (a thing), de- 

lineo; (with ambition), Kmulor 
Imitable, imitabilis 
An imitating, or imitation, imi* 

tatio. delineatio 
An imitator, imitator, Kmolator 
Immaculate, immaculatna, pums 
Immanent, inhKrens 
Iinmanitjr, crudelitas 
Immaterial (void of matter), ma* 

teris expers (of 



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Immature^ immatania, crados 
Immaturity, craditaa 
Immattirely, immaturi 
Immeasurable, imroensna [mtu 
Immediate, immediatiu, proxi- 
Immediately, immediate, iUic6, 

Immedicable, immedieabilia 
Immemorabli^ immemombiUa 
Immemoriid, immemoratnt 
Immense, immencns, inAnitna 
Immensity, immensitas 
Immensely great, ingens 
To immerge, inmiergo 
Immersioi^ immersio [fotas 

-Immetbodical, indigestns, eon- 
Immethodically, sine metbodo 
Imminent, imminens, impendens 
To be imminent, immioeo 
Immoderate, immoderatos, pro- 

Immoderately, immoderate im- 

Immodest, impndicus 
Immodestly, immodest^, ioTcre* 

Immodesty, immodestia 
To immolate, immolo 
Immoral, improbos, praTOS 
Immorality, improbitas momm 
Immorally, improbi, impie 
Immortal, immortaiis, Ktemiu 
ImoMntality, immortailitas 
Immortally, Ktem4m 
To immortalise, Kterno 
Immoreable, immotos, constans 
An immunity, priTilegium 
To immure, intra muros inclu- 

Immutability, immutabilitas 
Immutable, immutabilis, con- 
Immutably, constantir, trmb 
An imp, parrns demon 
To impair, diminno, irominno 
Impairing, diminuens 
An impairing, diminutio 
To impale (fence in), septo mn- 
nire; (apnnisbment), stipitem 
per medium hominem adigere 
To impannel, eligo, designo 
Imparity, imeqnalttaa 
To impark, consepio 
Imparlance, interlocutio 
To napart, impertio, impertior 
Impartial, kquus, Justus 
Impartiality, Kquitas, justitia 
Impartialljr, aequi, justft 
An impartrag, communicatio 
Impassable, invins, avins 
ImpaMible, impassibilis 
Impatience, impatientia 
Impatient, impatiens; (basty in 

temper), iracundus 
Impatiently, iracundi, mgri 
To impeach, accuso, anquiro 
Impeaching, accasans 
Impeachment, accusaiio, dica 
Impeccability, impeccabilitas 
Impeccable, impeccabiUs, pec- 
care nescins 
To impede, impedio 
An impediment, impedimentum; 

(in speech), nxsiutio 
To impd. impello 
To impend, immineo; insto 
Impending, impendens, immi- 
Impenetrable, impenetrabilis 
Impenetrability, iropenetrabilitas 
Impenitence, impoenitentia 
Impenitent, impoenitens 
Imperative. imperatiTUs 
Imperceptible, tncompertus 
Imperfect, imperfectus, maneos 

Imperfeetly, non perfect^ 
Imperfection, defectus 
Imperial, imperatorios, angnstus 
Imperious, imperiosus, arrogans 
Impenonsly, superb^, arrogantir 
Imperiousness, arrogaatia 
Impersonal, impersonalis 
Impersonally, impersonalitir 
Impertinence, ineptic 
Impertinent, penuans ; (not per- 
tinent) , absurdns, inqitus 
Iropertinentty, petulantte, insulsi 
Imperrions, impervios 
Impetuous, vioientus, Tebemens 
Impetoosity, vehementia 
Impetuously, Tehementir, oppidd 
Impiety, impietas, scelns 
Impious, impius, scelestns 
Impiou^, iropii, sceleati 
Implacable, inezorabilis 
Implacsbility, implacabilitas 
Implacably, imptacabilittr 
To implant, insero 
Implements (tools), instromenta; 

(^oods), snpeUez 
To implicate, implico 
Implication, implicatioi 

Implicit, implicitns 

Implicitly, impUeiti 

To implore, imploro, obsecro 

An imploring, imploratio 

To imply (comprehend), compre- 

An imploring, imploratio 
""o imply (comprehend), < 
heodo ; (doiote), significo 

ido ; . 
(infer), infero, coneludo 
Impolite, innrbanns, mdis 
Impolitic, incantus, improdens 
Impoliticly, inconsiderate, in- 

To import (by ships), iroporto, 
iuTcho; (concern), intersum; 
(signify), significo 
Import (cm), utilitas; (mean- 
ing), significatio ; (and export), 
invectio et ezportatio , 

Of importance, magni momenti 
Of little importance, levis 
Importance, tIs, sensus 
Important, momentosus, gravis 
Importation, invectio 
Importunate, importunas, instans 
Importunately, importune 
To importune, efflagito, solicito 
Importunity, importunitas 
To impose (enjom), ii^ango, im- 

pono; (cheat), naudo 
An imposition (cheat), frans ; 
(command), mandatum; (tax), 
vectiipl, tribatnm 
Impossibility, irapossibiUtas 
Impossible, impcMsibiUs 
An impost, vectigal; (in archi- 
tecture), incumbK 
An imposthume, abscessns; fa- 
bout the ear), parotis; (in the 
lungs), tabes 
Imposthomated, ulceratns 
An impostor, impostor, planus 
Imposture, fiiaus, impostura 
Impotence, debilitas 
Impotent, impotens, debilis 
Impotently, impotent^, infirmi 
To impovensh, depaupero 
An impoverishment, compilatio 
To impound, includo 
An impounding, inclusio 
To impower, potestate instmere 
Impracticable, quod fieri non 

To imprecate, imprecor 
An imprecation, execratio 
Impregnable, inexpugnabilit 
To impregnate, g^avidam facere 
To impress (men), milites invitos 

Impressed (marked), sigoattia 

An impression, imprcssio; (on 

themiad), mentis sensus; {at 

Imprest money, auctwamentum 
To imprint, imprimo^ exeudo 
To imprison, iacarcero 
Imprisonment, inearceratio 
Improbability, quod vix (redi 

Improbable, improbabilis 
Improbably, hand probabilitte 
Improbity, improbitas 
Improper, improprius; (untea* 

sonable), intempestivns 
Improperly, improprii, abusive 


gentilitium aad avitum 
An impropriator, lalcus donator 

beneficii ecclesiastici 
Impropriety, improprietas 
Improvable, quod utilius evadere 

To improve (grow better), pro- 
fido ; (arts, Ac.), artes colere ; 
(a victory), uti victori4 
An improvement, fructus, eiil« 

tura, questus 
An improver, amplificator 
An improving, amplificatio 
Improvident, improvidos,ineantas 
Improvidently, incauti, temeri 
Imprudence, imprudentia 
Imprudent, imprudens, incautua 
Imprudently, imprudentir, in- 
Impudence, impudentia, audaeia 
Impudent, impndens, effhms 
Impudently, improbi 
To impugn, impurno 
An impulse, impuTsus 
Impulsive, impellens 
Impunity, impunitas 
Impure, impurus, poUutus 
Impurely, impuri, immundi 
Impurity, immundities, sordea 
An imputation, vitup^tio 
To impute, impnto, tribuo 
An imputer, imputator 
In, ad, apud, de, ex, in, inter, 
intra, per, prs, pro, secundum, 
sub, and tenus 
In, adv. intr6 

In all, omninb ; (in as much as), 
quando, quoniam; (in brief), 
adsummum; (indeed),rever&; 
(in comparison of), pne ; (in a 
manner), ferft, ferrai; (in the 
mean time), interea, interim 
In (inward), internus, insittu 
Inability, impotentia 
Inaccessible, inaccessns 
Inaccurate, minimi exactut 
Inactive, ignavus, iners 
Inactivity, inertia, socor^a 
Inadequate, non apti quadrant 
Inadvertence, incog^tantia 
Inadvertent, incogitanV impru- 
Inadvertently, imprudentftr 
Inanimate, inanimatus 
Inanity, inanitas [quit 

Inapplicable, quod applicari ne- 
Inarticulate, indistinctus, con- 

Inarticulately, confusi 
Inattention, negligent ia 
Inattentive, ne^ligens, so 
To inaugurate, inauguro 
An inauguration, inauguratio 
Inauspicious, inauspicatus, in- 

Inbred, insitus, innatus 
To incamp, castra ponere 
Incantatipn, incanti 


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Incapable, ineapax, mhahilii 
Ineapadtj, imperitia 
To iucarnate, incarno CDei 

The ineamatioD, incarnatio rilii 
An incendiaiy, incendiantu 
Incente, thus, suffltua 
An incenter, irritatnr 
An incensing, irritatio 
An incensory, thuribulam 
. An incentive, incitamentum 
Inceptive, inceptivus 
Incertitade, dnoitatio 
Inceesant, constans, aitidnna 
Incessantly, constanrtr, assidui 
Incest, inceatus, incestnm 
Incestuoaa, incestus, incestuosus 
An inch, uncia, poUez 
To inchant, incanto [tator 

An inchanter, veneficus, incan- 
An incbanting, incantatio 
Inchantingly, magici, blandis- 

An inchantment, incantamentum 
An inehantress, Tcnelica 
To inchase, caelo 
Inchoative, inchoativus 
Incident, incidens, contingens 
An incident (circumstance), oau- 

SKaccessio; (event), erentua 
Incidentally, obitir 
To incirde, circamdo 
An incircUn^, drcumscriptio 
An incision, incisio, incisoa 
To incite, indto, stimulo 
An indter, incitator 
An inciting, incitatio 
Incivility, rusticitas 
Inclemency, inclementia 
Inclement, indemens 
Inclinable, propensos, pronns 
An inclination, proclivitas, pre- 

pensio; (one's own), sponte suA 
To incline, indino, vergo 
To be inclined, propendeo 
Inclining, prochvis, declivis; (as 

the day), iudinatus 
To inclose, includo^ prKcingo, 

An indosing, inclnsio 
An incloBore, sepimentam 
To include, includo, comprehendo 
Inclusive, comprehendens 
Indusively, inclusive 
Incognito, clam, incognitns 
Incoherence, incongruentia 
Incoherent, disjunctu*. absurdus 
Incoherently, cUquncti, absurds 
An income, reditus 
To incommode, incommodo 
Incommodious, iucommodus, mo- 

lestus [lest« 

Ineommodioosly, inconunodi, mo- 
Incommodity, incommodum 
Incommunicable incommunica- 

bills [positus 

Incomract, inconcinnns, incom- 
Incomparable, incomparabilis 
Incomparably, long^ mult6 
To incompass, circnmdo, cingo 
An incompasaing, ambitus 
Inoompasaionate, immitis, inbn- 

Incompatibility, repni^nantia 
Incompatibly insonahilia, re- 

pngnans [feet us 

Incompetency, jurisdictionis de- 
Incompetent, non legitimos, non 

Incomplete, imperfectus 
Incomprehensible^ incomprehen- 

sibilu [dpi 

Inconcdvable, quod nequit con- 
Incongruity, incongmitas 
Incongruous, non congruent 
TnconsiderablcL vilis, nihili 

Inconsiderateness, inc<^tantia 
Inconsiderate, prcceps, temera- 

rius [meri 

Inconsiderately, inconsnlte, te- 
Inconsistency, repugnantia 
Incon8istent,repugnans, absurdus 
Inconsistently, absurdi 
Inconsolable, inconsolabilis 
Inconstancy, incoustantia, levitas 
Inconstant, inconstans, levis 
Inconstantly, inconstan t^, levitir 
Incontestable, non contendendus 
Incontinence, incontinentia 
Incontinent, incontinens, libidi- 

nosus [moz 

Incontinently, continue, iilic6, 
Incontrovertibly.sine controversi& 
An inconvenience, incommodum 
Inconvenient, incommodus, in- 

tempestivuB [teropMtivi 

Inconveniently, incomraodi, iu- 
Inconversible, insociabilis 
Inconvertible, non convertendos 
To incorporate, incorporo 
An incorporatbig, coagmentatio, 

Incorporeal, incorporeus 
Incorrect, mendis scatens, vitiosua 
Incorrectly, meudos^ vitiosi 
Incorrectness accural ionis ezpers 
Incorrigible, incorrigibilis 
Incorrigibleneas, cmcndationis 

desperatio [ger 

Incorrupt, punu, sincerus, inte- 
Incorruptible, corruptionis ezpers 
Increase, incrementum 
To increase (add to), au200,aecn- 

mulo, cresco, augeor 
An increasing, auctns 
Increasing, augens, crescens 
Incredible, incredibilis, fide migor 
Incredibility, incredibilita* 
Incredulity, incredulitaa 
Incredulous, incredulus 
To incroach, invado, intrude 
An incroacher, qui res alienas in- 

An incroachment, alieni invasio, 

impetus in res alienas factua 
Incrustation, incrustatio 
Incubation, ineubatio 
To inculcate, inculco, itero 
An inculcating, inculcatio 
Inculpable, insons, cu^ txptn 
Incumbent, incumbens 
An incumbent, benefidi possessor 
To incumber, impedio 
Incumbered, impeditus, obrutus 
An incumbering, oneratio 
An incumbrance, impeditio, mora 
Incurable, insanabilis 
To incur, incurro, mereor 
An incursion, incursio 
Indecency, indecorum 
Indecent, indecens, indeeoms 
Indecently, indecentir, indecort 
Indeed, reverit, prefect^ itaoi? 

itan« verb ? 
Indefatigable, indefesaui 
Indefati^ably, summA diligentiA 
Indefeasible, inviolabilis, irrevo- 

Indefinite indefinitua 
Indefinitelv, indefinite 
Indelible, inddibilis 
Indeliberate, non pnemeditatna 
Inddicacy, indecorum 
To indemnify, illusum prBStare 
Indemnity, indemnitas 
An act of indemnity, amneatia 
To indent, paciscor, incido 
An indenture syngrapha dentien- 

Independence, summa noteitas 
Independent, nemiai auljiecme 

Independlntly, cum samiiiA Ubor- 

Indeterminate, indefinitoa 
Indeterminately, indetemuaatft 
Indevoutly, irreUgiosi 
An index, indez. syUabos 
An Indian, Indus 
Indian, Indicus 
To indicate, indico 
Indication, indicatio 
Indicative, indicativus teece 

To indict, diem dicere, fcom &• 
Indictable, accusationi obaozio* 
An indicter, accusator 
An indicting, accusatio [torims 
An indictment, libellua accusa- 
IndiSerence, squabilitas ; (un- 
concernedness), animus in nul- 
lam partem propendeoa 
With indifference, frigid^ jcjaat 
Indifferent, indifferens, mediui^ 
Kqualis; (ordinary), mediocris, 
ferendus [esse 

To be indiflbrent, mqao animo 
Indifferently (without partiality), 
indifferentfer, indiscrimiBaUm ; 
(coolly), j^uni, frigidA 
Indigence, indigentia, egaataa 
Indigent, egenus, pauper 
Indigenous, indigena 
Indigestible, concoctn il^flUrfttf 
Indigestion, stomachi eruditai 
Indignant, indignaus, iratua 
Indignation, indignatio 
To have indignation, stomadior 
Indignity, indignitas, eontomelia 
Indigo, lapis cseruleos 
Indirect, udirectus, obli<|nna 
Indirectly, indirect^ obliqu# 
Indiscreet, imprudens, bioimnd- 

Indiscreetly, imprudentir, temeri 
Indiscretion, imprudentia 
Indiscriminately, sine discrimiae 
Indispensable, ineviubilia 
Indispensably, necessarid 
Indispensableness, rd neoi 
Indisposed, Kger, alienna 
Indisposition, nuda habitndo 
Indisputable, indubitabilia 
Indis«oluble, indissolubilia 
Indistinct, indistinctua, promja* 

Indistinctly, promiacut [taa 

Indistinguishable, indiacrimina* 
To indite (dicute), dicto; (ac- 
cuse, or indict), in Judido poa- 
tulare [singnli 

Individual, individnns ; (every). 
Individually, singulatlm 
Indivisible, individuua 
Indocile, indocilis, tardus 
Indolence, indolentia 
Indolent, lentu^ ignavua 
To indorse, a tergo scribenf 
An indorser, k tergo scribens 
An indorsement, m aversA parte 

nominis inscriptio 
Indubitable, indubitabilis, oertoa 
Indubitably, sine dubio 
To induce (prevail with), ezoro; 
(allure), allido ; (pecsoadc), 
An inducer, suasor 
An inducement, indtamentiun 
To induct, 4nduco 
An induction, inductio 
To indue, imbuo, dono 
To indulge, indulge^ parco 
Indulgence, indulgentia 
Indulgent, blandus, obseqaiosos 
Indulgently, indulgentir 
Indurable, tolerabuis 
To indurate, obduro, dura 
Industriooe diligens, auidans 

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ladhutriooalT, sedalft, diligmtte 
Inixutrf, indnstria, diligentU 
To inebriate, inebrio 
Ineflhble, inefEtbili* 
lacftbly, more ineff^btli 
Ineffectual, inefflcax. tnanis 
IneffecroaUy, sine effeetu 
Indegant, inelegant 
IneqiuUity, inaequalitas 
Inert, iners, segnia 
Inertly, amiitir, mjgeh 
Ineatimabfe, incstiniabilis 
Incfitable, ineritabilia 
Inezciwable, inexcu<«abilia 
Inexorable, inexorabilis 
Inexpedient, purtm condoeena 
Ine^>crience, imperitia 
Inexperienced, inexpertiu 
Inexpert, imperitna 
Inexpiable, inexptabilis 
Inexplicable, inexpIicabiHi 
Inexpmaible, ineffabilia 
Inexpognable, tnexpagnabilla 
Inextingni«lui>Ie, inextinctns 
Inextri^l^ inextrieabUia 
InfitUibtlity, inCaUibiUtaa, erroria 
▼acnitaa [pera 

Infallible, oertiaaiBias, erroru ex> 
Infallibly, eertiasimi, sine dnbio 
InCunona, infamu, famotna 
Idfomooaly, tnrpitte, famoaft 
In£uny. innunia, dedecna 
Infancy, infantia 
An in6uit, infans 
In&ntinei, inftustflii 
Infantry, peditatna 
To tnfatnate, infiitao, demento 
Infktnation, ttupiditaa 
To infect, inftcio, imboo 
To be infected, comunpor 
An infection, conugiom 
Infectiooa, contagioaoa, peatifenia 
T«i infceble, debiuto 
Infdidty, infdicitaa 
To infer, infero, eolUgo 
An inference, consequena 
Inferior, inferior, minor 
Inferiority, inferioritaa 
Infernal, mfemua. inferaa 
To infest, infesto, vexo 
An infestini^. mokatia, Youtio 
An infidd, m^^^eKa, inlBdua 
Infldda. infidelea 
Infidelity, infidditaa 
Ininite, infinitna, immensna 
Infinitdy, infiniti, ad infinitoin 
Inftnitire, infinitiTua 
Infinity, infinitaa 
To infinity, ad infinitum 
Infirm, infirmns. lansuidua 
An infirmary, valetaainarinm 
An infirmity, iiifirmitas 
Infirmities, peccau leriora 
To inflame, mflammo, accendo 
To be inflamed, excandesco 
An inflammation, inflammatio; 

(of the lungs), peripneumonia; 
(of the bo^), phlegmona 
Inflammatory, ardena 

To inflate^ inflo 

An infiation. inflatio 

To infiect, infiecto 

Inflexibility, pertinada [bilia 

Inflexible, inflexibilis, faMxora- 

Inflexion, inflexio 

To inflict, infligo, punio 

Inflictive, pnniens 

An influence, impulaos, aoctoritas 

To influence, moveo, impello 

Influencing, morens, impellens 

Influx, illapsus, infusna 

To infold, impltco 

To inforce, compello, cogo; (by 
argnment), suadeo, (by i 
lity), adieot anbigo^ oogo 

An infoffcii^t inpakio 

To inform (teach), inatmo; insti. 

too; (give information), mon- 

atro, eertiorem fecere ; (a* 

aainst), defero ; (himadf), 

An informatioB, information aeco- 

satio, delatio 
To be informed, eertiar fieri 
An informer, delator 
An infiHrmini^ admonitio 
Infortunate, infortunatua, infUix 
Infraction, infractio 
To infrmge, infiringo, riolo 
An infringement, ricdatio 
An infringer, riolator 
To infose (ponr in), inlkndo ; 

(opiniona). animnm imbaere; 

(herbs), hertMB auccumdieere; 

An infiuion, infusio 
Ingathering, frugum perceptio 
To ingender, genero, gigno 
Ingendered, generatus, Kcnitua 
An in^ndering. generauo 
Ingenious, ingenioaus, aubtilis, 

solers [gvti 

Ingeniously, acut^ solertte, ar- 
Ingeniousneas, ingenuitas 
lagennons, in^enuus, hberalia 
Ingenuously, mgenui, liberalitir 
Ingenuity, mgenuitaa 
Inglorious, inglorius, ignolHlia 
Inglorionsly, turpitir, tctdk 
To ingorge, devoro, d^lutto 
An ingorger, hdluo, vorax 
An ingorging, deroratio 
An ingot, auri maaaa 
To ingrafl^ insero 
Ingraffed, insitns 
An ingraftment, insitio 
To ingratiate, insinuo 
Ingratitude, ingratitndo 
To iugrave, ceb, sculpo 
Ingraring, cclatura 
An ingredient, pars eompoaitionis 
Ingress and egreae, ingrediendi 

et egrediendi permiaaio 
To ingross (deeds), pulchr* per- 

scriDCTC; (goods), merces fia- 



To inculf, n _ 

To inhabit, inh^ito. incolo, eolo 

Inhabitablie, inhabitabilis 

An inhabitant, incola 

Inhabitants (without), desertua 

Inhabiting, habitans, inoolena 

To inhale, inhalo 

To inhere, inhaereo 

Inherent, inherens 

To inherit, aliquid jure lueredi- 

tatis nossidere; (as heir at 

law), an intestato succedere 
An inheritance, haereditas 
An inheritor, hnres 
To inhibit, inhibeo, veto 
An inhibition, prohibitio 
Inhospitable, inhospitaKa 
Inhitman, inhnmanua^ cmdelis, 

SKTUB, inuibanua 
Inhumanity, inhnmanitaa, ere- 

Inhumanly, inhuman^ cmdelitir 
To inhume, sepdio 
To inject, injicio 
An injection, iiqectio 
Inimical, inimicas,hostilia 
Inimitable, inimitabilis 
Inimiubly, modo inimiubiU 
Iniquitous, iniqnns, ininstus 
Inii^uity, iniqmtaa, nefiu 
Initial, initialis 
To initiate, initio 
Initiating, initiana 

An initiatkm, initiatio 
lAindiciona, inoonaidentnan in- 
consultus [sdti 

lojudidonsly, inconsiderate, in- 
An iqjunction, iigunctio, i 

To iqjur^ u 

IiMurious, injurius, noxina 

Injurumsly, noxi^ iignsti 

An iqjnry, ii^nria, damnum 

Iniustice, iigustitia 

Ink. atramentum 

An inkhom. atramentariiim 

To ink, atramento imjuinara 

Inky, atramento inqmnatna 

Inkl^ tenia, ritta 

An inkling, mmnsculns; (giveDK 

obscnra significatio; (to get), 

Inlaid. tesaellatuB 
Inland, mediterranena 
To inlay. tesseUo, Tario 
An inlet, aditua [ligktem 

To inlirhten, illumino. Bee M»- 
To infist, milites conseribere ; 

(one's self), nomen mflitic dare 
An inlisting, militum eonseriptio 
An inmate, inquilinna 
Inmost, intimus 
An inn, dirersorium 
To inn. dirersor ; (com), meaaea 

domum rehere [sultomm 

Inns of court, hoapitia juriacon- 
An innholder, canpo, stabularina 
Innate, innatus piilia 

Innarigable, innarigabiUs, mna- 
Inner, mterior 
An inner chamber, peneCrale 
Innermost, intimua 
Innocence, innocentia 
Innocent, innocens, insona 
Innocently, innocent^', innoeui; 

(without thought), impruden- 
To innorate. innpvo^ novo [tir 
Innovation, innovatio, inunntatiob 

novae res 
An innovator, novator 
Iimoxions, innoxius, innoeuna 
An innuendo, monitio [tna 

Innumerable, innumerua, infini- 
To inoculate, inoculo, insero 
Inoculation, inoculattio 
Inoffensive, innocuus, innoxius 
Inoffensively, innocu^ innooentir 
Inoffensiveness, innocentia 
Inordinate, inordinatos, incom- 

Inordinatdy, inordinate 
Inordinateness, immoderatio 
Inorganical, aptis instrumentis 

An inquest, inqnisitio; (grand 

int^uest), criminum quaesitores 
Inquietude, inquietudo 
To inquire, inquiro, quaero; (or 

search diligently). inveatigOk 

explore; (often), quaerito 
An inquirer, qncsitor, explorator 
An inquiry, inqnisitio 
Inquisition, examen, UM^uidtio 
The in<|uiution, inquintio 
Inquisitive, curiosus 
Inquisitivdy, curiosA, studioai 
An inquintor, inqointor 
An inroad, incursio, im^tio 
Inrobed, praetextatua 
To inrol. conscribo 
Inrolled. conscriptus 
An inroUing, in tabulaa relatio 
Insane, iusanus [bilia 

Insatiable, insatiabilis, inexpla- 
Insatiableness, insatiabilitas 
Insatiably, iusatiabilitir 
Insatiate, inexplebilia 
To inscribe, inscribo 




An inscription, inicriptio 
Inscrutable, non Tcstig^ilii 
Insects insecta 
Insecnre, pariun securas 
Insensate, sensfts expers 
Insensible, insensibilis, insensilis 
Insensibilitf , babetado 
Insensibly, senslm, paalatlm 
Inseoarable, inseparabilis, indi- 

Inseparably, indivisft 
To insert, insero, interpono 
An insertion, insertio 
The inside, pars interior 
Insidious, insidosas, fallax 
Insidiously, insidiosi 
An insigbt. intuitus inspectio 
Insigbt (skill), peritia 
To have an insiebt^ perapicio 
Havin|r an insist, perspicax 
Insignificancy, inutilitas 
Insignificant, inutilis 
Insignificantly, iuntilitir 
Insincere, insincerus, fallax 
Insincerity, dissiroulatio 
To insinuate, in<inuo; (flatter), 

assentor, adulor 
An insinuation, insinuatio 
Insipid (without taste), insulstts; 

(dull), hebes. tardus 
Insipidity, insnlsi 
Insipidness, insulsitaB 
To insist, insto, urgeo 
To inslave, in serritutem redigere 
To insnare, irritio, allaqueo 
Insnaring. insidias struens 
An insnaring. illaqneatio 
Insociable, msociabilis 
Insolence, armgantia 
Insolent, insolens, arrogans 
Insolently, arrogantir, superb6 
Insoluble, insolubilis 
Insolvent, solTcndo impar 
Insomuch, ade6 ut, usque ade6 
To inspect, inspicio 
Inspection, inspectio 
An inspector, inspector 
Inspersion, aspersio 
To inspire, insniro, injicio 
Inspiration, afflatus cQvinus ; (by 

dirine inspiration), dirinittis 
Instability, instabilitas 
To instal, constituo, inanguro 
InsuUation, instalment, or in- 
stalling, inauguratio, installatio 
An instance, ezemplum ; (re- 
quest), impnlsus, nagitatio 
To instance, exemplum dare 
For instance, exempli gratiA 
Instant (earnest), importunus; 

(present), prssens, instans 
An instant, momentum ; (in an 
instant), dicto cititis, confestlm 
Instantly, instantir, Tehement&r 
Instantaneously, extempl6 
Instauration, instauratio 
Instead of, loco, rice 
The instep, tarsus; (of a shoe), 

calcei convexum 
To instigate, stimulo, excito 
Instigation, instigatio, incitatio 
An instigator, instigator 
To instil, instillo, infundo 
Instinct, instinctus 
Instinctively, instincta 
To institute, institno 
Institutes, instituta 
Institution, institntio 
To instruct, imbuo, erudio, doceo, 

An instructor, preceptor 
An instructing, institntio 
Instruction, documentum ; (in- 
structions to ambassadors), 

Instructive, ad docendum aptus 
An instrument, instrumeutum ; 

(servant), minister; (of war). 

machina bellica ; (in writing), 

formula ; (instruments, or 

tools), arma [tus 

Instrumental (usefbl), ntilis, ap- 
Insrrumentally, eo mmistro 
To insue, sequor, consequor 
Insufferable, intolerabilis 
Insufficiency (unskilfulness), im- 

peritia ; (impotency), impo- 

Insufficient, insuffldens, impar 
An insult, insultatio 
To insult, insnlto 
Insuperable, insuperabilis 
Insupportable, intolerabilis 
Insurmountable, inexuperobilis 
An insurrection, insurrectio, se- 

An in tail (or entail), jus haeredi- 

To intail, lueredi addicere 
An intailing, haeredi addictio 
To intangle, iUaqneo, irretio 
An intangKng, implicatio 
An integer, numerus integralis 
Integrity, integritas, sinceritas 
An integument, integumentum 
The intellect, intellectus 
Intellectual, intellectualis 
Intelligence, inlelligentia, no- 

Intelligent, intelligens 
Intelligible, intelligibilis 
Intelligibleness, perspicuitas 
Intelliipbly, dart, plant 
Intemperance, intemperantia 
Intemperate, intemperatus, im- 

Intemperately, intemperate 
Intemperateness, intemperantia ; 

(of weather), intemperies 
To intend, intendo, statuo 
An intendment (purpose), pro- 

positum ; (meaning), signifi- 

Intense, intensns 
Intensely, valdi, magnopert 
Intenseness, intensio 
Intent, intentns, attentus 
An intent, propositum, institn- 

tum; (meaning), sigpaificatio ; 

(to all intents and purposes), 

omnin6, prorsns 
An intention, intentio, consilium 
Intentionally, de industriA 
Intentive, intentns, attentus 
Int«ntly, animo attento 
Intercalary, intercalaris 
Intercalation, iniercalatio 
To intercede, intercedo, deprecor 
Interceding, deprecans 
To intercept, intercipio 
An intercepting, interceptio 
An intercession, intercessio 
An intercessor, deprecator 
To interchange, altemo, commnto 
An interchange, commutatio 
Intercourse, consuetudo 
To interdict, interdico, prohibeo 
An interdict, or interdiction, in- 

terdictio, interdictum 
To interest one's self in an affair, 

se alicui negotio immiscere 
Interested in, particeps 
An interest in, participatio 
Interest (advantage), emolumen- 

tum ; (for money), ftenus 
To have interest with one, gratia 

apud aliquem valere 
Interest (right), jus; (to make 

interest fbr), munos aliquod 



To interfere (interpose), inter* 

pono i (dash), discrepo 
An interfering, dissidium 
An intellect ion. inteijectio - 
In the interim, intcreli temporia 
Interior, interior 
To interlace, inieraero 
To interlard, intersero 
To interleave, folia interserere 
To interline, Uneaa interponere 
Interlineation, interseruo linea- 

Interlocution, interlocatio 
Interlocutory, interlocntorioa 
To interlope, antidpo 
An interloper, anticipator 
An interlude, drama, exodiam 
To intermeddle, immiaceo 
Intermediate, medina 
Interment, humatio 
To intermingle, commiaoeo 
Intermission, intermissio ; (by 

intermission), intermissn ; 

(without intermission), Mai> 

dut, peipetud 
To intermit, remitto 
Intermittent, intermittem 
To intermix, intermisceo 
Internal, intemus, intimns ~ 
Internally, intemt, intimt 
Interpellation, interpellatio • 
To interpolate, interpolo 
Interpolation, interpolatio 
An interpolator, interp<dator 
To interpose, interpono 
Interposition, intentositio 
To interpre^, explico, expouo 
Interpretation, mterpretatio 
An interpreter interpres 
To inter, inhuuo, sepelio 
An interreign, interregnum 
An interring, humatio 
To interrogate, interrogo 
An interrogating, interrogatto 
An intem^ation, interrogatio 
Intem^tive, interrogatiTus 
Interrogatively, interrogatiTt 
An interrogator, interrogator 
An interrogatory, interrogatio 
To interrupt, interrumpo; (in a 

tale), intercipio; (an affiur), 

rem dirimere 
An interrupter, interpellator 
Interruption, intermptio 
Without interruption, continentte 
To intersect, interseco 
An intersection, intersectio 
To intersperse, interspergo 
An interstice, interstitium 
An interval, intercapedo 
Tb intervene, intervenio 
Intervening, interveniena 
An interriew, congressus 
To interweave, intertexo 
Intestate, intestatus 
Intestine, intestinus, dvilia 
The intestines, intestina 
To inthral. mancipo 
Inthralment, mancipatio 
To inthrone, in solio collocare 
Intimacy,necessitudo, familtaritas 
Intimate, intimus, familiaris 
To intimate, indico, innuo 
Intimately, intimi, familiarittr 
Intimation, indicatio 
To intimidate, timidnm reddere 
Intirely, integrt, sincert 
To intitle, appello, inscribo 
Intitled, appdlatus, inscriptns 
Into {prep, with aceu$.), in 
Intolerable, intolerandus 
Intolerably, intolerabilirte 
To intomb, sepelio, tnmulo 
To intoxicate, demento; (with 

drink)« inebrio 





Intvaecabl^ intmctabtlia 

IntransitiTe, tiitx«ii«itiT«s 

To intrmp, dedpio, capio 

An intntpiH]^ deeeptio 

To iatreikt. obaeero, rapplioo ; 

(speak of)t traeto, diuero 
Not to be intreated. iBezorabflis 
To intrench, Tallo et fMs4 mu- 

nire; (a camp), eastra vallo 

An intrenchment, TaDam 
Intrepid, intrepida«, intenitna 
Intrepidity, animi fortitndo 
Intrepidly, intrepidi, fortitte 

Intricacy, pernlnritas 
Intricate, implicaias, perplezus 
Intricately, implieiti, daoift 

An intrigue. 

To intrigue. vafM afere 

Intrigningly, clande«tin6 

Intrinaicfu, Intrinrie, intemua 

Intrinsically, intrinaeciia 

To introdnce, introdaco 

Anintrodnetion,introdactio; (to 

a diaconrae), exordium 
Introductory, introdueena 
To intrude, intrudo ; (into an es- 
tate), hKreditatem injusti ca- 
iwaaere; (upon patienee), pa> 
tientia abuti 
An intruder, inTasor 
Intrusion, nsarpatio 
To intrust, fldei committere 
Intrusting, fldei eommittens 
Intuition, intnitns, inspectio 
Intuitive, ad intuitum i^ertineas 
To invade invado. adonor 
An invader, invasor 
Invalid, inValidns, irritns 
An invalid, miles emeritus 
To Invalidate, invalidum reddere ; 
(a will), testamentiun rescin- 
dere [mans 

Invalidating, rescindens, infir- 
Invalnidile, inestimabilis 
Invariable, immutsbilis, constans 
Invariableness, immutidiilitas 
Invariably, immatabilitir, sempte 
An invasion, impressio, incursio 
An invective, oratio objnrgatoria 
Tb inveigh, maledictis insectari 
To inveif^ sednco, pellicio 
An inveigler, deceptor 
An inveigling, blanditicverborum 
To invelop, mvolvo, obvelo 
Iiwdoped, ooopertus 
To invent (devise), invenio, fln^o; 
(find out), excogito, ezudo ; 
(craftily), macbinor ; (deceit), 
dolos nectere; (words), verba 
Inventing, excofptans, moliens 
An inventing, inventio 
An invention, inventio ; (derice), 

dolus, artificium 
An inventor, inventor, auctor ; 

(crafty), macbinator 
An inventory, bonorum index 
An inversion, inversio 
To invert, inverto 
To invest (one with an estate), 
possessionem alicui dare; (in 
an office), inauguro, coopto ; 
(besiege), obsidione urbem on- 
to investwate, investigo, indago 
Investigation, investigatio 
Investiture, inaugnratio 
Inveterate, inveteratns 
To grow inveterate, inveterasco 
Invidious, inridus, malignus 
Invidiously, invidiosi, maligna 
Inridiousness, iovidia 
To invigorate, extimalo 

Invincible, invietns, indomitus 
Invitdabk. inviolatns, sacer 
Inviolably, inviolati 
Inviolate, inviolatus, sanctus 
To inviron. dngo. ambio 
Invironini^. cinjrens, ambiens 
Invisible, mvisibilis 
Invitation, invitatio, voeatio 
To inrite, inrito. voco 
An inviter, invitator 
Inriting (attracting), alliciens 
An inundation, innndatio 
To invocate, invooo, imploro 
Invocation, invoeatio, imploratio 
An invoice, bonorum rectignitio 
To invoke, invoeo, imploro 
To involve, invdvow implico 
An involving, involnemm 
Involuntarily, invit# 
Involuntary, invitus 
Invtrintion, inv<dntio 
To inure, assuefiicio^ assneseo 
Inutility, inntilitas 
Invulnerable, invnlnerabilis 
Inward, oi^*. intemus,intestinnB; 

adv. intiis, intrinsecds, intror- 

The inwards (intestines), intes- 

To inwrap, involvo, implico 
Ionic, Ionian, looicus 
Irascible, irasdbilis, iracondns 
Ire. ira. iracundia 
Ireful, iracundus 
Irish, Hibemicus 
Irksome (tedious), molestus ; 

(disagreeable), gravis, acerbas 
Irksomeness, tsdinm 
Iron, fermm 
Of iron, fierreus 
Done with iron, ferratus 
Iron-coloured, ferru^neus 
An iron, massa ferrea 
Tipped with iron, pnepilatus 
Iron-work, ferramentum 
An ironmonger, mercator ferrarins 
To iron (clothes), bevigo 
Ironical, ironicus 
Ironically, ironici 
Irony, ironia, simulatio 
To irradiate, irradio 
Irradiation, ra^tio 
Irratiooal, rationis expers, ini- 

IrreconcQeable, inexorabilis 
Irrecoverable, irreparabilis 
Irrecoverably, penitbs. omnin6 
Irrefragable, certissimos 
Irrefragably, sine dubio 
Irregular, irregularis, abnormis 
Irregularity, irreguluitas 
Irregularly. irre|niiari'^ 
Irrefigious, irrehgiosus, scelestns 
Irreligiously, impift, scelesti 
Irremediable, immedicabilis 
Irremissible, veni4 indij^us 
Irreparable, irreparabilu 
Irreparably, ftmoittw, penitbs 
Irreprehensible, iuculpatus 
Irreprehensibly, innocui 
Irreproachable, irreprehcnsus 
Irresistible, ineritabilis 
Irresolute, anceps. inconstans 
Irresolutely, levitir, inconsuntir 
Irresolution, inconstantia 
Irretrievable, irreparabilis 
Irretrievably, ftinditts. penitts 
Irreverence, irreverentia 
Irreverent, partim reverens 
Irreverently, partm reverentir 
Irrever s ible, immutabilis 
Irrevocable, irrevocabilia 
To irrigate, irrigo 
Irriguous, irriguua 
To uritat^ exaspero, laeesso 

An irritation, irritatio 

An irruption, irruptio 

Isinglass, icthyoeolla 

An island, er isle, insula 

An islander. insnUe habitator 

Isles, er aisles in a church, semita 

An Israelite. Israelita 

Israditish, Israeliticus 

An issue (going forth), exitus; 
(end),, eventus ; (offspring), 
proles, progenies; (sore), ul- 
cus; (of blood), liuxus san- 
guinis ; (spring), scaturwo ; 
(in the arm. kc.), fons, fon- 
tanella ; (profit), reditus 

To issue, or sally out, erumpo, 
(a proclamation), edictum pub- 
Ucare; (forth), emano^ dabor, 
emico, proruropo 

Issuing, emanaus, erumpens 

An issuing, emanatio, fiuxio 

An isthmus, isthmus 

It, is, ea, id 

The itcfa^ scabies 

To itch, prurio 

Itchy, scabiosus 

An itching, nmritna 

An itching desire, cupiditaa 

An item, cautio; (in an account), 

To i^ive an item, innoo 

To Iterate, itero, reueto 

An iteration, iteratio, repetitio 

Itinerant, itinerans 

An itinerary, itinerarinm 

Itself; sui, ipse 

IviMy, ebur 

Of ivory, ebumeus, ebamot 

Ivy, hedera 


ivy, I 

Full <^ ivy, hederosna 

To jabber, garrio, blataro 

A jabberer, garrultu 

A jabbering, garritus 

A jack (of a ship), vexillnm; 
I in a kitchen), veruveraorium ; 
(to saw wood on), canthodna 

A jackdaw, monedula 

A jackpudding, mimus 

A jackal, lupus aureus 

A jackanapes, simia 

A jacket, sagulum. sarnm 

A little jacket, tunicula 

A jade, e<^uns ignavus ; (woman), 
mulier improba, or nequam 

To jade (tire), defatigo 

A jag. lacinia 

To jag. laciniosi inddere 

Jagged, dentatus 

A jail, career 

A jailer, ergastularins 

A Jakes, forica, lattina 

Jalap, jalapium 

The jambs of a door, ants 

To jangle, altercor, Utigo 

A jangier, litigator 

A jangling, argutatio 

Jangling, argutus 

January, Januarius 

To japan, more Japonum linire 

Jargon, serrao inconditus 

Ajar (vessel), testa, urceus ; (dis- 
agreeing), rixa, contentio ; 
(half open), semiapertns 

To jar, discrepo, altercor 

Jarring, discrepans, dissontia 

A jarring, altercatio 

Jasper-stone, laspis 

A javdin, hasta, unce* 

Digitized by 





The jaundice. iiioAvs regioi, 

Sick of the jaundice, ictericna 
To jaunt, vagor, diacurso 
A jaunt, Tagatio. diaeursus 
The jaw. or jaw-bone, maxilla 
Of the jaw, maxillaris 
The jaws, fauces, rictus 
Jealous, suspiciosus; (person), 

suspieax, sdotes 
To be jealous, suspicor 
Jealously, suspiciosi 
Jealonsf , selotypia, suspieio 
A jeer, dicterium. sanna 

Trt^fl-. .L.n.l^-., ,uuiLl> 
AjKrcr, ucn-itr. irrLfc-ui 
A jdrting'j Lm^iD 
J«fiiiprk]f, ir.iCntt 


Jtt)ildrlrH Jt^unJ! 
Jdunenner i«nuitas, prautia 

Jthj [n/ »i«A.Ti|, jai jffikttuoB; 
(of qtlicvce*). crdniiia gtUth 

To be in jt't»pard>-, pf rielitor 
With jeofiftTdT, pertctii ltbA 
J«ipaidDu.i. p«rirulr>»uB 
To jtrkf ccdot Tcrbcroyi ealcitrO 
A jerX, TCxber^ iciiu -, [«tart), 

A jiEriiJR (.coat), Te*fiii eum 

Joitli pol^manimn 
Ajesl, Jocoi, f&rtitH, salH 
iojeitr Joon*4n jucuL («}]Dkea in 

jut], ]cimJ[krl«, joculstoritLi 
Full df jnt*. JDCJiias^ foEctns 
Td jril> iocat, ludd ; i iLpon), 

A JBif er, juCnlaiar, scum 

Jestinji, jocosus. sal bus 

A jesting, jocatio, derisio 

A Jesuit, uuus ft societate Jesu 

Jesuit's bark, colrtez Peruviana 

Jet, gagates 

To jet out, promineo 

A Jew, Judcus 

Jewish, Judaicus 

Jew's trump (harp), crembalnm 

A jewel, gemma; (mf jewel!) 
meum corculum ! 

A jeweller, gei 

A jig, tripudium 

To jig, tnpndio 

Ajill (measure). 

A jilt, femina fallax 

To jilt, amantem ludiftcari 

To jingle, tinnio 

Ajiagung. tinnitus 

A job, negotiolum; (good), res 
luerosa; (blow), ictus 

Ajocker, equiso 

Jocose, JOCOSUS, facetus 

Jocosely, jocost, facets 

Jocoaeness. facetiae 

Jocular, iocularis, facetus 

Jocund, laetus, alacer, hilaris 

To be jocund, hetor, gestio 

A jog, coneussio, quassatio 

To Jog, eoncutio, quatio; (with 
the elbow), cubito submoTcre; 
(asacoach),subsulto; (shake), 
contremisco; (on),procedo 

To be jogging, abco, discedo 

To join (unto), ad)ungo; (or be 
joined unto), accedo, a4)ungor; 
( forces) , coiqungo ; (together) , 
eonnecto; (or be joined toge- 
ther), coluereo; (or cleave to), 
adhcreo ; (in battle), confligo ; 
(as a joiner), conglutino; (fel- 
lowship), consodo, socio I (un- 
der), subnecto 

Joining (adjoining), contigniu 

A Joining. Junetio, eonjunctio; 
(of boards), tabulatio ; (of 
words), constructio 

A joint, articuius, junctura; (In 
stalks), g^iculum ; (of the 
body), artus; (of meat), mem- 

To joint, deartuo 

To put out of joint, disloco 

Out of joint, luxatus 

A joint heir, cohnres 

Joint tenants, simtd tenentea 

Joint, adj. mutuus 

Joint by joint, articulatlm 

Of the joints, articularia 

Full of joints, articulosus 

Jointly, junctlm, coigunctlm 

A jointure, dos 

A joist, tignum, trabs 

To lay joists, tigna aptara 

A joke, jocus 

To joke, jocor, alicui illudere 

A jole, caput; (cheek by jole), 
BquA fronte 

Jolly, hilaris, £estivus 

To be jollv, Uetor, gestio 

Jollily, hiJarft, iKt^ festivft 

JoUiness, Jollity, festivitas 

A jolt, coneussio, subsultus 

To jolt, quatio, subsnlto 

A jot, hilum, punctum 

Jovial, alacer, hetns; (fellow), 
congerro lepidus 

Jovially, alacritftr, jncundft, Istft 

A journal, diarium 

A journalist, diarii scriptor 

A journey, iter, peregrinatio 

To journey, itineror 

A journeyman, opifez diumi 
mercede conduetus; (joumev- 
work), opna diumA mercede 

Joy, gaudium, Ictitia 

To joy (congratulate), congratu- 
lor; (r^oice), gaudeo; (make 
glad), exhilarok iKtifico [tns 

Joyful, or joyous, alacris, perlc- 

To be joyftU. laetor, jucondor 

Joyfully, Ueti,hilax« 

Joyfnlness, hUaritas, gaudium 

The jubilee, annus jubilaus 

A jubilee, Jubilusa 

Judaical, Judaicus 

Judaism, Judaismua 

A judge, judex, Kstimator 

A judge's assiatant, assessor 

A jud^s seat, tribunal 

To judge, judico, adjudico ; 
(think), opinor, ezistimo ; (be- 
fore), pnqudico; (between), 

A judging, judicatio 

Judgment (ability), judicium ; 
(opinion), opinio; (sentence), 
juoicium, sententia 

A judf^ent-place^ tribunal 

Judicial, judicialis 

Judicially, more judiciali 

Judiciary, judiciarius 

Judicious, sagax, sapiens,cordatnB 

Judiciously, sagacitftr, si^ienter 

Judiciousness, sagacitaa 

A jug, cantharus 

To juggle, pnestigUs decipere 

A juggler, praestigiator 

A juggling-trick, prKstigia 

Ju|(ular, jugularis 

Juice, succus 

Juiceless, exaoccus 

Juiciness, sued abundantia 

Juicv, succulentus, succidua 

A julep, julepua 

Jidv, Julina 

A jumble, itiepitiu^ oonfosna, 

To jumble together, 

collido; (shMce), concatio 
A jumbling t<^ether, confiaaio 
A jump, siutus, subsultua 
To jump, salto. subsnlto; (in 
judgment), idem sen tire; (first), 
pnesulto ; (over), trannilto; 
(upon), assulto; (down), dia- 
A jumper, salutor 
A jumping, saltatio 
A juncture, junctura; (of time), 
articuius temporis ; (ofafiaira), 
rerum status 
June, Junius 

Junior, junior, minor nata 
A junto, concilium clandeatiavm 
Juridical, juridicus 
Jniisdiction, jorisdictio 
A juror, or juryman, jurator 
Just, Justus, Kquu% rectus 
With just cause, meritd 
Just so many, totidem oranind; 
(just now), modo, jam primtUn; 
Gust as, just so), baud alitir, 
baud seciu 
Justice, justitia; (punishment fbr 
a crime), supplicium; (of the 
peace), justitiariua 
To justify (acquit), innocentcm 
pronunciare; (prove), probo, 
eviuco ; (one's self), ae purfpre 
A justifying, or justification, jua- 
tificatio; ( clearing fh>m blame), 
culpa liberatio; (proving), pr»> 
batio; (by witnessus), testimo- 
nium, attestatio 
A justle, or justling, eonflictua 
To justle. confligo. trudo; (witk 

the elbow), cubito pellere 
Justly, justft, juri, merito 
Justness, aequitas, justitia 
To jut. promineo, propendao 
Jutting out, promineni 
Juvenile, juvenilis 
Juvenility, ardor juvenilia 

A kalendar, calendarium 

The kalends, calendas 

To kaw, comicor 

To keck, screo, exsereo 

A kecking, screatus 

A kecks, cremium 

A keel, carina 

To keelhale, sub carinnm trahere 

Keen, acntus, subtilis, acer, mor- 
dax, acerbus 

Keeuly, acutft, acritte 

Keenness (of appetite), cnpiditaa 
edendi ; (of expression), aap«. 

To keep (preserve), serro, r«- 
servo ; (detain), cuscodio ; 
(last),maneo,duro: (reatrain), 
teneo ; (the assises), forum 
agere; (back), sisto, detineo; 
(one's bed), lectoaffigi; (close, 
or conceal), premo, occult o, 
celo; (close, or lie hid), lateo; 
(one company), comitor; (de- 
fend), tueor, dcfendo; (dovm), 
deprimo; (otF, or at bay), d^ 

A Keeper, custos, conservator 

Keeping, tenaz 

A keeping, custodia, conservatio; 
(back), depubio; (down), sup- 
pressio; (lu or under), coliibi> 
tio, coercitio 

A keg, testa 

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To ken, agnoMO. protpicio 

^VltliiB ken. in eontpMtn 

A kennel, canalis ; (for a dog), la- 

tibahuncaninam; (ofhouMU), 

eanmn nex 
A kerchief, rioa. cakuntica 
A kernel (of a nut), nodent; 

(in meat),glaodala; (of com), 

granom ; (of grapes, Ac.), 
(in the throat), tofa- 

To kernel, eoucleo 

Kemela taken out, enucleatna 

Kemelly. granosvi 

Keney. panntw raraa 

A ketch, navicula 

A kettle. abeDum.lebes; (great), 

caldariom ; (little), eaoabu 
A key, dam; (of a river), portua 

manafactoa; (keys of organ*), 

Keyag^ portmom 
A kick, ictoB calce factna 
To kick, ealeo, calcitro; (ont), 

abigo: (down), calce depellere; 

(the door with hisheehi), fives 

calciboB inaoltare 
A kicker, calcator 
A kicking, caloitratua 
To kid, hcedom parere 
A kidniq;>per, plagianos 
To kidnap, i^dneere plaipo 
A kidney, ren | (disposition), in- 
doles, ingenium; (bean), pha- 

Of the kidners, re 

Akildeikin, doUolom 

To kill, occido, interido, inter- 

isKS tmcido, neco; (hunself), 
. Bortemsibiconsciscere; (out- 

rif^t), eneco ; (a sacrifice). 

A killer, necator, ocdsor: (of a 
brother), fratridda; (of one's 
equal), parricida; (of a man), 
homicidai (of a parent), parri- 

A killing, ocdsio, troddatio, 
cedes; (of parents), parrid- 
dinm ; (for saierifice),mactatio ; 
(in battle), intemedo, ocddio 

Killing (deadly), lethalis, lethifer 

A kib^ dibanns, fomax 

A kiln-doth, dlidam 

Kin, co^atio ; (bv blood), con- 
sanguinitas ; (oy marriage), 
" ' (next of kin), con- 

nitate proximas ; (near 
oflon), afltois 

A kind (sort), genus, spedes; 
(sex), sexus; (of what kind), 
qnaUs, cujusmodi; (of this), 
hnjnsmodi; (of all), omnige- 
nns ; (of the same), homoge- 
seas; (of another), heteroge- 
nens ; (another kind of), alios 

Kind (charitable, ftc|, hnmanus, 
benignns; (gratefol), grates 

Kindly, comitte, benign^ huma- 
nity, grati, blandis*ira« 

Kindness, beniffnitas, benefldum, 
gratitttdo, affabilitas 

To kindle, accendo. susdto ; (an- 
irrito, indto ; (bring 



A kindling, acoendo 
Kindred, coosangnineus. SeeKia 
Kine. pecus [rex armorum 

Akin& rex; (at arms), fecialis. 
The l&ig's Bench, bancns regios ; 

aa, morbos regina 

n^ career; 
evil), stru- 

King-like, Kingly, r^jalis, regins 

Kindly, regii^ regaUtte 

A kmgdom. regnnm 

Kmsfolk, necessarii 

A kinsman, propinquus, oognatus 

A kinswoman, cognate 

A kiss, oscolum, basinm 

To kiss, o«calor,basio; (the cup), 

labiis gnstare, or libare 
A kisser, oseulatoiv basiator 
A kissing, oscnlatio, basiatio 
A kit (for water, fte.), sinus, 

malctra; (fiddle), fldicnla 
A kitchen, ooquina, culina ; 

(boy), lixa 
Of a kitchen. cuHnarius 
Kitchen-stuif. ungoina 
A kite. milTus 
To kitten, feles parnre 
A kitten, catulas felis 
A knack, dexteritas. peritia 
A knacking. crepitus 

The knap of a hiU, cacumen 

To knu| (off)> abmmpo; (asun- 
der), Ruigo, dii&in|p> * 

A knapping ofl!^ avulaio 

Knappy, verucosus 

A knapsack, pera tiatoria 

A knave, nebulo; (at cards), 
miles, eques; (base), verbero; 
(crafty), Tcterator; (beggarly), 
▼appa; (saucy), improbus 

KnaveiT, fraus, dolus 

Knavisb, oelestus, improbus ; 
(fellow), nequam. nefarius ; 
(construction), militiosa inter- 

Knarishly. ne&rii^ TCteratorii 

KnaTishness, nequitia 

To knead, subigo. depso 

A kneading, suoactio; (trough). 

Aknee,genu,poples; (of a ship), 

The knee-pan. genu, patdla 

Knee-strings, gennalia 

To kneel, in genua procumbere 

Kneelinff. genibus nitens 

A knell for the dead, pulsua cam- 

To knick (cheat), dedpio 

Knickknacks, nug« 

A knife, culter, cultellus; (dea- 
Tcr), dunaculum; (for sacri- 
fices), secespita; (for pens), 

Made like a knife, cultratus; 
(edged like a knife), cuUeUatns 

A knight, eques, eques anratns ; 
(banneret), eques vexillifer; 
(of the bsth). eques balnei ; 
(of the garter), eques auratc 
poiscelidis; (of the shire), co- 
mitatfis eques parliamentarius 

To kniffht, equitem creare [tare 

Knighrs service, servitium mili- 

Of a knight. Knightly, equester 

Knighthood, ordo equestris 

To knit, necto, nexo ; (tie), nodo, 
stringo, Ugo ; (the brow), fron- 
tem corrugwre ; (in), innecto; 
(under), suonecto; (unto), an- 
necto ; (together), connecto 

A knitting, nexus 

A knitting together, eonnexio 

A knob, tuber, nodus; (of a 
buckler), umbo [latus 

Knobbed, Knobby, asper, bul- 

A knock, alapa, verber 

To knock, pulso, tundo ; (strike), 
ferio, percutio; (agdnst), alli- 
do; (down), proatemo; (in), 
impello; (often), pulsito; (oll^ 
or out), excutio; (together). 


eoUido; (the bra 

ecdere, plango 
A knocker of a door, oomix 
A knocking, pulsatio 
A knocking together, collisio 
To knoll (bells), pulso 
A knoU (litUe bill), collicnhiB 
A knot, nodus, nexus ; (for the 

head), vitta, tenia; (difficulty), 

scrupulus; (in wood), tuber; 

(or joint), articulus 
To knot (bud), germino; (aa 

young trees), nodos i 

(as hair), nodo, implicor 
Without knots, enodis 
Full of knots, nodosus 
Knotty, Dodosus, diffldlis 
Knottmess, nodositas, aspe 

difflcultas [latio 

The knotting of a tre^ genicu< 
To know, scio, cogaosco, resdsco, 

agnosco, dignosco^ 

(to make one know), ^ 
nefado, ostendo 

To know well, calleo, intelUgo 

Knowing, sciens, gnarus; (not 
knowing), ignarns, inseius 

A knowing, cognitio 

Knowingly, scienter 

Knowle<^ (skill), oeritia; (un- 
derstanding), intellectus; (in 
law), jurisprudentia ; (learn- 
ing), eruditio 

To be known, enotesco, inuo- 
tesco; (abrosid),emano; (make 
known), publico, manifesto 

It is well known, liquet, constat 

The knuckles, condyli; (on the 
back of a book), bulla 

Tb knuckle down, suoeumbo 

A labd. lemniscus, appendix 

A laboratory, offlcina chemica 

Laborious, sedulus, impiger, diffl- 
dlis, arduus, operosus 

Laboriously, sedul6, impigri^ 
difficnltir, molesti 

Laboriousness, labor 

Labour, labor, industria; (of 
women), pnerperium, pvtus 

To labour (as a ship in the 
waves), colluctari cum ventis 
et fiuctibuf ; (take pains), 
laboro; (endeavour), enitor; 
(against), reuitor; (earnestly), 
summA ope uiti ; (with child), 
parturio ; (for), ambio; (in 
vain), operam ludere ; (a point), 
summA diligentii daborare; 
(under great difilculties), sum- 
mis angustiispremi; (for hire), 
operam mercede locare 

Not laboured, illaboratus 

A labourer, opifex, operarius; 
(fellow-labourer), socius ope- 

Labouring, laborans, enitens 

A labouring to do, 

A labyrinth, labyrinthus 

Lace, ladnia. fimbria ; (for 
stsys). funiculus 

To lace (edge with lace), pre- 
texo; (fasten with a lace), 
astringo ; (beat ), cedo, ver- 

A laceman, Umbolarina 

To laoeiate, laoeto^ dilaoeio 

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A Uciog (beating), verbemtio; 

(bindiog togetber), colligatio 
Lack, ioopia, penuria, indigentM, 

egeitas; (ofparenti). oibitas; 

(of custom), desuetudo ; (of 

SroTifions), inedia ; (defect). 

To lack, careo, indigeo, egeo 

Lacker (TarnUb), lacca 

To lacker, lacc4 oroare 

Lacking, orboa, egenus, inopi 

To be lacking, dewr— '-"- - 

Laconic, laeonieut 

Laconically, laconici, brevitir 

A lacquer, pedisseqaus 

Lacrymal. lacrymaa gpenerana 

Lacteal, laeteoi 

A lad, adolescent 

A ladder, tcalK; (abip-ladder), 

To lade, onero 

Sore-laden, oppressiu 

Lading, onerans 

A lading, oniu 

A ladle, apatba, ligula; (ladles of 
a water-mill), pinnK 

A lady, domina, neroina 

Jm, postremus, extremus 

To lag, tardo, tergiversor 

A laggine, tergiver«atio 

Laic, or udcal, laicua 

Lain, positus; (down), decom- 
bens; (in wait), insidiis peti- 

Lair (of a deer), cerri latebra ; 
(at stool-ball), dava pilaris 

The laity, laid 

Lake (a colour), lacca 

A lake, lacus, piklua, stag^nm 

A lamb, agpias, i^oa 

Of a lamb, i^inus 

Lamb (meat), caro agnina; 
(nass-lamb), gramine pasta ; 
(house-lamb), subulo nutrita 

Lambent, lambens 

A lambkin, agnellus 

Lame, claudus, mancns; (com- 
parison), iniqua comparatio ; 
(with age), decrepitus; (im- 
perfect), imperfectus 

To walk lame, claudico 

To make lame, mutUo, debilito 

Lamed, daudicaus 

Lamdy, imperitfe, inconcinni 

Lameness, claudicatio 

To lament, deploro, Ingeo ; (toge- 
ther), commiseror; (for), in- 
, gemo 

Lamentable, flebilis, plorabilis 

Lamentably, lugubr^ logubritir 

A lamentation, lamentatio; (at 
funerals), threnodia, planctus 

Full of lamentation, gemebundus 

Not lamented, indeploratus 

A lamenter, plorator 

I<amenting, luctnosus, Inctificus 

A lamenting, deploratio 

Lammas, cjuendie sextiles 

To lamm, cedo, fustigo 

A lamp, lampas, lucema 

A lampoon, satyra 

To lampoon, dicto mordad ali- 
quem insectari 

A lampooner, scurra 

A lamprey, mur«ena 

A lance, lancea, hasta; (lancet), 
scalpellum chirurgicum 

To lance, scarifico 

To lancb (a ship), navem dedu- 
cere; (into the sea), oceano 
navero committere ; t>Dto eter- 
nity), terram relinqaere 

A lanching, dednctio 

Land (with a house upon it), 
prxdium, fundus; (country), 

terra, regio, tractiu ; (ground), 

tellus, terra, solum 
To land (put ashore), in terram 

ezponere ; (in a vessel), ap- 

pello ; (get to land), areuA 

Land, atfj. terrestris 
Of land, agrarins 
A landerave, proTinciK pnefectus 
A landlord (victualler), bospes ; 

(of a house, &c.), dominus do- 

mtu, &c.; (lady), hospiu 
A landmark, limes, terminus 
A landing, appulsus ; (place), 

A landscapei, tabula chorogra- 

A lane (street), angiportus ; 

(in the country), via publica, 

Language (speech), lingua, ser- 

mo; (style), stilus; (smooth), 

blandiloquentia; (rude), convi- 

dum; (its propriety), idioraa 
Languid, languidus, debilis 
To languish, langueo, ubeo, lan- 

guesco, tabesco, mareesco 
To cause to languish, tabefado 
Languishing, limguens, langues- 


. llacddus; 

(slender), tennis 
Lankness, mollities, gracilitaa 
A lantern, latema 
The lap, greminm, sinus 
A lap (fold), plica; (of the ear), 

lobus; (dog), Catullus Meli- 


To lap (lick), lambo, lingo ; 
(wrap up), complico 

A lapitlary, remmaritis 

Lapidation, lapidatio 

Lapped, or lapt, involutua 

A lapper, lambens 

A lappet, lacinia, sinus 

A lapping (licking), lindus; 
(foldmg), involutio 

A lapse, lapsus 

To lapse, labor, prctereo 

The larboard, latus sinistrum 

Larceny, latrocinium 


To lord, lardo sufflgere; (a dis- 
course), sermonem miacere 

Larded, lardo snfflxus 

A larder, promptuariom 

A lathe, tomus 

Large, spatiosna, latus ; (at 
lai^), liber; (to discourse at 
large), copiosi disputare 

Very large, peramplus 

Largely, ampU, abund6 ; (so 
li^ly), e& nsqui 

Largeness, amplitudo, magnitude 

A largess, donativum 

A lark, alanda 

Lasdvions, lascivus, petulant 

Lasdviously, impudicft, procacitto 

Lasciviousnets,ubido, incontinen- 

A lash (stripe), plaga, verber; 
(mark), vibex; (thong), lorum 

To lash (whip), flagello, caedo; 
(tie unto), uligo 

A lashiug, verberatio 

A lash, ventris profluvinro ; (stop- 
ped), venter tuppressui 

A lashing wind, venti quadrans 

A lass, puella, virgo 

Lassitude, lassitudo 

Last, or latett, ultimut, extre- 
mut, novisiimuii tupremut, 

Last, adv. proximi, pottremiun, 
norissimft; (at last), deniqu^ 
po8trem6, dembm, tandtai 

The last (save one), penultimus ; 
(but two), antepenultimus 

A last, calcei modulus i (lattage), 
onus, saburra 

To last, duro, perduro 

L^ed (continued), durattot 

A lasting, duratio, continnatio 

Lasting, ttabilis, did manentt 
(all day).perdina; (all night), 
pemox; (forever), aempitemua 

Lastly, ultimd, deniqud 

A latch, obex 

To latch, obice daudere 

The latchet of a shoe, corriipa 

Late, adj. serus, tardus, nnperua 

Late, adv. ser6, tardi 

It is late, vesperat 

It grows late, vesperaadt 

Lately, mod6,nupir; (very), nn* 

Latent, latens, latitana 

Later, recentior, tardior 

Lateral, lateralis, k latere 

Latest, poKtremns, ultimva 

A lath, assula 

To lathe, assulis aubstemere 

A lathe, tomus 

A lather, aqnc saponatc niuaa; 
(to make), s^pone bullaa ex.- 

Latin, «m^. Latinus 

Latin, tubtt. Latinitaa 

In Latin, Latini 

A Latiniat, Latini doctus 

Latish, tardiusculns, tardior 

Latitude (breadth), latitudo; (!>• 
berty), licentia 

Latter, posterior [cotdum 

The latter math, or erop, fenvm 

Latten, or lattin, orichalcum 

A lattice, dathrnt 

To lattice, cancdlo, clathro 

Like a lattice, or latticed, retieii* 
latus, cancellatus, ciathratna 

Lattices, cancelli 

Laud, laus, gloria 

To laud, laudo, celebro 

Laudable, laudabilis, laudandaa 

Laudably, laudabilitte 

Laudanum, laudanum 

To lave, capolo, exbaurio 

Lavender, nardus 

A laver, labrum 

To laugh, rideo; (at), inideo; 
(aloud), cachinnor ; (together), 
corrideo; (ftt>m the teeth oat- 
ward) , sardonicum ridere 

Laughable, risum movena 

To be laughed at. rideor 

Laughed at, ludibrio habitna, risa 
dignuB, ridiculus firrisor 

A laugher, risor; (at), deriaor, 

A laughing, cacbinnatio 

Given to laughing, ridibundtia 

A laughing, risus; (at), irrisus; 
(stock), ludibrium; (immode- 
rate), cacbinntia 

Laughter, risus 

Lavish, prodigas, proftisut 

To lavish away, prodigo, profundo 

A larisher, nepos, prodigus 

Lavishing, prodigens, proAindens 

Lavishly, prodigt, eStvuth 

Lavishness, prodigalitas, proftisio 

To launch. 6ee Laneh 

A laundress, lotrix 

A laundry, lavatrina 

Laureate, laureatns 

Laurel, laurus, laurooerasiu 

Of laurel, laureus 

Crowned with laurel, lanreatut 

Low, lex; (right), jot; (o 

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law), Jiu canonicam ; (ciTil)< 
jo* civile; (tutiite), jus muni- 
cipale ; (law of anns), jus mili- 
tare; (of mercbants), lex mer- 
eatonun; (of nature), jaa na- 
tnrale; (of nations), jas gen* 
tiom; (of the senate), senatus- 
oonsnltam ; (made by the 
people), plehiscitom 

Ever at law, litinosas 

lieamed in the law, juris peritns 

Of the law, juridicalis, lef^&iia 

I^aw-days, <ties ^uridici 

A lawgiver, legulator 

I«awfU, Justus, c<)ttus, lieitus 

Not lawful, iUegitimus, injustna 

It ia lawfiU, licet, Bquum est 

Lawfiilly, le^tim^ liciti 

Lawfulness, jus, fas 

Lawleaa, exlez, illex 

Ijawn, aindon, carbasua; (in a 
park), saltus 

Of lawn, carbasfus 

A lawyer, cansidicus, juriscon* 

Lax, lazus, segnis, socora 

LwuktiTC, alvum subdncens 
Lay, a4f- lalcna 

A lay, cantelina; (course, rank, 
Ac.), aeriea; (man), lalcus 

To lay, poao; (about), circum- 
' ibroad), 
„ ,, abjicio; (•long). p< 
atemo; (an ambush), insidior; 

gainst), obiicio; 

ezpando; (a- 

(apart), sepono; (aside), super- 
sedeo, loco movere; (a bait), 
ineacor; (before, or represent), 
reprssento; (between), inter- 
jido; (blame upon), vitupero; 
(by), sepono, repono, rqicio, 
omitto ; (claim to), vendico ; 
(eommanda upon), in mandatis 
dare ; (a complaint before), 
mierelam deferre ; (to one's 
diarge), impnto; (the doth), 
menaam stemere ; (com), ster- 
nere aegetes; (down), diepono, 
A layer (graff). propago ; (oyster- 
bed), ostrearium; (of a deer), 
Laying aaleep, soporifer ; (laying 

as a hen), parturiens 
A laying (on), irapositio; (on 
heaps), accnmulatio, coacer- 
▼atio ; (aside), remotio, rejectio; 
(out),erogatio, impensa; (to), 
applicatio; (to one's charge), 
impntatio, accusatio; (unto), 
Paat laying, effoeta 
Laya (in music), moduli 
A lasar, leprosus 
Lasfly, ignavi, pigri, segnitir 
Lasineaa, aegnitia, pigritia 
Lasy, ignavus, piger, mers 
To grow laay, torpesco [cus 

Leuherous, libidinosus, impudi- 
Leacherously, libidinosi, obscoeni 
Leaehery, libido, salacitas 
Lead, plumbum ; (black), sri- 
binm; (red), minium; (white), 
Ifo lead, plumbo obdncere 
Of lead. Leaden, plumbeus,plum- 

Lead-oolonred, ferrugineua 
Lead-ore, plumbago 
Leaded, plumbo obductns 
A leading, plumbo obductio 
The leads» tectum plumbo obdne- 

Tb lead, duco; (about), circnm- 
dueo: (about often), ductito; 

(against), contra ducere; (a- 
long), per viam ducere; (an 
army), ezercitui prcesse; (a- 
aide), diverto ; (aside, or se- 
duce), seduco ; (away ), abduco ; 
(back), reduce; (before), prv- 
duco ; (by force), perduco ; 
(in), induco. introduco; (forth), 

Jiroduco; (o(f)> abduco; (one's 
ife), vitam degere ; (on, or en- 
tice), illicio ; (over),transduco; 
iout), educo; (through), per- 
uco; (unto), adduco ; (up and 
down), deduco; (the way), 
A leader, ductor; (commander, 
or general), dux, imperator; 
(of a dance), prcsultor ; (of 
the way), dux tub 
Leading, ducens 

A leading, ductua; (about), cir- 

cumductio; (aside), seductio; 

(in),inductio; (back),reductio 

A leading man, vir primarius ; 

(people), princeps popolus 
A leaf, folium; (of a Tine),pam- 
pinus; (of a book), due pa- 
ging; (of gold), lamina brac- 
tea, auri folium; (of herbs), 
coma; (of fat), unctum; (of 
tin), stanni folium 
A league (three miles), leuca ; 
(confederacy), foedus, pactum, 
In league, foederatua 
A leaffuer, obsidio^ obaidium 
A leak, rima 
To leak, rimas agere 
Leaky, rimosns, fntilis [sus 

Lean, macer, macilentns, stngo- 
To be lean, maceo, emacesco 
To make lean, emacio 
Made lean, emaciatus 
To lean (upon), nitor, innitor, 
recumbo; (forward), acclino; 
(back), reclino; (over), promi- 
neo ; (to), propendeo ; (in 
opinion), sententuefaTCre; (to- 
wards), indino 
Leaning, nixus, innixus, redinis, 

acclinis, incumbens 
A leaning-stock, fulcrum 
A leaning downwards, declivitaa 
Leanness, mades, maeritudo 
A leap, saltus • 

To leap, salto, salio; (a^nst), 
assilio ; (awa^), absiho ; (a 
little), subsilio, subsulto ; 
(back), resilio; (down), de- 
silio; (in), insilio; (forward), 
prosilio ; (for joy), exulto, ges- 
tio; (off)i desilio; (often), sal- 
tito; (on, or upon), insilio; 
(over),transilio; (or jump up), 
A leap for flsb, nassa 
Leap by leap, saltlm, exultim 
A leaper, saltator, salutrix 
Leaping, saltans 

A leaping, saltatio, saltatns ; (for 
joT), exultatio; (on),insultatio 
To learn, disco; (be informed 
of)> certior fieri : (an art), 
artem perdpere ; (before), prs- 
disco: (by experience), discere 
expenendo ; (br heart), memo- 
ric mandare; (together), con- 
disco; (teach), dcMCO 
The learned, docti, eruditi 
Learnedly, doct^ eruditft 
A learner, disdpulus 
Learning, doctrina, eruditio 
Belonging to learning, literariua 
A lease, fundi elocandi instru- 
mentnm, formula locationia 

To lease out, eloco 

To lease (lie), mentior; (o 


spicas legere 

A leash (thong), lorum ; (of 
hounds), canum temio 

A leasing, locatio. spidl^um 

A leassee, cui locatur 

A leassor, locator 

Least, adj. minimus; adv. minU 
mi; (at leaat), ad minimum, 

Leather, corinm, aluta 

A leather-dresser, alutarius, co- 
riarius ; (seller), pellio 

Leather-dressing, corii subactio 

Leathern, ex corio confectns 

A leather bottle, uter; (jerkin), 
tunica scortea; (thong), lorum 

Covered with leather, pellitua 

Leave, venia,c<^ia, licentia, liber- 
tas, poteataa; (to enter), ad- 

Without leave, iqjussu. iojnssus 

To leave, omitto, relinquo, prster- 
eo ; (forsake), desero, desti- 
tuo ; (off)> desino, desisto, ab- 
aisto; (out), prtctermitto, omit- 
to; (by will), testamento le- 
gare; (quit), decedo; (unto), 
committo ; (utterly), penitiia 

Leaven, fermentatum 

To leaven, fermento 

A leaveniug, fermenutio 

A leaver, vectis 

Leaves, frondes, folia 

Full of leaves, firondoaus. firondeua 

A leaving (oflOi cesaatio; (out), 
omissio, prstennissio 

Leavings, reliquis 

Lecherous, impudicus 

Lechery, libido, salacitas 

A lecture, lectio, prselectio 

To lecture, prslego, objurgo 

A lecturer, lector ; (afternoon 
preacher), condonator pomeri- 

To be led, trahor, ducor 

A led horse, equus desultoriua 

A ledge, projectura 

A It^ftr, actomm codex; (am- 
bassador), legatus ordinarius 

The lee, navisindinatio; (shore), 
littus vento immune 

To come off by the lee, pessimi 
abirt, mali mulctari 

A leech, hirudo, sanguisuga 

A leek, porrum 

Leek-neen, praainui 

Of leeks, porraceus 

A leer, or Leering-look, obliquus 
contuitus, or oculorum conjec- 

To leer, limis intueri 

Leering, limns obtntus, limua 

Leeringly, limis oculis 


Leet (court), curia 

The leetch of a sail, laxa para veli 

Leeward, navis inclinatio 

Left, (remaining), reliquus ; 
(done), solus, solitarius, deso- 
latus; ^destitute), orbua, or- 
batus; (off for a time), inter- 
missus; (oat), prKtermissus ; 
(hand), manus sinistra 

On the left hand, h sinistris, ad 

Lefthanded, scKvus 

A leg, tibia, cms; (of mutton), 
coxa ovina ; (of a uble) , pea 

To make a leg, aena fieetere 

Belonging to a leg, tibialia, cm* 

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Jk JicfBTK, lefrntQa, nrator 

■edk lonpci 
{trickflh pnrvTiptiv 
A l^gutD, leifln 

J^Bpm]m.tivE, IflgikhirJTDA 
A tc|{UllitCH, Lc^tltttor 
Thelffi'lAturr, qui htbrnt po- 

LtvititQKtc, If-j^tTir^ Lii 

Af IfiitQre^ a.JJ. (iTiii^uj, vticiLUf; 
ad'v. Dliodl^^ pPF oliuRL 

T*" hf jit'Uh.u-*.. TH^.h, ,..r|., irill 
A Itiuuu, uai.;-u_ 

To lend, mntaam dare, commo- 

do; (aon ear), aurem pncbere; 

(at interest ), foenero 
A lender, creditor, foenerator 
Lending;, commodans 
A lending, eommodatio, foeneratio 
Length, longitudo ; (of a way), 

▼iaipatiam; (of time), dintur* 

At length, Undfem. demfim, deni- 

qnh; (in length), in longum; 

(at one's length), extento cor- 

To ran all lengths, in omnibus 

To lengthen, protraho, extendo 
A lenjithening, produetio 
Lenitive, leniens, anodynns 
A lenitire, anodynom 
Loiity, lenitas, dementia 
Lent (of lend), commodatus 
Lent, quadragesima 
Of lent, quamtgesimalis 
A lentil, lens 
Leonine, leoninas 
A leopard, leopardos 
A leper, leprosus 
The leprosy, lepra 
Leprous, leprft laborans 
Less, adj. minor; adv. minhs 
For less, minoris 
Much less, nedtun, ne qoidtai 
To lessen (make less), diminno, 

minoo, extenuo; (crow less), 

decresco,minaor; (depredate), 

A lessening, diminutio 
Lesser, or less, minor 
A lessee, cm locatar 
A lesson, lectio, pneleetio; (in- 

■tmction), monitum 
To give a lesson (teach), doceo; 

(cnide), objnrgo 
A lessor, locator 
Lest, or lest that, ne ; (any one), 

neqnis; (any thing), neqnid; 

(at any time), neqoando; (by 

any means), nequii; (in any 

f»laee), necabl 
et, or hindrance, impedimen- 
tom, mora; (disturbance), in- 
To let (binder), obsto, impedio; 
(interrupt ),interpello; (alone), 
omitto ; (blood), saaguinem 
detrahere; (down), demitto; 
(fly or shoot at), jaenlor; (go), 
^imitto ; (loose),emitto, educo; 

(in),admitto,intromitto; (into 
secrets), secrets impertire ; 
(off)> displodo, exonero ; (out), 
emitto; (oat to hire), doco; 
(pass), omitto, prKtereo ; (suf- 
rer), sino, permitto 

A leecher, scorUtor 

Lethargic lethargicns,Tetemo«us 

The lethargy, lethargns 

Letted (bindered), impeditus 

A letter (hinderer), raorator ; 
(out to hire), locator ; (of 
blood), phlebotovius 

A letter (of the dphabet), litera, 
elementum, character; (epis- 
tle), literse, tabdbe, epistola; 
(carrier), tabellio, Ubellarius 

Letters (patent), liters patentes; 
(of appeal), liters dimissoris; 
(of commendation), liters com- 
mendatitis ; (of exchange), tes- 
sars nummaris ; (of mari^ue), 
reprisalia; (used in prinung). 

Of letters, literarius 

A man of letters, homo doctua, 
▼eliteris darus 

To letter, titulam inscribere 

Lettuce, lactuea 

A letting, mora; (of blood), phle- 
botomia ; (down), demissio ; 
(go), dimissio; (oat for rent), 
locatio; (pass), emissio; (per- 
mission), permissio 

The Levant, oriens 

A levee, salutantium comitatus 

Level, sqous, planus 

A level, planities ; (used by car- 

Cters), libella, perpendicu- 
t; (of a gun), bombards 

To level, squo, complano, cos- 
quo ; (at), ad scopum oollineare 

To be upon a level, par esse 

A leveller, eomplanator 

A levelling, squatio, petitio 

A lever, vectia 

A leveret, lepuseulus 

A leviathan, draco aquaticua 

To levigate, Isvigo, polio 

A Levite, levita 

Levitical, leviticus 

Levity, levitas, inoonstantia 

A levy, census 

To levy (money), Tectigal exi- 
gere; (soldiers), milites con- 
scribere [actio 

A levying of money, pecunis ex- 
Lewd, improbns, seeleratus, ne- 
quam, impudicus, turpis 

Lewdly, flagitiosi, tarpittr 

Lewdness, scelus, neqnitia 

A lexicographer, lexicographus 

A lexicon, lexicon 

Liable, obnoxius, expositus 

Liar, mendax 

Libation, libatio 

A libel (in the civil law), libellus 
accasatorius; (satirical reflec- 
tion), libellus famosns 

To libel (accuse), accuso; (de- 
fame in writing), scriptis in- 

A libeller, scriptor famosorum 

A libelling, sugillatio scriptis 

Libelloua, fismosus, probrosua 
Liberal, liberalis, munificus ; 
(giver),largitorbeneflcus; (giv- 
ing), largitio, erogatio 
Liberality, liberalitas, benignitas 
Liberally, liberalitir, largi 
A libertine, homo dissolutui 
Libertiiuam, morum lioentia 

Liberty, libertas, Ucentia, potes- 
tas, copia; (of will), liberam 
At liberty, liber, era, erum 
To be at liberty, sni juris esse 
To set at liberty, libero 
Libidinous, libidinosus, salax 
A library, bibliotheca 
A librarian, bibliothecs eostoa 
Libration, libratio 
Lice, pedicnli 

Licence (leave), Ucentia, venia, 
copia, potestas, facultas; (pn> 
vilege), privileg^um 
To Ucense, privilegio munire 
A licensing, privilep^ donatio 
A licentiate, lieentiatus ; (inlaw), 

Licentious, licentiosus, improboa 
Licentiously, licentir, improbft 
Licentioosness, nequitia, impro* 

A li<;k, linctus ; (stroke), ictus 
To lick, lingo. Umbo: (strike), 
aliquem csdere; (aoout), cir- 
cumlambo; (ol!^ or away), de- 
lingo; (daintily), lignrio; (dish- 
es), eatillo; (all over), «' 
Licking, lingens, lambena 
Licorice, glycjrrrhiza 
Licorisb, ddicatulos, golocas ; 
(fellow), liguritor, catillo ; 
(dainties), cnpedis 
Licorishness, gula. Uguiitio 
A lid. operculum 
Lie to wash with, lixivium 
Of, or belonging to lie, lixiviua 
To lie (in a posture), jaceo; 
(about), circumjaceo; (in dis- 
order), confurim jacere ; (ap 
gainst), objaceo; (along), re- 
cumbo, recabo; (before), prs- 
jaceo; (between), inteijaceo; 

iby),accubo,accumbo; (down), 
ecumbo ; (in), ob puerperium 

cubare; (down to sleep), de- 

cumbo ; ( in the dirt ) , in Into hs- 

rere; (flat), prostemo; (near), 

adjaceo. juxu cumbcM; (at a 

banquet), discumbo 
A lie, mendacinm 
Lie^, fidelis, deditas 
A liege, dominus supremua 
A liege-man, cliens [ator 

A lier, mendiax ; (in wait), insidi- 
Pull of lies, fahulosus, mendosus 
In lieu ot loco, vice [feetus 

A lieutenant, locum tenens, prs- 
The lord lieutenant of a county, 

prsfectas provinds 
The lieutenant of the tower, arcis 

Lieutenanuhip, prsficctura 
Life, vita, spiritus, 

(spri{^tliness), vig^r 
To give life, animo, vivifloo 
Life-giving, vivificus 
A giviuff df life, animatio 
Lonr life, longsvitas 
To the life, ad vivum [tam 

All one's life time, per totam vi- 
To come again to 1^, revivisco 
To be tried for one's life, causam 

capitis dicere 
To venture one's life, capitis peri- 

culum adire [supremum 

To depart this life, diem obire 
HaviuK life, vivus, animatua 
Full of life, vividus, vivax 
Lifeless, exanimis, inanimatua 
A life-guard, cohors prstoria 
A lift (assistance), subdium 
To lift, levo, toUo, eveho; (up 
'fvo; (up himself), 
i{ (up on high), in 

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sublime toUere; (one's voice), 
Toeem attoUere ; (npright), 

Lifting np, ekrans, att^ens 

A lifting op, elevatio 

A ligament, ligamentnm 

A ligature, ligatura. li^amen 

To light (aa a bird). »ido, desido, 
inndo; (firom a hone), de- 
■cendo i ( fall upon, or again at ) , 
incido, incurro ; (upon, or Mnd), 
reperio, offendo 

Light (in weight), leris, per- 
leria ; (bright ) , fulgens, loeidus, 
■plendidua ; (nimble), agilis, 
ezpeditua; (inconstant), insta- 
biua; (merry), hilaris, lietas ; 
(trifline), fiacilia, nagax, inep- 
ttu; (fingered), fnrax; (heart- 
ed), hilarii, alacria, Istns ; 
man), leria armatura equea ; 
(of no value), futilia 

Light (as day), lux; (brightness), 
lumen; (knowledge), cognitio, 
intelligentia ; (candle, or lamp), 
lucema, candela, laiupaa 

To set lightly by, contemno 

lo light (aet on fire), accendo; 
(one), pneluceo 

To be light, Inceo, luceaco 
I To east, or aive light, illamino 
I Lightheaded, delirana, insaniena 

To lighten (in the aky), fuignro; 
I (eaae), exonero, Icto, allevo 

To be made lighter, alleror 

Lightly, leritir, lenitto ; (eaaily), 

facili ; (nimbly), velocitftr, 

I agilitir; (carelesaly), negligen- 

tto, perfunctorii 
I Lightneas (ticklenesa), incon- 
I atantia ; ( nimblenesa ) , agilitas ; 
I (waatonneaa), laacivia, petu- 
lant ia 

Lightning; Ailgor 
Oflightnmg ^' ^ 

gbtnmg, fulgurana 

A lightning (in the sky), fhlgu- 
ratio ; (eaaing), levamen ; (kind- 
ting), incenaio 

A Ugbter, cymba oneraria 

A lurhtermau, naviculator 

A fighting (down), deacenans; 
(kindling), incensio 

The lights, pnlmones 

Lightsome (bright), fblgidus; 
(eheerfhl), hilaris, Istua 

Like (unto), similis, conaimilia; 
(equal), par. aequua; (likely), 
probabilia, verisimilis 

Like, or like onto, adv. tanqniun, 
velht, instiur; (as), aicht, per- 
indi ae, quemadmodhm ; (a 
friend), amic6; (a gentleman), 
ingenui, liberalitir; (a man), 
fortitir. Tirilitir; (in like man- 
ner), paritir, itidim, simiUtir 

To like (approve), probo, appro- 
bo, eomprobo, gaudeo ; (of, or 

Bach-like, hujnamodi 

Likely, adj. probabilis, credibilis» 

Idkdy, adv. probabilitir 
Likelihood, verisimilitudo 
To liken, comparo, confero 
Likeness, sirailitudo 
A likening, comparatio [tte 

Likewise, itidim, paritir, limiU- 
Liking, favens, approbaoa 
A liking, favor, approbatio 
In goodliking, valena, validna 
To one's liking, acceptns, gratns 
A lily, liUnro 
Limb from limb» membiatlm 

A limb (edge), ora, margo ; (mem- 
ber), art na, membrum; (of the 
law), l^nleius 

Limber, flexilia, laxns 

To grow limber, lenteseo 

Linibemeaa, lentor 

Limbo, limbiu 

Lime, calx 

Of lime, calcarins 

Limy, viaeosns, glutinosna 

A limit, limes, terminus 

To limit, termino, praefinio 

Limitation, limitatio 

Limiting, terminana, prKfiniens 

A limiting, determinatio 

Limits, fines, limitea 

To limn, delineo, depingo 

Limned, ad vivum expreasua 

A limner, humani ons pictor . 

A limning, pictnra 

Limp, or umber, flaccidns, lentus 

To limp, daudico 

A limper, claudua, claudicana 

Limpid, limpidus, clarua 

Limping, claudicans, mutilus 

A limping, claudicatio 

Limpingly, mutilft 

Limpness (limbemesa), lentor 

Linch pin, embolium ' 

Aline (Hneage),8tirps, progenies. 

prosapia. \ 
les ; (ama 

lea ; (amall cord), funicul 
(order), series, ordo; (for fish- 
ing), linum, seta ; (drawn), 

Linea of the hand, incisure 

To line, munio ; (as a dog), meo ; 
(a garment), intiia assuere 

Line (fiax), linum 

Linseed, lini semen 

Lineal, or linear, linearis 

Lineally, rect& linei 

A lineament, lineamentum 

Linen, lintenm 

Fine linen, sindon 

Of linen, linteus, linens 

A linen-draper, linteo 

To linger, cgrotesco, dih aegro- 
tare ; (loiter), cunctor, cesao 

Lingering, cnnctana; (with ill- 
ness), FentA tabe consumens 

A lingering, cuuctatio 

A linger, metalli maaaa 

A finp^iat, linguarum peritns 

A liniment, emplastmm 

The Uniog of a garment, pannus 
interior, or aubditius 

A link, lynchus; (boy), lychnu- 
chua; (of a chain), annulna 

To link, connecto, conjnngo 

A linking, connexio, conjunctio 

A linnet, linaria 

Lint, linamentom 

The lintel, superiiminarc 

A lion, leo 

Lion-coloured, ftilvus 

A lioneaa, leaena, lea 

Like a lion, leoninua 

A lip, labium, labrum; (harelip), 
labellum fiaaile; (of a beaat), 
rictus: (of a wound), oa 

To liqtiify (melt), liqueCkcio 

Liquid, liquidua, liquens 

To be liquid, liqueo 

To grow liquid, liquesco 

To liquidate, liqoefacio 

Liquids, liquids 

Liquor, liquor, succua, potus 

Full of liquor, ebriua 

To liquor, macero, inungo 

To liap, balbutio, bleai loqni 

A liaper, balbus, bUesns 

A lisping, balbuties 

A list (caulogue), catalogus ; 
(of cloth), limbus panni ; (de- 

sire), libido, enpido; (wiD), 
voluntas ; ( to fight in ) , arena 
To list (aoldiera), conacribo; (for 
a aoldier), nomen inter milites 
dare ; (will, or deaire), volo 
To liaten, auaculto, attendo 
A listener, auacultator 
A liatening, auscultatio 
Listening, auscultana, attendens 
Listless, torpidus, aegnia 
To be liatleaa, torpeo, atupeo 
Listleaaly. aegnitftr, oscitantte 
Liatleaanesa, torpor 
The litany, litania 
Literal, literaUa 
Literally, aensu proprio 
Literature, literatura, eruditio 
Of literature, doctns, eruditna 
Litharge, lithargyros, scoria 
Lithotomy, litbotomia 
To litigate, litigo, contendo 
Litigation, liti^atio, lis 
Litigious, litigiosus. rixosns 
Litigionsness, litinm amor 
A litter, foetura, partus 
Litter, substramentum 
A horse-litter, lectica 
To litter, res turbare, pario 
Little, parvus, tenuis, exiffuus 
Little, adv. partim, paululhm, ali> 

quantd, nonnihil, aliqnanttun 
A little one, infantulus ; (while), 
paulispfer, pammpir ; (and 
pretty), scitua [aim 

By little and little, paulatim, sen- 
Very little, minimus [que 
How little soever, quantnluscim- 
Ever so little, paulum mod6 
Lic^lii. '.'■■-, ■. M^'.r.. ^ i-ti^Uai 
Tl,- . ^ ..;■ 

Tti li.%c, ni^ui ^E^i^,^J^L rBTivianis 
(a roqulry life]* nisticur ; {eji 
rKi[a)t if^tLiin ; twiSl), I^hE^ di- 
vert i. {\u iflfDLrcDf), htlJTior; 
(F7VU3 liand to niuucli], in dioin 
viiTb^f^i [[[h^fther], caranTOi (in 
E tityij urbeitt ipcolejv 
LikeJj [a Uve^ viinLi^ 
Lon^-IJwd, IcmgEVuA 
Sburt'Uved, Caducij^i i^afiHa 
LirBJy, florcnfi, Tkiiiu«> VifUl 
To be livelir, TJ^d, Ti|[«fi> 
Littlihuwl (iuaiarrsiiiicie), victut 

et it^aiKui; iLraic, «ir bltlL- 

ness), ars 

Livelineaa, vigor 

A good liver, homo pius 

A bad Uver, scelestus, nequam 

The liver, jecur, hepar 

Of the liver, hepaticns 

Liver-coloured, fuscns 

'White-livered, pallidus, soeon 

A livery, vestis servUis ; (stable), 
subulura eonductitinm 

Livid, lividus 

Living, vivus, vivens, spirans 

A living (maintenance), vietus{ 
(benefice), beneficinm; (toge- 
ther), convictus, cohabiutio 

A lizard, lacertus 

Lo ! en I ecce I 

A load, sareina, onus; (on the 

spirits), tristitia 
ro load, on 

Toload,onerok gravo; (heavily), 

A loadstone, magnes 
Of a loadstone, magneticus 
Loading, onerans, aggravans 
A loaf, pania; (of sugar), sac- 

Loam, lutnm [tuum 

A loan, aliquid mutuatum, muc 
To loath, nauseo, fisstidio 
A loathing, nausea, &stidium 
Loathing, nauseans, fastidient 

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IiOttthMmc, odiMoa, ■qoalidui, 

A lobby, portieui, pergoU 

A lobe, lobua 

A lobster, utacos 

Local, loealis 

Locallr, joxta locum 

Locality, exUtentia Ipcalii 

A lock, aera; (of wool), iloceat; 
(of hail), cioouB, cirrus 

To lock (a door), sero, obtero; 
(awheel), rotas stringero; (io 
oae'sarms).complector; (oat), 
exdudo; (ap),iDcludo 

A locker, loculamentum 

A locket, coUare 

A loeast, locasta 

A lodge, oasa silTCstris; (of free 
masons), capella latomorum li- 
berorum ; (portends lodge), gur- 

To lodge (ina place),habito ; (all 
night), pemocto; (with), di- 
Tcrsor; (stick fast), inluereo 

To be lodged, collocor 

A lodger, nospes 

A lod^g, commoratio; (room), 
cubicouun; (place), diTerso- 

A lodgement, munimentnm 

Lodgings, cdium pars coodacta 

A loft, tabalatum. re^itorium 

hottj (high), sablimis, excelsas, 
celsas; (haughty), fiutuosos. 
arrogans. superbus, elatus 

(stile), oratio turgida 
To now krfty, tumeo, inaoletco 
Lomly, superbi. elati 
Loftiness (in height), sablimitat, 
ezcelsitas: (in behariour), fas- 
tus, superbia 
A log, truneus, stipes 
A logarithm, loganthmus 
A loggerhead, hebes, somnolentus 
Logic, dialectica, logica 
Logi<»l. logicus 
A lo^cian, dialecticus 
A lom,.lumbus 
To loiter, moror, cesao 
A loiterer, cunctator 
A loitering, cessatio, mora 
To loll, innitor; (the tonicue), 
ezerere linguam ; (in bed), 
lecto indulgere 
A lolling, nizns cubito 
Loneliness, solitudo [rius 

Lonely, lonesome, solus, soiita- 
Long. longus, prolixns 
A long time, did, longUm; (ago), 
ollm, Jamdadiuaa ; (after), mnl- 
t6p6st: (before), mult6 anti; 
(enough), satts ditl ; (of), can- 
si, evJpk 
Long continuance, dintumitas 
A long (in music), respiratio 

Long (in speech), produetus ; 

(winded), prolixua 
Ltrng-sufFering, patiens 
Long-suffering, patientia 
To long after, appeto, exopto 
Longevity, longevitas 
A longing, deaiderioro, votum 
LongituiM, longitudo 
A look, obtutus 
The look, aspectus, Tultui 
Tolook.Tideo; (about), circumspi- 
do; (seem), videor; (after, or 
care for), euro; (at), intueor; 
(back), respicio ; (before), pro- 
•pido; (down), despido ; (or 
seek for), qucro, requiro ; (for, 
or expect), spero, expectot 
(in), inspido ; (into or ex- 
amine), perscmtor; (on), in- 

tueor; (out, er choose), ddigo, 
seligo; (up),snspido; (upon), 
aspicio, inspicio, inspecto ; 
(upon, or esteem), dnco, csti- 

Look (behold) ! ecce ! en 1 

A looker on, spectator 

Looking, aspidens ; (about), dr- 
cumspidens, lustrans 

A looking-glass, speculum 

A loom, textoris jugum 

A loop, amentum ; (hole), tran- 
senna; (for ordnance), fenes- 

Loose, laxus; (dissolute), disso- 
lutus; (bad), pravus; (care- 
less), remissus, n^igens ; (in 
body), lientericus 

To loose, boIto, laxo 

To loosen, laxo, soWo 

Loosdy, lax6, dissolute, remissi 

A looseness, laxitas ; (of the 
belly), alvi proluries 

To lop. tondeo, decacumino, csdo 

A lopping, puutio 

Loppin|^. sarmenta 

Loquacious, loquax. garmlus 

Loquadty. loquadtas. garrulitas 

A lord, dominus, dynasta 

To lord it, dominor 

The lords of the realm, proceres 

Lordliness, fastidium 

Lordly, a4j. fastuoaus, imperio- 
sns ; adv. elati, imperiosi 

Lordship, dominatiu; (manor). 

To lose, perdo, amitto ; (colour), 
decoloror; (credit), fidem labe- 
factare ; (one's labour), ope- 
ram perdere; (ground, or go 
back),retiocedo; (be worsted), 
superor, vincor ; (one's hopes), 
despero $ (one's life), mortem 
oppetere; (one's way), aberro, 
deerro; (time), tempus terere 
frustrH; (use of the limbs), 
membris capi; (utterly), dis- 

A losing, amisdo, perditio 

Loss, damnum, jactura; (of life), 
vitae privatio [sua 

Causing loss, damnosns, exitio- 

To be lost, pcvdor, pereo 

A lot (part), pars, portio ; tby 
lot), sortit6, sorte, casu ; 
(chance), sors, casus 

To lot, distribuo; (to cast loto). 
sortior ; (to draw lots), lortes 

Gotten by lot, sortitni 

Loth, aversus, invitus 

A lotion, lotio, laTatio 

A lottery, tesserarum sortitio 

Loud, sonorus, clarus ; (in 
voice), Tocalis, condtatua 

Loudly, sonori, dari 

Loudness, daritas 

Lore, amor, benevolentia. chart- 
tas; (sdf), amor sui ; (of Ood, 
or parents), pietas 

To loTc, amo, diligo ; (to make 
love), solicito. ambio ; (ardent- 
ly, or dearly), ardeo, depereo, 
deamo. llagro 

Lore (desire), desiderium; (sort 
of sUk), nebula 

A loTC. corculum ; (At), impetna 
amoria; (potion), philtrum 

In love, amans 

Belonging to lore, aroatoriua 

Worthy to be loved, amabilis 

Lovely, decorus. venustus 

Loveliness, decor, venustas 

A lover, amator; (suitor), pro- 
cua; (of wine), vinoaua 

, indttl- 

To be lovesick, depereo 

A lough, lacus 

Loving, amans. benignoa. 

Lovingly, amantte, amici 

To lounge, otior 

A lounger, cesaator 

A louse, pediculua 

Lousy, pediculosus 

Low, humilis; (humble), deprcs- 
sus, afflictus; (in the wwld), 
inops, pauper ; (mean), abjec- 
tus, sordidus; (shallow), bre- 
vis; (iu suture), brevis. ho^ 
milis; (in price), vili pretio, 

To be low in circumstances, egeo 

To bring low, hnmilio, enenro 

To low (as an ox), mugio^ boo 

Lower, inferior 

To lower, reprimo, eomprimo; 
(make lower), deprimo; (let 
down), demitto; (the price), 
pretium imminoere 

To lower, or lour (frown), traa- 
tem corrnnre ; (as the aky). 
nubibus obdud 

Lowering. Louring, torvns, tris- 
tis; (weather), cKlum nobUnm 

A lowering, torvitaa 

Loweringly, torvi, tetrici [mus 

Lowest, Lowermost, imus, inli- 

A lowing, mugitus, boatus 

Lowly, humilis, demissua 

Lowluess, humilitaa, modeatia 

Loyal, lidelis. fidua 

Loyally, fldeUtir. fid« 

Loyalty, fidditas. fidea 

A losenge, rhombna 

A lubber, segnis, ignavus 

Lubberly, ad^. socora, piger; adv. 
segnitir. pigri 

To Lubricate, lubrico 

Lubridty. lubricitas, lubricum 

Lubricous, lubricns 

Lucid, lucidus. dama 

Lucifer, lucifer 

Luck, fortuna, succeaaos 

Bad luck, infortunium 

Luckless, infelix. infanstua 

Lucky, felix, faustua, prosper 

Luckily, auspicatft, finusti 

Lucrative, lucrativus, lucrosoa 

Lucre, lucrum, qiuestna 

Lucubration, Incubratio 

Luculent, luculentua, daroa 

Lttdicroua. ludicer. jocuIuiB 

Ludicrously, jocosi 

To lug (hale, pull), traho^ TeUo 

The lug, auris lobns 

Luggage, onus, sarcina 

Lugubrious, lu|:ubria, luctnosus 

Lukewarm, tepidua, remissus 

To be lukewarm, tepeo^ tepesco 

Lukewarmly, tepidi ' 

Lukewarmness, tepor 

To lull, demulceo, sopio 

Lumber, instrumenta domestics 
ponderosiora ' 

A luminary, luminare 

Luminous, lui ' 

A lump, massa, frustum ; (of 
earth), gleba; (heap), acervus 

The lump, or whole, soUdum 

Lumpish, hebes. Urdus 

To grow lumpish, hebesoo 

Lumpishness, stupor, tarditas 

Lunacy, insania 

Lunar, lunaris 

Lunatic, phreneticoa 

A lunch, or luncheon, frustum t 
(in the afternoon), merenda 

The lunn, pulmones; (aperso* 
of good lungs), stentor 

A lurch, duplex palma 

To lurch, subdnoo^ d^lutio 

Digitized by 


MAD • 



To le«Te in the lurch, is^giutiu 

A lorche^ (l^ntton), Ittrco, ne* 

pos; (her in wait), iniidiator; 

(cU^), canis ind^^tor 
A hare, illecebra 
To lore, delinio, demnlceo 
To lurk, lateo, latito 
Alarker (loiterer), cesaator; (in 

comera), tenebrio 
A larking, latitatio 
A Inrking-hole, latebra 
Luaciooa, soaTis, prsdulcia 
Lascionalr, aoavitftr, dttlc6 
Luaciouanesa, dulcedo 
Laaory, lusorius 
Laat, cupido, appetitua 
To last, prurio, concapiseo 
Lnstfoi, libidinotus, salax 
LuatfnUy, libidinosi, laacivft 
Loatfolness, lascivia 
Luatpy, fortitftr, validi 
Luatineas, corporia robur 
Lostral, Inatralia 
Laatration, luatratio 
Lnstr^ aplendor, nitor 
Loaty, Taudoa, robostus, Tegetna 
To be Inatj, Tigeo 
A late, cithara 
Latestring, aerid genaa nitidia- 

Luteoaa, hitoaoa 

Latttleut, latnlentua, coenoaos 

Laxation, laxatio 

Lnxariance, loxnriea. Inxoria 

Loxuriant, Laxarious, loxurioaoa 

Laxnrionsir, Inxariosi 

Loxuriooaneas, Inxua 

Loxary, loxuria. laxaa 

A We, mendacium, fabala 

To lye, mentior, fingo 

Lying (along), decumbena, proa« 
tratoa ; (between), ioteijacena ; 
(by), adjacens; (down), recU> 
nia; (flat), pronua; (hid), la- 
tena; (nearto),contiguua, con- 
terminus; (open), patens; (in 
wait), insidiana ; (telling lies), 

A lying (at eaae), recnbitos; (in 
wait), insidiB ; (in of women), 

Lymphatic, lymphaticoi 

A lynx, lynx 

A Ijre, lyra 

Lyric, lyricoa 

A lyriat, lyriata 

A mace, aceptnun 

A seijeant's mace, fascea 

Mace, macia 

A mace-bearer, lictor 

To macerate, macero ; (make 

lean), emacio 
To machinate, machinor 
A machination, machinatio 
A machine, macbioa 
A mackerel, scombrns 
Mad, inaanas, demens, Teaanaa 
To be mad, insanio, fwto 
To mad, fario, demento 
Madam, domina mea 
A madcap, Tesanos, furiosna 
A madhouae, hospitiom insanO' 

Raring mad. Airiosas, fiiribandas 
Madly, dementte, inaani 
Madness, dementia, inaania; (of 

a dog), rabiea 
To be made, flo 

To madefy, madefacio 

Madid, madidua, ados 

A madrigal, cantilena sylrestria 

A magazine, apotheca; (of arms), 

armamentarium ; (of powder), 

cella ; (for com), horreum 
A maggot, termes ; (in the pate), 

impetus animi fdosus 

To be maggotty (whimsical), len- 
Magic, magice, ma^ 
Magic, or belonging to magic, 

A magician, magna, Teneficua 
Magisterial, imperiosus 
Magisterially, imperioafe^ dogma- 

Magistracy, magistratna 
A magistrate, magiatratas 
Magnanimity, magoanimitas 
Magnanimous, magnanimua, for- 

Magnanimously, atrenut, fortitte 
A magnet, magnes 
Magnetical, magneticus 
Magnetism, tIs magnetica 
Magnificence, magnificentia 
Magnificent, magnificna, augua- 
tua [did« 

Mag^ficentlr, sumptuos^ splen- 
To magnify (praise), exalto, lau- 
do, extoUo ; (aggravate), exag- 
gero; (an object), amplifico> 
Magnifying, amplifteans, 
A magnifying, amplificatio 
Magmtnde, magnitudo 
A magpie, pica 
Mahometans, mahometani 
Mahometanism, mahometania- 

A maid, or maiden, Tirgo, puella ; 
(old), Tirgo grandia ; (r«Mly for 
a husband), rirgo matura, or 
nubilis; (servant), ancilla, fo- 
mula; (cook), coqua; (cham- 
ber), omatrix; (nursery), an- 
dlla infantes curans ; (wait- 
ing), ministra, pedissequa 
A maid (fish), raia minor 
Of a maid, virgineus, pnellaria 
MiOMtic, augustus, regius 
Majesty, majeitas, jnbar regale 
Majestically, auguati, regalitir 
A mail (budeet), bulge, saccus; 
(bundle of letters), fasciculua 
A maim, rulnua, plaga 
To maim, mntilo, Tulnero 
Maimed, mancua, mutilas, toI- 

A maiming, mutilatio 
Main, primus, pnecipuns 
Main force, vis, riolentia 
The main (land), continens ; 
(sea), oceanus, altum mare ; 
(body),sumroa; (chance), sors, 
rerum summa; (mast), malus 

naTis prscipnus; (raird), an- 
tenna prccipua; (of^a horse), 
juba equina 

Mainly, raldi. maximi 

Mainprise, Tadimoninm 

To maintain (affirm), assererok 
afflrmo ; (defend), Tindico, 
tueor, sustineo. defendo ; 
(keep), nutrio, ulo, sustento 

Maintainable quod defendi po- 

A maintainer, Tindex, assertor 

A maintainiM ( affirming ), afflr- 
matio; (defending), vindicatio; 
(keeping), rictfis suppeditatio 

Maintenance ( support ), defensio, 
tutamen ; (Allowing necessa- 
ries), ad rictum sumptus 

A m«}or (of a troop), legatna s 
(general), exercitfis instructor 
Mijor (gpreater), migor. melior 
Miyoritir, para migor, plurea 
Maise, frumentnm Indicum 
A make, or form, forma, figara 
To make, facio, compono, con- 
ficio; (acquainted), signified^ 
certiorem ucere ; (aflraid), ter- 
reo; (an appointment), diem 
et locum oonstituere ; (a- 
ahamed), pudefacio; (away, or 
go off), anfu^o; (away with 
one's self), sibi mortem con- 
sciscere ; (away an estate), bona 
prodigere; (abed),lectum ster- 
nere; (blind), excvoo ; (wwds 
about), litigo, discepto 
A maker, &bricator, formator 
Amakinf^, formatio; (firee), ma- 
numissio; (good), restitutio^ 
compensatio ; (much of), in- 
dulrentia; (ready), piaratna 
A malady, morbus, cgpritudo 
Malapert, procax, petulana 
Malapertness, piocacitas 
The male (creature), maa 
Of the male kind, maaculinoa 
Malcontent, ssgri ferens 
Malediction, maledictio 
A malefactor, leua, maleAeoi* 

Malevolence, malevolentia 
Malevolent, malevolena, malignna 
Malice, malitia, invidia, simoltaa; 

(prepense), ultionis studinm 
Malicious, malicnns, invidna 
Maliciously, nuuign^ invidft 
Maliciousness, livor, invidia 
To malign (detract), invideo 
Malignancy, malignitaa, nuditia 
Malignant, malignns, gravis 
Malignity, malignitaa ; (of a diB< 

temper), aeerbitaa 
A mall, or mallet, roalleua 
To mall, batuo, tundo 
A mallud, anus paluatris mas 
Malleable, ductUu 
Mallows, malvB 
Marshmallowa, althea 
Of mallowa, malvaceua 
Malt, brasium, byne 
To make malt, bvuem parare 
A maltster, brasiator 
Malting, or malt-making, byne< 

Mamma, mamma, mater 
Mammocks, offulc 
A man, homo, vir, maa; (any 

man), aliquia, qui vis 
The man of the house, paterfa- 
A man-servant, fomulns, servus 
Every man, omnia ouisque 
No man, nemo, nullus 
Man by man, viritlm 
Like a man, virilitftr 
To man, hominibus complere, ar 

To act the man, virum agere 
An old man, aenex 
A poor man, pauper 
A rich man, dives ^ 
A wise man, sapiena 
A young man, juvenis, adoleseena 
A man of war, navis bellica 
Manslaughter, homicidium 
Belonging to man, humanoa 
Manacles, manicK ferreB 
To manacle, manicis constringeie 
To manage, administro, tractot 
(an estate well), rem tueri ; 
(a war), helium obire ; (the 
temper of the people), plebis 
animos permulciere; (yo«>^^^ 

Digitized by 



Ktati jareoum temperan ; (a 

bone), sabigere eqaam 
A manager, curator, oondnetor 
A managiu^, or manacemeiit, ad- 

ministratio ; (of public moner), 

diapensatio ; (of the Toioe), 

Mancipation, mancipatio 
A manciple, obaonator 
A mandamus, diploma r^;rium 
Mandatory, mandans, imperana 
A mandate, wandatum, juasom 
A mandrake, mandragoras 
Manducation, manducatio 
The mane of a hone, juba equina 
Ifanfiil, Ttrilia, strenuus, fortia 
Manfuliy, Tirilitir, strenui 
ManfulneM, fbrtitndo, virtu* 
The mange, scabies canina 
A manger, prxsepe 
Manginess, porrigo 
Mangy, scabiosus 
To mansle, lacero, lank) 
A mangier, mntiU^or 
A mangling, laceratio 
Manhood (courage), fortitudo ; 

(man's estate), etas Tirilis 
A maniac, insanns, demens 
Manifest, manifestus, clarua 
To manifest, manifesto 
To be made manifest, innoteaco ; 

(it is manifest), palet, constat, 

Manifestation, manifestatio 
Manifestly, manifest^, clari 
Manifestness, evidentia, daritaa 
Manifold, miUtiplez 
Mankind, genus bumannm 
Manliness, fortitudo, virtus 
Manly, virilis, strenuus, fortia 
Manly, virilitir, fortitir 
A manly woman, virago 
MwnnWi manna 
Manned, viris instructus 
A manner, mos, modus, conioe- 

tudo; (quality), qualitas 
In a manner, quodammodo 
All manner, omnimodns 
Of diven manners, muhimodiu 
In like manner, similitto 
In such a manner, itii 
Mannen (conditions), mores; 

(Rood mannen), urbanitaa ; 

(ul mannen), inuxbanitaa 
A mannerly person, civilis. oomis 
A manor, manerium 
Of a manor, prcdiatorina 
A man-servant, famulus, semu 
A mansion, sedes, domus 
A manteau, palla mnliebria 
A manteau-maker, sartrix 
To mantle, spumeseo, penBM dis- 

A mantle, penula 
A manual, liber manualis 
Manuduction, manuductio 
Manufacture, opificium 
To manufacture, manu facere 
A manufacturer, opifiex 
Manumission, manumisaio 
Manure, stercus, flmus 
To manure, stercoro, fcecundo 
A manurer, rurieoU 
A manuring, cultua [tns 

A manuscniit, liber mann scrip- 
Many, multi, plures, complnres, 

perplnres; (how many), quot ? 

(as many as), quot, tot quot ; 

(a good many), aliqnam multi; 

(many times), saepi, multotite ; 

(as many times as), totita quo- 

tate; (how manr times), quo- 
tits? (so manv), tot; (many 

ways), multifturiian 
A m^, charta geogfapbiea; (of 


the world), tabula cosmogra- 

A maple, aeer 

To mar (spoil), vitio^ depravo 

Marble, marmor [variare 

To marble, in marmeris modum 

Of marble, marmoreus, i mar- 
March (month), Martitts 

A march, iter 

To march, incedo, gradior, profi- 
ciscor; (in), ingredior; (on), 
progredior ; (out), ^predior ; 
(an anny to), exercitnmducere 
ad; (off), recedo 

The marches, fines, limites 

A marching, progressus 

A marchioness, marchionissa 

A mare, equa 

A margin, maigo 

Marginal, in margine scriptua 

A marfprave, marchio 

A mangold, caltha 

Marine, marinus 

A marine dassicarius miles 

A mariner, nauta 

Belonging to a marini 

Marjoram, amaracua 

Mantal, maritalis 

Maritime, maritimua 

A mark, signum, nota ; (of 
money), marca; (brand), stig- 
ma ; (for sheep), character ; 
(impression), vestigium ; (to 
shoot at), meta, scopus ; (of a 
stripe), vibez; (of a wound), 
cicatrax; (set to a writing), sig- 

To mark, signo, noto ; (observe), 

animadverto; (out), designo 
Fit to be marked, notabilis 
A mariier, annoutor ; (observer), 

observator; (of bounds), meta- 

A market, fbmm, emporium 
A market-man, nundinator ; 

(place), forum; (town), empo- 

MarkeUble, v 

A marketing, emptio ; (thing 
bought), res empta 

A marking, notatio, observatio 

A mat king-iron, cauterium 

A marksman, qui recti oollineat 

Marl, marga, tasconium 

M armalade, cydonites 

Marmorium, marmoreua 

A marquess, or marquis, marchio 

A marquisate, marchionatus 

To marr, corrumpo, vitio; (the 
form, or fashion), deformo 

A marriage, naptix, conjufpum 

Of marriage, niqitialis, conjugalis 

A marriage-song, epithalamium 

Marriageable, nubilis 

A mamed man, maritns; (wo- 
man), uxor 

Twice married, bigamus 

A marring, corruptio, depravatio 

Marrow, medulla 

To the very marrow, medullittis 

FuU of marrow, medullosus 

To marry (as the priest), connu- 
bio jungere; (as the man), ux- 
oremducere; (as the woman), 
▼ironnbere; (give in marriage), 
nuptum dare 

A marrying, nnptia 

Mara, Man [liooaaa 

Belonging to Man, Martins, bel- 

A marsh, palua 

Marsh-ground, pratum ]Mlastre; 
(a aatt-marsh), Bstuariam 

Marshy, paludoaus, p^ustria 

Amarahalt manachallna 


To manhal. ordino 
A marshalling^, ordinatio 
Amarshalsea. mareschalsia 
A mart, emporium 
Martial, militaris, bellicosua 
Martial-law, lex belli; (court), 
curia martialis; (affairs), res 
bellicc; (man), bellator 
A martin, himndo agrestia 
Martiumass, featum aanctiMar- 

A martyr, martyr 
To martyr, discrucio 
Martyrdom, martyrinm 
A martyrolo|nr> martyrologium 
A marvel, mirum, res mira 
To marvel, miror, admirer 
A marvelling, admiratio 
Marvellous, mirabilis, miroa ; 

(thing), mirandum, minun 
Marvellously, mir^ miF^ilitir 
Marvellousness, mirabilitaa 
Masculine, masculinua, mascnlua 
A mash (mixture), mixtura; {tot 

cattle), potio medica 
To mash, commisceo 
A mask, larva; (dance), mimoa; 

(pretence), pratextua 
A mason, latomua 
A mason's rule, amuasia 
Masonry, opus csmentitinm 
A masquerade, personatorum bo- 
minum saltatio; (habit), habi- 
tus personatua; (person), homo 
A mass, massa, molea 
The mass, missa; (book), mis- 
sale; (dress), habitua aaeerdo- 
A massacre, cedes, occisio 
To massacre, ccdo, trucido 
A massacring, occisio, truddatio 
Massive, Massy, solidus 
Massiveness, aoliditaa 
A mast of a ship, malna ; (fiore- 
mast), mains anticus; (main- 
mast), malus prKcipuoa; (mi> 
len-mast), malus puppis 
Mast for swine, balanus, glana 
Belonging to mast, vlandiMina 
A master, dominus,herus; (on^a 
own master), sni juris ; (mas- 
ter of aru), artium magister; 
(of the ceremonies), magiater 
Of a master, dominions, herilia 
A masterpiece, opus prKcipunm 
To master, supero,vinco; (acitv), 
. urbepotiri; (one's self), seip- 
sum continere ; (one's bold- 
ness), audadam flrangere 
Masteriess, contumax, pertinax 
Masteriv, imperiosus; (like an 

artist), graphic^, peritUaimft 
Mastery, dominatua 
To get the mastery, siq^ero 
Mastie, mastiche 
Mastication, maaticatio 
A mastiff, molussus 
A mat, matta, t^es 
To match (compare), oompan^ 
confero; (be suitable), quMio; 
(be of the same colour), qua- 
demessecdoris; (in marriage), 
nuptum dare [dilator 

A matchmaker, connubiomm con- 
A matching, comparatio 
A mate, sodua, collega 
Material, corporeus ; (important), 

magni moment!, necessariua 
Materially, materialitir 
Materials, res neeeasaria 
Maternal, matemna 
Mathematical, matbematieus 

Digitized by 





Matlmnationy, mathwtirt 


The matrice, matrix, atenis 
Of the matriee. oterinaa 
A matricide, Batricida 
Matricide, mat ricidiiim 


A matt, matta, scirpea 
Matter (comiptioD). 

bom ; (mbatanee), 

rabatantia; (bariiie«a,ar thing). 

res, negotium, opoa 
Full of matter, paralentQa 
A matter ot (or aboat), quad, 

A mattock, marra [tu 

A mattrea*. eulcita lanea, 
Matvre (ripe), matnras; 

rate), accnratus, caatiu 
Maturely, matnrfc, consult^ eanti 
Matority, maturitas, «tas matora 
Mangre, ivrit^ 

To maul, ^gnis, Ac. eoatundere 
A maulldii (for an oveu), peni- 

culna fomaceut; (icareerow). 



Mavldab, oanaeam parlens 
A nuwka, pudla inaulaa 
MudDarT, mazillaris 

I maf (am able to do), 

Mi^ (the month), Mahu 

A maygame, Indibrinm 

A mayor, prstor urbanna 

Maymralty, prstoiis arbani mu- 
nui, or dignitas 

To be in a mate, itupeo 

A mate, labyrinthnt; (aatoniah- 
SMnt), stupor, constematio 

Me, me; aeeut.efEg* 

Mead (drink), molsum ; (mea- 
dow), pratum 

Of a meadow, prateniis 

Meagre macilentns, maoer 

Meagrenesa, macies, macritas 

Mei^ ftrina, poUen { (of meat), 

Of meal, fiuinarins, poIHnarins 

Mealy (foil of meal), farraceus; 
(mouthed), pudena,Terecundus 

A meatman, farinarius 

A mean, or means, modus, ratio, 
opera, causa; (byfiur means), 
sponti,blandft; (by foul means), 
invito per rim; (by some 
means), qnocunque modo; (by 
all means), pnuvtis, qutoi 

Mean, mediocris, abjectus, humi« 
lis, tenuis, Tulgaris, ignobilis 

The mean, medium ; (in the 
mean time), interei^ interim 

To naean, toIo, inteUigo 

A meander, labyrinthns 

Means (wealth), opes, diritic. 

Meanest, inilmua, inras 

Well-meaning, probns, Justus 

Meanly, mediocritir, nial^ abjectft 

Meanness (indiiference), medi- 

ocritas ; (porerty). tenuitas; (of 

birth), obseuritas,hnmiUtas, ig- 

nobihtas; (of raitit, or tinu- 


r spm^ar 

Meant. . , ^ 

A meadi, retis macula 

The measles, mbiols; (iaahog), 

Inrobpocrigo; (in a tree),pa- 


modas; (mean). 

A measuring, metatio. 

Meat, cibna. esea; (flesh), caro; 

(and drink), rietusj (dainty), 

du>es, etnedic, lantttiK 
Mechanic Mechanical, meehani- 

A medrnmc, opifez, ftbcr 
Mechanics, machinaKs sdcntia 
Meehanieally, medianicft 
Mechanisnt, mechanismus 
A medal, numisma solenne 
To meddle (with), traeto^ euro, 

attiago; (in an affur), se im- 
' (no more), de- 

sisto, abstinc 
k meddler, or 

A meddling with, traetatio 
To mediate interocdo 
A mediation, interceaaio 
A mediatOT, intereeasw, concili- 
ator, arbiter 
Mediatorial, inteteedena [sons 
MediatwshyH munus iatetees- 
A mediatrix, condliatrix 
Medicable, medicabilis 
Mediod, medicus, medicinalis 
A mediounent, medicamentom 
Medicinal, medicinalis, medicatus 
Medicine (the seienoe), medicina, 
medendi scientia ; (physical 

Mediocrity, medioeritas. 

To meditate^ meditor, nr gme dt t or 

A meditation, nseditatio 

Mediterranean, Mediterraneus 

A medlar, mespilum 

A medley, hnijgo 

Medlev, mJfj. mixtua 

To make a medley, tnibo^ miseeo 

Medullar, nkcdnllaria 

A meed, premium 

Meek, nutis, leuis, plaeidua 

To now meek, mitesco 

Meekly, mansuet^ lenitir 

Meekness, mansuetudo, lenitas 

Meer, or mere, adj. merus 

A meer (lake),palus; (limit), ter- 
minus, limes, meta 

Meet, aptus, idoneus 

To be meet, competo 

To meet, obvemo, oceurro, ob- 
rikm ire, oonrenio, occurso 

Meeting, obrius, eongressus 

A meeting (together), oceursus, 
oongressio; (assembly), oon- 
▼entus; (congregation), con- 
gregatio; (of people), freqnen- 
tia; (of two streanu), con- 

A meeting-house, conventictilum 

Meetly, apth, contenienttr 

Meetness, ooBTanicntia 

Then_ _ 
Melan^triy, tristis, n 
Melancholy, mdanchoUa. atia- 

biUa, tristitia, mcestitia 
MelanchoKe. mdanehoticua, hy. 

To be melancholy, tristltii aAd 

Melilot (herb), melilotoa 

To mdiorate. meliorem reddere 

MeUifluousb mdUlluens 

Mdlow (ripe), maturus, nsitis; 

(with liquor), tcmuleatas 
To mellow, mitesco;(with Uqnor), 

potu calescere; (as wine), Ian- 

Mot mellow, cmdns.aeid(u; (very 
mdlow), permitia, valdft ma- 
Mellowneaa, maturitaa 
Mdodious, hannonicus, caaoma 
Melodiously, suaritte, modulati 
Melodionsness,liarmoni« saaritaa 
Melody, harmonia. modulatio 
A mdon. melo, pepo 
To mdt (metals), Uquo, Uqna- 
fkcio; (assnow), rcgtlo; (into 
tears), in laorymas ooM; (to 
be melted), liqnor, Hquesco 
That may be mehed. ftisilia 
A mdter, fyasor, oonflator 
AmdtinK, liquefiictio ; (of nsetal), 
fnsio, fusnra; (discourse), ser- 

A mdting-1 

A member, membrum ; (the ini- 
▼y members), pudenda ; (of 
parliament), senator ; (of a so- 
ciety), socius; (of an univer- 
sity), alnnmus, academieus 

By members, membrattm 

A membrane, membrane, tuniea 

Full of 1 • 

Memoirs, consmentariua 
MenKMable, memorabilia 
A memorandum-book, libdhis 

memorialis [oumentum 

A memorial, narratio scripti^ mo- 
The memory, memoria 
Of b l essed memory, saoer KgtvA 

Out of memory, oblitua 
Of the memory. menKuialia 
To call to memory, recordor 
Men, homines 

To menace^ oonuninor, minor 
Menacing^ minans, minax 
A menacing, minatio 
To mend (correct), emendo. cas- 

tigoy oorrigo; (grow better), 

naielioresco ; (repair), rellcio, 

reparo, restauro 
A mender, emendator, corrector, 

caatigator; (of old things), ve- 

Mendicant, mendicans, mendicus 
A mendicant friar, frater ex or- 

dine mendicantium 
A mending, emendation castiga- 

tio; (of old things), interpo- 

On the mending band, nseliua* 

cult se habeas 
Menial, domestieus, servilis 
A menisl servant, famulus 
Menstrual, Menstruoua^ nen« 

Mensurable, nsensurabilia 
Mensuration, meutio [nus 

Mental, mente conceptual inter- 
Mention, mentio, commemoratio 
To mention, memoro^ commemoro 
Not to mention, silentio nrBterire 
Mercantile ad commercium per- 

tinens >r ^ , 

Digitized by V^OOQIC 




Mercenary, merceuariui, renalit 
A mercer, lericarum tezUnun 

mercator, propola 
Merchandise, merz. roercatnia 
To merchandiae, mercor, nego- 

A merchant, mercator 
Merchanuble, mercabilii 
Merchant-like, mercatorina 
A merchantman, nam merca- 

Merciful, misericors, demens 
Mercifully, dementto 
Mercifulnesa, miaericordia 
Merciless, immisehcort, inhn- 

Mercilessness, inhamanitas 
Mercarial, vividns, levis, acer 
Mercorials, mercurialia 
Mercorr (the god), Mercnrina; 
(quicksilver), hydrargyrum ; 
(spnghtlioeas), Tigor 
Mercy, miaericordia, oommiae* 

ratio, dementia 
Mercy-seat, propitiatorium 
To have mercy, miaereor 
To be at mercy, in poteatate esae 
Mere (onlj), merus, puma 
Merely, roer^ tantiun 
MeretriciouB, meretriciua 
The meridian, circulua meridia- 

Meridional, meridianna, auatralis 
Meridionally, ad auatrum 
Merit, meritum 
To merit, mereo, promereo 
Of merit, praedarua, illnatria 
Meritorioua, merena, meritua 
Meritorioualy, meritd. justi, jure 
Meritoriouaneaa, meritum 
A mermaid, airen 
Merrily, festive, Ictft, fiseetft 
Merriment, hilaritas, Uetitia 
Merry, hilaris, festima, Istoa, 

jocosus, lepiduB, jucundoa 
To make one merry, exhilaro; (to 
make merry, or be merry), !■• 
tor, gaudeo 
Made merry, exhilaratus 
Th« merry thought, danenls 
Meraion, meraio 
A mesh, retis macula 
A mesh-vat, dolium, eadua 
Meelin, farrago 
Mealin, miscellanena 
Amesa (of meat),cibus; (of pot- 
tage), jusculi catiUua ; (or 
ahare of meat), cibi portio 
To meaa with, unli cum aliia d- 

bum capere 
A mesaage, maudatum 
To tell a message, mandata ferre ; 
(to send a meaaage), lego^ 
Ameaaenger, nundua; (apedal), 
certua homo ; (ambaaaador), 
legatua ; (officer of juatice), 
lictor, atator; (letter-carrier), 
tabeUariua; (postboy), curaor, 
The Meaaiaa, Mesaiaa. Chriatui 
A meaauage, domua, mndus 
Metal, metallum 
Metallic, or of metal, metalUcua 
To metamorphose, tranaformo 
A metaroorphosia. metamorphoaia 
A metaphor, metaphora 
Metaphorical, meuphoricua 
Metaphorically, meuphoriei 
Metaphyaical, meupbyaicua 
Metaphyaica, meuphysica 
To mete, metior, dimetior 
Meteors, meteora 
A meter, n 

A method, methodus, ratio, via 
Methodical, methodicua 
Methodically, methodici 
Methodists, qui puriorem reli- 

gionem prontentur Frere 

To methodize, in ordinem dige- 
Metonymical, translatua 
A metonvmy, tranalatio 
Metre (rhyme), rhythmna 
Metrical, ad carmen pertinena 
A metropolia, metropolia 
A metropolitan, metropolitanna 
Mettle (aprightlineaa), vigor, agi* 

litaa; (courage), virtna, mag- 

Mettleaome, ardens. vdiemena, 

To mew (aa a cat), myaulixo; 

(aa a atag), oomua mutare 
Michaelmaa, featum aaneti Mi- 

Microcosm, microooamus 
A microaoopcy microscopium 
Mid-day, meridiea 
Middle, mediua, intermediua 
The middle, medium 
Middlemost, in medio poaitna 
Middling, modicus, mediocria 
MidlanC mediterraneoa 
Midnight, media nox 
The midriff, diaphragma 
Midaummer, sofatitium sativum ; 

(day), natalia dies Sancti Joan- 

The midst, medium 
Midway, via media 
A midwife, obstetrix 
Midwifery, obstetridum 
The mien, vultus 
Might, vis, potentia, potestaa 
Mighty, potena, valena, validua ; 

(adn.), vald^ vehementir 

To be mighty, valeo, poUeo 

)w mighty, valesco 
Mightily, valid^ potentir 

To grow n 

Mightiness, potentia, potestaa 

A migration, migratio, commi- 

A milch-cow, vaeca lactaria 

Mild (gentle), mitia, lenia, man- 
suetua, pladdua; (indulgent), 
indulgena, obaequiosus, blan- 

To make mQd, aedo, plaoo 

To grow mild, mitesco, mansoeaoo 

Mildew, mbigo, roa melleus 

Mildly, leniter, manaueti 

Mildnesa, lenitas 

A mile, miliiare, mille paaana 

A mile-mark, lapis 

Of a mil^ milliarina 

Miliunt, militana 

Militarv, militaria, bdliooaoa 

The militia, militia 

Milk, lac ; (new), recena lae 

Ofmilk, lacteua 

A milk-house, lactarium; (a milk- 
maid), lactaria; (a milk-man), 
lactarins; (a milk-pail), mule- 

To milk, mulgeo, emulgeo 

Milkinesa, mollitia, lemtaa 

Milky, lacteua 

The milky-way, galaxia 

A mill (for com), piatrinum; 
(hand-mill), mola truaatilia; 
(fuUing-mill), mola fullonia; 
(paper), mola chartaria 

A mill-dam, stagnum molare 

A mill-atone, lapia molaria; (the 
upper), catilloa ; (the nether), 

Of a mill, molariua, molaria 

To mill, 

A miller, molitor 

Millet, milium 

A million, decifts centena milUa 

The milt, lien; (offish), lactea 

Mimical, mimicua 

A mimic, mimua, pantomimua 

To mimic, imitari jocularitftr 

A mimicking, imitatio jocularia 

To mince, conddo, comminoo; 
(a matter), rem verbia ezte- 
nuare; (paaa slightljr over), 
rem levitir tangere; (in walk- 
ing), levi pede incedere 

Minced meat, minutal ; (pie), ar- 
tocreaa ex intrit4 came con- 

A mindng (gait), incessoa, alliec- 
tatua; rofmeat),concisuraeai>- 
nia; (of a matter), extenuatio 

The mind, animus, mens; (opi- 
nion), opinio, sententia; (de- 
sire), desiderinm, studium,vi>- 
tum, cupiditas, cupido 

To mind (look after), euro, ob- 
servo; (regard). respicio, euro; 
(consider), animadverto, per- 
pendo, attendo, consulo, videos 
conaidero, apecto ; (put in 
mind), moueo, admoneo 

To have a mind, exopto^ concn- 

Of the mind, internus [ditto 

Of one mind, unanimua, coneor- 

Minded (regarded), observatua, 

notatus ; (indined), affectna, 

animatus; (high), datus. sa- 

perbus; (ill), malevohu 

MindfUl, memor, attentua^ dili- 

Mmding, cnrana, incumbena 
Mine, or mine own, mens 
A mine, fodina ; (of silver), •!>• 
genti fodina; (of gold), anri 
fodina; (of lead), stannarinm; 
(used in a siege), cuniculua 
Full of mines, cuniculoaus 
A miner (of metals), metallieut; 
(in a siege), cuniculorum fosaof 
Mineral, fossilis, metdlicua ; (wa- 
ter), aqua per venae metalli 
iluens [siha 

Minerals, co^ata metallia Hds- 
To mingle (nuz), miaceo 
A mingling, misturm 
Miniature, pictura minnta 
A minion, aeliciK, corculum 
To minish. See to Ihrninidi 
A minister, minister; (of atate), 
rerum publicarum administer; 
(of God'a word), prKdicator; 
(of a parish), ecdesis pastor, 
parochua ; (of justice), jus- 
ti tic curator ; (preacher), pne- 
To minister, ministro [neoa 

Miniaterial, ad miniatmm perti- 
Ministerially, ope ministri 
Ministration, miuisterinm 
A ministriog, auppeditatio 
The ministry, rdpublicas cnra- 

Miniatry, evangdii prsdicatio 
A minikin (pin), apinula minor 
A minor (in age), minor artate; 
(of a ayU«>giam), aasumpUomi* 
Minority (in number), para minor 
A minater, templum, monaatC' 

A minstrd, fldicen, fididna 
Minstrelsy, harmonia 
Mint, mentha 
A mint (for coining), < 
nuqimumc * 

Digitized by V^OOQ 






Minute, minntut, eziguns 

A minat^ Mxagesima pan hone ; 

(instant), momentum 
To minute, ticripto contignare 
Minutely, ugillatlm 
Minuteness, parvitaa 
Minutes, ezemplaria prima, ca- 
pita rei alicujus 
A minx, pucUa fastidiosa 
A miracle miraeulam 
Miracolous, mirificus, minis 
Miracalonvly, mirifici, miri 
Mire, coenum, lutum 
Miry, coenosus, lutosus ; (daubed 

with mire), lutulentus 
A mirror (glass), specttlom; (pat- 
tern), exemplar 
Mirth, gaudium, latitia 
Full of mirth, hilaris, iKtus 
Of mirth, jocosns, ladicer 
Misaceeptation, comprehensio ab- 

A misadrenture, infortunium ; (in 

law), homicidium fortuitum 
To misadvise, perperiun consuiere 
Mis^plication, applicatio prava 
To misapply, perper^m applicare, 

To inisi^prehend,mal6 intelligere 
Misapprehension, sinistra inter- 

Mubeeoming, indecorus 
To misbehaTe, malt se gerere 
Misbehaviour, moram pravitas 
Misbelief, fides prava 
To miscalculate, mal6 computare 
To miscal, falso, m flcto nomine 
^mellare, ignominioso nomine 
denonestare, conviciis insectari 
To miscarry (in business), mali 
sueeedere ; of a child), aborto 
A miscarriage (in business), ma- 
las successus; (in manners), 
delictum; (of females), abortio, 
abortus [tus 

Miscellaneous, miseellanens, mis- 
Miscellanies, miscellanea 
A miscellany, farrago 
A mischance infortunium 
A mischief, malum, exitium 
Mischievous, nocens, malignus 
A mischievous deed, facinus, fla- 

gitium, scelus 
Mischievously, improb^ mal6 
Mischievousness, malitia 
To misconceive, balludnor, mali 

Misconception, sinistra interpre- 

To misconstrue, malt ezplicare 
A misconstruction, depravatio 
To miscount, roali nunierare 
A miscreant, infidus, nocens 
A misdeed, culpa, delictum 
To misdemean, mali «e gerere 
A misdemeanor, delictum, culpa 
A misdo«r, nocens, noxius 
Misdoing, delinquens, peccans 
Misdoubt, suspicio 
To miadoiAt, suspicor 
To misemploy, mal6 collocare; 

(time), ineptiis vacare 
A miser, avarus, miser 
Miserable (afflicted), afflictus, 
ealamitosus; (niggardly), ava- 
Miserableness, avaritia 
Miserably, misery avarft 
Misery, miseria, Krumna 
Misfortune, infortunium, dades 
To misgive, presagio 
f o misguide, seduco, fallo 
A mishap, infortunium 
Misinformed, mali doctus 
Misinformation, fsUns : 

To misinterpret, perperim expo- 
nere fpretatio 

A misinterpretation, mala inter- 
To mislay, extra locum ponere 
To mislead, seduco, fallo 
A misleader, seduetor 
A misleading, seductio 
To roisle, irroro, stillo 
Misletoe, viscus 
To mislike, improbo, aversor 
Misling, irrorans, tenuis 
To mismanage, mali administrare 
Mismanagement, mala adminia- 

To mismatch, maU sociare 
Mismatched, malt sociatus 
To misname, agnomino 
Misnamed, fal^ appellatus 
A misnomer, transnominatio 
To mispend, prodigo, profundo 
A mispending, prorusio 
To misplace, perperiun loeare 
Misprision, neglectns 
A misquotation, falsa quotatio 
To misquote, fals6 citaie 
To misreckon, falsi numerare 
A misreckoning, falsa computatio 
To misrelate, falsb narrare 
To misrepresent, fals6 exprimere 
A misrepresentation, falsa de- 

Misrepresented, fals6 descriptos 
Misrule, dominatio iniqua 
A miss, adolescentula ; (mis- 
tress), arnica; (wrong), dam- 
To miss (leave out), intermitto, 
omitto, prctermitto ; (one's 
mark), scopum non attingere; 
{w be disappointed), de spede- 
cidere; (in duty), pecco, erro, 
labor; (fire), ipaem non conci- 
pere ; {or be out in judgment), 
erro, hidlucinor, &II0 
A missal, missale 
Missed, Mist, desideratus 
Misshapen, deformis, deformatni 
To be missing;, desideror 
A mission, nussio 
A missionary, emissarins 
Missive, Missile, missilis 
To misspell, malt literas eonnec- 

A mist, nebula, caligo 
To be in a mist, pertuibor 
Misty, nebulosos 
To mistake, erro, fsllo 
A mistake, error, erratum 
A mistaking, erratio 
To misstate, fals6 proponere 
To misteach, perperftm docere 
To misterm, fals6 appellare 
To mistime, tempore malt divi- 

A mistress, domina, hera, arnica 
A mistrust, diffidentia 
To mistrust, diffido, suspicor 
Mistrustful, suspicax, suspiciosni 
Mistrustfully, suspiciosi 
A mistrusting, diffidentia 
To misunderstand, malt intelli- 

A misunderstanding, sinistra in- 
terpretatio : (among firiends), 
ditsidium, discordia 

Misusage, abusus ; (ill treat- 
ment), injuria, inhumanitas 

To misuse, abutor, Icdo; (with 
the tongue), conricior 

A mite (insect), acarus; (wee- 
vil), curculio; (coin), nummu- 

A miter (in joinery), ooadunatio 
semiquadra ; (of a bishop), 

Mithridate, antidotum Mithrida- 

To mitigate, miti^, lenio 
A mitigation, mitigatio, lenimen 
A mitre, mitra 
Mitred, infiilatus 
Mittens, chirothecc dimidiatn 
To mix, misceo, commisceo ; (be 

mixed), misceor ; (adulterate), 

vitio.adultero,cormmpo; (with 

water), diluo 
A mixture, mistura farrago 
To missle (mitle), irroro 
Moan, luctus, planctus 
To moan, lugeo, doleo, deploro, 

Moanfiil, flebilis, Ingubris 
Moanfulty, lugubri * 

A moaning, fletus, lamentatio 
A moat (ditch), fossa 
A mob, turba confusa 
The mob, plebecula 
A woman's mob, caliendmm 
To mob, plebeculam in aliquem 

concitare, conviciis insectari 
Mobility, inconstantia 
A mock, dicterium, sanna 
To mock, ludo, deludo, Indi- 

A mocker, derisor, sannio; (de> 

ceiver), planus 
Mockery, irrisus 
Mocking, deridens, deludena 
A mocking, ludificatio, irrisui 
A mockingstock, ludibrium 
A mode (manner), modus, ratio ; 

(fashion), consuetudo, usus 
A model, modulus, forma, exem- 
plar, exemplum 
To model, deiineo, formo 
A modeller, formator 
Moderate, moderatus, mediocria 
To moderate (govern), moderor. 

gubemo; (suppress), cofirceo, 
diminuo; (decide), \ " " 

0; (decide), decido, di- 

Moderately, temperate, lenitir 
Moderateness, teroperantia 
Moderation, moderatio; (in ex- 
pense), frugalitas 
A moderator, moderator 
Modern, recens, hodiernus 
The modems, recentiores 
To modernise, ad hodiemom 

nsum redigere 
Modest, modestus, pudicus,Kqau8 
Modestly, modesty, pudicft, casti 
Modestly, modestia, pndicitia 
A modicum, modicum 
To modify, modum adhibere 
A modification, moditicatio 
Modish, scitus, concinnus 
Modiiihly, sciti, concinni 
Modishness, concinnatus hodi- 

To modulate, modulor 
Modulation, inodulatio 
The moiety, dimidium 
To moil and toil, impigrfe labo- 

Moist, humidus, udus. succidus 
To be moist, madeo, humeo 
To grow moist, humesco 
To moisten, humecto 
To be made moist, madefio 
A moistening, humectatio 
Moistness, humidius 
Moisture, humor, vapor; (of the 

earth), uligo 
Without moisture, exsuccus 
A mole, talpa; (in the body), 

macus, nevus; (fence toward 

the sea), agger 
A mole-hill, grnmni 
To oiolest, iufeato^ vexo - 

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A molMtiDg, vr molestation, mo- 

lestia, vexatio, iofeatatio 
MoUienC, moUiens, delinieni 
To mollify, molUo, mitico 
A mollifier, pacator 
A mollifying, pacatio, leratio 
Molocaea, saochari spuma 
To molt (as birds), plumare,de. 

fluTio laborare 
Molten, fdaas, conflatus, fosilia 
A molting, plnmarom defluviom 
A moment, momentum, temporis 

Of great moment, gravis 
Of fittle moment, levicnlos 
Momentary, unius moment! 
Momentous, gravis 
A mimareh, monarcha 
A monarchy, monarchia 
A monastery, monasterinm 
Monastical, monasticus 
Monday, fieiria secunda 
Money, moneta, pecimia, num- 
mns, nnmisma ; (current), 
nummuB receptus ; (dipped), 
pecnnia accisa; (IxNrrowed), ks 
alienum ; (present)^ peeunia 
Of money, nnmmarins 
Full of money, pecunioaas 
Monev expended, impensa; (lent), 

BS neneratum 
A moneyed man, locnplea, bent 

A moneyer (coiner), i 
Moneyless, sine pecunii 
A mongrel, bigener, kybrida 
A monitor, monitor 
Monitory, ad monitionem pcrti* 

A monk, monachus 
Monkish, monasticus 
A monkey, simia candata 
Monkey-tricks, gesticnlationea 
To monopolism monopolium ex> 

Of tw< 

A monopolizer, monopola 

A monopoly, monopolium 

A monosyllable, mooosyllaba 

Monotony, unius modi sonus 

A monster, monstmm, portentum 

Monstrous, monstrosus 

Mcmstrously, monstros^ valdi 

Montanous. montanus 

A month, mensis 

Of a month, menstruns 

Monthly (for a month), per men- 
sem; (month by month), sin- 
gulis mensibus 

Ttwo months, bimestris; (of 
three months), trimestris; (of 
four months), qnadrimestris 

A monument, monumentnm ; 
(tomb), mausoleum, tnmba 

Monumental, ad monumentum 

Mood (humour), animi aCFectus; 
(of a verb), modus 

In good mood, alacer; (ill mood), 
nuBstus, tristis 

The moon, luna; (new), novilu- 
ninm ; (half), luna fklcata ; 
(half moon in fortification), 
opus lunatum; (moon's first 

Jiuarter), comua prima lunK ; 
full moon), plenuunium; (-'s 
increase), luna crescens; (de- 
crease), luna decrescens 
A moon (month), mensis 
Like the moon, lunattu 
Of the moon, lunaris 
Bv moonliffht, per lunam 
Moon-e^eC lusciosus 
Moonsmne. lunaris lampaa 

A Moor, Athiqpi, 

(marsh), palus 
Of a moor, palustria 
Moorish, palnstris; (or tawny), 

To moor, retineo; (a ship), na- 

vem anchoris in fundo idoneo 

A mop, peniculns 
To mop, penicnlo purgaie 
A mope, stupiduB 
Mope-eyed. Inacns 
To mope, obstupeo 
A moppet, pnsio 
Moral, moralis, ethiens 
The moral, epimythium 
Morality, moralitas 
To moralise, mythologiio 
A moraliier, mythologus 
A moralising, mythologia 
Morally (in a moral sense), sensu 

morali } (speaking), ex commu- 

ni sensu 
Morals, mores, institnta 
A morass, palus 
Morbid, morbidua, morbosoa 
Morbific, morbiflcus 
Mordacitv, mordacitas 
More, «(;. plus, migor; otin. mar 

gls, pits, quftm, ampliiui; or 

•Im it %» the $igu tf Ue eompa- 

More and more, impensitu; (more 

or less), pliu miniu ; (more 

than enough), pliw satis 
To be more thui enough, mipet- 

sum, redundo 
More than nsnal, ultra solitum 
Moreover, insupir, pneterdi 
The mom, or va.famD.if, mane, 

aurora, tempus matutmum 
In the morning, mani ; (betimes), 

Of the morning, matntiniu 
The morning-star, phosphorus 
Next morning, postridi^ mani 
Morose, perversus, austems 
Moroseness. protervitas 
Morosely, morosi, perversa 
To-morrow, eras, crastinO 
Of to-morrow, crastinus 
To-mmrow morning, eras mani 
To-morrow night, crastin& nocte 
Day after to-morrow, perendii 
A morsd, fimstnm, bmcoea 
To a morsel, ad sommam inopiam 
Mortal (deadly), lethalis, ciqpit&- 

lis, lethifer, mortifer; (suhject 

to death), mortalis; (implaca- 
ble ), i mplacabilis, acerlnssmitts ; 

(destructive), intemecinus 
Mortality (destruction), clades ; 

(firaUty), mortalitas; (death), 

A mortality, pestis, pestikntia 
Mortally, lethalitir, vehementte 
Mortals, mortales homines 
A mortar, mortarium 
Mortar, ccmentum 
Of mortar, csmentitios 
Daubed vrith mortar, gypsatns 
A mortgage, hypothecs, pig^us 
To mortgage, pi^pori opponere 
A mortgagee, cm oppigneratur 
Mortification (in tite body), gan- 

l^na; (self-denial), mortinca- 

tio, coercitio; (grief), d(dor 
A mortise, cavus 
To mortise, cavo inserere 
Mortmain, mortua manna 
A mortuary, mortuarium 
Mosaic, mosaXcus 
A mosque templum Turcioum 
Moss, muacus 
Covered with mo 

Mossy, muscosus, lanoginonu 

Most,ai(;. plerique ; aiv. "M*""!*, 
pluriroiun, pnecipni 

Most of all, quim maxima 

Mostly, fer^ plemmqui 

For the most part, vamgak ex 
parte; (generuly), plnrimimt, 
ut plurimdm; (most frequent- 
ly), sKpissimi 

To make the most 6i, pmreft ati 

A mote, atomus 

A moth, tinea, teredo 

Full of moths, tineosns 

Moth-eaten, a tineis eroans 

A mother, mater, genitrix; (in 
law), noverca; (grand), avia 

Mother (native), v 
(chief), primarius, \ 

Of a mother, matomua 

Motherly, matemus; (prudent), 

Motherless, matre orbatus 

Mothery, fieculentus 

A motion, motio ; (of tbe nund), 
perturbatio; (for a biU), ro- 
gatio; (in chancery, fte.), ro- 

To make a motion, aentcBtiam 

At one's own motion, nltrO; (at 
another's motion), alio insti- 

Motions of an army, itinea 

To motion, propono, rogo 

Motionless, immobilis, fixns 

A motive, incitamentnm, caon 

Motive, movens 

Motley, varii distinctna 

A motto, symbolnm 

To move (stir), moveo, agito; 
(disturb), turbo, perturoo; 
(persuade), excite, hotter 
(propose ) , propono, rogo ; (oSfeTs 
dwelling), commigro; ((»e to 
pity), M. misericordiam inda- 
cere; (shake), concutio; («r 
stir up), extimulo, incite; (to), 
admoveo; (to anger), izrito^ 
excandefacio ; (to iMighter), 
risum commovere; (to sedi- 
tion), seditionem conflare; («r 
affect the mind of the hearers), 
animos movere ; (violently), 
impello; (up and down), ytf 

Moveable mebUis 

Moveables, supellex 

Not to be moved, immobiUs 

Easily moved, agitabilis 

A movement, motus 

A mover, motor, suasor, inatiga- 

gator, stimulator, concitator 
Movini^. movens, commovraa 
A movug, motus, suasio, inatiga- 

tio ; {or shaking), concusaio 
Mould (earth), solum, terra; (to 

cast in), matrix, forma; (of 

the head), sntura 
To mould (cast), formo; (bread), 

panem subigere; (grow mouldy). 

A moulder, formator 

To moulder away, d 

Mouldiness, mucor 

A moulding, formatio; (of bread), 

Mouldings, torenmata 
Mouldy, mucidus, rancidos 
To moult, plumas exuera 
Moulting, plumas exuena 
A moulting, pennamm deflu- 

A mound, sepimentnm 
To mound, sepio, sepe nuuiir* 
A mount, mens, coUia 

Digitized by 





To nuMmt (np), ascendo; (a can- 
aon), tormentum rotit impo- 
nere ; (foard), excabo ; (a 
lione), conacendo 
A moontaiD, moos 
Of a mountain, montanni 
A monntaineer, monticola 
MonntainonB, montonu 
A mountebank, circulator 
A monnting up, ascenau« 
To mourn, logeo, defleo; (be- 
wail), dcploro, lamentor; (to- 
gether), condoleo 
A mourner, plorator, poUatna 
Monmftil, loKubris, moestut 
MoumAiUy, lunbritto, moestft 
A mourning, inctos, mceatitia; 

(of the do<»>). gemitna 
Mourning, triatis, lagubria, ater 
Mourning, veatia lugnbria 
In mourning, atratua, pullatu 
A mouae, mua 
A dormonae, glis 
Of a mouae. murinua 
A mouaetrap, mnacipula 
A mouth, oa, rictua ; (of a beaat), 
faux; (of a bird), roatmm ; 
(of aboctle),Iara; (ofaharen, 
or riYer), ostiain ; (of an otcd, 
or Btove). pnenimium ; (of the 
atomach). oeaophagos 
To mouth, eonviciia proscindere 
To make montha, oa dtatorquere 
Foulmouthed. maledicna 
Hardmouthed. oria contumacia 
A mouthAil, bolua [rixoaua 

A mouthii^; fellow, clamoaua. 
To mow (cut down), meto 
A mow, cnmulna; (of hay), foe- 
A mower, meaaor, fialcatori (of 

hay), foeniaeca 
A mowing, meaaio, measia 
Time for mowing, fSoentaeciom 
Mown, meaaua, attonana 
Much, a^. multua, plnrimua ; 
adt. longi, malttm. admodtm, 
Tdiementir, vald^ maKOODerfe; 
(ado), vix, mgrii, difficaltir; 
(in ViJne), magni, pennagni 
OTermnch,nimieraa; adv. nimla, 
nimiiim, pemimls ; adj. nimiua ; 
(aamndi),qDantuni; (aamuch 
again), altemm tantum; (aa 
much aa may be), quantum 
maximum ; (very much ), abun- 
di; (jaat ao mucb), tan tun- 
dem ; (a little too much), 
paul6 nimla 
For how much ? qnanti 7 
For ao much, tanti 
Much like, aaaimilia 
Much leaa, mult6 minha; (much 

the aame), idem fer6 
Thua much, hactenda 
To make much o^ indolgeo, mag- 
ni facere 
To run ranch upon, luereo 
To think much of, inviti agere 
Made much o^ indultua . 
Mncid, mucidoa, rancidua 
Mucilage, roucua 
Mucilaginoua. mucosna 
Muck, atercua, aimoa 
A muckworm (miaer), aTama 
Mucous, mucoBua 
Mud, lotnm, limaa 
To mod. limo pollnere; (water), 

aauam tnrbare 
Muaded (troubled), turbatua ; 
(daubed with mud), limo con- 
To muddle (with drink), inebrio 
Muddy, ccenosua, lintosus ; (in 
looka), nubilua, tortuosua, te- 

tricua ; (wine), Tinum fascu- 

A mufl^ manica TiUosa 
To muffle up. obTolvo, coopflrio 
Muffling up, obndTena 
A mug, poculum 
Mugwort. artemesia 
Muggiah, or muggy, mucidna, ea- 

A mulatto, hybrlda [ma 

A mulberry, morum ; (tree), mo- 
A mulct, mnlcta 
To mulct, mulct o 
A mule, mulua, mula; (young), 

Of a mule, mularia 
A muleteer, mulio [quere 

To mull, Tinum aromatibus oo- 
Mulled wine, vinnm aduatom 
A muUer, lapis molaria 
A mullet, mugil 
Mnltifanoua, multifarina 
Multiform, multiformia 
Multiparoua, plurea uno partn 

Multiplicable, multipUeabilia 
A multiplicand, nnmerua molti- 

Multiplication, multiplicatio 
A multiplicator, multipUcaUMr 
Multiplicity, magna copia 
To multiply, mnltiplico; (to be 

multiplied), multiplicor 
A multiplier, multiplicator 
Multiplying, multiplicana, an- 

A multitude, mnltitudo 
The multitude, Yulgua, plebs 
Mum I tace I au I 
To mumble, muaaito ; (in eat- 
ing), Kgri mandncara; (beat), 

pugnia tundere 
A mumbler, mussitator 
A mumbling, murmoratio 
A mummer, larratua 
A mummy, cadaver conditum 
To beat to a mummy, valdft con- 

To mump, mendieo; (a dinner), 

paraaifor, epulia inaidiari 
A mumper, mendicua, paraaitiu 
Mumping, mendicana 
To be in the mumps, animo angi 
To munch, manduco 
A muncher, comedo 
Mundane, mundanua 
A mungrel, hybrida 
Municipal, municipalia; (town), 

Munificence, mnnifieentia 
Munificent, munificua, liberalia 
Munition, arma; (defence), prK- 

aidium, tutela 
Mural, muralis 
Murder, homicidium. caedea 
To murder, trucido, caedo 
A murderer, homicida, aicarius, 

Murdering, fmn, tmculentus 
A murdering, trucidatio : (squan- 
dering away), profuaiOk dissi- 

Murk, caligo 
Murky, teuebroaiu 
A murmur (complaint), querela; 

(apeaking low), firemitua, mor- 

To . 

(again), remurmuro ; (much), 
pert'remo ; (againat), obmur- 
mnro; (at),adnemo 
A murmurer, mnrmurator 
A murmuring, murmuratio 
A little murmuring, ausurrua 
The murrain, acabiea, luea 

A mnacle, musculns 

Muscular, ad muaculoa pertinena 

Amuae,muaa; (the muaea), Pie- 

ridea, Camcenc 
To mute, meditor, contemplor ; 

(beforehand), prsmeditor 
Muaing, meditana, cogitana 
A muahroom, fungua 
Muaic, cantua, mueice, musiea 
Moaical, muaicus, harmonicna 
Muaically, musics, modulate 
A muaician, muaicna 
A muaic-achool, ludua fldidniua 
Mnak, moachua 
A muak-melon, melo odoratua 
Miuky, moRchatua 
A muaket, acloppetum 
A muaqueteer, acloppetariot 
Moalin, nebula linea 
Must (new wine). 
To muat, muceaco 
I muat, debeo, oportet me 
The muatachea, barba alata 
Muatard, ainapia 
A muater. copiamro luatratio 
A muater maater. militum censor 
To mukter. exereitum lustrare 
To pasa muater, approbor 
Muatered, conacriptua, censua 
A mnatering, luatratio, cenaui 
Muatily, mncidi 
Muatineaa, mucor 
Muaty, mucidna, rancidua 
To be muaty, muceo, muceaco 
Mutable, mutabilia, mobilia 
To be mutable, muto, vario 
Mutability, mutabilitaa 
A mutation, mutatio 
Mute (dumb), mntua 
To be mut^ obmuteseo 
To mute (aa a hawk), ahum 

Mutely, tacitft 
To mutilate, mutilo 
Mutilation, motilatio 
A mutineer, homo turbnlenttia 
Mntinoua, turbulentua, seditio- 
ana [tioaft 

Mutinoualy, turbulentir, aedi- 
A mutiny, motua aeditio 
To mutiny, tumultuor 
A mutinying, aeditio, tummltna 
To mutter, mnaao, muarito 
A muttering, murmuratio 
Mutton, caro orina, or verrecioa 
Mutual, mutuua, reciprocua 
Mutually, mutu6, inncim 
A muztle, capiatrum 
The muisle of a gun, adoppeti oa 
To muzsle, capistro conatrin(|[ere 
A muzaling, capistro coUigatio 
My, or mine, meua 
A myriad, myriaa 
Mjrrh, myrrna 

Of myrrh, myrrheus, myrrhinua 
A myrtle, myrtus 
Of myrtle, myrieus, myitinoa 
Like myrtle, myrtuosus 
Mixed with myrtle, myrtatnl 
A mystery, mysteriuni, arcanum 
Myaterioua. Myatical, myaticua 
Myatically, mystic^ 
Mythological, mytbologicua 
A mythologiat, mytbologua 
Mythology, mythologia 


To nab, prehendo 

A nag, mannua, equulens, Tcre* 

dua, aaturcu 
A naiX clavna; (of the foot, or 

Digitized by GOOgl(?* 




hand), nngolt; (in nwMure), 
digiti duo cam qiudranti ; 
(tenter-hook), uncus 

To nail, claTom pangere, mMgo ; 
(up cannon), obstrno; (to a 
cron), cracifigo; (down), de> 
figo; (op), Bumgo 

A nailer, faber claYorum 

Naked, nudas ; (balO> aeminu- 
dua; (stark), nodior oto; (as 
a aword). strictus; (truth), Ve- 
ritas non simulata 

To strip naked, undo, denndo 

Nakedly, aperti, perspicai 

Nakedness, nuditas; (to un- 
cover), pudicitiam violare 

A name, nomen; (first), pr«no- 
men; (surname), cognomen; 
(nick), ficu appellatio; (re- 
nown, or reputation), fama, ex- 
istimatio, celebritaa 

A namesake, oognominis 

To name, nomino, nuncupo, voco, 
^ppello; (mention), mentionem 
ncere, memini 

Bv name, nominatlm 

Nameless, anonymua 

Namely, nominatlm, viddieit, 

A naming, nominatio 

Anan,somnusbrevis; (of doth), 

To Uke a nap, obdormiseo; (at 
noon), meridior 

The nape, ima colli vertebra 

Napeiy, lintea 

A najtkin, linteolum, mapi>a 

Napping, dormitans, dormiens 

Nappy, villosus; (ale), cereviaia 

Narcotic, narcoticns 

Nard( the shrub ),nardnmi (dnt- 

ment), nardos 
To narrate, afforo, narro 
A narration, narratio 
A narrative, enarratio 
Narrow, arctus, angustus, ezi- 
mi»i (covetous), parens, avi- 


To narrow, areto, coarcto 
Narrowlv, august^ areti; (with 

difficulty), cgr^ difflcultir 
Narrowness, angustia 
Nastily, foed^ squalidi 
Nastiness, sordes, spurdtiea 
Nasty, foedus, squalidni^ sordidus 
Natal, natalis 
A nation, natio, gnu 
Of a nation, gentilis, b gente 
National, ad nationera pertinena 
Native, nativus, innatus 
A native, indigena 
Nativity, nativitas. partus 
Of a nativity, natalitius 
Natural, naturalis, nativus, radi- 

calis; (foolish), stultus, insi- 

piens; (spurious), spurius, no- 

thus; (on its own accord), 

spontft nascens 
Natural disposition, indoles 
A naturalist, rerum naturalium 

investigator [donare 

To naturalise, civitate aliquem 
Naturalization, civitatis donatio 
Naturally, naturft, naturalitto; 

(of its own accord), ultr6* 

Nature, natura ; (disposition) , in- 

genium, indoles; (sort), genus 
By nature, secundum naturam 
Good-natured, affabilis. mitis 
Ill-natured, morosoa, diffldlis 
Naval, navalis, nautieus 
A nave (of a wheel), modiolus; 

(of a church), ampla pars 

The navel, umbilicus 
Like a navel, umbilicatus 
Naught, mains, scelestus, nequam 
To set at naught, vilipendo 
Naughtily, vaiidh, prav6 
Naughtiness, mahtia, malignitas 
Naughty, mdus, scelestus 
Navigable, navigabilis 
To navigate, navigo 
Navigation, navigatio 
A navigator, navigator 
To nauseate, nauseo, fiutidio 
Nauseous, fastidiosus, putidua 
Nauseously, cum nausei 

Nautic, nautieus 

A navy, vis maritima, classis 

Of the navy, classicus, classiaritu 

The nayy-offlce, curia navalis 

Nay, minimi im6 

A saying nay, negatio, repulsa 

Neap, decrescens 

Near (to a place), vicinns; (in 
blood), prozimus ; (in ex- 
penses), parens 

Near, adv. propter, prozimi. pent, 
feri, propi 

Near, prep, juxta, secundum 

Far and near, long* latftqua 

Near at hand, in promptu 

Near now, mod6, jam nunc 

To be near at hand, adsto, insto 

Nearer, propior; adv. propiiM 

Nearest, proximus 

Nearly, prop^ cauti, paicfe 

Nearness, proximitas ; (of kin), 
cognatio, affinitas; (niggardli- 
ness), parsimonia 

Neat, nitidus, scitus, lepidus, ae- 
curatus, concinnus, elegans 

Very neat, elegantissimus 

To be neat, niteo . 

Neat (black cattle), boves 

Neat's tongue, lingua babula; 
(feet), pedes buboli 

A neatherd, bnbulcus 

Neatly, nitid^ elegantftr 

Neatness, nitor, concinnitas 

Nebulous, nebulosu^ 

Necessarjr, necessarida 

Necessaries of life, necesutatea 

It is necessary, opus est 

A necessary-house, fbiica 

Necessarily, necessari6 

To necessitate, cogo, adigo 

Necessitous, indigus, egenus, in- 

Necessity, necessitas, inopia ; (to 
make a virtue of necessity), 
errorem in consilium vertere 

The neck, collum, cervix; (of an 
instrument), jugura 

A neck of land, isthmus 

Neck or nothing, furiosi incon- 

A neckcloth, eollare 

A necklace, monile 

A necromancer, veneficna, magtu 

Necromancy, necromantia 

Nectar, nectar 

Of nectar, nectareus _ 

A nectarine, nncipersica 

Need (want), egestas, inedia, pe- 
nuria; (necessity), opus, usus, 

To need, egeo, indigeo 

I must needs, oportet me 

Needful, opus opportunus 

It is needful, expedit, convenit 

Needfulness, necessitas 

Neediness, inopia, indigentia 

A needle, acus 

Needlework, opus Phrygium, or 

acupictum ; (case), acuum 


Needless, supervacnus, inntilis 
Needs, necesse ; (or neceasariea), 

res necessaric; (to do), alvum 

Needy, egens, inops, indigene 
Nefariotu, impios, scelestus 
A negation, negatio 
A negative, repulsa, negatio 
Negatively, negando 
Neglect, neglectus, negligentin 
To neglect, negligo. omitto 
Neglectfully, negligentir 
A neglecting, neglectus 
Negligence, neghgentia 
Negligent, or neglectful, negli- 

gens; (person), ignavna, osci- 

tans [mio 

To be negligent, negligo, indor- 
Negligently. negligentir 
To negotiate, negotior, ^ro 
A negotiation, neg^tiatio, admi- 

nistratio, transactio 
A negotiator, curator 
A negro, manrus. cthiopa 
To neigh, hinnio; (after), adhin- 

A newhing. binnitua 
Aneighbour, vicious, accola, prox- 
To be a neighbour, in vidnii ha- 

Neighbourhood, vicinitas, vicima 
Neighbourly, familiaris. benignns 
Ndghbourly, adv. benignft 
Ndther, adj. neuter; eeiv. nec^ 

neque, neu, neve 
Neither way, neutr6 
Nemord, nemoralis 
Neoteric, neotericus [nqMn 

A nephew, fratris, or sororis filius. 
Nephritic, renum morbo laborans 
Neptune, Neptunus 
A nerve, nervus 
Nervous, nervosus, fortis 
A ness, promontorium 
A nest, nidus j (of boxes, or 

drawers), nidi ; (of thieves). 

grex fiirum; (of waaps). ves- 

parum nidulus 
To nestle, nidulor; (about), in 

omnes partes versari 
A net, rete, plagse; (cabbage), ex- 

cipulus caulium ; (drag, or fish- 
ing)* verriculum, tragum, s»- 

gena; (work), opus reticulatum 
Like a net, reticulatus, retUbrmis ; 

adv. reticulatlm 
To take in a net. irretio 
The net produce, reditua puxiu; 

(weight), simplex pondua 
Nether, inferior 
Nethermost, infimus 
Netting, opus reticulatum 
A nettle, urtica, lanium 
Pull of nettles, urticosua 
To nettle, or vex, stimuio^ pnngo 
A nettling, stimulatio 
Nettling, stimolans. mordax 
Never (no or not), nuUus, ne 

unus ; (at no time), nunquiun; 

non unquiun; (never the), ni- 

Nevertheless, nibiloroin&s 
Never a whit, nihil quicquam 
Never before, nunc priindm 
Never after, nunqukm deblnc 
Never so great, at ut maximua 
Never so often, nsqufe 
Neuter, neuter, medius 
To stand neuter, neutri parti ■• 

Neutrdity, neutram in partem 

propensio, or inclinatio 

New, novas, integer, r 

New things, nova 

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New year's day, festum cireuni' 

eiaionu Dominicc 
A new year's gift, streoa 
To make new, innovo, instanro 
To grow new, integrasco 
New-coined, novatus, fictas 
Anew (over again), denu6, ab in- 

Newly, nupir, nnperrimft 
Newness, noTitas 
News, noTitas, noTellc, fiuna, 

nnnor, res dotk 

A „ . 

1, ardelio 

A newspaper, novellK scripts 
Next, ac(;.prozinias, vicinal ; adv. 
deindi, deineips ; (after, or to), 
joxta, secundom 
The next dat, postridit 
A uib (of a bird), rostrum ; (of a 

pen), caspis, crena calami 
To nibble rodo, carpo 
Nibbling, rodens, morficans 
Nice (dunty),delicatas; (exact), 
accoratus ; (dangeroos, or tick- 
lisb), periculosus ; (difficult), 
diffleilia; (bard to be pleased), 
moroans; (effeminate), mollis 
Nicely, delicate, hetib, accurate 
Nioeness, moUities, accuratio 
Niceties, cupediaB 
Nicety, moUitia,'mollities ; (in 
work), elq^ntia ; (in style), 
A nicbe, statue locnlamentum 
A nick, crena, incisnra 
In the nick of time, opportune 
To nick, incido 

A nickname, nomen probrosnm 
To nickname, contumelioso no- 
mine appellare 
Nidoroos, nidorem reddens 
A niece, fratris, or sororis lilia 
A niggard, avaros. parcus 
N^^^ffdliness. avanria, sordes 
Ninardly, avarus, parens, sordi- 

Niggardly, aTari, parci 

N^b, ttdj. Ticinus, propinqnns; 
Mif. propi, juxtii, proptte, se- 

To be nigh, adsum 

To draw nigh, insto, appropinquo 

Nigher, propior 

Nighest, proximos 

Nighness, proximitai 

A night, nox 

All mght, per totam noctem 

By night, nocte, noctn ; (and 
day), nocte diuque 

This night, hAc nocte 

Of the night, noetumus 

A nightwalker. noctivagas 

Two nights, binoctium 

A nightcap, pileus noetumus 

A nightKown, toga cubicularis 

A nightm^e, Inscinia, philomda 

Nightly, sin^pDilis noctibus 

Nimble, agiha, tcIox. celer 

Nimblcneas, agilitas 

Nimbly, agilitir. expedite 

Nine, noTcm, noTcm 

Of nine, norenarins 

Nine times. noTiis 

Nine at thirds, enneas 

Nine days, noTcndium 

Nineteen, novendecim, nnderi- 
ginti ; (nine and twentieth), 
nndetrigesimus ; (and thirty), 
udequadraginu ; (and forty), 
ondequioquaginta; (and fifty), 
nndesexaginta ; (ninety-nine), 

The ninth, nonoi^ novenarins; 
(nineteenth), nnderigesimus, 

dedmus nonns; (forty-ninth), 

Thirty-nine times,undeqaadragite 

Ninety times, nonagite 

Ninety, nonaginta 

Of ninetY. nonagenarins 

Ninetieth, nonagesimus 

Nine hundred, noningenti 

Nine hundred times, noningentifts 

A ninny, vacerra 

A nip, Tcllicatio 

To nip, Tello, TcUico, digitis 
stringere; (off)i seco. deneco; 
(cruelly), fodico; (as cold), 
nro ; (with the teeth ), dentibua 
stringere; (or Uont), mordeo, 

Nippers, forceps 

A nipping, vellicatos, morsns 

Nipping, mordax ; (je>t), dicta- 

The nipple, papUla 

A nit, lens 

Nitre, nitrum 

Nitrous, nitrosus, nitratus 

Nitid, nitidus 

Nitty, scatens lendibas 

A nicy, or nixsy, stultus 

No, adj. nuUus ; adv. non, mini- 
mi, hand 

Nobodjr, nemo ; (but I), ego 
verd solus 

By no means, nequaquiun, minimi 

No more, nihil ampuHs 

To no purpose, frustrii [nnsqukm 

No where, or whither, nullibl. 

To nobilitate, nobilito 

NobilitT, nobilitas 

The noDility, nobiles, proceres 

Noble (illustrious), ikobilis, iUu^ 
tris, insignis, clams, splendi- 
dus ; ( generous, or free ) , libera- 
lis, geoerosus, munificus ; 
(suteiy), magniflcos; (brave), 

A nobleman, vir amplissimus; 
(woman), femina primaria 

Noblemen, optimates 

A noble (money), tertia pars librs 

Nobleness, claritas, splendor; (of 
soul), magnanimitas [rosi 

Nobly, praeclari, magnified, gene- 
Nocturnal, noetumus 

A nod, nutns ; (in sleeping), som- 
nus brevis, or levis 

To nod. nuto, nuo; (or sleep), 
dormito ; (to), annuo 

A nodding, nutatio, nutua 

Nodding, nutans, dormitans 

A noddy, fatutts, stultus 

A noggin, cotyla, lagena 

A noise, sonitus, clamor, strepi- 
tus; (report), rumor; (of thun- 
der), fragor 

To make a noise, obstrepo 

To noise abroad, promulgo 

Without noise, tacitus, silena 

Making a noise, obstrepens ; (on 
high), altisonus; (like waves), 

It is noised about, rumor est 

Noisiness, clamor 

Noisome, nocens. noxins, gravis 

Noisomeness, spurcities. foetor 

Noisy, clamosns, rixosus 

The nombles, exta cervina 

A nomenclator, nomenclator 

A nomenclature, nomendatnra 

Nominal, nominalis 

Nominally, nomini, diserti 

To nominate, nomino, designo 

A nominating, or nomihation, no- 
minatio, designatio 

Nominative, nominatival, rectos 

Nonage, iafkntia 

A nonconformist, dissentiens 

None, nullus, non utlus 

Nonpayment, solutio non pnestita 

NonperformancCi inopia prxsta- 

The nones, nouB 

A nonplus, incita [reli^ere 

To nonplus (pussle). ad incitas 

Nonresidence, absentia 

Nonresident, non residens, absens 

Non-resistance, non repugnantia 

Nonsense, absurdi dictum 

Nonsensical, absurdus, ineptns 

Nonsensically, absurd^ ridiculi 

Nousensicalness, ineptiss 

A nonsuit, litis desertio; (to suf- 
fer), formula cadere 

A noodle, hebes, stultus 

A nook, angulus, latebra 

Noon, meridies 

Of noon, meridianufl 

Aftemoon, pomeridianua 

The afternoon, tempos pomeri- 

Before noon, antemeridianos 

A noose, laqueus nexilis 

To noose, irretio, illaqueo 

Nor, nee, neque 

The north, septentrio 

Of the north, septentrionalis, 
arcticus, boreus, borealis 

The north- star, stella polaris 

The north-wind, boreas, aqoilo 

North-east-wind, caecias 

North-west, caurus 

North-westerly, canriniu 

Northerly, borealis . [regnla 

A nose, nasos; (of wax), Lesbia 

With a great nose, nasatus 

A nosegay, fiorum fasciculus 

Plat-nosed, simus 

Hawk-nosed, camums, aquiliniu 

The nostrils, nares 

Not, non, ne, baud, mintu, nee, 

Not at all, nullo modo, nequa- 
qukm, ne minimi; (not yet), 
nondikm, vixdtlm ; (not so), 
minimi, neutiquion, nequa- 
quion ; (not any), nullus 

Notable (considerable), illtutriiy 
insignis, eximius, spectabilis 

Notable (very),valdi.vehementir 

To be notable, eniteo. clareo 

Notableness. claritas, dexteritas 

Notably, eximii, egregii, beni 

A notary, notarius 

Done by a notary, in poblicas ta- 
bulas iUattts 

Notation, notatio 

A notch, incisnra 

To notch, incido, dentieolo 

A notching, incisio 

A note (mark), siguum, nota; 
(bill), syngrapha ; (observa- 
tion), annotatio, observatio ; 
(in music), tonus, modus 

Of note, noubilis, illustris, da- 
ms, egregius, eximius 

Of little note, obscurus, ignotus 

To note (mark), noto, assigno ; 
(observe), observo, animadver- 
to; (set down), scripto man- 
dare [fpntis 

Nothing, nihil; (for nothing). 

Good for nothing, inutilis, nihili. 
abjecttts, vilis, intimus, nullius 
momenti, contemptu habitus 

To make nothing of (do with 
ease), aliquid fadli fiacere ; 
(slight), sperno, contemno ; 
(not to understand), minimi 
intelligere; (not to socceed), 
nihil promovere 

Notice (knowiedge)* notitia, sd- 
Digitized by V^CJU*-,* 6 




entia, eognitio; (adTice). ad- 
monitio, monitum 
To give notice, notum facere 
To recciTC notice, certior fieri 
To take notice, noto, observo ; (of 

a person), uilato 
To take no notice of (a person), 
inialutatam prvterire ; (dis- 
semble), disaimolo ; (neglect), 
A notification, notificatio 
To notify, significo, denuocio 
A noting, notatio, observatio 
Notion (knowledge, or under- 
sunding), notio, cognitio, uo- 
titia, peritia, sdentia; (idea), 
idea; (opinion), opinio, sen- 
tentia [mosns 

Notorious, manifestns, notos, fa- 
Notoriously, aperti, manifestft 
Notoriousness, Notoriety, eriden- 

tia, notitiapervulgata 
ending, tanu 


men. nihilominds, 
qnamris, licit, nikilo seciiu 
Novel, noTus, rccens; (unosoal), 

A novel, historia novella 
A novelist, fiibalarum scriptor 
Noveltv, res novc, novitai 
November, November 
Nonsht, nihil; (to nooght), ad 
nihilom; (at nought), nibilo, 
pronihilo; (a nought in arith- 
metic), ciphra 
A novice, novitius, tiro 
A noun, nomen; (without cases), 
i^toton; (of onecase),monop- 
toton ; (of two cases), diptoton ; 
(of three cases), triptoton 
To nourish, nutrio, alo, foveo. nn- 
trico; {or bring up), educo, 
Nourisbing, nutriens, fbvens 
Nourishment, alimentum, cibua 
Of nourishment, alimenurius 
Now, nunc j<un; (a-days), nunc 
diemm, hodit. hiis temporibus ; 
(and then), nonnunquiun, iden- 
tidim, subindft 
Just now, mod6. jam jam 
Noxious, noxins. nocens, nocivns 
Nnbilous, nubibus obductua 
Nude nudns, simplex 
The nuel, scapus, tmncus 
Nugatory, nugatorius, ineptus 
A nuisance, nocumentum, offensa 
Null, irritus, cassus 
To null, abrogo, irritum reddere 
A nullifidian. nullius fidei homo 
A nulling, abrogatio 
A nullitv, nollitas, nihilum 
To nnmo, stupefacio 
To be numbed, torpesco 
A number, numerus; (of men), 

multitudo; (of things), oopia 
To number, numero, compute 
In great number, frequentes 
'Without number, innumerabilia 
Of what number 7 quotus? 
More in number, numerosior 
By number, numero 
Of number, nnroeralit 
May be numbered, numenbilis, 

A numberer, numerator 
A numbering; numeratio; (of 
names), nomendatio ; (oi peo- 
ple), census 
Numberless, innumerua 
Numbers (book of), Numari 
Numbness, stupor, torpor 
Numerable, numerabilia 
Numeration, numeratio 
Numerical, NomeraL numenlia 

Numerically the same, idem ad 

The numerator, numerator 
Numerous, numerosus 
Numerously, numerosi 
A nun, nonna, monialis 
A nuncio, legatus papalis 
Nuncupative, nuncupativus 
A nunnery, domus monialinm 
Nuptial, nuptialis, ooigugalia 
Nuptials, nuptic 
A nurse, nutrix, alumna 
A nurse-child, alumnus 
A wet nurse, nutrix lactana 
A dry nura^ nutrix mercenaria 
sine lacte [cillari 

Nurse-keeping. Kffrotantibus an- 
To nurse nutrio, lovaok jcaro, an- 

A nursery (for children), cubi- 
culum nutrici appropriatum ; 
(child at nurse), alumnus; (of 
leaminj^) . seminarium doctrine, 
academia; (of plants), semina- 
rium. pkmtarinm 
A nursing, nutricatio ; (of the 
aick), nutricium, curatto; (fa- 
ther), nutritius 
A nuniUng, delicataa puer 
Nurture, educatio, alimentnm, 

To nurture, ednoo, institao 
To nustle, indulgeo, foveo 
A nut, nux; (of a screw), theca; 
(cracker), nucifrangibulum ; 
(kernel), nucleus; (shell), pu- 
tamen; (oi a musical instru- 
ment), magas; (of a cross- 
bow), astragalus ; ((rf a 1^ of 
mutton), gUns coxa ovine 
A nutmeg, nux moschata 
Nutriment, nutrimentiun 
Nutrition, nutritio 
Nutritive, nntrimentum jMnebens 
To nuBsle in bed, lecto andulgere 
A nymph, nympha 

O. adv. O 

O, inter. O I Oh I ntinim I 

An oaf, stultus, bd>es 

Oafish, insulsus, fatuus 

An oak, quercus, robur 

Oaken, quemus, qnercea% robo* 

An oak-grove queroetom 
An oar, remns, tonsa 

A pair of oars, scapha biremia 
Oatmeal, avenacea fiuina 
An oatmeal man, avenarins 
Of oatmeal. Oaten, avenaceus 
An oath, juramentum, jusjuran- 

dnm; (inilitary), saeramentum; 

(solemn), dcgurium 
To take the oath of allegiance, in 

regis verba jurare ; (to keep the 

laws), in leges jorare 
A false oath, periurium 
With an oath, jur^urando, per- 

sanct^ jurat6 
Oats, avena 

Wild oats, bromus aterilis 
Obambulation. obambulatio 
Obduracy, obstinatio 
Obdurate, induratns, pertinax 
To be obdurate obdureseo 
Obdurately, pertinacitir 
Obdurateness, obstinatio, rigw 
Obedience, obedientia, obseqnium 
Under obedience, sub potestate 
Obedient, obedient obsequena 

Digitize 1 

Obediently, obedientto, o 

Obeisance, saint atio 

To make an obeisance, eaptte in- 

dinato, or poplite flexo^ all- 

quem salutare 
An obelisk, obeliscns 
Obesity, obesitas 
To obey, obedio, obseqnor, pMeo 
An object, objectnm, res oblata; 

(of sense), quod sentitor; (of 

sight), quod oculis percipitur; 

(of love), dignus amore; (of 

one's wishes), optabile; (j^ea- 

sant), res venusta 
To object, objicio, oppono 
Objecting, objiciens,culpaa8,Ctf> 

An objection, objectio 
Objective quod objici potest ; 

(pertaining to an ohject), ad 

rem objectam spectana 
An obit, feralia 

To objurgate (chide), olauftt 
An oblatioc, oblatio 
An oblectation, oblectamentnm 
To obligate, obligo. devincio 
An obligation, obugatio, meritam* 

Obligatory, obligatorina 
To oblige (compel), cogo^ in- 

Sello; (one by kindneaa), bent 
e aliquo n 

An obliger, qui tradit S3mgrapham 
Obliging (courteous), conia, 
blantlue affabilis; (kind,er li- 
beral), liberalie benefieus ; 
(forcing), co|[ens 
Obligingly, benigne oomitir 
Obl^ingness, comitas, affabihtas 
Oblique, obliquus 
Obliquely, obliqui 
Obliquenese Obliquity, obltqmtu 
To obliterate, deleo, expungo 
Oblivion, oblivio, oblivinm; (an 

act of oblivion), amnestia 
Oblong, oblongus 
Obloquy, contumdia, inteaia 
Obnoxious, obnoxius, expositoa 
Obscene, obscoenus, impums 
Obscenely, obscoen^ impuzi 
Obsceneness, Obscenity, obacce* 

Obscure (dark), tenebrosns, ca- 
li^nosus; (difficult), obscurus, 
difficilis; (in person), ignotos, 
ignobilis; (style), intortus 
To make obscure obscuro 
Obscurely, obscuri, occult* 
Obscurity, obsruritas; (to b« in 
obscurity), abditos esse [bins 
Full of obscurity, ambiguus, du- 
An obsecration, obsecratio 
Obsequies, exequin [r 

Obsequious, obsequeiM, mo — 
To be obsequious, obsequor 
Obsequiously, obsequentto 
Obsequiousnese obseqnium 
Observable insignie notabilta 
Observance observantia 
Observant, observane obedieaa 
An observation, observatio 
An observatory, specula ex quA 

sidera observantnr 
To obsorve observo, noto; (duti- 
fully), obedie oolo; (laws), W- 
gibus parare or obedire 
An observor. ob^ervator 
Obserring, observane notana 
Obsolete obsoletue antiquatna 
To grow obsolete obsoleseo 
An obstacle impedimentum 
Obstinacy, contumadepertiaada 
Obstinate pertinax, obatinMas; 


To be obstinate, animam obflr. 

Obetmetdy. obvtiiiati. mordjetu 
Obctreperovs, obttrepcBs 
To be obstrepenms, rociferor 
To obstruct (hinder), impedio, 

obsto; (stop op), <^tnio 
Obstructing, Obstmction, ob- 

Obstructive, impediens 
To obtain, obtineo, potior; {hj 
cbance), Bortior ; (bf request), 
impetro^ exoro; (£svour), gra- 
tiam inire ; (as a custom), in- 
▼eterasco; (or get groondi, sn- 
pero, vinco; (bj flattery), blan- 
Obtainable, inpetrabilis 
Hanng obtained libertr, liberU- 
tis compos; (his wish), voti 
An obtaining, adeptio, impetratio 
To obtrude, obtrudo, impono 
An obtrudttr, qni sese aliis obtm> 

Obtuse, obtusas, hebes 
Obtusely, obtnst 
Obtoaeness, hebetude 
Obrentions, obventiones 
Tb obTiate, imererto, prseripio 
An obviating aateocenpatio 
Obrious, obvios 
To obnmbrate, obmnbro 
Occasion (opportanity), ooeasio, 
opportnnitas ; (caus^ or rea- 
son), causa, materia, ansa ; 
(need, or want), opus, usos 
To occasion (make), Csdo; (pro- 
cure), paro, eoodto, excito; 
Igriet, joy, Ac), alieui causa 
doloris, gaudii, fte. esse; (vo- 
miting), Tomitom movere 
Occasions (business), negotia 
Occasional, ansam prKoeoa, ac- 

Occasionally, pro re nat4 
Occidental, occidentalis 
Oecnlt, oecnhus, abditus 
Occupancy, occupatio 
An occupation, occupatio, nego- 

tium, ars, artifleium, res 
Occupation (tenure), possestio 
Occulted, occupatus, cultus 
An occupier, possessor, cultor 
To occupy, occupo, colo; (in bu- 
siness), in arte, or negotio se 
ooeupare; (the place of an- 
other), slteriualociunsnpplere, 
er vice fungi 
An occupying, occupatio, cultus 
To occtu*, occurro, obvenio 

Occurring, obTins 
The ocean, oceaniu 
Octangular, octo habens angulos 
An octave (eiarbt days), ogdoas; 

(in music), diapason 
October, October 
Ocular, ocularius 
An oculist, medicus ocularius 
Odd (not even), impar; (fantas- 

tieal), levis; (uncommon), in- 

Oddly, inuduti, insolentto 
Oddnass, raritas, instrfoitia 
Odds, lites, discordia, dissensio, 

inimicitiaB; (difference), discri- 

An ode, ode, cantilena 
Odioiu, odiosus, invisus 
Odiously, odiost, invidiost 
Odionsness, qnalitas rei odiosa 
An odium, odUum 
Odoriflerons, odoratus, odorifer 
To make odoriferous, odoio 


Odorous, odonis 

An odour, odor 



(Economy, oeoonomia 

(Ecumemeal, generalis 

O'er (over), super, su|nm 

Of. it. ab. de. ^ ex 

Oll^ hinc. abhlnc; (off and on), 

utcunqui, asediocritte 
Far off. procU 
From off, de 
To be oC mnto 
Off hand, continnd, oonfesthn 
Offials, reliqais 
An offence (displeasure), oflien- 

sio; (fsalt). oflensa, culpa, fla- 

gitium; (aiSnmt), injuria, con- 

To be an offence to one, oilensi- 

one alieui esse 
To offend, erro, peeeo^ delinqoo, 

offendo, disphoeo^ bedo, la- 

eesso ; (the laws), violo 
Ad offender, delinquens, reus 
Offendiag, nocens, bedens 

iapons), I 
>raa), in| 

tia; (in woraa), ingratus, mo- 

lestus; (to the sttmiach), sto- 

macho ingratus 
Offlensively, iqjurios^ molesti 
Offiensiveness, qualitas uozia 
An offer (attempt), eonatus ; 

(thing offered), res oblata, eon- 

To offer, offero, praebeo; (er bid 

money), lieitor; (propose), pro- 
pone; (dedicate), dedico,dico; 

» a re- 

poi . 

(attempt), conor ; (up i 

quest), suppbeo; (itself) i 

curro; (in sac r ifi ce ), sacxiflco, 


An offering, oblatio, donnai; (of 
a sacriflce), immolatio 

An offertory, offertonum 

An oiBce (good tarn), ofllcium, 
beneflcium ; (pubKe dMrge), 
munus, magistratus ; (place of 
business), ofllcina ; (work- 
house), tabema opnaria ; 
(house of office), latrina, fbrica 

An officer (or mi^trate), magis- 
tratus; (in the army), onz, 
praefectus ; (of state), maximis 
reipubliec muneribus pneposi- 
tns; (seijeant, or bailiff), lie- 
tor; (of excise), pubiicanus; 
(chief officers) , magnates 

An official, surrogatus 

To officiate (in business), oA- 
cium prKStare, menus imidere; 
(as a clenyman), rem divinam 
facere; (for another), alterius 
vice fungi 

Offlicinal, ad oAeinam perdneiu 

Officious, offlciosus, obsequiosus 

Not officious, ioofflciosos 

Officiously, officios* 

Officiousness, officium,obsequium 

The offing, mare apertum 

An offset, surculiu 

Offscouring, purgamentnm 

An offspring, proles, progenies, 
propago, soboles 

Offward. versus man 

Often, adj. flreqnens 

Often, adv. ntpt, crebrt), frequen- 
ts, stepenumerd; (very often), 
scpissuni ; (how often), qno- 
tifts; (how often soever), quo- 
tiescunqui; (as often as), to- 
tiftsquotiis; (so often), totita; 
(not often), rarO; (too often), 
scpiils, niniis, sapi 

Oftenttmes^ miiitoti«% s«p* 



Oil, oleum 

Of oil. olearis. olearius 

An oilman, olearius 

An oil-stone (for painters), abacus 
pigmentari* triturs 

To oil. inungo, oleo uogueie 

Mixed with oil. trieatua 

An oilet-hole. ocellus 

OilinesB, oleacitas 

An oiling, inanctio 

Oily, oleosns 

Ointment, ungnentum 

Of ointment, unguentarins 

An meter, ostrea ; (pit), ostreari* 
nm; (shell), tesu; (man), os- 
trearius; (woman), ostrearia 

Abounding with oisters, oatreo* 

Oker, oehra; (red), rubriea 

Old, antiquus, priscus, pristiaus, 
vetns ; (in age), annosus, Btate 
provectus, senex ; (out of use), 
obsoletus; (worn), exesus, tri- 


An old man, senex; grandKTUs; 

(woman), anicnla, vecula, anus 

Like an old woman, anilis; tin. 

Old are, 1 
Of old HTCf •enilis 
Somewhat old, grandior, senior 
Very old, senio confectus 
Of old, ollm, jampridim, prised, 

antiquitds, apud veteres 
Tb grow old (by continuance), 

inveterasco; (as a man), se- 

netco; (out of use), exolesco 

Oldness, antiouitas, vetustas 

Oleasinous. oleagineus 

An oligarchy, oligarchia 

An olitory, hortus olitorius 

An oliv^ oliva; (tree), olea; 

(pove), olivetum; (yard), oli- 

An olympiad, olympias 
(Nympie, olympicus 
An omen, omen 

Ominous, ominosus, portentosus 
Ominously, ominosi 
An omission, omissio 
To omit, omitto, prstermitto, in- 

termitto, negligo 
An omitting, praetermissio 
Omnipotence, omnipotentia 
Omnipotent, omnipotens 
Omnipresent, ubiquft existens 
Omniscient, omnituens, omnis- 

On. ii, ab, ad, cum, de, i, ex, in, 

secundum, sub, super 
On (go on), age, qa, progredere 
Once, sem^; (on a time), ftUm, 

One, unus ; (any), aliquis; (every), 

One another, mutu6; (after an- 
other), adj. alternus; adv. in- 

vicim ; (with another), adj. 

promiscuns ; adv. promiscu^ ; 

(or the other), alteruter 
One thing, unum 
One by one, singulatlm 
On one side, hinc, ex h*c parte 
One while, mod6, nunc 
Only, adj- unicus, solus ; adv. so- 

liun, duntaxlit, tantbm 
An onion, cepa, cepe 
An onion- bed, oepetum 
An onset, impetus 
Onwards, prorstun, deincepa 
An onyx-stone, onyx 
Oosy, palustris, paiudosus 
Opacity, opacitas 

D gitized by CjOOQ iOS 6 




h). hlatat; (of don), la- 
' ' \), ablaqi 

Open. iMtent. aoertas, ]>atiihis; 
(erident), eridens, maDifestus, 
danu; (candid, sincere), in- 
fenuns, Candidas, simpiez 
To(^n,aperio,re8ero; (a letter), 
resigno; (a discourse), ordior; 
(a campaif^n), in ezpeditiooem 
•dncere; (the pores), reclodo. 
To be open, pateo, patefio 
Open-handed, liberalia; (heart- 
ed), sinceras 
Open-heartednesa, Uberalitas 
In the open air, sub dio 
Opening, aperiens, reserans 
An opening, i^cartio; (in the 
earth), hiatus; (of * 
tratus; (of a root), 
tio: (or expounding), explicatio 
Openly, apert^ paltoi ; (in sight), 
oor*m; (plainly), perspicui ; 
(aincerelf ), sinceri, candidi 
Openness (sincerity), candor; (of 
the weather), ocdi temperies 
humida et calida 
To operate, operor, ago 
An opeimtion, operatio; (of a 

eamiwign), belli actionei 
Operative, operans 
An operator, opifex 
Operose, arduus, diffldlis 
Ophthalmic, ophthalmicus 
An opiate potio, soporifera 
An opinion (sentiment), opinio, 
sententia, mens, animus; (es- 
teem], ezistimatio 
To horn an opinion, judico, cen- 
■eo; (to be of another's opi- 
nion], asseutio, consentio ; (to 
be of a contrary opinion), dis- 
Opinionated, pertinaz, perricax 
OpinionatiTe, pertinax 
OpiniouatiTely, pertinadtto 
OpinionatiTcness, pertinada 

Opium, opium 

I opponent, opponena 
Opportune, oppcnrtunus, tempea- 


Opportunely, opportune 
Opportunity, opportunitaa, ocea- 

sio; (leisure), otium 
To oppose (object to), oppono, 

objicio; (resist), repugno, re- 

sisto, adTcrsor 
An oppoaer, oppugnator 
Opposite (contrarr to), opposi- 

ttts, object us, adversus ; (over 

against), h regione. ex adverso 
An opposing, or opposition, oppo- 

sitio, oppositus ; (obstacle), 

impedimentum, mora 
In opposition to nature, repug- 

nante naturA 
To oppress, opprimo, premo 
An oppression, oppressio 
Oppressive, oppnmens [tor 

An oppressor, oppressor, spoUa- 
Opprobrions,proDrosus; (speech), 

opprobrium, contnmelia 
Opprobriottsly, contumelioat 
Opprobrionsness, contumelia 
To oppugn, oppono, adrersor 
Optative, opUtiTUS 
Optic, optical, opticua 
An optic glass, telescopium 
Optics (science of), optice 
An optician, bptices peritna 
Option (choice), optio 
Opulence, opulentia, opes 
Opulent, opulentus, dives 
Opulently, opulentir, opipari 
Or,~im, vel, seu, sive, ne 
Or else (either), aut, vel; (whe- 
ther), sive, an; (otherwiM), 


Or ever, cum nonddm. antequAm 

An oracle, oraculum; (of wis- 
dom), sapientis antistes 

On^ular, sspientissimus 

Onl, verbo traditus 

An orange, malum aureum 

An orange-tree, malus anrea ; 
(colour), color aureus 

An oration, oratio, concio 

To make an oration, conclonor, 
verba £acere, divulgo 

An orator, orator 

Like an orator, eloquent^, disertft 

Oratory, rhetorica 

An oratory, sacellom 

An orb, orbis 

Orbicular, orbicnlatns 

Orbicularly, orbiculatlm 

An orbit, orbita 

An orchard, pomariom; (of cher- 
ries], cerasetum 

Toordidn, ordino, institno; (or- 
der), jubeo, impero; (a law), 
sancire lej^m; (as a bishop), 
sacris initiare 

An ordainer, ordinator 

An ordaining, ordinatio, institu- 
tio, latio 

Ordeal, ordalium; (fire), ignis 

Order (disposition), ordo, dispo- 
sitio; (custom), mos, ritus, 
consuetudo ; (decree), decre- 
turn, mandatum, prcceptum, 
praescriptum; (ramc), series; 
(of words), consectttio verbo- 
rum; (of authority), edictum 

By my order, me iubente ; (in 
order to), nt ; (in order, or 
fh>m), ex ordine, ordinate ; (in 
order, a4j.) aptos, maturus 

Out of order, turbatus, confusns 

To order {or put in order), or- 
dino, dispono ; (give order), 
impero, jubeo^ constitno; (af- 
fairs), provideo; (as a judge), 
pronuncio; (govern), moderor, 
rego, tempero 

Out of order, vnthont (nrder, in- 
composit^ confusi ; (sick), 
B^tos; (without command), 

An ordering, dispositio, digestio, 
curatio, administratio 

Orderly (set in (nrder), composi- 
tns, digestus; (obedient), obe- 
diens; (sober, quiet), modes- 
tus, temperatus 

Orderiy (adv.), aiptt, idoneft 

Orders, institnta, jegulationes ; 
(holy), sacri ordines 

To take orders, sacris initiari 

Ordinal, ordinalis, ritualia 

An ordinance, edictum 

Ordinarily, usitati. teth 

Ordinary (customary), consnetus, 
usitatus; (common), vulgaris, 
obvius, tritus, ^uotidianus ; 
(indifferent), mediocris ; (not 
handsome), invenustna, parikm 

An ordinary (of a diocese), epis- 
copus; (eating-houae), popina, 

An ordination, ordinatio sacra 

Ordnance, bombardc 

Ordure, sirous, stercus 

Ore, metallum crudum 

An org^ (instrument), instm- 
mentum, organum; (musical), 
organa musiea 

Organic, oraanicns 

Organs of tne body, instnunenta 
corporis organica 

An organisti oiganit 

a organisti oiganieoa 

To organise. efBngo, formo 

Orient, oriens; (bright or beau- 
tiful), splendens. nitidua. rati> 
Ins. venustos, egregiua 

Oriental, orientalis 

An orifice, os, orificium 

An origin (source, or b^^ning). 
origo, fons, initium, primor- 
dium, principium, ortna, exor- 
dium ; (cause), causa ; (mo- 
tive), occasio, ansa; (subjeet- 
matter), materia, argumentum 

An original (to copy from), ex- 
emplar; (first draught), prot(^ 
typon ; (writing), autogf»- 

Original, autographua, arehety- 
pus; (bom with one), avitaa»- 
oongenitus, innatna, uathrn^ 

Original (descent, or birth), ge- 
nus, stirps, prosapia; (etymo- 
logy), notatio, etymon; (text), 

Originally, primittis, ah origine 

Orisons, preces, <»ationes 

natus, decns; (for the neck), 

mooilia; (for gatea, pwcbea, 

Ac), antepagmenta 
To be an ornament to,deooriesaa 
Without ornament, inomatua 
Ornamental, decorus, specioaoa 
An orphan, pupillns, pupilla 
Orthodox, orthodoxus 
Orthodoxly, orthodox^ 
Orthodoxy, recta fides [loa 

Orthogonal, rectos habens angtt- 
Orthograpbical, orthographicua 
Orthography. ortho|;raphia 
Oscillation, oscillatio 
Oscitaucy, oscitatio. incuria 
An osier, vitex, saliz 
Of osiers, vimineus 
Ostentation, ostentatio 
Ostentatious, ambitioaus, magm- 

fiCDS Cftc« 

Ostentatiously, ambitioai, nagni- 
Osteology, osteology 
An ostler, stabularius 
Ostracism, ostracismna 
Ostrich, Strathi camelna 
Other, alius; (any other), alina 

The other, alter 
Some or other, nonnnlli 
The other day, nudiustertiiia 
Otherwhere, alibi 
Otherwise, alias, alitte 
Otherwise {adj.), aliusmodi 
Every other, altemus 
Some time or other, aliquandd 
An otter. Intra 
Oval, ovatus ; (figure), 

ovata, or ad formam ovi 
Ovation, ovario 

An oven, fumua, clibanna # 

An oven-tender, fumarins 
Of an oven, fumaceus 
Over {prtp.), super, supra, per, 

trans, in ; {adv.), nimla, ni- 

mitun, plds. ex nimio; (and 

above), prctereitinsupte; (and 

over again), iterUm ac asepina; 

(much, a^.) nimins ; atn. ax- 

mis, niroi6, nimitim 
Over a^nst, ex adverso 
Over-night, prscedente nocte 
To be over, defervesoo, deain(s 

mitigor; {or rule), prKaom; 

(left), supersum 
All over, per totom 
Over or under, pits mintia 
To overact, plus qalm aatia cat 



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To overmwe, metu coSreere 
Oftarbng, pnegrandis 
Orerboiura, i nave 
Overbold, temerariat 
Orerborne, auperatas, victoi 
Overcast, obnabilus, tristis 
An orercaatiug, obduotio 
To overcharge, pltl« tequo one- 
rare ; (the stomach), sto- 
machom crapul& opprimere 
An overcharging, onus injustom ; 

(ctftbe stomach), crapula 
Over-elouded, obnubiius. tristis 
To overcome, vinco, supero 
Not to be overcome, invictas, in- 

Over-carioas, nimls curiosaa 
To overeat, satio 
To overflow, inando, eznndo, re- 

An overflowing, innndatio 
Overfond, nimls cupidns 
To overgo, pretereo, transeo 
An overgoing, transitus 
To overgrow, snpereresco 
Overgrovm (with weeds), noxiis 
herois obductus ; (with age), 
Ktate gravis, pnegrandis 
To overhale, examino 
Overhappy, nimls fortunatos 
To overhjksten, pnecipito 
Overhastiness, pnecipitatio 
Overhastf, praepropems, prsceps 
Overhastily, prcpropert 
To overhewr, subauseolto 
An overhearing, subauscnltatio 
To overheat, ezcalefacio 
Oveijoyed, nimio gandio perfasus 
To ovoiay, incubando suffbcare 
To overlive, snpersam 
To overload, mmls onorare 
Overlong, praelong^s 
To ovenook (inspect), inspido. 
intueor; (take care of), euro, 
accnro, provideo; (neglect), 
praetermitto. negligo ; (par- 
don), condono; (scorn), con- 
temno, despicio; (be higher), 
An overlooking (inspection), in- 
spectio; (taking care of), cu- 
ratio; (neglecting), prsetermis- 
rio; (pardoninf^), condonatio 
To overmatch, viribus superare 
An overmatch, iniqnum certamen 
Overmeasare, auctarium 
Overmuch, nimls, nimins 
Overnight, nocte pneterit& 
OveroAcious, nimls officiosus 
To overpass, transgredior ; (ex- 
cel), supero 
Overpast, pneteritns 
An overplas, additamentum, auc- 
tarium ; (of weight), superpon- 
To be overplus, resto, snpersam 
To overpoise, pnepondero 
To overpower, viribus vincere, 

To over-rate, nimiiuaa Kstimare 
An over-rating, iniqua lestimatio 
Tq over-reach, circamvenio ; 
(hurt one's self in reaching), 
se nimls extendendo Icdere 
An over-reacher, fraudator 
An over-reaching, f^audatio 
Over-ripe, pnematurus 
To over-rule, vinco, gubemo 
To over-run (outrun), cursu prs- 
terire; (coverall over), cooperio; 
(destroy), vasto, depopulor 
Over-righteeus, soi»erstitiosu8 
Over-sea, transmarinus 
To oversee, euro 
Overseen (mistaken), deceptu 

To be overseen, erro 
An overseer, inspector, curator; 
(of the poor), pauperum pro- 
To overset, everto, opprimo 
To ovenhadow, obnmbro 
An overshadowing, obumbratio 
To overshoot, transgredi metam ; 

(one's self), consilio labi 
An oversight, error, incuria . 
The oversight, inspectio, curatio 
To overspread, obduco, ojieriur 
An overspreading, obductio 
Overstocked, redundans 
To overatrain, or oventretch, ni- 
mls exteodere 
Overt (open), aporlus, manifestus 
Overtly (slightly), perfunctorii 
To overtake, assequor 
An overthrow, clades, strages 
To overthrow (demolish), subver- 
to, diruo; (defeat), prostemo, 
derinco, supero; (a kingdom), 
regnaro evertere 
An overthrower, everaor, rictor 
An overthrowing, eversio 
Overthwart, transvenus, obliquus 
Overtly, apertd, manifest^ 
To overtop (in height), emineo. 
superemmeo; (in excellence), 
antecello, prssto 
An overture, propositio 
To overturn, everto, subvert© 
An overturning, subversio 
To overvalue, pluris justo Kstt- 

Overweening, arrogans, superbus 
To overweigh, prspondero 
Overweight, auctarium 
To overwhelm, obruo ; (with 
earth), terrft infodere ; (with 
water), aquA immergere 
Ought (any thing), res, qnic- 
quam ; (or good for ought), 
Oriparous, oriparns 
An ounce, uncm ; (beast), lynx 
Of an ounce, uncialis 
Half an ounce, semnncia; (an 
ounce and half), sescuncia; 
(two ounces troy weight), sex- 
tans; (three ounces), triens ; 
(four ounces), qnadrans; (five 
ounces), quincunx 
The fourth part of an ounce, sici- 
licium; (the sixth part), sex- 
tula; (eight part), drachma; 
(twenty-fourth part), scriptu- 
By ounces, unciatlm [lum 

Our, or own, noster 
Of our country, nostras 
To oust, ejicio, rescindo 
Out of, it, ab, de, i, ex, extra, prK 
Out of doubt, proculdubid ; (out 
of doors), forls ; (out of hand), 
proper^, cit6 
Out, ^t out, apagft ! 
The tune is out, tempus elapsum 

Out of patience, impatiens 
Out of place (disordered), con- 
fiisus; (of ofBce), officio priva- 
tus; (of pocket), damnum ex 
impensis; (of sight), oculis 
subduetns; (of sorU). ineptus 
Out of use, desuetus 
Out of time, intempcativus 
Out of the way, derius 
Out of one's wits, demens 
Out of breath, anhelus 
To be out of the way (absent), 
absum; (stray), aberro; (de- 
ceived), hallucinor ; (out of 
memory), ft memoriA elabi ; 

(out of hope), despero; (out of 

humour), irascor; (out of one's 

wits), insanio 
To outbid, pluris licitari 
To outbrave, territo, insulto 
Outbraved, metu absterritua 
An outbraving, insultatio 
To outbrazen, audaciii vincere 
An outcast, pectus 
Au outcry, quiriutio, exdamatio ; 

(public sale), auctio 
To outdo, supero, excello 
Outer, exterus, extemus 
To outface, pertinacissimi adver- 

To outgo, praecedo, praeverto 
An outgoing, praegressio 
Outjutting, projectilis 
Outlandisn, peregriniu, extemus 
Outlandish person, alienigena 
To outlast, diutitis duraie 
To outlaw, proscribo 
An outlaw, exul 
An outlawry, proscriptio 
An outlet, exitus 
A 11 outline, linea exterior 
To outlive, superaum 
An ontliver, superstes 
The utmost, extremus, extimus 
To outnumber, numero superare 
An outrage, atrox injuria 
Outrageous, ferox, furiosus 
To be outrageous, furo 
Outrageously, furiosi, atrocitftr 
Outrageousness, furor 
To outreach (cheat), £allo. cir- 

To outride, equitando superare 
Outright, proraiis, omnin6 
To outrun, cursu vincere 
The outside, superficies ; (of 

price), pretium maximum 
On the outside, extrinseciui 
To outstrip, prtecurro, anteeo 
To outwalk, ambulando superare 
Outward, exterus, externus 
Outward show, prstextus 
Outwardly, exteriils 
To outweigh, pnepondero 
To outwit, circumvenio 
Outwitted, astutilL rictus 
Outworks, antemurale 
To owe, debeo 
Owed, or owin^, debitua 
An owing, debitio 
An owl, bubo, noctua; (screech- 
owl), etrix 
An owler (smuggler), qui merces 

illiciti invehit, or exportat 
One's own, proprius, suus 
One's own estate, peculium ; 

(one's own self), propria per- 


Of one's own accord, nltro, spontft 

To own, fateor, confiteor, ag- 
nosco ; (claim), vendico. as- 
sero; (possess), possideo 

An owner, dominus 

An owning, agnitio 

An ox, bos 

Of an ox, bovillus, bnbulus 

A vrild ox, urus 

An ox-stall, bovile 

Oxen, boves 

Oxymel, oxymel 

A commission of oyer and ter- 
miner, commissio ad causaa 
criminosas audiendas et termi- 

Oyes! auditel 
An oyster. See Outer 
Anozier, salix, vimen; (ground), 

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A paee (in going), gradns, gres- 
iaB,incenu8; (herd of asses), 
caterra; (in measuring, five 
feet), passus 

Apace, ceierittr 

To pace (as a horse), tolatim in- 

A pacer, equos tolataris 

Pacing, tolataris, tolatarius 

Pacific, pacifictts, pacificatorins 

A pacification, pacificatio 

A pacificator, jwcificator 

To pacify, paco, pacifico, sedo, 
molceo, nutigo, lenio; (again), 
remolceo; (a tamult), tomol- 
ttiantes compescere 

That may be pacified, plaeabilis 

No pacified, implacatos 

Not to be pacified, implacabilis 

A pacifier, pacificator 

Pacifjrin^, pacificatorins 

A patafying, placatio, sedatio 

A pack (bundle), fascis; (bur- 
den), onns : (crew), conventus, 
torba; (of cards), fasciculus; 
(of hounds), grex canum; (of 
knaves ),grexflagitiosorum; (of 
wool), lanK fascis; (horse), ju- 
mentum sarcinarium ; (thread), 
filum sarcinarium ; (saddle), 

Of a pack, sarcinarius 

To pack (makeup), consarcino; 
(or go away), fugio; {or drive 
away), amoveo, rago; (cards), 
chartas pictas componere ; (up 
one's awls), vasa coUigere 

^ packer, suffarcinator 

A packet (little pack), fiuciculus, 
sarcinnla; (boat), navis actu- 
aria ad literas comportandas ; 
(of letters ),literarum faaiculus 

A packing, mercium in fasces col- 

To send packing, abigo 

A paction, or pact, pactum, pac- 
tio, couventum 

A pad, pannus sufiarcinatus ; (for 
ahorse),ephippium; (of straw), 
culcita stramentitia ; (ua^), 
mannus ; (lock), sera pensilis 

To pad (stuff), suffardno; (rob), 
praedor, latrocinor 

A pad (on the highway), latro 

A paddle, remus curtus 

To paddle, agito 

A paddling, agitatio 

A paddock (park), septum 

A pagan, paganus, etnnicus 

Paganism, Pagauismus 

A page (attendant), aswda; (sol- 
aier's), calo. lixa; (of honour), 
ephebus honorarius ; (of a 
book), pagina, pagella 

To page a book, pagiuas notare 

A pageant, spectaculum, Indus; 
(carried in triumph), fercnlum 

Pageantrv, ostentatio, pompa 

A pail, situla; (for milk),mulc- 
tra, mulctrale 

Pain (punishment), poena, sup- 
plieium; (of the mind), cura, 
dolor, anxietas 

To be in pain, doleo; (for one's 
safety ) , de alicujus incolumiute 
dubitare: (be full of pain), 
summo dolore affici; (put to 
pain), crudo; (give pain), do- 
lorem alicul inurere 

Painful, crucians, dolorem affle- 
rens; (difficult), arduus, diffi- 


cilis; (laborious), laboriosus, 
Painfully, Kgrjfc, impipft 
Pains, labor, industna; (punish- 
ment), poena, supplicium 
To take pains, laboro, molior 
A painstaker, laboriosus, indus- 

With great pains, ttgrh, difficultir 
Paint, pigmentum, cerussa 
To pamt, depingo, pingo; (or 

beautify), orao, exomo 
A painter, pictor 
Paintinj^, depingens, pingens 
A painting, res picta ; (art), ars 

pingeodi colonous 
A pair (couple), par; (of bel- 
lows), fbllis ; (of breeches), fe- 
moralia; (of scales), seals 
A Ini-in^r pp-ir, rnnjr.jra venusti 
To \-i: iccommodo, 

npi'ij , ;. ; i-.ipulo, con- 


A |i4JfiE]g fm!it<<hin:Bc}. aceommo- 

detin; (coEipliDg],' conjunctio 
A -phlnei:, paiitiutit, rcgia 

Oi n |iitli4V^, jpitikEmm 
PRl:ii4ikj]e, gtfiH lOLiot-iB, giAtni 
To jiaLhtB, gniLOt a«i^^isto 
The pslatc, polBtBiu 
PaJjltiut^, ilHlaiifius 
A j""l«fsniiTr?, pnlniiustua 

Tc pire 

Pa IS 

Pale (in colour), pallidas, pallens 

To be pale, palleo, expalleo 

To grow pale, pallesco 

Palefaced, oris luridi 

Paleness, pallor 

A palfrey, caballui 

A palisade, paloram ordo 

PaJish, subpallidiu 

A pall (robe), pallium, palla ; 

(for a coffin), loculi operimen- 

tum, pannus feretrum tegens 
To pall (die), vappesco; (upon 

the stomach), nauseam creare 
A pallet (bed), grabatus; (used 

by painters), assnla 
To palliate, dissimulo, eelo, 

elevo, extenuo [atio 

A palliating, dissimulatio, eztenu- 
Palliative, imperfectui 
Pallid, pallidus 
The palm (tree), palma ; (fruit), 

dactylos; (of the hand), palma, 

A palm (measure), palmua 
To palm (handle), mann con- 

trectare ; (a die), aleam subdoli, 

subducere; (upon),fraado 
Of the palm, palmeus 
Full of palm-trees, palmosns 
Palm-Sunday, Dominica palma- 

Of n pulm ( m irunrc ) , palmaria 
PflLiriLtirf, {."hlruiuuQlia 
Paljiitflc, paljaAtului^; (manifest), 

flibrua^ uianifeitus^evidena 
PalpabltMieiB, pcripi nuitas 
Pali^atuJ^r taciu, ^iitrtd, clari 
To [iiiljHtflrc, }4lpiro 
A I'A I Imitation, pnlpithtio 
The p&ity. pAmLjuB; (dead), ai- 

To pjittcr, prvvjihcor, prodigo 
Paltry, tih^, BcinlidiLH., tressia'^ ■ ^ro; (quean), 

To pamper, indnl^o, cnro 

A pampering, aagioatio 

A pamphlet, libeUus 

A pamphleteer, libellio 

A pan, diacoa, catinna; (fi» a 

stool ),lasanum,icaphium ; (of a 
gun), scloppeti eonceptaculnm; 
(for frying), sartago ; (fm- stew- 
ing), autbepsa; (warming-pan), 
thalpolectrum ; (the brain-pan), 
cranium ; (knee-pan), genu pa- 
tella; (brass-pan), ahennm 
Panacea, panacea 
A pancake, laganum 
Pandects, pandecta 
A pander, leno 

To play the pander, lenodnor 
Playing the pander, lenocinium 
A pane, quadra, pU^ 
A panegyric, oratio panegyrics 
A panegyrist, panegyrista 
The panel of a jury, pawfllBm 
A pang, dolor, an^r 
Panic (fear), panicum 
Apannel (of a horse), donnale; 

(of wainscot), quadra, plaga 
A pannier, corbis, cista 
Puioply, armatura corpoa totnm 

tegens, panoplia 
To pant, palpito, subsnlto; (for 
fear), trepido; (for breath), an- 
helo; (after), valdi expct«re 
A panther, panthera, parana 
Of a panther, panthennna 
A panting, palpiutio ; (Ibr 
breath), anhelatio; (for £nr), 
trepidatio, tremor 
Panting, anhelns, trepidaos 
A pantofle, crepida, solea 
A pantomime, pantomimna 
A pantry, panarium 
A pap (dug), uber; (of apples), 
pomorum pulpa ; (made for in- 
nnts), akmentum inflBntibas 
The papacy, papains 
PapaJ, papalis, pontifidiu 
Papaverous, papavereua 
Paper, charta, papyrus; (royal), 
regia; (fine), angusta; (blot- 
ting), bibula; (vrriting), serip- 
Made of paper, chartaoeus 
Belonging to paper, chartariua 
Paper, aSj. chmrtarius; (slight), 
levis, infirmui; (weak in un- 
derstanding), inconsideratoa 
To paper, chart! omare 
A papist, papista 
To be on a piar, par eiae 
A parable, parabola 
Parabolical, parabolieni 
The Paraclete. Paradetua 
Parade (pomp), pompa; (ostoi- 
tation), ostentatio; (place of 
exerdse), locus exercendi 
Paradise, paradisns, beatonun se- 

A paradox, paradoxon 
Paradoxical, paradoxicua 
A paragon, exemplum perfectum, 
incomparabilis, non Kquaadua 
A paragrwph, param^haa 
The parallax, paraUaxii 
Parallel, parallelus 
A parallel (comparison), eonv** 

ratio, collatio 
To parallel, exaeqno, confero 
Not to be paralided, inoompam* 

Paralytic, paralyticoa 
Paramount, supremus 
A paramour, procus, amaaia, aai- 

culus, amicula 
A parapet, lorica 
A paraphrase, parapbrasia 
To paraphrase, illustro. expLano 
A paraphrast, panq>hrastea 
Paraphrastic, paraphraatieoa 
A panut^ parantna 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 




To act the parasite, parasitw 
To parboil, leritto ooqaere 
Parboiled, seinicoetua 
A parcel (or bundle), fatcicalas ; 

(little quantity), particuia 
By parcels, particulatlm 
To parcel out, partior [butus 
Parcelled out, minutatlm distri- 
To parch, arefacio, aduro. totreo 
Parched, arefactus, adnstus 
To be parched, areo, aiesco 
Parching, torridus 
A parching, adustio 
Parchment, pergamena 
Made of parchment, membraneiu 
Of parchment, membranaeeus 
Panlon, venia; (geimal), amnes- 

tia, lex oblivionis 
To pardon, ^:notco, condono, ab- 

WUTO, remitto [tendus 

Pardonable, condonandns, remit- 
Not pardonable. Tenii indigniu 
To be pardoned, condonor 
A paraoning, cond(Miatio 
To pare, prttcido, recido; (a- 

btrat ) , ampnto ; (awf y ), abrado ; 

(naila), ungues resecare; {or 

chip off), destringo 
A parent, parens 
Parentage, ^nns, prosapia 
A parenthesis, parenthesis 
A pargetting, dealbatio 
A paring (of nails), pms^linen; 

(off), resectio; (shorel), pala; 

(knife), culter sutorius 
A parish, parochia 
A parish-church, eedesia parochi- 

Of a iHirish, parochialis 
A parishioner, parochns 
Parity, paritas. squalitaa 
By parity of reason, pari ratione 
A park, viTarium 
A park-keeper, vivarii custos 
A parley, colloquium 
To parley, in c^oquium venire, 

A parliament, senatus 
A parliament-house, senaeulum 
A pailiament-man, senator 
Parliamentary, ad senatum per- 

A parionr, ooenaculum, tridiniiun 
Parochial, parochialis 
Parole, Terbnm, fides 
Parole, adj. nuncupatrnu 
A paroxism, paroxysmus 
A pamcide, parridda ; (the 

erime), parricidinm 
A parrot, psittacua 
To parry, averto 
To parse, flecto 
Parsimonious, parens, fhigalis 
Parsimonioiuly, parc^ frugalitir 
Parsimoniousness, Parsimony, 

parsimonia, frugalitas 
A parsing; exammatiok or flexio 

partium orationis 
Parsley, apium 
A parmip, pastinaea, siser 
A parson of a parish, pastor 
A parsonage, paroecia 
Apart, pars, p<»tio; (duty), mu- 

nus, inftcinm 
A little part, particuia 
In part, partlm, ex parte; (on the 

other part), ex alterli parte; 

(for the most part), maximi ex 

To part (divide), divido, partior, 

diapertio, in partes distribuere; 

(asunder), separo ; (a fray), li- 
tem componere; (in two), hi- 

partior; (asunder of itself), di»- 

siiio ; (depart), digredior, de- 

eedo; (distribute), distribuo; 
(with), dimitto ; (from, er 
leave), abscedo, abeo 
To take part with, participo 
To take one's part, k parte stare 
Parts(natural). in|;enium, indoles 
Of good parta, acns judicii 
In two parts, a4f' bipartitns ; adv. 
bipartitb [qui 

On all parts, dreumquaqn^ umU- 
To partake oi, participo 
A partaker, particeps 
Partaking, partieipans 
That may be parted, dividuns 
Partial (uigust), iniquus; (bias- 
sed), partium studM abreptus 
Partiality, iniqnitas, studium par- 
Partially, iniqu^ ixgusti 
Particle, dividuns 
To partidpate, participo 
Partidpation. partidpatio 
A partidpant, particeps 
Participial, partidpiaUs 
PartidpiaUy, partidpialitte 
A partidple, participium 
A particle, particuia 
Particular, particnlaris, aingnla- 
ris, propnna, specialis, pecuU- 
aris; (person), quidam.quKdam 
Particularity, qnalitasparticularis 
To particularise, ipeciatim fed- 
Particularly, particulatlm, speda- 
tlm, seoi^m, aingulatlm, aigil- 
Parties, fisctiones 
In parties, partibua, per partes 
Amurtini^, divisio; (separation), 
discessio; (from), discessus; 
(in the middle), bisectio 
A partisan (fkvourer), a4}ator, 
nutor ; (weapon), sarissa ; 
(commander's staff), vitis 
Partition, partitio; (inclosure), 
sepimentnm ; (wall), paries 
Partly, partlm, aliquatenha 
A partner, particeps, sodua, eon- 

Partnership, consodatio, aodetas 
A partridge, perdix 
Parturition, parturiendi status 
A party (person), qnidam, que- 
dam; (faction), factio secta, 
partes; (detachment), manus 
Partycoloured, discolor 
A partyman, fsetiosiu 
Party-rage, studia partium 
The paschal lamb, agnus pascha- 

Pasquinade, fiunosum scriptum 
puolicd propontum 

A pass (condition), conditio, sta- 
tus ; (passage), angustise, 
fauces ; (passport), commea- 
tus; (in fencing), ictus 

To make a pass at, peto 

To pass (over), transeo; (an ac- 
count), rationes exvqnare ; 
(a compliment), adblandior ; 
(one's word fbr), pro aliquo 
spondere; (sentence), sen ten- 
turn dicere; (goby), praetereo; 
(time in a plaoe), degere vitam 

To coxfle to pass, erenio 

To let pass, dimitto 

To be well to pass, opibus afBuere 

Passable (indifl^nt), mediocris, 
tolerabilis; (in the way), per- 

A passage, trandtus; (of abook), 
sententis, locus 

The paaiage of the thioat, gula 

A passenger (by land), viator; 
(oy water), vector, portitor 

PassibiUty, passibilitas 

Passible, passibilis 

Passing, transiens, pneteriens; 
(away), transitorins, cadncus; 
(lightly over), perAinctorii a- 
gens; (beyond), transgrediena 

A passing (along), progressus; 
(beyond), pratervectio ; (over), 
transitus ; (from place to 
place), migratio, demigratio 

Passing (excellent), praestans ; 
(fair), satis venustns; (well), 

Passing (very), vald^ egregii 

A passing-bell, nola ftinebns 

Passion (anger), ira. iracundia ; 
(affection, or ind^tion),ani- 
mi affectus, motus, impetus, 
condtatio; (love), amor; (suf- 
fering), dolorumperpessiOkSnp- 
plicium, crudatus 

Passion-week, sabbatum mag- 

Passionate, iracnndus, i 
irriubilis, i 
ver), amator ardens 

Passionatdy (angrily), iracundi; 
(with great desire), ardentdz 

Passions, cnpiditates, motus 

Passive, passivns 

Passively, pasnvd 

The Passover, pascha 

A passport, commeatua 

Past, post; (in times past), o> 
lim, quondiun; (last past), ul- 
tim6 prcteritus 

Paste (dough), farina aouA sub- 
acta; (for sticking), gluten ex 

To paste, agglutino, con^ntiiio 

The pastern, suffrago 

A pastil, pastiUns 

Pastime, Indus, ftcetias 

To take pastime, se reereare 

Por pastmie, animi causi 

A pastor (keeper of cattle), pas- 
tor, gregis custos ; (shepherd), 
opilio ; (minister of a church), 
ecdesis minister 

Pastoral, pastoralis 

A pastoral, carmen bnoolicum 

A pastry, pistrinnm, pistrina 

A pastrvcook, pistor duldarius 

Pasturable, pascuus 

Pasturage, pabulatio, pastus 

A pasture, pascuum 

Of a pa 

pasture, pascuus [enus 

Common pasture, ager eompas- 
To pasture, pasco; (together), 

A pasturing, pabulum 
A pasty, artocreas 
Pat (fit ), aptus, congruns,idoneas 
A pat, ictus lerior 
To pat, ieritir percutere 
A patch (piece of cloth), assn- 
mentum; (to cover a wound), 
splenium; (for the face), ma- 
cula serica ; (of ground), agd- 
A cross-patch, homo moroaus 
To patch, pannom assuere; (the 
frice), maculis vultum omare; 
{or mend clothes), resardo, re- 
concinno ; (up), coa(pnento 
Patched (ragged), pannoini ; 
(mended), refeetus, reoondn- 
Patched garments, fto^ icruta 
A patcher, interpolator 
A patching, interpolatio 
Patchwork, opus versicolor 
The pat^ caput ■ 
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ShaUow'pated, ttoltas. nidit 

Patent, patens, apertoi 

A patent, diploma 

A patentee, qui regio diplomate 

Paternal, patemos, patriot 
The paternoster, oratio dorainica 
A path, aemita, callis; (beaten), 

▼ia trita ; (cross), tramet 
Pathetic, patheticus 
Pathetically, pathetic^, Tehemen- 

Pathless, sine semiti 
Pathos. Tehementia in dieendo 
Patience, patientia; (long), lon- 

To be out of patience; indignor 
Out of patience, impatiens 
Patient, patiens, mitis, placidua 
A patient, Kger, ngrotus 
Patiently, patient^, sedati, m- 

quo animo 
A patriarch, patriarcha 
Patriarchal. patriarchalU 
A patriarchate, patriarchatiu 
A patrician. {Mtricins; (his dig- 
nity), patriciatns 
Like a patrician, |>atricii 
Patrimonial, pmtnmonialis 
A patrimony, patriraoniam 
A natriot, civis boni pnbliei stn- 

oiosuB, poplicola 
Patriotism, amor patric 
Patrol. Tigiles nocte ambulantea 
To patrol, excubias agere 
A patron, patronas 
Patronage, patrocininm ; (right 
of presentation), jus patronatiis 
A patroness, patrona 
To patronize, patrocinor, tueor 
Patronymic, patronymicns 
A patten, sculponea; (of a pil- 
lar), basis 
To patter down, cado, deddo 
A pattern (model), exemplar, 

specimen, modulus 
To DC a pattern, exemplom pne- 

Paucity, pancitas 

To paTC, patio, stemo 

A pavement, pavimentum; (bea- 
ter). pAvicula. fistnca 

A paver, <fr pavier, pavitor 

A pavilion, conopeum 

A paving, stratora 

A paunch, abdomen ; (of an ox), 
echinus; (belly), lurco 

To paunch, eviscero, exentero 

A pause (stop), paosa, mora; (in 
music), intermissio 

To pause, quiesco. meditor 

Pausing, cogitabundus, medita- 

A pausing, intermissio, meditatio 

A paw, ungttla, unguis 

To paw, unguibus tractare; {or 
fawn upon), unguibus blandiri 

A pawn, pignua; (at chess), pe- 

To pawn, oppignero 

A pawnbroker, piguerator 

A pawning, pigneratio 

Pay, stipendium 

To have in pay, stipendio alere 

Payday, dies solutionis 

To pay. solvo, persolvo; (again), 
remunero ; (all), exsolvo ; 
(back), reddo, rependo ; (upon 
the nail), prcseotem pecuniam 
solvere ; (beforehand), pecu- 
niam reprvsentare ; (beat), 
CKdo; (debt8),sesalienum sol- 

Not able to pay, solvendo impar 

Payable, solvendu% nnmerandtM 

Not payed, insolutua [vit 

A pay-master, qui pecuniam sol- 
A paying, or payment, solutio ; 

(of rent), pensio; (of wages). 

A pea. pisum 
Peace, pax, quies. requies, otiuro ; 

(of mind), pax, or tranquillitas 

animi [mus 

In a profound peace, pacatissi- 
To make peace (with), pacem 

To be in peace, quiesco. requiesco 
A peacemaker, pacts conciliator 
A making of pdiace, paciftcatio 
To hold one's peace, sileo, taceo 
Peace! tace! tacete! 
A peace-officer, curator publicx 

pacis ; (a consuble of the 

night), irenarcha ; (a justice), 

justiciarius pacis 
Holding his peace, silens 
Belongmg to peace, pacificus 
Bringing peace, pacifer 
Peaceable, tranquillus, sedatus, 

Peaeeableness. tranqnillitaa 
Peaceably, tranqniUi, sedatd 
A peach, malum Persicum ; 

(tree), mains Peraica; (co- 
lour), color Persicus 
A ptecock, pavo, pavus 
Of a peacock, pavouinua 
A peahen, pava [Peek 

Apeak, cacumen, tumulus. See 
A peal of bells, modulatus, or con- 

centus campanarum 
To peal, tundo 
A pear, pyrum ; (tree), pyrus 
A pearl, margarita, bacca ; (in 

the eye), albugo 
Decked with pearls, baccatus 
Pearly, gemmis abundans, gem- 

mK similis 
A peasant, villicus, rusticus 
The peasantry, plebs rustica 
Pease, pisum; (pottage), juscu- 

luraexpiso confeetum; (cod), 

siliqua pisi; (straw), pisi cul- 

A pebble, calculus 
Pebbly, oalculis abundans 
A peccadillo, error levis 
Peccant, peccans, vitiosiu. noxiiu 
A peck, qturta pars modii; (of 

troubles), ilias malorum 
To peck, excudo 
Pectoral, pectoralis 
Peculation, peculatus 
Peculiar, peculiarie, proprins 
Peculiarly, pr«cipu^ proprii 
Peculiarity, qualitas peculiaria 
Pecuniary, pecuniarius 
A pedagogue, paedagogus 
A pedant, grammattsta 
Pedantic uteraturae ostentator, 

Pedantically, inept^ insulsft 
Pedantry, eruditio insulsa 
A pedestikl, columnse basis 
A pedicle, pediculus 
Pedicular, pedicularis 
A pedigree, atemma, prosi^ia 
A pedlar, mercator eircumfbra- 

Pedling. circumforaneus 
A peek (point), apex, fastigium; 

(grudge), odium, simultas 
To peek, offendo 
A peel (for an oven), infumibu- 

lum; {or paring), cortex; (of 

an onion), tunica 
To peel of^ deoortioo 
The peep of da^, diluculum 
To peep, aqiicio; (in), introepi- 

cio, per rimam speculari ; (as 
birds), pipio 

A peeper, speculator officiocoa 

A peeping into, inspectio 

A peeping-hole, consptcillum 

A peer (equal), par ; (of the 
realm), sairapa, patricius; m. 
pi. proceres, optimates, pri- 

Peerage, dignitas optimatum 

Peerless, incomparabilis 

Peevish, morosus, iracundus, ne- 
per [ribus 

To be peevish, asperis esse noo- 

Peevishly, morost, acerbd 

Peevishness, morositas 

A peg, paxillus, impages 

To peg, paxillo Agere 

A pegasus, Pegasus, eqnua alatua 

Pegged, paxillo fixus 

Pelt, lucellum. pecunia 

A pelican, pelicanut 

A pellet, pilula 

A pellicle, pellicula 

Pell-meli, uno agmine, conftuft 

Pellucid, p|Uucidus 

A pelt, conum, tergus, pdlia 

A peltmooger. coriarius 

To pelt, lapidibus petere 

A pen (to write with), penna, ea- 
ismns, stylus; (or coop), oon; 
(for sheep), ovile 

Of a pen, calamarins 

A penknife, tcalpellum 

A penman, scriba 

A pencase, theca calamaria 

To pen (write), scribo ; (up), 
in exiguum concludere; (up 
sheep), oves stabulo indudere 

Penal, poenalis 

A penalty, poena, mulcta 

Penance, supplicium, pcena 

To do penance, culpam poenA 

Pence, denarii 

A pencil, penicillnm 

To pencil, penicillo delinearc 

A pendant (streamer), lemnis- 
cus; (in a ship), aplustre ; (for 
the ear), inauris 

Pendent, Pending, pendens 

Pendulous, pendolus 

A pendulum, pensile libramentum 

Penetrable, penetrabilis 

To penetrate, penetro 

May be penetrated, penetrabilis 

A penetration, penetratio 

Of penetration, sagax, perspicax 

Penetrative, penetrans 

A peninsula, peninsula 

Penitence, poenitentia 

Penitent, poenitens 

To be penitent, resipisco 

Penitential, poenitentialis 

A penitentiary (priest), piacnlaris 
saoerdos; (place), expiaiionnm 

Penitently, poenitentte 

A pennant, aplustrum 

Penniless, omnium rerum egenos 

A penny, denarius 

Pensile, pensilis 

A pension, pensio 

A pensioner, mercenariua *■ 

Gentlemen-pensioners, satellites 

regis honorarii 
Pensive, mediubundua, moestn% 

To be pensive, oogitatione dtigi, 

moereo, doleo 
Pensively, moest^, solicits 
Pensiveoess, tristitia. aolidtudOb 

moestitia, anxietas 
A penthouse, compluvium 
Pentagonal, pentaaonur 

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PeBtameCer, pentameter 
The pentateuch, pentateachom 
Pentecost, pentecotte 
Penorioot. avaruc, parcui, sordi- 

dua, indigua, egenua, egens, 

Penunoualy, aTari, P^^ 
Penarioosneas, avantia, tordea 
Pennry, penaria, egestas 

To people, 'coloniam dedacere 
Full of people, populo freqaens 
Pepper, piper 

To pepper, ptpere condire; (with 
a maease), morbo inflcere ; 
(with ill words), conviciia Te- 
lusmentte laceuere 
Peppered, piperatui 
A peppering, piperis conditura 
Peptic (eaaj of digestion), pep- 

PeradTenture, forsJm, fbrtassi 
Peregration, pcregratio 
To perambnlate, perambulo, obeo 
Perambulation, perambolatio 
Perceivable, perceptibilis 
Not perceivable, imperceptos 
To perceive, percipio, sentio ; 
(well), persentio ; {or have 
aome feeling), persentisco; (be> 
£mrehand), prssentio 
A perceiving, perceptiu 
Perceptible, pereipiendaa 
Perceptibly, itM at percipiator 
Perceptive, percipiens 
A perch, pertica; (fish), perea 
Tb perch, arbori insidere [ddena 
Perched, (as a bird), illapsas, in- 
Perchance, fbrsiOD, fbrsitAn 
Percussion, percussio 
Perdition, perditio. ezitium 
Personation, peregrinatio 
Peregrine, peregrinos. externa 
Peremptorily, precis^, definite 
Peremptoriness, pertinacia 
Peremptory, peremtoriua ; (in 

opimon), tenaz, pertinax 
Perennial, perennis 
Perennity, perennitas 
Perfect (complete), perfectns, 
absolntas, consummatus, ez- 
actus; (skilful), peritos 
To perfect (complete), perfieio, 
absolve ; (one in a thing), per- 
fecti docere 
A perfecting, consummatio 
Per£ection. perfectio 
To bring to perfection, consummo 
In perfection, optima, ezimi 
PeriSective, periiciens 
Perfectly, perfect^, exacts ; (by 
heart), memoritir, ad onguem ; 
(thoroughly), penitiu 
Pnfectness, perfectio ; (skill), 

pCTfidious. perildas, ^rfldiosos 
Perfidiously, perfid^ infidi 
Perfidiousness, Perfidy, perfidia 
To perforate, perforo 
Penoration, perforatio 
Perforce, vi et armis, violent^ 
To p«form, perfieio; (aceom- 
plish).perago; (bring to pass), 
efflcio; (one's word), promis- 
snmprKstare; (ajoomey), iter 
A performer, effector 
A performing, peractio 
A performance (work), opus 
Perftune, odor. sufBius 
To perfame, fumigo, sninunigOk 
oooribus imbuere 

A perftuner, myropola 
Porftiming. somens, aromatieoa 
A perfbmiug, suffitio 
A perfumine pan. tharibnlnm 
Perfunctorily, perfunctorii, le*< 

Perfunctory, negligens, levis 
Perhaps. fors4n. fbrsitiin 
The pericardium, pericardium 
The pericranium, pericranium 
Peril, periculum. discrimen 
To be in peril, periclitor 
Periloos, periculosus 
Perilously, pericolosi 
A period, periodos; (conclusion), 

finis, exitas 
Periodical, periodicus 
Periodically, periodic^ 
Peripatetic, peripateticus 
To perish, pereo, intereo; (as 

fruit), putresco [fiaxus 

Perishable, fragilis, caducas, 
A perishing, interitua 
Periphrasis, circomlocntio 
To peijure one's self, peijuro 
A peijured person, peijurus 
Peijury, peijurinm 
A periwig, capillamentum 
A periwinkle, cochlea marina 
To perk up, erigo. attoUo 
Permanence, duratio 
Permanent, permauens, stabilis 
Permanently, diti, diutind 
Permission, pemussio, venia 
Permissive, permittens 
A permit, schedula mercatoria 

testans vectigal esse perso- 

To permit, permitto, sino 
A permitting, permissio, licentia 
A permutation, permutatio 
Pemidoas, pemiciosus, nocens 
Pernicioasly, pemiciosA 
Pemiciousness, pemicies, exitium 
A peroration, peroratio 
A perpendicular, perpendieulnm 
To perpetrate, perpetro. patro 
A perpetration, perpetratio 
Perpetual, perpetuus, perennis 
Perpetually, perpetud, semper 
To perpetuate, perpetuo 
A perpetuation, in perpetunm 

Perpetuity, perpetuitas 
To perplex (eonftmnd), turbo ; 

(mix), permisceo ; (vex), vexo, 

affligo, ango ; (make doubfiil), 

incertum reddere 
Perplexedly, perplex^ turbatd 
Perplexity, pertorbatio ; (of 

mind), solicitudo, anxietas 
A perquisite, additamentum 
'To persecute, exagito, insector 
Persecution, persecutio 
A persecutor, exagitator 
Perseverance,, perseverantia 
To persevere, persevero, persto 
Persevered in. constant «r servatus 
Persevering, perseverans, per- 

A persevering, perseverantia 
Ferseveringly, constantir 
To persist, persisto, permaneo 
A persisting, perseverantia, con- 

tumacia, pervicacia 
Persisting, persistens, obitinatus 
A person, homo, persona; (cer- 
tain man), quidam ; (certain 

woman), qucdam; (of either 

sex), non nemo 
Any person, quivis, quilibet 
Personable, vennstus 
A great personage, vir darui 
Personal persoiwlis 
Petaonality, peraonalitM 

Personally, personalitftr, per se 
To personate, personam induere 
Perspicacious, perspicax, sagaz 
Perspicacity, perspicacitas 
Perspicuity, perspicuitas 
Perspicuous, perspieuus, clama 
Perspicuously, perspicui, plani 
Perspiration, perspiratio 
To perspire, perspiro 
Persuadable, persuasibilia 
To persuade, persuadeo, suadeo 
A persuader, suasor, impulsor 
Persuasible. exorabilis 
A persuading, or persuasion, per- 

suasio; (opinion), opinio 
Persuasive, suasorius, elBcax 
Pert (brisk), vividus, agilis; 

(saucy), andax, procax; (talk- 
ative), loquax; (smart), astu- 

tos. argutua 
To pertain, pertineo, specto 
Pertaining, pertinens, attinena 
Pertinacious, pertinax. obstinatoa 
Pertinaciously, obstinate 
Pertinaciousness, pertinacia 
Pertinence, aptitude, oonveni- 

Pertinent, aptus. idoneus 
Pertinently, aptt, appositi 
Pertly, arguti, audacitir 
Pertness, alacritas. audaeia, saga* 

citas, loquacitas 
Perturbation, perturbatio 
To pervade, pervado 
Perverse, pervenius, protervna 
Perversion, pravitas; (of words), 

prava verborum interpretetio 
Perversity. Perverseness, uraritaa 
Perversely, perversa obatinatfr 
To pervert, perverto. depravo; 

(one's meaning), prav^ or mali 

A perverter, cormptor 
A perverting, depravatio 
Pervicacious, pervicut, pertinax 
Pervicacity, pertinacia 
Pervious, pervius 
A peruke. capillamentum ; 

(maker), capillamentorum opi« 

To peruse, perlego, percurro 
A perusal, or perusing, perledio 
A pest, pestia. lues 
To pester, vexo, infesto 
A pestering, vexatio 
Pestiferous, pestiferus 
A pestilence, pestilentia, pestia 
Pestilent. Pestilential, pestilena 
A pestle, pistillum 
A pet, offensa, offensio 
To be in a pet, irascor, indignor 
Petit (small), parvus, levis 
A petition, petitio 
To petition, supplico, peto 
A petitioner, supplex 
A petitioning, petitio 
Petitory, petitorius 
To petrify, in lapidem convertere 
To be petrified, lapidesco 
A petticoat, subucula, indusiam 

muliebre [g>tor 

A I ettifugger. luguleins, Titiliti- 
Pettiness, parvitas. exilitaa 
Petti«h, iracundus, morosua 
Pettishness, morositas 
Petty, parvus, exiguus 
Petulance, petulantia, procadtaa 
Petulant, petulans, procax 
Petulantly, petalant«r, procacitto 
A pevet, fusi extremitas 
A pew, snbsellium septum 
Pewter, stannum 
Of pewter, stanneus 
A pewterer, stannariua 
A phantaam, phantasma 

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Pha a tMti c, inoonsuua, leri* 

Phariiaical, pharUaieiu 

A pharitee, pbariueua 

Phannaceuucal, pbarmaceaticos 

Pbannacy, art medica 

A pharos, pharos 

Thie phases, phases 

A pheasant, avis fl 

A pheniz. phoenix 

A phenomenon, phcnomei 

A phial phiala 

Philanthropy, humanitaa 

A philologer, philologus 

Philologiosl, philolofoa 
PhilologT* philologia 
Philomel, philomela 

A philosopher, philosophns 
Philosophical, philosophical 
Philosophically, phiiosophici 
To philosophise, philosopher 
PhUos<9hy, philosophia 
Philtres, phUtra 
Phlebotomy, phlcbotoada 
Phlegm, pitttita 
Phlegmatic, pituitosoi 
A pluase, phrasia, locatio 
Phraseolo^, ratio scribendi, or 

Plumietic, amens, dement 
A phrensy, dementia, insania 
TniB phthisic, phthisis 
Phthisical, phthisi laborana 
A phvlaetery, phylacterium 
Physic (the science), medicina, 
arsmedicinalis; (medicine), roe- 
dicamen ; (dose), potio medica 
To physic, medicamentum prs* 
■eribere; (take physic), medi- 

Plmical. medicinally medicos ; 

(natiuml), phyneui 
Physically, physiri 
A physician, medical 
Physics, physiea 
Physiognomy, physio^nomia 
Physiology, physiolofria 
The phyi, ▼ultui, fkoM 
Piacular, piacttiarii 
A piaua, porticos^ 
A pickaxe, bipennii 
To pick (choose), eligOk lego; 
- (gather), decerpo { (a pocket), 

eromenam fiirtlm secare; (a 

quarrel), rixv causam qucrere 
A picklock, instrumentom qoo 

■era fiirtlm aperitur 
A pickpocket, manticolariui 
A picker of qoarreli, Titilitiga- 

A picking (out), delectni, leleo- 

tio; (ap), coUectio 
Pickle (brine), lalsngo^ moria; 

(condition), conditio 
To pickle, mujrii condire 
Pickled, salitoB, oonditiTui 
A pickled rc^^ Tcterator; (a 

pickled herring), halec condi- 

A pickling, conditura salsa 
Pictorial, ad pietorem spectani 
A picture, picture, efl&giei 
To picture, pingo, delineo 
To piddle (trifle), ineptio; (in 

eating), ligurio 
A piddler, nugator, nugax 
A pie, artoerea ; (sea), larus 
Pie (amongst printers), indigeita 

typorum strues 
A pie (bird), pica 
Piebald, raaculatus 
A piece (part), portio, pars, firai- 

turn ; (patch), assumentum 
All of a piece, sibi constans; {or 

of one colour), unicolor 
Apiece of antiquity, moaomen* 


turn antiqaitatis ; (a broken 
piece), firagmentum, flagmen 

PiecemcaU, f^tatlm 

Apiece (each), siagoli 

To piece, resarcio, conjuinro 

Piea, raHculatus, versicolor 

A pier, pila, agger ^ 

To pierce, penetro^ tercbro ; 
(through), transigo; (with a 
weapon), perfbdio ; (set a 
broach), dolium relinere; (as 
cold), uro 

That may be pierced, penetrandus 

A piercer (person), penetrator; 
(instrument), terebra, terebd- 

Piercing, penetrans, urens 

A piercinr, penetratio; (with a 
gimblet), terebratio 

Piercingly, acritir, Tchementte 

Pietj, pietas, religio 

A pig, porcellos; (barrow), ter* 
res; (sow), scrofula; (sucking), 
porcui lacteni ; (of lead), mas* 

To pi{^, porcellos parere 

Of a pig, luillns, porcinos 

A pifsty, suile, bara 

A pigeon, eolumbui, columba ; 
(wood), palumbei 

Of a pigeon, columbinus 

A pigeon-hole, loculamentnm ; 
(bouse), columbarium; (pie), 
coliunbie crusto InooctK 

Pigment, pigmentnm 

A pike, ijmcea, hasta; (fiih), la* 
cius ; (sea), lupui piioii 

A pilaster, columella 

A pilchard, halecula; (made of 
funnel), faada 

A pile (hes^), molei, cnmnlui, 
acerras; (post), lublica; (of 
wood), itruei; (of buildinc), 
•tructura; (in heraldry), pila; 
(on coin), lYeraa faciei nummi 

The piles, luemorriiois, fleas 

To pile up, tuBtrro, aceumolo 

To pilfer, sornpto, suffbror 

A pilferer, samurator, for 

Piffierinif, furax, nqpax 

A pilfei ing, surreptio 

PiCferingly, fiiracitir 

A pilgrim, peregrinoi 

A pil^mage, peregrinatio 

A pilmg up, acerratio, extmctio 

A pill, pilola 

To pill, decortico, stringo 

Pillage, prKda.spoUum; (the ac- 
tion of), direptio, vastatio 

To pillage, Tasto, diripio; (a 
kingdom), depecolor 

To be pillaged, expilor, Tastor 

A pillager, spoliator 

A pillaging, spoliatio 

A pillar, columna ; (its shaft), 
scapiu; (foot), stylobata 

Pillars (buttresses), anterides 

A pilled*garlic timidus, ignaTUi 

A pillion, sella equestiis neminea 

A pillory, columbar 

To pillory, numelli oottnm ineln* 

A pillow, pulvinar, cervical 

A pillowbear, pulvini, or cerri* 
calls integumentum 

A pilot, navis gnbemator, or rec- 
tor [mium 

Pilotage, rectoris narigii prs- 

A pimp, leno 

To pimp, lenocinor 

Pimping (small), parvui, tenoii; 
(pitiful), spemeodus 

A pimple, postula; (red), lentigo^ 
lenticula rubra 

Fall ol pimples, poitolatna 


A pin, acicnla; (of a wm^aw), 
davus ferreus; (crisply), ca. 
lamititrum ; (rolling), cylia- 
drus; (peg),paxillus 

Not to care a pm. floeci pendere 

A pinmakcr, spinulariua 

A pinfold, septum 

Pindust, ramentum 

To pin (with a pin), ipiaolii- 
gere; (with wood). paxilloeoB- 
figere; (by articles), cantione 
obligare ; (compel), iqjungo; 
(on another's faith), alterius 
sententii niti ; (one's self upou 
one), parasitor ; (up in a fidd), 
septo includere 

Pincers, forceps 

A pinch, Tellicatio, morsas ; (of 
snuff) • frustum sternatamenti ; 
(necessity), neceasitai^ Mua- 
m» angustiB 

At a pinch, necesaarib, iabit6 

To a pinch, ad eztremum 

To pinch, vellico, premo; (nieve), 
crucio, molesto; (in biting), 
mordeo; (as cold), uro^ aduro; 
(one of his wages, ic), de> 
fiaudo ; (hurt), Isdo ; {oS), 

Pindiing, dif^tis comprioieai 

A pinch-penny, perpareua 

A piodaric, carmen pindaiieam 

A pine-tree, pinus ; (wild), pinas- 
ter; (apple), aax pinea 

Of pine, pineus 

To pine (grieve), d<deo, noerea; 
(languish), langueo. tabeaeo; 
(to death), dolore mori 

A pining away, languor, tabca 

A pinion, ala ; (of a watch), iota 

Pinions (fetters), 

To pinion, manidi cotiitriBcere 

A pink (flower), caryophylnim ; 
(small ship), navieula 

Pink-eyed, pietas 

A pinking, terebrado 

A pinnace, pbaselos, para 

A pinnacle, pinuK mtiginm ( (or 
height of honour), saiuius 
gnidus honorum 

A pinner, capital mnlidirs 

A pint, sextarius, pints 

A pioneer, cuniciuarios 

Pious, plus, reli|^osu8 

Piously, pit, rehgiosi 

The pip, pituiu 

A pip, macula, nota 

A pipe, fistula, tibia; (bag), fis- 
tula utriculaiis ; (conduit), ca- 
nalis; (clyster), sipho: (fcr to- 
bacco), tubus; (<tt wine), ea- 
dus, dolium 

To pipe, fistuli canere 

A piper, tibicen; (bag), 

A piping, cantio fistulaiis 
Piping-hot, cslidi ' 
A pipkin, ollula 

:, calidissimuB 

A pippin, malum petiaam 

Piquant, pungens, acer 

A pique, simultas, odham, risi^ 

To pique, offendo, perstringo 
To have a pique, aficui inm. 
Piracy, piratica, pnedatio 
A pirate, pirata, prcdomaritimas 
Piratical, pnrdatorius 
Piscatory, piscatorius 
Pish, phy I vah I 
A pismire, formica 
Full of pismires, for mi cosas 
A pistol, sdoppui minor 
A pistole, lepceindeeim soUdi 

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A pit, fowa, imtent; (dent), im- 
prenio, Testigiom digiti 

A pitf al, fovea 

The pit of the etonach, Tentricn* 
laa itomaehi; (of a theatre), 
orcheatra [nifrra 

Fit-eoal, carbo foeutii, WMitia 

A clay-pit. argiUetam; (coal), fo- 
dina carbonaria; (graTcl), sa- 
boletmn; (•aod),fodinaareiia- 
Tia; (bottomlew), abyHVS 

Of a pit, patealis 

To go pit-a^pit, cderittepalpitare 

Pitch, pix 

To pitch, picOk pice iUiliere ; 
(throw), jacio, pnqicio ; (put 
down), depono ; (Ax), figo ; 
(pare), pavio; (tents), 
metor; (or fiil down), . 
mere; (choose), deligo . . 
a time), tempae constitnere; 
(a net), rete tendere ; (alight). 

A pitch (meanire), modus; (ex- 
treme), extremitas 

TIm pitcJi of a hill, dims 

A Bitched battle, pugna stataria; 
(camp), stattra castra 

A pitcher, lagena, amphora, nr- 

A pitchfork, merga 

Pitchy, picens 

Like pitch, picinos 

Piteoiis,miserioors; (miserable), 
miserabilis, miser 

Piteonsly, miserabilitte, miseri 

Pith, medulla: (of trees, Ac), al- 
burnum; (-less), siccus 

Pithily, nerrosi 

Pithiness, robur 

Kthy (full of marrow), medulla 
abundant; (nervous), nerrosus 

Pitiable, miserstione dignus 

Pitifol, miserabilis, miser, miseri- 
oors, luctuoBus, tressis 

Pitifully, miseri 

Pitifnlness,miserieordia; (mean- 
ness), exiguitas 

Pitiless, immitis, cmddis, durus 

A pittance, modicum 

Pituitous, pituitosns 

Pity, misencordia, miseratio 

To pity, misereor, miseresoo 

A puc, pyxis 

Placable, placabilis, esorabilis 

A placart, edietum 

A place, locus; (office), munus 
magistratus ; (passage in a 
book), locus; (degree), ordo 

In place of, vice, pro ; (another 
I^Mc), alibi; (any place), ali- 
cubl, usqutoi; (every place), 
nbiqui ; (that place), illlc, 
ibi; (the same place), ibidim ; 
(this place), hlc ; (no place), 
nnsquion; (what place soever), 
nbicnnqui, nbivis 

By some place, aliquA ; (this 
place), hac; (that place), iUiic; 
(what place), quii 

From this place, hmc; (that 
place), illine ; (the same place), 
ah eodem loco ; (some place), 
alicundi ; (what place), undt ? 
(what place soever), undecun- 
qui ; (place to place), hiic illiu;, 
ultrb citr6que 

To some place, aliqnd ; (another 
place), ali6 ; (the same place), 
eodem ; (this place), hdc ; 
(that place), illftc ; (what 
place?), qu67 

Towards what place? quorsiim ? 
(this place), horshm; (some 
other place), aliorstun 

Tb place, loco, coUoco ; (again), 
repono t (before), pnepono ; 
(behind), postpone ; (litly), 
apto; (oat), doco 

A giving plaee, oessio 

Placid, pucidus 

A placing, locatio; (between), 

A plagiary, pl^^iarins 

The plague, pestis, pestilentia; 
(sore calamity), lues 

To plague, crucio, vezo; (one's 
self), se afflietare, or macerare 

Havinr the plague, peste infeetns 

Plaguily, molestt, valdi 

Plasuy, pestUens, pestifer 

A plaice, psetu 

Plain (even), planus, cquus ; (ma- 
nifest), manifestias, evidens ; 
(honest), sincerus; (open), a- 
pertns; (without ornament), 
momattts ; (simj^), simplex, 
non dissimulatns 

Plain, adj. distincti 

To make plain, explano^ expono. 

To be plain, pateo 

It is plain, patet, c 

A plain, plana, snperfides 

Plainly, plant, manifesto, eviden- 
tir, distincti; (simply), sim- 
plidtte; (openly), apertt, pa- 

Plainness, perspieuitas ; (simple- 
ness), simphdtas; (smooth- 
ness), planities, Uevitas 

A plaint, querela, questus 

A plaintiil; aecusator 

A plaister. emplastrum 

To plaister (a stnre), emplastrum 
imponere ; (with lime), gypso 

A plaisterer, c»mentarins 

A plait, plica, sinus 

To plait, plico, complico 

A plaiter, plicator 

A plaiting, plicatnra 

FiDl of plaits, sinuosos, ragosna 

A plan, exemplar 

To plan, dehneo, formo 

A plane-tree, plaUnus 

Of a plane-tree, plataninns 

A pluie (tod), rundna 

To plane, hevigo, dedolo 

A planet, planeta 

Planetary, nderalis 

PUneUtruck, sideratus 

A planing, dedolatio 

A plank, tabula, assis 

To plank, eontd>ulo, cq 

A planking, contabulatio 

A pisnispnere, planispluerinm 

A plant, planta, virguUum 

To plant, planto, sero; (again), 
resero; (a cannon), tormentum 
disponere ; (a colony), colo- 
niamconstituere; (a vineyard), 
vineam instituere 

Plantain, plantsgo 

A plantation, coionia; (of trees), 
plantarium; (of vines), vitium 

That may be planted, sativus 

Newly planted, neophytus 

A plsnter, plantator, sator 

A planting, plantatio, satio 

A planting'Scick, pastinum 

A plash, lacuna 

To plash (trees), tondeo; (with 
water), aspergo 

A plashing, aspersio 

Plashy. stagnis frequens 

Plastic, plMticos 

A plat of ground, agdlus 

A platform, agger 

To plat, impUoo, intezo 

Plate (gold and silver vessds), 
aurea et argentea vasa; (en- 
chased), toreuma 
A plate (of metd), lamina, la> 

mella; (trencher), seutella 
To plate, obuucere laminA 
The platen, toreolaris tabula 
Platonic, PlatcBiena; (love), amor 

A platoon, maaipuhis 
In platoons, manipulattm 
Platted, plexus, implexus 
A platter, discus, catinus 
A platting, impUeatio 
Plansibie, plaosibilis, speciosaa 
PlansibUity, Plausibleness, ve- 

Plausibly, venusti, decori 
A play, Indus, lusus; (public), 
^ectaeulum ; (stage), iSsbala, 
comeedia ; (house), tbeatrum ; 
(fellow), collusor ; (things), 
Bdonginr to plav, Insorins 
Pull of play, ludioondus 
To play,ludo; (at bowls), globum 
mittere; (away money), peeu- 
niam lusu perdere ; (before), 
prdndo: (at ball), pilis lu- 
acre ; (the child), puertlitir se 
gerere; (the boy), adolescen- 
tttrio; (at cards), ehartis lu- 
dere ; (the coward), tergum 
dare; (an engine), machinam 
exercere; (at odd or even), par 
impar ludere; (soft and loose), 
pravaricor ; (on the hara), ci- 
tharam pulsars; (on a addle), 
fidibus canere; (at hasard), 
ale4 ludere; (the hypocrite), 
simularepietatcm; (the knave), 
fallo, defraudo 
To keep in play, moror 
Plays, mimi, ludi scenid 
A player, lusor ; (on a harp), d- 
thsnsU: (of tricks), pnesti. 
giator; (on the stage), histrio ; 
(with swords), glsdiator, la- 
nisU; (puppet), lesticulator 
Of a stage player, hutricus 
Playful, Flay some, ludibundus 
Playing, ludens 
Bdon^ng to playing, Insoiins 
A playing-place, lusorium 
A plea, placitum; (excuse), ex- 

cusatio, color 
To plead, causae agere ; (for one), 
auquem defendere; (against), 
contra aliquem causam dicere ; 
(guilty), crimen fateri; (not 
guilty), crimen negare 
A pleader, advocatus, orator 
A pleadin|r, cause dictio, or de« 

^Qsio, htigatio 
Pleasant, amoenus, gratns 
To grow pleasant, bilaresoo 
To make pleasant, exhilara 
Plea8antBaTing8,facetic ;(meats), 

dclieiK, dapes, cupediie 
Very pleasant, amoenissimns 
Pleasantly, amoeni, Jucundl^ le> 

Pleasantness, amoenitas, jueundU 
tas; (in speech), lepor; (in 
manners), comitas, uroanitas 
Pleasantry, jocosa dicacitas 
To please, placeo, complaceo; 
(delight), oblecto; (one's sdf), 
voluptatem capere; {or hu- 
mour one), alicui obse<{ui; (by 
sacrilice), placo, propitio ^ 
Basy to be pleased, placabUis 
Hard to be pleased, morosus, as* 

Not to be pleased, implacabiUs 

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Very well pleased, perlubens 
Pleasio|f, fratni. jucondok 
A pleuiDfc, gratificatio 
PleaiingneM, amoenitas 
Pleasurable, rratus, jacandna 
Pleasure (delight), Toluptas, de- 
leetatio. oblectamentum ;(will), 
arbitrium ; (serrice),benelietttin. 

Of pleasure, Toluptarius 

A pleasure-boat, thalamegos 

To pleasure (doafavour), prati- 
fieor ; (humour), morieeror, 
obsequor; (accommodate), ae- 
commodo; {or take pleasure 
in), delector, oblector 

Doin^ a pleasure, benisnus 

Plebeian, plebeius 

A pledge (pawn), pignus, deposi- 
turn, arrhabo; (proof), testi- 
monium; (lurety), pr«s, Tas 

To pledge (pawn), pi^nero; (in 
drinking), propinanti vices red- 

A pledget, peniculus 

'A pledgbg. pigneratio 

Plenarfly, plene, perfects 

Plenarjr, plenus, perfect us 

A plenipotentiary, legatus plen& 
potesute instructus 

Plenitude, plenitudo 

Plenteous, abundans, copiosus 

To be plenteous, abnndo 

Plenteously, abundantir, copiosd 

Plenteousness, copia 

Plentiful, affluens, copiosus ; 
(shower), largus imber 

Plentifully, ubertlm, copies^ 

Plentifulneas, Plenty, copia, abun- 
dantia, affluentia 

Plenty (of com), magnus fru- 
menti numerus ; (of honey), 
vis maxima raellis ; (of words), 
orationis flumen, copia verbo- 
mm ; (of leaves), foliorum lux- 
uria; (of furniture), multa su- 

Plethoric, plethoricus 

A plethory, plethora 

A pleurisy, pleuritis 

Pleuritic, pleuriticus 

Pliable, Pliant, flexilis, flexibiUs, 
traetabilis. facilis, mansuetus 

Pliableness (of temper), fiacilitas; 
(bending), flexibilitas 

To be pliant, obsequor 

To grow pliant, lentesco 

To make pliant, emollio 

Pliantly, obedient ir, facili 

Pliantness, flexibilitas 

A plight, status, conditio ; (of 
body), habitudo. habitus 

To plight, spondeo 

In good plight, bend curatus 

A plinth, phnthus 

To plod, sedul6 operam navare, in- 

A plodder, sedulus, diligens 

A plot (conspiracy), conspiratio; 
(design), consilium, ratio; (of 
a baUding), icbnoKraphia ; (of 
the front of a building), ortho- 
graphia; (of ground), agellus, 
area; (of a play), consilium 

To plot (consult), consulto ; 

(conspire), conspiro, conjuro; 
contrive), excogito, machinor 
A plotter, conjuratus 
A plotting, conspiratio 
To be plotting, machinor 
A plough, aratrum ; (joiner's 
tool), planula ad oras asserum 
■triandas; (man), arator, agri- 

cola; (share), vomer; (handle), 

stiva, bura ; (staff), rulla ; 

(land), arvum 
Plough-oxen, triones 
To plough, arc, sulco; (again), 

Ploughed, aratns, cultus 
A ploughing, aratio 
A pluck, exta, viscera 
A pluck (pull), vellicatio 
To pluck, vello, vellico; (asun- 
der), divello; (down), diruo; 

(from), abstraho ; (flowers), 

florescarpere; (off), decerpo 
A plucking (away), avulsio ; 

(out), evulsio ; (up by the 

roots), extirpatio, eradicatio 
A pli^, clavus ligneus, cuneolus 
A pliun, prunum 
A plum-tree, prunus 
Plumage, sertum plumatile 
A plumb-line, amussis, libella 
To plumb, opus ad libellam exi- 

Plumbean, plumbeus [meus 

A plume of feathers, apex plu- 
To plume (adorn), decoro, omo 
A pluramer, plumbarius 
A plummet (used by builders), 

bulla ad lihellam pensilis 
Plump, nitidus. obesus, pinguis 
To plump up, tumeo, iuflo 
Plumpness, nitor, venustas 
Plunder, prxda, spolium 
To plunder, prcdor, peculor, spo- 

lio, vasto, depopulor 
A plunderer, pnedator, vastator 
A plundering, spoliatio, vastatio. 
A plunge, immersio ; (trouble), 

difficultas, angustia 
To plunge, immergo, merg^, ad in- 

citas redigi ; (often), merso, 

(dive), urino 
Plunging, immergens, merg^ns 
A plunging, immersio, submersio 
Plural, pluralis 

Plurality, numerus major, turba 
Pluralities, plura beneficia eo- 

clesiastica ab uno viro occu- 

Plurally, pluralitir 
Plush, pannus villosus ex pilis 

confectus, holosericum 
To ply (bend), fiecto ; (giveway), 

cedo ; (to business), operam 

navare, incumbo; (urge), ur- 

Flyers, forceps minor 
Plyinjc, flexilis, sequax 
A plying, flexio, applicatio 
Pneumatic, pneumaticus 
Pneumatics, pneumatica 
To poach, coctillo ; (kill g^ame 

illegally,) illiciti venatione nti 
A poached egg, ovum sorbile 
A poacher, qui illiciti venatione 

A poaching, venatio illidta 
A pock, pustula, papula 
Pock-holes, variouurum vestigia 
A pocket, sacculus, loculus; (ot 

wool), dimidius saccus 
To pocket, in loculis condere ; 

(hide), celo ; (an affront), con- 

tumeliam dissimulare 
Poculent, poculentus 
A pod, siiiqua, valvulus 
A poem, poema, carmen 
Poesy, Poetry, poesis, poetica 
A poet, poeta, vates ; (paltry), 

Like a poet, poetici 
A poetess, poetria 
Poetic. Poetical, poeticua 
Poetically, poetic^ 

To poetise, versifico, versus Saeen 
Poignancy, mordacitaa 
Poig^nant, pangens, aculeatiu 
A point, punctum ; (case), causa, 
status, caput, locus ; (chief 
matter), caput; (in law), ca- 
sus; (ofland), promontonum; 
(or subject in hand), areumea- 
tura, res, consilium; (in the 
tables), punctum 
The point (of a rock), vertex, 
cacumen; (of a weapon), cus- 

£is,mucro. aeies; (ot a dock, 
c.)> gnomon; (of the com- 
pass), ventorum diversi trac- 
tus ; (of the matter), cardo rei 

At the point, jam jamque 

Point-blank, pnecisi, prorsiks 

A nice point, scrupulus 

To point (sharpen), acuo; (at), 
monstro, digitis designare ; («r 
distinguish by points), inter- 
pungo ; (a cannon), tormen- 
tum dirigere, or obvertere 

Pointedly, acririr, acutft 

A pointer (dog), cania subsideaa 

A pointing, interpunctio ; (at), 

Pointless, hebes, obtustu 

At all points, omnibus rebut 

To poise, pondero, pendo 

A poise, pondus ; (equal), seqni- 

Poison, venenum, virus 

To poison, veneno toUere; {tm- 
rupt), depravo, vitio ; (tluaga 
without hfe), veneno inficers 

A poisoner, veneficus 

A poisoning, veneficium 

Poisonous, venenosus, viruleiital 

A poitrel, pectorale 

A poke, saccus, sacculua 

To poke, digito, &c. exploiare 

A poker, ferrum ad ignem ezei> 

Polar, polaris 

A pole, pertica ; (in the heavens), 
polus, mundi cardo ; (water- 
man's), trudes, contns ; (hunt- 
ing), venabulum; (ax), bipen- 
nis, securis; (star), cynosnm 

A polecat, putorius 

Polemic, Polemical, polemicus 

Policy (art of governing), politia ; 
(counsel), consilium; (craft), 
calliditas,astutia; (stratagem), 

A policy of assurance^ syngiapha 
qui cavetur 

A polish, politura 

To polish, polio, limo, excdo 

A polisher, polio 

A polishin|(, politura 

Polite, politus, elegans, exeultos* 
concinnus, omatus, urbanua 

Politely, polite, urbant 

Politeness, urbanitas, dvilitaa 

Politic, astutus, callidus 

Politics, politica 

Polil ical, politicus 

A politician, politicorum pnitua 

Politicly, astut^ calidi 

Polity, politia 

The poll (head), caput ; (list of 
votes), suffragantium catalogns 

A poll, electio viritlm £kcta 

Poll-money, capitatio 

To poll (shear), tondeo, reseco; 
(for magistrates, Ac), suSngia 
viritlm dare 

A pollard (tree), arbor ccdua 

Polled (clipped), tonsns 

A polling, tonsura 

To pollute, poUtto^ coinunpo^ 

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A poOotiiig, or poUutioD, poUatio 

A ptdt (blow), ictiu 

A poltron, igiwTiu. timidiu 

Polyniny, polygamui 

A polygon. polygoni« 

A polypus, polypua 

A pomegranate, malum fianatom 

To pommel, pngno demolcere 

The pommel, ensia manubrii, or 

ephippii orbiculu* 
Pomp, pompa, tplendor 
"" " ndid 

i, aplendidus, magnifiens 
Pompously, • plendidi, m^piifici 
Pompouaness, pompa 
A pond, atagnnm, lacus; (for 

fish), piaeina 
Of a fishpond, pisdnalis 
To pcmder, peipendo, pensito 
P«MMeiing^ meditans, contem- 
plans [platio 

A pimdering, meditatio, contem- 
Ponderous, ponderotus, gram 
Ponderously, gravitir 
Ptrnderousness, graTitas 
A poniard, pugio 
Pontic, Ponticus 
A p<Hitiil^ pontifez 
Pontifical, pontiftcalis 
A ]K>ntificu (book), ritualis pon- 

The pontificate, pontificatna 
A pontoon, ponto 
A pouT, eqnulus 
A poot pains 
The poop, puppis 
Poor (in circumstances), pauper, 
inops, egens, humilis, tenuis; 
(barren), aridis, j^unus, frigi. 
dna ; (mean), Tilis, sordidus, 
miser; (lean), macer. macilen- 
tns, macie coofectus ; (tri- 
fiing), malus, tergiversans 
To be poor, egeo 
To make poor, depaupero ; (to be 
made poor), ad inopiam redigi 
Pooriy, misers, tenuiter, malt 
Poorness, paupertas, egestaa ; 

(of ground), sterilitas 
To pop into the mouth, ori in< 
dm ; (off a gun), scloppum 
displodere; (out), subit6 egre* 
di ; (out a word), temeri ver- 
bum effutire; (into a place), 
aubitd ingredi 
A popgun, sdoppus 
Tnie pope, papa 
The popedom, papatus 
Popery, papismus 
Popiab, papalis, pontifidus 
A poplar-tree, populus 
Of poplar, populeus 
A poppet, pupa 
Poppy, papaTer 
Of poppy, papaverus 
Poppy-coloured, pa^averatus 
Poppy-juice, meconium 
The popuhice, plebs, vnlgns 
jpnlar (rulgar), rolgaris, pie- 
beius : (pleasiug), popularii» 
▼uigo acceptus 
^(qniUrity, popularitaa 
Popularly, popularitir 
Populous, popnlo fre<inen8 
Populousness, populi frequentia 
Poredain, Tasa murrina 
A porch, porticus ; (of a church), 

vestibulum, atrium 
A porcupine, hystrix 
A porev iv>nis, meatus 
To pore, attentiiu considerare 
Fork, caro suilla, vr porcina 
A porker, porcellus, nefrendis 
Porous, poris abundans 
Porosity, or porousness, qnalitas 
rd poris abundantia 

Porphyry, porphyrites 

A porpoise, ar porpus, tursio 

Porrection, porrectio 

Ponrid^, jusculum 

A pomdge-pot, olla, cacabus 

A porringer, seutella 

A port, portus 

Port, gesttts, vita 

Port-wine, rinum rubrum 

Having many ports, portuosos 

Portable, portabilis 

A portd, porticus 

A portcullis, porta claosa 

To portend, prssagio 

A portent (omen), portentum, 

A porter (at a gate), janitor, os- 
tiarios; (carrying burthens), 

Porterage, bi^ulomm merces 

Portholes, frnestdhe 

A portico, porticus 

A portion (share), portio, sors, 
pars; (in marriage), dos; (to 
lire upon), peculium 

Having a portion, dotata 

To portion, doto; (divide), par- 
tior, distribuo 

Portliness, corporis dignitaa 

Portly, corporis dignitate prx- 

A portmanteau, hippopera 

A portrdt, pictura, inugo 

Aposey, florum fasdculus; (of a 
ring), annuli symbolum 

A position (placing), locatio, po- 
sitio, ritus ; (theus), thesis 

Positive, positivus,certus; (man), 
tenax, conftdens 

Podtively, prxcisi, confidents 

Positiveness, pervicacia 

To possess, possideo, teneo, oc- 
cupo ; (before), prieoccupo 

Possession, possessio; (by pre- 
scription), usucaptio;(in trust), 
possesuo flduciaria 

To take possession of, occupo, 
adeo, ineo 

A teking possession of, occnpatio 

In possession of, penes 

Possesdve, possessivus 

A possessor, possessor, dominus 

A posset, lac vino cosgulatum 

Posnbility, possibilitas 

Possible, possibilis 

Possibly, fortft, fortassis 

A post (stake), postis; (office, or 
place), munus; (station), sta- 
tio, sedes sUtiva; (letter-car- 
rier), tabeUarius; (horse), ve- 
redus ; (house), veredorum 

An advanced post, accessus pro- 

Posthaste, festinus [tus 

A postmaster, veredorum prxfec- 

To post, locum occupare; (make 
haste), festino ; (one for a 
coward), timiditatis notam di- 
cui paUm inurere; (a book), 
in liDrum transcribere; (up in 
public places), publici propo- 

Posterior, posterior 

The postenors, partes posteriores 

Posterity, posteritas, posteri, mi- 

A postern, janua postica 

Posthumous, posthumus 

A postillion, equorum praeductor 

A postscript, scripti additamen- 

To postpone, postpono,posthabeo 

A postulate, postulatim 

A posture coiporis podtiot (of 

mind), status ; (of affidrs), con- 
ditio, status 

A pot, poculum, olla; (for water), 
sitnlus aouarius 

Of a pot, ollaris, ollarius 

To pot, bntyro condire 

Potashes, cineres ad saponem 

A pot-companion, combibo ; 
(gun), siphunculus ; (herbs), 
olera; (hooks), ans» oUares; 
(ladle), rudicula; (lid), oper- 
culum; (sherd), tesU 

Potable, pntebilis, potulentna 

Poutoes, battata 

Potency, potentia 

Potent, potens, vdens 

A potentate, princeps 

Potential, potentidu 

Potently, potentir, validft 

A pothor, tnrba 

A potion, potio, philtrum 

Pottage, jua, jusculum ; (of bar- 
ley), ptieana; (thick), pulmen- 

Of pottage, pulmentaris 

A potter, flgulus [fletilia 

BdoDging to a potter, flgulinus, 

A pottle, qnatuor librK liquidorum 

Potulent, potulentus 

A pouch, pera, raarsupium 

One pouch-mouthed, labeo 

To pouch the lips, labia demittere 

Poverty, paupertas, inopia 

To be in povertv, ej^eo, mdigeo 

A poulterer, pullanus 

A poultice, cataplasma 

To poultice, cataplasma adhibere 

Poultry, pullities 

A keeper of poultry, gallinaritis 

Where poultry is kept, gallinarium 

Of poultry, gallinaceus 

A pounce, unguis 

To pounce (as a hawk),ungaibQS 
coroprehendere; (paper), pul- 
vere chartamad scnbendi usum 
aptam reddere 

Apound(wdght), libra,; 
(in money), viginti solidi, libra-, 
mina; (for cattle), septum 

Half a pound, selibra 

A pound and a half, sesquilibra 

Two pounds, dipondium 

Of two pounds, bilibris; (three 
pounds), trilibris ; (four 
pounds), quadrilibris ; (five 
pounds), quinquelibralis 

Ten pounds, decussis 

Twenty pounds, vicessis 

Thirty pounds, tricessis 

A hundred wdght, centipondiam 

To pound (bruise), contero, con- 
tundo; (cattle), pecora septo 
inclusa detinere 

Poundage, vectigal ez singulis 
minis solutum 

A pounding, contusio; (of cattle), 
pecoris in septo inclusio 

To pour, fundo ; (about), dr- 
cunifundo; (back), refundo ; 

idown), defondo; (in), infun- 
o; (often), fundito; (ontl.ef- 
fundo; (out of oneintoanotner), 
dutrio, transf^ndo ; (upon), 
infundo, perfiindo 

That may be poured, flisilia 

A pourer, fusor 

A pouring in, infbdo ; (by drops), 
inatillatio ; (all over), perftisio ; 
(out), effusio, transftisio 

To poortray, ddineo, depingo 

Pourtrayed, depictus 

A pourtrdt, or pourtrdture, pic- 
tura, imago, effigies 

To pout, stomacher, Ubia exereie 

Digitized by 





Pontinf , morotuB, Btonaachosai 
Foutingly, labiii exertis 
Powder, pal vis; (gun), nitratut, 

or pyriut pains 
To iM>wder, polvere oonspergere ; 

(with salt), sale condire; (the 

hair), palviscalo crinem asper- 

gere; (reduce to powder), in 

palverem redigere 
Powdering, puivere inspergens ; 

(a seasoning), salitara 
Power, potentia, potestas, virtas, 

facultas; (authority), aactori- 

Us ; (force, or strength), vis ; 

(great namber), copia 
The powers of the mind, dotes 

To be in, or have power, valeo, 

poUeo, aactoritate maniri 
Powerful (having power), potens, 

validus; (efficacious), efflcax 
Not powerful, impotens; (inef- 
fectual), inefflcaz 
Powerftilly, potentir, inefflcacitir 
Fowerfulness, vis, potentia 
Fractic, Practical, practicas 
Practicable, quod fieri potest 
Practice, exercitatio, usus, expe- 

rieatia ; (custom), consuetado; 

(secret), molimen, molitio 
To practise, exerceo, experior; 

(law), legum nodos solvere; 

(physic), medicinam exercere 
To pat in practice, exequor 
Apiraetiser, exerciutor; (inlaw), 

caasanun actor; (in physic), 

mediciuK professor 
A practising, exercitatio 
A practitioner, exercitator 
Pragmatical, pragmaticns, ineptiu 
Pragmatically, ineptd, insulsi 
Pra^aticalness, insulsitas 
Praise, laus, pneconium 
With praise, laudabilitto 
Praiseworthy, laudabilis 
Not praised, illaudatus 
To praise (commend), lando, ex> 

tollo; (prise), aestimo 
i Itraiser, laadj 

A itraiser, laudator; (prizer), ks- 

A praising, laadatio; (prising), 

To prance, subsulto 

Prancing, snbsultans 

A prank, Indus; (wicked), scdus, 

To prate, garrio, blatero; (fool- 
ishly), ineptio, nugor; (pertly), 
argutor ; (as a nurse), lallo 

A prater, garrulas, loquax 

Pratin|^, loouax, dicax 

A prating, dicaeitas, loquadtas 

Hold your prating, tace, taoete 

Prattle, garritus, dicacitas 

Pravity, pravitas, nequitia 

A prawn, cans 

To pray, oro, rogo, preoor; (ear- 

jsUy), • ' • ' 

_jpre«i , , 

getber), comprecor 

, ,.enix*petere ; (aeunst), 

deprecor; (for),intercedo; (to- 

A prayer, omtio^ deprecatio, ob- 

Prayers, preces; (morning), ma- 
tutinK preces; (evening), ves- 
pertinae preces 

By prater, preee 

A praying, obsecratio, rogatio 

To preach, praedico, oondonw; 
(a sermon), sacram orationem 
habere; (up an opinion), opi- 
nionem inculeare; (over one's 
cups), verbis mucida vina faoere 

A preacher, praecor. pnedicator 

A preaching, pradicatio 

* ---amble, procemium 

To make a lon^ preamUei, limgi 

circoitione utt 
A prebend, prcbenda 
A prebendary, pmbendarius 
Precarious, precarias 
Precariously, precarid [caric 

Precarioasness, conditio rei prx- 
A precaution, cautio, provisio 
To ase precaution, prarcaveo 
To precede (go before), prscedo; 

(excel), prtesto, supero 
Precedence, or precedency, jus 

prscedendi ante alios, princi- 

PKcedenttpneecdens, antecedens 
A precedent, exemplum 
Preoedently, ant^ prinsqoftm 
A precentor, praecentor 
A precept, pra(ceptum, miandatum 
Preceptive preceptivos 
A precinct, ditio 
Precious, pretiosas, earns 
Preciooriy, pretios^, cart 
Preciousness, rei caritat 
A precipice (steep place), pneei- 

pitium; (danger), disctimen, 

Piecipitancy, temeritas 
A precipitant, temerarias, prte- 

Precipitantly, pneproperi 
To precipiute (cast headlong), 

prccipito; (hurry), prxpropori 

Precipitate, prsceps, temerarins ; 

{nhtt.) merenrws praecipita- 

tus raber 
Preeipiutely, pneproperi 
Precipitation, praecipitatio 
Precise (certam), certns, defini- 

tus; (finical), affeetatns; (scrn- 

puloas),*scrapalosas, nimls re- 

ugiosus; (exact), exactus 
Precisely (exactly), accurate ; (fi- 

nically), moUittr, affecutft ; 

(scrupidously), scrnpulost 
Preeisenese, afteietatio, accuratio 
To preclude, praedndo 
Precognitioil, prxcentia 
To preconceive, prarsentio 
A precontract, pactio antecedens 
A precursor, praecorsor 
Predatory, predatorius 
A predecessor, antecessor 
Our predecessors, rouores 
To predestinate, prsdestino 
Predestination, praedestinatio 
Predetermination, prxdetermitia- 

To predetermine, anti terminare 
Predial, pnediatorius 
Predicable, predicabilis 
The ]>redirables, decem elements 

A predicament, praedicamentam ; 

(state, or condition), status 
To predicate, praedico 
The predicate, prcdicatum 
Predication, pratdicatio 
To predic^ pnedico 
A prediction, prKdictJo^ vatici- 

To predispose, taxib disponere 
Predisposition, propensio 
Predominance, praevalentia 
Predominant, praevalens 
To predominate, pnevaleo 
Pre-elected, anti electus 
Pre-election, praeelectio 
Pre-eminence, pneeminentia ; 

(excellence), praestantia; (su- 
preme rule), primattts, princi- 

Pre-emption, praeemptio 
To pre-engage, antd obHgare 

A pre-engagement, <^Ugaktio an- 
To pre-exist, antd existere 
Pre-existence, praeexistentia 
Pre-existent, anti existens 
A preface, praefatio, prooemium 
Without preface, abrupti 
To preface, praefari, prooemior 
Prmtory, introducens 
A prefect, prarfectus, praeses 
A prefecture, pnefoctura 
To prefer, pnetierojpraepono ; (ad- 
vance), eveho, effero ; (exhibit), 
exhibeo; (propose), propoao 

Preferable, praeferendus 


To give preference, antepono 

Preference, partes priores 

""o give preference, antepoi 

Preferment, honor, digmtas 

Preferring, anteferens, _ 
Prefignred, praefiguratus 
To prefix, praefigo, anti i 
A prefixing, prefixio 
Pregnancy, graviditas 
Preg^nant, praeipauis, gravidas 
Pregn^t wit, ingenium subtile 
To prqudge, praqudico 
Prejudicate, pra^udicatua 
Prejudice (damage), damnum, 
detrimentnm; (rash judging). 

Without prqoc 
To prquuce, incommodo 

Itbout prqadice, salvo jura 

To be prejudiced, 


Prejnucial, noxius, inoommodoa 
Prelacy, praesolis dignitas, ar 

A prelate, pnesul 
Prelection, praelectio 
Prelibation, praelibattio 
A preliminary, procendnm 
Preliminary article, proladiom 
A prelude, praeludium 
Premature, prcmaturus, praeeoK 
Prematurely, praematuri 
To premeditate, praemeditor 
A premeditation, pnemeditatio 
To premise, praeferi 
The premises (spoken of befinre), 
prcmissa; (lands, houses, or 
what belongs thereto), Audi, 
A premium, praeminm 
To premonish, praemoneo 
A premonition, pramonitio 
Premonitoij, praemonuis 
A premnnire, bonorum oonila* 

catio ; (danger), periculum 
A prentice (apprentice), tyro 
To preoccupy, praeoecupo 
To preordain, anti designare 
A preparation, praeparatio; (for 
a journey), viaticum, apparatus 
With preparation, praeparatd 
A preparative, praeparatio 
Preparatory, praeparatorius ; (dis- 
course), sermo parans ad rem 
To prepare, praeparo, paro; (a 
feast), connvium omare; (for 
fiffht), ad pugnam instruere; 
(tor death), de animae saluta 
cogitare; (victuals), opeonor; 
(away), viam parare, or mu« 
nire ; {or be prepared for), ad 
agendum accingi 
Prepense, praememtatns 
To preponderate, praepondero 
A preposition, praepositio 
Prepositive, prarpositivua 
To prepossess, praeoecupo 
Prepossession, praeoccupatio 
Preposterous, perversas, moo- 

Preposterooily, perversa mcn- 

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PrepoiteroiinieM, qoaUtu prc- 

The prepuce pnepntinm 
Prereqnuite, anti necessarios 
A prerogatiTe. prerogativa 
PrerogatWe, pnerogariTus 
A preiage, omen, pnraagiam 
To presage, portendo, ominor 
Presaging, pnuagut, portendens 
A presbyter, presbyter 
Presbytery, presbyterium 
A presbyterian, presbyterianus 
Prescience, praescientia 
Prescient, Frescious, prsscius 
To prescribe, prescribe; (bounds), 

termino, metas pooere 
A prescribing, pnescriptio 
A prescript, pr«scri|>tuin 
Prescription, praeecriptio 
Presence prtesentia; (mien), 
oris, «r fomue species; (look), 
, aspectns, vultus 
In presence, coram, in conspectu 
Present, prssens ; (at hand), 
i pnestd 
For the present, nnne, jam, im« 

pnesentiartim, in pnesenti 
By these presents, per has prx* 
I aentes literas 
I Present money, pectmisnnmerata 
I To be present, adsom 
! A present, donom, munos 
\ To present, dono; (to a liting), 
I beneficium offrrre, donare, or 
largire; (one's self before one), 
oompareo, se coram aliquo sis> 
I tere; (the naked breast), nu- 
^ dam pectas pnestare; (for a 
I fanlt), apud curiam de aliquo 
qneri ; (a gun), bombardi ali- 
quem petere 
I A presentation, pnesentatio; (by 
I a patron ) , Tocatio ad beneficium 
I A presentment, citatio 
I A presenting, collatio 
I Presently, statim, illicd, moz 
I Preserration, consenratio 
I A preserrstive, antidotus 
A {oeserre, confeetio 
To resenre, tueor. conserro ; 
(from), eripio, libero ; (fruits), 
saecharo condire; (in health), 
sospito [defensor 

Apreserrer, conservator, custos, 
A jpesernng, or preservation, 

eonservatio, tutela 
To preside, presum, pmsideo 
A president, prsses 
A mess, torcular, prelum; (for 
clothes), armarium ; (for 
books), pluteus 
A press-room, torcalarium 
A press of people, turba 
To press, premo, deprimo, ex- 
pnmo, ccmprimo; (urge), nr> 
geo,insto; (forward), annitor, 
contendo; (upon), insto; (sol- 
diers), invitos oonseribere 
Press-money, soctoramentum 
A pressing, pressnra, pressus; 
(down ) , depresaio ; (together) , 
A pressman, vectiarins 
A {wessure, pressors ; (of n 


Prest (ready), psrstus 

To presume (be presumptuous), 

prKfldo,arrogo; (hope),spero; 

(suppose), coDJicio, reor 
Having presumed, ansus 
Presnmpcion, srrogsntis, aud*> 

cis; (oooiieeture), su^icio 
Prssttmptiv^ pnesomensi praz- 


FresumptiMNisly, arrogantte, in- 
solent «r 
Presamptuousness, andacia 
To presuppose, prcsuppono 
A pretence, praetextns, color 
To pretend, simulo, obtendo, eon- 

fingo, pra sc ferre 
A pretender (dissembler), simu- 
lator; (candidate), competitor 
Pretending, simulans. causatus 
Pretendingly, sub pretextn 
A pretension (claim), vendicatio, 
postnlatio ; (design), consi- 
bum; (hope),spes; (promise). 

The preterperfect, prsteritum 

The preterimperfoct, pneteritum 

Preternatural, pneter naturam 

Pretematurally. prxter naturam 

Preterplnperfecty plusquium per- 

A pretext, species, color 

A pretor, prvtor 

Pretorian, pnetorianus 

Pretty, bellns, scitus; (merry), 
lepidns, facetus 

A pretty while, aliquandih 

Very nretty, perelegans 

Prettuy, sciti, bent, vennstft ; 
(very), perelegantte 

Prettiness, elegantia, venustas 

To prevail, vueo, prvvaleo, pol- 
leo ; (by intreaty), impetro, 
exoro ; (over), sopero, vineo 

Prevailed upon, evictns;^ (by in- 
treaties), exoratus, precibus 

Prevailing, efflcax ; (opinion) , opi- 
nio recepta, or popularis 

Prevalence, Prevalency, eflQcacia, 

Prevalent, valens, pnevalens 

Prevalently, efflcacitir, vulgd 

To prevaricate, pnevaricor 

A prevaricating, or prevarication. 
prKvaricatio, coUusio 

A prevaricating (person), homo 
vafer, or snbdolus ; (speech), 
sermq simulatus, or Actus 

A prevaricator, prevaricator 

To prevent, prxvenio, prxverto 

A preventer, impeditor 

A preventing, or prevention, an- 
ticipatio, prcoccupatio; (hin- 
dering), impeditio, Urdatio 

Preventive, anticipans, prseoccu- 

A preventive, alexipharmacnm 

Previous, praevius 

Previously, primhm 

A prey, prcda, spolinm 

To prey upon, prador 

Of pre^, prvdatorius, rapax 

A preying upon, pr»datio 

A price, pretium ; (a reasonable), 
optima ratio 

Of so neat j^nce, tanti; (of no 
price), nihui 

At that price, tantidem; (at so 
little a price), tantnlo ; (at a 
great pnce), magno^carft; (at 
what price), quanti 

For a little price, minimo 

A prick (point), pnnctnm, pnne- 
tns ; (goad), aculeus ; (or prick- 
ing), punctura; (with a pin, 
&&), punctiuncula; (of con- 
science), stimulus, morsus 

To prick, pungo, repungo, pnn- 
gito, stimulo, ooncito; (up the 
ears),anresarrigere; (notes in 
music), notss dqpingere 


A pricking, punetio; (forward), 

indtatio, concitatio 
A prickle, spina, sentis 
Pnckly, aculeatus, spinosns 
Pride, superbia, fastus; (glory), 

prima gloria 
To pride one's sel^ glorior, jaoto 
A priest, sacerdos, pontifez 
Priesthood, sacerdotium 
Priestly, sacerdotalis 
A prig. nimiK el^ntia atudioina 
Pnm (formal), afecUtus 
A primacy, prinutus 
Pnmace, merces nautica pro one- 

ranA nave 
Primarily, primitiu, primtun 
Primary, primarius, primus 
A primate, primes, princeps 
Pnme, primus, prscipuus; (or 

chief men), primores 
In one's prime, juvenis, «tate 

To prime (a gun), pulverem con- 
ceptaculoimmittere; (in paint- 
iDil>)> primum colorem indu- 
Primely, pracipufc, potissimdm 
A primer, liber eleraentarius 
Primeval, primaevus, primitivna 
Primitive, primitivus 

Primitively, primittis, primd 
Primogeniture, primogenf 
Primordial, primordiaBs 


A primrose veris primula 
A prince, princeps [regalia 
PriDce-like, Princely, principalis. 
Princely, principality, regit 
A princess, princeps 
Principal, principalis, prBcipuus 
A principal (of a society), praeses ; 
(of a college), prxfectus; (ac- 
tor), auctor, caput, dux 
The principal, summa, caput 
Priueipality, prinoipatus 
Principally, potissimtim, maximft 
A principal (original), prineipi- 
um, origo ; (in philosophy), 
axioma ; (opinion), lensus, 
opinio, sententia 
Principles (of art), rudimenta; 
(of action), ' 

To priak, exomo, omo 

A print (impression), nota, im- 
pressio ; (picture), imago, 
sculptura; (of a foot), vesti- 

In print, Utteris impressis ; (nice- 
ly), aifabri. graphic^ 

The print* (newspsperB), nuncU 

To pnntf imprimn, „ 
{tle^f]], idtlxit, mM.-u1pa 

A primer, lypogrrfUbtm 

" " phia 


A priutjDg kotu^, lytHignpheam 

A yri*jT. iirLivr infiTjAcharum 
Pt , :LDL«rior 


A priory, ccenobium 

A prism, prisma 

A prison, csrcer, ergastnlnm 

To be in prison (impriaonsd), in 

A prisoner, vinctus ; (of war), 

csptivus, hello captns 
Pristine, pristinua, antiquus 
Prittle-prattle, gerrae, fabulas 
To prittle-prattle, bUtero 
Privacy (place), reeessos; (in 

counsel), tacitumitas 
Private, privatua, seeretus, aror- 

nos; (person), homo privs' 

Digitized by 



Privately, privatlm, aecretd, clam 
A priTateer, navis pnedatoria 
Privation, privatio 
Privative, privativus [taa 

A privilege, privilegrjum, immaiii- 
To privilege, eximo, immdQitatem 

habere, or dare 
A privileged place, refugium 
Pnvily, occulta, secret 6, dium 
Privy, privatus, arcanus. secretai ; 

(to a thing), consciue, parti- 

cep«, testis; (chamber), pene- 

trale, conclave interius ; (parts), 

pudenda, naturalia 
A privj, latrina, forica 
To pnxe (value), aestirao, pondo; 

(mach), mag^ni aestimare 
A prise, palma; (plunder), spo. 

ham, pneda; (trial of skill), 

Probable, probabilis, verisimilis 
Probability, prohabilitas 
Probably, probabihtir 
A probate, probatio 
A probation, probatio ; (of a 

learner), examinatio 
Probationary, ad probationem per* 

A probationer, novitins, tyro 
ProbationerslUp, tyrocinium 
A probe, instrumentum argen* 

teum ad vulnera exploranda 
To probe, exploro, tento 
Probity, probitas, honestas 
A problem, probleroa 
Problematical, probleraatieus 
Problematically, problematic^ 
A procedure, or proceeding, ordo^ 

forma, series, continuatio 
The proceed, proventus, reditoa 
To proceed (go on), pergo, pro- 

griedior, procedo ; (in learning), 

proflcio ; [or spring from), enas< 

cor, exorior ; (in a degree), m- 

dnm capessere; (at law), lite 

Proceeded (sprung from), exortns 
A proceeding, processus ; (trans* 

action), res gesta ; (at law), 

controversia judiciaria 
A process, processus; (in law), 

formula, actio, lis [p^ressu 

In process of time, tempons pro- 
To serve in a process, compre- 

hendo. in Jus trahere 
A procession, processio, agmen 

instructo ordine procedens; (in 

rogation- week), solennis limi- 

tum lustratio 
To nrodaim, procUuno, denuncio, 

edico; (war), indico; (peace), 

A proclaimer, prodamator 
A proclamation, prodamatio, 

Proclivity, proclivitas 
A proconsul, proconsul 
Proconsular, nroconsularis 
A proconsulship, proconsulatus 
To procrastinate, differo 
Procrastination, procrastinatio, 

To procreate, procreo, giguo 
A procreating, or procreation, 

procreatio, generatio 
A proctor, procurator 
Proctorship, munus procuratoris 
Procurable, procurandus 
A procuration, procuratio 
To procure (get), aequiro, paro; 

(stir up), excito, moveo 
A procurer, conciliator; (male 

bawd), leno 
A procuring, or procurement, 

comparatio, =«— =- 



Prodigal, prodigns, profiuua, ef- 

A prodigal, nepos 
Prodigally, prodi|ri, eflbsA 
Prodigality, eflusio, dissipatio 
Prodigious (monstrous), prodigi* 

osus, mirus; (great), ingens, 

Prodigiously, prodigiosi, valdft 
A prodigy, prodigium, ostentum, 

Frodition (treason), proditio 
Produce (product), mictus 
To produce (bring forth), pro* 

duco, procreo, edo, pario, fero ; 

(cause), gigno ; (propose), in 

medium afferre; (show), exhi- 

beo, profero 
To be produced, provenio 
A producine, product io 
Product (of the earth), fructus; 

(of industry),! 

lumentum ; (or amount of mo- 
ney), feumma; (of the brain), 

foetus ingenii 
Production, productio; (of ani- 

mals), procreatio, generatio ; 

(of plants), germinatio; (of 

sprigs), fruticatio 
Productive, generans, effleiens 
A proem, prooemium, prologue 
Profanation, rei sacrc violatio 
Profane, profisnus, nefastua 
To profane, profano, violo 
Profanely, pro£sni, impifr 
A profaner, violator 
Pro£snenes8, impietas 
To profess (own), proflteor, eon* 

titeor ; (practise), exerceo ; 

(protest), contestando, denun* 

A professed enemy, hostis aper* 

Professedly, ex nrofesso 
Professing, prontens, exereens 
A profession (acknowledgment), 

professio; (calling, or trade), 

ars, quKstus; (way of living), 
' g^nus vitc ; (protestation), 

A] .■ ■ 'ir [nus 

A ],-irnre-^:t.irn,l.i|h, [nwfenp.i'i ris mu- 
Pr» licit (prfffttwcJ Jr tirafc^^us 
A pTvlTi^r (mtcmpt^r canatUS ; 

(tiling tunpnwdjj cdudiUo ah* 

liiTJi, 6f yrupoiil* 
TopniifEr (aEtf^inpt), conor, ten- 

tu; li3riip'i!n.-i. pnipJion, iiffero 
Pn-' '■ ■■ ens 

To make a profleiency. proficio 
A proficient, progressus, faciena 
A profile, catagraphum 
Profit, commodnm, lucrum, firuc* 

tus, questns 
Of profit, quKstuoens 
Profits of lands, reditus, fructus 
To profit, proficio, prosum; (in 

learning), progressus in studiis 

facere; (get advantage), Incror 
Profitable, fucrosus, commodns 
Ver^ profiuble. perutilis 
It IS profitable, coududt, con* 

Profitableness, utilitas 
Profitably, comniodfc, utilitir 
Profited, progressus, provectiu 
Profiting;, proficiens, promoveus 
A profiting, progressus, profectns 
Profiigate, profligatus, nequam 

Profligateness, scelns 
Profound, profundus, altus; (a 

profound scholar), doctissimua 
Profoundly, profundi, alti 


Profoundness, Proftindity, pro- 
funditas, altitudo [gas 

Profuse, profnsuB, effusus, prodi- 

Profusely, profnsi, effusi 

Profuseness, Prof^ion, profusio, 

To prog, obsonor, furor 

A progenitor, mi^or, avus 

A progeny, progenies, prolea, so- 
boles, genus 

Progring (catering), obsonani; 
(raking together), corradeni, 

A prognostic, prsesagium - 

To prognosticate, hariolor, pts- 

A prognostication. prKdietio 

A prognosticator, hariolus, angor 

2l progress, or progression, pro- 
gressus [cutus 

A progress Goumey), iter, or- 

Progressive, proficiens 

Progressively, gradibua, gradatlm 

To prohibit, prohibeo, veto 

Prohibited, prohibitns, 

A prohibitor, inhibitor 

A prohibition, or prohibitiog, 
prohibitio, interdictum 

Prohibitory, probibitoriua 

A project, eonatus, molimen 

To project, designo, molior; G^ 
out), promineo 

Prqjectile, impulsus 

A projector, desi^ator 

A projection, designatio 

Aprojecture, or projecting^ pro- 
jectura, prominentia 

To prole, venor, aucnpor 

Proiepsis, prolepsis 

Proleptic, proleptieus 

Prolific, Prolifioal, foeeundoa 

Prolix, prolixus, longua 

Prolixly, prolixi 

Prolixity, prolixitas 

A prolocutor, prolocutor 

A prologue, prologus 

To prolong, protrabo, eztendo, 
duco ; (life), vitam prolatare 

A prolong^r, dilator 

A prolongation, or prdloDging^ 
prolatio, dilatio 

A prominence, prominentia 

Prominent, prominens, extaas • 

Promiscuous, promiscuus 

Promiscuously, promiscui 

A promise, promissum ; (to pay 
money), stipulatio nummana 

To promise, polliceor, promitto; 
(in marriage), despondeo ; 
(often), nolficitor; (or assure 
one's self), nbi persoadere, 
spero; (openly), profit eor; (for 
another), ex promitto; (condi- 
tionally), stipulor; (mntoally). 
compromitto ; (again), repro- 

A promiser. promissor 

A promising, promissio 

A promissory note, cantio chirs- 

A promontory, promontorium 

To promote, promoveo, offero; (s 
design), consUio favere; (one 
to honour), ad honorea promo- 
vere; (learning), rem literariam 

A promoter, qui promovet; (of 
strife), fax seditionis 

Promotion (honour), honor, dig- 
uitas, amplitudo 

Prompt, promptus,paratus; (per* 
ment), pecunia numerata 

To prompt, suggero, subjido, con* 
cito, hortdr 

k prompter, monitor, hortator 

Digitized by 





A ^omptiDg, loliciuUokliortatkv 

Promptitude, alacritat 
Promptly, prompti, paimti, ezpe> 

PramptneM, fkcilitai, alacritM 
A promptoaiy, penu* 
To promnlge, or promulgate, pro* 

moleo, publico 
Prommgation, promulgatio 
ProDua, pronus. propensui 
Proneness, propensio, prodiTitat 
A prong, furca. bidena 
A pronoun, pronoroen 
To pronounce, ennncio, reeitOk 

pronuncio, profero 
A pronouncing, pronundatio, re- 

Pronunciation, or >i>eaking in 
ublic, elocutio, recitatio pbb- 


A proof, docnmentam; (arga> 
ment), argument nm, probatio; 
(evidence), testimonium ; (in 
printing), ipecimen, exemplum 

Proof (agunit ball), impenetra- 
bills; (againat vice), inconcui* 
■us vitiia 

A prop, fulcrum; (for a vine), 

To prop, fulcio, adminiculor 

To propagate, propago ; (to pos- 
terity), diffnndo 

A propagator, propagator 

A propagating, or propagation, 

To propel, propello [pronus 

Propens^ propensus, prodivis. 

Propensity, propensio 

Proper (€c), aptut, idoneus, com- 
modus; (peculiar), peculiaris. 

nirius; (tall), procerus; (to 
one), opportunus, tempes* 
tivus; (sufficient), competent 

Properly, propria, apt^ idone^ 

tempcstivi, ad vivum, affabr^ 

Propemess (propriety), proprie* 

tas; (tallness), proceritas 
Property, proprium, proprietas; 

(oisposition), natura, indolee, 

isgeninm [tio 

A propbecy, vatidninm, prsaie- 
Prophesied o( prsdictus 
A prophesier, vatidnator 
To prophesjr, vatidnor, divino 
A propnesymg, vatidnatio 
Prophesying, prcsagus, presa- 

A propbet.pronheta, vates; (fdse), 

A prophetess, mulier vatidnans 
Prophetic, Prophetical, fatidicus 
Propinquity, propinc^uitas 
To propitiate, propitio, placo 
Propitiation, propitiatio 
Propitiatory, propitiatorius 
A propitiatory, propitiatorium 
A propitiator, reconciliator 
Propitious, propitius, benignus 
Propitiously, benigni 
Propitiousness. benignitas 
Proportion, proportio, ratio, com- 

paratio, analogia 
To proportion, recti distribnere, 

uti normi proportionis 
In proportion, pro ratione 
Proportionable, Proportionaltana- 

Proportionably, analogic^ 
A proportioning, accommodatio 
A proposal, propositio 
To propose, propono, destino ; 

(resolve), statuo, constituo 
A proposer, qui proponit 

A proposition, propontio 

To propound, propono 

A thing propounded, ^u«8tio 

A propounder, propositor 

A propounding, propoutio 

Propping, fulaens 

A proprietary, proprietor, domi- 
nus proprius 

A propriety (property), proprie- 
tas; (of speech), locutio pro- 

Propulsion, propulsatio 

The prore, prora 

To prorogue, prorogo, differo ^ 

A proroguing, or prorogation, 
prorogatio, dilatio 

To proscribe, proscribo, rdego 

A proscript, exttl relegatus 

A proscription, or proscribing, 
proscript io, relegatio ; (open 
sale), venditio, sub hasti 

Prosaic, prosaicus 

Prose, prosa, oratio soluta 

To prosecute, prosequor; (a crim- 
inal), noxium persequi ; (a de- 
sign), in consilio pergere; (a 
matter), de re aliqoA disserere 

A prosecuting, or prosecution, lis, 

A prosecutor, prosecutor, actor 

To be prosecuted, in jus did 

A proselyte, prosdytus 

Prosody, prosodia 

Prospect ] distant view), prospec- 
tus ; (viewing), inspectio ; (de- 
ngn, hope, or riew)> consilium, 

Prospective, prospidens,providus 

To prosper, floreo, valeo; (make 
to prosper), prospero, secundo 

Prosperity, prospentas, felicitas, 
res secunoK [feliz 

Pro8i>en)us, prospems, secundns. 

Prosperously, prosperi. felicitto 

A prostitute, scortum, meretrix 

To prostitute, prostituo 

A prostituting, or prostitution, 

Prostrate, prostratus 

To prostrate (lay flat), prostemo; 
(fdl down before), procido, pro- 
cumbo, abjicio 

A prostratiou, prostratio 

To protect, defendo. tueor, tego 

Protecting, protecens 

A protection, tutda, tutamen 

A protector, patronus, defensor 

Protenrity, proterritas 

A protest, denuociatio contestata 

To protest, testor, obtestor; (a- 
gainst), intereedo; (solemnly), 
solennittr affirmare 

A protestant, protestans, rdi- 
gionit reformatae professor 

A protestation, aflbmatio solen- 
nis; (against), intercessio 

A protester, qui contestando alip 
quid dennnciat 

A protomartyr, protomartyr 

A prototype, prototypon 

To protract^ protraho. differo 

A protracting, prodnctio, dilatio 

A protractor/ dilator 

To protrude, protrudo ■ 

A protuberance, tumor, inflatus 

Protuberant, prominens 

Proud, elatuK, superbus, fastosus 

To be proud, tumeo, superbio; 
(of a thing), aliquid ostentare 

To grow proud, insolesco 

Proud words, ampullK ; (biteh), 
canissalax, or catnliens; (flesh), 

Proudly, superbft, anrogantte, in- 

Proudness, fastus, superbia 

To prove (make good), probo, 
conflrmo, evineo ; (a thing 
false), refello; (try), experior, 
perielitor; (happen), accido; 
(become), flo 

Proveable, probabilis 

Provender, pabulum; (providing 
of)> pabulatio 

Of provender, pabularis 

A proverb, proverbium, adagium 

Proverbial, proverbialiai, adagio 

To proride (procure), paro, pras- 
paro; (for hereafter), in mtu- 
rum cousulere; (beforehand), 
pracaveo ; (for), provideo, pro- 
spido; {or famish with), sup- 
Provided (yet), tamen, nihilo- 

Proridenee, proridentia 
Provident. proridus,cautiu; (per- 
son), frngalis, frugi 
Providential, favente Deo 
Proridentially, dirinA providentiA 
Providently, provide, Cauti 
A provider, provisor; (of com), 
frumentarius; (of wood), lig- 
nator ; ( of rietuals ) , obsonator ; 
(of fodder), pabulator 
Proriding, parans, praeparans 
A proridhig. praejMsratio, proen- 
ratio ; (of fodder) . pabulatio 

Aprorince, provincia; (office, or 

station), munus. negotium 
Of a prorince, provincialis 
The United Provinces, provinda 

A provindaliprKpodtus provindiB 
Proring. probans, comprobans ; 

(essaying), periculum fisdens 
Provision (necessaries), alimen* 
tiun, rictus, penus. cibus, an- 
nona; (preparation), prapara- 
tio; (for a day), diarium; (for 
•journey), viaticum; (fur war), 
in rem bdlicam apparatiu ; 
(caution), provisio. cautio 
To make provirion, prospiciQ, ap- 

Prorisional, cantionalia 
Providonally, aub conditione 
A proviao, exceptio, cautio 
A provocation, provocatio 
Provocative, provocatorius 
Provocatives, ad libidinem stima- 

To provoke, provoco, stimnlo; 
(allare), alhdo, pellido; (ap- 
petite), stomaehum acuere ; (a 
stool), alvum dero ; (urine), 
nrinam dtare; (sweat), sudo- 
rem elicere 
A provoker, irritator 
Provoking, provocans. irritans, 

A provost, pnefectus urbis 
A provosuhip, prcfectura 
The prow, prora 
Prowess, fortitudo, virtiu 
To prowl. pr«dor 
A prowler, predator 
Proximity, proximitas 
A proxy, ricarius 
A prude, femina modestiam falso 

Prudence, prudentia, sapientia 
Prudent, prudens, sapiens 
Prudential, ad pmdentiam per^ 

Prudentially, Prudently, pruden- 

tte. sapientir, rect^ proridd 
A prune, prunum 
To prune, amputo, tondeo 

Digitized by L3OOQ IC 




A pniner, patator, fon^ator 
A pnuinf , putatto. frondatio 
A praning-knife, Calx 
Prurient, pruriens 
To pry into, obserro, inreatigo^ 

A prjer, tpeealator 
Prying, invettigana, emiaaitima 
A prying, intuitus propior 
A psalm, paalmus, ode 
A psalmist, psalraistra, paaltea 
Psalmody, psalmodia 
A osaln»book. psalteriam 
Puberty, pubertas 
Public, pnblicas, eommnDia ; 

(known), penrulgatus, notoa 
A public-house, pi^ina 
Public-spirited, poblica aalatis 

At public charge, pnblicia sump- 

Public good, commune bonum 
Public weal, reipnbKcc aalna 
A publican, publicanus 

A publication, publicatio 

Publicly, public^, apertt, palim 

To publish abroad, publico, ernl- 
C0> divulgo, promulgo ; (a 
book), librum edere 

A publisher, vulgator, editM 

A publishinjg, promulgatio 

Puedag^ Tirginitaa 

To pucker, oorrujKO 

In a pucker, confusns 

A pndder, strepitus, tumultua 

A pudding, fartum ; (black), bo. 
tulus; (plumb), fiurtum urn 
TefSertnm ; (suet), fartum nibo 

In pudding tine, oppidd, oppw* 

A puddle, foainla, lacuna 

To puddle, se inoninaie 

Pudidty, pndieitia 

Puerile, pueriUa 

Puerility, puerilitaa 

A puff (of wind), flatoa; (paate), 
emstulaU; (want of breath), 
anhelitua; (barber's), instru* 
mentnm ad puWerem aspergen- 
dum; (deception), deceptio 

To pufl^ ilo ; (and blow), anbdo ; 
(the Are), ignem snfflare; (at), 
spemo, flocci fSacere; (extol), 
extollo ; (deceive), dedpio, 
fiaudo; (up), tumeil^io, inflo 

To be puffetl up, intnmeaoo 

A puffing, mergua 

Puffing, anhelims, anhdna 

A puffing, sufflatio, anhelitua; 
(at an auction), falaa reprc- 
aentatio; (extolling), laudatio 

Puffr, tumens, inflatua 

Pugb I Tab ! apace I 

Puissance, potenttia, poteataa, via, 

Puissant, potens, Talidua 

To be puissant, polleo, valeo 

Puisaantly, potentte, TaMdft 

A puke, Tomitus 

To puke, Toroo, Tomito 

A pull, nisus, vellicatio 

To piUl, TcUo, TCllico; (again), 
rerello; (at), perwllo; (away), 
avello, divei)o ; (back), recra> 
ho; (back, or hinder), impe* 
dio ; (down), diruo, snbmo, de> 
moUor; (down pride), auper- 
biam comprimere; (by fbi«e), 
npio; (aw*7 by force), eripio; 
(firuit); carpo, decerpo; On)> 
retraho, contraho ; (in hia 
horns), retraho; (in the reins), 
habenaa premere; (off), exuo, 
letraho; (offbaik), daeortioo 

A puller up, arulsor 

A ptdlet, gallinula, puDaatra 

A pulley, trochlea 

A pulling, nians. TcUieatio; {oB, 
or away). aTulsio; (over), erul- 
aio; (together), convulsio; (up 
by the roots), eradicatio, ex- 

To pullulate, pulluh), puUukaco 

Pulmonary, pulmonanos 

The pulp, pulpa 

A pulpit, pulpitnm, rostrum 

Pulpous, pulp4 abundans, mollis 

Pulsation, polsatio 

Pulse, legnmen. puis ; (of the 
body), pulsus 

To teA the pulse, venam tentare 

To pulverize, in pulverem redi« 

A puhrerising. pnlvnvtio 
A pumioe-atone, pumex 
A pump, antlia; (of a ship), aen- 

To pun^>, exantlo, aentino; (a 

thrag out oi one), consilium 

callidi expiscari 
A pumpion, or pumpkin, pepo 
Pumps, caleei nitidi 
A pun, luBus verborum 
To pun (quibble), *^ 

A punch (person), pnmilio obe> 

BUS ; (used by shoemakers), 

terebra cavata 
To punch (thmat), propeUo; 

(bore), terebro 
A puncheon, vas vinarium octo> 

ginta congios continens 
A punctilio, res nihili, or levia 
Punctilious, offlciosus, comis 
Punctual. aecuratuB 
Punctuality, accurata obaerratio 
Punctually, accurate 
Punctuation, interpunetio 
A puncture, punctura 
Pungency, acrimonia 
Pungent, pungens 
To punish, punio, castigo ; (with 

death), morte mulctare 
Puniahable, puniendua, poenA 

A punisher, punttor. ultor 
A punishing, punitio, eastigatio 
Puniahment, snpplidum, poena; 

(in purse), molctatio 
Without puniahment, impnnA 
Puny (little), parvus, exiguus; 

(lesser), inferimr; (sickly), in- 


To pup, catuloa edere, or parere 
A pupiU pupillus, diadpulna ; {oi 
the eye), pnpilla 

Pupillary, pupillaria 

A puppet, pupa 

A puppy, catulua; (silly fellow), 

mo^tus, atultua 
Purbund, luaeus, myopa 
To purchase (buy), emo; (get), 

acquiro, paro 
A purchaser, emptor 
A purchasing. Purchase, emptio 
Pure (dean), purus, mundus; 

(dear), dams; (chaste), cas- 

tus; (fine), tersus; (uncor* 

nipt), incorruptus, immacula* 

tua; (unmixt), merua 
Pure good, optimus 
To make pure, purifico, histro 
Made pure, ponftcatua 
A making pure, purificatio 
Pudy, piu^ integrii, caat^ in« 

cormptft, nnoNt 
Pureness, puritas, dnoeritaa 
To purfie^ anreo ftlo intexere 
Pugation, pnrgatio, luatratio 

P ur g ati ve^ pnrgana, eatharcieii% 

Purgatory, purgatoriom 
A purge, catharticnm 
To purge, purgo, expurgo ; (the 
body), dvum dere ; (liquid 
things), diquo; (humours), hu- 
mores evacuare ; (by sacrifice), 
expio^ lustro ; (one's tif of a 
fault), crimen ibluere 
Purging, purgans 
A purging, purgatio; (by aacri- 
fice). expiatio; (of the aea). 
maris c;iectamentum 
Purification, purificatio 
A purifier, purgator 
To purifV. purifico. purgo, expio ; 
(metals), metalla purgate ; 
(from dregs), deteoo 
Purifyin|^, puriflcans, pni 
A purifying, purificatio 
A puritan, catbarua 
Purity, puritas, mundhia, casti- 
tas ; (of lanruase), puraa ser- 
mo; (of the Latin tongue), in- 
corrupu Latini aeimonis inte- 
A purl, limbua 

Purl, potus absynthio mixtua 
To purl, lenitir fiuere 
Purling, lenity fluena 
To purloin, aorripio, sufltaxor 
A purloiner, fiir privatus 
A purioining. compilatio privMa 
Purple^ purpura 
Of purple, purpureua 
Purple odour, murex, ostnub 
To make purple, purpuro 
In purple, purpuratus 
To become purple. purpuxMeo 
The purples, febris purpurea 
A purport, aensus, significatio 
To purport, propono, dedgno 
A purpose, propositum, consilinm 
Of set purpose, consult6 
To the purpose, appositus; (not 
to the purpose), nihil ad rem, 
To the purpose, appoeit^ apt* 
To rood purpose, bono concilio 
Fit for the purpose, idoneus 
To another purpose, diorstan, 
alib; (to what purpose), qu6; 
iiuorsum ; (to that puproae), tb, 
ide6 ; (to the same purpose), 
in eandem aententiam; (to no 
purpoae), flruatr*, incaas^km, ne- 
quicquium [tino 

To purpose, propono. sutuo, dea- 
Purposdy, eogitatft, e6, ide6 
A purpodng, designatio 
To purr, fens aonitum edere 
A purse, crumena, maranpium 
To purse, contraho, corrugo 
Purse-bearer, prebitmr aigenta* 

Purse-proud, prK divitiis datns 
A purser, buraariua 
Pursiness, obesitaa 
Puraldn, portulaca 
In pursuance of, peraeqnendo 
Pursuant to, secundum, juxta 
To pursue, prosequor ; (dill- 

Gntly). insequor: (close, or 
rd), vestigiis adhierere: (a 

design), in propodto perdstere 
A pursuer, consectator [tatio 
A pursuing, or pursuit, consec- 
A pursuivant, apparitor ; (at 

arms), fieddis aaseda 
Pursy (fat), obesua ; (shmt- 

winded), anhdans, asthmaticns 
A purtenance, appendix 
To purvey, abaoaor; (for wooti), 


Digitized by 





A purfeyliHr, 

A pmreyor, annoiue eorator 

Pnmleney, porit abondantia 

PamlAit, pnruleatut 

A push (wheal), pastula ; 
(tbnut), impetus, ietos 

Topuah, pello, impieUo; (at, or 
attempt), molior, tento; (on 
in battle), acriiit inttare; 
(back), repelloi (on, «reneoa- 
mge), instico, itimnlo; (for- 
ward, or make haste), festino, 
accelero ; (forward in a de- 
aign), consilio progredi 

A posher forwanC impnlsor 

A poshing (back), repnlraa ; 
(on), impolaio, inatigatio 

PnaHlanimity, timiditas 

Posillanimoas, timidos, ignafoa 


A pastille, postnla 

Ptutulons, pustulosns 

A pat off, mora, impedimentom 

To pat, pono, colloco, statoo ; 
(again), repono; (again8t),op- 
pono; (aside), aepono; (in ar- 

ray), instruo; (away), 
(awayawiflc), uxorem repudi- 
are; [lar send away), ablego; 
(back), depello; (before), an-, 
tepono: (between), interpono, 
inteijieio ; (to death), morte 
mnletare; (an end to), flnem 
dare ; (forth), exero, emitto ; 
(forth the hand), manam ^- 
rigere; (forth strength), vires 
exaerere ; (forth a book ) , librum 
edere; (forth leaves), frondeo, 

Patatire, existimataa, habitus 

Pntid, patidus 

A patter away, depulsor 

A patting, WMitio i (away), amo- 
tio, rc^ectio ; (between ), interpo- 
■itio ; (between of days), inter- 
eaJbatio ; (into), immissio ; (off), 
dilatio ; (forward), impulsio ; 
(or blotting out), deletio; (out 
of fire), eztioctio; (to), appo- 
aitio; (together), eompositio; 
(ander), subjectio 

Patre&etion. putredo 

Putrefactive, septicus 

To putrefy, patrefacio; (be pa- 
trefied), putreo, putrasco 

A putrefying' putredo* 

Putrefying, ulcerosus, uleeratua 

Putty, creta oleo mixta 

A punle (hard Question), quastio 
"^ -^obf 


To puxsle, conftindo 

Pygmean, pygnueus 

A pygmy, nanus, pumilio 

A pyramid, pyramis 

Pyramidal, pyramidatus 


Pythagoric(]^thagorean ), pytha- 

A pythonesa, pythonissa 
Apyz, pyxis 

A qnaek, medicos eireumflnra- 

neus, empirious 
Quackery, empirice 
To qnack, empirieen exercere ; 

(as a duck), tetrinnio 
Qnadrageaimal, quadragesiraalis 
A quadrangle, area quadbrata 
Quadrangular, quadrangulus 
A quadrant, quadiana 

To (fiirjLlrr*!"^, iiisjulnv 
Qaniirmi'". q'j.(iiJ"-B=i'.-M 
QuA'l-ht L'lh', i^^'^iiilfrLTLira 
Qu4^iclnlji(>:rBl, !i| u n <J n laterus 
Qaadripaxtiiir. q'j^i.lTipartitua 
A q^mdnj]?rj, f^u^iilriipes 
Thf ■:^i]nilrii]ili . .:^iim liupolom 
Qu ' ruplex 

To .:: :v ! :. 11 out), ebi- 

bb, exsorbeo 
A quaflfer, ebriosas, bibax 
A qnafflng, compoUtio; (about), 

A quaflSng-cup, pocnlum 
A o"^- fST *iii?iTmire, vorago 
Qu "i» 

Qu . : . : . degans, bellus, 

sviiu«i \\i^<L, ktran^), rarus 
Quaintly, eompti, nitid^ 
Quaintness, elegantia, nitor 
To quake, tremo, trepido; (ex- 
tremely), horreo, inhorreo 
To make to quake, tremefado 
A quaker, tremulas fanaticos 
Quakerism, tremulomm supersti- 

A quaking, horror, tremor 
A qualiflcatioo (endowment), doa, 
indoles ; (condition), status, 
To qualifv (make fit), idoneum 
facere; (anpease), paco; (mode- 
rate), moaeror, tempero 
A quaUiiying (appeasing), sedatio 
A quality, qualitaa,dos; (degree), 

gradus, ordo 
"Hie quality (nobles), nobfles 
Quality (nobility), nobilitas 
Qualities, mores 
A qualm, levis stomach! Kgri- 

Qualmish, crudus 
A quandary, dilemma, eonfusio 
A quantity, quantitas, vis 
A quarantine, mora qnadragenaria 

m statione propter pestem 
A quarrel, jumuni> nxA; (of 
glass), vitri rhombus ; (of a 
cross-bow), speculum quadia- 
To quarrel, litigor, rixor, jurgor, 

altercor, litem serere 
A quarreller, altercator 
A quarrelling, contentio. Us 
Quarrelling, Quarrelsome, litigi- 

Quarrelsomeness, litigatio 
A quarry, lapidum fodina 
A quarryman, lapicida 
A quart, sextarius 
Quartan, qtuutanos 
A quarter, ouarta pars; (coast), 

regio; (of com),octomodii 
Quarters (lodgings), boRpitium; 
(for soldiers), contubemia sta- 
tiva ; (of the moon), lunc 
phases; (winter), hibema 
Into all quarters, in oranes 
partes; (from all quarters), un- 
A quarter-staff, batului 
Quarter (in fighting), salua, vita 
Quarter-sessions, trimestriapacis 

curatorum, comitia 
To quarter (into four pieces), in 
quatuor partes dissecare ; (or 
lodge with), diversor j (receive 
into a house), hospttium prae- 
bere; («r cut up meat), oear- 
Quarterage, pensio trimestris 
A quartering (in pieces), dissee- 

tio; (lodging), hospitalis re* 

A quarter-master, eastrorum me- 

Quarterly, quolibet spatio tri- 

mestri ; o/ij. trimestns 
A quartern, sextarii quarts para 
Quartilis, quartilis 
A quash, pepo 
To quash, quasso, opprimo^ ex- 

tinguo, discutio 
A quashing, quassatio 
A quaternion, qostemio 
To quaver, cantillo, modulor 
Quavering, modolans. vibrant 
A quavering, modulatio 
A quean, scortum, roeretrix 
Queasiness, fastidium 
Queasy, fiutidiosus. dissolutos 
A queen, regina ; (consort), r^* 

na uxor ; (dowager), regina 

Queer, ineptos, insulsus ; (in 

health), delicatulus 
Queerly. ineptft, insulsd 
To queU, domo, debello, sobigo 
A queller, domitor, victor 
A quellingr. domitus 
To ijuench, extinguo ; (thirst), 

sitim sedare. or compacere 
Qnenchable, extinguibilis 
A quenching, extinctio, restinetio 
Querimonious, queribundus 
A quern, mola trusatilia 
A query, quiestio 
To query, dubitQ, quRStionem 

Querulous, querulos 

QuerulouMess, (querela 
A Quest, inquisitio ; (m 



To quest, latro, nicto 

To go in quest of, ad investi- 
gandum ire 

A question, quaestio, intenrogatio ; 
(doubt), dubiutio 

In question, in dubium 

To question (doubt of)> dubito; 
(with), interrogo; (examine), 
ad examen, or in jus vocare, ex- 
amine, scrutor 

Questionable, dubius, incertus 

A (questioning, dubitatio, inquisi- 
tio, disquisirio 

Questionless, sine dubio, certA 

A questor, quaestor 

A quibble, cavillum, sophisma 

To quibble, verbis ludere 

A quibble, cavillator. sophista 

A quibbling, captio, cavillatio 

Quibbling, cavillans, captiosus 

Quick (nimble), agilis, celer; (a* 
live), vivus; (hasty), festinus; 
(diligent), diligens ; (in scent), 
sagax; (in sight), perspicax; 
(of wit), solers; (with child), 
foetu vivo gravida 

Quick, quick I festina 1 

To the quick, ad vivum 

To be quick (or lively), vigeo; 
(with child), foetum vivum ute- 

A quicksand, syrtis 

Quickseu, plantariaviva; (hedge), 

Quicksilver, arKentuin vivum 

Quick, or quickly, dt6; (subtldy), 

To quicken (enliven), animo, vi- 
viflco; (hasten), instigo; (make 
haste), depropero; (wine), vi- 
num resnscitare ; (as a woman 
with child), fcetum vivum in 
utero sen tire 

A quickener, animator 






Quickening, , _ 

A (^oickening, animatio 
QuickneM (nimbleneM), agili' 

tas; (liTeUDess),TiTacitasi (of 

sifbr), perspicaitaa ; (of wit), 

ugacitM, acumen 
A ifuiddity, captiosa qoKatio 
Quiescence, quiescentia 
Quiescent, quiescens 
Quiet, quies, otium 
Quiet, quietus, tranquillua, pla* 

cidus; (silent), tacitus 
To be quiet (sflent), sileo, taceo; 

(live at ease), otior; (to be at 

quiet), quiesco, reqniesco 
To quiet, paco, sedo, placo 
Not to be quieted, implacabilii 
A quieter, pacator 
A (juieting. pacatio, aedatio [ddft 
Quietly, quietft, tranquilli, pla. 
Quietness, requiea, serenitaa, o- 

tium, pax 
A quill, penna. calamus ; (of a 

barrel), sipbo; (for a musical 

instrument), plectrum 
To quilt, pannum, &c., bombyce 

fartum consuere 
A (fuilt, culcita 
Qumquennial, quinquennia 
A quinsy, angina 
A quintal, centumpondiom 
A quintessence, medulla 
A quire, papyri scapns; (of ung< 

ers), see Choir; (of a cburcb), 

locus ubl chorus canit 
A auirk, carillatio, captio 
Full of quirks, versutus, subdolua 
Quit, absolutus, impunitus 
To «|^uit (leave), rehnquo, desero ; 

(yield), cedo ; (let ffi), Ubero, 

relaxo ; (one's post), provin- 

dam, or stationem tradere 
Quit, adv. impuni 
Quite, oranind, penitts, longft 
A quittance (receipt), accept!* 

Quitting horses, eqnis dimissis 
A quitting (leaving), desertio ; 

(freeing), liberatio 
A quiver, pharetra 
"With a quiver, pharetratua 
To quiver, contremisco ; (with 

cold), pne frigore horrere ; (for 

fear), expavesco 
Quivering, tremulus, horridus 
A quivering, tremor, horror 
A quoil of cable, rudentis in dr- 

culum convolutio 
To quoil, in circulum convolvere ; 

(as a serpent), no^ aggestis 

A quoit, discus 
A quota, pars, proportio 
A quotation, citatio. prolatio 
To quote, cito, laudo, adduce 
Quoth he, inquit ille 
Quotidian, quotidianna 
A quoting, citatio^ laudatio 

A rabbi, or rabbin, rabbinu 
Babbinical, rabbinicua 
A rabbit, cuni cuius 
Rabid, rabidus, rabiosaa 
A rabble, turba, £ex popoU 
A race, cursus, curriculum, 
dium ; (stock), stirps, prL„, 
nies, genus ; (or root of ginger)^ 
radix sinsiberis; (of mankind), 
genus humannm } (of life), 


Of an illustrioos race, honesto 
loco natus 

A racehorse, eqnus cursor 

A rack (for beasts), falisca; (for 
torture), equuleus ; (for a spit), 
crateuta; (for bacon), crates 
porcina; (for bottles), crates 
utricularis ; ( for cheese ) , crates 
casearia ; (for a crossbow), 
harpai^o; (of mutton), cervix 
vervecina; (for hay), prcsepe, 
crates (otiosus 

At rack and manger, satur et 

Rack (arrack), potus Indicus 

To rack {or put upon a rack), 
crati suspendere ; (torment), 
torqueo, excmcio ; (off beer, 
&c.), defaeco; (one's self), ma* 
cero, afflictor 

To be racked in pain, excrucior 

Racked (with pains). excruoiatus ; 
(as liquor), defccatus 

A racker, tortor, extorter 

A racket, reticulum ; (8tir),stre> 
pitus, turba, tumultus 

To make a racket, tumultuor 

A racking, tortnra 

A racking of liquors, deftecatio 

Racking pains, cruciamenta 

Racy, saporis gratissimi 

Radiance, nitor, splendor [tens 

Radiant, radians, coruscans, ni* 

To radiate, niteo, splendeo 

Radiation, radiatio 

Radical, radiralis. vitalis 

Radically, radicitds 

Tu radicate, radico, infigo 

A radish, rapbanns 

Of a radish, rapbaninns 

The raff (refuse), r^ectanea 

Tu raffle, aleA ludere 

A raffle, or raffling, alea 

A raft, ratis 

A rafter, tignum, cantherius 

To rafter, contigno 

A raftering, coatignatio 

Of rafters, tig^narius 

Rafty, sentibus obductus 

A rag, panniculus, linteolnm 

Full of rags, pannosus 

To tear to rags, lacero 

A ragamuffin, mendicabulnm 

Rage, rabies, furor, ira; (of the 
sea), KStus, fremitus 

In a rage, fturibundna; adt. ra- 
bidi, rabiosi 

To rage, furo, insanio, sxrio ; (as 
a wound), recmdesco; (as the 
sea), estno; (in dnnk), de- 

Raging, furiosus, furens 

A ra|(ing, rabies, fiuror 

Racringly, furiosi, rabidi 

Ra^ed. pannosus; (jagged), la- 
ciniatus, dentatus 

Raggedness, pannositas 

A rasoo, or ragout, cupedia 

A raU. palus. repagulum 

To nal,palis sepire; (at), nule* 
dico, convidor, mali loqui 

Railed (at), conriciis insectatoa; 
(with rails), palis septua 

A ndler, insectator 

Railing, convicians 

Railingly, conturoeliost 

Raillery, conricium, facetia 

Raiment, vestis, vestitus 

Rain, pluria. imber 

Of rail), plnviua, plnvialia 

In the rain, per imbrem 

To rain, pluo; (downright), de- 
pluo; (in, or upon), impluo; 
(through), perpluo 

A rainbow, iris 

Rainy, pluvialii^ imbrifer 

To raise, devo. attoQo ; (up one^a 
self), surgo; (prefer), prooKi- 
veo; (anger), commoveo ; (a 
wall), extruo; (a battery), dia- 

A raiser, ooncitator, exdtator 

A raisin, uva passa ; (of the sun), 
uva sole siccata 

A raising, condtatio, exdtatio; 
(of a bank), aggestio ; (of mo- 
ney ) . exactio ; ( of soldiers ) , de- 
lectus; (of a siege), discessna 
ah obsidioue 

A rake (tool), rastrum; (for an 
oven), rutsiiulum; (amongst), 
fodina ; (to pull up weeds}, ir>> 
pex ; (spendthrift), prodiigus, 
nomo dissolutus, or infamise 

To rake, sarculo,sarrio; (scrape), 
rado; (again), resarcio; (toge« 
tber, or up), corrado ; (up Are), 
ignera cineribus condere 

A raker, sarritor 

A raking, sarculatio, sanritio 

Rakish, dissolutus. infsmis 

To rally, adem instaurare; (re* 
turn to the charge), ex fopi 
convenire ; (joke), joeor, ir* 

A rallying, instaniatio pugns 

Aram, aries 

To ram, fistuoo ; (stuff), inferdo ; 
(in gunpowder), pulverem n^ 
tratum viigft adigere 

A ramble, vagatio, error 

To ramble^ va^r, erro, cireom- 
cnrro; (in discourse), kpropo* 
sito aberrare 

A rambling person, or rambler, 
erro; (house), sparsa domns} 
(discotirse). oratio aberrans 

A rammer, fistuca, pavicula; (of 
a gun), virga scloppetaria 

A ramming, flstucatio [dus 

Rammish, randdus. hircosos, oli* 

Rammishly, rancidi 

To smell rammishly, hireum olere 

Rammishness, rancor, foetor 

A ramp, virago procax 

To ramp, procacitir se gerere 

Rampant, procax ; (in heraldry), 
insiliens; (as a lion), erectos 

A rampart, vallum, ^ger 

A ramping, exnltatio 

Ran (run), cucurri 

Rnncid (rank), randdna 

Rancor, invidia. odium 

Rancorous, malignus, invidua 

Ranoorousiy. nuuigni, invidiosA 

A rand, margo, ora 

At random, temeri, inconsultb 

Random-shot, sine scopo emiasoi 

It rang, sonuit 

A range (of a coach), temo; (or* 
der), series, ordo ; (ramble), 

To range (set in order), diqponok 
instruo; (stand in order), rect& 
serie disponi; (up and down), 
evagor, erro; (meal), fiuinam 

A ranger (setter in order), diges- 
ter; (searcher), explorator 

A ranging (in order), digestio; 
(inspecting), lustratio 

Rank (too much), praeflertili% 
nimls luxurians; (m smell), 

A rank rogue, nebulo ; (poison), 
acre venenum [nitas 

A rank, ordo, series, locus, dig* 

Of rank, illustris 

To rank, ordino, dispono 

To be rank, luznrio, muceo 

Digitized by 





A zmnker, ordiiiator 

To Tmnkle, sapporo, ftutreo 

A rankling, auppuratio 

Bankly (ofFensWdy), nmcidft ; 

(luxuriantly), luxurioa« 
BanknesB, rancor, foetor ; (in 

growth), Inznriei, loxuria 
To ransack, diripio 
A ransacker, spoliator 
A ransacking, direptio, rastatio 
A ransom, redemptio 
To ransom, redimo 
A ransomer, redemptor 
A ransoming, redemptio 
Rant, vaniloquentia 
To rant, superb* loqui, debacchor 
A ranter, nepos inept as, demens 
A ranting, bacchatio [riosi 

Bantingljr, inept i, insals^ glo- 
A rap, ictus, alapa; (over the 

fingers), talitrum 
To rap (strike), pereutio, ferio. 

?ulso ; (swop), commuto ; 
iwear), joramentum temeri 

Rapacious, rapax 

Rapaciously, avidi 

Rapacity, Rapaeionsness, rapaei- 

tas, rapina 
A rane, raptus, per vinv stnpmm ; 

(of a county), portlo; (wild 

turnip), rapum 
To commit a rape, stupro 
Rapid, rapidus, veloz 
Rapidness, Rapidity, rapiditas, 

Rapidly, rapidi, relocittr 
A rapier, Terutam, ensis 
Rapme, rapina [comix 

A rapper, pnlsator ; (knocker), 
A rapping, pulsatio 
Rapt, m rapped up with joy, ef- 

fttsi iKtitift rxoltans 
A rapture, aoiini impetus; (of 

joy), effusa Uetitia 
Rapturoiu, mirabilis 
Rare (nncommoo), rams, infre> 

quens ; (excellent), ezimins, 

onregius ; (thin), rams, snb- 

tuis, tenuis 
Rare&etion, rarefactio 
To randy, rarefacio 
To be rarefied, raresco, tenuor 
A rarefying, tennatio 
Rarely, rard 

Rareness, Rarity, raritas, paneitas 
A rarity, res eximia 
A rascal, balatro ; (vile), fbrcifer, 

homo nihili. flagitiosus, bipe- 

dum neanissimus 
Rascally, dagitiosas, sceiestiu 
A rase (blot), litura ; (small 

wotud), leye vulnus 
T6 rase (scratch), stringo; (oat), 

erado, deleo, ezpungo; (pull 

down), ererto, solo equare 
Rash, inconsideratas, temerarius, 

preceps, inconsaltus 
A rash, eraptio cutanea 
A rasher of bacon, ofFella lardi 
RMbly, temeri, inconsalti 
Rashness, prccipitatio, temeritas 
A ndsiog, rasura ; (demolishing), 

subversio, demolitio ; (blotting 

out), deletio 
A rasor, novacola 
A rasp, radula 
To rasp, rado, limo 
Raspberry, rabi Idxi firnetiu 
A rtspiog. rasura 
A rasare, rasura 
A rat, sorex 
Ratsbane, arsenicum 
To smell a rat (mistrust), suboleo 

A rat>eatcher, mnrieidua 
A nt-trap, decipola 
Ratably, pro rat& 
A rate, pretium; (proportion), 
proportio; (tax), census; (man- 
ner), modus; (sixe). magnitudo 
To rate (tax), taxo, tributum im- 
ponere ; (esteem), Kstimo, pen- 
do; (chide), objurgo^ increpo 
Rateable, ceosualis 
A rater, censor, estimator 
Rather, potiiis, magls ; (I had 

rather), malo 
A ratification, er ratifying, eon- 

flrmatio. ratificatio, sanctio 
To ratify, eonfirmo, ratum facera 
A rating, census; (chiding), ob- 

jurgatio, reprehensio 
Ratiocination, ratiocinatio 
Rational, rationis particeps; (rea* 
sonable), ration! consentaneus 
Rationality, facultas ratioeinandi 
Rationally, i ratione. Kqui, justi 
A rattle, crepitaculum 
To rattle (make a noise), crepito, 
strapitum edera ; (chide), in- 
crepe ; (talk idly ), inepti garrire 
Rattleheaded, loquax, insulsas 
Rattled off, gravitir increpitus 
Rattles for children, crepundia 
A rattlin|p (shaking), concussio, 
quassatio; (fellow), ^arrulas, 
ineptns; (chiding), objurgatio 
Ratthngs, scalantm nauticarum 

Ravage, direptio, vastatio 
To ravage, diripio, vasto, populor 
A ravager, spoliator 
A ravaging, direptio, vastatio, 

To rave, deliro, insanio 
To ravel, retexo. involvo 
Ravelled, retextus, involutui 
A raven, eorvus, corax 
Of a raven-colour, ooradnus 
To raven, vr ravin, voro 
A ravener, raptor, helluo [das 
Ravening, Ravenous, vorax, avi- 
A ravening, raptio, rapacitas 
Ravenoasly, avidi. voracitte 
Ravenousness, voracitas 
A raver, delirus 
A raving, delirium, deliratio 
To rarish, constupro, vitio; 
(charm), delecto, voluptate 
magn& aflBcera; (from), ti ah- 
A ravisher, raptor, stnprator 
A ravishing, or ravishment (com- 
mitting a rape), raptus, stupra- 
tio; (of themind), ecstasis 
Ravishing (to the eye), eximius, 
egregius; (to the ear), suavis- 
simus, admirabilis, jucundissi- 
Raw, crudus; (not sodden), in- 
coctus ; (unwove), nondiira 
textus; (unskilful), radis, im- 
A raw scholar, novitius 
To grow raw, crudesco 
Raw weather, tempestas frigida 

et nubila 
Rawboned, strigosus 
Rawlv (cradely), cradiun; (on- 

skilftdly), imperitft 
Rawness, eruditas 
A ray, radius; (fish), rata 
To raze, rado ; (foundations), fim- 

damenta evertere. See Rom 
A rasor. novacula 
To reach (come up to), assequor; 
(one's meaning), intelhgo ; 
(out), extendo ; Xweut. to reach), 
extendo, porrigor; (or arrive 

at), pertingo; (vomit), vomo. 

A reach, ambitus, tractus ; 
(fetch), dolus; (capacity, abili- 
ty), captus; (power), potesUt; 
(of thoaght), sagacitas; (by 
water), intervallum 

Rea ch ed (given), allatus, datiu; 
(extendM).extentus, porreetus 

A reaching, extensio, porrectio; 
(vomiting), vomitio 

Reaction, reaetio 

To read, lego; (over agMn), ra- 
lego; (often), lectito; (over), 
evolvo, periego; (out), publici 
redtare; (unto), pr«l^^ 

Read, lectns ; (openly), public* 
recitatus; (over), perlectus 

Well raad, doctissimus 

A reader, lector; (in schools), 

Erofessor; (to scholars), pne- 
ictor; (curate), ricarius 

A great reader, helluo libroram 

A reading, lectio; (openly), pra- 
lectio; (over), evolutio 

To readmit, iteriim admittera 

Ready, paratus, promptus, pronus, 
propensus, expeditus, acdnc- 
tus; (to please), affabilis, co- 
mis, mitis; (willing), volens, 
lubens; (to lie in), instat par- 
tus; (furnished), hospitium su- 
pellectili instrnctum 

Ready, Readily, jam. jamdudhm 

Of rMdy vrit, sagax, perspicax 

Ready money, arj^ntum pnesen- 
Uneum, pecunia numeraU 

To be ready at hand, adsum, prx- 
st6 esse 

To get, vt make ready, paro, ex- 
pedio ; (hastily), accelero ; (for- 
ward), apparo 

Readilv, expedite, parati ; (with- 
out book), memoritftr ; (wil- 
lingly), libentfer, comitir 

Readiness, promptitude, alacri- 
tas ; (to please), obsequitun, 

In raadinesB, in promptu, prasto 

To set in readiness, paro 

Real, realis, verus 

A reid estate, patrimonium 

Realitv, Veritas 

In reality, reverit 

To realise, ad amussim exprimera 

Really (in earnest), reverA, sin- 
eeri, can*; (surely), prciectd, 
eert*, san* 

A realm, regnum, imperiom [pyri 

A ream of paper, scapus migor pa- 

To reanimate, deDu6 animara 

To reannex, denub adjungere 

To reap, meto, demeto 

Fit to reap, matums 

A reaper, messor 

A reaping, messio ; (hook), falx 

Reapin^-time, messis 

In reaping-time, per messes 

Of reaping, messorius 

The rear, extremum ; (of an 
army), agroen extremum 

To rear (up), toUo, erigo; (up a 
building), extruo, atdifico ; (up 
children), infantes alere 

A rearing, erectio, educatio 

To reascend, denuO arcendera 

Reason (the faculty ofj, ratio; 
(cause, or motive), ratio, caosa, 
argumentum ; (understand- 
ing), consilium ; (moderation ), 
modus; (right), lequum. jus 

Against reason, absurdus. ineptus 

By reason of, ob, propter, prx, 
proptereii; (by reason), qutun, 
quandft, propterea quod 

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To leaaon. ugamntc^, i»tio- 

einar, diaeepto; (sgftiaat), op- 

POBO, oppufiio 
Sauonable (rational), ratioiMlis; 

(jut). Kquottjuatni; (inmea- 

■are), medioens, modicas 
ReasonablencM, aqoitaa 
BeaMmably.jasti; (mod«tateW), 

mediocritte, modwi ; (well), 

lie satis 
HaTing reasoned, latioeinatiu 
T^t may be reasoned, dispata- 

A leasoner, ratiodnator 
A reasoDinf , ratiocinatio 
To reassemble (eaU together 

again), iterlun oonvocare ; 

(meet again), mrstun oonve- 

To reassign, itertoi assignare 
A reassignment, assignatio ite- 

To reassome, reassnmo^ reroco 
To reattempt. retento 
To rebate (check), reprimo ; 

(blunt), hebeto; (inaccounu), 

snbdaco; (or make a rebate), 

Bebating, reprimens, refrenans 
A rebating, Bebatement, repres- 

sio : (in heraldry), diminutio 
A rebel, rebeilis, peiduellis 
To rebel, rebeUo, deficio 
A rebeller, rebellater 
A rebelling, or reb^ion, rebeUio 
Bebellioas, rebeilis, ftctiosus ; 

(disobedient), perversos, obsti- 

A rebound, resoltns 

To rebound, resilio 

A rebounding, repercussio 

A rebaff, repulsa 

To rebuild, recdifloo 

A rebuilding, recdificatio 

A rebuke, reprehensio 

To rebuke, increpo, castigo { 

(with a sneer), sugillo; (sharp. 

ly), increpito; (despitefully), 

Rebukeful. objurgatorioa 
A rebuker, obiurgator 
A rebuking, objurgatio 
A rebus, symbolum 
To rebut, se retrahere 
To recalC revoco ; (one's words), 

verba reprendere 
A recalling, rerocatio 
To recant, recanto ; (an opinion), 

sententiam mutare 
A recanting, or recanta t ion, re- 

cantatio. palinodia 
To reci^iitulate, breritto repe* 

tere, summatlm colligere 
A recapitulation, summariom 
To recede, recedo, discedo 
A receipt (receiving), receptio; 

(discharge), acceptilatio, syn- 

grapha; (by a physician), pr«< 

To receive, recipio, accipio; (▼!• 

sits), salutantes admittere; (a 

wound), vulneror; (drink in), 

imbibo; (into company), ad* 

mitto. coopto 
A receiver, receptor, acceptor ; 

(of taxes), pnblicanus; (chy. 

mical vessel), vas recipiens ; (of 

the king's deimesne), r^;is pro- 

Seceivers-general, tribnni crarii 
A receiving, receptio, acceptio, 
admitsio; (before), anticipatio 
Becent, recens, nuperus 
Recently, recent^, nupte, mod6 
A receptacle, receptacolam 

A reception, reoentio; (entartaiB- 
meat), acceptio 

Receptive, capax 

A recess, recessus, latebra 

A recipe, pnescriptum 

Reciprocal, reciprocus, routuns 

Reciprocally, mutn6, altemaUm 

To reciprocate, altemo 

Reciprocation, reciprocatio 

Recision, recisio 

A recital, recitation ennmeratio 

To recite, reeito, enumero 

A reciter, recitator 

A reciting, reciMtio 

To reck, solicitns esse, cnro 

Reckless, remissua, negligens 

To reckon (count), numero. com- 
puto; (up), enumero ; U>4t^)> 
arbitror; (esteem), existimo^ 
duoo, habeo; (design), statuo, 
constituo; (or, depend npon), 
confido; (little of), parvi pen- 
dere; (with),rationesconferr^ 
or componere 

That may be reckoned, compnta- 

Not to be reckoned, innnmerabilis 

A reckoner, computator 

A reckoning, numeratio ; (of one 

chud), tempus prsgna- 

tionis; (shot), symbola, col- 


lecta; (account to be given), 

To reclaim, corrigo 
A reclaiming, emendatio 
To recline, reclino 
Reclining, redinis 
A recluse, monachus 
Recluse, seclusus, soUtarius 
A recognisance, obligatio, vadi- 

To recognise, _ 

A recognising, or recogniti<m, 

To recoil, resilio, recedo 
Not to recoil, subsisto 
A recoiling. Recoil, reeessio 
Recoiling, resiliens 
To recoin, itertun codere 
To recollect, recoUigo, reoordor, 

in mentem revocare 
A recollecting, ReooUeetion, re- 

cordatio, recognitio 
To recommence, renovo, instauro 
A recommencing, instanratio 
To recommend, oommendo ; 

(send compliments to), saluto 
Recommendable, oommendabilis 
A recommendation, commendatio 
Recommendatory, ccwimendati- 

A recommender, oommendator 
A recorapence, premium, mer- 

ces; (requital), retributio 
Without recompence, gratuit6, 

To recompense, lemunerob com- 

penso, rependo; (requite like 

for like), par pari referre 
That may be recompensed, revo- 

cabilis [bills 

Not to be recompensed, irrepara- 
A lecompenser, remunerator 
A recompensing, or eompensa- 

tion, oompensatio, retributio 
Recompensing, compensans 
To recompose, denuo componere 
To reconcile, recondlio, m gra> 

tiam restituere' 
Reconcileable, exonbilia 
Not to be reconciled, inexorabilis 
A reconciler, reconciliator 
A reconciliation, or reconcile- 
ment, reoonciliatio, omiciliatio 
Reeondit e, oocaltai» abditna 

To reconduct, reeondnco 
A reconducting, deductio iterata 
To reconnoitre, e^loro, indi^ 
A record (of time), annales; Ibo> 

fore a court), testimonium; 

(books of), tabolse publioa 
To record, in acta referre; (a 

law), legem in tabulas referre; 

(in the mind), in meMoiiA A- 

To bear record, testor 
A recorder, proprsetor ubanM 
A recording; in fastoa rdatio 
The office of records, tabulariam 
To recover (get again), recuperiK 
recipio, reconcUio, reperio, in- 
venio; (from a fright), ad se 
redire; (health), revakaco^ 
convahEsco; (one's wita), rtti- 
pisco, ad se redire ; (from 
death), revivisco 
Recoverable, recuperandns 
A recoverrr, recuperator 
A recoverini;;, or recoverjr. neti- 
peratio; (in law), evictio; (re- 
medy), remediam 
To recount, enumero, i 
A recounting, ennmeratio 
A recourse, refugium 
To have recourse, refugio, raema 
Recreant, iguavus, falaua 
To recreate, oblecto, reficio 
Recreation, oblectatio; (of chfl* 

dren), lusua 
For recreation, animi caiuA 
Recreative, amoenus, gratua 

To recriminate, crimen in aeea* 
■atorem rejicere 

A recrimination, criminia in aeen- 
satorem rejectio 

A recruit, supplementum 

To recruit, suppleo ; (one^s self), 
M reAcere; (health), eonva* 
lesco ; (soldien), Bi)qn*loBai- 
tum scribere 

A recruiting one's self, refectio 

A rectangle, figura quatnor rec- 
tos angulos habeas 

Rectangular, rectos angulos ha- 

Rectiflable, quod eorrigi potest 

To rectify, corrigo, emendo ; (in 
chemistry), puriores partes ex- 

A reetifying, or rectification, rec- 
tificatio, correctio 

Rectilinesl, Rectilinear, rectili* 

Rectitude, rectum, rectitudo 

A rector, rector [muaai 

A rectorship, or rectory, rectoris 

Recumbent, recumbens 

To recur, recurro 

Recurrent, recurrens 

A recusant, recusans, schismati- 

Red, ruber, rubeus; (dark-red), 
pnniceus ; (sea-red), rufos ; 
(red hot), candens; (blood- 
red), sanguineus 

Tobered.rubeo; (hot), eandeo ; 
(grow-red), rubesco 

Marked red. rubricatna 

The red-gum, scrophuloa 

Red-hairad, ruf us 

Reddish, rubicundulua 

To redden, rubefiscio 

Reddition, reddiiio 

Redditive, redditivus 

To redeem, redimo; (a pawn)* 

Redeemable, redimendna 

A redeemer, redemptor 

A redeeming, redemptio 

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To redemand, reposco, xepeto 
Sedemptiou, redeniptio 
To rediut^rate. Renew, renoTo 
Bedintegration, renovatio 
Bedoeat, rubor ; (of the eyes), lip- 
pit ado 
Bedolent, reddena, fragrani 
Sed<^iice, fragrantia 
To be redolent, redoleo 
To redouble, ingemino 
A redoubling, duplicatio 
A redoubt, munimentam minus 
Bedonbtable, formidandus 
To redound, redundo 
Bedress, emendatio, restitutio 
To redress, emendo, corrigo, re« 
formo, reatituo ; (one's self), 
jus sanm vindicate 
Mot to be redressed, irreparabUis 
A redresser, emendator; (of man- 
ners), censor 
A redressing, correetio 
To reduce, reduoo, redigo; (to 
^ut), in pnlverem vertere ; (ex- 
penses), sumptus eontrahere 
Sedncible, quod reduci potest 
A reducing^ Redaction, redactio 
A redundance, redandantia 
Redundant, redundans, saperfluua 
Redundantly, redundantir 
To reduplicate, duplico 
To re-ecno, resono 
A reed, arundo, canna, calamas 
Of reed, arundineus, canneus 
Fall of rMds, arundinosos 
Like a reed, arundinaceua 
Bearing reeds, arundifer 
To re-edify, reaedilieo 
Areek (smoke), fumus; (vapour), 

esbalatio, vapor 
To reek, fnmo, exhalo 
Reeking, fnmosns, fumidoi 
A reeking, exhalatio, vapor 
A reel, rhombni 

To reel (like a drunken man), ti- 
tubo, vacillo; (thread), filum 
A reeling (staggering), vacillatio; 

(of yam), gu>meratio 
fi*im, pruina 

CoveixBa with reem, pruioosus 
To re-embark, navim rurstis con- 

To re-enfbrc% reparo, adorgeg^ 

A te-oDforeement, supplementum 
To re-enter, rursds intrare 
A re-entry, introitas iteratus 
To re-establish, restituo 
Be-established, restitutua 
A re-establisher, instaurator 
A re-establishing, or re-establish- 
ment, instauratio, renovatio 
A reeve, villicus, procurator 
To re-examine, ad examen revo- 

A refection, refectio 
A refectory, ccenaculum 
To refel, refello, ref uto 
To refer, refero, remitto, relego ; 
(to an author), auctorem ci- 
tare ; (to arbitration), rem ar- 
bitrorum jadicio permittere 
A referee, arbiter 
A reference, arbitrium 
Beference (regard), respectas 
A reference in a book, nota refe- 

In reference to, quantum attinet 
Having reference, relativua • 
Refernble, ad quod referri potest 
To refine, pnrgo, elimo, excoquo ; 

(upon), accuratitu tractare 
A reflner, purgator 
A refining^ porgatio 

To refit, reficio 
A refitting, refectio 
To reflect, reverbero; (in the 
mind), considero, revolvo ; 
(upon a person), aliquem carp- 
tim perstringere, reprehendo 
Reflecting, reflectens; (as light), 
irradians; (in the mind), con- 
siderans; (blaming), reprehen- 
dens, sugillans 
A reflection, repercussio ; (of the 
mind), consideratio; (blame), 
Without reflection, incogitans 
Reflexive, considenitionis capax 
To reflow, refluo 
Refluent, refluens, reflaus 
A reflux, refluxus, recessus 
To reform, refonno, emendo, cor- 
rigo, castigo, ad firugem redi- 
gere; (troops), militum partem 
A reformation, or reforming, re- 
formatio, correetio, emencUtio 
A reformer, reformator, corrector, 

To refract, irradlo, refringo 
Refraction, refractio, declinatio 
Refractory, refractarius, contu- 

max, pervicax 
Refractorily, contumaeitto 
Refractoriness, pervicacia 
To refrain (forbear), abstineo; 
(curb), refreno, compesco, co- 
hibeo, comprimo 
A refraining, temperantia 
Refirangible, quod refriog^ potest 
To refresh, recreo, relaxo ; (vamp 
up), resarcio; (the mind), am- 
mum oblectare ; (the body), 
membra fovere ; ( the memory ), 
memoriam renovare ; (take 
refreshment), cibum capere 
A refreshing. Refreshment, recre- 

Refreshing (coolinf;), refrigerans 
To refrigerate, refngero 
Refrigerative, refrigeratorius 
A refuge, refap[ium, asylum 
Refulgence, nitor, splendor 
Refulgent, refulgens, nitens 
Refulxently, niudi, splendid^ 
To refund, refundo, rependo 
A refusal, repulsa, optio 
The refuse (of things), purga- 
mentum, recrementum, quis- 
quilis : (of com), excretum { 
(of metals), scoria 
To reftue, recuso, renuo, respuo; 

(absolutely), peroego 
A refusing, recusatio 
To refute, refuto. refello 
A refuting. Refutation, coufutatio 
To regain, redipiscor, recupero 
Regained, recuperatus 
A regaining, recuperatio 
Reg^ regalis, regius 
To regale, convivio excipere 
A regale, epulse, convivium 
Regalia, insignia regum 
A regaling, epulatio opipam 
Regality, regia dignitas 
Regallv, regalitfer, regid 
Regard, respectus, ratio, cura 
To regard, respicio, euro ; (mind) , 
attendo i (observe), observe, 
iutueor, aspicio ; (concern), 
specto ; (esteem, or value), ks- 
timo, pendo; (much), magni 
Not to regard, negligo, sperao 
In regard to, quod attinet ad 
Regardable, consideratiouo dig- 

Not regarded, n^leetus 

To be not regarded, sordeo 
A regarder, observator 
Regardful, attentus, observans 
A r^arding, respectus 
Regarding, attineuf>, pertinena 
Regardless, negligens, remissus 
Regardlessly, remissi, improvidi 
Regardlessness, incuria 
Regency (government), regimen ; 
(of a kingdom), administratio 
To regenerate, regenero [ratus 
Regenerate, Regenerated, regene- 
Regeneration, regeueratio 
A regent (in studies), moderator, 
prcfectus, rector ; (of a realm ) , 
rq^ni procurator ; (viceroy), 
prorex; (queen), regni procu- 
To r^erminate, regermino 
A rejpcide, regis interfector 
Regimen (government), regimen, 
moderamen, rerum administra- 
tio; (in diet), diaeta; (in phy- 
sic), medicinae regimen prae- 
A regiment, legio 
Regimental, legionarius 
A region, regio, tractus 
A register (book of records), 
acta, archivum ; (of names), 
nomendatura; (officer), r^s- 
To re^ster, in tabnlas referre 
A registering, in tabulaa relatio 
A registry (office for registers), 
locus ubi acta publica conser- 
To regorge, vomo, revomo 
To regrant, iteriim donare 
To regrate, prcmercor 
A regrater, mango, propola 
A regress, regressus 
Regret, indignatio, dolor 
To regret, Kgri ferre ; (bemoan), 

defleo, lugeo 
Regular (according to art), ad 
normam exactus ; (usual), usi- 
tatus; (methodical), meUiodi- 
cus, ordine progrediens ; (mo- 
derate), moderatus, tempera- 
tus; (under a rule), reguli at- 
Regularity, regalaritas 
Regularly, ex ordine, certd 
To regulate, dispono, ordino,mo- 

deror, prescribe 
A regulating, or rcj^pilation, mo- 

deratio, temperatio 
A regulator, moderator, ordinator 
To rehear, denu6 audire 
A rehearing, auditio iterata 
To rehearse, recito, repeto 
A rehearsal, reciutio 
A rehearsing, enumeratio 
To reject, rejicio, repudio, abdico, 

To be rejected, respuendos 
A rtyecting, lUiection, r^ectio 
A reign, regnum 

To reig^, regno ; (prevail), vigeo, 
ingraveaco; (be in vogue), ob- 
tineo, floreo 
Reigning, regnans; (distemper), 
morbus ingravescens [scendere 
To reimbark, navem rurstis con- 
A reimbarking, Reimbarkment, 
or reimbarkation, in navem ite- 
rata conscensio 
To reimburse, pecunias rependere 
A reimbursement, restitutio 
The rein, habena, lorum 
Reins (of government),imperium; 

(or kidneys), renes 
To reinforce, instaoro, reparo; 

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(an aimy), ezercitnm rapplere; 

(an argament), aduifpeo 
A reinforcemeiit, sapplemeotam 
To Kingage (in tight), itertun 

oonfligere; (in busineaa), ite- 

Ttm negotio se impUcare 
To reinatu, inttaoro 
To reinstate, restituo 
A reintuting, reatitatio 
To rejoice (be glad), ketor, gan< 

deo; (make gud), exhilaro, ke- 

tifieo; (with), gratolor 
A rqoiciog, Ixtitia, |(aadiam; 

(day), diex exulrationia 
To r^oin (reply), iteriun reapon* 

A rqbinder, reapondo iteraU 
To reiterate, itero, repeto 
A reiteration, repetitio 
To rekindle, iterttm accendere 
To reland, in terram denud ex* 

A relapae, noraa, or iteratus lapsus 
To relapae. relabor, recido 
To relate, narro, enarro, expono 
A relater, narrator 
A relating. Relation, narratio 
Relation (kindred), consangoini* 

taa. affinitaa 
A relation (by blood), coDian- 

gninena; (by marriage), afflnia 
In relation to. quod attinet ad 
Relative, relativus 
A relative, relativnm 
Rdatively, pro ratione 
To relax, relaxo, remitto 
A relaxation, or relaxing, rdaz*- 

tio, remiasio 
A relay, autio 
To relay (sution), oolloco 
To release (aet at liberty), dimit- 

to ; (a prisoner), libero ; (from 

a contract), stipulationi non in* 

A release, absolntio, liberatio 
A releasinijp, Releasement, relax* 

atio, remiasio, liberatio 
To relent (grow gentle), moUeseo, 

mitesco ; (be moved with com* 

passion), misericordii moveri; 

(be troubled Tor), solidtadine 

affici; (yield), cedo 
A relenting, remiaaio, molestia 
Relentless, inflexibilis 
Reliance, fiducta 
A relict (widow), vidaa 
Relief (comfort), consolatio, ao* 

latiam, solamen; (help, auc* 

cour), snppetiK, subsidiam, 

To relieve (comfort), consolor; 

(help), snccurro; (a town), op- 

pidanis suppetias ferre 
A reliever (helper), opitolator 
A relieving, auxilium 
Religion, religio. pietaa 
Religions, religiosus, pins; (in 

appearance only), hypocrita ; 

(exact, punctual), qui religiose 

Religiously, religiost, pit 
To relinquish, relinquo, dereUnqno 
A relinquishing, derelictio 
Reliques, reliquis 
A relish, ^stus, sapor 
Of no reluh, insipidus 
To relish, gusto, sapio; (be plea- 
sed with), delector, placeo 
High-relished food, acres acuti* 

iahable, grnatai iucundua 
Reluctance, Reluctancy, avenatio 
With reluctance, invito, Kgri 
Reluctant, abhorrena, averaana 
To rely upon, confido^ innitor 

Relying npon, fretna 
To remain {or tarry), 
maneo, permaneo ; (behind), 
reato ; (be over), snpersum ; 
(as he was), antiquum obtinere 
A remainder, residuum 
Remaining, residuus, reliquoa 
Remains, reliquic 
To remand (send for back), re* 

voco; (send back), remitto 
A remanding, revocatio ; (die* 

mission), dimissio 
A remark, observatio, notatio 
To remark, noto, animadverto 
Remarkable, noubilis. insijpiis 
A remarking, observatio 
A remedy (medicine), remedinm, 
medicamenturo, medicina ; (for 
all distempers), panacea 
To remedy, medicor. medeor 
Remediless, immedicabilis 
A remedying, curat io, sanatio 
To remember, reminiscor, recor- 
der, memini; (put in mind), 
moneo, commoneo, suggero 
To be remembered, memorabilia 
A rememberer, monitor 
A remembrance, reminiaeentia, 

lecordatio, memoria 
To put in remembrance, commo- 
neo, commonefacio 
A remembrancer, monitor 
To remind, admoneo. moneo 
A reminding, admonitio 
Reminiscence, recordatio 
Remiss (slack), rembsus, negU- 
gena ; (slothful), socors, piger 
To grow remiss, pigritic se ad* 

Remissly, negligentfer, sopini 
Remissness, negligentia, dilatio 
Remission (pardon). Tenia, re* 

A remission, relaxatio 
To remit (send back), remitto; 
(grow less), diminuor, imflninu- 
or; (refer unto), refero; (for- 
give), absolvo, oondono; (mo- 
ne^), transmitto [nandus 

Remittable, Remissible, eondo* 
A remittance, remiasio; (of mo* 
ney), pecuniae pro alio pre* 
finita numeratio 
A remitting, remiasio 
A remnant, residuum, reliquom 
A remonstrance, declaratio 
To remonstrate, declaro, ostendo 
A remora (obstacle), impedimen* 

tum, mora 
Remorse, aogor, stimnlna, dolor 
Remoraeless. immitia 
Remote, remotna, longinqnns 
Remotely, remott, longi 
Remoteness, distantia 
Removeable, mobilis 
Not removeable, immobilis 
Removal (of persons), migratio ; 

(of gooda), exportatio 
To remove, moveo, amoveo, anb* 
moveo, removeo, demoveo ; 
(|;ooda), ali6 exportare; (with 
difBculty), amolior ; ((W>m 

Slace to place), transmoveo; (a 
welling), mino ;,(send away), 

amando; (kiU), interfieio 
A remove, or removing, remotio, 

amotio ; (or one remove) , gradua 
Remove, stir I aufer te hinc I 
Not removed, immotos, fixus 
A removing, remotio, amotio; 

(one's dwelling), migratio 
To remount, mrsiis conscendere 
To remunerate, compenso 
Remoneration, compensatio 

To reneoonter, oceurro 

A rencounter, occursus 

To rend (tear), lacero, diaeerpo 

To render (restore, or give), redd<^ 
do, restituo; (trau^te), verto, 
latiufc, ftc., reddere; (yield up), 
trado, dedo; (like for like), par 
pari referre; (a reason), ratio- 
nem reddere; (thanka), gratiaa 

A rendering, redditio; (translat- 
ing), interpretatio ; (np), de- 
ditio [praeaeriptno 

A rendezvous, oonventus, locos 

To rendezvous, coovenio 

A renegade, apostata 

To renew, renovo ; (a battle), reA- 

A renewal, renovatio, integratio 

To be renewed, integraaco 

A renewer, novator 

A renewing, renovatio 

Rennet, coagulum 

To renovate, renovo, redinteno 

To renounce, renuncio, abaico; 
(the faith), fidem abjurare; (a 
covenant), foedas ejorare 

Renown, fama, gloria 

Of renown, insignia, celebria 

Without renown, inglorius 

Renowned, indytus, darus, inaif • 
nia, Celebris 

To be renowned, eniteo 

Rent (torn), laceratos, i' 

Arent (tear), scissura, t 

Rent (income), reditus, vectigal; 
(charge), vectigal aunuum 

To rent (let), loco, eloco; (bin), 

To rent (rend), lacero. dilaaio 

A rental, catalogus redituum 

A renter (hirer), conductor 

A renting (hiring), condnctio 

Renunciation, renunciatio 

Repaid, iterUm solutus 

To repair.reparo,reficio ;(clothea)» 
resarcio ; (unto), freqnento 

Repairable, reparabiKs 

Irrepairable, irreparabilia 

A re|>airer, reparator [ratkK 

A reparation, or repairing, repa- 

To make reparation, damnum sar* 

A repartee, argutic, aenta le- ' 
sponsio, salsom dictum 

To repartee, argute respondere 

To repass, itertim trantire 

A repast, refectus, dbus 

To repa^. reddo, itertun solvere 

A repaying, solutio iterata 

A repeal, abrogatio 

To repeal, abrogo. resdndo 

To repeat, repeto, itero 

Repeatedly, itertim atque itcrtua 

A repeater, repetitor 

Repeating, repetens, iterana 

A repeating, repetitio, itentio 

To repel, repello, depeUo 

A repeller, depulsor 

A repelling, depnlsio 

To repent, resipisco, poeniteo 

Repentance, pcenitentia 

Renting, pcenitena 

To repeople, populum indneere 

A repercussion, repercusaio 

Repercnssive, retuodens 

A repertory, repertorinm 

A repetition, repetitio 

To repine, doleo. queror,marmaro 

A repiner, querens 

A repining, questus, querela; (en« 
vying), invidentia 

Repining, querens, murmurana 

To replace, suppleo, substitno 

A replacing, supplementum 

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To replenish, repleo, impleo, com- 

pleo^ expleo 
A replenishing, ezpletio 
Replete, repletas, abnodani 
A repletion (of blood), plethora; 

(of humoors), humorum copia 
A replevf. replegiamentam 
To replery, repleeio 
A replerying, replegiatio 
A replication, w reply, replicatio, 

responsio, responsum 
To reply, respondeo, replico 
A repiTing, responsio 
A report, mmor, fema ; (in law), 

narratio, relatio; (of a gun), 

■onitns; (a good), elogium; (a 

bad), infiunia 
Tb report, nuncio, naixo ; (ill of), 

dimimo, calumnior 
By report, fam4 
A reporter, nunciator; (aecoser). 

A reporting, rumoris propagatio 
Bepose, qoies, somnos 
To repose, otior, qaiesco; (trust), 
confide; (place), repono, pono, 
A repository, reposltorium 
To repossess, iterhm possidere 
To reprehend, objargo, arguo 
A reprehender, corrcptor 
A reprehending, reprehensio 
Seprehensible, reprehendendus 
B^rehensire, objurgatorius 
B^rehension, objurgatio 
To represent, reprKsento, exhi- 
beo; (shew), dedaro, ostendo, 
demoustro; (a person), alicajus 
personam gerere ; (the form of 
a thing), iroitor, adumbro, aasi- 
milo; (to the life), reram simi- 
litndinem delineare; (to one's 
■elf), animo cemere 
A representation, declaratio ; 

(likeness), similitudo 
A representatire.Ticem cojospiam 

A representing, adnmbratio 
To repress, reprimo, refreno, com- 
primo, coCrceo, cohibeo, doroo, 
flntngo, compevco ; (wicked- 
ness), improbitatemrestinguere 
A represser, fnenator, domitor 
Bqprassion, repressio 
A repriere, snpplicii prorogatio 
To rcpriere, supj^Iicium prorogare 
A reprimand, obiurgatio 
To reprimand, objurgo, increpo 
To rei»int, denu6 imprimere 
Beprisals, olarigatio [objecto 
To reproach, exprobro, convicior, 
A leproach, convicium, probrom, 
opprobriam, ritnperatio, expro> 
bratio, conturoelia [cens 

^thoat reproach, integer, inno- 
Reproachable, convicio dignus 
Beproached. exprobratus 
Beproachfhl. probrosos. contn- 

Beproachfblly, oontnmeliosft 
A reproaching^, exprobratio 
A reprobate, improbus, perditus 
Tb reprobate, rcjicio. damno 


»i,.wjation, improbatio 
A reproof, reprehensio 
To reprore, redargue, objurgo 
Befvoreable, cnlpandus 
A reprover, reprehensor 
A reproving, reprehensio 
A reptile, animal repena 
A republic, respublica 
A republican, lu>ertatis fautor 
To repudiate, repudio, dimitto 
To repugn, repugno, oppugno 
Repugnance, repugnantw 

Repugnant, repugnans, arersans 
Repugnantly, repugnanttr, in* 

A repulse, repulsa 
To repulse, repello, propello 
Reputation, existimatio, noraen 
Reputable, bone fame, honestus 
Irrepntable, infamis 
Of no repute, obscurus 
Reputableness, daritas 
Repuubly, cum honore 
Repute, fama, nomen 
To repute, habeo, existimo 
A request, petitio, supplicatio 
To request, rogo.snpplico; (earn- 
estly), obsecro ; (demand), 
postulo, posco, affli^to 
A requester, rogator 
Requesting, rogans, postulans 
A requesting, rogatio, petitio 
To requicken. resuscito 
A requiem, oratio pro mortuis 
Requirable, exigendus 
To require, exigo, postulo, re- 

posco, repeto, flagito 
A requiring, postulatio 
Requisite, necessarius 
Requisitely, necessarid 
A requital, retributio 
To requite, retribuo, compenso 
Having requited, remuneratua 
A reqmting, compensatio 
The rere-ward, ultima acies 
Resaluted, resalutatus 
To rescind, rescindo, abrogo 
Rescinded, rescissus, abrogatus 
A rescission, abolitio 
A rescript, rescriptum 
A rescue, recuperatio 
To rescue, recupero, libero, ex 
cuBtodiA vi eripere ; (from 
ruin), ab interitn vindicare 
A research, inquisitio, disquisitio 
Resemblance, similitudo 
To resemble, refero; (compare 

to), compare 
Resembling, assimilis 
A resembling, assimilatio 
To resent, indigni ferre 
Resented, dolore aflfectus 
Resenting, indignans, molesti 

A resentment, indignatio 
A reservation, conservatio; (men- 
tal), exceptio in animo 
With reservation, dissimulantto 
To reserve, reserve, repono, re- 

condo, seponor 
A reserve (exception), exceptio, 
conditio interposita; (of sol* 
diers), subsidium 
Without reserve, sine exceptione 
Reservedly, pare* 
Reservedness (in speech), taci- 
• tumitas; (in behaviour), fisstus 
To resettle, denu6 stabilire 
To reside, habito, commoror 
A residence, habiutio, sedea 
Resident, residens. manens 
A resident, legatns inferior 
A residentiary, residentiariua 
The residue, residuum 
To resini (quit), resigno, cedo, 
concede, trado; (to another's 
will), se ad alterius voluntatem 
Resignation, ceasio, concessio; 
(of a benefice), i beneficio eo* 
clesiastico abdicatio 
A resigner, qui cedit 
A resigning, abdicatio 
Resilient, resultans, resifiena 
Resinous, resinaceus 
To resist, resisto^ obnitor. re- 

Resistance, repug^antia 
A resister, oppngnator 
Resistible, resistendus 
Resisting, repugnans, obsistens 
Resistless, inexpugnabilis 
A resolve, statutum, propositiun 
To resolve (purpose), statuo, con- 
stituo, decernu; (explaiu), ex- 

Slano, explico, enodo ; [or re- 
uce into), rednco, resolve, re- 
dig^o; (discuss), discutio; (be 
resolved), resolvor, redigor, re- 
Resolvent, discntiens 
A resolving [or dissolving), reso- 
lutio; (of a question), explica- 
tio, enodatio 
Resolute (bold), audax; (firm), 

constans, firmus 
Resolutely, audactfer, obstinati 
A resolution (design), consilium, 
propositum ; (courage), ani- 
mus, fortitudo ; ( of mmd ) , con- 
Btantia; (of an assembly), de> 
cretum; (of a question), so- 
Resolutive, resolvens, discntiens 
Resonant, resonans, resonus 
Resort, frequentia, congressus ; 
(refuge), refugium; (in law), 
To resort (unto), frequento; (to- 
gether), eonvenio, conduo 
Resorted unto, firequentatna, cele- 

A resorting, eongresius, frequen- 

tia; (unto), fieqnenutio 
To resound, resono ; (one's 

praise), ktudo, extoUo 
Resounding, resonans, resonus 
A resounding, resonantia 
A resource, rons, origo 
Respect (regard), respectus, ra- 
tio ; (reverence), reverentia. 
veneratio, honor 
In respect of, pr«, propter 
Worthy of respect, venerabilis 
To respect (consider, w regard), 
respicio ; (relate to), ad aliquid 
pertinere ; ( esteem, or honour ) , 
revereor, veneror; (love), dili- 
go, amo 
A respecter, cultor, amator 
Respectful, officiosus, reverens 
Respectfully, officiosft. reverentftr 
Respectfulness, reverentia 
Respective, reciprocus, mutnus 
Respectively, siogulatlm, mutu6 
Respiration, respiratio 
To respire, spiro 
Respite, mora, relaxatio, cessatio. 

Without respite, sine intennis- 

To respite, differo, proferro, tra- 

ho. See to Reprieve 
A respiting, dilatio, prorogatio 
Resplendency, nitor, splendor 
Resplendent, resplendens, rutilus 
Resplendently, cfari, nitidi 
A response, responsum 
Raponsible (able to pay).pecu- 
mosus ; (for damages), ob- 
Rest, quies, requies, otium, ces- 
satio; (peace), pax. tranquil- 
The rest, reliquus. residuus ; 

(the others), CKteri, reliqui 
The rest (eaftet.). residuum 
A rest (in music), pause; (prop), 

To rest (take rest), quiesco ; 

i compose to sleep), requiesco; 

. ),innitov, edino, 

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A roamer, erro, homo vagiu 

A roaming, Tagatio, emtio 
Boan, fttlTus, lahalbidiu 
To roar, rofio, clamo, vodferor; 
(a« the Ma), fremo; (again), 
rebo ; (for grief)> ploro, ejoio 
A roarer, olamator 
Soaring, Toeiferana, clamoaos 
A roaring, rugitos, elamatio 
Tb roast, aa«o ; (deride), derideo, 

rerbis cadere 
A roasting, adustio 
To rob, pnedor, spolio, ftaror, U- 
trocinor, deprndor; (the pub- 
lic), depeculor; (privily), snr^ 
A robber, latro, for ; (of a 
church), saorilegua; (at sea), 
pirau ; (of the public), pecula- 
tor; (of a house by night), 
prado noetumus 
Robbery, latrocinium, rapina 
A robbing, spoUatio; (of the 
public), peculatio, pecnlatus; 
(of churcnes), saerilegium 
Of robbing, nrsdatorins 
A robe, palla, vestis, Tcstimen- 
tum ; (of honour), stola ; (pur- 
ple), purpura; (loose), palimm, 
A master of the robes, vestiarins 
A robbin red-breast, rubecnla 
Bobust, robustus, vaUdns 
Robustness, robnr 
A rochet, rochetum 
A rock, mpes, petra, eautes 
Of a rock, saxeus, petrosus, saxa- 

tilis, scopulosus, prcruptus 
To rock (or reel), Tacillo; (a cra- 
dle), cunas agitare 
A rocker, cunas agttana 
A sky-rocket, i|piea missQia 
Bockiness, saxu abundans 
A rocking, cnnarum agitatio 
Rocky, saxeus, scopulosus 
A rocky place, saxetum 
A rod, rirga ; (twig), nmeo ; 
(whip),fla|^riun,flagellam; (to 
measure with), pertica 
Made of rods, Timineos 
A rodomontade, gloriatio inepta 
A roe, caprea; (buck), capreo- 
lus; (of a fish), piscis ova; 
(soft), lactes 
A rogue (wicked person), sceles- 
tns: (in grain), ab ingenio im- 
To play the rogue, laacivio 
Bowery (knavery), scelus, flagi- 
tium,nequitia,frans; (banter), 
jocatio, cavillatio 
Boguing about, vagans, oberrans 
Boguish (knavish), improbus, ne- 
quam ; (wanton), lasdviens, 
Roguishly, scelest^ lascivA 
Boguishness (knavishness), ne- 
quitia. improbitas; (wanton- 
ness), lascivia 
Toroist (boast), jacto 
A roU (catalogue), catalogns, al- 
bum; (of any thing), volumen; 
(of cloth), pannos in se con- 
A court-rdl, volumen curiale 
The rolls, soriniomm sacrorum 

repositorium, archivum 
Master of the rolls, magister scri- 

Tor^ volvo, plico; (ar wind 
about). circumv(^vo, dreumro- 
to: (again, or back), revolvo; 
(along), pervolvo; (down), de- 
volvo; (the eyes)« oeoloa vol- 

vere; (in money), pecunii 

abundare ; (towards), advolvo ; 

(from, or out), evolvo; (under), 

subvolvo; (up), involvo 
Thar may be roll<»d, volubilis 
A roller (for heavy bodies), cylin- 

drus ; (for a wound), napsus 
Boiling, volubilis, versatilis ; 

(tempestuous), procellosna, 

A rolling,' volnbilitas, voluta- 

tio; (pio), cylindrus, magis; 

(stone), cylindrus, saxum vo- 

BoUingly, volubilitir 
Boman, Bomanus 
A romance, narratio ficta ; (fidsi- 

ty), raendadum [tior 

To romance, fabulas fingere, men- 
A romancer, vaniloquus 
A Bomanist, oapista, pontifieios 
Bomantic, fabulosus, fictitiu% 

A rood, pertica; (of land), quar- 

ta pars jugeri; (cross), crux; 

(lott), statuarium 
A roof, tectum, solarium; (vault- 
ed), laquear; (of the mouth), 

A rook, comix; (at chess), ele- 

phantus; (cheat ), planus, firau- 

To rook, defraudo, fSdlo 
A rooking, fraudatio 
Boom, locus, spatium ; (cham- 
ber), conclave; (dining), tri- 

dininm, ccenaculum ; (with- 
drawing), penetrale 
To make room, submoveo, decedo 
Boomy, spatiosus, ampins 
A roost, gallinarium 
To roost, Qttiesco, dormio 
A root, raaix, stirps 
To root (take root), radicor, radi- 

cesco; (as ah<^),ruspo; (up), 

eradico, extirpo, evello 
Up by the roots, radicitds 
Of the root. radicaUs 
That may be rooted out, extir- 

pandus {hilin 

Not to be rooted out, inextirpa- 
A rooting, radicatio; (up), enu 

dicatio, extirpatio 
Full of roots, radicosus 
A rope, funis, restis; (of onions), 

eaparum series 
To be ropy, viscor 
A roper, or ropemaker, restio 
A ropedancer, funambulua 
Bope-yam, Amis retexti fila 
Bopy, viscidus, glutinosua 
A rosary, rosarium 
Arose, rosa; (bud), alabastros; 

(cake), rosamm caput mor- 

Bosey, or rosy, roseus, rosaceus 
A rose noble, aureus nummus 

A rose-tree, roaa frntex 


Bosewood, lignum Bhodium 

Of rosin, resinaceos 

Full of rosin, resinosua 

The rot, morbus mortiferus, lues 

To rot, putrefado ; nft. pu- 
trefio; (in jdl), in carcere mo- 
ri; (inwardly), tabesco; (be 
crumbled inta earth), in terram 

A rotation, rotatio ; (of ipvem- 
meot), vidssitudo imperitandi 

By rote, memoritte 

BottMi, cofmptos, pntri% patri- 

dus; (as a sore), pnmlentna ; 
(ripe), fraddus; (wood), %• 
num carissum 

To be rotten, putrefio 

To grow rotten, putreseo 

To make rotten, putrefiacio 

That maketh rotten, tabifieus 

Bottenness. putrur, putredo, pv> 
trefactio; (in bones, Ac), ca- 

Botting inwardly, tabidus 

Botuodity, rotunditas 

To rove, vagor, erro 

A rover, erro 

Bouge, ruber, rubens 

Bough, asper, horridus; (hairy), 
hirsutus ; (grim), anstcras ; 
(homely), ru^ticus, rudis ; 
(prickly), spinosus ; (in tem- 
per), asper, dums, severos, mo> 
rosus; (proud), fiutuosos, in- 
solens; (in taste), gnstn auste- 
rior; (bad way), salebrosns; 
(tempestuous), procellosna 

A rough place, salebne ; (if full 
of bushes), aspertum; (if an> 
tilled), tpsqua 

To be rough, horreo, f^emo 

To grow rough, inhorreo ; (or 
nastv), squaleo 

To make rough, aspero 

To roughcast, incrasto 

Boughcast, crustatus 

A rough draught, incondnna de- 
lineatio [liueatua 

Bough-drawn, incompontd, de- 

Bough-hewn, rudis, agrestis 

Boughly, asperi, acerbi, torvi 

Bottghness, asperitas ; (of hair), 
hirsutia ; (of the sea), fremi- 
tus maris 

Boring, vagans, errabondns ; 
(pillagiug), pnedatorius 

A roving, vagatio, emtio; (pil« 
laging), priedatio 

The rouQce, manubrium preli 

Bound, rotundus, i^lobosus; (as 
a circle) , circulans ; (and long), 
teres ; (like a top), terbinatus 

Bound about, citeii, undiqni 

A round (or circle), circulus ; (or 
whole sum), summa solida 

A half round, semicircnlus 

In a round, in orbem 

The round of a ladder, dimaetor 

To round, rot undo; (by clipping), 

Made round, orbiculatus 

A round-house, ergastulum 

A round-root, bnlbus 

A roondelav, cantilena silvestris 

Boundish. feri. rotundus 

Boundly (in form), rotund^ or- 
biculatlm ; (in pace), curdm; 
(in speaking), volubilitto, oce 
rotundo ; (fredv), audactte, 
liberi ; (honestly), ingenoi, 

Boandness, rotunditas 

The rounds. excnbiM 

A roundle, circulus 

To rouse, excito, animo ; (a deer), 
excutere feram cubili 

A rousing up, exdtatio 

A rout, coetus; (overthrow), cUi* 
des, strages ; (unlawful as- 
sembly), concnrsus illidtns; 
(noise), rixa, tnrba 

To rout, vinco, supero; (out), 
depello ; (grunt), grunnio ; 
(snore), sterto ; (as swine), 

To make a rout, turbo, pertuibo 

A routing, dissipatio 

A row, series, ordo^ versa* 

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A row-barge, ponto 

To row, remigo, remti agere 

A rowel (of a apiir), ttimulo* 

A rower, remex 

A master-rower, pauMriai 

A rowing, remigiam, remigpratio 

BoyaU r^gatia, regioa 

A royalist, regiaram partiom as- 

Bojally, regalitto, regit 
Royalty, r^^ dignitas 
A mb. mora; (banter), jocnlare 

To rub (chafe), frico, affrico; 

(against, or upon), attero ; (with 

a clout), distringo; (gently), 

demolceo, delinio; (all over), 

perfHeo ; (off the dirt), abster- 

geo, detergeo 
A rubber, qui, or quK fricat ; 

(whetstone), cos 
Subbers, gemina victoria 
A rubbing, fricatio, frictio ; 

(brush), peniculus aetisaiper; 

(brush for the body), strigii 
Rubbish, rudus; (sorry stuff), 

Rubble, rudus 
To lay rubble, rudero 
To cast out rubble, emdero 
Rubicund (red), rubicnndns, m- 

A rubric prscepta Uteris mini- 

atis scripts, or impressa 
A mby, rubinus; (carbuncle), 

Ractation, ructatio 
The rudder, clarus, gubemaculum 
Raddle, rubrica 

Marked with raddle, rubricatus 
PuH of ruddle, rubricosus 
Ruddiness, rubor, rubedo 
Ruddy, ruber, rubens, rubeus. 

To be ruddy, ore rubere 

To grow ruddy, mbesco 

Rocte (clownish), rudis, rusticns; 
(impudent), impudens, procax ; 
(immodest), impudicus; (un- 
hsndsome), impolitos ; (un- 
akilfhl), imperitas, inexpertus, 

Roddy (onskilfullT). rudi mi- 
nerri; (clownishly), rustici, 

Radeness, inurbanitas, immodes- 
tia, impudentia 

A rudiment, rudimentum, demen- 
tum, prindpium 

Rue, rata 

Of rue, rutacens 

Made of rue, niutua 

To rue, doleo, lugeo 

Rueful, Inctnosus, tristis 

Roefully, trist^ mcesti 

The rud-bone, patella 

A ruff (of a garment), plica, or 
sinus Testis 

A ruffian, sicarius 

Ruflan, furens, Tiolentus 

To ruffle (disorder), turbo, in- 
quieto ; (wrinkle), cornigo 

A ruffling, turbatio, inquietatio; 
(wrinkling), corrugatio 

A rug, gausape 

Sagged, asper, inxqualis ; (in 
temper), rigidns, durus, difflcilis 

Raggedly, asper^ duritir 

Ra|gedness, asperitas, diritas 

Ram, ruina, ezitinm; (slaugh- 
ter), strages, dades ; (of a 
state), interitus; (ruins), tcs- 
To ruin (a honse), demolior, de- 
tuba ddeo, dirno{ (one's self), 

fortunas dissipare ; (wdla. Ac), 
dejieio, everto; (in reputation), 
fsmam Icdere ; (one in his 
morals), mores corrampere; 
(destroy), perdo, pessundo 
To be rained (as a building), de- 
turbor, erertor ; (in one's 
goods), bonis exui; (in one's 
fortune), fortunis ererti 
Ready to be ruined, periclitans 
A ruiner (demolisher), demolitor 
A ruining, demolitio 
Ruinous, roinosns, ruitnrus ;(dan- 
gerous),periculosus; (destruc- 
tive), iiemidosas, exitiosus 
To be ruinous, eollabefio 
Rule (government), dominatio, 
guberuatio,imperinm; (precmt 
to be governed by), regufa, 
norma, prascriptum ; (of court), 
prescript um; (custom), mos, 
consuetndo; (example), modu- 
lus, exemplar ; (order, or con- 
stitution), lex, constitutio, in- 
Btitutum; (law), pneceptum; 
(to live by), vivenoi disciplina, 
norma, lex 
Under rule, regularis 
According to rule, re^plaritir 
Out of nUe, irrejpilans, abnormis 
To rule, rego, impero, gubemo, 
moderor, admiaistro; (one's 
self by example), imitor ; (a 
line), Uneam ducere 
By rule, ad amussim 
To be ruled, regor 
Well ruled, bent constitutus 
A ruler, dominus, gnbemator ; 
(of a province), pnefectus, rec- 
Rulers, primates, proceres 
Ruling, dominans. imperans 
Rumb, cursus navis 
To rumble, crepo, crepito 
Rumbling, crepitans, tri^^us 
A rumbling, fremitus, fn^r ; (of 

the guts), tormina 
To ruminate, ramino; (think), 

secum reputare, revolvo 
A ruminating, ruminatio 
Rumination, meditatio 
To rumroa^ scrutor, perserator 
A rummagmg, investi^atio 
A rummer, ealix ampUor 
A rumor, rumor, fama 
To rumor, rumorem serere, •r 

To rumple, rugo, eonrugo 

A rumple, ruga, plica 

A rumpling, corrugatio 

The run (of a ship), cursus; (at 

cards), fortuna ; (in trade), 

fadlis venditio 
To run, curro; (make haste), 

Sropero, festino; (drop), stiUo, 
istillo ; (flow), mano, flno ; 
(at the eyes), lippio; (at the 
nose), moco stUlare; (as a 
sore), suppuro; (about), va- 
gor; (about, as water), diffluo; 
(abroad), vagor; (ahead), pr«- 
curro; (after), sequor, subeo, 
insector, perse<}uor 

A runagate, fugitivus, transfuga 

A rundle, circmus 

A rundlet, quadrantal 

A runner, cursor, excursor ; 
(rope), fiinis ductarius 

Runnet, coagulom 

Running, currens ; (at random), 
vagus, erraticns ; (water), aqua 
viva, fontana, or profluens 

A running, cursus ; (against), oc- 
cursos; (away), fuga; (back), 
i (to and no), discur- 

sus; (forth)', procursio; (out), 
excursio, excursus ; (over), 
transcursus ; (over, or super- 
fluity), redundsntia, snperfltd- 
tas; (place), stadium, curricu- 
lum; ("Ore), olcus; (together), 
con cursus 

Running before, pnectirsoriaa 

A running title, titulus singuUs 
pagiuis appositus 

A rupture (or falling out), dif- 
eordia, simnltas, dissidium ; 
(breach of peace), violatio pa- 
ds; (in the groin), hernia 

Having a rupture, ramicosas 

Rural, ruraliB, rusticus 

A rush, joncus, sdrpus; (light), 
candela ex junco facta 

Rushy, Jtmcosus 

Of rushes, junceos, scirpeus 

To rush, ruo; (forward), propdio, 
impello ; (in, or upon), ir* 
ruo, irrumpo; (out), proruo; 
(through), perrumpo 

A rushing in, irruptio 

Russet, subrufus. ravus 

Rust, rubigo ; ( of copper) , Brugo ; 
(of iron), ferrugo 

To rust, rubiginem contrahere 

Rust -coloured, ferrugineus 

Rustic, rusticus, agrestis, inur- 
banns [amandare 

To rusticate, rnsticor, in rns 

Rusticity, rusticitas 

Rustiness, situs, rancor 

To rustle, strepo, crepo 

A rustling, strepitus, crepitus; 
(of armour), clangor 

Rusty, rubiginosus, ferrugineus 

Rusty (as bacon), randdus; (as 
doth), squalidus, tritus 

To rut, ad venerem prurire 

The rut (of deer), coIt<is deside- 
rium; (of a wheel), rota ves- 

Full of ruts, orbitis sectns 

Ruthful, misericors 

Ruthfuiness, misericordia 

Rnthfulness, immisericon, cnu 


Of ry^ seealicns 

A Sabbatarian, Sabbatarius 

The Sabbath. Sabbatum 

Of the Sabbath, Sabbaticus 

Sable, puUus, ater, niger 

A sable, mos Ponticus 

A sabre, adnaces 

Sacerdotal, sacerdotalis 

Sack, vinum Canarium 

A sack, saccus 

A sackbut, sambnca 

Sackcloth, dlidum 

Of sackcloth, cilicinos 

To sack (plunder), diripio, vasto ; 

(put into a sack) ^acco inser.ere 
Sacked, spolistus, \n!>ratns 
A Backer, spoliat< r, vs^tattjr 
A sacking, spol'atio, vasr.atio 
A sacrament, sacramen'cum 
The sacrament earhHr istia 
Sacramental ^acrami' otalu 
Sacred, sacf r -anctns 
To make -(acred, cousecro, de- 

dico, difo 
Sacredly, »acr*, sanctt 
SacrednesB, saner, ta« 
A sacririce, sacni '^ium, *rfntm; 

(for 8in/f,->piacimni; 'ior vie* 
Digitized by VjOOQ Ic 




tory), vietima, hotdat (to the 
infernal goda), inferue 

Of aacriflce, aacrificalia 

To aacrificc, aacrifico, iminolo. 
macto, libo; (ruin), dirao; (de- 
Tote), conaecro, devoTeo, morti 
ezpoaere; (kill), occido, inter- 
lieio, interimo, traddo; (quit, 
or abandon), relinqoo, deaero 

A aacrificer, sacrificua 

A aacrificiog, iramolatio 

Sacrilege, aacrilegiam 

Saerilegioua. aacnlegoa 

Sacril^iooalf , more aacrilegii 

A aacriat, sdituna 

A aacriaty, aacrariom 

Bad (aonowfol), triatia, moeatna; 
(gtierous), acerbua, moleatua, 
navia; (fool, naaty, horrible), 
foedoa, immundoa, aporcaa, aw- 
didua; (ahameful), tor pis, in> 
digous, infamia; (wicked), im- 
probua, malua, prarua; (fel- 
u>w), homo perditoa 

To be Bad, moereo, oontriator 

To make aad, contriato 

IDtking aad, tiiatificoa 

A aaddle. ' 

le, ephippium 

i, pandoa 
A 8addle-cloth,iaatratttm equeatre 
A aaddle-horae, tq^axxa vectariua 
To saddle, ephippium imponere 
A saddler, ephippiorum opifex 
The Sadduceea, 8adduc»i 
Sadly (iorrovfully), mcesti ; 

(grieroosly), i^vitir, acerbi 
Satuiesa, tristitia, moestitia, grar 

▼itaa, sobrieUs 
Safe, tutna, aospea, incolumia; 

(and aound), integer, aolidus 
A aafe (pantry), ccUa penaria 
A aafegaard, pmaidium, tutela. 

Safely, tat6, securi 
Safety, aaloa, incolumitaa 
A placiB of safety, aaylum 
Saffron, crocua 
Of aafliron, croceoa 
Coloured with aafl&on, crocatns 
To sag, onero 
Sagacious, sagax, snbtilis 
Spaciously, aagacitir, subtilitto 
Sagacity, aagacitas, soiertia 
Sage, salria : (of virtue), salvia 
minor; (of Jeruaalem), pulmo- 
Sage (wiae), aapiens, prudena 
Sagely, sapient ir, prudentir 
Sageneas, aapientia, prudentia 
Sagittary, aaigittarins 
A sail, carbasua, velum ; (main), 
artemon ; (up), thoradum ; 
(sprit), dolon ; (miaen), epi- 
dromus; (of ships), plures na- 
ves aimid navigantea; (yard). 

To8ail,navigo; (about), circnm- 

lumgo; (backwards), renavigo; 

(before),pnenavigo; (forward), 

nave provehi; (over), nave tra- 
\Hoere; (bv), prKtemavigo ; (out 

^?, enavigo ; (through), per- 

navigo ; (unto), adnavigo; 

(witi^ a fkir wind), vento ae- 


That may b« sailed on, navigabilia 
A sailor, or s«uuman, nauta 
A aailing, navigatio 
Sailing, navigana 
A aaint, aanctua 
Sainu in heaven, cslitea 
To aaint (canonixe), aliqnem in 

divos referre 

intUke, sanctum referena 

h [110] . 

caosi i (hia 

Sabe, cauaa, gratia 

For Ood's sake, per Denm oro ; 
(my sake), mA. c 
sake), illius gratiA 

Salacioua, libifinoaoa 

A salad, acetaria 

A salamander, salamandm 

A salary, stipendium, mercea 

A sale, venditio; (by inch of can- 
dle), venditio per jprBAnitam 
menauram ca n aJ BUe facta 

Open aale, auctio 

Set to aale, venalis 

To set to sale, auetionem faeere, 
proscribo, vendo 

To be set to aale, venalis pre 

Saleable, venalia, veadibius 

Saleably, venalitir 

A aalesman, venditw, vestiarina 

Salient, saliena, promineaa 

Salient, aalsns 

Salique, Salicua 

Salival, aalivariua 

To aalivate, aalivo 

Salivation, aalivatio 

A aallet, <^us, aeetaria 

Sallow, pallidua, luridoa 

A sallow colour, pallo 

To grow aallow, paUeaoo 

Sal^wness, pallor 

A sally, eraptio, impetna 
To sally out, pro 
A salmon, safmc 

out, procuno, emmpo 

Salt, sal ; (sea), sal mariniu 

Salt-fish, aalaameata 

Saltpetre, nitrum 

Mixed with aaltpetre, nitmtoa 

Full of aaltpetre, nitrosus 

A saltcellar, aalinum; (box),ei8ta 

aalem continens 
A Salter, salarius 
Of salt, aalarius [pergere 

To aalt, aalio, sale oondlM, at as- 
Salt meata, salsamenta 
A salt-pit, aalina ; (marahea), ca- 

Salt, adj. aalaua 
Saltish, subsalana 
A salting, salitura 
A salting-tub, vaa 
Saltless, insulsua 
Saltnesa, salsugo 
Salvation, salus, salvatio 
Bringing aalvation, aalutjfar 
Salubrious, salnber 
A salve, unguentum, madicamen- 

tum ; (eye), collyrium 
To salve, ungoj (preaerve), aervo, 

conservo; (extenuate), extenuo 
A aalver, vaa ad calieea nana aua- 

A salving, unctio, extoiaatio 
A salvo, cautio. exeeptio 
Salutary, aalutaris, salubzis 
To salute, salato; (kiss), oaculor; 

(at parting), valedico; (again). 

A saluter, saluUtor 
Salutiferoua, salutaria, aalnbria 
Of saluting, aalutaf orins 
A aaluting, or aalntation, aalotar 

tio ; (again), resalutatio 
The same, ipse, idem 
The very same, ipsiasimna 
Sameness, identitaa 
At theaametini^aodamtaBpore, 

aimftlet aemil 
A sample; exemplar; (pattern), 

To aample, compaio 
Sanative; mediciaalia 
Sanctification, aanctificatio; eon- 

secratio, dedicatio; (a makinff 

holy), aanetitatis infbaio 
To aanctify (set i^art for holy 

uses), saci 

• (make holy), 
(celebrate), cdebro 

A sanctifier, sanctificator 

A sanctifyiuK, aanctifiendo; oe> 
lebratio, cultua 

Sanctimony, sanctitaa 

A sanction, sanetio ; (deeree), 

Sanctity, suiotitaa, aanetimonia 

A sanctuary, sanctaarium, asy- 
lum, refuginm, am 

Sand, arena, sabnlnm ; (beds), 

Of sand, arenaeeoa; aabidoana 

To load with sand, aalMuio 

The sands, areaae littona 

Quick sands, syrtea 

Sandblind, luscus 

Sandy, arenaeena; (mixed witk 
sand), arenatus; (fisU of large 
Band ) , sabuloans ; (full of anail 

Sanguinary, aangoiBariua 
Sanguine, aanguineoa, Baii„__ 

lentuB; (cheerful), alaoer, ha> 

The sanhedrim, aynwdiiuiB 
Sanity, sanitaa 
Sap, soccua 
Without sap, exaneeng 
To sap (unaermine), snffbdio 
Sapidity, Sapidneaa, aapor 
Sapient, Bapiena 
Sapless, exBuccua, stolidoa 
A 8api>Unjjc, vir^tun 
Siq[>phic, Sapphicaa 
The sapping, suflbaaio 
Sappiness, humiditaa ; 

Sappy (full of aap), anceosvs ; 

(fooUsh), Btnltua, atohdu; 

A Bapphire, Bapphima 
The Saracens, Saraceni 
A sarcasm, sarcaaraua 
Sarcastical. aatyricna, amaiw 
Sarcastically, aatyrici 
A aarce, cribmm 
To sarce, cribro, excemo 
A sash, cingulum; (window), fr- 

nestra ex ligneA compage ean- 

Satan, Satanas 

Satanical, satanieus, didioUew 
A aatehel, sacculns, pm 
To sate, or satiate, aatio; txpko 
A aatellite, aateUea 
Satiety, satietaa, aatoataa 
Satin, pannus aericns douior ac 


A satire, satyra, « 

Satirical, aatyricna, acerbua 
Satirically, Batyric^ mordaeitte 
A satyrist, poCta Batyricna 
Satisfaction, satiafaetio, ec 

aatio, reatitutio ; (et 

ment). oblectatio animi 
To make satisfaetion, satiafiaeiak 

compenA>; (for damage), dus* 

nnm sarcire 
To give Batiafiaotion, vofaiptate 

Satisfactory, aatiafiaciens, aecep- 

tus, gratus, jucundua 
Not to DC satiafted. inaatiabilis 
To Batisfy (pleaae), aatiafiMio ; 

gerere ; (ambition), ambitiO' 
nemexplere; (for iiuuries),de 
injuriia aataafacere ; (one'a le- 
quest), petenti aatisfiaeore ; 
(creditors), ks alienum diaaol- 

Digitized by VjOOQ 





A. satiafyiiig, latiafactio 
Xo Mturate, aatio, expleo 
Brntorday, di«s Saturni 
Brntority, saturitaa, satieta* 
Saturn, Saturnui 
Feasts of Saturn, Saturnalia 
Saturnine, satuminos 
JL satyr, satyrui 
SatTage, ferus, immanis, emdelis ; 
(oncultiTated), incultos, horri- 
A. aavage beast, fera 
Xo make savage, effero 
SsTagely, cruoelitir, barbsri 
Savageness, feritas, crudelitas 
Saace, condimentum ; (of gravy), 

The same sauce, par pari 
A saucer, acetabulum 
A sauce-box, bomo impudens 
Saocy, petulans, insolens 
A aaocy fellow, eflrons 
To grow saucy, iusolesffo 
Saucily, petulantir, procacitto 
Saucineas, petulantia 
Save (except), prcter, nisi, extra, 

To save (preserve), servo, eonser- 
▼o, salvum pnestare; (or deli- 
▼er from danger), Ubero, eri- 
vere aliquero periculo ; (harm- 
less), incolumemservare; (till 
another time), in alind tempus 

Saving; (frugal), parcus, firugalis 

A saving (preserving), conserva- 
tio; (exception), exceptio, cau- 

Saving, praeter, pneterqnitm, ex- 
tra ; (that), nisi qu6d 

Savingly, frngalitfer, parci 

Savini^ly, frugalitas 

A saviour, servator ; (of man- 
kind), homanc salotis instau- 
rator, salvator 

To saunter, erro, vagor 

A savor, sapor, gustus 

lU-aavor, foetor 

To savor (soieU of), oleo; (taste 
of), sapio 

Bavorily, gustui jucnndft 

Savory, gustui jucundus 

Savoys, brassica Sabaudica 

A sausage, isicium, lucanica 

A little sausase, botellus 

A sausage-maker, botulariua 

A saw, serra, serrula 

lake a saw, serratua 

Sawdust, scobs 

To saw, serro 

A saw^, serrarias 

A sawing, serrattura 

To say, dico, aio{ (again), repe- 
to; (i^ainst), contradico; (be- 
forehand), priedioo; (nav), ne- 
go; (yes), affirmo; (by neart), 
memoritir pronunciwe; (no- 
thing), sileo, taceo ; (one's 
praters), Deum pre^i 

That u to say, sciuceA 

Say on, per^ age 

A saying, dictum ; (again), rei>e- 
titio; (dd), proverbium; (wit- 
ty), faoetiB 

A scab, scabies; (a dry), impe- 
tigo; (of sheep, &c.),porrigo 

A scabbard, vagma; \scaleboard 
amongst printers), assula lig- 
■ea inter Uneas intenerenda 
Scabbed, Scabby, seabiosos, moiw 

Seabbiness, scabies 
Scabrous, scaber, asper 
A scaffold, tabttlatum ; (for be- 
heading), locus supphdi editior 

Scaffolding, tabniati eonstructio 
A scalado, asoeusus in murum 
By scalado, scalis admotis 
To scald (a thing), fervente li- 
quore aliqoid macerare ; (a 
pig)» poroellum calidA aqnft 
perfdnoere; (scorch), nro, sub- 
Scald-pated, scabiosa capita 
Scalding-hot, forvidus, fervens 
A scale (of a fish), squama; (of 
a balance), lanx ; (of miles), 
scala milliarium ; (of music), 
scala musics ; (of a sore), crus- 
ts; (in measurement), scala 
Like a scale, squamatim 
Having scales, squamosns 
To scale (a fish), desquamo, pur> 
go; (as a wound), cmstA exci- 
dere ; (a bone), ossis scabri- 
tiem deradere ; (walls), per 

A scaliuK (of fish), desquamatio ; 
(of wslls), per sodas conscensio 

A scalin|(-ladder, seals 

A scall, impetigo 

A scallion, asoalonia 

Ascallap. EeeSeoltop 

The scalp, pericranium 

To scalp, caput exuere, plagb lu- 

culentis aliquem deformare 
Scaly, sqnameus, squamosus 
A scamble, or scambling, dissipa- 

tio; (scramble), raptio, promis- 

Scamblingly, raptlm, promiscui 
To scamper away, fugio, aufagio 
To scan (examine), exanimo,per- 

pendo; (a verse), versum me- 

A scandal (offience), offensa ; 

(disgrace), dedecns, ignominia 
To be a scandal to one, aliquem 

To scandalise (give offence), ma- 

lo exemplo offendere ; (disgrace 

one), convicior, calumnior 
Scandialons, infiunis, turpis; (li- 
bel), Ubellus fiunosus 
A scandalous action, flagitinm 
Scandalously, mslo exemplo, tur- 

Scandalousness, dedecns 
Scant, exignus, minor jAsto 
Scantiness, defectua, brevitaa 
Scantly, parc^ vix, ae^ 
A scantling, proportio ; (little 

piece), mistnlnm 
Somty, brevior, contractior 
A scape, effugium 
To scape (escape), evado 
Scapular, scapulairia 
A scar, cicatrix 
To scar, cicatricem indncere 
Full of scars, deatricosus 
Scarce (rare), rams, carus 
To grow scarce, rareseo 
Scarcely, vix, Kgr^ difficulty ; 

(scantly), exigui, parci 
Scarceness, Scarcity, oaritas, dif- 

ficultas, inopia 
To scare (frighten), terreo^ ter- 

A scarecrow, terrieuhia 
A scarf, mitella, fiucia 
The scarfUun, cuticula exterior 
A scarifying, scarificatio 
To scarify, scarifioo 
Scaring, territans 
Scaiiet (the grain), eoeenm; (co- 
lor), color oocdneus, ostmm; 

(in grain), dibaphas, cocco in- 

tinctus; (doth), c 

Of scarlet, coccinens, ooceinua 
Clothed in scarlet, eocdnatus 
A scarp (in fortification), ima 
muri (leclivitas ; (in heraldry), 
fascia minor 
Scarred, cicatridbns obductus 
A scate (fish), squatina 
Scathful, damnosus, noxiosus 
To scatter, spargo, dispergo 
That may be scattered, dissipa- 

A scattering, sparsio, dispersio 
Scatteringly, sparrim, passim 
Scavage, scavagium 
A scavenger, vioomm pnrgator, 

A scene, scena ; (of afMrs), se- 
ries, ordo, or status remm 
Belonging to scenes, scenictts 
A scent, odor 
lU-scented, fcetidns 
Sweet-scented, odoriferas 
To scent (smell out), olfedo^ 
suboleo; (give a smell), odo- 
rem diffundere 
A scepter, sceptrum 
Bearing a scepter, or sceptered, 

A sceptic, seepticns; (in reli« 
gion), dubitans, or bcsitans do 
Sceptical, seepticns, dubitans 
Scepticism, sceptica 
A schedule, schedula 
A scheme, schema, forma, ratio, 

Schism, schisms 
A schismatic, schismaticns 
Schismatical, schiamatieus 
Schiamatically, schismatic^ 
A scholar (at school), discipulus, 
scholastieus ; (man of learn- 
ing), homo literatns, or era- 
Scholar-like, docti, eruditi 
Scholarship, doctrine, eruditio; 
(exhibition), exhibitio in scho- 
lasticum alendum [ticus 

Scholastic, Scholasticalf scholas- 
Scholaatically, scholastic^ 
A scholium, scholium 
A school, schola. gymnasium 
A schoolboy, discipulus ; (fel- 
low), condisdpulus ; (master), 
Indimagister.pneceptor; (mis- 
tress), ludimagistra ; (man), 
To school, increpo, objnrgo 
The sciatica, sciatica 
Science, sdentia, emditio 
Sdentifie, scientificus 
A scimetar, acinaces 
Scintillation, scintillatio 
A sciolist, semidoctus 
A scion, insitum, surcnlus 
Sdssars, or scissors, forfex 
Scission, sdssio 
A sdssnre, scissura, fissura 
A scoff, dicterium, seomma, sar- 

To scofi^ irrideo, derideo 
A scoffer, scurra, derisor 
Scoffing, scurrans 
A scoffing, irrisio, irrisus 
Of scoffing, scurrilis 
ScoffioKly. scurrilitto 
A scold, mulier rixosa 
To scold, rixor, objurgo; (at),{n- 

damo, convicior, increpo 
Scolded at, convidis lacMsitaa 
Given to scolding, rixosus 
A scolding, rixa, Inrgium 
A scollop (fish), pecten; (shdl), 

pectunculi testa 
Scolloped, denticulatus 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 




Aieonc8 (fort), prnpaKnaculum ; 
(for a caodle), lynchnuchoi; 
(fine), mnlcta pecamaria 

A acoocing, malctatio 

A tcoop, hauttrum 

To scoop (make liollow), ezcaTO 

A scope (design), scopus 

Scope (room), spaiium 

Free scope, licentia, copia 

Scorbutic, scorbuticus 

To scorch, turreo, aduro 

Scorched, torridus, adustus 

Scorchin|f, torrens, torridns 

A scorching, adustio, arstus 

A score (account), ratio, nomen, 
merces; (in number), nomerus 
vicenarius, viginti 

To score (up), noto, signo; 
(upon), imputo; (make a line 
under), lineam sub verba du- 

A scorning, notatio 

Scorn, contemptus 

To scorn, contemno, dedignor 

Scorned, contemptus. irrisus 

A scomer, irrisor, derisor 

Scornful, fastidiosus. fa«tosus 

Scornfully, contemptim, fastosi 

A scorning, dedij^natio 

A scorpion, scorpio, prester 

Of a scorpion, scorpionius 

A scot (share), sjrmbola. propor- 
tio; (and lot), tnbutum, cen- 
sus parochiales 

Scotfree, immunis, impunii 

Scotfree, adv. impuni 

To Seoul (scowl), firontem corru- 

Seouling, torvns 

Scoulingly, tarth, vnltuosi 

A scoundrel, nequam, trifurcifer 

To scour, dJetergo, pturgo; (ves- 
sels), Tasa mundare ; (a ditch), 
fossam tergere; (or run away), 

A scourer, purgator 

A scouring (cleansing), expur- 
gatio ; (danger), periculum, 
malum; (purging), alvi flnxus 

To scourge, verbero, castigo, fla- 
gello, verberibus ctedere 

A scourge, fiagellum, flagrum ; 
(of leather), scutica 

A scourger, flagellator 

A scourging, verberatio 

A scout, explorator, speculator 

Scouts, excubitores 

To scout (lurk), latito; (up and 
down), explore, speculor 

To scowl. See Seoul 

To scrabble, unguibus lacerare 

A scrag, corpus strig^osum ; (end 
of a neck), cervicis pars san- 

SGraggioess, mades 

Scraggy, macilentus, strigosus 

To scramble, raptlm colligere 

A scramble, direptio 

To scramble up, manibus pedi- 
bnsque ascendere 

A scrambling up, conscensio 

To scranch, mordeo, admordeo 

A scrap, fragmentnm 

A scrape, dimcultas, periculum 

To scrape, rado, scalpo, scabo; 
(away), abrado; (before), pr«- 
rado; (off)* derado; (of oirt), 
detergeo; (out), erado, deleo; 
(round about), circumrado ; 
(tt^ether), corrado 

A scraper (person), rasor; (in- 
strument), raduia; (fiddler), 

Scraping (badly tuned), partun 
~iodulat£ sonana 

A scraping, rasura; (of or out), 

deletio; (together), accumula- 

tio; (iron), scalprum 
Scraps, firu^meata 
A scratch, leris incisnra 
To scratch, scalpo, scabo; (out), 

excaipo, expungo 
A scratcher. scalptor 
A scratching, scalptura 
To scrawl, mali scribere 
A scrawler, scriba mains 
A scrawling, scriptio mala 
To screak, strideo, stride 
Screakin^r, stridens 
A screaking, stridor 
To scream, vociferor, exdamo 
A screaming, vociferatio 
To screech, ululo 
A screen, umbraculum 
A screw, cochlea 
To screw, torquendo perforare; 

(fasten with screws) , torquendo 

firmare cochleam; {or oppress 

one), opprimo; (into favour), 

Scribble, scriptio mala 
To scribble, scriptito 
A scribbler, malus scriba 
A scribbling, scriptio mala 
A scribe, scriba, notarius 
A scrip, pera, culeolus 
The scripture, scriptura sacra 
A scrivener, scriba, trapexita 
A scrivener's shop, trapeza 
Scrofulous, scrofuU laborani 
A scroll, schedula 
A scrub (person), homo vilis ; 

(poet), poetaster ; (horse), 

equus stri^sus 
To scrub, finco, scalpo 
Scrubbing, scalpens, defncans 
A scrubbing, fricatio vehemen- 

tior; (brush), scopula ex fir- 

mioribus setis eonfecta 
Scrubby, sordibus squalidus, vilis 
Scruif, ^ecUmentum 
A scruple (doubt), scmpulus; 

(of conscience), stimulus ani- 

mi; (in weight), scrupulum 
To scruple (doubt), dubito, lue- 

sito, cunetor 
Scupulous, scrupulosus, dubitans 
Scrupulously, scrupulost 
A scrutineer, scrutator 
Scrutinous, argutus, scrutans 
A scrutiny, scruutio 
To scrutiny, or scrutinise, scru- 

tor, explore, investigo 
A scud of rain, imber snbitna 
To scud, or scuddle away, aufu- 


A scuffle, jurgium, pugua 

To scuffle, certo, decerto; (with), 

concerto, confligo 
A scuffling, conflictio 
To sculk (hide), latee, latito ; 

(about), conspcctum ftigere 
Sculkin^, latens, latitans 
A sculking hole, latibulnm, W 

The scull, cranium, calva 
A scull-cap, pileolus 
A scull, or sculler; (boat), cym- 

bula unius remigis ; (man), re- 

mex singularis 
A scullery, lavatrina 
A scullion, lixa; (wench), ler- 

vula coquinaria 
A sculptor, sculptor 
Sculpture, sculptura 
Of sculpture, sculptilis 
Scum, spuma, spumatus ; (of 

metals), scoria; (of the peo- 
ple), (mx popnli 
Full ci scttm« spumoaua 

Of scum, spi 

To scum, despumo 

A scummer, spatha 

A scumming, despumatio 

A scupper-hole, latrina navalis 

Scurf of the head, Ac.), porrigo; 

(of a sore), crusta ulceris 
Scurfy, furfurosua 
Scurfiness, psora 
Scurrility, scurrilita* 
Scurrilous, scurrilis, probroaoa 
Scurrilously, scurrilitftr 
Scurvily, pravi, improb^ 
Scurviness, praritas, improbitJW 
Scurvy, pravus, improbus 
The scurvy, scorbutus 
Of the Ecurvy, scorbuticos 
Scurvygraes, cechlearia 
A cat (tail), cauda 
A scutcheon, scutunv 
A scuttle (basket), sportula, cor- 
bis; (of a ship), navis valvK; 
(of a mast), carcheaium 
The sea, pelagus, mare, aequor; 
(narrow), mtum; (main), al- 
turn, oceanus; (coast), era ma- 
ritima; (shore), littns 
Of the sea. marinns 
At, or by main sea. man 
Sea, adj. maritimus, marimu 
Beyond sea, transmarinns 
A sea-calf, phoca ; (coal), eaibo 

On the sea-coast, maritimua 
A seaman, nauta, nauticua 
A seaport, oppidum maritimnm 
Seasick, nauseabundus 
To be seasick, nauseA marini la* 

Of the sea-shore, littoraUs 
Seaweed, alga 
A seal, signum, aigillnm; (fish), 

To seal, si^o consignare; (a 

letter), epistolam signare 
To set a seal to, subsigno 
Of a seal, stgillaris 
A seal-ring, annulus 8i|inaatoriaa 
A sealer, oosignator, si^nator 
A sealing, signatio ; (signatore), 

A seam, sutura ; (of com), 
firumenti mensnra ecto mo- 
dios oontinens ; (&t of hogs), 
adeps porcina ; (of glasi), 
vitrt quantitas 130 libras pon< 
To seam, assuo, consuo 
Full of seams, abundans saturis 
Seamless, non consutus 
A seamstress, sutrix ; (*s shop), 

A sean (net), segena 
To sear, uro, ustulo, inuro 
A seardoth, ceratum 
Seared, adustus, innstus 
A searing, ustio; (iron), cante- 

A search^nquiutio^ iiidagatio, 

To search, inquire, explore; 
(after), quaero; (ont),exqairo: 
(examine), scrutor; (or fish 
out), expiscor; (as a cnsUmi- 
house officer), perscrutor; (pe- 
netrate), penetro, insinuo; (or 
trace out), investigo, vestigo 
Having searched, scmtatns 
A searcher, explorator, scrutator 
A searching, scmtaCio, indagatio 
Season, tempestas. tempua 
In season, tempestiv^ opportune 
In season, adj. tempestivus 
A fit season, occaaio, opportunitas 
Out qi season, intempestivua 
Digitized by LjOOQ IC 




Tb season, condio; (accastom), 
assuefacio; (instract), imbuo 

Seaaonable, tempestiTus, oppor- 

Seasonableness, tempestivitas, 
opportunitas [tuni 

Seasonably, teinpestWi, oppor- 

A seasoning, conaitio, condunen- 

Of seasoning, conditims 

A seat, sedes, sella ; (of justice) , 
tribunal; (mercy- seat), propi- 
tiatorium; (of state), soliuni, 
thronus; {or roansion-bouBe), 
domns rustica, tHIa; (bench), 
Bcamntun ; (or form in a 
school), classis; (of war), se- 
des; (place), locus; (of com- 
merce), emporium ; (in a boat), 
tiaostrum; (situation), situs, 

To seat, sede locare ; (sit down), 
sedeo, consideo 

A secant, recta linea seoans 

Secession, secessus 

To seclude, sedudo, ezclndo 

Second, secundus 

Every second, altemus 

Of second sort, secundarius 

Second-hand, usu nonnihil tritus 

A second {or another), alter ; {or 
assistant), adjutor 

Second (thoughts), matnrus 

A second (of time), momentum, 

To second, juto, adjuvo 

Seeond time, secund6, iteriun 

Secondary, secundarius 

The secondine, seconds 

Secondly, secund6 

Secrecy (silence), silentium ; (re- 
tirement), recessus 

Secret, secretus, arcanus, occul- 
tOM i (clandestine), clandesti- 
' nos ; (not common), baud vul- 
garis; (thai keeps close),tacitus 

In secret, dkm, arcan6 

A secret, arcanum, secreturo ; 
(chamber), peuetraJe, conclave, 
(place), claustrum, secessus, 
•bditnm, latebra ; (accuser), 
delator ; (accusation), delatio 

To keep secret, celo, supprimo 

A secr^ary, scriba, amanuensis ; 
(of state), scriba regius pub- 
Ueis rebus pnepositus 

To secrete, occulto. celo 

A secreting, occultatio furtiva 

Secretly, occult^, cl&m, furtlm 

Secretness, silentium 

A sect, secta, schola 

Of our sect, nostras 

Of your sect, vestras 

A sectary, sectator 

A section, rectio 

Secular (worldly), mundanus, 
profisnus ; (priest), sacerdos 
secularis; (auDairs), negotia ci- 
Tilia ; (arm, or power), ma^s- 

tratnum poteatas ; ^ttwlonging 

_. or 100 yMs) 

to an age, o 


A secondary, subpnefectus 
Secure, securus, tutus, salvus ; 
(careless), negligens, remissos 
To secure, salvum prvstare ; 
(from danger), h periculo de- 
fendere, servare, or eripere; 
(from enemies), ab inimicis 
Securely, secur^ tuti ; (careless- 
ly), remiss«, negligentftr 
A securing, in tutum collocatio 
Security, securitas, tranquillitas, 
i 1 (bail), Tadimoninm ; 

(bail in criminal matters), vas; 
(bail for debt), prss, sponsor; 
(engagement), sponsio 
To give security, satisdo 
To take security, satis accipere 
A sedan, sella portatitia ^ 
Sedate, sedatus, pacatus, placidos, 

Sedentary, sedentarias 
Sedge, ulva, carex 
Sedgy, ulvis obductus 
Sediment, sedimentum, tmx 
Sedition, seditio 
Seditious, seditiosus. factiosus 
Seditiously, seditiosi, factiosA 
To seduce (deceive), seduco, de- 
cipio ; (debauch), corrumpo, 
A seducement, irritamentum 
A seducer, deceptor, corrupter 
A seduction, seductio, deceptio 
Sedulity, dili^entia 
Sedulous, assiduus, diligens 
Sedulously, sedul6, strenuft 
A see (diocese), sedes episcopalis 
See I en I ecce I 

To see, video, cemo, conspicio; 
(take care), caveo, euro, pro- 
video; (afar off)> prospicio; 
(clearly), perspicio ; {or look 
into),intro8picio; (one's inten- 
tion), penetro, intelligo; (into, 
or examine), examine, inquire, 
investigo, perscrutor 
Seed, semen ; (time), tempus sa- 

tionis, sementis 
Of seed, seminalis 
A seed-plot, seminarium 
Produced by seed, seminatus 
A seedsman, seminum venditor 
To seed, semento, semen ferre 
Seeding, sementaturua 
Seedy, seminosns 
A seeing, visio 

Seeing clearly, oculatns, perspicax 
Seeing that, quand6, quandoqui- 

dfem, qnonitoi, cdm, siquid^m 
To seek, qnaero, conquiro ; (for 
aid), imploro ; (diligently), quae- 
rito, perscrutor, investigo ; (en- 
deavour, or contrive), conor, 
machinor, molior 
A seeker, indagator, quBsitor 
A seeking, indagatio 
Seeming (likely), verisimilis 
Seeming (dissembled), simulatus 
Seemingly, simulate, externi 
Seemliness, decorum, decor 
Seemly, decorus, decens 
Seemly, adv. decorft, decentfer 
Not seemly, indecorns, indecens 
It is seemly, decet 
It is not seemly, non decet, de- 

That may be seen, visibilis 
A seer, vates, propheta 
A seesaw, motns reciprocos 
To seesaw, vacillo 
To seethe, coquo, elixo,ferveo, ex- 
Kstuo; {or boil over), ebuUio, 
A seething, coctio, ebuUitio 
A segment, segmentum 
To segre^te, segrego, separo 
A seignior, dominus; (grand), 

Turcorum imperator 
A seigniory, ditto, dominium 
Seisin, possessio 

To seise (Uke possession), occu- 
po, possessionem capere; (ap- 
prehend), capio, prehendo, cor- 
A seizure, occupatio, captio 
Seldom, rarus, insolitus, infre- 

Seldom, adv. rard 

Very seldom, perrarus, rarissimns 

Very seldom, adv. rarissimi 

To select, seligo, eligo. sepono 

Select, or selected, selectus, se- 

A selection, selectio 

A selector, elector 

Self, or selfsame, ipse, idem 

I myself, egomet, ego ipse 

By one's self, solus 

Self-conceit, arrogantia 

Self-conceited, arrogans 

To be self-conceited, alttun sa- 

Seu-denial, sui ipsios abnegatio 

Self-evident, manifestus 

Selfish, nimls se ainans 

Selfi»hness, amor sui 

Self-murder, suicidium 

Self-will, contumacia 

Self-willed, obstinatus, contumax 

To sell, or expose to sale, vendn, 
vennndo; (be exposed to sale), 
veneo; (by auction), anctionor; 
(in the market), nundinor ; 
(often), vendito 

A seller, venditor, venditrix; (of 
old things), scrutarius ; (of 
toys), nugivendus 

A selling, venditio 

A selvage, fimbria, limbua 

Selves, ipsi, ipsae 

Semblable, similis 

A semblance, similitudo, speciea 

A semibrief, nota semibrevis 

A semicircle, semicirculus 

Semicircular, semicircnlaris 

A semicolon, semicolon 

A semidiameter. circuli radiua 

Seminal, seminalis 

A seminary, seminarium 

Seminary, seminarius 

Sempiternal, perpetuus 

Sena, or senna, sena 

Senary, senarius 

A senate, senatus 

A senate-house, senaculnm 

Act of senate, senatus consultum 

A senator, senator 

Senatorian, senatorius, patridus 

Senators, patres conscripti 

To seud,mitto; (about), circum- 
mitto; (away), ablego, aman- 
do; (back), reraitto; (before), 
pnemitto; (for), accerso, evo- 
co ; (forth), emitto ; (forth 
breath), exhalo, spiro, halo; 
(into exile), relego; (a letter), 
Uteras dare; (on an errand), 
mitto, lego; (out of the way), 
amoveo, ablego; (over), trans- 
mitto; (word), nuncio; (word 
back), renuncio, rescribo 

A sending, missio; (away), di- 
missio, relegatio; (back), re- 
missio ; (for), accitus ; (over), 
transmissio ; (out), emissio ; 
(forth), dimissio 

A seneschal, senescballus 

A senior, major natu 

Seniority, setatis prserogativa 
Sensation, facultas senticndi 

A sense (the faculty), sensus; 
(understanding), mens, judici- 
um, intelligentia ; (wit, sharp- 
ness), ingenium, solertia, saga- 
citas ; (prudence, wisdom ), pru- 
dentia, sapientia, consilium ; 
(orinion), opinio, sententia, 
Of good sense, sapiens, prudens 
Without sense, absurds, inept 6 
Senseless (without feeling), nihil 
sentiens ; (foolish), absurdus. 

Digitized by 





ineptos ; (stuj^id), Btapidus, 
plumbeut ; (void of reason), 
expert ratioois, mentii ioopt 

Senselessly, absurd^ inepti 

Benselessncsa, vecordia 

Sensibility, sensibilitas 

Sensible, sensilis; (of good sense), 
■apiens ; (affecting tbe senses), 
lensom moTcns, or afficiens 

Sensibly (feelingly), cumsensu; 
(wisely), sapientfcr, prudentir 

Sensitive, lensitiTUs, sensu pra* 

Sensnal, Toloptuosua. mollis 

Sensuality, voluptas corporea 

Sensually, jucundi, Toluptarift 

A sentence, sententia ; (by a 
judge), judicium; (period), pe* 

To sentence, judicium ferre, or 
pronnnciare, addico, damno 

Sententious, sententiosus 

Sententiously, sententiosft 

Sentient, sentiens, percipiens 

A sentiment (opinion), sensus, 
sententia, opimo 

A sentry, excubiae; (box), spe- 
cula; (or sentiiiBl), excubitor, 

To stand sentry, excubo, excu- 
bias, or vigiliu agere 

Separable^ separabius 

Separate, separatus, disjunctus 

To separate, separo, sejungo ; {or 
Ktire from), discedo ; (from 
others), segrego, secemo; (or 
break company), dissocio 

Separately, separatlm, divislm 

A aeiiaratmg, or separation, sepa- 
ratio, diqunctio. secretio; (di- 
vorce), divortinm, repudium 

September, September 

Septenary, septenariua 

Septennial, septennis 

Septentrional, septentrionalis 

Septic, or septical, septicus 

Hue septuagint, septuaginta in- 

Septuple, septuplns, septnplex 

Sepulchral, sepulchralis 

A sepulchre, sepulchrum, mauso- 

Sepulture, sepultura 

A sequel, or sequence, contequen- 
tia; {or series), series ; {or up- 
shot), eventus, exitus 

Sequent, sequens 

To sequester, seqnestro, proscri- 
bo, confisco 

A sequestering, or sequestration, 
sequestratio, confiscatio 

A sequestrator, sequestrator 

A seraglio, grnseceum 

Serapbieal, Seraphic, seraphicus 

A seraphim, seraphim 

A serenade, cantiuncula noctuma 

To serenade, occentare ostium 

Serene, serenus, tranquillus, pla- 

To make serene, sereno 

Serenely, seren^ placid* 

Sereneness, Seremty, tranquillitas 

Serge, panni rosi ^enus 

A sergeant, or seijeant, lictor, ap- 
paritor; (at arms), ad anna 
serviens; (at law), ad l^em 

A sergeanuhip, apparitnra 
Of a sergeant, lictorius 
Sergeantry. servitium 

A series, series, ordo 
Serious, serins, gravis, sobrios 
Seriously, serid, ^avitto 
Seriousness, gravitas 

A sermon, concio, oratio sacra 


4 serpent, sopens; (with two 
heads), amphisbcna; (homed), 
serastes; (burning), dipsas ; 
(w«ter), hydrua; (-'s skin), 

Serpentine, serpentinus, sinuosus 

Like a serpent, flexuosus, ainu- 

To serr, or vetr^t compingo 

A servant, servus, fismulus, minis- 
ter; (woman), ancilla, famula, 

An humble servant, procus 

Of a servant, famularis 

To serve (as a servant), alicui 
servire; (up dinner), cibos ap- 
ponere; (with drink), pocula 
administrare ; {or supply with), 
suppedito, praebeo ; {or be use- 
ful for), prosum 

Service, or servitude, aervitinm, 
famulatus; (done to a master), 
opera, ministerium; (respect), 
obsequium, ofScium; (labour), 
labor; (worship), cultus 

A service at tabl^ ferculnm ; 
(the first service, &c.), prima 

To do service, prosum 

Serviceable (useful), utilis, corn- 
modus; (officious), obsequens, 
officiosus ; (fit for service), ser- 
vitio aptus 

Serviceableness. ntilitas 

Serviceably, ntilitto, offieiosft 

Servile, servilis 

Servilely, servilitir, vernllitir 

Servileness, Servility, vemilitas 

Serving (as a servant), servient, 
ministrana ; (a purpose), aptus, 

A servitor, servus, frmiulns 

Servitude, servitus, servitude 

A session, sessio 

A session of parliament, parUa- 
menti session senatfis habitus 

A sessor, censor 

A sesterce, sestertius, sestertium 

A set battle, pug^a stataria 

Well set, compacto corpore 

Set for rain, pluviosus 

Set on mischief proelivia 

On set purpose, ^dit& operU 

A set (of things), apparatus, in- 

To set (put, or place), pono, col- 
loco; (appoint), atatuo, con- 

A setter (planter), sator ; (to 
hire), locator; (forth), editor ; 
(on), ductor 

A setting, positio; (apart), te- 
positio, separatio ; (off), dit- 
tinctio; (forward), progressus; 
(stick), pastinum; (up), erec- 
tio; (upon, or an assault), im- 
petus ; (of the sun), solis occap 
sus; (dog), canis cubitor 

Setaceous, ex setis aptus 

A settle, sedile, sella; (bed), lee- 
tus sellc formam babens 

To settle, statuo, constituo, fir- 
mo, confirmo; (in a place), se- 
dem figere; (athin|; by argu- 
ments), ai^umentu contir- 
mare ; (accounts), rationet 
confenre; (an estate upon one), 
aliquem haeredem suum facere ; 
(affairs), res disponere ; (ex- 
penses), sumptus moderari ; 
(on the lungs), incumbo; (an 
habitation), sedem figece 

Settledness, atabilitaa 

A tettlement, or aettlixig, coosti- 
tutio ; (agreement), pactom. 
foeduB, stipulatio ; (fiked place 
of abode), eedes, habitacajam; 
(of liquor), frex, aedimentom 
Seven, septem; (at cards), hep- 
tas ; (tmies), teptiia ; (years 
old), septennis ; (yean), acp- 
The seven stars, Pkiadea 
Sevenfold, septuplex, aepten^plez 
Seven foot, septempedaUs 
A sevennight (se'nnight), aepti- 

Seventeen, septemdecim 

The seventeenth, decimns aepti- 

The seventh, septimna 
Seventhly, septimiim 
Seventy, septuaginta 
Of seventjr, septuagenariua 
Seventy timra, septuagite 
The seventieth, septuagesimoa 
Seven hundred, septingenti 
The seven-hundredth, septingen- 

Seven hundred timet, aeptingcn- 

To sever, separo, aeccnia^ segre- 
go, divide 
Several (more tluus one), j^inei, 
nonnulli ; (distinct), dutinc- 
tus, separatus, diverans, varins 
Severally, separatlm. singnlatlBi 
Severance, separatio, divino 
Severe (hard, rigoroos), sevens, 
durus, asper, ansterus, xasao- 
sus; (very cold), fri|^ssimu; 
(grave, sober), gravis, sobrios 
Severed, separatus. scgundtna 
Severely, sever^ asp^ 
A severing, separatio 
Severity, seventas, asperitaa 
To sew, suo; (before), pnetno 
(behind), desuo; (in), insao; 
(to), assuo; (together), con- 
That may be sewed, antilia 
A sewer, sutor; (common shore), 

Sweet, sebum, sevum ; (melted), 

Of sewet, sevotus, sebaeeos 
Mixed with sewet, omentatus 
A sewing, sutura ; (together), 

A sex, sexus 
Sexennial, sexennalia 
Sextile, sextilis 
A sexton, ledituus, sacrista 
Shabbily, mali 
Shabbiness, mains vestitns 
Shabby, malus, sordidn% ] 

A shabby fellow, homo t 

A shackle, manica, compes 
To shackle, compedibus v' 
Shad (a fish), dupea 
A shade, umbra; (worm by wo- 
men), nimbus 
To shade^^nbro, tego 
To be shaded, umbror 
Shades (ghosts), umbrse, manes 
Sbadiness, opadtas 
A shadow, umbra 
Of a shade, or shadow, umbratQii 
A mere shadow, valdi madleatus 
To shadow, or caat a shadow, 
umbro, obumbro^ (q;>aco, ob- 
To shadow out, adnmbro 
Shadow (favour, protection), tu- 
tamen, tutela ; (pretence, or 
appearance), prsetextus, spe- 
cies | (sign, tzao^ or fiMUt^), 

Digitized by 



; (type, or figure), 

_L •badowiair* adumbratio 
Shady, umbrosns, opacut 
A. sbuady place, ambnealom 
A ■haft, telun, aagitta: (spire), 
pjnunia; (of a pillar), aeapas ; 
(in a mine), scaptensnla 
I Shag, pannaa ▼illoaus 
Shagged, Shaggy, villoaaa, liina< 
Bhagieen, tubgt. mceror, aolicita- 

do; adj. moeatua. aolicitua 
Bhaneen-Ieather, aqoaii coriom 
To MiagTeen, mceronini creare 
A shake, or ahaking, motua, con- 
eussio; (in moaic). modalatio 
To shake, quatio, ooncutio. libro, 
ezagito; (banda), maoaa con< 
jniigere; (the head), nuto; (for 
fear), txemo^ contremiaco, hor- 
reo ; (oiF)> ezeutio ; (often), 
agito, qoaaao ; (with cold), fri- 
gore tremere ; (in trotting), 
soccntio; (up and down), jac- 
to; (in ainging), modalor 
To be ahaken, nuto, titabo 
"Hiat may be ahaken, agitabilia 
A shaker, ooncoaaor; (with trot- 

tinar). anccnaaator 
Shakmg (for fear), trepidua ; 
(with cold), firigore horrena ; 
(op and down), tiemulua, mo- 

A ahaking {in an aetmt ttnu), 

poMtivt MM0), tremor; (with 
cold), horror; (up and down), 
agitatio; (or jolting), auccua- 

A ahallop, aeapha, lembna 
Shallow (not deep), breria, mi- 
nimi profundai ; (in wit ) , inep- 
tna, hebea ; (doll, inaipid), in- 
A ahallow place, vadum 
A ahallow river, flavioa tenni 

flnena aqnA 
Shallowly, insulsi, inepti 
ShaUowneaa (of water), minima 
aqtue profonditaa ; (in under- 
standine), imperitia, tarditaa 
A shalot, alliom Lnaitanienm 
A aham, fallacia, dolna 
Sham, flotoa, fiotitius, oommen- 

To sham, ilngo, nmolo 
The ahambln, maceUum, laniena 
Of ahamblea, macellarioa 
Shame (bashftilness), pudor, mo- 
deatia; (disgrace), dedeca8,in- 
ftmia, opprobrium, ignominia 
To shame (make ashiuned), pu- 
defado; (disgrace), infamiam 
Shamed, perfnsna mboie; (dia- 

graced), dedecoratus 
Slumefaced, Tcrecandna [tir 
Shamefacedly. Terecu^di, puden- 
Shamefaoedneaa, rerecundia 
Shameful, icedua, turpis, probro- 
ins, inhonestus, ignominiosns 
Shamefully, turpitir, impudent^r 
Sbamefiilneas,tuipitado, probrum 
ffhamrlf^i impudens, inverecun- 

Shamelessly, invereenndft 
Shameleaaneaa, impudentia 
Shamois, pellia rupicapra 
The ahank (of the leg), tibia, 
ema; (bone), parastata; (of a 
diimney), Aimarinm ; (of a 
eandleatick), acapaa candela- 
bri; (of a plant), plantc canlia 


A ahanker, uleua 

A ahape, forma, figura 

To ahape, formo, aguro 

Shapeless, informia 

lU-snapen, deformia 

Well-ahapen, venustua 

Of two shapes, biformia 

Of many abapes, mnUiformia 

A shaping, formatio 

A shard, or sherd, teata fracta 

Of a shard, testacena 

A ahard (gap),8cpiBruinai (fiah), 
trutta minor 

A ahare, para, portio 

The ahure-bone, oa aaerum 

To share (divide), divido, partior, 
distribno; (give a ahare), im- 
pertio; (take a al^are), parti- 
eipo; (hiaTe a ahare), partem 

Having ahared. aortitua 

A aharer, partitor; {or partaker 
of), particepa, conaors 

A ahanng bv lot, aortitio 

To shark (cneat), aHqnem emnn- 

A ahark (flab), eania, earcharias 

Sharp (in action), acer ; (in 
taate). acidua, subacidas; (in 
wit), acntna, astotua, tagax; 
(in worda), mordax; (tight), 
pugnaatroz; (cruel), aerema, 
rigidua, ferua, erudelis ; (cold), 
frigua durum; (rough), aaper; 
(set), famelicua, eanriens ; 
(sour), acerbna, austerus ; 
(sighted), oculatua, perspicax ; 
(of edge), acutua 

To be shaip, aceo 

To grow sharp, acesoo 

To sharpen, acuo^ exacuo, acu- 
mino; (at the end), cuspido, 
spieulo; (at the top), eacnmino 

A siuurpening, exacutio 

Sharper, acutior, acrior 

A sharper, aatutua, versutua ; 
(cheat), fraudator, veterator 

Sharply, acutft, acritte; (bv way 
of reproach), eontumelioai ; 
(roughly), aaperi, acerbi ; (wit- 
tily), acuti, argut^ aagacitir, 

Sharpneaa (of edge), aciea, acu- 
men ; (aererity), ri^r, aeveritaa ; 
(smartness), acnmonia ; (of 
words), mordaeitaa ; (sour- 
ness), aeerbitas; (of wit), sa- 
gacitas, solertia 
A ahaab, eingulum; (turban), 

To ahatter, quaaao, comminuo 
A abatterpate, fiitilis, ineptua 
To shave, tondeo, rado; (about), 
circumrado ; (off, or away), 
abrado; (close), attondeo 
A ahaver, tonaor 
A ahaving, raaura, toninra 
Of ahaving, tonaoriua 
Shavinga. ramenta 
She. ea, ilia, ipaa, iata. luec 
A riieaf, fascia, manipulus; (of 

arrowa), pharetra 
To shear, tondeo. detondeo ; {or 
reap corn), meto; (run aa a 
ahip), labo; (round about), cir- 
A ahearer, tonaor 
A ahearing, tonsura 
A shearman, panni tonsor 

A sheat (rope), funieulus quo ve- 
lum transfertur; (anchor), an- 
chora maxima; (cable), funis 
anchorarins; (pig), porcellus, 
verrea; (flah)* ailurua 


A sheath, theca, vagina 

To sheath, in vaginam recon- 

dere; (a ship),assu]aaadimam 

navim afflgere ; (in one'a body), 

A sheath-maker, vaginarius 
A abed {or cottage), caaula; (ad- 
joining to a houae). appendix 

To shed (liquor), ftindo, efiindo; 
I (about), circumfundo 
A shedding, fuaio, effuaio 
Sheds, allegic. septa 
Sheen, or sheeny, nitidua 
A sheep, ovis ; (fold), ovile ; 

(hook), pedum; (walk), paa- 

Of sheep, ovillua. ovinus 
Sheepish, inanlsus. insipiena 
Sheepishness, insulsitas, insipi- 

Sheer (pure), purus, merus 
To sheer off, danculbm diacedere 
A sheet (for a bed), lodix; (of 

paper), folium; (of lead), la- 
Sheeted, lodicibus stratus [mina 
Sheeting, pannua ex quo lodices 

A shekel, siclus 
A shelf, pluteus, abaeiu; (of 

sand), brevia, ayrtea 
A ahell, testa; (of nuts. Ac), pu- 

tamen; (of a fish), concha; (of 

a snail), cochlea 
To shell, decortico, deglubo 
Shelly, testaceua 
Like a shell, oonchatus 
A abetter, refugium 
To shelter, protego, deflrodo. 

8hi I' l■<<^. [.riri.txJ . 

Shc'l^uii;;, iledivik 

A hljcphfrd, pnator. opilio 

A Klii'jjl!(^rd'R L'niok, pedum 

Of P, ^K^v^i^ii^ pi^toralia 

Aslii'jihBniu*, ^mina oves cut- 

A shrriff. virrcfimea 
A N 1 1 < ri iNlI I > . >. 1 1 '.'f omitis munns 
Tt<' (kK'r,il,j..iii. ^'ii»oomitatua 
A IhttH'i'. JL'S;. virecomitia juris- 

Sherry, vinum Andaluaianum 
A ahew (outvrard appearanee), 

apeciea, simulatio, pnetextus; 

(eight), pompa. apectaculum 
oaew-bread, pania propoaititiua 
To shew, monstro. oemonstro. 

oatendo, indico, dedaro; (be- 
forehand), prvdico ; (expoae 
to view), propono, exhibeo; 
(cause), rationes afferre 

To make a shew of, aimulo 

To shew kindness, diligo; (mer- 
cy), misereor; (fear), timeo; 
(respect), revereor, veneror 

A shewing, indicatio 

Shewy, speciosus 

A shield, clypeua. acutum; (used 
by Amacons). pelU; (naed by 
Moors), cetra 

Armed with a shield, dypeatus, 
cetratus, parmatus 

A shield-bearer, scutigemlus ; 
(maker), scutarius 

To shield, defondo. protego 

A shielding, protectio 

A shift (expedient), ratio, mo- 
dus ; (remedy), remedium ; 
(device), dolus. eSugium. stro- 
pha. techna, vaframentura ; (a 
woman'a abut), aubncula femi- 

To ahift (eacape), evado. effugio; 
(change), permuto. muto ; (aa 

Digitized by 



the wind), vcrto ; (off), detrtc- 
to; (remove), unoveo, remo- 
veo; (from place to place), mi* 
l^ro, demiRo 

To make a shift, mgth facere 

A shifter, veterator 

A shifting, mutafio, m 
(trick), fallacia, dolus 

A shilling, solidus 

The shin, tibia -^ 

To shine, fulgeo, mico, niteo, lu« 
ceo, spleudeo ; (about), cir> 
cumfalgeo ; tbright), .saMlo, 
cffiilgeo; (before), prKfulgip; 
(like gold), rutilo; (a lit]^), 
■nblncco ; (out), eniteo, en^^s- 
co; (through), perluceo, trans- 
P*KO i (together), coUuceO ; 
(upon), silnceo^ affhlgeo, illus- 

To begin to shine, splendesco^ 

A 8hin|;le (lath), asser 

The shingles, herpes 


trade), ars sntrina 
A shoe-latchet, corrigia 
A shoe-sole, solea; (upper-lea- 
ther), obstragulum 
'toeing, or fitting with ahoes, 
Tcealus ; (horn), comu cal- 
I shook, ooncnsd 
^A shoot, germen, enrculns 

Shining, part, citens, fulgepsi^ ^A shooter of 

splendens, mtilans; adj. rnti< 
lus, coruscus, nitidus, spleodi- 
dus, ftiigidus; (through), pel- 

A shining, falgor, nitor 

Bhiningly, spleu^di, nitidi 

A ship, nans, navigium ; (with a 
flat bottom), navis plan4 cari- 
n4; (of war), nam bellica 

Master of a ship, nauderus 

Ofaship, navalis 

Ship-money, tribntom pro navi- 
bus eonstruendts 

A ship-boat, scapha; (boy), puer 
aauticuB; (man), nauta; (tim- 
ber), materia navalis 

Shipwreck, nanfragium 

Shipwrecked, nautragas 

A ship-carpenter, naupegna 

A ship's wt, naulum 

To ship ol!^ in naves imponere 

To govern a ship, naviculor 

A shipping, in navem conscensio ; 
(a putting on board), in navem 

Shipping, plures naves 

A ature, proviocia, coroitatus 

To shirk about, parasitor 

A shirt, indusium 

A shittlecock, suber pennatnm; 
(silly fellow), levis, mconstans 

To shiver, frango, comminuo, 
eonscindo ; (with cold), pr« 
fkigore horrere ; [or be shivered 
in pieces), comminuor, frangor 

Shivered to pieces, comminutus 

Shivering (to pieces), comminu- 
ens; (quaking), tremulua, hor- 

A shivering (to pieces), disseca- 
tio; (er quaking), horror 

In shivers, assulatim 

A shoal (of ftshes, &c.)> grex, a^- 
men, eaterva; (of Band),brevia 

A shock (of com), acervns; (in 
battle), certamen, conflictus; 
(upon the spirits), impetus. 

(young pig), porcellns; (from / ' 4i^how, pompa. 
•^ "^ ' ■ " A shower, imber, pluvia: 

a bow. &c.) , ictus, jactus 

Full of shoots, anrculosus 

Of shoots, surcularius 

To shoot (as trees), germino; (an 

arrow, Ac.), jaculor, emitto ; 

(as an ear of com), spico ; (as 

lightning), emico, corusco ; (or 

)et out), promineo, exto; (or 

run upon one), irmo, insilio -, 

(pain), doleo, uro ; (or grovr 

up),cresco; (at aroark). telaro 

collineare, ad metam dirigere 

(at one), sagittis petere 

, santtis 
of cuurts,, 

jaculator; (of 

To shock, confligo, congredior, 

terreo, permoveo 
To be shocked, permoveor 
Not shod, discalceatns 
A shoe, calceus, solea 
A high shoe, pero 
To shoe {or put on shoes), calceo, 

calceoainduere; (a horse), fer- 

reas soleas aptare 
To put off shoes, excalceo 
A shoemaker, sntor 
A shoemaker's abop, sntrina: (a 

a lock), sene obex 
The shooting of a star, tnnectio 
A shooting, jaculatio; (of trees, 

&c.), germinatio 
To go a shooting, ancnpor 
A shooting-star, sidus volans 
A shop, tabema, offlcina; (bar- 
ber's), tonstrina ; (booksel- 
ler's), bibliopolium 
A shopkeeper, tabemarius 
Bdonging to a shop, tabemarius 
A shore, Uttus, arena, ripa, terra ; 
(prop), fulcrum ; (common 
sewer), cloaca 
To shore up, suffulcio, fuldo 
A shoring up, suffulsio 
Not shorn, intonsns 
Short, brevis, eurtus, coneisus, 

compeodiosns, succinctua 
To be short, brevitto 
In a short time, brevi 
Very short, perbrevis 
In a short manner, summatlm 
To atop short, repenti consistere 
Short of a place, cis, dtra 
To be short, deficio 
To take up short, increpo 
To cut short, pneddo 
To grow short, deeresco 
Shorter days, dies contraetiores 
Shortlived, oulncus 
Shortsighted, lusdnns 
Shortwinded, anheliu 
Short hand, note breviorea 
A short cu^ via compendiaria 
To shorten, decurto, contraho, in 
compendiom redigere; (one's 
commons), dbum deducere 
A shortening, contractio 
Shortly (in words), brevitte, sum- 
matlm, ad summam ; (in time), 
brevl ; (after). panl6 p6st, mox 
Shortness, brevitas; (of breath), 

asthma, spirandi difficultas 
Shot (smikll), pilule plumbes roi- 
nores ; (large) , gUmdes terree ; 
(at a dub), symbola, coUecta 
Shotten, effoetus, coagulatna 
A shove (thrust), impulsua 
To shove, impello, trudo ; (back), 
depello; (on), propello; (a- 
way), Bubmoveo 
A shovel, ligo ; (Are), batillum ; 

(paring), pala 
To shovel, ligone anf^erre [ria 
A shovel-board, roensa longaluso- 
A shoiUder (of a man), humerus ; 

(of abeast),annns 
With great shoulders, humerosus 
The shoulder-blade, scapula ; 
(piece), humerale 


Over left shoulder, parton raeee- * 

To shoulder, humero toUete ; 

(up), suffulcio; (a pike), has- 

tam in humero attollere 
A shout, acclamatio, clamor 
To jUtont, acdamo, damo, excla> 

Shouting, clamosiu 

. (greiU), 
To shower down, depino 
Csnaing showers, irabrifer 
Showery, nimbosus, pluvins, pla- 

A shred, segnnmtnm panid 
To shred, concido, prcseco 
Shred small, minutlm oondaaa 
In small shreds, minut^ minotlm 
A shredding, coodsura 
Ashrew,muUer rixosa; (mottsc), 

mns araneus 
Shrewd (sharp, cunning), vaCer, 
subdolns, astutus. aixutas ; 
(ticklish, dangerous), difficilis 
periculosus ; (unhappy), ma- 
ins, improbus, pravus 
A shrewd turn, malefidnm 
Shrewdly, astutt, pravt, aubdolft 
Shrewdness, astutia. sagacitas 
Shrewish, perversus, clwnosna 
To shriek, cjulo, exdamo 
A shriek, or shrieking, qulatus 
Shrift, confessio auriculatia 
Shrill, argutns, soaoma, dams 
Shrilly, argutt, sonori 
Shrillness, sonus arguttu 
A shrimp, squilla parva; (dwarf), 

nanus, pumilio 
A shrine^ conditorium 
To shink (or contract itself)* *e 
cootrahere; (grow leas), de- 
eresco ; (from one's word), ttt- 
givenor; (in courage), labaaco 
A shrinking, contractio; (fitHB 
one's woitl), retractio; (of si- 
news), spasmus, nervorum COD- 
Shrivalty, vicecomitis monms 
To shrive, sacerdoti confiteri 
To shrivel, rugo, oorrago 
To be shrivelled, eorrugor 
A shriver, confessor 
Shrovetide, bacchanalia 
A shroud (shelter), tectum, tn- 
tela. presidium ; (for the dead), 
amiculum ferale 
To shrotld (a dead body), amiea- 
lum ferale imponere; (cover), 
tego. operio, velo 
The shrouds, mdentes migorea 
Ashrab (littta tree), frntex, ar- 
bnscula; (dwarf), nanua, pu- 
milio; (liquor), potus ex vmo 
aduBto, malis aureis, et eac- 
charo commistis, confectoa 
Shrubby, fruticosus 
To grow shrabby, frutico 
A shrubbery, fruticetum 
Shruff, scoria, recrementam 
To shrug, tremo ; (up the shmd- 

ders), scapulas attollere 
To shudder, horreo, tremo 
Shuddering, horrens, tremens 
A shuddering, horror, tremor 
To shuflBe, misceo ; (and cut), 
tergiversor, callidi cunctari ; 
(along), accelerato et tremulo 
gradu incedere; (off a fault), 
cnlpam transferre ; (off a trou- 
bleroroe business), extrieare se 
A shuffling, mistura; (or bog- 
gUng), cavillatio, tergiversatiu 
Shufflingly, dolosi, firaudulentdr 

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To ahmi, derito. fiigio, declino 

That may be shunned, eritabilis 

That cannot be iihimned, inerita* 

ShonniXi^, devitans, fagieni 

A khumnug. deritatio, eriutio 

To ahut, daado; (or bar fast), 
oedtub, ob.^ero ; (in), include; 
(out), exclado; (up), inter- 
clodo, condudo 

To get shot (of bnsiness), ab ali- 
qoQ necotio se expedire ; (of a 
penon), aliquem amovere 

To shut up shop, tabemam oc- 
dudere; {or leave off trade), 
foro cedere 

A shatter, claostnim 

A shattin|( (out), exclusio; (up). 

The ahattiog in of the day, cre> 
paacnlam vespertinum 

A shuttle, raditt* teztorias 

Shy (wai7),cautas; (disdainful), 
faatoaua, superciliosus ; (apt 
to start), paTidoa; (not friend- 
ly), Tnltus minimi fmtemos 

Shy, adv. frigidfe. indifferentir 

Shyness, fastus, cautela 

A sibyl, Sibylla 

The sice-point, senio 
Sick, Kgrotns, aeger ; (at sto- 
mach), stomachicus 

To be sick, Kgroto; (in bed), 
lecto Kger affigi; (dangeroos- 
Ij), cravitir aegrotare ; (of a 
ferer), febridto ; (of a thing). 


ndl sick, langnesco 


Sickish. mali se'habens 

A sickle, fialx messoria 

Sickliness, cgrotatio, Taletudo 

Sicklr, infirmus, valetodinarius 

A sickly time, quo plurimi Kgro- 

Sickness, morbus, cgrotatio; 
(green), chlorosis; (contagi- 
ons), contagium; (falUn|(), epi- 
lepsia ; (plague), pestiienua, 
A side, latbs; (of a cap, &c.), 
pan ; {or party), pars, causa; 
(of a country), ora, regio; (of 
a leal), pagina; (of a river), 
ripa; {or brim), margo : (or 
the shore), littus; (of a bed), 
sponda ; (of a hill ) , cUtus 
Belonging to a side, lateralis 
A sideboard, abacus ; (of plate), 
abacus Tasis argenteis refertus 
A side-blow, ictus obliquus 
A side-face, faciea obliqui de- 

A sidesman, adjutor, qiuesitor; 
(of a fowl), portio oblonga h 
himbis dissecta 
A side-wind, ventus obliquus 
Sideways, obliquus, transversns; 

odv. obliqui. transversa 
Bidding, corpore inclinato 
By the side of, juxta. prope 

' the aame side, eollaterdia 
('B all aidea, quaqnaversiu, nn- 

hi both sides, ntrinqni ; (either 
•ide), alterutrinqufe ; (every 
tide), nndiqni, ex omni parte; 
fthe inside), inttis; (one side 
md the other), ultrd citr6que; 
'the outside), extrinsectis ; 
(neither side), neutr6 
To side with {or favour), faveo, 

partes aequi, cum aliquo stare 
A siding with, partium studium 
T I side tiong, corpore inclinato 


To change sides, ftdem mutare 

Sideral. sideralis 

A sie^e, obsidio, obcidinm, ob- 

To lay siege. _ 

Belonging to a siege, obsidionalis 

A sieve, eribrum 

Belonging to a sieve, cribrarins 

To sift, cemo, cribro ; (out a 

matter), exquixo, perrestigo, 

Sifted (out), pateftctits, retec- 

ttts ; (as meal), cribratus 
A sifting (of meal), cribratio ; 

{or searching). scnUatio 
Siftings, recrementum 
A si^h, snspirium. gemitiu 
To sigh, suspiro. gemo 
A sighing, suspiratio 
A sight (shew), sped 
The sight, visus, aspectus, con- 

rstus, obtutoa; {or &culty 
seeing), facnltas ridendi; 
(in a cross-bow), scutula; (of 
the eye), oculi aciea 
At first sight, primi facie 
To come in sight, appareo 
Dimness of sight, caligatio 
Dim sig^hted, luscus, caligans 
Quick- sighted, bend oculatus 
Sharp-lighted, perspieax, sagax 
Sightless, c»cus, lumine captna 
Sightly, spectabUis, speciosus 
A sign (token), insigne, signum, 
nota,indidum; (footstep), ves- 
tigium; (presage), pnesagium, 
(manual), chirographum ; (at a 
house), signum. insigne 
To sirn, signo. obsig^o 
SigntU, notabilia, clams, insignia 
A signal, signum, symbolom 
To signaUce, insignio, re gestA 

clarum reddere 
Signnlly, insipnithT, eximi* 
A ■ ki^iJ 111 urr. «i n i-..'i ' lira ; (in print- 

in^], tucnh 4^'k:,''<iiK index 
Si^rir'l, 4i^iia(ii>, vonaignatua 
A ^Lj^Mj^r, fii|;njitur 
A --v^init, flinfiUam 
Si}:iiiEii:snry -tuirnaing), sensna, 
fii^tii fieftl! irt ; , \> 1 rce, or weight), 
vi«, inai9i'L''DtruiJ, pondus 
Si^^ifitADt (ilr.'Li4>ting), signifi- 
ciLns,deaotiia*k«xprimens ; (of 
great force), magni momenti 
Significantly, clari^ plan6 
A signification {or showing), sig- 
niticatio ; {or sense of a word), 
sensns, vis, gestae, notio 
Significative, significativus 
To signify (mean), valeo, signi- 
fico; (declare), denuncio^ de- 
claro, notifico^ denoto; (pre- 
sage), pnedico, portendo 
A signi^ing, significatio, signifi- 

catus, prcdictio 
Signiifjring, sig^ificans. declarans 
A signing, signatio. obsignatio 
Silence, silentium. tadturnitaa; 

(secrecy), reticentia 
To silence, os obstruere 
To break silence, profari 
To keep silence, sileo, taceo 
Silenced, cui os obstruitur 
A silencing, oris obstructio 
Silent, silens, taeitus, tacitumns 
To become silent, obticeo, eon- 

Silently, tadti, silentto 
Silk.'sericum, bombyx 
Silk, sericus, bombycintu ; 

(throughout), holosericns 
Of silk, sericus 
Covered with silk, sericatus 
A silkman, sericariua; (ahop). 

bombyciai operia offieina ; 
(weaver), series textor ; 
(worm), bombyx 
Silkv, mollis. flexiUs 
A sill, limen 
A sillabub, oxygala 
Sillily, inepti, insnlsi, absurdi 
Silliness, ineptia. insulsitas 
Silly, vecors, ineptus ; (fellow), 
asinus ; (action), inepti factum 
Silvan, sUvosus 
Silver, argentum ; (quick), ar- 

l^entum rivum 
Ot silver, argentena 
Full of silver, argentosna 
To Jkilver, areenf obduecrc 
A silversmith, faher argentarins' 
Similar, similis. similaris 
A simile, eollatio, similitodo ; 

(example), exemplum 
A similitude (parable), parabola; 

(likeness), similitudo 
Simoniacal, simoniacua 
Simony, simonia . 
A simper, risus levia 
To simper, subrideo, arrideo 
Simple (unmixed), simplex, me- 
rus, purus ; (single, alone), uni- 
ens, solus ; (harmless), in- 
noxius, innocens, innocuus ; 
•(plain without ornament), sim* 
plex, inomatus; (sincere, ho- 
nest), simplex, integer. probus» 
sincerus ; (silly), ineptus, insi- 
piens, fatuus, insulsns; (fel- 
low), homo crassi ingenii ; (tri- 
fiing), frivolus, vilis, levis 
Simplenesa, or simplidty, sim* 
plicitaa, sincerius; (in under- 
standing), insipientia. stultitia 
A simpler, or simplist, artis bo- 

unics peritus 
A simpleton, fatuns 
Simply, simplicitir, sinceri ; 
(without ornament), nullo or- 
natu ; (in irit), inepti, insi< 
Simulation, simulatio 
Sin, peccatum. delictum [\Kn 
A sin-offering, sacrificium piacu- 
To sin, pecco, delinqno 
Since (seeing that), ciim. (^oitm, 
quand6, quiit, quandoqmdim, 
siquidim.quouiiLm; (from that 
time), postqutoi, ciiic, qn6d; 
(before that time), anti, ab- 
Ever since, jam indi [dim 

Long since, jamduddm, jampri- 
Not long since, nupir, non pri- 

How long since ? qnion pridtak ? 
Sincere, sincerus. integer 
Sincerely, sinceri, simplidtir 
Sincerity, sinceritaa 
A sinew, nervus 
Sinewy, nervosus 
Sinful, iropius, fiagitiosus 
Sinfully, impii, flagitiosi 
Sinfulness, impietas, scelus 
To sing, cano, psallo, canto, de- 
canto, modulor; (ballads), in 
triviis disperdere carmen ; (be- 
fore), pnecino; (between), in- 
tercino ; (as a nurse), lallo ; 
(treble), medio sono modulari; 
(often), cantito ; (in parts), 
concino; (to a harp), sucdno 
To singe, ustnlo, amburo 
A singer, cantor, cantator 
A singing, cantioiharmonia; (to- 
gether), cuncentus ; (place), 
odeum ; (school), scola musi- 
ca ; ( boy s ) , poeri symphoniaci ; 
(man), cantator, cantor; (wo> 

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iBaB),cuitatrixi (iBMter),ma- 
•ioM profeMor 

6iovle,nnfiilarM,nmciu; (heart- 
ed), intncer, proboi 

A lingle Ufe, CKlibatus; (per- 
■ob), celebs 

To dngle out. leligo, exoerpo 

BingleneM, simplicitai, intefritu 

Singly, ■incfulatlm. tiogiUatlni 

Bingalar (beloofcing to one only), 
unicns, simplex, siogularis ; 
(particular), pecoliaris ; (rare, 
excellent), clams, ^regius, ex- 
imius, prvstans; (oda, or af- 
fecting singularity), icommoni 

Singularitv, nngularita% affeeta- 
tio, iusolentia 

Sin|rnlarly, singnlaritftr. oniei 

Sinister (iinlucky), sinister, niali 
ominis ; (unlawful, uigust), 
malerolus, iniquos, iigustus 

To dok, sido, desido, consido, 
■ubsido, labo; (in courage), ani- 
mo labare; (one's spiriu), de- 
treoto ; (a ship), narera demer^ 
gere; (under its own weight), 
mole su4 mere ; (credit), fidem 
imminuerej (a well), puteum 
fodere; (principal money), sor- 
temalienare; (or waste by siok- 
ness), contabesco; {or pene- 
trate into), penetro 

A sink, aentiua, latrina, cloaca ; 
(hole), ostium cloacale 

Sinking (down), subsideni. reai- 
dens; (in), imbibens 

Knking paper, charta bibnla 

A sinking in fortune, fort una in- 
clinata, opes pent exhanstc 

The sinking of ground, labes agri 

Sinless, innocens, seeleris pnrus 

A sinner, peccator, peccatni 

A sip, or sipping, sorbitio 

To sip, sorbulo, gusto 

A dppet, panis quadra 

8ir,aomine; (signifyingaknight), 
e^ues, miles 

A spe, pater, genitor 

A siren, siren 

A simame, nomen pateroum 

A sister, soror, germana 

Of a sister, sororius [tium 

A sisterhood, feminamm sodali- 

To sit, sedeo; (at table), accum- 
bo ; (by), accubo, assideo ; 
(crosslegged), coxim sedere ; 
(down), decumbo, oonsideo ; 
(down before a town), obsideo ; 
(or cleave fiut), adhcreo ; (close 
to work), open diligentto in- 
enmbere; (as a hen), ovis in- 
eabare; (in the sun), apricor; 
(still), qniesco, nihil agere; 
(round), circamsideo; (toge- 
ther), consideo ; (up), erigo ; 
(up, or watch), rigilo ; (upon), 

A rite (sUoation), ritus 

Sitting, sodens, aecnmbeas; (as 
a garment), aputus 

A sTtting, lessio; (at table), ac- 
enbatio; (asahen),incabatio; 
(by), assessio; (as a commis- 
rioner), eonsesrio 

Belonging to rittiag, seasilia 

Situate. Situated, situs, positns 

To b« ritnate near, adjaceo 

A situation, situs, positio 

Six. sex. seni 

Six at cards, or dice, aenio 

Six times, sexite 

Of six. senarias 

Sixfold, sextuplns 

Six yean, sexenniom 

The sixth, aextos 

The sixth time, sexttim 

A sixth part, sextana [deeite 

Sixteen, sexdedm ; (times), sex- 

The sixteenth, deeimos sextus 

Sixt^, sexaginta, sexageni 

Of sixtj, sexaginariua 

Sixty times, sexagite 

The sixtieth, sexagerimos 

Six hundred, sexeenti; (Umcs), 

The six hundredth, sexcentesi- 

Sise, moles, modus, mensnra, 

magnitudo; (used by plais- 

terers), f^nten i oorio fisctum ; 

(to gild with), chrysocolla 
To size (measure), metior, ad- 

Sizeable, just* molis 
A siier (servitor), batalariua 
SixT, irlutinosns 
A skain, glomus fill 
A skate (scate), squ 
A skeleton, sceletos; (one very 

lean, or thin), admodiun mad- 

A sketch, lineatio, adumbratio 
To sketch out, delineo, adnmbro 
To skewer, festuds ooUigcre 

Asking scapha 
SkUl, peritia. n 
SkiUU, Skilled, peritns,>xpertns; 


(in the law), juris poritus 
To be skilfal. ealleo, mtelligo 
Skilfully, periti, erudite, caTUdi 
To skim, despumo; (milk), cre- 
morem eximere ; {or pass over 
liahtly), levitir perstnngere 
A skin, pellis, cutis; (little), cu- 
ticula; (of a beaat), corium, 
tergus; (of parchment), scheda 
pergamenae; (husk), sUiqua 
Between the akin and flesh, in- 

Having a thick skin, caUosoa 

Of the akin, cnticularia 

To skin {or take the akin off)* 

de^Iubo. pellem exnere 
A skinker, a poculis, pincema 
A skinner, pellio; (-'a trade), ars 

Skinny, madlentoa 
A skip {or jump),saltiu; (jack), 

ardelio, homoncnlua 
To akip, aalto, salio ; (back), 

rcsilio ; (before), pneanlto ; 

(often), aaitito; (over), trans- 

Uio; (over, or omit), pneter- 

mitto. omittok prctereo ; (out), 

A skipper (jumper), saltator; 

(DutcA ship) , navis HoUandica ; 

(master of a ahip), nauderua 
Skippin|r, saltans, saltabundus 
A skipping, saltatns, saltatio 
By akips, per saltus 
Of skipping, saltatorins 
A sldnnish, velitatio 
To skirmish, velitor 
Of a skirmidi, velitaria 
A skirmisher, veles, exeuisor 
A skirmishing, velitatio 
A skirt, fimbria, ora, limbus; (of 

a country), oonfinium, limes 
Skittish (humoursome, wanton), 

petttlans, protervus, levis, in- 

conatans, procax, lasciviens ; 

(horse), equus pavidua 
A akittish humour, protervitaa 
Skittishly, exulUm 
Skittishneas, protervitaa, levitas 
A skreaking of a aaw, stridor 
To skream out, exdamo 
A skreamiag out, exdamatio 

A skreea. umbraeulum; (naedby 
briddayov, Ac), cribEBm 

To skreen. tego, cribro 

The sky, sther, Kthra, caelum 

Of the dcy, sthereua 

Skyeolonred. caeruleus 

A slab (puddle), lacuna ; (of tim- 
ber), aaoer exteraus; (marbU 
hearth), marmor foearium 

To slabber, madefado; (drivel), 

Slabbered, madefiactua [team 
A slabbering bib, pectorale lio- 
Slabby, madidus, eoenosus 
To slack, or alacken, laxo, re- 

mitto; (one'e pace), gradam 

minuere; (be8laokened),laxor, 

remittor; (flag), langueob ta^ 

Slack, laxua, remiasns, lentas; 

(careless), remissus, n^ligeas; 

(slow), segnis, tardua 
A Blackening^, luatio 
Slackly, remiss^ perAuictorik 
Slackness, tarditas, mora 
Slain, cxaus, ocdsoa 
To slake (quench), exttngnOkSedo; 

(lime), caloem aquA maoersre; 

(hunger), famem explere,orsS' 

tiare; (thirst), utim sedare 
Slaked (as lime). aquA aaacaatu 
Slander, calumnia 
To slander, ealumnior, detrceto 
Slandered, infematus 
A slanderer, calumniator 
A alandering, calumniatio 
Slanderous, maledicus, ealnmaio- 

sua; (words), convida 
Slanderouaty, maledie^ ealnin- 

Slank, gradUs, gimdleataa 
Slant, ooliquus 
Slantly, obfiqo^ transversA 
A slap (blew), colaphu^ ietui^ 

plaga; (on the fece), alapa 
To slap, verbero, percutio, cado; 

(up. or devour), devoro; («r 

catch up greedily), capto; 

(slop), madeudo 
Slapt, Slapped, ictus, percnasas 
A slash (cut), CKsura; (blow). 

ictus; (wound), vnlnua 
To slash, CKdo, conddo; (or hot 

with a whip), flagro 
Slashed, pereussus, OBsaa, wl- 

A slaahing, pereuario, vulneiatio 
A slate, tegula; (for cypheriDgii 

To slate, tegulis obtegeie 
Slated, tegulia eonstratoa 
A slater, scandolarius 
A slattern, mulier improvida 
A slave, veraa, servua 
To be a slave, mandpor ; (to pu- 

sion), eupiditatibuB servira 
To make one a slave, in aei f its - 

temdare [lid»no 

To slave, labocando aa Catifite 
Slaver (drivel), aaliva 
To slaver, salivam emittne 
A slavering, saliva emisrio | 

Slavering, Ineptus, insnlsua 
Slavery, sarvitinm, servitna ; (hoi 

labour), labor gravis 
Slavish, vemilis, aervilis; (Ut> 

rious), fatigans. crodaas 
Slavishly, servilitir, abject* 
Slavishness (bondage), servittfi 

(laboriousnesa), laboria asmdi* 

Slaughter, ccdea, dadea, Mn^a, 

oedsio; (general), intemeeiot 

(man), homiddiam ; {hvuth 

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To alaiiffliter (slay). 

A slay (for weaven), pecten 

To slay, macto, neco, trocido, oc> 

ddo, interfido, interimo 
A alayer. interfector. interemptor 
A man-slayer, homicida 
Slaying, mactans, tmcidana 
A alaying, cedes, interemptio 
A aledre, traba ; (hammer), mal- 
leus terreus m^jor 
Sleek, politus, Uevis, plaans ; 

(stone), lapis laeri^tonna 
To sleek, laevigo, polio 
Sleeked. Icvigatns, politus 
A sleeking, laevigatio 
Sleekly, IteTi, polite 
Sleep, somnus, qaies 
To sleep, dormio 
To £b1I asleep, obdonmsco 
To go to sleep, dormitom se eon- 

To be half asleep, donnito ; (in a 
I sonsd sleep), altdm dormire 
I To sleep (in a whole skin), peri- 

cnhim eritare 
To sleep (away cares), somno cn- 

Tss pellere ; (one's self sober), 

crapnlamedormire; (apon),in- 

Causing sleep, soporifer 
Laid to sleep, sopitns 
A sleeper, dormitor 
Sleepily, somnicalost 
Sleepiness, somnolentia 

After sleeping, k m 

A sleeping-place, dormitorinm 

Sleepless, ezsomnis, vigil 

To be sleepy, dormito 

Sleepy, somnolentns, sopoms, 

soinniculosus, Tetemosas 
A sleepy disease, lethargus 
Sleet, nix tennis 
A sleieve, manica 
Bleered, manicatns 
SleevdeM (insignificant), fbtiUs, 

ineptns; adv. frustrti 
A deight (or knack), dezteritas, 

artiftciam ; (of band), prsstigia 
Blender, gracilis, tenuis, ezilis 
To make slender, attenuo 
Hade slender, attenuatus 
To grow slender, gracilesco 
Slender and tall, junceus 
Slenderly, tennit^r, exilitto 
Slendemess, gracilitas 
A slice (of bread, &c.)> ota\t ; (of 

any thing), assula.fragmentom; 

(to Uke meat up), spatha 
In slices, assulatim 
To slice, concido, seco 
A slicing, concisura 
I Slick, kevis. laevigatus 
I To slide, labor; (along), per- 
I labor; (away), elabor; (back), 

relabor; (by), prseterlabor; {or 

fsll down), deiabor; (in, or 

into), illabor; (over), trans- 

UboT't (to, or near), allabor; 

(on), perlabor 
Sliding, labens, lapsans 
A sliding, lapsus; (place), glades 

pedibus levigata 
Slwht (thin), leris, levidensis ; 

^mall, of no moment), fntilis, 

To sli^^ht, temno, contemuo, de- 

spicKHparrifacere; (or slumber 

over), perfunctorii agere 
To be slighted, contemner 
A slighter, contemptor 
A slighting, contemptns 
Slighting, contemnens, negligens 
Slightingly, Slightly, leritte, per- 

ranctori^ negligentir, con- 



Slightly, astute calUdft 

Slightness, tenuitas, leritas 

Blighty, leridensis 

Slim, gradlis. See Sltndtr 

Slime, hanxw viscidos 

Sliminess, Tiseontss 

Slimy, 'visddus, limosus 

To be slimy, lentesco 

Sliness, astutia, Tafrities 

A slin^, funda, catapulta, bsHsta ^ 
(stnng), scatale; (sUff), fan- 
dibolum; (for an arm), fascia, 

To sling, h fhndA jacnlari 

A slinirer, fiinditor ; (of stones), 

A slinging, jaculatio ft AindA 

Slink, abortinu 

To slink (away), claDcnliun sese 
subtrahere; (home), domi re- 
dire danculitm; (back), sese 
clam retrahere 

Slinking away, sese subdncens 

A slip (with the foot), lapsus; (of 
the tongue), lapsus ; (mistake), 
]— r^« r^nr >vin; (of yam), -r '.,i,aU piece), par- 
ttcnis, fmKTiii i-E: I um, frustum; 
[or Bprijj^ at n | jIh nl ] , surculus 

8Ii|iit'hc^j, ErrL'}fi]i]alu4! 

Full of itipi, I arcalciEos 

To iUp, labmr lApHv; [^r let slip), 
cuittio^ di»niitni, judetermitto; 
(q.^if{i!], ; i>wny,astime), 
blnburi, iTBnvH], sbeo, effluo; 
f,i,,«,,. 1^ ,.«.]ji, r.-"ii:irlo, decide; 
^.-,>j ^nvaiuly;, ^ubrepo, ir- 
repo; (into, put, or thrust), iro- 
mitto, insero; {or put off), 

A slipper, crepida, solea 

Slipperily, lubricft 

SlipperinesB, lubridtas, Inbrieum 

Slippery, lubricus, incertus; (de- 
ceitful), subdolns, Tcrsutus, va- 
fer; (difScult), difflcilis, peri- 
culosus; (tongue), loquax, fn- 

A slippery trick, dolus, fraos 

To make slippery, Inbrico 

Slipping, labens, lapsans ; (awav), 
elabens; (down), cadens, de- 
cidens; (in), irrepens; (over), 
omittens, pnetermittens ; (out), 
exddens, effluens 

A slipping, lapsus, lapsio ; (off of 
leaves), frondatio 

BUpt (slipped), dapsos 

A slit, fissura, crena 

To slit, flndo, difflndo 

That may be slit, fissilis 

A slitter, ftssor 

Slitting, ftndens, diffindens 

A slitting, fissio, fissura 

A slive, or sliver, segmen 

To slive, findo 

To slobber (slabber), madefado 

A sloe, prunum sylvestre 

A sloop, lembus 

To slop, msdefado 

A slop (trowser), subligar 

Slope, obliquus. transversns 

To slope, obli<^no 

Slopeness, obhquitas 

Sloping, obliquus 

Made sloping, oblit^uatus 

A sloping, obliquatio 

Slopingly, obliquft, tranivenft 

To slot, claudo 

Sloth, desidia. ignavia 

Slothful, desidiosns, piger, segnis 

To be slothful, desideo, torpeo 

Slothfully, deddios^ pigrft 

SlothfVilness, segnities, torpor 

A slouch, homo inurbanus 

A sloven, homo sordidns, squa- 

lidus, inficettts, spurcus, or 

Slovenliness, sordes, soualor 
Slovenly, sordidi, squsiidft 
A dough, lacuna futosa; (of a 

snake), anguis exuvis ; (of 

bears), ursarum turma 
Slow, piger, tardus, len^s ; (dull), 

hebes; (foored), tardigndus 
To be slow, pigreo, enactor ; (in 

one's motions), lenti agere 
To grow slow, pigreseo 
Slowly, tard«, lentft, pigrft 
Slowness, tarditas 
Atlug (snail),limax; (slow ship), 

navis tarda ; (bullet), glans 

plnmbea oblonga 
A sluggard, dormieator, piger 
Slng^sh, piger, segnis, ignavns 
To grow sluggish, segnesco 
Sluggishly, ignav«, pigr«, se^nitir 
Sluggishness, ignavia, deddia 
A sluice, objecMculum 
To sluice out water, emitto 
Sluicy, effusus 

A slumber, somnus levis, quies 
To slumber, dormito, obdormisco ; 

iover business), alicui rd in* 
A slumbering, dormiutio 
Slumbering, somniculosus 
A slur, labes, dedecus 
To slur, maculo, in<^uino, bedo 
A slurring, maculatio 
A slut, mulier squalida 
Sluttish, sordidns, squalidus 
To be duttish, sordeo, sordesco 
Sluttisbly. sordid^ saualidft 
Sluttishness, immunaitia 
Sly, vafer, astutus, subdolns 
A sly fellow, veterator 
Slyly. vafr£, astotft, subdolft 
Slyness, calliditas, astutia 
A smack (rdish), sapor; (of a 
whip), flagelli sonus ; (kiss), 
basium ; (small ship), lembus, 
narigiolum. See Smatek 
To smack (taste), gusto, degusto; 
{or savour of), sapio; {or sa- 
vour a little of)> subsipio; {or 
kiss), suarium premere; (one's 
lips),labiis strepitum edere; (a 
whip), insonare flagello 
A small number, paucitas 
Small, parvus, exignus, minatus; 
(slender), gradlis, exilis ; (in 
esteem), vifis, nullius moment! 
To be of small account, vilesco 
To make small, attenuo, diminuo 
A making small, attenuatio 
Made small, attenuatus, dimi- 

A small time, parumpir 
So small, tantulus; (how small), 
quantulus; (how small soever), 
Small arms, sclopeti 
Small craft, nariculn 
Small of the back, leg, fte^ pars 

gracilior dorsi, &c. 
Smaller, minor 
Smallest, minimus 
Smallness, exiguiUs; (dender- 

ness), gracilitas 
Smally. tenuitto 
Smart, dolor, cmdatui 
Smart (sharp), asper, acer; (in 
discourse), argutus, acutus, 
acer; (words), verba mordacia; 
(fight), acre certamen ; (pain), 
dolor vehemens, or gravis ; 
(pleader), vehemens orator ; 
(repartee), falsum dictum 

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To imttt, doleo 

To Buke to smart, crneio, ango, 
mordeo, aro, pungo 

Caoaing pain, craciant. pangena 

Sauurting. pleous dolure, asper 

A imartiug, cruciatus, dolor 

Smartly, argute, acerbi 

BmartneM (liTclineM), vigor, ▼!•, 
agilitas ; (sourneM), acritudo, 
acrimonia; (wittinesa), argntue, 
aagacitaa, acumen ingenii; (of 
pain), doloria Teberaentia 

A amatch (taate), aapor, gastna; 
(amall remaina), reliquiB 

A amatterer, aciolua, aemidoctna; 
(in grammar), g^mmatiata ; 
(in poetry), poStaater ; (in 
pbyaic), empiricua 

A amattering, leria acientia 

A amear, ungnen, denigratio 

To amear, illino, oblino, con- 
apureo, inquino ; (over), auper- 
hno; (under), subterlino 

A amearer, unctor 

A amearing, unctio, litura 

To smell, oleo, redoleo, anboleo ; 
{or smell to), odoror, olfiacio; 
(or caat a amdl), oleo 

A smell, odor; (sweet), fragran- 
tia; (ill), foBtor; (of meat, or 
proTisiona), nit or 

Sweet amelling, odoriferoa, odor- 
atna, odorua, jucundi olena 

A amelling, odoratio 

Tbe act of amelling. odoratna 

Smelling rank, olidoa, rancidos, 
fcetidua ; (out), odorana 

Smelt {or amelled out), odoratna 

To smelt ore, metalla cruda U- 

A smelt (fiab), apoa, violacea 

To amerk, arrideo 

Smerking, arridens 

A smile, risus lentna 

To amile, aubrideo ; (at), arrideo 

To amite, ferio, percutio 

A amiter, percuaaor 

A amiiing, percuasio 

A amith, fttber ferrarioa 

A amithy, ferramentorum fabrica 

Smiting, feriens, percutiena 

A nmock, aubucula feminarom 

Smoke, fiimua, vapor 

To amoke {or send forth amoke), 
famo, fumum emittere 

Cauaing amoke, fumificus 

Smoking, fumana 

A amokmg, fumigatio 

A amoking under, auffitns 

Smoky, fumoaua, fumidoa, fa* 
raeua, fumo infeatatua 

Smootk^ iKvia, cqnua; (table), 
menaa accurate laevigata ; 
(road), via plana ; (without 
hair), glaber, depilia; (atyle), 
oratio dulcis ; ( ton gued) , blan- 
diloquua ; (faced), comia, dulcia 

To smooth, laevigOk complano, 
polio; (the forehead), explico; 
(coax), blandior, demolceo 

A amootber, Icvigator 

A smoothing, iKvigatio 

Smoothly, pian^ dulci 

Smoothness, Ueritas; (of beha- 
viour), urbanitaa, comitaa 

Toamother (etifle), anffoco; (sup- 
press), sedo, eztinguo; (con- 
ceal), celo, reticeo 

A smothering, snffocatio 

Smouldering, fumoaus, suffocaos 

Smug, concmnua, nitidua 

To amug one'a aelf, ae concinne or- 

To amnggle, mercea aine portorii 
■olatione inveher* 


Smugly, eleganttr, nitidd 

Smugness, elegantia 

Smut, fuligo; (obaeenity), ob- 

To amut, fuligine iriquinare 
Smutted, fuligine iuquinatus 
A smuttiog, denigratio 
Smutty (obscene), obseoenus, fab- 

.A snack, pars, portio 
To go snacka, particepa ease 
A anaffle, frcm lupua 
Snaffled, lupatos 
A anag, nodus; (tooth), dena 

ultra cteteros prominena 
Snagged, Snaggy, nodosus 
A snul, testudo, cochlea 
Of a snail, teatudineua 
A snake, anguis, coluber ; (water), 

Of a snake, anguineus 
A snap (noise), crepitus; (mor- 

ael), fruatnlum; (aack), pera 

Toan^,crepitamedere; (break), 

firango, rumpo ; {or be broken), 

frangor, mmpor, diffringor; {or 

catch hold of)> rapio, corripio; 

(anub), irati corripere 
Snapping, frangena, mmpeni 
Saappiah. captioaua, mordax 
Snappiahly, moroa^ iracundi 
Snappiahneaa, mordacitaa 
A anare, laqueus, inaidin 
To anare, illaqueo, irretio 
A anaring, iUaqueatio 
To anarl (as a dog), ringo: (at), 

obloqnor; (throid, or silk), in- 

volvo, impedio 
A snarler, homo moroaus 
A snarling, rictus 
Snarling, ringens ; (at), morosus 
A snatch, morsiuncula; (and a- 

way), pneproperi 
To snatcb, rapio, corripio; (a- 

way), abripio^ surripio; (at), 

A snatcher, raptor, capUtor 
Snatching, rapax, rapidus 
A snatching, raptio, rapacitaa 
To aneak (creep), repo, aerpo, 

repto; (be aahamed), verecun- 

dor; (cringe to), aervUitte de- 

venerari; {or lurk aoout), la- 

teo, latito; (away), clanculhm 

ae aubducere 
Sneaking (creeping), repena ; 

(niggiffdly), parcua; (pitiful), 

abjectua, aordidua ; (fin), ignia 

Sneakingly (niggardly), parct ; 

(meanly), ahjecti, sordid^ 
Sneakingness (niggardliness), 

parsimonia ; (meanness), te- 

To sneer, irrideo, derideo 
Sneering, irridens, deridena 
A. aneerer, irrisor 
To sneexe, stemuo; (often), ster- 

A sneering, stemutamentum 
To sniff up, resorbeo, retrabo 
A snip {or part), secmeu; (na- 
tural mark), maciua; (snap), 

To snip, amputo; (off), prKcido, 

8n ipping off, prxeidens, decerpens 
Snippings. pnesegmina 
Snivel, mucus, atiria 
To anivel, mncum resorbere 
Snivelly, full of anivel, mucosas 
To snore, or snort, sterto 
A snoring, rhoncus 
Snorting (fearful), meticulosos 


A snout, rostram, nasna ; (of sa 
elephant), proboscis 

Snouted, rostratos 

Snow, nix ; (ball), globua nivalis 

To snow, ningo 

Snowy, niveus, nivalia 

Full of snow, nivoaus 

To snub (chide), inerepo, corri- 
pio; (curb), fraeno, reprimo 

Snubbed, correptus, finenatus 

Snubbing, increpana, finenans i 

Tbe snuff (or wick), myza; {for 
the nostrils), stemutamentum. 
pulvia sternutatorius 

To snuff (a candle), candelara 
emungere ; (with disdain), 
rhoncuco; (up thenose).auuri- 1 
bushaurire; (at), iraaeor; (at, 
or deapiae), contemno 

A snuffer, emunctor 

Snuffers, emunctorium 

A snufflng, emunctio i 

To snuffle, vocem ft nariboa jm- 

Snug (dose, secret), . 

canus ; (compact), nitidua, 
Snug. Snugly, adv. aecret6 
So, itit, aic, ad hunc moduB^ hoe 
paeto; (ao much), ade6. iti, 
perindi, tantoperft; (ao that), 
dum, dummodb. modd, iti, si, 
ai tantum ; (ao then), quamob- 
rim,'quaproptir, quart, quocir- 
e4; (nur), e6, eatenfta, qa6d ; 
{tu from), ade6 non, ut— ita 
non, ut — tantum abeat, ut — noa 
mod5, ne— nediim ; (far at), 
quod, quoid, quantiun; {(u 
off), tarn prociil, tarn long^; 
(great), tantua, tarn magiina; 
(Uttle), tantulua. tantillus, tarn 

parvua ; (long), 

dih ; (long aa), dum, donee, u»- 

que dum. tamditi dum. tamdift 1 

quam, dih, quo&d ; (much), 

tantum; (much, t^n.), tam; 

(many), tot; (often), totite; 

(ao), mediocritir ; (ao, in 

health), meliuaculft 
Just ao many, totidftm 
Why ao 7 quamobrftm 
And ao forth, et aic de ceteris 
To aoak, macero; (in or up), im- 

bibo; (through), permano 
Snap, aapo 
To aoar, volo 
To aob, aingultio 
A aob, or aoobing, singaltas 
Sober, sobrius, temperatua; (of 

sober conversation), probismo* 

To sober, sobrium reddere 
Soberly, sobrit, moderate 
Soberness, Sobriety, sobrietM 
Soccage, aoccagium 
Sociable, Sodal, aocialia, aociabi* 

lia; (not), inaoeiabiUs 
Sodablenesa, aodalitas 
Sociably, aocialitto 
Society, aocietaa, oinmnoitaiiiO' 

dalitaa, conaociatio 
A aock, pedale, udo ; (used by 

comedians), socoos 
Wearing socks, soecatna 
Tbe socTcet of a candlestick, sea- 
pus; (of a tooth), loeulamen- 

Sod, Sodden, lixatus, coctaa 
Half-sodden, semicoetas 
A sod, cespes 
Soder, ferrumen 
A Sodomite, psdicator 
Sodomy, p»ierastia 
Soft, moms, tener, lentas{ (siUy). 

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ineptaa, stapidu ; (footed), 
mimpeii; (pace), gndos, lea- 
tas, or auspenaiu; (Toiee), voK 
RoftUh, molliiMciilaa 
To make aoft, or soften, emdlUo; 

(mitigate), mitigo 
To now soft, moUesco 
To be oolt, mollior 
Softish, ineptos, stupidus 
Softly (gently), lenitir; (effem- 
inately), muliebrittr, lastjivi ; 
(leisnrely), lentft ; (not too 
load), tobmissi, submissi Toce 
Softness, molUtia, moUities, leni- 

tas, teneritas 
A BoU, solnm, fandns; (native), 
patna; (filth), sordes; (com- 
post), stercus, Ictamen 
To soil, inqoino, eonsperao 
A soiling, iooninatio, sordes 
To aoyonm, diversor, eommoror 
A stgoomer, hospes, peregrinos. 

A sqKmniing, peregrinatio 
To soke^ macero; (op), imbibo, 
absorbeo; (throagh), pennano 
Soking, macerans, madefaciens 
Solace, eonsolatio, solatium, lera- 

To solae^ consolor; (one's self), 
obicetafe sese; (in the sun), 

Solar, solaria 

A solar, solarium 

To be sold, Teneo, vendor 

Solder, femunen 

To solder, femunino, eonglntino 

Asfrfderiug, conglutinatio; (iron), 
l^ans femiminatrix 

A soldier, miles; (fellow), corn- 
miles, commilito ; (old), miles 
▼eteranns ; (common), miles 
gregarius ; (discbai^edforage), 
miles emeritus 

A B<ddier's boy, liza, calo 

Of a soldier, militaris 

Like a soldier, bellicose fortitto 

The soldiery, militia, copic mili- 

Sole (alone), solus, solitarins 

The sole (of the foot), planta pe- 
dis ; (of a shoe), solea, aasu- 

To sole, ealceo assumentumindu- 

A sole (fish), solea 
A stdeasm, lolcecismns 
Soldy, soltun, solummodd 
Sdely and wholly, ex aase 
Solemn, solemnis, festis : (au- 
thentic), ratus, comprobatus; 
(sacred), sacer 
Solemnity, solennitas, rittu so- 

To solemnise, celebro 
A scdemnixing, celebratio 
Solemnljr, solennitir, aanctft 
To aoUeit, eolicito, inatigo; (sup- 
plies), flagitare subsidia 
A soliciting, solicitatio 
Solicitation, solicitatio, impulsus 
A solicitor, solicitator; (in law), 

Bolicitous, solicitus, anzius 
Solicitude, soUcitudo, anzietas 
Solid, solidus, subilia, firmus, 

To make solid, solido 
Solidity, soliditas, firmitas 
SoUdIv, solidi, firm« 
A soliloquy, soliloquium 
Solitary, solitarins, soliu, secie- 
tus; (melancholy), tristiSfUMes. 

MUarily, privatim. secret6 

Solitariness, Stditnde, solitndo 

The solstice, scrfstitinm 

Of the scdstice, solatitialis 

Solvable, par si^Tendo 

Soluble, dissolnbilis 

To solve, solvo, enodo, ezplico 

A solution, er solring, aolutio ; (of 
a question), enodatio 

Some, quidam, aliquis, nonnul- 
Ins ; (body), aliqui^ aliqnis- 
quam ; (one), unuaquiaqoam 

Somewhat, aliijuantft, aliqoantn- 
Ihm, nonnihil ; (aometimea), 
aliquandft, quaudOque, inter- 
dum; (aomewhile),aliquandi(t; 
(aoroewhere, er whither), ali- 
eubl, uapiiun; (at some other 
time, or m someother manner), 
aliAs ; (in some sort), quodam- 

Somnifierous, somniflcns 

A son, Alius, natas ; (in law), ge- 
ner; (atep-aon), privignus 

Sonship, flliatio 

A song, cantilena, cantieimi, ean- 
tio, carmen 

For a song (cheap), vili 

A soogster, cantor, cantator 

A songstreaa, cantatriz 

A aonnet, ode, cantiuncula 

Soon. cit6. BUtlm. iUio6 

Soon after, paul6 pdat 

Very soon, eztempl6 

Too soon, prcroaturi 

As soon aa, qoamprimtim, simhl 

ae, aimtd atqoi; (as soon as 

ever), ciun primitm 
Sooner, citiha, matorihs 
At soonest, quiuoa citissimft 
Soot, ftiligo 

Belonging to soot, fuligineua 
Soot-coloured, leucophus 
Sooty, fuliginosus, fumoaus 
In sooth, ver^ certd ; (forsooth), 

san^ profect6 
To sooth, blandior, adulor, per- 

A soother, assenUtor 
Soothinp;, blandiens, permidcens 
A soothing, aaaeotatio 
A soothsayer, augur, aruspez 
To soothsay, auguror, ommor 
A soothsaying, augurium 
A sop, offa, offnla 
To sop, intingo 
Sope, sapo, smegna ; (boiler), sa- 

ponis confector 
Or sope, smegmaticus 
To sope, sapone oblinere 
Soped, smegmate oblitus 
A sophism, sophisma 
A so]^hist, sophiata 
Sophiatical, aophisticus, ftJlaz, 

To sophisticate, adnltero, com- 

misceo ; (waste), conaumo 
Sophisticated, adnlteratus, dis- 

A sophisticating or sophistica- 
tion, rerum diversamm mixtura 
Sophistry, cavillatio captiosa 
Soporiferous, soporus 
Sopped, Sopt, intinctus 
A sorcerer, veneficus 
A sorceress, venefica, saga 
Sorcery, veneficium 
Sordid (covetous), sordidns, ava- 

ms; (in apparel), sordidatus, 

pannosus; (base), infiunis, foe- 

dus, turpis, fsroosus 
Sordidly, sordid*, feed* 
Sordidness, sordes, avaritia 
Sot^ asper, gravis, durus, mdes- 

tus, vdiemens; (as fiesh), te- 
nor; (grievous), atros 

A sore, luciu 

Tt> make sor^ exulcero 

Made sore, exulcnmtus 

Sore, Sorely, rrarit^r, vehemcntto 

Soreness, exmoeratio 

Sorrel, oxalis 

Sorrel-coloured, bdvinus 

Sorrily, roali, miaeri 

Sorrow, dolor, moeror, tristitia 

To sorrow, doleo, mcereo 

Sorrowful, tiistis, moestus, luc- 

Sorrowfully, vgri, moratd 

Sorry (sorrowful), tristis, mce- 
stus, lugubris, luctuosus ; (pal- 
try, vile), vilis, nihili; (fellow), 

To make sornr, contristo 

To be sorry, ooleo, mcereo 

A sort (manner), mos, modus; 
(kind), genus 

Common sort of people, plebs ; 
(better sort of), honesti, inge- 

After a sort, quodammodb ; ( a new 
sort), novo modo; (this sort), 
htyusmodi; (that sort), cgus- 
modi ; (the same sort), itidim ; 
(what sort 7) quomodo? quo 

In like sort, paritte, eodem mo- 
do: (such sort), usqui ade6 

Of all sorts, omuium generum, 
omnigenus ; (the first sort), pri- 
marius; (the second sort), se- 
eundarius; (what sort?), cti()us- 
modi r qualis r (what sort 
soever), qualiscunque ; (this 
sort), hujusmodi; (that sort), 

To sort, distribuo, apt* digerere ; 

ivr be suitable to), accommo- 
or; {or come together), con- 

A sorting, apta coUocatio 

A sot, ebriostts : (fool), stultiu 

To sot, sese inebriare 

Sottish, ebriosus, fstuiu 

Sottishly, ebriosi, stnlt« 

Sottishness, ebrietas, stultitia 

Souce (pickle), aalaugo 

To souce (pickle), murifi con- 
dire ; (plunge), irainergo ; 
(box), colaphum impingere 

Souced, muriA maceratus ; (with 
rain), pluviA obrutus 

Sovereign, supremus, maximus; 
(most efficacious), efflcacissi- 

A sovereign, dominus supremus 

Sovereigiiiy, supremo jure 

Sovereignty, principatos, supre- 
ma potestas, or doroinatio 

The soul, anima, animus; (per- 
son), homo 

Souls, manes, imibne 

A sound, sonus sonitus; (noise), 
strepittu, crepitus, fragor; (of 
a trumpet), cLsogor 

Sound (entire), integer, since- 
rus ; (healthy, strong), validus, 
sanus, robustua; (valid), fir- 
mus, ratus; (in judgment), sa- 
gax; (in faith), orthodoxus ; 
(in principles), probns; (and 
safe), incolumis ; (of mind), 
mentis compos 

To sound [fir yield a sound). Bo- 
no, strepo; [or blow an instru- 
ment), buccinam inflare; (an 
alarm), dassieum canere ; (a 
bell), tintinnabulum polsare; 
(amarch),va9acondlamare; (a 
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- - , 6; (a 

word ),proaaDcio; (the depth ) , 
profundiutem explorare; (ooe'i 
intention), animnm pencru* 

The eound-board, pinax ; (hole of 
a Tiol), chel^os rima 

To make sound, consolido 

To KTow soond, ftoUdesco, con- 

To be euood, valeo, vigeo 

Sounded (as an instrument), in> 
flatus ; (forth, or praiaed), lau- 

Sounding, aonanstresonans; (ill), 
dissonns; (shrill), sonorus, ar- 

A sounding-lead, bolis 

Soundly, solids, tirmitir, sanfc, 
acritfer, vehementir, Talidt 

Soundness, solidilas, linnitas ; 
(of body), sanitas, vigor 

Soup, decoctum, sorbilTum 

A source, origo, font 

Sour, acerbus, addns, asper, aus- 
terus, immitis; (in looks), tor- 
tus, tetrictts; (in temper), mo- 

Soomesa. acor, acerbitas. asperi- 
tas; (of look), torritas, tetri- 
cttas [pert 

Sonrly, torri, morosi, acerbt, as- 

To become sour, acesoo 

To sour (vex), ezaspero^ exacerbo 

Soured (vexed), exaaperatus 

Sous^ salsugo. 

The south, auster, meridiei ; 
(wind), auster, notua ; (east 
wind),euronotus; (west wind), 

Sotttbem, australis, meridionalis 

Southward, meridiem Tersua 

A southing, meridiatio 

A sow, BUS 

Sow, of a sow, suillos 

To sow (seed), sero, semino, con- 
aero; (between), intersero; (up 
and down), spargo, dissemino; 
(round), circumsero 

A sower, sator, seminator 

A sowing, satio, semiuatio 

Of sowing, sem i nal i a 

Sowing-tune, sementia 

A space, spatium ; (of time, or 

1>lace), ratercapedo, interval- 
um, interstitium ; (or term of 
life), vitte curriculum; (or tract 
of land), tractns ; (between pU. 
lars), intercolumnium 

Spacious, spatiostts, amplna, dif- 
fnsus, patens 

Spaciously, spatioai, ampU 

Spaciousness, amplitudo 

A spade (tool), %o; (in cards), 

A span, palmus, spithama 

Of a span, palmans 

To spane (wean), ablacto 

A spangle, bractea, bracteola 

A spaniel, canis Hispanicua 

The Spanish fly, cantharis 

Spanking, magnus, robiutua 

Spar, Uqpis selenites 

A spar (or bar), obex.vectis; (of 
a gate), asaiila spicata 

To spar, obdo 

A sparable, davulna 

Spare (lean, thin), maoer, graci- 
lis, macilentus ; (horse), equus 
desnltorios; (money), pecunia 
residua; (time), bora aubae- 

To spare, parco, eomparoo ; (an 
hour), detrahere horam ; (a 
word),auscttltarepaaci8{ (for- 


give), oondono, remitto; (£k- 
TOUr), fsveo, indulgeo 

Spare, or sparing, tnmt. parsimo- 
nia, frngalitaa ; adj. pareus, 
teaax [vatio 

A sparing (laying up), conser- 

To be sparing, parco 

Sparingly, parci, restricts 

Sparingnesa, parsimonia 

A apark (of lire), scintilla; (lo- 
ver), procusy amasitts ; (beau), 
homo bellus 

Sparkish, nitidi vestitus 

To sparkle, scintillo; (glitter), 
fttlgeo, niteo, corusco ; (as 
wine), Bubfilio 

A sparkling, scintillatio; (or glit- 
tering), coruBcatio, nitor, fnl- 

Sparkling, scintillana, conucos 

A sparrow, passer 

A sparrow-hawk. frigiUarina 

A spasm, spasmus 

To spatter, conspergo, inquioo; 
(defisme). calnmnior 

Spatterdashes, peronea 

A spattle, spathnla 

Having the spavin, suffiraginosna 

To apawl, spuo, spnto 

A spawler. sputator 

Spawn, ova, semina 

To spawn, genero, procreo 

A spawning, general io 

To speak, ^nor, dico ; (aloud), 
eloquor ; (against), obloquor, 
contradico; (at random), gar- 
rio, e£Fotio ; (before), prolo- 
quor; (big), jactantia verba 
proferre ; (briefly), perstringo; 
(evil of), maledico, calumnior ; 
(well off), collaudo; (face to 
face), in os dicere; (for), in- 
tercede; (merrily), jocor; (of), 
tracto, memoro; (often), dic- 
tito; (out), eloquor; (to a per- 
son), alloquor, aliquem aiuri; 
(together), coUoquor 

A speaker, prolocutor, locutor; 
(of parliionent), senattka pneses 

Speakin|r, loquens, loquax 

A speaking, locutio, dictio ; (of), 
mentio, commemoratio ; (out), 
pronunciatio ; (to), alloquium ; 
(vrith), colloquium; (of evil), 
maledictum, convidum, calum- 

A spear, hasta, lancea; (a boar), 
venabnlum ; (an eel), fksdna, 
tridens ; (man), hastatus ; 
(staff), haatile 

Special (chie( particular), pne- 
cipuus, peculiaris, specialis ; 
(excellent), excellens, eximius* 
eminens, prKclarus, egregios 

Specially, speciality; (excellent- 
ly), excellentir, optima 

Speckdty, proprietaa ; (bond,) 

A species, species, soboles 

Sp«nflc Specifical, specialis, ain- 
gularis, apecificus 

Speciflcally, specialitir, speciflci 

Specification, designatio specialis 

Specified, notatns, enumeratua 

A specifying, singularium notatio 

To specify (mention), denoto, 
enumerok describo, detigno 

A specimen, specimen, exemplar 
" • ' idauaibilia 

A speck, macula, labes; (pimple), 

varus; (natural blemish). 
To apeckle, maculia variare 
A speckling, maculis notatio 
A spectacle, spectaculum 
Apidr of spectaeleii coDspicillum 


Aqiectator, spectator 
A spectre, spectrum, vianm 
To speculate, specnlor 
Speculation, contemplatio 
Speculative, eontemplativna 
A speculator, speculat<Nr 
The speech, sermo. vox 
A speech, oratio, concie 
To make a speech, concionor. 
concionem habere, verba faceie 
Fair speeches. blanditi« 
Iiofty Koeeches, superbiloqueatia 
Speechieas. mutus, ehnguis 
Speed, festinatio, expeditio; (suc- 
cess), successua 
Great speed, celeritas 
With all speed, citatlm 
To make speed, festino, propoo, 

accelero, mat.uro 
To speed, fortuno, proqterok soc- 

cedo, procedo 
Done with speed, acoeleratoa, fes- 

Speedily, celeritir, festini 
Speedineas, celeritas 
Speedy, citus, expediius, propcros 
A spell, ineantamentum 
To spell, syllabaa connectere 
Spelling (art of). orthogrq»hia 
To spend, consumo, cxpcndo, 
impendo, inaumo ; (a day), 
diem prodncere; (one's life), 
ctatem conterere: (labour in 
vain), operam perdere 
A spendthrift, nepos, prodigns 
Spending, consumens, imp»dru 
A spending, consumptio: (lavish- 
ly), prodigalitaa, profoaiov ef- 
Sperm, sperma, semen 
Spermatic, ad sperma pertinens 
To spew, vomo. See Spue 
A Bpbere, sph«ra, globus 
Spherical, sphaericus. globosus 
Like a sphere, sphaeroldes 
Spherically, globi instar 
A sphinx, sphinx 
Spice, Spicery, aroma 
To spice, aromata inspcigera 
Spiced, aromatibus conditoa 
Tasting of apic^ Spicy, a«ws 

A spider, aranea; ('a web), an- 


A spigot, epistomium 

A spDce, dai ._ . 

(pointed iron, or wood), feiri, 

or ligni pars cuspidata 
To spike, or sharpen the end, ca*- 

pido, spioo ; [or nail i^), davit 

adactis obstruere 
Spikenard, nardua 
Oil of spike, nardum 
To spill, fUndo, effundo 
A spilling, fusio, eflfiisio 
^o spin, neo ; (as a top), in gy- 

rum versari ; (out, or proloag). 

protrabo, prodoco, traho; (of 

issue out), effluo, praailio 
Spinage, spinaoea 
SpinaC spinalis 
A spindle, fusns ; (of a whod, «r 

press), rotK axis; (newd),BCS- 

Spindle-shanks, crura exilia 

The Bpine. ■ 

A spinning, netio; (whed), gyr- 

A spinster, lanifica; (in law), it- 

mina innupta 
Spiny, spinoeua 
Spiral, ad spiram pertinena 
A spird hne^ line* in apinin 


Digitized by 





Awpbrt^jfifTamn', (of fcnM), spica 

To spire (aa corn), spico 

A apirit, aptritas, genius; (golH 

lin), larva, spectrum 
The spirit, mens, anima; (con- 
rMpe), animns. virtus ; (wit), 
inoolea, iagenium ; (briskness), 
vigor, fdacritas; (of contradie* 
tioB, diseoDtent, or sedition), 
'With ^irit, solertir, ingenios^ 
To spirit up (encourage), ani- 
mo, instigo, hortor. stimulo; 
(away ehudren), iofsntes fur^ 
tim sAdoecre 
High-spirited, animosuB,sup«rbiu 
Low-spirited, animo fWictus 
DC ean -spirited, abjrctus, sordidus 
Public spirited, publics salntis 

Spiritaal, spiritnalis ; (incorpo- 
real), iucorporalis ; (devout), 
pina, religiosDS, sanctus; (be- 
longing to the church), eede- 
aiaatictts [cus 

Spiritnalitiea, reditos ecelesiasti- 
Spiritoally, spiritoalitto, pit. 

Spirit aims, apirituosns, ardens 

A spirt, impetus brevis 

To spirt ont, ezilio, ejido 

Spiaa, apisana, densas 

Spiadtode, spissitudo 

A spit, vera, obelus 

To spit (meat), vera transfigere; 
{•r apavl), spuo; (blood), san- 
goinem ezscreare ; (down), de- 
■pno; (ofteti), sputo; (out), 
ezpuo, exscreo; (at), inspuo, 
eonapnto ; (with retching), 

To be spit upon, inspnor 
Spite, Bpitefulnesi, malitia, ma- 

Tto spite, inrideo 
Spited, invisus 
Spitefal, invidiM, malitioans, ma- 

SpitcAUly, malitioe^ maligna 
A ipitter, spotator 
A spitting, spntatio^ ezpoitio 
Spittle, saliva, sputum 
Full of apittle, salivostu 
A spittle, noaocomium 
A splaah, luCi aspersio, or maenla 
To eplaah, couspurco, inquino 
Splaahed. luto aspersus 
A splaahing, Inti aspersio 
Splashy, humidus, stfuoaus 
Splay, distortus ; (footed), valgur 
To splay, Inxo, frango 
Splaying, Inxatio, iofractio 
The spleen, splen, lien ; (grudge), 

odium, livor, simultas 
Of the spleen, splenicns 
Spleenful, iracundns, morosus 
Splendent, splendens, nitens 
Splendid (bright), splendidus, ru* 
tilas, nitidus ; (roagnifioent), 
splendidus, illustris, magnin- 
cus, lautus, opipams 
Splendidly, splendidt, lantft 
Splendor (brightness), fUgor, 
nitor; (magnificence), splen- 
dor, lantitia, roagniftcentia 

To splice. 

To splice, partes inter se texere 
A splinter, fragmentum, assula 
To splinter (cut into pieces), in 

assolaa secare, difflndo 
To be splintered, diffindor 
To split (asunder), difflndo; (up- 
on a rock), in scopulum impin- 
g«re ; (sides vrith laughing), 

Splitting, difflndens 

Spoil, spolium, praeda, rapina ; 
(of wnr), innnuhiiF„ rvuviv 

To f \'n'i i >; I Li II r :> , v i [ ii *, ffxrra m jio, 
dt?prAvet ■ { |tlin acir r ) , cnnij^ikn, 
Spubin, dfrnhto, dcfHipulor ^Irl- 
piu; HJJsturhK cfiiatuj-bdri (in- 
tcrriiri'il. intiTiurhq 

A f|uiiL"r, ri>TTU |itnr, corTupLni, 
VtiiAiur i (ptaDdeier), prxdo. 
populator, prasdator, spoliMor, 

A spoiling (marring), corruptio, 
depravatio, ritiatio ; (of chil- 
dren), inepta lenitas ; (or plun- 
dering), vastatio, spoliation di- 

A spoke (of awheel), radius ; (de- 
lay), serupulas, mora 

Not to be spoken, tnrpe dietu 

Having spoken, locutus, fattia 

That may be spoken, eflkbilis 

A spokesman, orator; (a good 
spokesman), facilis ad dicen- 

A spondee, spondvua 

A spondyl, spoodylus 

A sponsor, or surety, sponsor; (in 
baptism), pater lustricus 

Spontaneity, voluntas spontanea 

Spontaneous, spontaneus 

Spontaneously, sponti, ultr6 

A spool, fusus 

To spoom, spumam excitare 

A spoon, or spoonful, cochlear 

Spoon-meat, cibaria liquida 

Sport ( play,pastime) , Indus, jocns, 
oblectamentum, delectamen- 
turn, oblectatio; (public shew), 
speetacnlnm, Indus 

To sport, ludo, jocor, joculor; 
(with others), colludo ; (trifle), 

In sport, jocoad, jper jocum 

Having sported, jocatus 

A sporter, ludio 

Sportful, Sportint^, 9|K>rtive,ludi- 
bundus, joculans, joculatorius 

Sporting (wantonly), lasciviens; 
(with religion), ludens cum sa- 

Sportin|(ly, ^ocularitdr, fiicett 

A sporting, jocatio 

A siportsman, venator 

A spot, macula, labes ; (natural 
blemish), nevus ; (of ground), 

To spot (stain), maculo, inquino; 
(speekle), maculis notare 

Spotless, immaculatus, innocens 

Spotted, maculatns; (spotted fe- 
ver), febris purpurea 

Spotty, maculosus 

Spousal, connubialia, maritalis 

Sponsals, sponsalia 

A spouse (hunband), maritus, 
sponsus; (wife), sponsa, uxor 

A spout, tubnlos, sipho ; (tor- 
rent), torrens, cataracta 

Spouts (drains, gutters), colli- 
qnic, coUicisB 

To spout, or flow out, effluo, ema- 
no ; (or pour out), effiindo, pro- 
fundo; (or pour dovm), denin- 
do; (or pour up), in sublime 

Spoatin|r out, proailiens 

A spouting (or issuing out), erup- 
tio; (or pouring out), effiisio 

A sprain, Inxatio 

To sprain, membnun luxaie 

A sprat, sardina 

To sprawl, humi prostratus Ja- 
cere, or repere 

To lay sprawling, pxostemo 

A spray, cremimn 

To spread (extend), pando, £&• 
pando, expando, extendo ; (run 
abroad), emsno, vi^or, discur- 
to, serpo; (scatter), dispergOb 
spargo; (a rumour), rumorem 
serere ; (a table), mensam in- 

AsfTiKiiIini;, di-irentio; (ofadis* 

t(r]i'fuirT I , [^inTii rsd^o, contagium 
Spr-'firlmir. --rri.^iis, diflundens 
As-' surcttlns 

Full uf spri^, >urcalosttS 
A snriirht, (ftr*^ iTMetnim 

Spi . riridua 

Spi I K ^t rli [iL'b.», [)^iLiLii», iJacritas 

A spring; tot Wntrrl. tcaturigOk 
ftth* J (par hpgr'nniTj^f), origo^ 
oi^u>; (of a [»srhii^r;, momen- 
tum; {of ■.clJonJ, niottkaprin- 
ciphum 1 jtidi'), fhn-i.'S 

FuU Hif tfrriEticfK frAmrii^inoBus 

Of a apriufi foDtsnus 

Th«! iiprLDg-i«ssoD, ver, tempus 

In the spring, vere, vemo tempore 
Early in the spring, primo vere 
Of the spring, vemus 
To spring (from a person, or 

thing), orior, enascor, gig^or ; 

(out, as liquors), effluo, scateo; 

(or bnd ont), germino, pullulo, 

gemmasco; (again), revireseo, 

Srallnlasoo; (leap), salio, pro- 
lo; (or leap suddenly upon), 
irruere in aliqnem ; (or leap 
into a place), in locum insilire; 
(a leak), rimas agere [tio 

The springing of trees, germiaa- 
Springinesa, ris resiliendi 
Sprin^ry, ri resUiendi praeditus 
A sprinkle, aspergillnm 
To sprinkle, spargo, baptiso ; 
(abroad), dispergo; (at, upon, 
or with), aspergo, conspergo^ in- 

sprinkling, sparrio; (upon, or 
with), aspersio, inspersio 

To sprout, pullulo, germino 

A sprout (young twig), surenlns 

Sprouts, eaules prototomi 

Sproutiup;, germinans 

A sprouting, germinatio 

Spruce, comptus, bellus ; (fid- 
low), homo concinnus, or ele- 

To be spmee, elegantte omaii 

Sprucely, nitidi, bell* 

Spruceness, concinnatus 

Sprung, ortus, enatus, editns 

A spud, cultellus 

To spue, vomo, evomo 

A spuer, vomitor 

Spuing[, vomitio, vomitna 

Of spuing, vomitorius 

Spume (scum), spuma 

Spumy, spumens, spumosiM 

Spun, netus 

Homespun (mean), inurbanui^ 
rusticus, incultus ; (cloth)» 
pannus domi netus 

A spunge, spongia 

To spunge, spongift extergere ; 
(in company), alieno sumptu 
edere, or potare 

A sponger, assecla 

Spnnging (upon), alieno sumptu 
vivens ; (houses), cauponB de- 
bitoribus comprehensis aecom- 
modatn [uovb 

A spunging ( cancelling), tabuhe 

Spunginess, spongiosa qualitas 

Spungy, spongiosus 

A spur, calcar. stimulus;' (en- 
ticement), illecebra, irritamen- 

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turn ; (of a ship), 

To spar (on), indto, stimalo ; 
(K«i1), calcaribiu saucuire 

Bporioat, spariua, adolterinus 

To ipuro, oUcitro, upemor 

A ipuroer, calcitro 

A iparning, calcitrato* 

A ipanrer, stimulator 

A spurriii|c stimulatio 

A spurt, impetus prxceps; (of 
wioe«>, Ktatos subitaneus 

To spurt, or cast out, cjicio, ez> 
puo; (out, as liquids), ezilio^ 
prosilio, eruropo, emico 

SputatioQ, sputandi actus 

A spatter, tumultus, turba 

To sputter, sputo 

A sp7, ezplorator, speculator 

To sp7 (watch, or obserre), ex* 
pkro, si>ecnlor, obserro; (see, 
or perceive), video, conspicio, 
cemo, percipio, intelligo, aaver> 
to^ animadverto 

A spying (beholdiog), conspec- 
tus, iotuitus; (a&r oflf)* pro- 

A squab (couch), grabatna; (pi- 
geon), pipio 

Squab, ac(|. obesns, pumilna 

To squabble, litigo 

A squabble, turba, altercatio 

Squabbling, rixosus 

A squadron, turnu; (of ships). 

In, or into squadrons, turmatlm 

Squalid, squalidus, spnrcus 

To squall, clamot vocifero ; (as a 

child), vasio, vagito 
SquaUin|r, clamans, vagitans 
A squalling, Tociferatio, exclama- 

tio, vagitus 
Sqtumous, squamosas, squameua 
To squander away, profundo, ef- 

ftindo, prodigo, dissipo 
A sqiunderer, nepos, nomo pro- 

fiuus, luzuriosus, or prodigus 
A squandering, profusion emwio^ 

Square, quadratus; (honest), ho- 

nestus, probus, integer 
A s()uare, quadra ; (tool), norma; 

(in checks), tessella ; (or cube|, 

cubus; (c^ glass), quadra n- 

Four- square, quadrarins 
To square, quadro; (rule, or go- 
vern), rego, dirigo; {_or agree 

with), congruo, convenio 
Upon the square, cquA condi- 

Out of square, enormis, abnormis 
A squaring, quadrature 
To squash (dash against), illido; 

(put an end to), finem impo- 

nere, coroprimo 
A squashing, iUisos, compreaaio 
Squat, brevis et compactus 
To tquat, succnmbo, recumbo 
Squatting down, succumbens 
To squawl, exdamo, vociferor; 

(as an infant), vagito 
Squawling, vagiens, vagitans 
To squealc, or squeal, argutd vo- 

ciferari, or stridere; (like a 

mouse), dintrio 
Squeakinp;, argutus, stridulua 
A squeaking, stridor 
Squeakinely, arguti stridens 
Squeamish, nauseans, £utidiosus 
To be S4^ueamish, nauseo, faatidio 
Squeamishly, fisstidiosi 
Squeamishness, nausea, fiastidium 
To squeese, premou eomprimo ; 

(out), exprimok tticto: (hard), 

perstringo, presso; (together), 
eomprimo, collido 
A squeeiing, pressio, preaaoim 

A squib, jpyrobolus 
A squill (sea-onion), squilla 
The squinsv, angina 
Squint-eyea. strabus; (look), as- 

pectus distortus, or obllquus 
To squint, limis spectare, or in- 

A squinting, oculOTom distortio 
A squire, armiger 
A squirrel, sciurus 
A squirt (syringe), ^rinx; (loose- 
ness), alvi proluvies; (mean 
person), homo nihili 
To squirt out, ejieio, exilio 
A stao, vulnus gladio, &c. factum 
To stab, confodto, punctlm petere 
A slabber, sicarius 
Stabiliment. stabiltmentum 
Subility, stabilitas, ftrmitas 
Suble, stabilis, firmus, constans 
A stable, stabulam, equile 
To stable, stabulo daudere 
Stableness (stability), stabilitas 
Stabling, atabulandi locua 
To stablish, stabilio, sando 
A stack (of hay, &c.), acervus, en- 
mulus, congeries, strues, meta; 
(of chimneys), series camino- 
A statf; baculns, bacillum ; (an 
augur'sstaff),lituus; (aplough- 
stdf), rulla; (of a spear), has- 
tile; (to walk with), sdpio 
A stag, cervus 

A stage, scena, theatrum; (for 
pageants), pMma; (play), fa- 
bula histrionaUa; (of a journey), 
sutio ; (of life), g^us vitB 
A clear stage, liber campus 
A stage-player, histrio, actor 
SUge-playing, histrionia 
Of the sti^ scenicus, histriona- 

lis, histnonicus 

An old stager, homo did versatus 

To stagger (red), titubo, vadllo; 

(doubt), dubito, fluctuo, hn- 

sito, hxreo; (make one doubt), 

Bcrupulum iiyicere 

Staggering (reeling), titubans, 

vadllans ; ( wavering) , fluctuans, 

dubitans, hcsitans; (affected). 

Staggeringly, dubii, incerti 

The 8tagg;era, vertigo 

Having the staggers, vertigine 

Stagnant, stagnans, stans 
To stagnate, stagno, sto 
Stagnation, motfts cessatio 
A suin, macula, labes ; (in repu- 
tation), dedecus, infamia, nota 
To stain (spot, or sully), maculo, 

contamino, inquino, polluo ; 

(discolour), decoloro ; (violate), 

violo. Isedo : (dye), tingo, inficio 
A stainer, infector. tinctor 
A paper-stainer, coloribus pin^ns 
,A stainini; (dyinj^), tinctura, tine- 

tus; (discolouring), decoloratio 
Stainless, purus, immaculatus 
A stair, gradus; (pair of stairs), 

The one pair of stairs {fiT story), 

tabulatum primum 
A stake (post), sudes, postis, pa- 

lus ; (to tie cattle to), vacerra; 

(at play), depositum. pignna 
To lie at stake, periditor 
To stake (lay stakes), depono^ 

Staler vetiu^ vetustos, tritos; 

(bread), panU dib 
(maid), virgo annosa; (anti- 
quated), obsoletus^ antiqnatna 
Stale, tirina, lotinm [leaeo 

To grow stale, invetcnaoo^ obio- 
Orown stale, obsoktns 
To stale (as a horse), mingo 
Staleuess, vettutas 
A stalk (of a plant), caulis, sea- 
pus; (of fruit), petiohu; (of 
onions, &c.), thalmo; (of com), 
stipula, culmus 
To stalk, pedetentlm ire, baeehor 
A stall (for cattle), stabuhim; 
(for horses). equile; (for oxen), 
bovile, bttbile ; (little shop), 
catasta, tabema minw; (seat 
in a choir), sella 
A head-stall, capistram 
To stall, stabulo, sagino 
Stallage, locarium 
A stalling, stabulatio 
A stallion, equns admisamos; 

(gallant), admiaaarius 
Stammelling, robustus et a|;restis 
To stammer, balbutio, luesno 
A stammerer, balbus, blssas 
Stammering, balbutiens. h«s i ta as 
A stammering, balbuties; (at), 

luesitantia. bcsitatio 
Stammeringly. hKsitantir 
A stamp (mark), nota, signvm; 
(made with the foot), vesti- 
gium: (to mark with), typos; 
(impression made), im p s e ssio; 
(cut, or print), tabula, flgan^ 
To stamp (kick), pedibnCs linire; 
(walk heavily), pedem supplo- 
dere ; (mark), noto^ signo; 
(6oin), nummum eudeie ; 
(pound, or bruise), contondo; 
(under foot), concnlco, pro- 
A stamping (with the feet), cal- 
catura, calcatus; (upon), eon- 
cnlcatio ; (marking), signatio 
Stanch, bonus, Annus, strcnuns 
To stanch (stop), sisto, supprimo 
Stanched, suppressus, restinetas 
A stanching, suppressio 
A stanchion, fulcrum 
Stanchness, bonitas, firmitaa 
A stand (stop), mora, interval- 
lum; (station), septum, statio; 
(doubt, suspense), diibitatiow 
luesiutio; (prop), fulcnun, ad- 
To stand, sto ; (still), sto, con- 
Bisto,snb»isto; (in one place), 
moror, commoror; (about), dr- 
cnmsto; (againat). reaiato. ob- 
nitor,oppugno; (aside), recedob 
secedo; tasunder), diato ; (by), 
asto, assisto; (by, or assist), 
defendo, tueor 
To be at a stand (doubt), hxreo^ 
luesito, dubito ; (as work), 
pendeo [redigere 

To put to a stand, ad angnstias 
To make a stand, gradom sisterc^ 

obviam ire 
A standard, vexiUnm; (bearer), 
vexillaritts, dgnifer; (in we^t 
and measures), norma publica; 
(pattern), exemplar, modulus 
A stander bv, astans 
Standers, arbores incKdnae 
A standing-place, statio 
Standing out, extaus, prominens; 
(resolute), pertinax, obstinatos 
A standinji (or time), tempua, 
Btas; (situation), pooitio; (of 
a short standing), aapte natus, 

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A ■tandiah, atnuncDUuiam 
A suusa, Mries, ordo 
A staple (Bart), emporium 
Staple commooiiics, mercee pri* 
mariK; (sUpleofalock),eavnm 
A star, stdla, aidiM, Mtrum ; (the 
day, or moratDg-ttar), yean*, 
phosphonis; (bluing-star), co- 
aoeta, etella erinita ; (dog-atar). 
■irius, canicnla; (the aeren 
■tan), vergtlue. pldadea; (io 
writiDg), aateriaeoa 
Full of atara, atellatoa 
The atar-chamber, eaoMfa atdlau 
Th^atarboard, dextra pan 
A etargaser, aatrologaa 
8tarlea», atne atellia, tenebroaua 
Stariiffht, aubloatria 
Staiiike, Uluatria, splendidiia 
Starch, amylnm: ( ready 

aqaylmn aqu4 dilaiom 

To attfch, amylo imboere 

Starched, amylo irobutaa; (af- 

ftcted), pataduf, homo affectatia 

moriboa. afSectatoa; (aproce), 

■undalna, nitidioaeolaa 

To ataxe, obtatn hcrere; {or look 

wildly), e£Ferato aapecta iota* 

eri; (about), oculoa Tolvere; 

(as hair), hotreo, iohorresco^ 


Scarins (rough), hirtna, horridua ; 
(wildly), efoatna, efferua i 
(hair), arrectc com« 
Staringly, ferodtir 
Stark, pcnitta, omninft; (blind), 

Starry, atellatna, aidereos 
A atak, aaltua, impetna, motna 
To Stan [or give a atart), trepido, 
sabailio, ezpaveaeo ; (back), 
nsilio^ (a hare), leporem ex- 
dtare; (a question), queatio* 
nem proponere ; (a point in 
law), qiueaiionero dc jure la- 
eere; («r mention flrat),infero; 
(an opinion), opinionem in- 
serre; (a difllcult^), aerupulnm 
iajicere; (or demte from). It 
pva^oaito abcrrare 
Startini^, or atartiah, meticuloana 
A starting-place, meta, repagula. 

To aurtle, trepido, ezpavetco; 
{or make one toatartle), territo, 
nee opinantem opprimere 

Startling; trepidana ; (making 
afraid), temtana, pavorem in- 

To atarve (with hunger), fame 
enecare ; (a town), oppidum 
Cuae premere ; (with cold). 
prae frigore horrfcre ; (a canae). 
canaam fraudare 

SUrring with hunger, famelicua 

A aute (condition), conditio, ata- 
tua, fortuna; (manner), ratio, 
inatitutnm; (degree, or rank), 
ordo; (chaige, or office), munuN 
dignitaa ; (gOTernment), reg- 
num, imperium. reapublica ; 
(aifaira), rea politicK; (ah^, 
magnificence), splendor, appa- 
ratna, pompa, magniticentia 

A atate-room, camera magniflca; 
(bed), leetua ad poropam or- 
natua; (houae), basilica 

Statea (nobility), procerea 

The atatea-general, ordinea pro- 
vineiarum foederatarum 

To atate (regulate), ordino, mo- 
deror, tempero, dispone, de- 
ilnio; (an account), rationea 
inter ae conferre; (a qaeation), 
queationem proponere 

To live in atate^ magnified vivere 
Statdiaeaa, magnificentia 
Stately, magniiicua, aplendidua, 
datna, anperbsa ; aA>. mag- 
nified aplendid^ elatft 
A auteaman, politica adentiae 

Statica, aUtioe 
Statin^p, ordinal 
A atation, atatio, loctu; (poat, or 

ofllce), monna 
To aution, in atatione ponere 
Stationera (company al), atatio- 

A atationer, chartopola 
Stationary, aUtionariua, fixua 
A statuary, statoarina 
Statuary (art of), aeulptura 
A atatue (image), aUtua, aimu- 
lacrum, sigoum; (of brass), 
aignum cnenm ; (of wax). 

A atature (aiae), atatura 

Statutable, legibua 

Statutably, juxu leges 

A statute, atatutum, decretnm. 
pneacriptum. lex, aanctio; (of 
parliament), aenattka conanltam 

To atave (off)* depello. propello, 
protdo; {or break in piecea), 
nrango, diffringo 

Stavea, aee Staff: (of a barrd), 
aaauUe doliarea 

A auy (delay), impedimentum, 
mora; (tarrying in a place), 
manaio ; (prop), fulcrum ; 
(band), retinaculnm 

To aUy (abide), maneo, re m or o r , 
commoror, moror ; {or stop 
one), detineo, nato; (or curb), 
cohibeo, coCrceo; {or appeaae), 
mollio,' place ; (the atomach), 
faroem depellere; {or prop), 
fuldo ; (tor), pneatolor. op- 
perior ; {or loiter), cunctor, 
moror; (away), abaum 

Stayedly, aerib, i^ravitir 

Stayedneaa, gravitaa, aeveritaa 

A atayer (stopper), atator 

Staving, manena, conaiatena ; 
(tor), expectana, prKatolana, 
opperiena; (upon), nixua, in- 

A staying up. auatentatio 

A pair of staya, thorax nexilia 

Stead, or place, locua 

Steadfaat, stabilia, firmiu, con- 

Steadfiutly, conatantir, attenti 

Steadftwtneea, conatantia 

Steadily, firmitto, conatantir 

Steadineaa, atabiUtaa, firmitaa 

Steady, flrmna, aubilia, fixua 

A ateak, offula. offella 

To ateal (rob), furor, latrocinor; 
(privily), aubripio; (away), ae- 
cedo, clancultoi aeae aubdu- 
cere ; (a marriage), nqptiaa 
clandeatinas celebrare; (into), 
irrepo ; {or insinuate into), in- 

A ateder, fiir, latro 

A atealing, dueptio, apdiatio 

Given to ateding, f^rax 

By stedth, fortlm. clanculiun 

Pertaining to atealth, fiirtivua 

A ateam, vapor, hditua 

To ateam, exhdo, vaporo 

Stedfaat, firmua 

A ateed, equua, aonipea 

Steel, chdybs 

Of steel, chalybelua 

A ated (to atrikefire),igniaritim; 
(for a butcher), inatrumentum 
ex ehdybe Inngena vice cotia 

A atedyard, atatera 

To ated. ehdybe temperaie; 
(one'a face), os induere 

Steep, prcceps, pnemptna; (as- 
cending), acdivia; (deaccsid- 
ing), declivia 

A ateep place, pr^dpitinm 

To ateep, macero. moUio 

A ateeping, maceratio 

A ateeple, templi pyramia 

Steeply, prcmpti 

Steepneaa (of ascent), aedivitaa; 
(of descent), declivitaa 

A ateer, juvencua 

To ateer (govern), gubemo, im- 
pero, rego, rerum habenaa a|:i- 
tare; (one'a courae), proficia- 
cor, pergo, vado, iter facers 
curaum dirigere 

Steerage, or ateering, gubematio 

The ateer^^ nancleri atatio 

A ateeraman, gubemator, nan- 

Stellar, atdlaria 

The atem (of a plant, or herb), 
canlia, acapaa; {or atock of a 
tree), truncus; (of com), cul- 
mna, atipula; (race, or parent- 
age), stirpa, progeniea, proaapia, 
nmilia, genua, stemma; (of a 
ship), roatrum 

To stem {or atop), retardo, re- 
primo, coSrceo, cohibeo, aisto 

To grow to a stem, caulesco 

A stench, foetor; (of a thing 
burnt. Ac), nidor; (of a fool 
breath), hditfta graveolentia 

A stentorean voice, vox stentorea 

A step, paaaoa, gradua, ji^reasna 

A atep, or footatep, veatigium 

Step of a ladder, cli.nacter; (be- 
fore a door), podium 

The step of a door, limen 

Step by atep, gradatlm 

A step-father, vitricus; (mother), 
noverea ; (sou), privignua ; 
(daughter), privigna 

To atep, gradior, incedo ; {or go 
to a place), pergo, profidscor; 
(after), aequor; (afung with), 
comitor; (ashore), in terr^m 
egredi ; (aaide), aecedo ; (it 
away), gradum accderare 

Made with ateps, gradatua 

A atepping, gradatio; (aaide), ae. 
cessua ; (in), ingressua ; (in 
udooked for), adveutua inopi- 

Sterile, aterilia, infoecundua 

Sterility, sterilitas 

Sterling bona et legalis moneta, 

A pound sterling, viginti aolidi 

Stem, torvua, severua, tetricua, 

The atem, navia davua, puppia; 
(tdl), Cauda 

Sternly, torvi, austere, tetri 

Stemneas, torvitas, austeritaa 

Siemutation (aneesing), aterao- 

Aatew(fiabpond),piacina; (pan), 
anthepaa ; (bawdy-houae), lu- 

A haunter of atewa. ganeo 

To atew (meat), carnem lento 
igne ooquere ; (put into a fret), 

A ateward, procurator, curator, 

A house-ateward, curator domea* 

Lord-steward of the king's house- 
hold, dominua seneschallna hoa- 
pitii domini regia 

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A ttewardahip, munu* procura* 
tont, dupeoMtio. cuntio, ad* 

▲ stick, bacohu, baeolom, ba> 
eUlam, tcipio 

To Bticlf^ hcreo; (flx), Sgo, af- 
'ko; (up before), pnetigo; {or 
cleave to), adhsreo, adturreaco ; 
(into) , deligo i ( stab ) , confodio ; 

iat, or doubt), hcsito, dabito ; 
or pot between), intetaero; 
(by, or lapport), lastineo, sus- 
tento; (in), iofigo; (in tbe 
mud), in Into hcrere; (in the 
KTOund), detieo; (fast, or be 
axed in), insideo; {or jut out), 
promineo, exsto; (oat, or re- 
Xiue), recuao, renoo 

A sticking unto, adh » sio 

To stickle, laboro, multum agere; 
(for a person), ab aliquo stare ; 
(for a party), parti studere; 
(for liberty), libertatem Tindi- 

A stickler, studiosos 

A stickling, stadium 

Sticky, viscosus, visci 

A stie for bogs, hara 

Stiff ( not pliable ) , rigens, rigidas ; 
(benumbed), torpens, torpidus ; 
(inexorable ) , inexorabilis ; (ob- 
stinate, resolute), pertinax, per. 
▼icax, cootumax ; (rigid, se- 
vere), asper, acerbus. rigidus, 
durus, severusi (strong), vali- 
dus; (necked), pertinax, eon- 

To be stii^ rigeo, toroeo 

To stiffen, induro, duro; (with 
^m, &c.). gammi sabUneie 

Stiffly, rigidi, obf tinati 

Stifbess, rigor; (numbness), tor- 
por I (obstinacy), pertinacia, 

To stifle, suffooo; (a report), 
fsmam comprimere ; (conceal), 
celo, tego 

A stifling, suffocatio 

To stigmatize (mark with a hot 
iron), stigmateinarere ; (brand 
with infJsmy), famam aiiniias 

A stile, climax, septam 

A turnstile, septum versatile 

A stile (in writing), stilus 

To stile, denomino, toco 

A stiletto, sica, pugio 

A stiling, appellatio 

Still (yet, continually), adhtic, 
etiamndm, assidui 

Still (calm, quiet), tranquillas, 
placidas, sedatus, q'lietos^ se- 
renus, lenis 

To be still, tiileo 

Still-bom, abortivas 

A still, alembicum 

To still (calm, or jfoifh plaeo, 
sedo, mulceo, lenio 

To still (distil), distillo, exprimo 

Siillicidious, stillans 

Stilly, sedaii. tranquilly 

Stillitffs, quies, serenitas 

A stillstand, cessatio 

StUts, grallc 

A walker on stilts, graUator 

To stimulate, stimulo, ineito 

A stimulating, 8timulation,stima- 

A sting, stimulus, aculeas, wgiea- 
hua, ucitamentum ; (of con- 
science), angor, or mocsus con- 

To stin^, pungo: (to be stang in 
conscience), mentis mal6 sibi 

e angonbi 

Having a sting, aculeattu 
StiofnofTf stimulans, stimuleiM 
A stinging, punctara,companotio 
Stingingly, punctlm, sevei^ 
Stinginess, nimia parsimonia 
Stingily, perparc^ sordid^ 
Stin^, deparcuf, sordidas 
A stiok, foetor, foeditas 
To stink, foeteo, pateo; (very 

much), peroleo 
Stinking, foetidus, putidas, oUdus 
Stinkingly, foetidi, rancidt 
A stint, limitatio, modus 
To stint (limit), Anio, modam ad- 
hibere; (eurb).frnio,moderor, 
Stinted, finitua. 
A stipend, stipe 
A stipendiary, stipendiarias 
Stipuc, Btypticus, astringens 
To stipulate, stipulor, paciscor 
A stipulation, stipnlatio, pactio 
A stipulate, stipulator 
A stir, turba. tumultos 
To stir (move), se movere; (np. 
or provoke), provoco, irrito, nr- 
geo, lacesso; (ap to an^), 
excandefacio ; (op sedition), 
seditionem oommovere, or con- 
flare; (in bnsiness), summo 
studio aliquid agere; {or cir- 
culate), abundo^ drcalor ; (out 
of doors), foriM prodire. or ax- 
ire; (up), suscito; (the Are), 
focum excitare 
To make a stir, tumultuor 
With much stir (er tomalt). tn- 
multoosi; (or diffienlty), i^rt, 
That may be atirred, agitabilis 
A stirrer, concitator 
To be stirring, k lecto surgere 
A stirring, conciutio ; (movin|(), 
motio; (provoking), instigatio; 
(about), agitatio 
Stirring {or oostling), diligena 
A stirrop, or stirrup, stapes 
A stitch (in sewini^), sutura ; (in 
the side), pleuritis. Uteris dolor 
To stitch, sno, omsao; (round), 

Stitched, Stitcht, sutas, 
A stitching, sntura 
A stithy, incus 
To stive with h 
Stived up, Kstu peni suffoeatus 
A stiviog-beat, Kstos 
Stiving hot. calidissimtu 
A stock (stomp), tmncos, atipes, 
caudex; (family), prosapia, fa- 
milia. genua, stemma; (estate), 
res, bona, census ; {ot goods), 
copia, varietas ; (of cattle), pe- 
cuariK ; (of sheep), oviaria ; 
{or fund of money), anmmo- 
mmvis [bolis 

Of the same stock, gentilis, tri- 
A stockdove, palumbM 
A stockftsh, salpa 
A stock (gilliflower), locolon 
Stocks (for building ships), lig- 
nea compares in qui naves 
construi solent ; (for punish- 
ment), cippus, numella; (pub- 
lic funds), sortes pccuniaria 
To stock {or furnish), instmo, 
suppedito; ()ob), sortibns pe- 
cuniariisnegotiari; (root out), 
A stockjobber, sortiboa pecunia. 

riis nqgotiaiu 
A stocking (fumishiuf ), suppe- 
ditatio; {or hose), tibiale^ ca- 
A Stoics stoicus 

Stoically, stoic* 

Stoicism, stoicismua 

A stole, stola, palla 

Having stolen, furatus 

Stolidity, stoliditas 

Tlie stomach, stomadiua; (appe- 

tite). appetitas, fismcs; (an- 
ger), ira; (ooorage), aaimaa, 

virtus [laboians 

Sick at the stomach, stomadio 
To have a stomach, esurio 
To get a stomach, stmnaehwm 

acuere [mere 

To suy the stomach, famcm exi- 
To stomach, indignor, iraseob 
A stomacher, pectorale 
Stomaehful, animosus, feroK 
Stomachic, stouacho gratoa 
A stone, lapis; (flint), silez; 

(rock), saxnm. petra; (load), 

magnes ; (pebble), caleohis ; 

(precious), gemma; (pmmiee), 

pumex ; (whet), oos 
To becomestoae, or hardas stone, 

To stone (throw stones), 1 

lapidibus obraere 
A stone (of wool), qi 

libra; (of mear). octolibns 
The stone (disease), caleohu 
Having the stone, caleutoas 

calculo lahorans 
The stones, testieuU 
Of stone, lapideus, saxeaa 
A stonecutter, lapicida 
Stone-dead, peaiths emortnas 
A stone-quarry, lapiddiaa 
A stone-masou, latomos 
A stoaer, lapidator 
Sioniness, oualitas lapidoaa 
Stony, lapidosus, petroaas 
A stoning, lapidatio 
A stool, sells, sedes ; (U 

footed), tripus 
A footstool, scabdlnm 
A closes t ool, lasaoom 
A stool, or going to stool, alvoa 
To go to stool, alvum exonenve; 

(to cause to go), alvum eieve 
To stoop, inclino, prodino ; 

(cringe), servilitte flecten^ or 

Stooping, inclinis, pronns 
A stoc^ng, inclinatio 
A stop (hinderance), mem, im- 

pedimentum; (pause), panaa, 

lespiratio ; (point), puaetaai ; 

(full), periodus 
To be at a stop, consisto 
To stop, prohibeo, eo6rti 

t stop, prohib , 

pedio; (a journey), iter inter- 
eludere; (a looseness), sistere 
alvum; (the breath), spiritnm 
interdudere ; (stand still), con- 
tinere giadnm ; (tbe ears), 
aares daudere; (the mouth), 
oa obstmere ; (chinks), ob- 
stipo; (orceasefrom), desisto; 
(burad), saagnmem reprimere; 
(a cough), tussim reprimere; 
(up), obstruo, oppilo; (up, flU, 
•r stuff), impieo, repleo ; (up a 
way), viam intercludere ; {or 
tarry), moror, eunctor; {or as- 
suage), paco, sedo; (with 
points), punctis distinguere 

A stoppage, obstmctio; (of mo- 
ney, ke.), retentio 

A stopper, or ntapple, obtu- 

Stopping, impediens. retardaas 
A stopping of the breath, suffo- 
catio ; {or holding of the 
breath), retentio halitik% «r 

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Store (|»leiity), ahnndantia, eopia; 

(prorinon), penas, coromeataa ; 

(miliury), belli instmmentam 

et appantM 
To store, luppedito, iniitrao 
To have store, abando, afflao 
To lay vp in Btorc^repoao 
A ■torehottse, armarium ; (for 

Ttctuali), promptaarinm; (for 

(keeper), oondna 

Stories, iaibabe 

A stork, cieonia 

A st<Hrm, iproeella, tempestai ; (of 
rain), nimbus; (of wind), tar- 
bo; (tnmult), tnmultus, sedi. 
tio; (violent assault), vehemens 

To fue by storm, ezpnrno 

T» storm (rail), debaccnor, foiro; 

1a town), totis liriboa oppi- 
ium oppngnare 

Stormy, procellotns, nimbosns 
A story, bistoria, narratio, fit- 
bola; (lie), mendacium 

A strange story, res mira dicta 

To tell stories, fiibulor 

A story (in building), tabulatum 

A stove (bothouse), vaporarium; 
(ftre-grate), craticula ignis 

8t«it (courageous), Btrenuus, for- 
tis, intrepidus ; (fierce, proud), 
ferox, fisstidiosns; (strong, vi- 
gorous), validus, robustus, acer 

Stont (beer), eerevisia generosa 

Btoathoarted, magnanimus 

Stoutly (courageously), strenui, 
fortitto, intrepid*; (proudly), 
ikstidiosi; (strongly), valid^ 

Stoutness (courage), fortitudo, 
virtus; (banghtine8s),arrogan- 
tia, Buperbia; (strength), ro- 
bur, vires 

Tb stow, loco, colloco 

Stowage-room, repositorii eapa- 
eitas; (mone]r),locarium 

To straddle, varico, divarico 

Straddling, varicus, divaricatus 

To strag«e, vsgor, erro 

A stranler, erro, vagus 

riing, palaus, vagans, errans 
_nt (not crooked), rectns, 
directus ; (upright), erectus; 
(tall), procems; (by line), ad 
amussim ; (directly, adv.), rec- 
tt, recti, directs 

Straight i^^nst, « regione ; (up), 
snrsdm verstis; (down), deor- . 
Btkmvers<u; (on),rectii 

To straighten, rectum facere 

8traightne8s(tallnesB), proceritas 

Straightway, moz, statlm, iHic6 

A strain (stretching), contentio; 
(in speaking, or writing), sty- 
lus; (of the sinews), nervorum 
intentio; (in music), suavis 

To strain (stretch), contendo ; 
(hurt), Itedo; (bind bard), 
oompiimo, coarcto, constringo ; 
(or press out), exprimo ; (com- 
pel), cogo, compello ; {or 
stretch a point), plds justo tor- 
quere; (llauids), percolo; {or 
labour hard), enitor ; (a joint), 
luxo; (a sinew), nervum inten- 

A strainer, colam, saccus 

Straining, contendcns, constrin- 

A straining, or stretching, con- 
tentio; (or pressing out), ez- 

Strait (narrow), angustus, arO' 

tus ; (handed), deparcus, te- 
naz; (laced), nimls scrupnlo- 

A strait (difficulty), difflcnltas 

Straits (want), inopia, pauper- 
tas ; (difficulties), angusti«e, 
incite; (narrow seas, &c.)> ^- 
tum. august ia! ; (of Gibraltar), 
f^tum Gaditanum, or Hercu- 

To straiten, arcto. coarcto 

To be straitened, indigeo, premor 

Straitening, arctans, coarctans 

A straitening, coarctatio 

Straitly. axett, an^sti 

Straitness, angustia 

The stroke of a wheel, canthus 

A strand (shore), ripa, litttu; (of 
a rope), filnm, plica 

To strand, vadis impingere 

Strange (foreign), ueregrinus, 
alienus; (far retched), longin- 
^utu; (odd, uncommon), rams, 
innsitatus ; (shy, disdainful), 
faatosus, superciliosus ; (won- 
derAil), mirus, mirabilis, miri- 

A strange thing, miracnlnm, por- 
tentum ; (man), homo mirus 

Strange (coolly), frigid* 

Ostrsnirel paps! 

Strangely, miriflc*, miris modis 

Strangeness, raritas, novitas ; 
(shyness), fastus; (in pronun- 
ciation), peregrinitas 

A stranger, advena, peregrinns, 
hospes ; {metaph.), ig^otus, ig- 
narus, rudis, imperitus, alienus 

To strangle, strangulo, suffoeo; 
(to death), laqaeo interimere 

A strangling, suffocatio 

The strangury, stranguria 

A strap, strupus, lorum 

To strap, strupia alUgare; (a 
person) loris csdere 

The strappado, equuleiu 

A strapper (lass), virago. 

A stratagem, stratagema, dolus 

Full of stratag^ems, dolosus, ver- 

Straw, stramen, palea ; (fbr 
tbatch), cnlmus, stipula; (or 
fescue), festura 

Of straw, stramineus 

Made of straw, stramentitius 

Not worth a straw, nihili, fntilis 

A straw-colour, color melinus 

A strawberry, fragtun; (tree), 

Of a strawberry-tre^ arbuteus 

Strawy, stramineus 

A stray, bestia errans 

To stray, erro, vagor 

Strayinp;, vagans, erraticus 

A straymg, emtio, vagatio 

A streak, radius, linea; (of a 
wheel), canthus 

To streak, vario colore distinguere 

A stream, fluentum, flumen 

A small stream, rivulus 

To stream, or flow (along), fluito, 
fluo, profluo, labor, curro ; 
(out), effiuo, emano 

A streamer, vexillum, signum ; 
(in a ship), aplustre 

Streaming, fluens, fluitans, ef- 

Streamingly, fluenttr, prosper* 

A street, vicus, platea 

Street by street, vicatlm, pla- 

Strength, robur. vires, flrmi- 
tas, sanitas, vigqr, fortitudo; 
(force), vis, virtus ; (power), 
potentia,potestas; (of a place). 

mnnimentum, prssidium ; (of 

an argument), vis, pondus 
Pull of strength, nervosus 
Of great strenxth, efflcax, valens 
To recover strength, convalesco 
To strengthen, roboro, confirmo; 

(aplac^), munio; (the sight), 

visum acuere 
A strengthening, conflrmatio 
Strenuous, strenuus, fortis, acer 
Strenuously, valid*, fortit*r 
Strenuousnesa, fortitudo, vis 
A stress (chief point), cardo, 

summa, caput ; (of weather), 

tempestas, procella 
TV) lay a stress, nit or, confldo 
A stretch, or stretching, distentio 
To stretch, tendo, extendo, in- 

tendo, porrigo; (abroad), ex- 
pando, dispando : (enlarge), di- 
lato, profero; (out), distendo. 

plico; (out, prbe extended), 
protendor ; (with yawning), 

That mav be stretched, ductilis 

A stretchiilir, distentio; (yawn* 
ing), pandiculatio 

To strew, stemo, instemo, spar- 
go ; (sprinkle), aspergo 

A strewing, sparsio, aspersio 

Striated, striatus 

Striature, striatura 

A strickle, radius, radula 

Strict (close), arctus; (exact), 
exactus ; (accurate), accura- 
tiu; (precise, formal), aifec- 
tatuB ; (rigid, severe), rigidus, 
asper, severus 

With a strict eye, attent* 

With a strict baud, arct* 

Strictly, arct*, fainiliarit*r ; (ex- 
actly, accurately), accural*, ex* 
quisit*; (precisely, formally), 
aifectat*; (rigidly, severely), 
rigid*, sever*, acerb* 

Strictness (of friendship), fami- 
liaritas, necessitudo ; (exact- 
ness), accuratio; (precisencM), 
affectatio ; (rigidness, seve- 
nty), rigor, asperitas, severitas 

A stricture, strictura 

A stride, passus, gradus 

A long stride, gradus grallatorins 

To stride, varico; (across, or 
over), spatium distentis cnui- 
bus metiri 

A striding, distentio crurum 

Strife, jurgium, rixa. lis 

Full of strife, jnrgiosus, rixosus 

A strig, petiolus 
A strike. 

ce, or bushel, modins 

To strike, ciedo, ferio ; (out of a 
list), orado; (as a horse), cal- 
eitro ; (affect), afficio ; (or 
sound as a clock), sono ; (a 
measure), rado, derado; (at 
one), peto, impeto, adorior ; 
(at, aim, or attempt to do), 
Conor, molior ; {or dash a- 
gainst),allido; (down), afiiigo, 
dcjicio; (at the root), sub- 
verto; (back),repeno; (blind), 
Cttco, excffco; (tire), i^nem 
elicere; (in piece*), diffnngo ; 
(or drive into), infigo; (off), 
prncido, exscindo 
A striker, pulsator 
A striking, pulsatio, percussio; 

(back), repercussio 
A string, funiculus, ligula 
The string of a dart, amentum 
Strings (of roots), tibra ; (of 

musical instruments), iides 
To string (an instrument), nervos 
aptare : (or fiuten a dart). 

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UDcnto; (p«urh), filo eonte- 
vera gemmM ; (things toge- 
ther), ret Auicolo tnoecto 

Stringy, 6bria abondmni 
A fttnp, firustulam, particola 
To strip, spolio, denado ; (off 
clothes). Testes exuere ; (off 
rind), decortioo 
Jk stripe, plaga. Ictus; (in co- 
lours), Tirga vsrii coloris 
Fall of stripes, plsgosus 
To stripe, hnens ▼arii coloris dis< 

A stripling, adolescens, ephebos 
Stripped, Btript, spoliatos, ezntos, 

A stripper, spoliator, spoliatrix 
A stripping, spoliatio, direptio 
To strive, conor, enitor, molior; 
(against), obnitor, resisto ; 
(hard), oAinixi moliri; (toge- 
ther), concertb, conlligo 
Baring striven, nizus 
Striven against, impognatns 
A striver with, concertator 
A striving, conatus, nixus ; (toge- 
ther), concertatio 
A stroke, ictus, plaga ; (of an 
oar), pulsus; (on the ear), ala- 
pa, colapbns ; (with a pen), 
ductus penuB 
To stroke, palpo, muloeo 
A stroking, palpatio [sum 

Strokings, lac lutiinA manu emul- 
To stroll, vagor, circumcarso 
A stroller, erro, homo vagus 
A strolling company, errantium 


Strong (lustv), firmus, robnstus, 
validus; (limbed), lacertosus; 
(dear), clams ; (earnest, vehe- 
ment), solicitos, vehemens, 
acer; (forcible, efficacious), va- 
lens, poteus, efficax; (massy), 
•olidus ; (mighty, powerful), 
potens, pollens, valens ; (sharp 
u taste), acer, acidus; (in 
amell, foctens; (valiant), fortis, 
strenutts, intrepidus 

Very strong, prKvalidns, poten- 

A strong hand, via 

A strong hold, propugnacnlum 

To be strong, valeo, polleo 

To grow strong, valesco 

To make strong, firmo, corrobo- 
ro; [or massy), consolido 

Strongly, flrmitir, fortitir, validi 

To strow, stemo 

Struck, percussus, perculsus 

To be struck in a heap, percellor 

A structure, cdidcium ; (con- 
struction), structura 

A struggle, conatus, luctatio^cer- 
tatio, oontentio 

To struggle, conor, Inctor, oon- 
tendo, nitor; (together), con- 
gredior, colliictor 

A straggler, lucUtor 

A struggling, luctatio, lueta 

Strumous, strumosus 

A strumpet, scortum, meretriz 

Strung, fllo instructus 

To strut, turgeo, tumeo, suner- 
bio; (along), superb^ inceaere 

A struttinK. superbus ineessus 

A stub (of a iiee). stipes 

A stubnail, clavus detritus- 

To stub up, eradico. eztirpo 

Stubble, stipula, culmos 

Of stubble, stipularis 

Stubborn, contumax, refraeta- 
rias, pertinax; (aaocy), impro- 



To be stubborn, obstinate aaimo 
esse, prcfracti defendere 

Stubbornly, prvfract^ obstinate 

Stubbornness, contnmaria, obsti- 
oatio, pertinacia 

Stubby, Stubbed, brevis et robas- 

Stuck (run through), perfossus; 
(adorned), omataa 

A stud, bulla ; (of mares), equa- 

' rum armentom 

Studded, buUacas, davatos, oma- 

A student, stndiosns; (great), 
librorum helluo 

Studious, studiosus, amans 

Studiously, studiosj^ assidut 

Studiousness, studium, cura 

Study (application of mind), sta- 
dium, meditatio 

A study, bibliotheca, museam 

To study, studeo, meditor, exqai- 
ro^ investigo, scrutor, exploro 

Studyinp;, meditans 

A studying, meditatio 

Stuff (materials), 
(doth), panous : (baggage] 
sarcinv ; (household), 
lex; (kitchen), unguina 

To stuff (cram), fardo; (one's 
belly), cibis se innrgitare ; 
(vrith flocks, Ac.), flocco infer- 
dre; (or choke), suffoco; (or 
stop up), obstruo, oi>pilo 

A stuffing, fsrtnra, sagina 

The stufflne of a quilt, tomentnm; 
(for vea^ ftc), fartum, fard- 

To stumble, titubo, offenso; (a- 
gainst), impingo, incurro: (at, 
or scruple), haesito, dubito ; 
(upon), loddo 

A stumble, offensa, offensio 

Stumblini^, titubans, offensans 

A stumbhng-block, offendiculum 

A stump, candex, stipes, tmncns; 
(stumps), pedes, crura; (bro- 
ken lunb), membrum mutila- 

To stump, tranco; (boast), glo- 
rior, jacto, oatento [to* 

Stumpy, stipitum plenus, robus- 

To stun (astonish), stupe&cio^ 
perturbo, perterreo ; (with 
noise), aures obtundere 

To be stunned, stupefio, stapeo 

Stung, punctua 

To stunt, incrementum impedire 

To stupe, foveo 

Stupefaction, stupor, torpedo 

Stupefactive, narcoticus 

To stupefy (astonish), terreo, 

Grturbo; (dull, or benumb), 
beto, tando, obtundo 

To be stupifled, stupeo 

Stui^dious, Stupendous, miros* 

Stupid (blockish), stnpidus, fk- 
tuus, ineptus ; (without feel- 
ing), stupedus, tqfpens, torpi- 

Stupidity, stnpiditas, stapor 

Stupidly, stupidi, insulsft 

Stnpration, stapratio 

Sturdily, pertinadtto, fortitto 

Sturdineas, contumada, fortita- 
do; (strength), robur 

Sturdy, obstinatus, ferox, robus- 

A sturgeon, sturio^ adpenser 

To stut, or stutter, balbatio 

A stutterer, bambalio 

Stnttering, balbutiens 

A sty, sufle ; (pimple), tnmOT pal^ 

k StT, SOU 


A style (in writing), styhu, d^ 
eendi genus ; (or form), fonau- 
la; (of a dial), gnomon; (in 
the account of time), ntylas 
To stvle, appello 
A styling, appellatio 
Styptic, stypticus, restrinfens 
Suasory, suasorius, hortatims 
Suarity, suavita^ dalcedo 
Subactioo, subacrio 
A subaltern, legatus 
A subchanter. succentor 
A subdeacon. subdiaconns 
To subddegate. substituo 
Subdititions, subditivns 
To subdivide, itertim dividere 
A subdivision, divisio iterata 
Subduable, domabilis, superabiKa 
To subduct, subduco, detnJM» 
To subdue, domo, supero^ debd- 
lo, expungo, subigo, vineo ; 
(passions), frango, domo 
To be subdued, cedo, succombo 
A subduer, debdiator 
A subduing, expugnatio 
Subject, suhjectus, subditos ; 
(obliged to),obligatos,obstric- 
tas; (liable to), obnoxias, ex> 
A subject (person), dvis, snbdi- 
tus, subjectas ; (argument id 
discourw), ai|^mentam, m^e- 
ria, thesis; (in l(^ic), — •--" 
To be subject to/nareo, 
of discoai 


(the subject a. 

monem subire 
To subject, subjido, snbigo 
Subjection, serritus, jugum 
A suluecting, subjectio 
To subjmn, subjongo, annecto 
Subitaneous, subitaneiu,repenti> 

To subju^te, supero, domo 
Subjunctive, subjunctivna 
To sublimate^ sublimo 
Sublimate, pulvis rodena ex aiw 

gento vivo, nitro. ftc, eonfiBet«s 
Sublime, sublimis, 

(roost excellent), ; 

Sublimely, excellentir, aommft 
Sublimeness, Sublimitv, si^blim- 

itas, celdtodo, altitudo 
Sublunary, sub lunA podtns 
Submersion, snbmersio 
To snbminister, snbministao 
Submis»ion, obse<^uium 
Submisdve. snbmusns, hnmilis 
Submisdvdy, snhmissi, humili- 

To submit, submitto, cedo; (to 

another's judgment), permitto 
A submitting, submisuo 
Subordinate, inferior, snbstitutus 
Subordination, conditio infiBrior 
To suborn, subomo 
A subornation, subomatio 
A subpoena, dtatio 
To subpoena, citare in curiam 
To subscribe, subscribo, asaen- 

A subscriber, subscriptor 
A subscribing, subscriptio 
A subscription, subscnptio 
Subsectttive. Subsequent, sabae- 

quens, conseqoens 
Subsequently, per modnm eonse* 

cutionis [datio 

Subservience, gratia, aooommo* 
Sobserrient, subserviens 
To be subservient, subservio 
To subside, subsideo. sabsido 
Subsidiary, sabsidiariua* anxili' 

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Sobiidy (aid), subudiam, auxi. 

liam ; (tax), rectigal, tribu- 

tam, censua 
To aabai^ aubaigno 
To aubaut, aubaiato ; (main* 

tain), auatento ; (continae), 

A aabaiatence, victiia auppedita> 

tio, exiatentia 
Sabaiateoi, exiatena 
Babatance (matter), aubatantia, 

rea, materia, summa, caput ; 

(eatate), fortane, divitiae, opea, 

pecoliam, hcreditaa 
Ot' aubatance, opulentua, direa 
Of tbe aame aubatance, conaub- 

Sobatautial. aolidua, ftnnua, vali< 

dua, gravia, certiaaimua ; 

(wealtby), locuplea, opulentua, 

divea, pecuDioana 
Substantially, solidt, flrmi 

▲ aubatantive, aubatantivum 
Snbatantivdy, aubatantivft 

▲ aubstitute, Ticariua 

To aubatitute, aubatituo, aUppono 

A anbatitution, aubatitutio 

To aubatract, or aubtract, aub- 

tnbo, detrabo, subduco, deduco 
A aubatracting, w aubatractiou, 

anbtractio, dednctio 
To aubteud, aubteodo 
A aubteaae, anbtenaa 
Snbterflnent, aubterfluena 
A anbterftige, effurium. dolna 

tubterraneoua, anbterraneus 
ubtile, aubtilia, tenuia; (cun- 
ning), aubCilia, acutua, aatutua, 

Bnbuety, aubtilitaa, aatutia 
Subtle. SeeAiihte 
Subtlely, aubtilitir, acnti 
A aubTcraion, aubveraio, excidium 
To aubvert, aubverto, everto 
Subverted, aubveraua, dirutua 
A aubvener, subveraor 
Suburba, auborbana 
Of the auburba, auburbanua 
Saccedaneoua, auccedaneua 
To aucceed, succedo, aequor, ex> 

cipio, erenio, cedo 
Succeeding, enccedriia, excipiena 
Succcedinp; generationa, minorea 
A aneoeeding, aucocaaio 
Succeaa, aucceaaua, exitua 
8ucceaaftd» proaperua, fauatna, 

fecceaaftilly, proapert, fauati 
Snceeaaion, aucoesaio ; (entail), 

iMereditaa ; (continuation), 

oonaecutio, aeriea 
Succeaaive, auccedena, aequena 
Succeaaively, continuatA aerie 
A aucceaaor, aucceaaor ; (our auc* 

ccaaora), poateri noatri 
Succinct, brevia, auccinctua 
Succinctly, brerittr, conciai 
Succinctneaa, brevitaa 
Succory, cicborium 
Succour, auxilium. 
Toaucoour (comfort), conaolor; 

(aid), auccurro, aubvenio; (a 

place beaieged), auxilia et com- 

meatus auppeditare 
Succoured, adjutua 
A auccourer, aolator, opitulator 
Succouring, conaolana, auxiliana 
Snccourleaa, deatitutua, deaertua, 

Succulency, aucci abundantia 
Succulent, aucculcntns, succoaua 
To auccnmb, auccumbo, cedo 
Such. lii. taUa. quamodi, iatiua- 

modi ; •im. adeO^ tam 
Such aa, qualia, iatiuaaaodi 

In aneh manner, tali modo, pari< 

To auck. Bttgo ; (in), imbibo, ab- 
aorbeo, aorbeo ; (out), exaugo ; 
(up), aorbeo 
To give auck, lacto, nutrico 
Sucked in, or up, abaorptua 
A Bucker of treea, atolo 
The sucker of • pump, antlis 

A sucking, suctua 
Sucking up, abaorbena, imbibena 
Sucking toe breast, lactena 
To suckle, lacto, nutrico 
Suckled, mammia admotua 
A suckling, animal laetena 
Suction, auetUB 
Sudatory, audatoriua 
Sudden, aubitua, improviatu, re< 

On a sudden, repentinft 
Suddanly, repcnti, inopinatb 
Suddenne*^ eventua anbitaneua 
Sudorific, diaphoreticua 
Suds, Bpuma aaponia; (to be in 

the auds), ad incitaa redigi 
To aue (at law), litigo, in jua vo* 
care ; (entreat), deprecor, aup- 
plico ; (for peace), aolicitare 
pacem; (for a place), munua 
Suet (sewet), sevum, Uquamen 
To anffer (bear with), patior, fero, 
tolero^ auffero ; (be puniah- 
ed), peenaa dare, lucre, or aolve- 
re; (disgrace), in offenaam in- 
currere; (aome hurt), aliauo 
incororoodo afflci ; (shipwreck), 
nanfhigium facere; (permit), 
patior, ainot permitto 
Sufferable, tderabilia 
Sufferance (toleration), toleran- 
tia; (of evils), malorum per- 
peaaio; (permiaaion), permia- 
aio, venia 
On aulTeranoe, permiaan 
Long aufferance, longanimitaa 
Having suffered, paasua 
A sufferer, damno affectua 
Suffering, patiena, permittena 
Long-auflieriug, ad iram tardoa 
A auffering, pasaio, perpeaaio 
To auffloe, sufflcio 
Sufficiency, sufficientia; (capa- 
city), captua, peritia, habilitaa, 
fiusultaa, prudentia; (aetf), ar- 
rogantia, superbia 
Sufficient (able),aufflciena, capax, 

aptua, idoneua, habilia 
Not auffieieut, impar, ineptua 
Sufficiently, aat, aatla, afbtlm, 

To auffocate, auilbco 
A suffocating, aulfoeatio 
Suffocation, praefocatio 
A suAragan, auffra|raneua 
A auffirage, suffragium 
To give suffrage, auffragor 
Of auffragea, anffraeatoriua 
Suffumigation, auffiunigatio 
To auffiue, auffnndo 
A auffuaitm, suffuaio 
Sugar, aaccharum ; (candy), aac- 
cnari ereroor; (loaf), aacchari 
meu; (cane), canna mellifera 
To augar, aaccharo condire 
To auggeat, auggero, moneo, insn- 
A anggeater, monitor [surro 

A sugi^ting, or suggestion, ad- 

monitio, monitua, auggeatio 
To siwillate, sugillo 
Suicide, suiddium 
Suing, litigana, litem intendena 
A amt (requeat), petitio, rogatio ; 
(at law), actio» cauaa; (of i^- 

parel), veatitus, veatimentum ; 
(complete), omnia apparatua; 
(at cards), genus 
To suit (match), ad^pto, accom- 

modo ; ( with ) , coogr uo 
Suitable, aptus, congrnua, ido- 
Suitably, apti, congruitto 
Suited, apt at us, accommodatua 
A anitor (petitioner), supplex ; 
(in chancerv), orator; (for an 
office), candidatus ; (wooer), 
procus, amator 
A suiting, accommodatio 
Sullen, contumax, moroana 
Sullenly, protervi^ torvi, moroai 
Sullenneas, tetrieitas, torvitaa 
To sully, maculo, inquino ; (a 

character), famam aspergere 
A aullying, macula 
Sulphur, aulphur 
With aulphur, aulphuratua 
Sulphureous, Sulphury, or of sul- 
phur, aulphureus, sulpburosua 
The sultan, Turcorum imperator 
A aultaness, regina Turcica 
Sultrineaa, vis cstiis 
Sultry, torridus, fervidua, can- 
A sum (of money), summa peeu- 
ni«; (in cyphering), aumma ; 
(total), aumma totalia; (of a 
matter), summa, argumentum, 
caput; (brief rehearsal), sum- 

To sum up, compoto, suppnto; 
(a discourse), res brevitto repe- 
tere; (all), deniqui, brevitir 
Summarily, brevitir, summatlm 
A aummury, aummarium, com- 
Summed up, compuutua, repeti- 

Summer, Kstas ; {or country 
house), suburbanum ; (great 
beam), transtrum 
Of aummer, cativua 
To aummer, teativo 
A aummering, nstiva commoratio 
A aummin^ up, computatio 
The anmmit, vertex, cacumen 
To aummou (cite), cite, arceaso ; 
(command), impero ; (up cou- 
rage), animum recipere 
A aummoner, apparitor 
A aummoning, or summons, cita- 

Sumpter, oneratua viatico 
Sumptuary, aumptuariua 
Sumptuoua, auiuptuosus, ma^i- 
ficuB, aplendidus, lautua, opipa- 
Sumptuoualy, aumptuoai 
Sumptuousnesa, splendor* Inzua 
The sun, sol 
Ot the sun, solaria 
Sunburnt, exuatua aole 
A sundial, solarium 
Sanahine, apricitas 
Sun-riaing, aolia ortua; (aet, or 

aetting). soils occasua 
At aunset, cum sole occidente 
To sun, soli exponere 
Ret in the sun. soli expoaitua 
Sunday, diea Dominica 
To aunder, separo, scgungo 
Sundry, diveraua, variua 
Sundry ways, divers^ varit 
To be sunk with age, eaaeinutilis 
annis; (deep in debt), ere ali- 
no demeraua 
A sunning, apricatio 
To ait in the aun, aprieor 
Sunny, apricua, aoli expoaitua 
A aup, hanatoa, aorbitio 

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Tow^aorbee; (a little), Mibil- 
lo; (again), resorbcp; (up), 
absorbco; (eat aopper), mboo 
Snperable, luperabilis 
To rap«rabouii4. redando 
A snperaboundiug, or ■ttperabnn* 

daoce, redundant ia 
Superabnndaot, rapedlaent, re> 

SiqperabuDdantly, redundaatto 
'I'd superadd, superaddo 
Saperanauated, annoaus, leniw 
Superb, magpaitfcm, illauria^ in* 

A supercargo^ naTiom oneria cu- 
mux [perbua 

Supercilious, aupereiliostta, so- 
Superciliously, superb^ 
Superciliousness, suporbia, CMtns 
Supereminence, eminentia 
Supereraiuent, prcceUens [ttt 
Supereminently, eximi*. iasigni* 
To supererogate, supererogo 
Supererogation, superttrt^atio 
Superezoellent, supcrerainens 
Superficial, ■npertloiarius, leris, 

levitir eruditus 
SaperliciaUy, perfunctori^ leritte 
The snperticies, superficies 
Soporfiae^ tennisaimtts 
Superfluity, Supeir 

perflttitas, redunaaaua 
Superfluous, •uperflnns, wiagenm- 
caucus, snperracnns, redundans 
Superfluous spending, prafnsio 
To be superfluous, redundo 
Superfluously, rednndantir 
To superinduce, superindnoo 
Super induct ion, superindnctio 
To superintend, euro, insptcio 
Superintendence, curatio, inspee- 

tio, primatus 
A superintendent, curator, in- 
spector, pnefectus 
Superior, superior 
A superior, superior, |>raefeetn« 
Superiority, magistenum 
Superlative (excellent), eximins, 
eminens, exceUens, egregius. 

Eraestans, prvclarus, prccel- 
;na ; (degree), superlatiTus 

Superlatively, exeeUentte, eximii 
Supernal, supemus 
Supemikly, supemft 
Supernatural, naturam sapefaiM 
Supematurally, super naturs 

vires [deiu 

Supernumerary, numeral exce- 
To superscribe, inscribo 
A superscription, inseriptio 
To supersede, supersedeo 
A supersedeas, exauctoramoitttm 
Superstition, superstitio 
Superstitious, superstitiosua 
Superstitiously, superstitioa^ 
To superstruct, superstmo 
A superstructure, stmctura 
To supervene, supervenio 
To supervise, inspicio, euro 
Supervised, inspectua, cutatus 
A supervisor, inspector 
Supervising, inspicieni* coruis 

Supine (face upwards), supinua ; 
(careless, negligent), improvi. 
dus, inconsideratus, oiettans. 

■ocors, n^ligens 
A supine, supiuum 
Supinely, supin^ negUgentte 
Having supped, ccenatus 
A supper, coena; (Lord's), coena 

Of supper, coehaUnitu 
To vnsh for supper, coenaturio 
To be at supper, ooeno 

Snpperieaa, ineoBnatna 
Supper-time, tempua coenandl 
Sapping, ccenans; (room), 

culum, coenatio 
A supping (sipping), sorbitio 
To supplant, sapplanto, per do- 

luro dqicere 
A supplanter, f^aadator, parasitas 
Supplanting, per dolum dcjiciens 
Supple (limber), flexilis, leatns, 

To supple, oiollio, macero 
To grov supple, lentesoo 
Supplely, lenti, lax* 
A sapplemenr, supplemeatum, 

appendix, complenoentum 
Suppleness, lent or, moUities 
A suppling, maeeratio 
A supplicant, or suppliant, supplex 
Like a supplicant, supplicitte 
To supplicate, supplico, obsecro, 

rogo • 

A suppUcation, supplicatio 
Supply, sub8idium,suppeti«,Bnp- 

plementum, auxiliiun, suppecU- 

To supply, suppleo; (fnraish), 

auppedito; (relieve), levo, sue* 

curro, subveaio 
A supplying, siqipeditatio 
A support (prop), fiilcram, oo- 

lumen; (&vour), gratia, tata- 

men. snbsidium 
To support (bear up), susteato, 

falcio ; (bear up under), tc^ero, 

patior ; (defead), defieado, vin- 

dico^ tneor; (assist), juvo^ aaxi- 

lior, succurro 
Supportable, tolerandus 
A supporter (patron), patronus; 

(in a building), telamo; (sup> 

porters in heraldry), animantw 

scuta sustinentia [nixns 

Supporting one's sel^ nixus, in- 
A supporting, defensio, sostea- 

tatio, auxikum 
Supposable, opi a abilis 
To suppose suppono ; (iiaagtne), 

opinor, reor, credo; [or aUow a 

thing), adnutto, ooncedo 
Supposiag, opinans, sntptcatos 
A sui90sing,er sappoaitioa,opinio 
Supposititious, sappoaititins 
To suppress, snppriaio^ aboleo 
Suppressing, sapprimens, repri- 

A suppressing, ( 

suppressio, coCrcitio 
To suppurate, suppuro 
Suppuration, suppuratio 
Suppurative, sappuratorias 
A snpputation, Bupputatio 
Supremacy, primatus 
Supreme, snpremus, snmmas 
A surcease, cesaatio, omisaio 
To surcease, supersedeo, oesso 
A surcharge, onus novum, or in- 

jnatum, crapula 
To Burehwge (ovcrioad),oaaa ia- 
justam imponere, nimls onerare 
A surcingle, cmgulum equinam 
A surcoat, tuniea exterior 
Surd, sardus 

Surdity (deafiiesa), sarditas 
Sure(certain ) , certns, manifestas ; 
(fisithlhl), fideUs, fidus; (safe), 
tutus, securus, inotdnmis ; (sta- 
Ue), stabilis,flnnuB; (footed), 
pes minim* labens 
To be sure, cert6 scire 
Surely (certainly), cert«,profeet5, 
certd, equidtm, san*; (fiiith- 
fnlly), bon& fide; (safely), tut 6, 
securi ; (sted&stly), firmi^ con- 

Sureneas, fldelitas, inoolamitaa, 

Suretyship, or a puttin|f in anre- 
ties, satisdatio, sptmsio 

Sarety, vadimonium 

A surety, vas; (for debt), pnf, 

To be surety, spondee 

To put in surety, vador 

The surface (outside), saperflcics 

A surfeit (by exeess), erapola; 
{or being surfeited with), aa- 
tietas [laor 

To surfeit one's self^ satnro, hel- 

Surfeiting, erapulam, fostidiam, 
or aauseam afferens 

A surge (wave), fluctus ingena 

A surgeon, chirnrgus 

Surgery (art of), ars ehimrgiea 

A surgery, officina cbirargiea 

Of surgery, chirurgiciu 

Surging, fluctuans 

A surging, undarum tnmaltiu 

Surgv, ductuosus, uudosua 

Surlily, uioros*, ferocitir 

Surliness, morositaa 

Surly, morosus, ferox 

To be surly, ferocio, snperino 

A surmise, suspicio 

To surmise, sospicor, imaginar 

To surmount, exsupero, vineo 

A Burmouoter, superator 

A surmounting, superatio 

A surname, cognomen 

To surname, cogoomtao 

To surpass. prKcelie. prac8t0,vittco 

Surpassable, superabilis 

Surpassing, superans, viaceaa 

A surpassing, praestautia 

Surpassingly, optim*, prcdar* 

A surplice, linteum amieulam aa- 

A surplus, anetarium 

A surprise, Surprisal, snperven- 
tus; (astonishment), coBster- 
aatio, animi stupo^ pavor, or 

To surprise {or come aaddealy), 
de im proviso snpervenire; (as- 
tonish), pereeUo; (fright), ter- 
reo, exterreo, pertnrbo; (a 
town), improvis6 capere 

Surprising (new. unexpected), 
novus, improvisus, inopinatas{ 
(astonisbini;, marvelloas), mi- 
nis, mirabihs, admirabilis, mea- 
tem perturbans 

Surprisingly, mirfe, mirabilitte 

A surrender, deditio 

To surrender (restore), reddo^ re- 
stituo, resigno ; (as a prisoner), 

A surrendering, deditio, ab^catio 

Surreptitious, surreptitius 
Surreptitiously, furtlm. clftm 

A surrogate, surrogatus, delegatna 

To surround, circurosto, circumdo 
Surrounding, cirenmdans 

A Burrouodtng, circuitio. circnitaa 

A survey (viewing), inqpeetio; 
(measaring). metatio 

To survey (view), Instro, inspee- 
to; (measure), metiw: (over- 
see), curok procuro 
A surveyor, inspector, metator, 
procurator, curator; (architect), 
architectus [toria 

A surveyorship, mnnns procua- 
Survival, Surviving, Buperstitie 

To survive, supervivo, i 
A survivor, snperstes 
A survivorship, munus snperstitia 
Susceptible, facil* auscipienB 
To BusottaM^ Buaeito, excito 

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To fospect, tospicor, saspeeto, 

Boapectiiig, mspicatiu, mspici* 

A laspecting, nupieio 

Sospente, dubiuin 

In suspense, dubios, iocertus, 
Buspensus, scrapulosai 

To be in suspense, dabito, hcsito 

To suspend (vr defer), suspendo, 
differo; (an assent), assensum 
Sttstinere; (remove for a time), 
ad tempos lemoTere, or inter- 

SospendinfT, sospendens 
• A suspension (suspense), suspen- 
sion haesitatio ; (from an office), 

muneriainterdictio; (of arms), 

A suspicion, snspicio 
Suspicions (distrustful), suspiei- 

osus, suspieax ; (so^ected), 

Suspiciously, suspicios^ 
Sttspiration (sigbing), suspiratio 
To sustain (prop, defend), su»- 

tento, sustineo, falcio, defendo, 

tueor; (bear, or suffer), susti> 

neo, fero, tolero, iiatior ; (a loss), 

detrimentum aecipere 
Sustainable, sustinendus 
A sustaining (supporting), sos- 

Sustenance, alimentum, vietus 
A anttler, canpo castrensis 
A suture, sutura 
A swabber, nauU inferior 
A swaddle, fiucia 
To swaddle, fisscio ; (cudgel), Ter- 

bero, verberibus ccdere 
A swaddling, fiuciis involutio 
To swag down, prcpondero ; (the 

arms), brachia jactare 
Swag-bellied, ventricosus 
To swage, mitigo, sedo 
To swagger, jacto, glorior 
A swi^fgerer, tbraso, jactatw 
A swasgering, ostentatio 
Swagpng down, propendens 
A swain, agrestis, colonus 
A swallow, hirondo 
To swi^w, sorbeo, absorbeo, 

hanrion ezbaurio; (greedUy), 

Toro, ingnrgito, devoro ; (one's 

wwda), dicta retractare 
A swallowing down, haustus 
A swamp, locus paludosus 
Swampy, paludosus, nebulosus 
A swan, cygrnus, olor _ 

Of a swan, cygneus, olorinus 
To swap (swop), commnto 
The sward (of bacon), cutis Isrdi; 

(of earth )» superficies agri gra> 

A swarm (great number), multi- 

tttdo; (Mbees), examen, grez; 

(of people), tnrba, magnns eon- 

To swarm (as bees), ezamino ; 

(or come tt^^ether in numbers), 

aaagnonnmeroeoneurrere; (or 

dimb up), adrepo 
Swarming with people, incolis, or 

populo firequens 
By swwms, tumatlm 
Swarthiness, nigredo, nigror 
Swarthy, ftiscus, nigellns 
To grow swarthy, nigresoo 
A swash of water, impetus aqua 
To swash, allido 
A swasher, jactator, thrtiso 
A swath, fascia, tenia; (of grass), 

striga fteni demessi 
To swathe, fasciis involTcre 
Sway (government, rale), impe- 

tram, dominium, dominatio, po- 
testas, domioatus, principatus, 
rerum administratio 

To sway (rule, govern), gubemo, 
impero, rego, res administrare; 
(wtth one), valeo 

To be swayed, gubemor, regor 

A swaying, guMrnatio 

To sweal (melt away), incqualitir 

To swear, juro ; (against), abjuro^ 
^uro ; (allegiance), fidei sacra- 
mentum dicere; (falsely), per- 
jufo; (one), juramentum ezi- 

A swearer, jurator 

A false swearer, peijurus 

A profane swearer, temeri dqe- 

A swearing (taking an oath), ju- 
ri^urandi interpositio ; (solemn 
swearing), dquiium 

Sweat, suaor 

To sweat, sudo, exsudo ; (all over), 
perfundi sudore, consudo ; 
(blood), sanguine sudare 

To cause sweat, sudorem dere 

Sweated out, exsudatus 

A sweater, sudator, sudatrix 

A sweating, sudatio; (place), su- 

Of sweating^sudatorius 

Causing sw^t, sudorificus- 

Sweaty, sudadSriaboriosus 

To sweep, verns everro, purgo; 
(stray, or carry off), anfero, ab- 
sumo, converro ; (before), pre- 

A sweeper, scoparitu; (of chim- 
neys), caminorum mundatw 

A sweeping, purgatio scopis 

Sweepings, purgamenta, quisqui- 

Sweet (pleasant to taste, or smell), 
dalcis, Jucundtts, suavis, gratus ; 
(breath), halitns suavittrolens ; 
(look), aspectus laetoa, frons 

The sweetbread, pancreas 

A sweet-ball, pastillna 

Sweet-cane, acorus 

Sweet-william, armeria 

A sweetheart, procns, amator ; 
(fismale), amica 

Sweetmeats, bdlaria 

Sweetsceuted, odoriferus 

To grow sweet, dulcesco, mitesco 

To sweeten, eduloo; (with su- 
gar, Ac.), saccharo oondire ; 
(pacify), paco, pacifieo, mitigo, 
mulceo, lenio 

To be sweet upon, adtilor, assen- 
tor, palpo 

A sweetener (sycophant), assen- 

A sweetening, conditura ; (pacify- 
ing), paciocatio, sedatio 

Sweetish, subdnlcis 

Sweetly (pleasantly), dule^ sua- 
vitir, grati ; (gently, smoothly), 
lenitte, mansuet^ p laci d t, tran- 

Sweetness, dulcedo; (of smell), 
snavitas; (of speech). hlanditiie, 
Buaviloquentia ; (of temper), 
affabilitas, mausuetudo, lenitas 

To swell (puff up), tumeo, tur- 

E», intnmesco ; (or grow in 
ngth, or breadth), cresco, ac- 
erescob augeor; (oat), promi- 
neo, exto 
To make swell, tumefacio, inflo 
Swelled, turgiduB, inflatus, tu- 

▲ swelling; tumor, inflatio ; (in 

the neck, ftc.), struma; (of the 

sea), cquoris asperitas 
To swelter, pen^ sufforari 
Sweltering, peni suffbcatus 
To swerve (go from), erro, aberro 
Swerving ftom, devius, deciinans 
A swerving from, dedexus 
Swift, celer, velox ; (of foot), le- 

vipes, alipe 
Swilily, celeritir, velocity 
Swiftness, celeritaa, velocitaa 
Swill (hogwasb), colluvies 
To swill, ingurgito, ebibo ; (rinse), 

lavo, abluo 
A swiller, ebriosus, temulentus 
Swilling down, ingurgitans, ebi* 

A swilling, ebriositas 
To swim, nato, do ; (i^aiiist the 

stream), adverso dumine navi- 

gare; (with the stream), se- 

eundo flumine vehi; (at the 

top), snpemato; (away), ab- 

nato; (back), reno; (before, or 

by), prKoato; (in), innato 
A swimmer, natator 
Swimming, nans, natans 
A swimming, natatio, natatiu; 

(of the head), vertigo 
Swimmingly, prosper^, bono snc- 

A swine, porcus, sus 
Of swine, porcillus, snillus 
A swine-herd, subulcus, suarius 
The swine- pox. boa 
Swine-like, more suis 
A swing (to swiD|; with), fonicu- 

Ins quo se quis jactat; (full 

desire), animus, cupiditaa ; 

(jerk), impetus 
To take his swing, animum ex* 

plere suum 
To swing, agito, jacto, libro ; 

(about), roto. eircumverto ; 

(brandish), torqueo, libro 
To swinge, verbero, flagello 
8win|(ed about, rotatus, libratns 
A swinger, librator 
Swinging (hanging), pendulns 
Swiuf^ing (very large), in^ns 
A swinnng (poising), hbratio ; 

(wheeling about), rotatao 
To swink. valdi iaborare 
A swipe, tolleno, grus 
A switch (rod), virga, vimen 
To switch, flagello 
A swivel, verticulum 
Swollen, tnmidus, turgidus 
A swoon, or swooning, deliqoinm, 

animi defectus 
To swoon, deliquium pati, deflcio 
To swop, commuto, permuto 
Swopped, commutatus 
A swopping, permutatio 
A sword, glaaias, ensis ; (naked), 

gladius Btrictus 
To put to the sword, ad inter- 

necionem ccdere 
A sword-bearer, ensifer ; (player). 

Of a sword-player, gladiatorius 

Bword-playiog, gladiatura 

A sycamore, sycoraorus 

A sycophant, sycophants, delator, 

adulator, astentator, susurro 
To play the sycophant adukw 
Syllabic, SyUsbical, syUabicas 
A sylUble, syllaba 
By syllables, syllabatlm 
Of one syllable, roonosyllabus 
Of two syllables, bisyllabua ; 

(three syllables), trisyllabus ; 

(four syllables), tetiasyllabus 
A syllogism, syllogismus 
SyUofistical, sjllogisticua 


Digitized by 





Syllogisticallj, s^Uc^tioi 

To Bfllogise, ratiocinor, per lyllo* 

S'lnuM, w logic* argumeiiUri 
an, tylvanas, •jlvaticus 
Aiymbol, tymbolum 
Symbolical, tymboliciu 
Symbolically, symbolic^ operti 
To irmbolise (denote), per sym* 

bolam indicare; (coDcar),eoD< 

■entio. eonveoio, coogruo 
A lymbolixiDg, aymbolica notatio 
Symboliciogwith. conaentieDa 
Symmetrical, joati proportione 

Symmetry, tymmetria 
Sympathetica!, Sympathetic, aym* 

Sympathetically, mutuo affectu 
To i|ympathixe,mutuA miaeratione 

affici, ar moveri 
Sympathising, aortem alicujua do- 

lena ex animo 
Sympathy, mutuua affectua ; (na- 
tural agreement of thinga), 

Symphony, aymphonia 
A aymptom, aymptoma,iDdiciam, 

Symptomatic Symptomatica!, 

A Bynagof ue, aynasoga 
Synchntnum, ayncbronismua 
A syncope (swooning), deliquinm, 

animi defectio 
A syncope, syncopa, eoncino 
A syndic, ayndicoa 
A qrnod, synodus, conventus 
Synodal, synodalia, synodicoa 
A synonym, vox synonyma 
Syuonymoua, aimilia aig^nificati- 

onia, synonymua 
A synopsis, synopsis 
A syntax, syntaxia, verbonun 

A syringe, syrinx, fistula 
To syringe, per s^ringem injieere 
Syringed, per synngem iigectus 
Syrup, syrupus 
A system, systema, corpus 
Systematical, ad systema perti- 

nena [tema 

Systematically, aecundum ays- 

Tabby, textum aericum nndu- 

A tabby-cat, felea or fdis macu- 

A taber, tympanum minus 

A taberer, tympanista 

A Ubemacle, tabemaculum 

Tabid, Ubidua, emaciatua 

A table, mensa, tabula 

Table-beer, eerevisia cibaria ; 
(cloth), mappa ; (discourse), 
labulK convivales 

Tables, abacua teaserarius 

To table (»r board), in conrictum 
aUquem pacto pretio admittere 

To play at tables, talis Indere 

A table (in a book), syllabus, in- 
dex; (for gaming), tabula lu- 
aoria; (man), latro 

A tabler, convictor quotidianua 

A tabling together, conrictus 

Tabular, Ubularis 

Tacit, tacituB 

Tacitly, tacitt 

Taciturnity, silentium 

A tack (nail), davulns; (wind), 
Tcotus obliqut flana 

To tack (ioin), ooi^ungo^ assno; 

(up), afflgo; (about, as a aaU- 
ing vesad), eursum obliqnare; 
(about, in opinion, &c.), con- 
ailia mutare 

Tacking together, assuens 

Tackle, w tackling, i^strumenta; 
(tor ships), armamenta narium 

Tactics, tactica 

Tactile, tactilis 

A tad-pole, gyrinus 

A tag (young sheep), oricnla; 
(of a lace), oracteola 

To tag (a lace), bracteolam in. 
serere; (after), poni seqni 

Tag-rag, £rx populi 

A tail, Cauda; (of a |^rment). 
Testis tractus; {fir hmdermost 
part), postrema pars; (piece), 
omamentum ad finem appo- 
situm [actum 

Taillaxe, tributum veritlm ex- 

Taile^ caudatua 

A tailor, vestiariua, sarttnr 

A taint (infection), contagium; 
(blemish), macula, labes ; 
(crime), accuaatio 

To taint (aef.),corrumpo,infteio; 
(awe.)* I>utresco ; (accuse), 
acctuo, erinco 

Tainted, infectus; (of a crime), 
accusatns, convictus 

Taintless, purua, contagionis ex- 

To take, capio, aecipio, r«cipio, 
anmo; (succeed), succedo, pros- 
peri erenire ; (undersUud), 
mtelligo, app|«bendo; (by the 
hand), dextras conjungere, ma- 
nu prehendere; (about), am- 
plector; (a ditch), fossam trans- 
ire; (aifter), imitor; (after a 
father), patrisso; (the air), de- 
ambulo, apricor ; (air),eTulgor, 
paltoi enunciari; (alarm), per- 
turbor, excitor ; (aside), ae- 
Tooo ; (asunder), separo, se- 
iungo ; (away, or clear the 
table), fercula de mensA tol- 
lere; (away by force), apolio, 

A taker of adrice, deliberator; 
(away), raptor, direptor, spo- 

A Uking. assnmptio ; (of adrice), 
deliberatio; (away), ademptio, 
direptio, apoliatio; (back a- 
gain ) , resumptio ; ( before ) , an- 
ticipatio, prcoccupatio ; (hold 
of)> prehensio : (to), assnmptio; 
(of work by the great), operia 

Taking upon himaelf, ad ae red- 

A talbot, Tcrtagiu 

A tale, fabula, narratio; (false), 
figmentum ; (of a tub), anilia 
fabula, Sicttls germ 

The tale of money, sheep, ftc, re- 
censio, numerus 

A tale-bearer, snsurro, gerro 

A tdler of merry tales, congerro 

To tell tales, confabulor, fabulaa 
narrare; (lie), mentior 

A talent, talentum ; (endow- 
ment), dos, facultas 

Of good talents, magni judidi ; 
(of mean talenta), obtusi in- 

A talisman, imagoncula magica 

Talk (mineral), talciun; (dia- 
oQurse), colloquium, eonfabu- 
latio, sermo 

Idle talk, nug», gerrc 

Foolish talk, stultiloquentia 

To talk, oonCabalor, coUoqnor; 

(at random), 
evomere; (backwarda and for- 
wards), perplex* loqni ; (of 
abroad), vulgo. divulgo; (idly), 
nugasdicere; ( softly ),aaaiurrek 
mussito; (to).alloquor; (with), 
cum aliquo conferre ; (to no 
purpose), incassiun loqni 
TalkatiTe, loquax; (fellow), lo> 

Juaculns, locutuleiua 
kativeness, garrulitaa 
Haring talked, locutua, oonfiabn- 

A great talker, Tcrbosna 
An idle talker, gerro 
Tdkini^, loquax, garraliii 
A talkmg (together), oon&lm^ 

latio; (much), garrulitaa; (to 

one's self), soliloquium 
Tall, procerus, altua, cdaiu 
Tallage, veetigal 
Tallnesa. proceritaa 
Tallow, sebum ; (chandler), can. 

delarum sebacearum venditor 
To tallow, sebo, sero 
Of tallow, sebaceua 
Tallowish. sebosua 
A tally, tessera, talea 
To tally {or mark on a tally), tes. 

sens numerum notare ; (ar 

agree with), conTenio, qnadro 
The talmud, liber rituaUa Babbi% 

A talon, unguis 
A tamariud, tamarindoa 
A tamarisk, myrica 
Tame, mansuetus, mitia, lenis 
To tame, mansue&do, domo 
To grow tame, manavesco^ mU 

Tameable, domabilis 

Tamely, mansuett, lenitto 

Tameness, mansuetudo 

A tamer, domitor, domitrix 

A taming, domitua 

To tamper, aolicito ; (with a dia> 

ease), imperii* carati<mem 

morbi tentare 
A tampering with, aolidUtio 
Tan, cortex ad coria infidenda 

adhibit us 
To tan (leather), corium oortiee 

inflcere; (sunburn), aole adn- 

A Unpit, fovea ad coria depsenda 
Tanned leather, corium depatiun; 

(sunburnt), sole aduatua 
A tang, sapor ingratna 
A tansent, tangens 
Tangibility, qualitas tadilia 
Tangible, tangibilis, Uctilia 
To tangle, implico, irretio 
A tankard, cantharua, data 
A tanner, coriariua 
Tansy, tanacetum 
Tantalism, spes vana, or decepta 
To tantalize, yan& ape allicere 
Tantamount, Kquivalena 
Atap,sipho,epistomium; (blow)« 

ictiM leris 
To Up, dolium relinere; (give « 

tap), leritte percutece ; (the 

belly), humorem epjatoinio 

ventri inserto dicere 
1k^, ritta ex filo contexia 
A taper, cereus 
Taper («^'.), pyramidatns 
Tapestry, tapea. auhea 
A tapestry-maker, phrygio 
A tap-bouse, cerevisiarium 
A Upster, caupo ceremiarioa 
Tar, pix liquidk 
To tar, pice liquidA oblinere 
Tardily, tard*, pigr^ lent* 
Tardity, tarditaa, mora 

Digitized by 





Tardy (alow), tardua, pig^, len- 
tils; (gruilty), ions, nocen* 

To be tiural7, pecoo, erro 

Tare, ioTolucn pondot 

Tait*, vicia, sisanium 

A target, clypeat, ■cntrini ; 
(round), panna; (short). pelta, 

To tarnish, inftisco; (be tar- 
nished), infoscor, nitorem per- 
dere ; (the reputation), fiunam 

A tarpanlinir. pannus eannabinus 
pice liquidA illitns; (aailor), 
menu nauta 

Tarraa, ccmentum intritom 

Tarried, moratus, cnnctatna ; 
(for), expectatua 

A tarrier, morator, eeasator 

To tarry, maneo, moror; (for), 
ezpecto, opperior; (all nijrht), 
pemocto ; (behind), tergiver- 

To make to tarry, sisto 

Tarrying for, expectana, praesto- 
lana; (all night), pernox 

A tarrying, cunctatio, mora ; 
(for), ex^ectatio; (all night), 

Turt (sharp), acidua. acerbna, 
acer, austems, acidulua, mor- 

To grow tart, aceaco 

A tart, acriblita; (maker), acri- 

Tartly, acritir, acerbi, auateri 

l^tftnesa, aeerbitaa, acor 

Tartar, Tini aridi tez, tartarum 

A taak, penaum 

To taak, penaum injungere 

A taaking, penai injunctio 

A taskmaster, exactor operia 

A taaael, omamentum pendu- 

A taate {or taating), gnatua, gna- 
tatua; (in thinga), aapor 

Without taate, inaipidus, inaulaua 

To taate (lishtW), libo, delibo, 
gnato; (beforehand), prKguato, 
prxlibo ; (have ataate of), aapio 

A taatCT (cup), gustatorium 

A taating, gnatatio 

Taateless, insipidus, inaulaua 

A tatter, pannua laceratns 

Tattle, gerra, nugc; (basket), 
loquax, dicaculus 

To tattle, garrio. hlatero 

A tattler, garrulua, loquax, nn- 


A tattling, loqnadtaa 

A tarem, tabema Tinaria ; (man), 

' Of a taTem. tabemariua 
A taunt, dicterium, oouTicium; 

(bitter), sarcasmus 
To taunt, calnmnior, convicior 
A tannter, conviciator 
Taunting, conrieians. roordax 
A taunting, exprobratio 
Tauntingly, per deridiculum 
Taatdiiogf, repetition iteratio 
To taw, depso, macero 
Tawdruess, omatua affectatua 
Tawdry, affectatua 
Tawdry dreaa, veatitiia splendor 

Tawny, foacna. fulTua 
A tax, veetigal. cenaua; (upon 

land), agrorum tributa 
To tax, taxo, censeo; (coasts), 

litem Kstimare; (blame), cul- 

po, aecuBO, criminor, reprehen- 

00. redarguo 
Taxable, Tcctigalis 
A taxation, or taxing^ taxatio 

A taxing (blaming), accuaatio 

A taxer, taxator 

A tax-gatherer, tributi exactor 

Tea, thea 

To teach, docep, inatituo, emdio ; 

(boya), pue^ litena imbuere 
Teachable, docilia, aptua 
A teacher, doctor, preceptor, 

magiater, prsmonatrator 
Teaching, docena 
A teaching, inatitntio 
A teal, queranedula 
A team, rheda 
A tear, lachryma; (rent), ilaanra. 

Worthy of teara, deflendua, lugu- 

Beady to abed teara, lachryma- 
bundtu; (full of teara), lachry- 

To shed tears, lachrymo, fleo 

Shedding tears, lacbrymans, fiena 

A sheddiug of teara, lachrymatio 

To tear (in pieces), lacero, scindo, 
disctndo, dilacero, lanio; (be 
torn), laceror; (m* rant along), 
debacchor, tumultuor 

A tearer, lacerator 

A tearing, laceratio, dilaceratio 

Tearing, lacerans ; (loud, or 
strong), stentoreus; (or rery 
fine), magnificos, aplendidus 

To tease (vex), vexo, cmcio, tor- 
qneo ; (wool), lanam carmi- 

A teasing, solicitatio assidua 

A teaster (6d.), sex denarii 

A teat (breast) mamma, uber ; 
(nipple), papilla 

To tease. See Teate 

Techiness, iracundia, proterritas 

Technical, technicus, artificialis ; 
(word), vocabnlum arti pro- 

Techy, iracnndus, morosns 

Tedded, ordinibus positns 

A tedder, retinaculum 

Tedious (lasting, long), diutnr- 
nua, lon^a; (alow), tardua, 
lentua; (irksome), gravis, mo< 

Tediously, diutinft, lougi, tard«, 
lenti, molest^ g^ravitfir 

TediousnesB, long|itudo, tarditaa, 
tKditmi. molestia 

To teem, abundo, eff^do 

Teeming, foecundua, acpi pneg- 

Teeth, dentea ; (cheek), maxil- 
larea'dentea; (eye), dentea ca- 
nini; (fore), dentea inciaorea; 
(k*S)i dentea exerti 

To breed teetb, dentin 

Breedin|r teeth, dentiena 

A breeding of teeth, dentitio 

Haring teeth, dentatua 

Breaking the teeth, denti frangi- 

Teeth-powder, denti£ricium 

A tegument, tegumentum 

A temt. or tint, color 

A teleacope, teleacopium 

To tell, dico, nuncio, narro, aigni- 
flco; (or blase abroad), divol- 
go, publico; (i^;ain), recito,re- 
peto; (before), nrndico; (or 
acquaint one with), narro, in- 
dico, nuncio ; {or admoniah of), 
moneo, admoneo; {or reckon 
.up), numero, computo ; (re- 
late), memoro, enarro, refero 

A telltale, delator, obtrectator 

A teller, narrator; (of atoriea). 
fabnlator; (of fortunes), fati- 
dicna; (numborer), nomerator 

A telling, narratio; (reckonmg), 

numeratio, computatio 
Temerarious, temerarius 
Temerity, temeritas 
Temper (constitution of body), 

constitutio, corporis temperies; 

(humour, nature), ingenium, 

animus, indoles ; (moderation), 

moderatio, aeqaitaa 
Of an agreeable temi>er, ftcetua 
Of a genteel temper, liberalia in> 

genii [cupidua 

or an aspiring temper, imperii 
An eren temper, animus equua ; 

(an uner^u temper), animus 

Agreeableness of temper, festiTi- 

tas ; (disagreeableness), mora- 

The temper of ateel, temperatura 
To temper (the paasiona), ani- 

mum moderari ; (mingle), mia- 

ceo, commisceo ; (iron, Ac.)« 

A temperament (expedient), mo- 

daa, ratio ; {or constitution of 

body), constitutio, or temperies 

Temperance, moderatio, tempe- 

With temperance, temperate 
Temperate, temperatus; (calm), 

serenus, tranqaillas 
Temperately, temperantir, mode- 
rate, modici, sobrift 
Temperateness of weather, ooeli 

temperies cqoalis 
Temperature, temperamentum 
A tempering, admixtio 
A tempest, tempestas, procdla 
Tempestuous, procellosns, tnr- 

A temple, templum, sdes saone 
The temples of the head, tern- 

Temporal, temporalis ; (unhal- 
lowed), secularis, profonus 
Temporalities, teroporalia 
Temporally, ad tempus 
Temporary, temporarius 
To temporize, tempori succum- 

A temporizer, qui scens serrit 
A temporizing, assentatio 
To tempt (try), tento, Conor, ur- 

gredior ; (entice), solicito, pu- 

licio, allicio 
A temptation (enticement), ten- 

tatio, illecebra; (to anger), ir- 

A tempter, tentator, allector 
The tempter, diabolus 
A tempting, illecebra 
Temptin|r, alliciens, pellax 
Ten, decim, deni 
Of ten, denarius 
Ten times, decies 
Ten years old, decennia 
Ten yeara' apace, decennium 
The ten at cards, decas 
The ten commandments, deca- 

Tenable, tenendns 
Tenfold, decnplus, decemplex 
Tenacious, tenax,^ertinax 
Tenaciously, tenacity 
Tenaciouaneaa, tenacitaa, perti- 

A tenant, inqnilinua 
Tenanted, mercede condoctua 
A tench, tinea 
To tend (attend), comitor, cu< 

ro; (to, or aim at), specto, 

A tendency (inclination), propen« 

Digitized by 





■io, indiiMtio; (drift, vr de- 

*iKn)> propoMtum, ooDsiliam 
Tender (mu), tener, mollia ; 

(nice, dainty), delicatu* ; 

(hearted), miaericors, benero- 
' lus i (•cruputous). Bcrapulotui, 

luesitans, dubitans 
Tender-beartedneaa, mieericordia 
A tender (guard), coBtos; (offer), 

conditio oblaU; (imali sbip), 

lembos, navifi(^am; (waiter). 

Made tender, emoUitna, moUitns 
To make tender, emollio, mollio 
To grow tender, teneresco 
To tender {or offer), porrigo, of- 
fero; (regard), indolgeo, euro ; 
(love, w Talue), amo, diligo 
Tender usage, dementia 
A tender ci money, pecunis re- 

A tendering, oblatio 
Tenderly, teneri, moUitte 
Tendemeai, teneritas ; (lore, 
kindncM), benetolentia, cari- 
taa, amor; (indulgence), indul- 
gentia; (•ompulouaneM), acru- 
puloM dubitatio 
Tending to, spectans 
A tending, curatio, cum 
A tendon, tendo 
A tendril, clavicnla; (of cole- 

worts, &c.), cyroa 
Tendrils, cartila«ines minores 
Tenebrous, tenebrosus 
A tenement, domos, cdes 
Tenerity, teneritas 
A tenet, dotrma, placitnm 
A tennis-bul, pila lusoria 
Tennis-play, piUr ludus 
A tenor, impages, cardo 
The tenor [pr chief course of a 
matter), tenor, series; (chief 
intent, or purpose), proposi- 
torn; (sense, or meaning), sen- 
sns, ▼erborum ris; (in music), 
tenor, sonus subgravis 
Tense [gr^^-)* tempus 
Tension, tensio 

A tent, tentorium; (in a fair), 
▼elabrum; (for a wound), lina- 
mentum; (camp), castra 
A tenter, pannitendium 
A tenter-hook, uncus hamns 
The Unth, decimus 
The tenth time, decimbm 
Tenthly, deeirod 
Tenths, decima 
Tenuity, tenuitas, gradlitas 
A tenure, tenura, jus tenendi 
Tepid, tepidus, egelidus 
Tepidity, tepor 
A terce, triens 

To terebrate, terebro, perforo 
Terebration, terebratio 
Tergirersation, tergiversatio 
A term (word, or expression), 
▼erbum : (bound, or lunit), ter- 
minus, limes; (limited time), 
tempus prKStitutum; (condi> 
tion), conditio, lex; (woman's 
terms), menses, menstrua; 
(law-terms), termini [justitium 
Space between term and term, 
IH) term (nam^, toco, nnncupo 
A termagant, mulier rixosa 
Termed, appellatu^ vocatus 
To terminate (limit), termino. 11- 
mito; (in), terminor; (a dif- 
ference), htes componere, con> 
troTersiam dirimere 
A terminating, or termination 
(bounding), terminatio; (con- 
cluding), conclusion exitas» 

Ternary, temariiu 

A terrace- walk, terrenus agger 

Terraqueous, ex terrft et aqui 

A terrar, terrarhim 
Terrene, Terreous,> terrenus 
Terrestrial, terrestris 
Terrible, terribilis, horrendus, di- 
ms, airox; (in looks), torrus, 
truculcntus; (Tery), perhorri- 
Terribleness, terror, horror 
Terribly, terribilitir. atrocitir 
TerriAc, tenens. terrificns 
To terrify, terreo, territo 
To be terrified, borresco, terreor 
Terrified, territus, perterritus 
Terrifpng, terrene, territans 
A territory, territorium, ditio 
Terror, terror, formido 
Terse, tersns, lautus, Icris 
Tertian, tertianus 
Tesselated, tessdatns 
A test (trial), examen ; (witness), 
testis ; (oath), sacramentum 

ino cgoratur anetoritas ponti- 

Testaceous, testacens 

A testament, testamentnm 

Testamentary, testamentarius 

A testator, testatw 

A tester (M.), sex denarii; (of a 
bed), lecti lunbella 

Testicles, tesCiculi. testes 

Testification, testificatio 

A testifier, testificator 

To testify, testor, testifieor 

A testifying, testification teatatio 

TestimoniiQ, testimonialis 

A testimonial, literae testimo- 

A testimony, testimonium ; (of a 
good consdenoe), conscientia 
Deni actc vitn 

To bear testimony, testor 

In testimony of respect, causA 

Testily, morosi, proterri 

Testiuess, morositas 

Testy, morosus, perricax 

A tether, retioacolnm 

To tether, compedes injicere 

A tetrach, tetrarcha 

A tetrarchate, tetrarchia 

A tetter, impetigro 

To tew, Conor, nitor 

A text, thema ; (wwda of an au- 
thor), scriptoria verba genuina 

Text-letters, Utene uneti^ 

A texture, textura 

Than, ae, atque. qoam 

To thank, grmtias agcre 

Thankful, gratna 

Thankfully, grati, grato 

Thankfulness, gratitudo 

Thankless, ingratus 

Thanks, ^tia, grates 

Thanksgiring, gratiarnm actio 

Thanksworthy, gratiis dignus 

That, pro*, ille, is, iste; (who, 
which), qui; wi. nt, ne,^u6d, 

Hm same that, or as, idem a^ 
atque, et, ut 

Sedng that. Since that, eikm, 
quum, quandob q^uandoquidem, 
quia, quoniam, siqoidem; (in- 
somuch that), ade6 ut, usqui 
ade6 ut; (so that), dum, duro- 
mod6, modd, ade6, ut, si, si 

Thatch, cnlmus, stipula 

To thatch, cnlmis tegere 

Thatched, culmis teetaa 

A thaw, ghuad NMriatia 

To thaw, regdo; (be thatved), 

gdor, soWor 
A theme, thema. argomentum 
A theatre, theatrnm 
Theatrical, theatricns, theatralia 
Theft, furtum. latrocinium 
ThemseWes, se, sese, semet, ae- 
ipsos, semetipsos, aeipsaa^ ae- 
Of themselves, sui 
They themsdves, illi ipsi,iUK ipac 
Then. tum. tunc. ibi. eodem tem- 
pore; (after that), turn, ind^ 

posleii, deindt. exindi; (there- 
fore), ergo, igitur, iddrco 
Thence, ind^ ilUne, isthlnc 

Theological, theolocicus 

Theologically, theologon 

Theology, theologia 

A theouigist, theologns 

A theorbo, testudo 

A theorem, theorema 

Theoreroatical, theorematicaa 

Theory, tbeoretice, oontemplatio 

Tbenqteuties, therapeatioe 

There, ibl. UUc, istic 

Thereafter, exindi, deindi ; (at), 
de. m, in IDA re ; (b;), ed^ ind«; 
(fore), idcirco, itii, Uttoae, o:^ 
igitur, perind^ proindi, pimn, 
proptereA, ea propter, e4 le ; 
(from), indi, exindfe, ddndi^ ab 
eo, ex eo 

A thesis, thesis, positio 

They, ii, illi, isti, ec. ilbe. isttt 

Thick (not thin), spiasns, densns. 
crassus; (large), amj^os, lar- 
gos, Istus, crassus; (fiat), obe- 
sns; (muddy), lutcwiu, coeao- 
sus.feculentus; (skinned), eal- 
losus; (skulled), pingne inge- 
nium ; (together), densns, fee- 
quens, eonfertus; (of hearing), 

Thick and threefold, catervatka 

To thicken, spia 
(make thick). « 

A thickening, oondensatio 

Thickest (closest),C(n' ' 

A thicket, dumetnm 

Thickly, densi, spissA, cravsi 

Thickness, densitas ; (of hear- 
ing), auditiks giaritaa ; (fre- 
quency), freqnentii^ erebritas 

A thief, fur, laTcmio 

To thieve, furor, snrripio 

Thievery, funum 

A thieving, direptio, expOatio 

Of thieving, furtificus 

Thievish, furtivns 

Thievishly, furadtte 

Thievishness, furadtaa 

The thigh, ftaiur, eosa 

A thill, temo 

A thimble, dictate 

Thin (not thick), rarus, tcanis; 
(easy to be discovered), pdlu- 
ddus : (few), inf requeue; (leau), 
macer, macilentua ; (light), 

To grow thin, rateseo, maoeaeo 

To make thia, rarefisdo ; (or 
slender), attenuo, t^oo, ab- 
rado ; {or lean), cmado; (a 
garden thin), disraro 

A making thin, attenoado 

Thine, tuus 

A thin^. res, aegotium 

Anv thing, quicquam, quidnam 

Things (goods), bona; (clothes, 
Ac.), vestitus, apparatua; (of 
no value), ineptis, augK 

Above all things, imprimis 

To think (believe, suppose^ iaa> 
gine), puto, i 

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tror, opinor, existhno, cen«eo; 
<a|;aiii), recoeito; mach of a 
thing), aliquid srri ferre ; (of, 
<ni, or upon), delibero, coutem- 
|dor, considero; (beforehand), 
fnemeditor; (light of), panri 
pendere; (otherwise), dissen- 
tio; (wellof), probo.comprobo 

'nunking, cogitans, meditaas 

A thinking, cogitatio, reputatio; 
(upon), meditatio, detiberatio; 
(beforehand), praenieditatio 

Thinly, tenoitir, exilittr 

Thinneas, raritas, raritudo 

The third, tertina 

A third, triens 

Of a third, tertiannt 

Tliirdly, tertiO, tertidm 

To thirl (pierce), penetro, perforo 

Thtrat, aitia ; (of richea, honour, 
Ac), divitiarum, honorom, &c, 

To thirat, sttio 

To be thirsted alter, ritior 

Thirstily, sitientftr 

ThirstT. aitiens, aridtis 

Very thirsty, «ti fer« eneotns 

Blood-thirsty, sangninariua 

Thvteen, tredecim 

The thirteenth, decimns tertina 

Thirteen times, tredecifta 

Thirty, triginta. triceni 

Of thirty, triGenarins 

Thirty timea, tricits, ter deeiia 

The thirtieth, tricesimus 

This, hie, iste 

To thia place, haensqui 

In this place, hlc 

From this place, hinc 

By this way, hte [pos 

A thistle, cardans ; (down), pap- 
Thistly, carduis obdnetus 

Thither, e6, iU6, illtic, isttc 

Thitherto, eatenha 

Thitherward, illorshm 

A thong, lomm, corrigia 

Of thonga,loreu8 

A thorn, spina ; (black), pmnns 
sytreatris; (white), oxyacantha 

Bearing thtfms, spinifer 

Thorny, spinosns, spinena 

A place where thorns grow, spi< 

A thomback, raia darata 

Thorough, per 

A thoroughfare, via perria 

Thoroughpaced, perfectua 

Those, Uli. isti 

Thon, tu, ipse 

Tbongh, ut, etsi, licet, tametsi, 
etamai, qnanquam, qoamvis ; 
(nererthefess), tamen, Terun- 
tamen, nihilominus 

As though, veliM, TcHlt, perindft 
qoa^ tanquiim, tanqnim si 

Thought (a thinking upon),cogi- 
tatio, meditatio 

A thought (thing thought on), 
eogitatum; (care, or concern), 
cura, solicitodo, anxietas ; (con- 
trivance), inTentio,excogitatio ; 
(aim, or design), propositum, 
eonatuB, consilium 

To take thought for, euro, pro- 
video, consulo; (be concerned 
at), doknre afflci 

Thoughtful, solieitna, anxius ; 
(wary, conaiderate), considera- 
tns, providus, consultus, pru- 
dens, circumspectus 

To bethoughtfiil about (consider), 
eontemplor, speculor, considero, 
perpenao; (for, or troubled 
about), anger, pertnrbor, ao- 


Thoughtfully, cauti, coi 
prudenttr; (anxionaly). 


ThonghtAilnesB,cantio, solicitudo, 

Thoughtleas, incoiMideratua, im- 

prudens, temerariua, praeceps 
Thoughtlessness, inoonsiderantia 
A thousand, mille, millia 
Two thousand, duo millia, bis 

Of a thousand, milliariua 
A thousand timea, milliea > 
The thousandth, millesimna 
Thrall, or thraldom, servitus, ler- 

Thread, fllum; (in cloth, or silk), 

licium ; (for weaving), linum, 

To thread, fllum inserere in fo- 
ramen acts 
Thread by thread, fllatlm 
Threadbare, tritus, detritus 
The thread of a discourse, tenor 
A threat, minatio, mins 
To threaten, minor, comminor 
Threatening, minax, minitana 
A threatening, eomminatio 
Threateningly, minacitir 
Three, trea, trini, temi 
The three (at cards, Ac.), triaa 
Of three, trinns, temarins 
Three divers ways, trifaritoi 
In three parts, tripartitus 
Threefold, triplex, triplus 
To make threefold, tripKco 
Three-cornered, triangularis 
Three davs* space, triduum 
Having thice colonrs, tricolor 
Three feet long, tripedalia 
Three-headed, triceps; (homed), 

tricomis; (shaped), triformia 
Three nights' space, trinoctium 
Of three pounds' weight, trilibris 
Three-pointed, tricuspis 
Having three teeth, tridens 
Three years' space, triennium 
Three years old. trimus, trimulus 
Three-forked, trifurcus 
Threescore, sexaginta 
Of threescore, sexagenarins 
Threescore times, sexagiH 
Threescore and ten, septuaginta 
Three hundred, trecenti 
Three hundred timet, trecentiis 
To thresh (com), flagello, tri- 

bulo ; (beat ), ccdo 
A thresher, triturator 
A threshing, tritnra; (floor), area 

tritnm accommodata 
A threshold, limen 
Thrice, ter 

Thrice as much, triple, triplua 
Thrift, frngalitas, parsimoaia 
Thriftily, friigalit^, parei 
Thriftiness, parsimonia 
Thrifty, frugalis, parens, firugi; 

(servant), servus home frugi 
To thrill (drill), terebro 
To thrive (prosper), vigeo, valeo, 

floreo, ditesoo ; (in fliesh), pin- 

A thriring in the world, prdsperi- 

tas; (in flesh), corporu auctns 
Thrivingly, prosper^, felicitto 
The throat, guttnr, gula, jugulum 
Of the throat, gutturalis 
Throat-cut, ju|;ulatua 
To throb, palpi to, mico, subsilio 
A throbbing, palpitatio 
A throne, sohum, thronns, regia 

dignitaa, summa potestas 
To throng (or crowd), premo; 

(to a i^ace), eatervatlm con- 

A throng, tnrba, freqnentia 

Thronged, pressus, coarctatua 

To throttle, strangulo, ango; (to 
death), Uiqueo interimere 

Throttled, strangulatus, prsfo- 

A throttling, atrangulatio 

Through, a. ex, per, propter 

Through and through, penitha, 
omnia6, prorsiis 

Throughout, per totum 

A throw (or cast), jactna 

To throw (east, or fling), jacto, 
jacio, mitto, conjicio 

A thrower, jaculator; (down), 

A throwing, jactus, jactatua ; (at), 
petitio; (away), abjectio; (of 
a dart), jaculatio; (down), de> 
jectio, detarbatio, demolitio, 
prccipitatio ; (from a horse), 
ab equo excussio; (in), injeo> 
tio; (off)i abjectio; (out), Qec> 
tio. repudiatio; (over, or be- 
yond), trajectns 

To be thrown out (in an election), 
rejicior, suffragiis excludi; (or 
distanced), i stadio excludi 

Throws. Throes, laborea 

To thram, imperiti pulsare 

A thrush (bird), turaua 

The thrush (disease), aphtha 

A thmst, impetus, ictus 

To thrust, impello, trudo; (with 
a sword), ferro aliqnem petere; 
(against), obdo ; (back), re- 
peUo; (down), detrudo, detur> 
bo; (forward), propello; (for- 
ward, or make haste), featino, 
accelero ; (into), ingero, intra- 
do ; (oat), expello, exdudo, 
cgicio, abigo, arceo ; (through), 
perfcdio, transfigo 

A thruster, impulsor 

A thrusting back, repulsio ; (for- 
ward), impulsio; (ti^petbar), 

A thumb, poUex 

Of the thumb, polHcaria 

A thumbstall, dig^tale 

To thumb. poUice terere 

A thump, ictus [pnlso 

To thump, tundo, obtondo ; (at), 

A thumper, puUator 

A thumping, puUatio, pulsus 

Thunder, tonitru; (struck), side- 
ratus, attonitns, de coelo tact us 

To thunder, fulmino, tono ; (a- 
gain), retono; (greatly), de- 
tono; (down upon), anperin- 

A thunder-clap, tmgat oceli ; 
(bolt), fulmen 

Of thunder, fulmineus 

A thunderer, fulminator 

A thundering, fulminatio 

Thundering (from above), altito- 
nans; (voice), vox stentorea 

Thursday, dies Jovis 

Thus, ita, hoc modo, sic, ad hunc 
modom ; (far), hacteniu, hue 
usqui; (much), tanttun 

A thwack, ictus, verber 

To thwack, verbero, fustigo 

A thwacking, verberatio 

Thwart, transversus, obliquua 

To thwart, contradico, adverser 

Thwarting, contrarius, repug^nana 

A thwarting, contradictio 

Thy, tuns 

Thyme, thymum 

Belonging to thvme, thymimia 

Full of thyme, thymosns 

To tice, allicio 

A tick (insect), riciniu; (for « 

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bed), eulcitra; (•mall palsa- 

tioD). ictus lem; (trust), fldea 
A ticket, tessera 
To tickle, titillo; (the ftuiey), 

A tickling, titillatio 
Ticklish, titillationis impatiens ; 

(captious), captiosns, morosus ; 

(nice), lubrictts, dilBcilis ; (dan- 

rrous), periculosas 
(dainty), delicatolas 
Tidbits, dapes opimc 
To tiddle, nimls indulgere 
Tlie tide, Kstos nuuris; (ebb of), 
reflnxus maris; (spring), elu- 
Ties; (neap), Kstos maris de- 

With the tide, secondo flamine 
Ap^ainst tide, adverso flumine 
Tide (time), tempus, tempestas 
Tidings, nuncius, rumor, fama 
To bring tidings, nuncio 
A briuger of tidings, nuncius 
A bringing of tidinp, nunciatio 
Tid^, concmnus, soTers, habilis 
A tic; nexus, vinculum 
To tie {or bind), alligo, ligo, ob- 

ligo, rincio, coustringo, ob- 

stringo ; (about), circumligo, 

drcumvincio; (back), revincio; 

(before), prsUgo, prxvincio ; 

(together), coputo ; (to), astrin- 

go; (with a knot), in nodum 

To be tied (in bed), constringor; 

(b^ the laws), legibus impediri 
A tiff (quarrel), contentio, lis, 

jnrgium, riza; (of drink), mo- 
A tiger, tigris; (cruel person), 

homo crudelis 
Of a tiger, tigrinas 
A tigress, tigris femina 
Tight (neat), nitidus, comptns, 

oeltts, concinnns, scitus; (fast), 

arctus, strictus, constrictus ; 

(safe), tutus, salvos; (sound), 

sanns, validus 
Tightly, nitidt, arcti 
A tile, tegula 
A gutter-tile, imbrex 
Of a tile, tegularis 
To tile, tegulis obdueere 
A tiler, tegolaruro structor 
The tiling, tegnlum, tegillum 
Till, dnm, donte, anteii quian, 

ante quim, antM, nisi, quoJd 
A till, loculus 

To till, colo, subigereagrum 
Tillage, agricultura 
A tiller (of the ground), agricola ; 

(of a bow), arc&s comn ; (of a 

boat), cymbB gubemaculum, 

or davus 
A tilting, cultus aratio 
A tilt, decursio 
A tilt-doth, tentorium 
A tilt-yard, decnrsionis equestris 

To tilt a barrel, cadnm inclinare 
The tilting of a barrel, cadi indi- 

Timber, materia, lignum ; (work), 

materiatura; (merchant), ma- 

teriarios; (yard), £sbrica mate- 

Of timber, materiarius 
To timber, ligno constmere 
WeUtimbered. beni structus 
A timbrel, tympanum; (player), 

tympani pulsator 
Time, tempus; (leisure), otinin, 

tempus vaciTum 
For a time, ad tempus 
Leisore-tiroes, hors snbsedTK 

A long time, dih. Jamdudhm 

In due time, tempestivus 

Out of time, intempestivns 

Time out of mind, multis ante 

About that time, per id tempos 

About this time, in prvsenti, 
jam, nunc ; (another time), 
ali^ alio tempore; (that time), 
eo tempore tunc; (any time), 
unqutoi ; (no time), nunquium ; 
(what time). quand6; (what 
time soever), quandocunqoi 

If at any time, siquandd, sicnbl 

For that time, ut temporibus illis 

From this time, in futnrum, de- 

In doe time, teropestivi, tempore 

In a short time, brevi tempore, 

In a year's time, vertente anno 

Of late time, nupir 

In time past, oUm, quondlmi; 
(time to come), deind^ dcbbic ; 
(the mean time), interim, ioter- 
eA; (the day-time), interdib, 

After a long time, post diem Ion- 

Before this time, antehitc ; (that 
time), ant^ anteii 

Of time, temporalis 

Of old time, anti«|uittis 

From the beginning of time, ab 
aevo, post homines natos 

To that time, eateniu 

To time well, tempestivi agere 

lU-timed. intempMtivus 

Well-timed, tempestiws 

Three times, ter; (lour), qua- 
ter; (many), scpi, scpenn- 

At all times, semper 

How many times soever, qooties- 

Timely, opportnnns, tempesti- 

voB ; adv. tempestivi 
Time-serving, tempori cedens 
Timid, timidus. pavidus 
Timidity, timiditas, timor 
Timorous, timidus, pavidus 
Timorously, timidi, pavidi 
Timoronsness, timor, metns 
Tin, stannom, plumbum album 
Of tin, stanneos 
A - tinman, stanneomm instru- 

mentorum fkbricator 
Tin glass, bismuthum 
To tin, stanno obdueere 
A tinct, tinctns, color 
A tincture, tinctora; (inftisioii), 

infnsio ; (impression on the 

mind), mentis sensus 
To tincture^ imbuo, infldo 
Tinder, igniarium; (box), pyxi- 

dula igniarium continens 
To tingle, or tinkl^ tinneo, re- 
Tinkling, reaonans, tinniens, tin- 

A tinker, .aartor cireumforanens 

vasorum creomm 
A tinning, stanni obductio 
Tinsel, pannus metallo aurd co- 
contextos; {wutaph.). 

Tiny (small), perpnsillns 

Atip (point), apex; (of the nose), 

nasi extremitas 
To tip rwith silver), argento dr- 
cumdudere ab labris ; (with 
iron), ferro prcmunire; (or 
throw down), deiicio, stemo; 
(one the wink), aUcaii 
{oS, or die), 

A tippet, fsscia 

To tipple, potito, 

A tippler, bibsx, ebriosns 

A tippling house, cauponnla 

A tippline, comessatio 

A tipsuff (officer), Uctor, ace 
sns ; (instrument), aooenai ba- 

Tipsy, temulentus, ebriiu 

A tire (rank), series, ordo 

Tires for women, capilli asriti 

A tirewoman, omatrix 

To tire, omo, adorno; (weary), 
fatigo, lasso, delasso ; (be 
tired), fatigor, de£stiscor 

Tiresome, fatigans, laboriosua 

Tiresomeness, £stigatio. labor 

A tiring, defatigatio 

A tit (little norte), mannoa, 
equulus; (titmuose), panu 

Tithe, decimK 

To tithe, decimd 

Titheable, decimis obnoxins 

Tithed, decimatna 

A tither, deciroator 

A tithing, dedmatio; {or hun- 
dred), tithioga, deeoria ; 
(man), decurio, decennariaa 

To titillate, titillo 

Titillation, titillatio 

A title {or inscription), tatnlos, 
inscriptio. epignsphe; (name), 
nomen, appellatio; (ofhonour), 
dignitatis titulos; (right), jus, 
viodicatio ; (writings, deeds, 
ftc.), litene testantes, inatm- 

To title, appello, inscribo 

To titter (laugh), cachinno; (tot> 
ter), vacillo, tremo 

A tittle, punctum 

Tittletattle, dicacitas, garmlitaa 

A tittletattle, garnilua 

To tittletattle. garrio 

Titular, titularis, nomine 

To^ ad, adversum, apud, cmo, d^ 
erga. ex, prae, pro, in 


To both places, utroqne 

To no purpose^ frustri, incaa- 

To which end, quamobrim 

To wit, nempi, scilicit 

To be, esse 

To be short, brevitte 

A toad, bufo, rubeU ; (atool), 
fiingus; (lish), rana piscatrix 

A toast, tosti pania segmen, 

A toast {or health), propinatio 

To toast, tonreo, propino 

Tobacco, Ubacum, mcotiana 

A tobacconist, tabad venditor 

A tobacco-pipe, Aabuloa ; (box), 
pyxidnia tabad 

A tod. viginti octo libne 

A toe, digitus pedes; (great), pe- 
dis poUex; (little), pedis digi- 

A toft, toftum; (owner of atoft), 

Together (at the same timc^ ar 

Klace), simhl, unli; (without 
itermission), continentte, per 
ToKetber, lu^. continnus 
ToO, labor ; (toils, or ueta), pia- 

gK, indagines 
To toil, roolior, labaro, ando 
Toiling, Toilsome, laboriosoa 
A toiling, elaboratio 
A token, signnm, pignns, omeOi 

argumentum, nota, munus 
That may he told (numbered), 

numeraibilis ; (may not be 

told), innumerabilis ; (cr, aoC 

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be exprem*ed),inexplicabilii, in- 

Tolerable, tolerabilia, mediocrii 
Tolerablf, tolenbilitir, medio- 
■ ciitte 

Tolerance^ toteratio 
To tolerate, tolero, indnlgeo, fcro 
A tolerating, or toleration, tole- 

ratio, indulKentia, perpewio 
T<^ TectigaT, tributum 


grinding), emolumentom 
To take tolC ▼ectigal ezigere 
A toUbootb, telonium 
A toll-gatherer, exactor 
To toll (a bell), levitir poliare 
A tolling, lerit pulsatio 
A toJsev (tolbooib), telonium 
A tomb, sepulchnun ; (stone] 

lapia sepaichralia, eippos 
A tome, tomaa. volomen 
A tone, tona% sonos 

Tongs, forcens 

A tongue, lingoa; (language | 
lingua, sermo ; (pad), Toqusj 

At the tongne^s end. in labris na- 

To ent out a tongue, eling^uo 
To hold the tongue, taceo, sileo 
Tongue-tied, k loquendo impedi- 

tna lingua vinculo 
AH tongue, tox et pmtereit nihil 
TonguM, lingui pneditns 
One doubled- 1 ODgned, vetexator 
Eril-toDgued, rouedieus 
Smooth-tongued, blandiloquus 
Tonnage, ex singulis doUis mer- 

dnni veetigal 
Too (also), etiam, quoque ; 

(mn<^), nimls, nimiOm, pliu 

jnstow pltu cqno 
Too, etiam 
I took, cepi, accepi 
A tool (instrument), instmmen- 

turn; (of iron), femmentum; 

(person employed), minister 
All sorts of tools, arma 
A tooth, dens ; (drawer), qui 

dentes extrahit ; (ache), dolor, 

dentium,odoDtal|^; (powder), 

Tooth and nail, totis Tiribus 
Toothed, dentatus, denticulatns 
Toothlesa, edentulns 
Toothsome, gustui suavis, or gra- 

The top (of a thing), apex, col- 
men, cacumen; (of a house), 

lisstigium tecti; (of a lull),Ju- 

gum coUis ; (of a pillar), capi- 

A top, trochos, tnrbd 
To tajf (lop), obtrunco; (snuff), 

mnngo, emungo; (excel), su- 

pero, superemiceo 
A topas, topazius 
To tope, potito, perpoto 
A Unpier. bibax 

Topinl, ad snmmum impletus 
Tqpheavy, prcgrsTis, temulentns 
Tophaceous, tophacens 
A toping, perpotatio 
A topknot, vitta capitis 
The topmast, carchesium 
Topped, obtruncatus. emunetus 
Sharp-topped, cacuminatus 
A topping, obtruncatio; (tuft), 

crista, apex 
Topping, eximins, egregius, dires 
A toyic, aigumentnm 
Topical, topicus 
Topically, topicft 
Topics, topica 
Topography, topographia 
A tomail, tboraeittm 

Topsy-turvy, inverso ordine 
A torch, fax, lampas; (bearer), 
lychnuchus; (maker), lychno- 
Torment, tormentum, qmciatus 
To torment, cmcio, excrucio, 

vexo, affligo, torqueo 
A tormentor, tortor, cruciator, 
affiictor ; (with importunity), 
A tormenting, cmciatus 
Torpid, torpidus, stupidos 
Torpidness, Torpor, torpor 
A torrent, torrens, flnmen 
Torrid, torridus, fenridos 
■Torsion, torsio 
Tort (iiiiury), ii\)nria 
Tortile, Tortive, tortilis, tortivus 
A tortoise, testudo 
Tortuous, tortuosus 
Torture (a writhing), torture; 
(rack), tormenta; (pain), tor- 
mentum, cruciamentum, era- 
To torture (vex), vexo; (rack), 

cmcio, equuleo torquere 
A torturer, tortor, carnifex 
A torturing, cmciatus 
To tose wool, lanam carpere 
A toss, jaetns 

A tosspot, potator ttrennus 
To toss, jacto, agito. mitto, jecio^ 
coqjicio ; (aside), abjicio ; 
(back), rcjicio; (before), obji- 
cio; (down), dejicto : (iD),inji- 
cio; (over), trajicio ; (out), cyi- 
cio; (up, as the sea), expuo 
A tossing, iactatio, agitatio 
Total, totalis, totns, integer 
Torally, omnino, penitds 
T'other, slier 
To totter, vacfllo, titnbo; (wa^ 

ver), dubito, hasito 
A tottering, titubatio, dubitatio; 

(house), cdes ruinosK 
Totteringly, titubantte 
Tottery, vacillans, instabilis 
A touch (or touching), tactus, 
contactns, tactio ; (essay, or 
trial), experimentum, pericu- 
lum, mohme6; (witty expres- 
sion), dicterinm 
To touch, tango, contingo> attin- 
go ; (one another), inter se 
contingere; (upon a subject), 
levittr tangere; (exactly), acu 
tangere ; (move, or effect), mo- 
veo, commoveo, afflcio ; (to the 
quick), ad vivum resecare; (at 
a port), appelli ad portum ; {or 
handle), tracto, attracto 
To be touched (in the brain), 

mente capi 
The touchhole, conceptaenlom 
A touchstone, lapis Lydius 
Touchwood, lignum cariosum 
Touchable, tangibilis, tactilis 
A touching, tactio; (handling), 

trfctatio, tractatus 
Touching (another), contiguus; 
(affectmg), commovens, mo- 
Touching (concerning), de, quod 

ad, quod attinet ad 

Touchy, morosos, asper, tetricus 

Touch (clammy), lentus, tenax; 

(hard), dams ; (difficult), diffl- 

eilis, arduus, gravis ; (stout), 

strennus, fortis 

Toughlv, lenti, tenacitir, stre- 

nui, fortitir, animosi 
Toughness, lentor. tenacitas ; 
(hardness), duritia; (difficul- 
ty), difflcultas ; (stoutness), 
fortitudo, magnanimitaa 

A tour {or goibg about), circui- 
tus, lustratio 

Tournaments, certamina eqoes- 

Tow, stnpa, stuppa 

Of tow, stupeus. stnppeus 

To tow, pertraho, duco 

Toward, or towards, ii, ad, adver- 
sus, contra, erga, in, obviAm, 
sub, versus 

Towards (some place), abquover^ 
stkm ; (what place), quorstun, 
quorstis, quoqud; (what place 
soever), quaquaversum ; (the 
right hand), detrorsbm, addex- 
tram; (the left hand), siois- 
trorstun, ad siniatram 

Towardly, doeilis, dexter, promp- 

Towardliness, indoles, docilis 

A towel, mantile, mappa 

A tower, turris, arx 

To tower, alti volare 

Like a tower, tumtus 

Towering, elatus, ambitiosus 

A town, oppidum^ (corporate), 
municipium; (village), pagus, 
vicus; (house), cuna munici- 
palis ; ('s man), oppidanus 

Of a town-corporste, municipalis 

From town to town, oppidatim 

A town-talk, fobula, in omni ore 

To tows, turbo, perturbo; (wool), 
lanam carpere 

Towsed, turbatus, perturbatus 

Towsing, turbans, perturbans 

A toy, or toys (silly things), nu- 
gK, ineptic; (to play with), 
crepundia; (little curiosities), 

A toyman, minutiarium venditor 

To toy, nugor, ineptio; (amor- 
ously), palpo, blandior 

A toyer, nugator 

Tojring, nugans, ineptiens, lasd- 
viens, blandus 

A trace, vestigium 

The traces, retinacula 

To trace, indago, vestigo 

Traced, indagatus 

Having traced, vestigia seentut 

A tracer, indagator 

A tracing, indagatio 

A track, vestigium, orbita, noti^ 

To track, vestinis consequi • 

Tract (extent), spatium ; (of 
land), tractus terrae ; (trea- 
tise), tr«ctatus, 4iatrib|i 

In tract of time, progressn tern- 

TracMble. mansaetus, mitis, le- 
nis, docilis 

To grow tractable, mitesco 

To make tractable, domo 

Made tractable, doroitus 

Tractableness, tractabilitas, man- 
suetudo, docilitas 

Tractably, mansuet^ lenitte 

A tractate, tractatus 

Tractile, tractiliN ductilis 

Traction, tractus. actus trahendi 

A trade, are, quaestus; (way of 
life), ratio, via, modus, vitK 

To trade, negotior, mercor; (in 
every thing), omnia venalia ha- 

A trader, or tradesman, negotia- 
tor, mercator; (by retail), pro- 

A trading, commercium, n^o- 

Tradition, traditio 

Traditional, ore traditm 

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Tnditionallf, ore teaixn, memo- 

To tradoee. calamnior, infkmo 
Traduced, defaniMtus, sugUlatus 
A traducer, calamniator 
Tradpcingr, calumniana 
A traducing, calumnia 
Traffic, commercium 
To traffic, negotior, niercor 
A trafficker, negotiator 
A trafficking, negotiatio 
A tragedian (actor), tragoedui; 

(writer), tragicus po«ta 
Aingfdj, tragoedia; (bad end), 

infelix exitua 
Tragical, tragient 
Tragically, tragici, infdidlto 
A tngect, trajectua 
To trail, trahu, ▼erro ; (back), 
letrd legere; (a pike), pilum 
Trailing, trahena, verrena 
A train (retinue), coniitatus; (of 
a gown), veatia tractus ; {or 
order of thioga), aerie*; (bag- 
gage of an army), impedimenta 
Traio-oil, oleum cetaceum 
Trainbanda, militia 
To train, educo, inatituo. emdio, 
inatruo ; (diapoae), diapono, 
A trainer np, educator, edncatrix 
A training up, disciplina, edu< 

A trait, dnctoa 
A traitor, traditor, proditor 
Traitoroaa, perfidna, infidua 
Traitoroualy, perfidiosi 
A trammel, tragula ; (for a pot- 
hanger), cremaater 
To trample upon, caleo, conculco 
A trampling upon, conculcatio 
A trampling noiae, pedum atrepi- 

A trance, ecatama, mentia emotio 
To be in a trance, animo p«rci11i 
Tranquil, tranquillua, placidua 
Tranquillity, tranquillitaa ; (of 
mind), animna aedatua, or pla- 
To tranaact (diapatch, or ma- 
nage), tranafigo, perago, per- 
flcto, expedio ; (article, or 
agne), paciacor, pactionem 
Tfanaaeting, peragena, expediena 
A tranaaction. rea, negotium, rea 
geata ; (agreement), pactum, 
atipnlatio, foedna 
A tranaaetor, adminiatrator, cu- 
To tranaeend (excel), aupero, ex- 
Tranaeendency, excellentia 
Traoacendent, tranacendena 
Tranacendently, excellent^, pre- 
elar« [bo 

To tranacribe, tranaeribo, exacri- 
A tranacriber, exacriptor 
A transcribing, tmnacriptio 
A transcript, exacriptum 
A tranafer, tranalatio 
To tranafer, tranafero, tradaeo 
Transferring, tninaferena 
Tranatiguration, iranafiguratio 
To tranafigure, tranaformo 
To tranaflx, tranatigo, tngicio 
To transform, transformo 
A tranaformation, formas mntatio 
To be transformed, transformor 
To tranafuae, tranafundo 
Tranafuaion. transfuaio 
To tranagreaa, tranagredior; {or 
treapaaa against), pecco, delin- 
quo^ riolo, mmpo 

A tranagresaion, delictum, pec* 

catura, culpa, riolatio 
A tranagreasor, legia violator 
Traoaient, Tranaitory, tranaito- 
riua; (frail, or lasting a abort 
time), fin^ilia, perbrena, fluxua, 
Tranaiently, obitir, prcteriena 
A tranait, tranaitua 
A transition, tranaitio. tranaitua 
Tranaitive, transitivua 
To tranalate. tranafero, rerto 
Tranalatcd, tranalatus, versus 
A tranalation, tranalatio, veraio 
A tranalator, interprea ; (cobler) 
cerdo ; (tranalucid), pellucidus 
Tranamarioe, tranamannixa 
To tranamigrate, transroigro 
A transmigration, demigratio; 

(of aottls), metempsychosis 
Transmiaaion, trananiiaaio 
Totranamit (aend over), trana- 
mitto; (to memory), memoric 
Tranamitting, tranamittena 
To tranaroogrify, tranaformo 
Tranamutattoii,tranaroutatio; (of 

metala) metallorum converaio 
To tranamnte. immuto, commuto 
A transom, tranatrum 
Tranaparency, pelluciditaa 
Tranaparent, tranalncena, pellu- 

To be tranaparent, pellaceo 
Transpiration, or a tranapiring. 

tranapiratio. apiratio 
To transpire, perapiro 
To transplant, transfero; (peo- 
ple), coloniam deducere 
A transplanter, translator 
A transplanting, tranalatio 
A tranaport (riolent paasion), 
ef&euati animi motua ; (of an- 
ger), iracundic furena impe* 
tua ; (of joy), nimia Ictitia 
Tranaportation. tranaportatio 
To tranaport, tranaporto, exporto, 
eveho; (malefactors), in aer- 
vitutem damnatoa deportare 
Totranapoae, transpono; (worda 

in printing), verba trstficere 
A transposing, or transposition, 
transpositio. tr«jectio f tiatio 
Transubstantiation, transnbatan- 
Tranaverae, tranaveraoa, obliquua 
Tranaverady, tranaversi, obliqni 
A trap, laquena, dedpulum 
A trap-door, oatium cadena 
To trap, illatqueo, irretio 
To trape, cursito, diactirso 
Tr^piDga, phalers 
Traah. firivola, merces vilea 
Travail, labor, opera; (in child- 
bearing), putoa, puerperium 
To travail with child, pairturio 
To travel (labour), laboro ; (go a 
journey), iter facere ; (on foot). 
Iter pedibua facere; (on horse- 
bnck), iter eqno facere; (in fo- 
reign countries), peregnnor 
With great travel, laboriosi 
A traveller, viator ; (abroad), pe- 

A travelling (with child), partus; 

j(abroad), peregrinatio 
Travelling, iter faciena 
Of travelling, or travellers, via- 

Traverae, tranaverans, obtiqnna 
A traverae (in law), traversa, cri- 
minianegatio; (or croaa road), 
iter transversum 
To traverse (a place), loctim trans- 
ire ; (swim over), tranano ; 
(thwart), consiliia alicujna ob- 

aiatere ; (in sailinc), euramiix 
obliquare; (ground, a* a fen- 
cer), componere ad j^liandem 
A traversing, peregratio 
A tray, trulla, alveua 
Treacheroua, pertidna, perfldioaaiw 

Treacheroualy, perfldiosft 
Treachery, pei tidia, dolua 
Treacle, tbenaca; (Voiice), the- 

riacM Andromachi 
Of treacle, 
A tread (in walking), inceaatu 
To tread (go along), ineedo; 
(down), euncuico, pedibua ob- 
terere; (awry), pedem ineer- 
tum figure ;• (in anothcr'a 
stepa), alicujna vestigiia inaia- 
tere; (on another'a heela), alt- 
cujua calcea terere, ,sr pre- 
A treading upon, calcataa 
The treadle (of a loom), huik; 

(of an egg), umbilicus 
Treadlea, fimua ovinna 
Treason, proditio, perdocIHo ; 
(high), crimen laeaa nngeata- 
tis; (petty), proditio miMW 
Treasonable, proditoriua, perfidtta 
Treasonably, proditorifc, perfidt 
A trrasure, thesaurus, gasa 
A prince's treasure, fiacoa 
To treaaure up (wealth), dhritias 
accumulare; (keep in '" 
The treaaury, Krarinm 
A treaaurer. quaeator, the 
The treaaurership, qnaeatura 
Of the treaaury, qusstoriua 
A treaauring up, accumolatio 
A treat, convivium, epnlae 
To treat, convivio aliquem aed' 
pere; {or diacourse on a sub- 
ject), de re aliqoft diseep- 
tare [tan* 

Treating, convivio aedpieBS, trae- 
A treatiae. diaaertatio, tractatns 
Treatment, ratio accipiendi 
A treaty, foedua, pactum, eoDo- 

quium, oonventio 
Treble, triplex, triplns 
A treble (note), aonns sestus; 

(string), lidium tenuissima 
Treble-forked, trianlcns 
To treble, triplico 
A trembling, tripUcatio 
Trebly, tripliciito, tribos x 
A tree, arbor ; (little), 
cula; (dwarf), arbor pumila; 
(of a crossbow), acapiu ba- 
listK ; (of a saddle), lignea 
sellar forme 
Of a tree, arboreos 
Trefoil, trifolium 
A trellis, clathrua 
To tremble, tremo. tremiaeo 
To make to tremble, tremefhdo 
Trembling, tremens, tremuliu 
A trembling, tremor, trepidatio; 

(for cold), horror 
Tremblinfcly, trepidantfer, trcpidft 
Tremendous, tremendus, terribilia 
A tremor, tremor 
Tremuloua, tremnlus, tremens 
A trench, foasa; (in war), val- 
lum, agger 
To trench, vallo, foaaam facere 
A trencher, scutella 
Trendle of a mill, molncrum 
A trental, triginta miaas 
A aurgeon'a trepan, terebra 
To trepan (the acull), calvariam 
perforatam lamini argenteifir^ 


Digitized by 

nare; (decoy), fidl^, dedpio 





A tmpannn, 4okM ttnwii*, Tett- 

TrqMBiuBg; decipieai, foUent 

Trqiidation, trepidatio 

A tre« p— , eolpa, pcecatum 

To trespaas, violo, peeeo ; (a- 
cainBt), offeodere aliqaem ; 
(opon patience), patientii a- 
boti [fomrala 

Action of trespass, ininriarotn 

A trespasser, lefom riolator 

A treiqwssinir, peccana, Tiolans 

A tress of hair, eimu 

A tressel. fulcnim 

Tret, deductio k pondeie 

The trey-point, temio 

A trial (essay), specimen; tenta- 
aoen ; (temptatioD), tentatio; 
(examination), examen ; (be- 
forehand), pnetodium ; (of 
skill), certamen ; (before a 
}ndge), jadicium 

A triangle, triangnlam 

Triangular, tiianpilaris 

A tribe (<rf people), tribns ; (fa- 
mily), progenies, gens, genas, 
nrosapia. famiKa, ^tirps 

Of the same tribe, eontribulis 

Of a tribe, tribuarius 

By tribes, tributlro, per singulas 

Tribulation, tribnlatio, aiBietio 

A tribunal, tribunal 

A tribune, tribunns 

Of a tribune, tribnnitius 

Tribuneship, tribunatas 

Tributary, tributarius, stipendiap 

Not tributary, immnnis k tribpto 
Tribate, tribntum, vectigal 
A trice, momentum, punctum 
In a trice, extempld, statim 
A trick, dolus, tecbna, fallacia, 

artillcium; (at cards), rices 

uaae, due, fte^ partes potiores ; 

(foolish), ioepti* ; (base), «s- 

einna indignum; (full of), do- 

losus, astutas 
To trick (cheat), dolb delndere; 

(np, or dress), omo, adomo 
A tncker, veterator, planus 
A tricking, fraadatio; (decking), 

omatus, cultus 
A trickle (drop), gntta 
To trickle (down), mano, stillo; 

(through), perraano 
A trickling down, distillatio 
A trident, tridens 
Triennial, per trienninm, triennis 
A trier, tentator, probatw 
A trifoUow, tertio 
To toifle, nugor, ineptio ; (with 

one), tergiversor; (away time), 

tempus conterere 
A trifler, nagator, nugax 
Trifles, nng«, geme 
Trifling, nagatorins, frivolns, leris, 

vanus; (stories). fabul« 
Triflingly, nugatorii. inepti 
To trig a wheel, safflamino 
A trigger, sufilamen ; (of a gun), 

instromentum quolaxatur sdo- 

A triglyph, triglyphoa 
A trigon, trigonns 
Trigonal, trigonalis 
Trigonometry, trigonometria 
A trill, sonus modulatus 
To tnll, stillo, Tocem ribrare. 

9ee Trickle 
Trim (neat), coroptua, bellos 
A trim (dress), vestitus; (con* 

dition), conditio, status 
To trim (or adorn), omo, adomo; 
(tw old things), interpolo, re- 

novo; (reflt), refido; <shaTe), 

tondeo; (with lace). Testes 

fimbrii omare ; (be of either 

party), temporibns serrire 
Unirimmed, ineomptus 
A trimmer (dresser), concinnat or, 

omatriz ; (barber), tonsor; 

(tepporizer), omnium horarum 

homo * 
A trimming, omatus, cultus 
Trimly, beflt, nitidi 
Trimness, coneinnitas, nitor 
Trine, trinus 

The Trinity, sacra Tbihitab 
Trinkets, nugn, trica 
A trip (oifenee), offensa; (voyage), 

cursus ; (stumble), pedw of- 

To trip, offenso, titubo; (against 

a thing), in aliooid offandere; 

i caper), tripudio ; (up and 
own), cursito ; (in speech), 

balbntio, haesito ; (np), sap- 

planto, dejicio 
Tripartite, tripartitus 
A tripe, omasum; (man), aUan- 

topola; (house), allantopolium 
Triple, tripltts, triplex 
To triple, triplico 
A triplet, tres, temi 
A triplication, tripKcatio 
Triplicity, triplicitaa 
A tripod, tripus 
Trippinpr, offensans, titubans ; 

(deceiring), hallacinans 
A tripping, gressns agilis 
Trippingly, agilitir 
Tristful, tristis, moestus 
Trisyllabical, trisyllabiu 
Trite, tritus, Tulgaris [ream 

A triret, ollie sustentaeulam fer- 
Tririal. futilis, leris 
A triumph, triamphus, oratio 
To triumph, triumpho, exnlto 
Triumphal, triumpnalia 
Triumphant, triurophans 
Triumphantly, ma^^iflct 
Led in triumph, tnurophatui 
A triumpher, trinmphator 
A triumphing, trinmpbatus 
A triumrirate, triumviratus 
Of a triumrirate, triumriraUs 
A trochee, trochaus 
A trollop, mulier sqnalida 
Tronage, rectigal pro mercium 

A troop, turba, caterra ; (of 

horse), turma; (of cattle), grez, 

Troops, copiK militares ; (in 

troops), caterratlm, gregatlm 
A trooper, eques 
A trope, tropus 
A trophy, trophaenm 
The tropics, tropici 
Tropical, tropicus 
Tropological, tropologicus 
To trot, succusso, succutio; (up 

and down), cursito 
A trot, gradus succussans 
A trotter, succnssor 
Sheep's trotters, crura orina 
Trotting, succussans 
A trotting, snccusaus 
Troth, Veritas, fides [fectb 

By my troth. In troth, sani, pro- 
Trouble (disturbance), turba, 

molestia; (of mind), tristitia, 

anzietas, solicitudo ;(difficulty), 

difacultas; (misfortune), afflic- 

tio ; (pain, labour), Krunma, 

labor [bide 

Troubles (commotions), res tur- 
To be in trouble, rexor, commo- 

To trouble (or bring into trouble), 
turbo, inquieto, tcxo ; (with 
care), ango. solicito; (disturb), 
obturbo; (with petitions), pe- 
titionibns lacessere 
A troubler, vexator. tnrbator 
Troublesome, molest us, impor- 
tunus ; (fellow), ritilitigator ; 
(times), tempera calamitosa 
A trough, canaliculus, sItcus ; 
(for kneading), mactra; (fur 
hogs), aquali cuius 
^ To trounce, castigo, punio 
'A trouncing, castlgatio 
A trout, truta 
A salmon -trout, itlar 
I trow, it4 opinor, or credo 
A trowel, trulla 
Trowsers, laxc braccae 
Troy-wei^ht, libra constans cz 

diiodecim unciis 
A truant, cessator, emansor 
To play truant, cesso, emaneo 
A truce, induciae [later 

A truce-breaker, indnciaram rio- 
Truck, mercium permutatio 
To truck, roerces permu'are 
A truckle, trochlea; (bed), para- 
bjrstus [cedere 

To trackle to, or under, alicni 
Truculent, truculratus, ferox 
Truculency, scritas, ferocitaa 
To trudge, cursito, circumcurso 
Tradging, cnrsitans 
True (certain), verus, certns, ex- 
ploratus; (genuine, unmixed), 
simplex, merus, purus, genu- 
inns ; (real, sincere), rerus, 
candidus, rincerus; (hearted), 
eandiduv, ingenuus ; (bred), 

ely to be true, Tcrisimilis 
To be true to, fidem prsstare 
Truebeartedness, rinceritas 
Trueness, sinceritas, fidelita* 
A trull, tcortillum 
Traly, Tcri, sank, profect5 
A trump (at cards), charta index; 

(trumpet), tuba, buccina 
To trump up (devise), ezcogito, 

elBngo. machinor 
Trumped up. fictuv, machinatiu 
Trumpery, frivola. scruta 
A trumpet, tuba, buccina 
To trumpet, buccino; (divulge), 

divulge; (one's praise), laudo, 

Trumpeted, bnccinatna 
A trumpeter, buccinator 
A trumping up, machinatio 
A truncneon, scipio, talea 
To trundle, volvo. voluto 
A trunk, area, riscus ; (of a tree), 

truncus, caiidex ; (of an ele- 
phant), proboscis; (pipe), tubus 
Trunnions, tormenti tubercula 
A trass, fasciculus, sarcina; (of 

hay), foeni manipulus; (for a 

man), fascia 
To truss, cing^, succingo, strin- 

go, substringo; (maKC up iu 

trusses), in manipuloncolligere; 

(up the hair), in nodum colli- 

A trassel. fulcrum 
Trust, fides, flducia, coramissum 
To put trast in, fidem habere 
To trust with, fidei coramittere 
To trust, confido, spero, credo; 

(goods), merces fide vendere; 

(unto), in nitor. nitor, spem 

ponere; (lend), commodo mu- 

tuura dare 
A trustee, fidei commissaritu 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 




Trastineaa, fidelitM 

Tmtting, eredeni, confident 

Tnuty, lidua, tidelis 

Troth, veritM, fides 

In truth (indeed), sani, profect6 

Speakins truth, verax 

To tr^ (attempt), aggredior, ex- 
perior, probo,tento; (examine), 
exploro, exAroino ; (purify), de- 
faoo, purgo. purifico 

A trying, tentatio. periclitatio 

A tub, cadua, dolium ; (for knead- 
ing), alveua pistoriua ; (for 
powdering), carnarium 

A tube, tnbui, tubulua 

A tubercle, tulj^ulum 

Tubular, tubulatna 

A tuck, ensis cauuA abditua, dolo 

To tuck (twitch), vellico ; (or 
gather up), colligo ; (in a mill), 
constipo, denso 

Tucked up, colligatua, stipatus 

A tucker, mamillare 

A tucking (girding), cinctnra 

Tuesday, fena teitia, die* Martis 

A tuft, crista, apex ; (of grass), 
cespes; (of hair), cirrus; (of a 
tree), apex, vertex ; {or nursery 
of trees), fruticetum 

To tuft, in cristK formam redigere 

Tufted, crisutua 

Tufty, Tillosus 

A tug, conatua. nixua 

To tog, Conor, nitor; (along), 
traho> ducto; (against), teni- 
tor, obluctor 

A tugging, nisus, conatus 

Tuition, ttiitio, tutela 

Of tuition, tutelaris 

A tulip, tuiipa, tulpia 

To tumble (or be rolled), volvor, 
▼olutor; (roll), voIto, ▼oluto; 
lor throw down), dqicio, eTerto» 
dirno ; (or fall down), ruo, con- 
cido ; (together), convoWo ; 
(under), suovolvo; (upon), au- 
penrolTO ; (rumple), in mgas 
tnhere, cormgo 

A tumbler, sauator, aaltatrix; 
(cup), calix 

A tumbling, aalUtio; (rolling), 

Tumblingly, Tolutatlm [rinm 

A tumbreC plaustrum stercora- 

Tumefaction, inflatio, tumor 

Tumefied, tnmefactus 

To tumefy, tumefacio, tnmeo 

Tumid, tumidus 

A tumor, tumor, inflatio 

A tump, tumulus 

Full ot tumps, tumulosua 

A tumult, tumultus, turba 

To raise a tumult, turbaa dere 

Tumultuary, tumu)tuariua 

Tumultuous, tumultuosus, sedi- 

Tumultuoiuly, turbulentir, te- 

A tun. dolium ini^us 
Of a tun, doliaris 
To tun. in alreos infunden 
Tunbellied, Tcntricosus 
Tunable, cauorua, harroonictu 
Tunableness. modulatio 
Tnnably, modulati. numerosi 
A tune, tunus, numeri 
To be in tune, modulate sonare, 

or canere; (out of tune), dia- 

To tune an instrument, apti fidi- 

eulas contendere 
To set a tune, coetui prKcineie 
Well-tuned, apti modulatus 
Ill-tuned. xnaU modulatus, diaso- 

"^ [140] 

Tuneful, canorus, modulatus 
A tuner, modnlator 
A tunic, ttuiiea 

▲ tuning, modulatio ; (beating), 

A tunnel, infbndibulum ; (of a 
chimney), camini tubus 

A tup (ram), aries ^ 

To tup. ineo, coeo ' 

A turban, tiara, eidaria 

A turbot. rhombus 

Turbulency, animus turbulentna 

Turbulent, turbulentus, ferox 

Turbulently, turbulentir, sedi- 

A turf, cespes, gleba 

Turfy, cespititius 

Torgescent, tnrgescena 

Turgid, turgidus, tumidus 

Turgidity, qualitas turgida 

A Turk. Turcus, Turca 

Turkish, Turkey, Turcicus 

A turkey-cock, j^lus Numidi- 
cns; (ben), gafiina Numidica 

Turmeric, tnrmerica 

A turmoil (tumult), turba, sedi* 

A turn (lathe), tomua; (circuit), 
circuitus ; (in walking), deam- 
bulatio; (course), Ticissitudo; 
(good), beneficium, gratia ; 
(Ul), injuria 

By tuma, invicim. altemft 

Done by turns, altemus 

At every turn, identidim 

To serve a turn, auis rationibus 

To take a turn (walk), ambulo 

To turn (bend), fleeto. verto ; 
(become), fto,evado; (change), 
muto, converto; (reclaim), re- 
voco, converto, reduco ; (a- 
bout), drcnmago ; (against), 
oppuKno, obverto} (apostate), 
de fide desciscere; (back), re- 

Of a different turn, diversB in- 

A tumep, or turnip, rapnm 

▲ turner, tmnator 
Turners' wares, toreumata 
That turns, vorsatilis 
Turning, vertens, convertens 
A turning, versatio; (away), aver- 

satio; (about), rotatio; (back 

ap^ain), reversio, reditio ; (a- 

side), inversio 
A crooked turning, anAractns 
Full of crooked turnings, tortuo- 

A turning-wheel, tomns 
A turning (by way), diverticulum 
A turn-coat, scenie serviens ; 

(pike), septum versatile 
Turpentine, terebinthina 
Of turpentine, terebinthinus 
Turpitude, turpitudo 
A turret, turris; (of wood), fala 
A turtle, turtur, testudo 
Tush I vahl phy! 
Tushes, or tusks, apri dentes 
Tutelage, anni pupiUares, tutda 
Tutelar, tuUlana 
A tutor, tutor, prKceptor 
To tutor, edoceo 
A tutoring, inatitutio 
Tutty. tutia 
Twain, duo. bini 
A twang (shrill soimd), clangor ; 

(ill tone), pravus accentus 
With a twang, mali, pravi 
To twattle, garrio. blatero 
A twattling, garmlitas 
A tweag, or tweak, vellicatio, 
■ anxietas 

To tweag, or tvreak. vdUeo 
Tweezers, volsella 
The twelfth, duodecimna 
Twelfth day, epiphania 
Twelve, duodecin, duodeni 
Of twelve, duodenarius 
Twelve times, duodeciis 
Twelve hundred, mille et dncenti 
Twelve thousand, duodedtemiUe 
A twelvemonth, annus 
Twenty, vigiitti, riceni 
Of twenty, ricenarius 
Twenty years, ricenniam 
Twenty timea, riciis 
The twentieth, viceaimns, vige- 

Twice, bis ; (as much), dnplo 

mioor; (a second time^ ite« 

A twig, ramus, sarmentum,vi^a, 

Of twigs, virgens 
Twiggy, sarmentosna 
Twiliaht, crepusculnm 
Twinbom, eodem portu nattia 
Twins, gemini, gemelli 
Twine, tilum retortum 
To twine (twist), t«»queo; (a- 

bout). amplector ; (thread), 

flinm duplicare 
Twined, tortus 
A twiner (twister), tortor 
A twinge, vellicatio 
To twinre, vellico 
Twinged, vellicatus 
Twining about, amplexena 
A twining about, amplexns 
To twinkle (as the eye), nieto; 

(as a star), scintiUo 
A twinkle, or t wink line, nietatio ; 

(of the surs), scintOlatio; (of 

the e^e), nictus 
Twinkling, nictans, adntiUaaa 
To twirl, drcumroto, circumago 
Twiriinj;, vertens, circumrotaaa 
Twist, pUi camelini contOTti 
To twist, torqueo, implioo 
A twister (person), tmtor; (in- 
strument), versoria 
A twisting, tortus ; (of the guta), 

tormen, vertices dolonun 
To twit, exprobro 
A tvritting, exprobratio 
A twitch, or twitching, vellieatio 
To twitch, vellico, convello 
To twitter (tremble), tremor 

(sneer), irrideo, derideo 
Two, duo, bini. gemini 
Two and two, bini 
Having two heads, bicepa; (two 

horns), bibomis; (two feet), 

One of the two, uter, utanria 
Of two colours, bicolor 
Twotold, duplex 
Twohanded. robustus, ingena 
Two days' space, biduum ; 

(nights), binoctium 
Of two months, bimestria 
Two years old, bimns, bimalna 
Two years' space, hienniuna 
Two feet long, bipedatis 
In two parts, bipartitna 
Every two days, altemia di^ua 
Two hundred, ducenti 
Two hundred times, duceatita 
The two hundredth* dacente> 

A tyger, tigris 
A tying (to), alligatio, i 

(together), connexio 
The tympan. tympanum 
The tympany, tympanites 
A type, typus, similitndo 
Typiad, typiona 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 




A tYpognpher, typofrapliiu 
Typographical, tTpogi aphicut 
Typography, typofcraphia 
Tyrannical, tyranoicua 
TyranicatW, tyraoDici 
Tyrannicide, tyrannicidium 
To tyiMinise, tynnnidem ezer- 

Tyranny, tyrannnt 

A tyrant, tyrannnt; (kiUer), ty- 

Tythes, decinuB 

Ulnqnity, ubiqnitaa 
An odder, uber, mamma 
Uglily, deformity, foedi 
Uglineaa, deformitas, tarpitado 
Ugly, deformii, torpis, horridas 
An nicer, ulcus 
To ulcerate, ulcere, exulcero 
An olcerating. ulceratio 
Ulceroua, ulcerosut 
Ultimate, nltimna, poatremua 
Ultimately, nltim6, postrem6 
Ultramarine, ultramarinua 
Umbilical, lunbiliealit 
An umbrage (shade), umbra, urn- 
braeulnm ; (offence), offeosa, 
pneteztnro, pretextui, colw ; 
(su«pi<!ion), luspicio [dor 

To take umbrage, suspieor, offen- 
Umbrageous, Umbrose, nmbro- 

An umbrella, nmbella 
UmpinH!>6, arbitrium 
An umpire, arbiter 
Unabashed, minimi perturbatiu 
Unable, impotena, inflrmus 
To make unable, debitito 
Made unable, debiMtatus 
Unabolished, nondtlm antiqnatus 
UnaccepUble, ingratns 
ynaccompanied, mcomitatos, so- 
Unaccomplished, infectns 
Unaccountable, mirus, mirabilis, 

inauditns, noms, mirandas 
Unaccountably, miritici, in mi- 
nim modum 
Uoaccustomed. insnetus 
Unacknowledged, minimi agnitns 
Unacquainted, ignotus, i^arus 
Unacuve, minimi agilis, ignavas 
Unadored. non Teneratus 
Unadvisable, incomroodus 
Unadvised, ineonsultus, prceepa 
Unadvisedly, inconsalti, temeri 
UnadTisedness, temeritas 
Unaffected, simplex, sincems, 

cnndidus, minimi aiFeetus 
Unaffectedly, aperti, sinceri 
Unaffectedness, sinceritas 
Unaided, non adjntus 
Unalienable, non alienandua 
Unalienated, non alienatns 
UnalUed. non affinis [dus 

Unallowable, minimi conceden* 
Unalterable, immnubilis, con- 

Uaalterabljr, constantir 
Unaltered, immutatus • 

Unamased, intrepidus 
Unambitious, non ambitiosns 

Unanimous, unanimus, concors 
Unanimously, unanimitir, con- 

Unanswerable, irrefiragabilis 

Unappalled. intrepidus 
Unappeasable, implacabilis 
Unappeased, implacatus 
Unapprehensive, minimi suspi- 

cans [tus 

Uaappriied, nondtim certlor fac- 
Unapproachable, inaccessns 
Unapt, iuhabilis, ineptus 
Unaptly, incommodi, inepti 
Unaptnos, ineptitude 
Unarmed, dearmatns. inermis 
Unasked, minimi rogatus 
Unassailed. inexpugnatns 
Unassayed. inexpert us 
Unassisted, minimi acfintus 
Unassnaged, implacatus 
Unassuming, minimi arrogans 
Unassured, incertus 
Unatoned. non expiatus 
Unattainable, non asseqnens 
Unattempted. minimi tentatus 
Unattended, sine comitatu, inco- 

Unattentive, incautus 
Unavailable, nihil condncens 
Unavailing, inutilis, inanis 
Unavoidable, ineviiabilis 
Unawares (unwary), incautus, 

nee opinana; (unlocked for), 

inopinattts, improvisus 
Unawares (adv.), improvis6 
Unawed, non deterritus 
To unbar, pessulum detrahera 
Unbarbed. phaleris spoliatua 
Unbecoming, indecens, indecorus 
Unbecomingly, indecentir, inde- 

Unbefitting, parhm idonens 
Unbejrotten, non genitus 
Unbeaef, infidelitas, incredulitas 
An unbeliever, infidelis, incre- 

To unbend, relaxo, solvo 
Unbent, relaxatus, remissus 
Unbenign, mali^us, malevolus 
Unbeseeming, indecorus, inde- 
Unbeseemingly, indecori 
Unbewailed, indefletus, indeplo- 

To unbewiteb^ fsscino liberare 
Unbiassed, in neutram partem 

Unbidden, injussus, invocatus 
To unbind, exsolvo, solvo 
Unblameable, inculpatus, inno- 

cuus [pati 

Unblameably, sine culpi, incnl- 
Unblameableness, inndcentia 
Unblemished, integer, innocnns 
Unblessed, execratus 
Unbloodv, incruentns 
Unboiled, incoctns 
To unbolt, obicem detrahere 
Unborn, nondiim natus 
To unbosom, eommunico 
Unbought, inemptus 
Unbound, irreliAtns 
Unbounded, indefinitus, immen- 

sus, interminatns, in&iitus 
Unboundedly, infiniii 
To unbowel, exentero, eviscero 
Unbowelled. eviscentus 
An unbracing, solntio 
To unbridle, fnenis exsolvera 
Unbridled, effnenatus 
Unbroken, irrupt us, infraetua; 

(not tamed), indomitns 
To unbuckle, ftbnlas solvera 
Unbuilt, nundiim aedificatus 
To unbuuK. relino 
To unburden, exonero 
Unburdened, exuneratns 
To unbutton, flbnlas solvere 
Unbuttoned. Abulia solutus 

Uncalled, invocatus, sponti 
Uncancelled, non dele, us 
To uncase, capsA exiraere, exno 
Unca»ed, exuius, nudatus 
Uncensured, irreprebensus 
Uncertain, incertus, dubius 
To be uncertain, dubito, hKsito 
Uncertainly, incerti, dubii 
Uncertainty, dubitatio 
To unchain, cateni exsolvera 
Unchained, cateni eisolntua 
Unchangeable, inimutabilis 
Unchangeably, immutabilitir 
Unchangeableneas, immutabili' 

Unchanged, immutatus 
Uncharitable, inhumanus 
Uncharitableness, inhumanita* 
Uncharitably, inhumanitir 
Unchaste, impudicus. ohsccenus 
Unchastely. impudici, obscceni 
Unchewed, non loasticatus 
Unchristian, christiano indigpius 
To unchurch, excommunico 
Uncircumcised, uncircumcisua 
Uncircumcision, incircumcisio 
Uncircuroscribed, interminatns 
Uncircumspect, incautus, impro- 

Uncircumspectly, incauti, impro- 

Uncivil, incivilis, inurbanna 
Uncivilly, incivilitir, inurbaiu 
Uncivilised, insociabilis 
Unclad, nudus 
To uuclasp, uncinom laxare 
Undaspea, uncino laxato 
An unclasping, uncini laxatio 
An uncle (by the father), pa- 

truus ; (by the mother), avun- 
A great uncle, propatruus 
Unclean, immundus, sordidus ; 

(in life), impudicus, inconti- 

To be unclean, sordeo 
To grow unclean, sordesco 
To make unclean, inquino, foedo 
Uncleanly, sordidi, fcedi 
Undeanness, immanditia, spur* 

cities ; (of life), impudicitia 
Uncleft, indivisus 
To unclench, recludo 
To unclose, diadudo, retego, de- 

To unclothe, vestibus exuere 
Unclothed, vestibus exutus, or 

spoliatus, non indutus 
Unclouded, Uncloudy, serenua 
Uncomely, indecens, indecorus; 

{adv.), indecentir, indecori 
Uncomeliness, detbrmitas 
Uncomfortable, injucundus 
Uncomfortabieuess, injucunditas 
Uncomfortably, injucundi 
Uncommon, rarus, infrequens 
Uncommonly, rar6, infreqnentir 
Unoommonness, raritas 
Uncompelled, non compulsns 
Uneompounded, simplex 
Unconceivable, incomprehensi- 

Unconceived, non conceptus 
Unconcern, negligentia [tna 

Unconceraed, indifferens, immo- 
Unconcernedly, indifferentir 
Uneondusive, quo nil condndi 

Unconderoned, indemnatns 
Uncontined, immunis, liber 
Unconfirmed, non conftrmatua 
Unconquerable, invincibilis 
Unconscionable, inJQstus, iniqaiu 
Unconscionableness, injustitia 
Unconscionably, iigosti, iniqat 

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Uocontcioua, aon cooscins 
Uncontecrated, noodiim conse- 

eratas [actat 

tTneonttnined, spontaneat, iuco- 
Unconsonicd, iocousumptat 
UncoDtaminated, iDtamioatiu, 

Uncoutestable, non disputandua 
UneoDtesied, non Utigataa 
Uoeontrollable, non subjiciendaa 
Uncontrolled, liber, immunis 
Unconvinced, oen evict ua 
Uncorrected, impunitus 
Uncorruptly, incorrupt i [taa 

Uncorruptnesa (of n)tnd),intefri- 
To oneoTer, detego, patetacio 
Uncovered, detectnt, retectua 
Ad nneoTeriBfc, patefactio 
To uncouple, di^ungo, abjun^ 
Uncourteoui, inurbanus, rusucna 
Uncourtly, inurbani. rustic^ 
Uncouth, rudis, impoUtua* in> 

Uncouthly, invenuati, inorbani 
Uncouthneu, nuticitaa 
Uncreated, increatua 
An unction, unctio, inunetio 
Unctuoua, unctnosus, pinguia 
Unctuouaneaa, pinguedo 
UnealtiTated, incultna, neglectna 
Uncurable, inaaoabilia 
To uncurb, lupatum demere 
Uncurcd, incuratna 
UncuriouB, incuriosi^ 
Uncut, imputatua, intonana 
Undamaged, ill«aua 
Undaunted, intrepidna,impavidna 
Undauntedly, intrepid^ impavid* 
Undauatednesa, intrepiditaa 
Undaxsled, non pnestrictna 
Undebauched, incorrupt ua 
Undecayed, non dimiuutua 
To undeceiTe, errore liberare 
Undeceived, ab errore liberattu 
Undecided, injndicatus, non de- 

Undecked, inomatui, ineomptiu 
UndecUned, indeclinatna 
'Undefaced, non everaus 
Undefended, indefensui (tua 
Undeftlcd. impoUutui, intamma- 
Undefraved, non erogatua 
Undelighted. indelecutua 
Undemolithed, non dirutiu 
Undeniable, non negandua 
Undeplored, indeploratua 
Undepraved, incorrupt ua 
Uuder, »ub, subter, infra ; (show, 

colour, or pretence), sub specie^ 

or prsteztu 
' Under, m4j. inferior, vieariua ^ 
To be under, anbaum 
To keep under, coCrceo, fineno 
Under age, ephebba, iioi^ubia 
To underbid, minoria licitari 
To underbind, subligo 
Underbound. subli^na 
To undergird, aubligo. snecingo 
Undergirt. snccinctua 
To undergo, aubeo, patior, tolero 
Underground, aubterraneus 
Underhand, cUun, lecretd, clan- 

Underhand-dealing, pnevaricatio 
Underived, non derivatua 
To underlay, snppono, sullulcio 
Underlaid, suppoaitui, suilaltna 
An under- leather, solea 
An underlini;, alteri subditiu 
To undermine, auffodio^ (aup- 

plant), aupplanto, inaidiaa atru> 

An undermining, anffoaaio 
Undermoat. imui, infimua 
Underneath, subter, infra 

To underpin, anbatmo 
Underpinned, substructua, 8ub< 

An underpinning, substructio 
To underprop, suffulcio, fulcio 
Underoropped, suffultus, fultua 
An nnaerpropping, atatuminatio 
An under-rate, pretium justo mi- 

una [mare 

To under-rate, juato minori arsti- 
Under-rated, juato minori Ksti- 

matus [vendere 

To undersell, minoris quam alii 
An under-8ervaDt,famulus inferior 
To underset, snppono, subjicio 
An under-sheria, subvicecomes 
To understand, intelligo, sentio, 

percipio; (something, not ex- 
pressed), subintelligo ^ 
To give to uoderstand, sigoifico 
Given to understand,certior factua 
The underatanding, intellectua ; 

(agreement ) , concordia ; (know- 
ledge), iutelligentia 
To undertake, aggredior, tento, 

sutcipio ;(work), opus rcdimere 
An undertaker, molitor, inceptor ; 

(of work), operum redemptor; 

(of funerals), libitinariua 
An undertaking, ausum, inceptum 
To undervalue, pretio juato minor 

aeatimare, parvi facere, apemo 
Undervaluing (slighting), despi- 

An underwood, sylva ccdua 
To underwork, operam minori 

pretio locare; (undermine), in- 

sidiaa struere 
To underwrite, aubscribo 
Undeserved, immeritus, indignus 
Undeservedly, immerit6, ind^ni 
Undeserving, immerens 
Undesigning, sincerus 
Undesirable, minimi expetendua 
Undeterminate, Undetermined, 

non determinatus, indeflnitna 
Undeterminately, indeflniti 
Undevout, irreligioaua 
Uodevoutly, irTeIi{posi 
Undied. nondtun tinctus 
Undi|pested, indigestus, incom- 

Undiminished, imminutiu 
Undiscemable, imperoeptua, ia- 

Undiacemed, minimi perceptiu 
Undiscerning, minimi percipiens 
Undischarged (as a duty), non 

praestitua; (aa a reckoning), 

non expuoctua 
Undisciplined, indoctus, inexper- 

tua ; (troopa), copi« inexer- 

Undiscovered, incompertus, non 

patafiactua, or retectua 
Undisguised, non celatua, sincerus 
Undismayed, imperterritua 
Undiaposed of, nondtun alienatus, 

or venditna 
Undispuuble, indabitabilia 
Uodissembled, non dissimulatna 
Undisaolvable, indissolubilia 
Undistinguished, indistinctna 
Undisturoed, pacatus, serentu 
Undividable. individuua 
Undivided, indivisus, indiaeretua 
To undo (disannul), abrogo; 

(slacken), laxo, relaxo ; (un- 
ravel), extrico^ retexo; (untie), 

solvo, dissolvo; (ruin), perdQ, 

Undoing, ruina, interitua 
An undoing, abrogation relaxatio, 

diaiolatio, perditio 
Undone (not done), infiectiw} 

ralaxatas ; (■■. 


tied), diaaolntua ; 

Undoubtable, indubitabilia 

Undoubted. indubitatu% cai 

Undoubtedly, proculdubi6, certd 
To undress, vestea exnere; (an- 
other), vestea detrahere alicui 
Undrieo, nondtun siccatua 
Undue, indebitua, parilm juataa 
To undulate, undo, ductuo 
An undulation, agitatio undatlm 
Unduly, indebiti, partai juati 
Undutiful, inobediens, inobaa 

UndutifuUy, contumacitir 
Undutif Illness, contumada 
Uneasily, legri, molesti 
Uneasiness, niolestia, difflcnUaa; 

(of mind).anxietas,pertuibatio 
Uneasy, an&ius, eger 
Uneaten, baud oomeatua 
Unedifled, pariun inatmctaa 
Unedifying, inutilia 
UneffiectiuJ. inefflcax [taa 

Uneloquent. infacundna, ladiMr- 
Unemployed, non occupataa 
Unendowed, indotatna 
Uneqjoyed, minimi perceptna 
Unenlightened, non Ulamiaataa 
Unenvied, minimi invidendaa 
Unequal, inaequalia, diqpar 
Unequally, inat^ualitir 
Unequivocal, minimi ambifraaa 
Unerring, inerrans, infeU^iilia 
Uneven, inxqualia; (placea), aa- 

lebrse, aspreu 
Unevenneas. incqnalitaa 
Unexamined, non examinatoa 
Unexampled, novus^ inaaditaa 
Unexceptionable, exceptimubaa 

non obnoxiua 
Unexecuted, infectui 
Unexpected, insperatus, inopinaa 
Unexpectedly, ex impuMriab^ in* 

Unexpert, mdis, imperitaa 
Unexpired, nondhm finitoa 
Unextended, non extensoa 
Unexterminable. inextirpabilia 
Unfading, non dellorcacana 
Unfair, injuatua, iniquua 
Unfairly, iajusti, iniqa6 
Unfairness, iajnstitia 
Unfaithful, intidus, perfidna 
UnfaithfuUy, inlidelitir, petiit 
Unfaithfulness, perfldia 
Unfalsifled, non adulteratna 
Unfaahionable, minimi concinans 
Untashioned, noa formatoi^ ia« 

To unfasten, refigo, aolvo 
Unfastened, refixua. aotutaa 
Unfathomable^ non explorandaa 
Unfavourable, minimi benignaa 
Unfeathered, implumia, de^uaaia 
Unfed, impaatus 
Unfed, honorario non auetua 
Unfeeling, insensilis, duroa 
UnfeiguM. non fictus, aiaeenn 
Unfeigaedly, atnoeri, veri 
Unfieneed, immunitua, inemia 
Unfinrtile, infertilis, iafoBcuBdaa 
Unfertileness, infcecunditaa 
To unfetter, vincula demere 
Unfit, inhabihs, ineptua; (to 

learn), indocilia; (for laboor), 

Unfitly, ineptin improprit 
Unfitness, incoagruitaa 
Unfitting, inconnueaa 
To unfix, refigo, la baf aeio [ads 
Unfledged, aon pennatu^ dqpla» 
To unfold, explico, evolve 

Tlimt may h^ nnfoMil , «Ht pf 8^||i Ht 

Digitized by 





Uiiforced,TolaDtarius, •pontaneoi 
XJnIbreseeii, improvisu* 
UnforgiTiDf^, inexorabilis 
Unformed, informis. indigestiu 
Unfortified, immaaitus 
Unfortunate, iofiKuMus, infelix ; 

(days), dies nefasti 
Unftntunatcl^, infelioitir 
Unfrequent, lofreqaens, iDOsita- 

UnfireqncBted, decertus, solitariiu 
Unfrieadiv, parilm amici 
Unfhutfoi, kterilis, inMruetuosiu 
Unfraitfulness, intoecuuditaa 
To anfort, expando, explico 
To unftimish, dispolio, nudo 
Unfiumiahed (deprived of), spoil- 

atus ; (not yet linished), impa- 

Ungain, incptns, inhabilis 
Ungainly, inefti, rainas apti 
Ungmrnisbed, inoraatus 
Ungatbered, noadiiin collectua 
Ungenerous, degener, illiberalis 
Ungeneronsly, iliiberalitir 
Uogenteel,*inurbaDUs, rustion* 
Ungenteelly, illiberalitdr, inur> 

Ungenteelness, illiberalitaa 
Ungentle, immansuetus, aaper 
Ungently, asper^ inarbani 
Ungilt, nooditm inauratas 
To angird, recingo, discingo 
Ungirded. Ungirt, discinctua 
To angirth, cingulum laxare 
To nnglue, degtutino 
XJngodlily, impi6, scetesti 
Ungodliness, impietas, flagitiom 
Ungodly, impius, irreli^osos ; 

(gut), gnla insatiata, renter 

Ungoi^^ nondbm exsataratas 
UngoTeroable, imniitia, immodi* 

ens, indomabilis 
Ungovemablfeoess, ingeniom in- 

Ungraceful, indeooras, inconein- 

Un^nracefully, indecori, inoon« 

Ungracefnhiess, inconcinnitaa 
Ungracious, impius, improbns, 

prams; (wretch), scelns, ne- 

Ungraciously, scelerat^ impii 
Ungraciousness, impietas 
Ungrafted, nondbm insitus 
Ungrammaticai, artigrammatiea 

non consentaneus 
To nngrapple, libero 
Ungrateful, iogratus 
Ungratefully, ingratd 
Ungrktefulness, ingratitndo 
Ungn^uorded ^not guarded), incus- 
toiditns ; (indiscreet, rash), im- 
pmdens, temerarius, inconsul- 


Unguardedly, inconsultg, temert 
Unguent, unguentum 
Unhabitable, inhabitabilis 
To unhallow, profano, temero 
Unhallowed, profanatns, violatus 
Unhandsome, invenustus, inde- 

Unhandsomely, inelegantte, tnr- 

Unhandsomeness, deformitas 
Unhappily, infelicit to, improsperi 
Uuhappiness, infelicitas 
Unhappy, infelix, inauspieatutf 
Uuhwmonious, immoiTulatus 
To nnbamess, phaleras detrahere 
To nnhasp, resero 
Unhaspeo, reaeratua 
Unhatched, nondtun patefiMtos 

Unhealable, insanabilia 
Unhealed, nondtim sanatus 
Unbealthful. Uubealthy, ▼alctu- 

dinarius, infirmus, insaiubris 
Unhealthiness, insanitas 
Unheard of^ inauditus 
Unheeded, inohserratus 
Unbeedful, Unheedy, oacitans, 

Unheediness, inenria 
Unhidden, apertus, retectns 
To unhinge, de cardine detra- 
here; (disorder), perturbo 
Unholinesv, impietas 
Unholy, impius, profanns 
Unhonoured, inhonoratua 
To unhook, hamum soWere 
Unhoped for, insperatus, inex- 

To unhorse, equo dejicere 
Unhospitable, inhospitalia 
Unhoused, ex cdibus exturbatns 
Uohuman, inhumanus, crudelis 
Unhurt, iUaesus, inviolatua 
An unicorn, roonoceroa 
Uniform, uniformis, sibtconstans 
Uniformity, uniformitas 
Uniformly, uniformity 
Unimaginable, mente or ct^* 

tando non perciniendus 
Unimpaired, non diminotus 
Unimportant, levis moment! 
Uninformed, parum eruditua 
Uninhabitable, inhabitabilia 
Uninhabited, non habitatos, va- 

Uninjured, illsesus 
Uninstructed, indoctus 
Unintelligible, animo non perd- 

Uninterrupted, continuus 
Uniuthralled, sui juris 
Uninrited, iuTocatus 
Union, unio, Concordia 
Uujoyous, tristis, partim alacria 
An unison, concentus 
An unit, monas, unitas 
To unite (or join together), jnn- 

Eo, conjungo ; (difFerences), 
tes componere ; (be joined to- 
gether), coaleo, coalesce 
An uniting, coi^unctio 
Unity, onitas 
Uiijudged, iqjudicatns 
Universal, universns, universalis 
Universality, universalitas 
Universally, universi, universlm 
The universe, muudus univeraus 
An university, academia 
Of an university, academicua 
Univocal, univocus 
UniTocally, univoci 
Unjust, injustus, iniqnus 
Unjustice, injustitia 
Unjustifiable, justitic ncm con- 

Uqjustifiableness, iniquitaa 
Unjustifiably, iniqui 
Unjustly, injusti, iniqui 
Unked, Unkward, soktarius 
To unkennel, h cubili excitare 
Unkind, inclemens, inhospitus 
Unkindly, inclementir, inhumani 
Unkindly, inclemens, adversus , 
Unkindness, inclementia 
To unknit, enodo, evolve 
Unknowingly, inscientto, inoon- 

To be luknovm, ignoror, lateo 
Unlaboured, inekiboratus 
To unlace, dilorico, exsolvo 
To unlade, exonero, decapulo 
Unlamented, indeploratus 
Unlawful, illicitus, iUegitimns 
Unlawfully, illidtft 


Unlawfulness, injustitia 
To unlearn, dedisco 
Unlearned, iodoetus, illttoratna 
Unlearnedly, indocti, ineruditi 
Unleavened, asymus 
Unless, ni, nisi 
Unlighted, non accensua 
Unlike, di-similis, diversus 
To be unlike, differo, discrepo 
Unlikely, improbabilis 
Unlikehuevs, imprubabilitaa 
Unlikeness, dissimiUtudo, diver- 
sit as 
To unload, exonero, deonero 
Unloaded, Unloaden, exoneratns 
To unlock, resero, recludo 
Unlocked, Unlockt, reseratus 
Unlocked for, insperatus, inopi- 

To unloose, soWo, resolvo 
An unloosing, solutio, dissolntio 
Unlovelv, inamabilis 
Unluckily, infelicitto, 


Unluckiness (unhappineas), infe- 
licitas, infortunium ; (unto- 
wardliness), nequitia, proter- 
Unlucky (unhappy), infelix, in- 
fausttt^; (untoward), neqnam, 
improbus; (throw at dice), jac- 
tus supinus 
Unmade, infectns, imperfeetoa 
To unman, emasculo, eviro 
Unmanageable, intractabilia 
Unmanly, effeminatus, viro indig- 

Unmannerliness, iuurbanitas 
Unmannerly, a4j- inurbauus 
Unmannerly, adv. inurbani, ms- 

Unmannred, incultus, inaratns 
Unmarried, cielebs 
To unmarry, matrimonium abro- 

To unmask, larvam detraber^ 
Unmasked, larv& exutus, apertua 
Unmasterable, indomabilis 
Unmastered, indomitus, invictoa 
Unmeaning, nihil desigpaans 
Uomeasurable, immensus 
Unmeet, indecens, iadecorus ; 

(for), impar, impos 
Unmeetness, incongruitaa 
Unmerciful, immitis, crudelis, 

Unmercifully, crudelitto, atrod- 

Unmercifnlnesa, crudelitaa, bk- 

Unminded, neglectua 
Unmindful (forgetful), imme- 
mor; (heedless), negligens. in- 
Unmindfulness, oblivium; (heed- 
lessness), negligentia 
Unmixt, purus, non mixtua 
Unmolested, iroperturbatua 
Unmoved, immotus 
Unmoumed, indeploratus 
To unmuffie, focale detrahere 
Being unmuffled, focali detracte 
Unmusical, non modulatus 
To unmuzxle, capistrum exuere 
To unnail, clavum extrahere 
Unnatund (void of natural aifee- 
tion), crudelis, inhumanus ; 
(preternatural), portentosns, 
prater naturam 
Unnaturally, inhumani, crade- 

Unnaturalness, inhumanitaa 
Unnavigablc, innabilis 
Unnecessarily, inutUitir, i 

Digitized by 





UnneeeHafy, iDHtUii, inanis 
To QBDerre, iofinno, debilito 
VDobsenrant, immoriger 
UnobMrred, non obkerrmtus 
Unoccupied, incultaa» inexerci- 

Unorganised, organit non in- 

Unowned, non agnitua 
To unpack. Cueicolam reaohrere 
Unpaid, iniolotna 
Unpainted, nondtoi pictaa 
tTnpalateable, ingratt saporia 
Unparalleled, inoomparanilia 
Unpardonable, inezpiabilis, ine- 

Unpared. irretectua 
Unparliament«7, oontuctudine 

parliamenuric diisentaneus 
To unpaTe, lapidea emere 
Unpawned, nun pignori oppoai- 

Unpeaceablci, turbulentua, turbi> 


Unpeaceably, tnrbuleotte', tur- 

To unpeg, paxitlum 
Unpegg^ paxillo exempto 
To unpeople, vasto, depopulor 
Unpeopled, depopulatus 
Unperceirable, aub aenaum non 

UnperceiTed. minimi perceptna 
Unperformed, infeciua 
Unperiabable, incorruptibilis 
Unpeatered, impertoroatua 
UnphiloBopbical, regulis philoao- 

pnic minimi couTcniena 
To unpin, acicnlis exemptia aol- 

Unpinioned, k manicis solutua 
Unpitied, cui miiericordia non 

Unpleasant, ii\)ueundaa, inamoe- 

Unpleaaantly, injueuodi, infaceti 
Unpleasantness, injucnnditas ; 

(of tbe air), intemperiea 
Unpleaeing, injucundos, insua- 

Unpliant, inilexibilia 
Unploughed, inaratna 
Unpolite, impolitus, rudb 
Unpolluted, impoUutua 
Unpractised, inexercitatua 
Unprecedented, aine exempio 
Unpr^udiced (impartial), cquns 
Unpremeditated, non prBmedi* 

Unprepared, imparatns 
Unpressed, miuimi pressos 
Unprincipled, scelestns, pravus 
Unprofsned, non profanatua 
Unprofitable, inutilis, ' 


Unprofitableness, inutilitaa 
Unprofitably, inutilitir 
Unpropitious, infaustns 
Unproi>ortionable, minimi secun* 

dum jnstam |)roportionem 
Unprosperous, infaustns, infelix 
Unprosperously, infelidtir 
Unproved, inexpertus, non proba> 


Unprovided, imparatus 
Unprovoked, non provocatua 
Unpruned, nondtm amputatua 
Unpublished, ineditus 
Unpunished, impunitns, inultna 
Unpurehaaed, inemptua 
Unqualified, inhabUia, non ido- 

Unquenched, inextinetus 
Unquestionable, indubiutna 
Unqneatioqably, indubitantto 

Unquiet, inquieCus 
To make unquiet, inquieto 
Unquietness, inquietudo 
Unrated, non Kstimatua 
To unravel, extrieo. expedio 
Unravelled, extricatna, expeditna 
Unread, non rectua 
Unreadily, non prompts - 
Unready, iroparatua 
Unreasonable, irrationalis ; (un> 

just), ii^ustus; (immoderate), 

Unreasonableness, injustitia 
Unreasonably, injusti, iniqui 
Unrebukable, irreprebensus 
Unrecompensed, non oompensa- 

Unrecorded, non in Ubulaa rela- 

Unreeonnted, non memoratua 
Unredeemable, nullo pretio redi- 

Unredeemed, nullo pretio re- 

Unremshed, non levatua 
Unreguarded, neglectna, spretna 
Unrelenting, inflexibilia 
Unrelieved, minimi levatua 
Wnremedlable, immedicabilia 
Unremittible, inexpiabilia 
Unrepaired, non reparatuji 
Unrepealed, minimi abro^tua 
Unreproved, ineulpatns, irrepre- 

Unrequited, non compenaatus 
Unreserved (in speech), liberi 

Unresisting, non repngnaua 
Unresolved hcsitans, fluctuana 
To be unresolved, luesito. fluctuo 
Unrestored, minimi restitutus 
Unrestrained, minimi renressus 
Unrevealed, minimi reveUtus 
Unrevenged. inultus 
Unrewaitled, non numeratua 
To unriddle enigma solvere, ex> 

Unriddled, explicatus, expositns 
To unrig (uncbress), vestea exnere 
Unrigged (as a ship), sublatia 

armamentia; (asaperson),ves- 

tibus exutus 
Unrighteous, iqjustus, iniqnus 
Unrighteoualy, iignati, iniqni 
Unrighteouaness, injustitia 
To unrip, dissuo, resuo 
Unripe, immaturus, crudua 
Unripeness, immaturitas, crudi- 

Unript. diasutns, resuttu 
Unrivalled, sine «mnlo 
To unrivet, clavum retnanm re- 

To unrol. evolvo, explico 
Unrolled, evolntos 
To unroof, tecta detrahere 
Unruffled, imperturbatus 
Unruliness, effnenatio 
Unruly, effrcnatns, efReratua 
To be unruly, nullia legibus te- 

neri [here 

To unsaddle, ephippium detra- 
Unsaddled, non epnippiatns 
Unsafe, intutua, minimi tutua 
Unsafely, perieuloai 
Unsaid, indictus p>ilia 

Unsailabl^ innarigabilis, inna- 
Unsaleable, non vendibilis 
Unsalted, insulsos, non salitua 
Unsaluted. insahiUtua 
Unsanetified. minimi consccra- 

tus, minimi superstitioaus 
Unsatis&ctory, minimi aatiafa- 

Unsatiafled, minimi coiltentna 

Unsavorily, insipidi, insulsi 
Unsavory, insipidus, insulana 
ITnsavonness. msulsitaa 
To unsay, reeanto 
To unscale, desquamo 
Unsealed, desquamatna 
To unscrew, cochleam refigerc 
Unscriptural, scripturia 

non mnitena 
Tu unseal, resigno 
Unsealed, resignatna, si^tna 
Uosearchable, inscrutabilis 
Unseasonable, intempestivna 
Unseasooableness, Intempeatass 

(of weather), intempeffies 
Unaeaaonably, intempesUvi 
Unseasoned, minimi salitos ; 

(timber), humida n 
Unsecure, intuitu 
Unseemliness, i 
Unseemly, i 

It is unseemly, dedecet 
Unseen, invisus, invisibilis 
Unsent for, non vocatus, iavoea- 

Unserviceable, inutilis, ineptoa 
Unserviceableness, inutilitaa 
Unserviceably, inutilitir 
Unset, non satns. sponti natna 
Unsettled (instable), instabilia; 

(doubting), dubina; (not fix- 
ed), incertua; (aalees), fecu- 

Unsettledneu, inatabilitaa 
To unsew, dissao, resuo 
To unshackle, k eompedibva U- 

Unshaded, aj^rieua 
Unshaled, mmimi decortieatua 
To unsheath, i vagini atringere 
Unsheathed, i vaginJL strictua 
Unshod, discalceatua ; (aa « 

horae), ferreia soleia carena 
To unshoe, disealceo 
Unshorn, intonaus, irraaoa 
Unahut, apertus, disclnaoa 
Un sightliness, deformitaa 
Unsightly, deformis, feedoa 
Unsincere, simulatus, fiicatiu ■ 
Unskilful, impcritoa, i^naraa 
Unskilfulness, imperitta 
Unskilled, inexp^us, mdia 
UnsUin, non occisua 
Unslaked, non aqui maceratna 
Unanared, la^ueo exp«ditaa 
Unsodabla, insociabilia, ianrbap 

Unsociably, innxbani 
Unsodden, incoctus 
Untoiled, immaculatna 
Unsold, non v«nditns 
Unsoldered, non ferruminatna 
Unsolicited, minimi aolieitatna 
Unsolidtous, non solicitna 
UnsoUd. non solidns, fluidna 
Unsoufl^t, minimi quKsitua 
Unsound, insanus. putria 
Unsoundness, putredo, inaanitaa 
Unspeakably ineflabilia 
Unspent, inconaumptna 
Unspilt, non effusus 
Unspoken, inenarratus. indietna 
Unspotted, intaminatua, impol- 

Unstable, instabilis, ineonataaa 
Unsiableness, instabilitaa 
Unstaid, inconstans, levia 
Unataidneas, levitas [Intas 

Unstainied, intaminatua, impol- 
Unsteadily. Unateadikstly. levuir 
Unsteadiness, Unateaduatness, 

Unsteady. Unsteadfitst, levia 
Unatixfed, immotua 

Digitized by 





oBstitek, diMao,TenM 
■titcbed, dinatUB, rCMtat 
unatcp, aperio 
oostnnip. laxo, retcndo 
stnuig. reteiitas» remistoa 
■tndied, non ftodio elaboratut 
•tallied, minimi refeitus 
Bvbdnable, iodonuibilit 
•nbdned, indomitua, invietus 
snccesaftQ, iafauitos. infeliz, 
mprospcr. nuitter [protpKeri 
iSttcce»»fDll7. infdicitto, im- 
isuceesaiblneia, infelicitas 
iBufTeimble, intolerabilis 
iraffcmbly, intolerabilitte 
isaitablc^ incongraena, inha- 

iciillied, intaminatua 
launip. BOB decantatu 
isapportabte, impatibiUa 
wapportably, intolerabilitir 
Muppovted, non •ustentatos 
Mure, dnbins, ineertns 
Dtannonn table, insoperabiUs 
Bsnaceptible, baud capax 
Bcnapeeting, baud raspieant 
unapicious, non tnapicioms 
Muatained, non ninentatut 
> unawaddie, i fascii* erolTere 
nswaddled, k CMciia erolntoa 
OS worn, injnratns 
Dtainted. integer, intactni, in* 

ntaken. indeprebcnrat 
Dtameable, non domabilia 
ntamed, indoraitnc, inTeetut 
nntanrie, extrico^ ezpedio 
Dtangled, eztricatns, ezpeditus 
ntaated. ilUbatut, intemeratos 
fntauf bt, indoetns, rudia 
'o nntea«^ dedoceo 
Untenable, non tenendoa 
(ntenilled, intrepidna, impavidnt 
Tntbankfdl, in^nnttna 
lothankfally, ingrato animo 
Intbaakfnlneaa, iofratitudo 
Jnthawed, non regelatna 
Intbinking, inconaidnatoa 
)niboagbt of, inopinatua, inex* 


iDtbriftilf, prodigalltir, prodigi 
hbriftineaa, profiiaio 
Jntbrifty, prodigua, proftiaaa 
To untie, aotro* lecingo 
Tntil, donte, naoui ad, naqoft 

dnm; (now), adbiui, bactenii% 

etiamntun ; (tben). 

eonsqui ; (wben ? ), qnouaque 7 
fo nntue, t^rulaa detrabere 
Jatimflf (onaeaaonable), intern- 

pestima ; (not ripe), imma- 

tnnia ; (ripe too aoon), pnema* 

tnnu, pnecoz 
in ontimelf birtb, abortio 
Uotinged, non infectua 
7nto, ad. tenna. Bee To 
Untootbaome, gnstni minimi 


Cntouebed, intactua, iUibatua 
Untoward, contnmax. penreraoa 
Datowardlineaa, perrieaeia 
Dntowardly, proter? i [ricax 

Dntraetable, intractabilia, per- 
tatried, intentatua, inexpertua 
Dntrimmed, inccmiptna, inoma* 

Dntrod, Untrodden, non ealcatoa 
nntme, mendax, falaoa 
Untndy. fahb, falai 
To BBtroaa, diicingo 
Uotnused. diaciuctua, diaadutoa 
Dntnuty. infidna, infidelia 
Ab ontratb, figmentnm. menda- 

Tt> tdl as nntmth, mentkv 

Full of ontrutba, faboloana 
To untuek. reeingo 
Untucked, reeinctua 
Untnneabl^ diaaonua 
Untutored, minimi doetna 
To untwine, or untwiat. retexo 
Untwiaied, retortna, reaolutua 
Unralnable, incatimabilia 
UnTanqmabable, indomabiliB 
Untan q uiahed, indomitua, invic- 

tua [tua 

UnTaried, immutatua, non Taria* 
To unveil, rerelo^ detego 
An nnreiling, patefactio 
Unveraed. imperitua, inexpertua 
Unriolated, ilursua 
UnuaeAil, inutilia, ineptua 
Unuaefidneaa, inatilitaa 
Unuaual, inusitatua, inanetoa 
Unuaually. iouaitati, rarb 
Unufualneaa, raritaa, deauetudo 
Unutterable, ineoarrabilia 
Unwarily, incauti, improridi 
Unwarineaa, temeritaa, impm- 

Unwary, ineantna, improridoa 
Unwarrantable, minimi defen- 

Unwaahed, illotna, aordidna 
Uuwaated, inconaumptua 
Unwatebed, inobaerratua, ineua« 

Unwatered, non rigatua 
Unwearied, indefesaua, aaaiduaa 
Unweuriedly, indefeaai, aaaidui 
To unweave, retexo 
Unwedded. cceleba, eot^jngii exoia 
Unwelcome, ingratus, inriaoa 
Unwboleaome, inaalubria 
Unwboleaomeneas of the air, cceli 

intemperiea, or inclementia 
Unwielaily, torpidi, inepti 
Unwieldineaa, difflcultaa rooYcndi 
iTnwieldy, inhabilis, pinguis 
Unwilling, nolena, inritoB 
To be unwilling, nolo 
Unwillingly, inviti, aegri 
Uuwillingneaa, repngnantia 
To unwind, retrb glomerare 
Unwiae, inaipiena, stoUdua 
Unwiaely, imprudentir, atolidi 
Unwiahed for, inexpectatua 
Unwitbered, immarceaeibilia 
Unwitting, dim; (to me), me 

inacio; (to any one), ignaro 

Unwitting, €dj. inadena, incaotua 
UnwittingW, inscientir, incauti 
Unwitty, illepidua, infacetua 
Unwonted, inaolitua, inuaitatna 
Unworkmanlike, infkbri, eraaai 
Unworn, non detritua, non gea« 

Unworthily, indigni, immerit6 
Unwortbineaa, indignitaa 
Unworthy, indignua, imroeritua 
Unwound, retrb glomoratna 
To unwrap, eroWo, explico 
Unwrapped, erolutua, explieatua 
An unwrapping, erolutio 
To unwreatn, retorqueo 
Unwreathed, retortua 
Uowrinkled, minimi rugatua 
Unyielding, minimi eoncedena 
To unyoke, abjungOt disjungo 
Unyoked, abjunetua^ disjnnctna 
Up (go up|. aacends ; <rise up), 

auige; (by the roota), radiei- 

tta: (to), tenna, UBoui ad; 

(and down), auradm, oeorabm, 

htc illbc 
To be up at play, vinco 
Up on end, erectua 
Uphill, accUria, difflcilia 
I Up, ar upward^ aniBbm 

To upbear, tollo, elero 
To upbraid, exprobro, objurgo 
An upbraider, exprobrator 
An upbraiding, exprobratio 
To uphold, vuatento, anatineo 
Uphold, Uphdden, auaienutUB 
An upholder, anatcntator; {or 

upbolaterer), lectorum fthri- 

An upholding, auatentatio 
Uplandiah, montanna 
Uplanda, loca montana 
Upon, a, ad, in, auper, anpra 
Upon (the right), dextrorabra; 

(left), ainiatrorabm; (mj UHb), 

ne riTam ai, diapernm ai 
Upper, auperior [rulum 

The upper-leatber, ealcd obatra- 
To get tne upper hand, aupero 
To give the upper band, loco ee- 

Uppermoat, aupremua, aommna 
Uppiah, auperbua, inaolena 
To npraiae, or nprear, elevo 
Upright, iattger, probua; (in 

poature), arreetua, erectua 
Upright dealing, muitaa 
Uprightly, integri, }uati, xqni 
Uprightneaa, probitaa, integritaa 
To upriae, aurgo 
An uproar, turoa, tnmultua 
To be in an uproar, tumultuor, 

The upshot, erentus, ancoeaaoa 
Upaide down, inrerao ordine 
An upstart, rir noTua 
To upturn, devo, egero 
Upward, aurabm 
Bending upward, rediria 
With the nee upward, aupinoa 
To turn upward, reaupino 
Urbanity, urbanitaa, oomitas 
An niehin, erinacena ; (dwarf), 

nanua, pumilua, punUlio 
Ure (uae), usua 

The ureter, v 

To urge, nrgeo. impello* insto 

Urgency, impolana, neeesaitaa 

Urgent, importnnua, Tehemena 

Urgentiy, importuni, aoUdti 

An urger, stimulator 

An urcinfc indtatio, stimulat{o 

An urmaU ritrum ad urinam aod- 

piendam, matula 
Urinary, urinariua, urinalia 
Urine, urina, lotium 
Difficulty of urine, atrangwria 
To urine, meio» mingo 
An urn, nma 
With ua, nobiacum 
Uaage, conauettido, nana; (treat- 

ment), acdpiendi ratio 
Uae (the uaing of a thing), uaua; 
(profit ),ususfiructus ; (cuatom), 
eouBuetudo ; (or interest for 
money), naura, foenua 
Of, or in use, uaitatua, eonauetoa 
After common uae, oaitati 
Out of use, desuetna, exoletua 
To uae, utor. occapo; (often), 
uaurpo ; {one'a endearonra), ae- 
duld (iaoere, operam dare ; (ex- 
erciae), exerceo : (treat), tracto, 
acdpio ; (tenderly), mollitir 
habere; (gentedly). Uberalitir 
habere ; <a tarem), freqnento 
To uae, ntut. aoleo, consuesco 
To make use ot utor, fruor 
To grow into use, obtineo; (oat 

ofuse), desnesGO, exolesco 
Want of use, deauetudo 
Uaed. naurpatua; (accuatomed), 
aaauetuB, conanetua; (treated), 
acceptua, txactatua 
Mnch oaed, uaitatua 

Digitized by 



Uaefu), ntilit, neeesaarios 

UKfdlly, ntilitto 

UteftilDCM, utilitu 

Useless, inutilis, ineommodns 

Useleself, inutility 

Uselessness, inutilitu 

Au asher, aDtearobulo: (aei:}eant), 

Uctor; (of a schoM), sabpne- 

To usher, introdvKo 
An using, ustu 
Usual, usitatus, consoetiu 
Usually, ttsitati, plerumqaft 
Tb usurer, foenerator 
Ao usurp, usurpo, ioTado 
Usurpation, usurpatio 
Usurped, iniqui usurpatna 
An usurper, nsurpator 
Usury, usura, foenus ; (of to tbe 

100), usura quincuneUdis 
With usury, keneratd 
Belonging to usury, foeneratorius 
To borrow on usunr, foeneror 
To lend on usury, Kenero 
Utensils, instruroenta, vasa 
Uterine, uterinus 
Utility, utili^as, commodum 
Utmost, eztremus, summus 
To one's utmost, pro viribna 
Utopian, imag^narias 
Utter, exterior; (total), totua, to- 
talis, integer 
To utter (speak), eloquor, pro- 

nnneio, pr<tfero ; (sell), veiido 
Uttend>le, effabilia 
Utterance, eloeutio, ek>qnium ; 

(selling), venditio 
Of good ntterance, doqnens, di- 

Utter barristers, licentiati in jnre 
Uttered, enunciatus, prolattis 
An utterer, editor, renditor 
An uttering, ennnciatio ; (of 

wares), venditio 
Utteriy, penitiis, onmind, fundi- 

Uttermost (utmost), extremua 
The umla, uTula, columella 
Uxorious, nxorioi, uxuri nimU 


Tacapey (of place), taenitas ; 
(leisure), otium, vacatio 

Vacant (void), vacans, vacuus; 
(at leisure), otioaus, forians ; 
(hours), horae subsecivso 

To be vacant (empty), vaco 

To vacate (make void), abrogo, 

A vacation, vacatio, otiua; (be- 
tween terms), jastitium 
' Vacillation, vaeillatio 

Vacuity, vacuitas, vacaaaa 

A vacuum, vacuum 

To vade, vado, evanesco 

A vagabond, erro, homo vajstu 

A vagary, repentinni animi impe- 

Vagrancy, vagatio 

A vagrant, erro 

Vails, Ineella adventitia 

Vain (idle, useless), yanns, in- 
anis, ftitilis, inutilis; (proud), 
8aperbns,arrogaus; (glorious), 
levis, inconstans 

In vain, friistra 

To be vaingtorions, laperbio 

Vainglory, superbia, arrogantia 

Vainly, superbi, arrogantte^ ina- 



Vain-speaking, vaniloqnenti* 

A vaivode, praefeotua 

A vale, valUs 

Valediction, valedictio 

Valedictory, valedietorioa 

A valet, assecla, famulus ; (de 

chambre), eubicnlarios 
Valetudinary, valetudinarius 
Valiant, fortis, 

Valiantly, fortitir, animosft 
Valiantness, magnanimitas 
Valid, validus, firmus, ratus 
Validity, validitas, firmitas 
A valley, vallis, convallis 
Valorous, fortis, animosni, vi- 

Valoronsly, fortitir, animosi,viri- 

Valour, fortitttdo, virtus 
Valuable, pretiosoa, charua 
Valuation, lestimatio 
Value, valor, pretiam 
To value, Kstimo, censeo, pendo ; 

(at a high rate), magpai facere; 

(at a low rate), parvi docere, 

vili pendere 
Of no value, vilis 
To be of no value, vfleseo 
Of so great value, tanti 
Of more value, pluris 
Of less value, minoris 
A valuer, eensor, lesrimator 
A valuation, cstimatio 
Valves, valvule 
To vamp up, reficio, reaareio 
A vane, venti index versatUis, 


A vanguard, acies prima 
To vanish, vanesco, evanesco 
Vanity, vanitas, inamtas ; (vain- 
glory), arrogantia 
Td vanquish (in combat), vinoo, 
tupero, debello; (in debate), 
conftito, refello. redar^no 
Vauquishable, supetabilis 
A vanqutaher, victor, domitor 
A vanquishing, expugnatio 
Vantage, lucrum, additamentum 
Vapid, vapidna 
A vapor, vapor, exhalatio 
To vapor, jacto^ glorior 
Vaporation, vapor, exhalatio 
Vaporous, vapores emittena 
Full of vapours, vaporosus 
Vaporing, jactans, glorians, ferox 
Vaporish, morosus, difficilia 
Variable, levis, instabilis 
Variableness, levitas. 

Variance, dissidinm, contentio, 
lis, altercario 

To be at variance, dissideo, litigo 

Variation, variatio, mutatio 

To variegate, coloribus variara 

Variety, varietas, diversitaa 

Various, varius, diversus 

Variously, varii, diverse 

To vary (idter), vario, mnto; (dia- 
grace), dissentio, discords 

A varlet, homo scelestns 

Varnish, vemix 

To varnish, polio, fooo; (dis- 
guise), diseimulo 

A vase, vas speciosnm 

A yaasal, vema, vassalua 

Vassalage, mancipitun 

Vast, vastus, ingens, enormia 

Vastation, vastatio 

Vastly, vasti. valdi 

Vastness, vastitaa 

A vat, cupa, doliom; (for barley), 
ptisanarinm ; (tot cheese), for- 
ma casearia; (for dyeing), ahe- 


A vault, fornix, camera, teatudo;' 

i underground), crypta ; (fat 
cad corpses), sepuld 

To vault (cover with an uttk), 
arcuo, fomico^ eamero ; (or 
leap over), transilio; (aa), de> 
silio; (on), insilio 

A vaulter, desultor, saltator 

A vaulting, desultura 

Vaulting, desiliens, desultorins 

A vaunt (boasting). Jactatio 

To vaunt, glorior, jacto 

A vaunter, jactator 

Vaunting, gl<m<Mn8 ; (word*), 
ampulln, sesquipcdidia verba 

A vaunting, jactatio 

Veal, caro vitnlina 

A veer, navigpatio obliqua 

To veer (about), circumago; (a 
cdsle), rudentem tranaHerre, or 
in orbem vertcre ; (tha sails), 
sinus velorum obliqnan 

Veered, circumactna 

Vegetable, vegetabiUa 

To vegetate, vegeto, genniiio 

Vegetation, v^etatio 

Vegetative, vegetativua 

V^te, vegetus, vividns 

Vehemence vehemeniia, vis 

Vehement, vehemens, ferviditt 

To be vehement, flerveo 

Vehemently, vehement^, vaUi 

A vehicle, vehtculttm 

A veil, velum 

To veil, velo, obnubo 

A vein, vena ; (in writiiw), sty* 
Ins; (of arit), lepor, ucietic; 
(of poetry), facultas poitiea; 
(of silver, &c.). molybdcna 

In a pleasant vein, l^Ld«a» ssl> 


Veiny, vanosna 
Vellication, vellicatio 
Vellum, penfamena. membma 
Of veUum. membranacems 
Velocity, velocitas, oeieritaB 
Velvet, vdvetum 
Venal, venalia 
To vend, vendo, vendito 
Vendible, vendibilia, 
A vending, vendttio 
A vender, venditor 
Veneficial, veneficoa 
Venerable, venerabiUa, Tencfan- 

dus, colendua 
Venerably, august^ 
To venerate, revereor, colo 
Veneration, veneratio, revenntia 
Venereal, venereua 
Venery, res, or libido fa n c wa ; 

(hunting), venatio 
Venesection, vense sectio 
Vengeance, ultio, vindicta 
To take vengeance, ulciacor 
With a vengeance, diraa impie> 

Venp^eM, ultionis cupidoa 
Venial, venialis, veni4 ''-^ 
Venison, caro ferina 
Venom, venenum, virus 
To venom, veneno infieere 
Venomous, venenosus. 
Venomously, pemicios^ mahnt 
Avent,spiracttlttm, exitns; (sm)« 

To vent (sdl), vendo, vendito ; 

(^ve vent to), spiraenlnm ape- 

nre; (passion), tram effundcfe 
To take vent, patefio, evdgw 
Having vent, respiraaa 
To ventilate, ventilo 
Ventilation, ventilatio 
The ventride, ventricnlns 
A venturing (nndcrtakiag), as* 

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>iira,iiiceptiim; (ehaiioe),ion; 

(hasard), alea, periculum 
At a venture, temer^ periculoeft 
To venture, periditor, experior; 

(a waf^), pifous deponere; 

(0r dare to do), audeo 
A teuturer, audax 
Venturesome, Yenturona, aadena, 

Veracity, Teradtaa, Veritas 

A verb, verbum 

Verbal (derived of a verb), ver- 

balia; (verballv), verbo tenut 
Verbatim, ad verbum, verbatim 
Verboae, verboaua 
Verdant, virena, viridia 
Verdegreaae^ amgo 
To paaa a verdict, lententiBm 

Verdict, lententia, 'Opinio; (of a 

jury), vercdictum. Judicium, 

juratonun aententia 
Verdure, viriditas 
The verge (limit), limea, ambi- 
tus ; (inatrument), £uda lie- 

To verge, verge 
A TCT|;er. lictor. vergifer 
Veridical, veridicua 
A veriier, confirmator 
To verify, confirmed ratum faeere 
A verifying, conftrmatio 
Verily, quidim, equidim, veri^ 

ccrti, reverA ; (yea verily ),im6, 

Verity, veritaa 
Veritable^ verus, certua 
Veijuice^ ompbadnm 
Vermicular, vermieularia 
Vermieulated, vermiculatua 
Vermilion, minium 
Of vermilion, miniacena 
To paint witb vermilion, minio 
Marked, &e. with vermilion, mi* 

Vermin, vennia, pedienlua 

Full of vermin, verutinosna 

Vernacular, vemaculna 

Vernal, vemua, vernaUa 

Veraatile. veraatilia 

A vene, verso*, carmen ; (in 
verse), oratio nnmeris stricta; 
(short), versiculus ; (of a chap- 
ter), versus, ineisum 

Well versed, peritus, edoetua 

A versicle, versiculus 

A versifier, versificator [dere 

To versi^, versifico, versus con- 

A versifying, versificatio 

A version, versio 

Vertical, verticatia, in vertice; 
(point), senith 

Vertidty, rotatio 

A vertigo, vertigo 

VertiginouB, vertiginosus 

Vervain, verbena 

Very (true, even, self, &c.)>v6nu, 

A vesicatory, vesieatorium 

A vende, vemcula 

Vespers, preees vespertina 

A vessd, vas; (ship), navigfaun, 
narigiolum. navicula 

A vest, vestis, vestimentum 

To vest with possession, possea- 
sionem dare; (with an <^ce), 

Vestal, vestalia 

Vested (in ofHce). inauguratua 

A vestige, vestigium 

A vesting in ofnce, inauguratio 

A vestment, vestimentum 
vestry (room), vestiarium, sa- 
erarinm; (parish meeting), pa- 
nnoB* concilium ; (keeper). 

Kdituns, sacrisU ; (man), in 
parcecic concilium cooptatus 
A vesture, vestitus, vestis 
A vetch, vicia, ervum 
Of vetches, viciarius 
A veteran, veterauus 
To vex. vexo, inquieto 
To be vexed, affligor, angor 
Vexation, vexatio. maemt 
Vexatious, molest us, acerbua 
Yexationsly, acerb^ Cfri, infests 
Vexed. Yext, vexatns, iratus 
A vexer. vexator, interpetlator 
Yexing(eausing vexation), molaa- 
tus ; (grieving), moerens, do- 
A vexing, vexatio, perturbatio 
A vial, phiala 
Viands, dbaria, dbus; (dainty), 

dspes, cupediB 
To vibrate, vibro, agito 
Vibration, vibratio, agiutio 
A vicar, viearius 
A vicarage, vicariatua 
A vicarsbi]), vicarii munua 
Viearius, viearius 
A vice-admiral, Iq^tus dassia- 
rius; (chamberlain), vice oubi- 
cularii fnngens; (chancellor), 
vice canceluurias ; (gerent), le- 
gatus; (roy), prwex 
Vicinage, Vicinity, vidnitas 
Vioissitud^ vicissitudo 
A victim, victima, hostia 
A victor, victor, superator 
Victory, victoria, palma 
To get the victory, vinco, supero 
Victorious, victor, victrix 
Victoriously, victoris instar 
Victuals, victns, res cibaria; (for 

an armv), commeatus 
To victual, cibaria snppeditare 
Victualled, cibariis suppeditatua 
To sell victuals, cauponor 
Belonging to visuals, cibariua 
To buy victuals, obsonor 
A victualler, caupo 
A victualler's trade, canponaria 
A victualling-house, caupona, po- 
pina [nopinor 

To frequent rictualling-houses, 
To vie with, contendo, cmulor 
A Tiew, visus, conspectus ; (of a 

place), prospectus 
At first riew, primi spede 
To view (the situation), exploro, 
lustro ; (the posture of an 
enemy), speculari copiaa hos- 
tium; (take a view of), lustro, 
inspido, circumspido; (exa- 
mine), investigo, indago, scru- 
tor, exquiro ; (narrowly), inspi- 
cere propiiU 
In one view, uno aspectu 
In view of the wotIo, paUm 
To have in view, prsvideo 
Under one's view, sub aspectum 
Having viewed, intnitus 
A viewer, inspector, speculator 
Viewing, intuens, speeulans 
A viewing, inspectio. spfculatio 
A viril, vigilia. pervigilium 
Vigilance, Vigilancy, vigilantia 
Vigilant, vigilans, rigil, diligens 
Vigilantly, vigilantir, diligent^ 
To be.vigilant, vigilo, excobo 
Vigour (of body), robur, vigor; 

(of mind) firmitas animi 
Vigorous, validus, vigens, stre- 

nuus, acer, vegetus, valena 
Vigorously, strenui, acritto 
Yigpronsness, robur, vigor 
Without vigour, enervatus, ener- 

Vile (mean)f vilis, abjectns; (fil- 

thy), foedus, sordidus, obsoe- 
nus, spurcus, impurus; (wick- 
ed), scelestus, pravus, fUgi- 
tiosus, perditus 
Vilely, vihttr, pravi, foedi 
Vileness, pravitas, foeditaa 
To vilifjr, vitupero, calumnior 
A vilify mg, vituperatio 
A villa, vUla. diversorinm 
A village, vicus. pagus [tbn 

Village by village, vicatlm. paga- 
A villa||^, vicanus, paganus 
A villain (bondman), niandpinm; 

(rogue), scelestus, neqnam 
Villainy, scelus, flagitium 
Villainage, clientela 
Villainous, soeleritas, scelestus 
Villainously, nefarit, inbonesti 
Villainousness, scelus, fiagitinm 
Villous, villosus, hirsutus 
Vimineous, riroineus 
Vindble, vindbili", superabiUa 
To vindicate, vindico, defendo 
Vindicated, vindicatus, defensna 
A vindicating^ Vindication, da- 

A vindicator, vindex. defensor 

Vindictive, ultionis cupidus 

A vine, vitis; (wild), labrusea; 

(branch), palmes, sarmentnm 
A vine-planter, vitisator; (dres- 
ser), paropinator, vinitor ; 

(leaf), paropinus 
To prune a vine, pampino 
Of a vine-leaf, paropineus 
Full of vine-leaves, pampinosua 
Of a vine, vinearius. vinealis 
Vinegar, acetum, vinum acidnm 
A vineyard, vinetum, vinea 
Vinous, vinosus 
A vintage, vindemia 
A vintager, vindemiator 
Belonging to a vintage, vindemia- 

A vintner, vinarins 
A viol, fides, lyn. dtbara 
Violable. violabilis 
To violate, violo. rumpo. temero 
Violated, violatus, temeratua 
Not violated, inviolatus 
A violating. Violation, violatio 
A violator, violator, ruptor 
Violence, violentia, vis 
With violence, violentir, per vim 
Violent, violens, vehemens, acris 
To lay riolent hands on one'a 

self, mortem sibt consciseere 
Violently, violent^, gravitte 
A violet, viola 
Of, or like violets, violaeens 
A violin, fides minor 
A viper, vipera, echidna 
Viperous, viperinus, viperios 
A yira|:o, virago 
A virgin, ntfo 
Of a virgin, virgineus 
Virion, m4j. purus, optimus 
A virginal, claverymoalum 
Virginity, virginitas, caatitaa 
Virao, signum virginis 
Virfle, vbilis, masculus 
Virility, virilitas, fortitude 
Virtual, insitns 
VirtuaUy, vi insitA 
Virtue (piety), virtus, pietas, pro- 

bitas ; (efficacy), virtus, pre- 

Virtuous, pius, probus 
Virtuously, pit, religiost 
A virtuoso, curiosus indagator 
Virulence, aeerbitas. asperitaa 
Virulent, virulentus. asper, mo«u 

Virulently, asper*. acerb* 


Digitized by V 




Boar-TiuKcd, torm^ tetrieiu 

Viscid, mcidas 

Viaeotity. TiKCotitM 

A Tiscount, Tieecome* 

Viaeoiu, viicocua, viseidui 

A Titer, ori'tnoT, cassidis, bneenla 

Vbibility, vimbilitM 

Visible, visibilis. aspeeubilis ; 

(manifest), conspicuas, dams, 

■lauifesttts, perspicuus 
Visibly, apert^ manifest^ 
Tbe grand Tisier (mier),s 

imperatorisTurcici consiliarias 
A Tision, visio; (phantasm), spec- 

tram, phanuama 
Visionary, ad visionem pertinens 
A visit, officiosus aditns 
To Tisit, visito, viso, inviso 
A visitor, salutator 
A visiting, or visitatioa, vidtatio ; 

(inspection), inspcetio 
Visored, peraonatus 
Visnal, opticas 
Vital vitaUs 
Vitality, vitalitas 
Vitally, vitalitftr 
The vitals, vitalia 
To vitiate, vitio, depravo^ oor^ 

A vitiatin^f, depravatio 
Vitioaa, vitiosus, pravns 
Vitiously, vitios^ pravi, neqnitte 
Vitiouaness, pravitas 
Vitreona, vitreus 
To vitrify, in vitrum mntare 
Vitriol, vitriolnm 
To vituperate, vitupero 
Vivaoions, vivas, vitalis 
Vivacity, vivaeitas, vitalitas 
A vivary, vivarium 
Vivid (lively), vividos 
Vividly, vividi 
Vlvific, vivificus 
To vivify, vivum £uere 
Viviparous, vivipMiis 
A vixen, femina rixosa 
A vizard, or viior, larva, persona 
A voeabularr, voeabularinm 
Vocal, vocalis; (music), vocum 

Vocation, vocatio, genua, or in- 

stitutum vita 
Vocative, vocativas; (ease), vo- 

candi casus 
Vociferation, vociferatio 
Vociferous, damosns 
Vogue, fema. xstiroatio 
To be in vogue, invalesoo 
A voice, vox; (vote), suflRragium 
With a good voice, bent vooslis 
A living one's voice, suffrai^tio 
Void (emptv), expera, inanis, va- 
cuus; (of no authority ),invali- 

A void space, vi 

To void (or go from), eedcre de; 

(cast out), egero^ exoemo 
To be void, vaco 
To make void, evacuo; (a Iaw), 

legem rescindere 
Voidance, evaeuatio; (in lav), 

vaeatio benefldi 
Voided, evacuatus 
A voider, cophinns ad analeeta 

A voidmg, excretio 
Voidness, inanitas, vaeuitaa 
Volatile, volatilis, volaticus 
Volatility, inconstantia 
Volery, avium volatos 
Volition, voluntas 
A volley (shout), acdamatio ; (of 

shot), emissa tela 
Volubility, volubilitaa 
Voluble volubilis, lubiieot 

A volume, volumen, tomus 
A portable volume, manuale 
Volaminoos, magnna, cnusus 
Voluntarily, altr6, sponti^ liben- 

Voluntary, voluntariiu 
Volunteers* volones, milites vo- 

luntarii [tuoaus 

Voluptuous, Voluptuary, volup- 
Voluptuously, luxurioai, jucundi . 
Voluptuouaneas, luxuria 
VoluMtion (rolling), volutatio 
A vomit, vomitus 
To vomit, vomo; (again), revo- 

mo; (often), vomito; (out, or 

up), evomo, C|}icio 
To be like to vomit, nauseo 
Ready to vomit, nauseana,nansea- 

A vomiting, vomitio 
Belonging to vomiting, vomicos 
Vomitive, Vomitory, emeticus 
Voracious, vorax, gulosus 
Voracity, voraeitas 
A votary, voto obstrictus 
A vote, suffragium, sententia 
To vote, snA«giuin ferre 
To vote for, snffragor 
To vote against, refiragor 
A voting, auifragatio 
Votive, votivus 
To vouch, aiBrmo, assero 
A voucher, assertor, vindex 
A vouching, astertio, vindicatio 
To vouchsafe, dignor, concedo 
Having vouchsaud, dignatus 
Vonchsafement, donum 
A vow, votum 
To vow, voveo 
To bind by vow, devoto 
A vowel, htera vocalia 
A vowing, votum, devotio 
A voyage, iter per mare, navigatio 
To go a voyage, navigo 
A volcano, mons ignitus 
Vulifar, vulgaris, communis, hu- 

milis, abjectus, tritua, sordidus 
The vulgar, vulgus, plebs, popu- 


Vulgarity, mores vnlgi 
Vulgarly, vulgd, abjecti 
Vulnerable, vulneri obnoxias 
Vulnerary, vulnoarius 
A vulture, vnltur 
Of a vulture, vulturinos 
To vye^ cmulor, corto 

To wabble, motu vadUare 

Wad, stibium 

A wad, fascia, fasds 

Wadded, panno sufTarcinatos 

Wadding, pannua viUosiw 

To wadcQe, incessu vadllar^ pro- 

To wade, in aqoi incedere ; (over), 

per vaidum transire, vado 
Awafer (faiade of meal), crustulum 

farinarium tenuiaaimum; (for 

sealing letters), crustulum sig- 

The wafer (consecrated by the 

Bomish pnest), hostia 
To waft (shake), vibro; (convey), 

deducobdefero; (or carry over), 

Waftage, vectatio 
A wag, homo lepidus, salapntinm 
To wag, agito, vibro; {nemt.1 va- 

cillo, nntob trepido ; (the tail), 

ceveok caudU bumdiri 


To wage^ pignore certare; (law), 

litigo ; (war), bellnm gerere 
To lay a wager, pignus oppooere 
A wager, pignus, sponsio 
Wages, atipendium, aalarinm; (oi 
a sailor), nanlum ; (of a day), 
Serving for wages, stipcndiariisa 
Belonging to wages, stipendiarioa 
Waggery, dicacitas 
A wagK>DK> vacillatio 
W^guh, procax, petulans 
Waggishly, lascivi, jocosi 
Waggishnet»s, petulantia 
A waggon, rheda, plaustmm 
A watqroner, rhedaurios 
To waU, deploro. defleo [dns 

To be wailed, lamenubilis, bigeik- 
A wailing, luctus, ploratoa 
A wain, plaustrnm ; (load), ve- 

hes ; (driver), plaustrarius 

The virain of the moon, deeremeB- 

tum [corporis 

The waist, cinctnik, media para 

A waistcoat, subucnla 

To wait (for), expecto, pnestotor, 

opperior; (upon), inservio^ fa- 

mulor; (upon, or aecompamy), 

comitor ; (upon, or vint). in- 

viso, visito; (fior, or lie in wait), 

insidior, insidiaa struere ;(stay ), 

A lier in wait, insidiator [oi 

Lying in wait, insidiaos, i 

By l^ng in wait, inaidioei 

A l^ng in wait, inaidia 

Waited on, comiutus 

A waiter, assecla, minister 

A waiting for. expectatio 

A waiting man, pedisseqnas; 
(woman), pedisaequa 

The waits, spondanla 

To wake, act. susdto, expefge- 
facio; neut. expergiseor 

To be wakened. expergcAo 

Wakeful, vigil, insomnis 

Wakefulness, vigilantia 

Wakes, paganalia 

A walk, ambulacrum, ambniatio 

To walk, ambulo; (about), at- 
cumambulo; (the streets), in- 
cedere per vias; (back), red- 
ambttlo; (forth), prodeaoibalo; 
(abroad), expatior; (thioagh), 

A walker, ambulator, ambolatrix 

Walking, ambulans 

Of walking, ambnlatorins 

A walking, ambulatio ; (abroad), 
deambulatio ; (place), amba- 
lacrum ; (about ), obambulatw ; 
(stick), scipio 

A night- walker, noctivagns 

A wall (of a town), murva, 
moenia; (of a house), paries ; 
(mound), maceria 


To wall, muro cingere, mamio 

Walled about, muro dnctua 

A wall-flower, parietaria 

A wallet, pera, mantica 

To walh^, ebuUio 

To wallow, oet. voluto; ii«iitTO> 
lutor; (in pleasures), vdnpta* 
tibus ae addicere 

Wallowing, vdutans 

A wallowing, volutatio 

A wallowing-place, volotabraai 

A walnut, juglans 

Wan, pallidus, luridus 

To be wan, pdleo, expaDeo 

To grow wan, pallesoo 

A wand, virga, rudis 

To wander, vagor, erro; (aboat), 




«nro; (over), pereno; (under), 
■ubeiTO ; (ap and down), eragor 

"Vfmmd.end over, neremtas 

Hanrins vrandereo, vagntai 

A i»Anderer, erro 

'Wauadering, vi^oa, erratieni ; (on 
Ifcilla), montivapw ; (alone), 
BoliYagoa; (about;, circumfo- 
imoeua; (much abroad), multi* 

A iNranderinf, emtio, vagatio; 

( through ) , peragratio 
Thie wane, decrementum 
"Wannesa, pallor, laror 
VTant, egestas, inopia, indigentla, 
fllefiectns,detiderium; (of know- 
ledge), intcientia. ignorantia; 
(of money), peeunic inopia; 
(of com), annonc difflcultas; 
(of parents), orbitas 
To want (deaire), desidero; (or 
be in want), egeo, indigeo, ca- 
reo; neut. deficio, detum, ab- 
la want, egens. egennt 
"Wanting, e^ena, dieftcieni 
A wanting, indigentia, inopia 
'Wanton, petului*, procaz, laid* 

To make wanton, emolUo 
To grow wanton, nimU efferri 
To plaj the wanton, lascivio 
Playing the wanton, petnlans 
"Wantonly, procacitir, mollitir 
Wantonness, procaeitas, lascivia 
War, bellum, arma 
A man of war (militarv man), 

bellator; (ship), navis beUica 
To war, bdlum inferre, or gerere 
To serve in war, milito 
To warble, modulor 
Having warbled, modnlatna 
A wurbler, modulator 
Wafblini^, moduUns, canorus 
A mubhng, modulatio 
A ward (guard), custodia; (one 
under ward), pupillns, pupiUa; 
(part of a city, 8k.), regio, 
tribna ; (of a lock), serrs ferra- 
menta clathrata 
Of the same ward, tribolis 
Wurd by ward, tributUl^ curiatlm 
To ward (guard), custodio, 
tueor; (against), caveo; (off)> 
Warded, cuitoditus, defensus ; 

(oflOf depulsui, repulsus 
A warden, custos 
A warder, vigil, speculator 
A wardmote, wardemotus 
A wardrobe, pfarderoba, armarium 
A wardship, tutela 
Of wardship, tutelaris 
Ware, merx; (small), mereium 
particulc; (earthen), vasa fie- 
tilia; (cutlers'), instrumenta 
cultraria ; (turners'), toreumata 
A teller of wares, tabernarius 
A warehouse, repositorium ; 

(man), soliduius 
Ware (beware), cave I 
Warfare, bellum, militia 
Warfaring, bellicus, militaris 
Warily, eauti, provide, prudentir 
Wariness, cautio, cautela 
Warlike, bellicosui, bellicus 
Warm (not hot) , calidus, tepidus ; 
(ardent), ardens; (in temper), 
acris, vehemens, iracundus 
To warm, cale£acio ; (often), ea- 

To be made warm, tepeflo 
To be warm, tepeo. caleo 
To grow warm, ealesco 
To Keep warm, foveo, focillo 

Warmed, tepefaetns, ealefitctus 
A warmin|^, ealefiictio; (pan), 

Warmly, calidi, tepidi; (ardent- 
ly), ardentir, iraeundi, vehe- 
Warmth, Warmneas, calor, tepor 
To warn, moneo; (privately), sub- 
• moneo; (aforehand),prKmoneo 
To be warned, commonefio 
A wamer, monitor 
A warning, monitio, monitum ; 

(notice), notitia 
To g^ve wamin|[, moneo 
The warp, panni stamen 
A warp (at sea), helcium 
To warp (a woof), telam ordiri; 

(as wood), eurvor, eontrahor 
Warped (as wood), incurvatus 
A warping, incurvatio 
A warrant, warrantnm, cautio 
To warrant, securum prKStare, 

Wprotego; (in law), fidQubeo 
arranted, legitimu», genuiuus 

Unwarrantable, non defendendus 

Warrantably, legitime, justi 

Warranted, ratus, firmatus 

A warranting, auctoritas 

A warren, vivarium, warenna; (of 
hares), leporarium ; (keeper), 
vivarii custos, warrennarius 

Warring, bellum gerens 

A warrior, miles, homo bellicosus, 

A wart, verruca 

Warty (full of warts), verrucosus 

Wary, cautus, prudens, providus; 
(thrifty), parens, frugidis 

To be wary, caveo, prsvideo 

I was, eram 

A wash {or marsh), cstuarium ; 
(ar washing), lavatio ; (for 
hoga), sorbitio; (for the skin, 
Ac.), compositio ad lavandum 

To wash, luo, lavo; (about), cir- 
cumluo ; (away, or oS), abluo ; 
(between), interluo; (all over), 
perluo, dUuo; (gargle), garga- 

To be irashed, lavor 

Not washed, illotus, immundos 

A washer, lotor; (woman), lava- 
trix. lotrix 

A washing, lotio, lavatio ; (away), 
ablutio ; (gargling), gargari- 

A wash-house, lavaeruro ; (ball), 
smegma; (bowl), labrum 

Washy, humidus 

A wasp, vespa 

Waspiui (wtchy), morosus, diffl- 

Waspishly, morosi, perversa 

Waspishness, morositas, perversi- 

Waste (spoil), vastatio; (loss), 
damnum; (place), ager incul- 
tus ; {or loose papers), adver- 

The waste (of the body), media 
pars corporis ; (of a ship), late- 
rum navigii septa 

Waste (tueless), inutilis 

To waste (spend), consumo ; 
(riotously), prodigo. profundo ; 
(or pine away), unesco^ de- 
cresco ; (lay waate), vasto, de- 
populor, spolio 

Wasteful, profusus, prodigus 

WastefuUy, protust. prodigi 

Wastefulness, prodigalitas 

A waster, depopulator, vastator, 
nepos, prodigus 

Wastin|f (pining away), tabescens 

A wastmg (or pining away), ta^ 

bet ; (prodigally), profnsio. 
prodigentia ; (spoiling), spoli- 
atio, vastatio 
A watch, auiomatum loeulo por-